Chapter 2: Night 2


(with apologies for editing, since OpenRPG wigged out on the logger)

(8:12:52 PM): (GM): Easiest way I can see it is like this, Lurana heads back into base, noting Sarah's despondency. Sarah can make a choice as to what she wishes to do. Suki is out of sickbay and has returned to the ship, she still has a limp but walks a whole lot better it seems. Ober has decided to oversee the loading process from inside, and Jeron, your call as well as to what you wish to be doing right now.
(8:13:59 PM): Jaron waits for the most part.
(8:15:58 PM): Sarah lifts her head up as they return to camp, looking around with a frown. She sighs very softly and tries to dry her eyes out, looking quickly around at the camp at large.
(8:16:51 PM): Lurana (GM) says "You okay? Want I should drop you back at the ship?"
GM (8:18:31 PM): Jeron, where are you waiting?
(8:19:25 PM): Sarah sighs a little and shakes her head. "I don't know… I should check on Suki for one thing… other than that…" She shrugs. "I'm under full watch by the whole camp anyway, after all, am I not?"
(8:19:48 PM): Jaron waits near his Veritech
(8:19:57 PM): Lurana (GM) nods. "probably, best not to mention I took you off base huh."
(8:21:01 PM): As Jaron sits by his Alpha he can see a lithe Asian woman walking towards the ship, a slight limp in her left leg. She looks like she is heading towards the gangway.
(8:22:34 PM): You aren't sure who she is (since to the best of my memory, Ober/John never mentioned her to you when he did the introductions..)
(8:23:31 PM): Jaron exits his vehicle and calls to her "Ma'am….are you the CO here?"
(8:24:08 PM): The woman stops and hops back a little. She points to her nose as if to say. 'Me?'
(8:25:12 PM): Jaron nods "yes ma'am"
(8:27:12 PM): She shakes her head. "I am sorry, but I am not the CO. That would be Lt. Fallyna…" The dark haired woman looks and then points. "Um, that would be her now." She says, motioning towards a hover jeep that is approaching with a purple haired woman at the wheel with a much smaller strawberry blond in the passenger seat.
(8:28:38 PM): Jaron looks that way, taking note "Sorry to bug you ma'am…Lt Jaron Fairman…transfer"
(8:30:06 PM): She walks a few steps towards you, meeting you part way and extends her hand. "Lt Ishida Suki. Preased to meet you." She says in a thick Japanese accent. (Sarah, Sarah sees this as Lurana pulls up.)
(8:31:10 PM): Sarah glances up as she sees that, smiling a little as Suki walks forward and such. She slips out of the jeep quickly (well, as soon as it stops), to move up and check on Suki. She offers Jaron a smile. "Hello there."
(8:31:10 PM): Jaron shakes "pleasure ma'am….noticed you have a slight limp…see a lot of action?"
(8:32:04 PM): (Lurana (GM)) From the Jeep you hear the purple haired woman all but yell "have fun kids! Be back soon! Play nice!"
(8:33:18 PM): Jaron glances to Sarah then to then odd CO take off "Hi, that's your CO?"
(8:33:48 PM): Sarah gestures back to the departing jeep idly. "She's the CO. She was heading into town for a while, though."
(8:33:59 PM): Ishida nods "Hai."
(8:34:30 PM): "Herro Sarah-kun." Suki says, nodding towards you Sarah.
(8:34:57 PM): Sarah offers a quick smile towards Suki then, looking her over. "Feeling better?"
(8:35:33 PM): "A rittle, the doctors gave me some Vicaset and Percadin."
(8:35:33 PM): Jaron: "She seems um a bit wild from the COs I've encountered"
(8:36:28 PM): "She is Meltrandi…" Suki offers.
(8:36:46 PM): GM: Perc
(8:36:51 PM): GM: please Jaron
OnlineHost (8:37:48 PM): Jaron rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
(8:37:51 PM): Jaron: +2
(8:38:29 PM): GM: You cannot be sure, but Suki seems to be harboring something regards the CO, and Sarah is plainly the one that John mentioned was an Invid.
(8:39:33 PM): Sarah nods just a little about the medications, even if she's never heard of them. She sighs just a bit. "You should probably be resting though, shouldn't you?" She nods about the CO, though.
(8:40:25 PM): "I will rest when I am dead." Suki says with a nod, followed by a very very very slight smile.
(8:42:03 PM): Jaron seems to stare at Sarah and just bluntly asks "You seem to be a perfect human despite your origin"
(8:42:33 PM): Suki tenses up.
(8:45:48 PM): Sarah just frowns at Suki and sighs very softly. "The idea was at least partly for you to recover while we're here, rather than trying to do it back on ship where something else stupid might happen, wasn't it?" She shrugs at Jaron. "Two years in the resistance does that." She frowns at Suki. "You probably shouldn't be getting that tense either…" She shrugs. "Won't that put strain on some of the bruises?"
(8:46:59 PM): Jaron is surprised by the mentioning of resistance "Why were you in the resistance?"
(8:47:29 PM): Suki stands mute, blinking slightly at Sarah, then looking at Jaron, then back at Sarah, wheels seem to be turning in her head. Upon hearing Jaron's follow up question she relaxes slightly.
(8:52:56 PM): Sarah shrugs a little bit. "A lot of reasons really. Mostly having to do with blatant stupidity on the part of others, and people getting killed because said others were idiots and didn't think straight. Took a while to happen, would take even longer to explain."
(8:54:33 PM): Suki finally seems to snap out of whatever had muted her and cocks her head sideways "Sarah, are you angry with me?" She asks in bewilderment.
(8:55:59 PM): Jaron: "So you changed sides to help the resistance?"
(8:58:17 PM): Sarah blinks at Suki and frowns softly. "Angry with you? Why would I be upset with you? I'm just worried about your health." She shakes her head. "I was referring to /other/ others, not you." She glances to Jaron and shrugs. "Wouldn't have worked nearly as well