Chapter 2: Night 2 (Suki and Sarah Overnight)

(12:48:08 AM): Sarah wanders back into quarters, slipping to the bed next to Suki's, pausing only to check over Suki before slipping down.
(12:48:42 AM): As you slide into your bed you hear Suki's soft voice from her bunk. "Sarah?"
(12:50:50 AM): Sarah smiles and glances over. "It's me, yes… I'm sorry about earlier…" She blushes.
(12:53:16 AM): "I, I just wanted you to know that, I wasn't embarrassed to kiss, almost, kiss you. I was just embarrassed that our CO caught us."
(12:54:21 AM): Sarah blushes and smiles softly. "About the same for me really. I really didn't expect her to pop up at that point."
(12:57:32 AM): Suki: "I'm still scared about it all. I still don't know what the Regess meant about us being bonded, if that was metaphorical, or not. You are very kind, and no one has fussed over me before. I'm not used to it."
(12:59:02 AM): Sarah leans over to hug softly and shrugs slightly. "I'm not sure really what she meant either, but I do notice it when you're upset. I always want to make you feel better after all…" She squeezes gently. "Why hasn't anyone? Seems like there would be plenty of interest, you're a pretty girl after all…"
(1:05:58 AM): Suki rests an arm on yours. "I'm, it's hard to explain, I'm just not used to being fussed over."
(1:06:51 AM): Sarah nods just a little at that, wrapping her arms around gently and leaning in to kiss your forehead. "Think you could get used to it?" She smiles.
(1:09:50 AM): You feel Suki nod. "I think I could, yes."
(1:11:56 AM): Sarah smiles and squeezes tightly at that, nodding. "I'm glad."
(1:12:23 AM): "M…me too." Suki replies timidly.
(1:12:49 AM): Sarah awws at the timid reply and squeezes very gently, stroking your hair softly.
(1:17:36 AM): Suki scoots over in the bunk. "Would you like too…um, share, the bed? I, um, I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked that."
(1:18:14 AM): Suki whimpers and puts her hands to her face "I'm doing this all wrong."
(1:19:00 AM): Sarah blushes softly at that and snuggles up. "If you want to, sure I will. That way I can hold onto you all night and keep you warm."
(1:20:00 AM): "If you just hold me that will be okay. I'm just, scared of going to fast."
(1:21:55 AM): Sarah nods just a little at that and offers a gentle hair stroking. "I don't want to do anything past what you want right now, honestly." She rubs your back gently.
(1:23:53 AM): "Thats just it, I don't know what I want right now." Suki replies, turning on her side to face you as she slides her pillow over so that you can use it as well. She looks into your eyes and even in the dark you can see she is blushing. "Do, do your eyes go red like other Invid?" She asks.
(1:27:03 AM): Sarah snuggles up softly and shrugs, letting her eyes change color. "I haven't let them in ages. Keeping that and the glow away has been part of my new life as Sarah. Hopefully the past won't bite me back in the rear for too long, even if it's doing it some now…" She flinches slightly at the thought, considering it. "Like tomorrow morning."
(1:28:13 AM): Suki smiles as your eyes change "Pretty color." She says. "I really like them like that." She hrms. "What happens tomorrow morning?"
(1:33:04 AM): Sarah blushes a little and smiles at that, snuggling up. "Thanks…" She sighs then. "Tomorrow we pick up a piece of equipment I kept hidden for two years, since we're close with a ship. I didn't fly halfway around the world by myself, after all…" She laughs a little at the idea.
(1:36:34 AM): "Mecha?" Suki asks, her eyes closing slightly, then opening even slower, she yawns, covering her mouth with her hand then clutching the pillow with it when she is done as she settles in, her leg sliding next to yours.
(1:38:48 AM): Sarah nods a little bit and snuggles closely, leaning in. "Just gonna pick it up, pull the gas cans, and let it sit in the cargo bay, I figure. I'd want to not fly it ever again really, but I need to pull it out of the ground and get it aboard." She sighs.
(1:40:34 AM): You notice as you finish talking that Suki has nodded off, utterly exhausted, her cute little button nose emitting a barely perceptible light snore every now and again.
(1:40:56 AM): Sarah awws and smiles at that, snuggling in softly and closing her eyes, to sleep as well.

Next Morning Early…

(9:10:59 PM): You wake up the next morning as Suki stirs, she is on her back, her left arm at her side, her right hanging off the bed, You are curled up next to her, your face mashed against her right breast, your right arm wrapped around her waist and your legs curled up with Suki's left leg nestled in between.
(9:12:56 PM): Sarah sleeps soundly until Suki stirs, though she's slow to wake after. She starts blinking her eyes open slowly and shifting her position softly, offering a slight 'mmh'.

(9:19:33 PM): As Suki stirs underneath you, you feel her tap your head softly. "Sarah? Um…Sarah…"
(9:20:36 PM): Sarah blinks more awake as she feels the tap on her head. She moves her mouth to respond, her lips sliding against the spot they're touching, and she eeps, pulling back and blushing brightly. "Er… morning…"
(9:25:24 PM): "M…morning." She looks down at her chest as you move and sees the moist spot on her breast and flushes incredibly red.
(9:26:24 PM): Sarah blushes hard at that as well, shrinking back slightly and biting her lip very softly. "I… didn't fall asleep like that…" She ponders a little, still a little wide-eyed.
(9:28:41 PM): "Neither did I." Suki replies, shucking off her top and using it to dry the wet spot, then noticing she just flashed you, covers her chest with her arms, then slowly pulls the covers up as a mortified expression crosses her face.
(9:30:04 PM): Sarah blushes again and scratches her head slightly. "Not sure how that all would have happened in our sleep… I'd think we would have noticed, or woken up…" She frowns a little. "But I didn't wake up at all…" She blushes at the flashing as well, checking herself to see how exposed she is. She usually doesn't sleep in very much anyway, after all…
(9:35:48 PM): "Umm…" Suki shys, pointing at you. "Didn't you have…clothes on, when…mmm, earlier?"
(9:37:36 PM): Sarah blinks as she hears that and looks down, blushing even harder as she sees that she's entirely naked, sliding covers up over herself as well. "Er… yes, I did." She mumbles softly. "Didn't expect that to work in my sleep…" She keeps blushing and tries to hide.
(9:38:36 PM): "Eh heh heh…" Suki manages "Umm, what to work?"
(9:42:41 PM): Sarah starts laughing very softly, still blushing . She closes her eyes and her body glows for a moment, before her regular clothes re-form. Then she gets the covers back. "If I didn't know for certain better, I'd think that /that/ combined with base uniforms that expose enough to qualify as distractionary tactics were a deliberate attempt by mother to be funny. Considering how it looks in context to everyone else."
(9:45:42 PM): "I guess you don't need that much clothing if you sit in a pool of green goop huh." Suki manages.
(9:47:43 PM): Sarah coughs a little. "The ones who sit in that don't wear anything. What the newer ones wear, well…" She glows for another moment to show that. "isn't a whole lot better for exposure. Outside of dancing on a pole or something." She blushes again at that.
(9:48:40 PM): Suki blinks and flushes red at the outfit. "M..may I? She reaches her hand out tentatively.
(9:50:02 PM): Sarah nods just a little and slips in a little closer. "Sure…" She laughs a little bit. "See why I make fun of it though?" She bounces just a little to show how… easily it shows that off in some places.
(9:52:36 PM): Suki reaches out to touch the fabric on your arm, and cuff, running her fingers under it then rubbing it between her fingers and thumb. The she tugs on it a little bit, very interested in the fabric and what it might be made of. "Smooth, like silk almost, but very airy." She says as beneath the covers she moves to sit 'sieaza" (sp)
(9:55:11 PM): Sarah laughs a little and shrugs. "And easy to pull off some places without too much effort." She laughs and pulls down the 'Ariel model' outfit at where the exposure is, essentially in jest. "Don't dare wear it in public, it'd cause too much distraction from boys and interested girls." She blushes again.
(9:59:38 PM): Suki blushes as you all but pull your top …down. You can tell she is fascinated by you, both by her expression and body language, but by her surface thoughts as well.
(10:02:12 PM): Sarah blushes softly in response and shivers just a little bit, glancing around to make sure of how alone they are to be peeking over less than suitable clothes. She closes her eyes then, just breathing softly.
(10:03:32 PM): Suki sees you shiver "I, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to stare. It was rude of me. I apologize." She closes her eyes and bows her head slightly.
(10:05:06 PM): Sarah laughs and shakes her head, slipping in and offering a hug. "It's okay. Staring is the whole idea, really." She rolls her eyes a little. "Just that it gets a little chilly if worn too long. And I'm not a stripper… intentionally… regardless of the clothes." She snuggles and offers a kiss on the forehead.
(10:05:26 PM): (which also, for note, would put her bowed head right into the exposure, likely)
(10:12:08 PM): You feel Suki's warm breath waft in between your breasts and down into the suit itself warming your tummy some, and can feel her gulp. "S…sarah? P..please, don't." She puts a hand on your shoulder and softly returns you to how you were sitting before. You can tell she is arouse, her nipples poking through the sheet she covers herself in. She is trembling and her eyes are wide, blinking rapidly as she tries not to look at your 'assets'. Her surface thought are boiling over in a mix of fear, lust, intrigue, curiosity and terror.
(10:14:20 PM): Sarah blinks a little at that, blushing softly as she slips back some, and lets her usual clothes take hold again. She strokes your hair gently then and holds very softly. "I'm sorry…." She blushes. "I didn't mean to upset you."
(10:15:43 PM): Suki takes the hand you stroke her hair with in hers and holds it in front of her. "Sarah, are you toying with me?" Her eyes look at you, pleading for a sane answer, and her thoughts wander to the possibility that letting you share her bed might, somehow, have been a mistake…
(10:18:52 PM): Sarah blinks a little at that, cocking her head and shaking it. "I don't mean to be…" She sighs a little bit. "I'm sorry if it felt that way. I'll behave." She blushes and shrinks back a little bit.
(10:20:00 PM): Suki breaths out. "Are you, um, do you know..? What? I am?" Suki cocks her head slightly.
(10:26:54 PM): Sarah cocks her head just a little bit. "Er, you're a girl. And considering that, I do understand the implications of relationships between girls. If that's what we have. It's easier to understand another girl than it is a guy, a lot of times, anyway."
(10:28:02 PM): Suki blinks then nods. "Hai, watashi no dōseiaisha desu."
(10:29:14 PM): "I am 'same sex loving person'." Suki translates, although for some reason Sarah already knew what it meant, mentally.
(10:30:35 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit at that and smiles, shrugging slightly and hugging closely. "I guess I never really thought I had a preference, you're the first one I've really felt anything for though, like this." She strokes your hair softly.
(10:36:24 PM): Suki clears her throat and settles you back some, and points at your nose with a stern look, (but is not angry, her thoughts betray as much) "Matai." (wait) She says. She wraps the covers behind her back tying the folds into a knot to keep the fabric from falling down as she sets both hands on her knees. "You are my responsibility. The Captain of the Yukikaze, and my CAG have tasked me with looking after you." She looks at you. "I will teach you the ways of the UEEF." She looks at you. "Do you understand and accept this? Please answer yes or no." Sarah can tell Suki is going somewhere with this as she is very serious now, but her thoughts betray excited anticipation couched in formality.
(10:42:48 PM): Sarah waits quietly and nods slightly. "Yes, I understand and accept it. I wasn't intending to lie on my submission to the recruiting board if I'd gone through with sending it in, either."
(10:44:24 PM): (it's funny how they reacted to an expedition type, when they're from her group, there was supposed to /be/ one in the group. Probably went with the attack on the main hive tho)
(10:50:03 PM): Suki nods. "I am Samurai, scion to the Ishida Clan. In samurai tradition, the practice of shudo is common, the practice was held in high esteem, and is encouraged, especially within the samurai class. It is considered beneficial for the youth, teaching virtue, honesty and the appreciation of beauty. I would take you as my student in military training, as well in shudo, the way of the young." Suki pauses, you can tell that shudo means that she would take you as her partner. "In addition to your martial training, would you accept me as your nenja (Elder/senior partner)
(10:53:28 PM): Sarah can tell that Suki is falling back on traditional protocol and structure to have her cake and eat it,
(10:54:00 PM): to put at rest some of the chaos she is feeling, in the one way she knows how…
(10:54:59 PM): Sarah bites her lip a little bit and considers it, nodding just a little and considering it. "I would hope, then, to be a worthy student." She considers it.
(10:55:49 PM): Suki nods "It is a large decision. I am pleased that you did not answer yes immediately. If you accept, I will do my best to teach you in all things I can, and you may call me sensai."
(11:00:27 PM): Sarah nods l slightly. "I would attempt to learn the military training either way. We had an Expedition officer in our resistance unit, I tried to learn as much as I could from them before IE ever got here." She nods, considering it. "I could certainly stand to learn. There are still things I'm sure that I'm… not entirely familiar with, that might cause me problems in terms of culture shock."
(11:03:10 PM): Suki nods and bows slightly to you. "Then please take your time to decide… I would be honored to have you as my kohai." You can feel Suki is excited, and nervous, but somehow feels more at peace, having 'structured' her desire to pursue a relationship with you, in this manner.
(11:07:42 PM): Sarah nods very slightly and smiles, returning the bow softly. "I will make the most careful decision I can possibly make at this point. I do care very much about you, after all… I don't want to be too forward with it, though, if that's not what you want. I could easily love you, it doesn't seem so far out of reach."
(11:10:15 PM): Suki smiles warmly and nods. "We should prepare for our shift then." She says as she unties the knot behind her and pads to the shower.
(11:12:31 PM): Sarah nods quickly and settles in, getting ready for her own shower after, and smiling a little into the mirror.
(11:33:42 PM): So, Suki makes her way to the shower, her hair down, and does her business. then preens herself after taking some more pain meds.
(11:34:26 PM): Sarah notes the reverent almost ceremonial manner in which Suki grooms herself.
(11:36:46 PM): Sarah smiles, watching for a moment and walking into her own shower, with a towel, though not really any clothes outside of what she was wearing. She tries to enjoy her shower, for certain. And steam wafts from the bathroom from it.
(11:37:19 PM): Sarah: (*giggle*)
(11:37:37 PM): Sarah: (neither with the Invid nor with the resistance did she get a hot shower very often ;p)
(11:42:29 PM): Suki waits for you to finish your shower. And even tho she is well outside the bathroom, Suki is picturing you in the steam…
(11:47:41 PM): Sarah smiles and finally gets out of the shower after several minutes, coming out of the rolling steam naked, though it only lasts long enough for Suki to get a look before the clothes appear back in place. She winks then, and wanders over to the mirror, to run her hands quickly through her hair. She doesn't use much in the way of any makeup really. Never needed any or cared after all.
(11:52:20 PM): Suki watches you fondly, you note that despite her grooming, she doesn't use makeup either, the lions share of time is spent dealing with her hair, and putting it up into her pony tail.
(11:56:15 PM): Sarah smiles a little as she watches that, though she doesn't do anything elaborate with her short hair. Just runs hands through it and makes sure it looks straight, instead of like a bed head.
(11:59:52 PM): "Hungry?" Suki asks.
(12:02:37 AM): Sarah nods just a little bit. "Probably a good idea to get something to eat before we get up to shift, yes." She smiles a little and stretches.
(12:07:02 AM): Suki walks ahead of you , she may have done this always, or maybe now, because of last night you notice it, but she walks with a dancers grace.
(12:10:11 AM): Sarah watches quietly, smiling a little at the walk and cocking her head just a little bit, She smiles and blushes very softly, trying to take her eyes off it long enough to not bump into anything or anyone, and not get noticed by anyone walking along, though.
(12:14:15 AM): She steps to the line and takes a tray , gathering a light breakfast
(12:15:33 AM): Sarah smiles and takes a tray as well, getting a bit more for breakfast, looking around as she does to make certain she's not being glared at too much or about to be attacked or anything, so she can eat in peace.
(12:16:09 AM): The mess hall is nearly empty, a few folks, but none have any inclination as to Sarah's true nature, or, if they do, conceal it well.
(12:21:48 AM): Sarah ooohs at the food once she sees what's being served, getting plenty of eggs, sausages, and pancakes. She looks for a place generally away from people to eat it.
(12:22:39 AM): Suki has already set her tray down at a table near the doorway ans stands, waiting for you .
(12:22:56 AM): Sarah wanders right over, settling her tray in and smiling to Suki, cocking her head a little.
(12:23:40 AM): Suki sits and says some words in Japanese then politely begins to eat
(12:25:35 AM): Sarah cocks her head, trying to at least sense the basic meaning if she can, before eating daintily herself.
(12:26:03 AM): "Thank you for our meal.." Or some such meaning
(12:27:32 AM): Sarah just smiles as she eats, trying to eat politely but quickly.
(12:30:17 AM): Suki eats silently.
(12:30:52 AM): Sarah doesn't really talk either to eat. She's too busy trying to be quick without sacrificing politeness to say anything. Especially since she got quite a bit of food.
(12:34:33 AM): (hee hee)
(12:34:54 AM): Suki finishes her meal and waits politely and quietly as you finish.
(12:35:41 AM): Sarah doesn't take a terribly long time to finish her meal, as polite as she's trying to be. She finishes her plate in short order and smiles, settling back.
(12:37:14 AM): Suki nods at you with a smile.
(12:37:27 AM): Sarah: (fear how much a scrawny Invid can eat :p)
(12:40:18 AM): Sarah smiles and checks her plate, glancing around and pausing, waiting to follow you rather than get up from the table first.
(12:42:33 AM): Suki stands, busing her tray as expected then walks again ahead of you to the bridge.
(12:42:48 AM): Sarah takes her own tray right behind, following along for the bridge quietly.

Begin Bridge Scene (The Next Day)

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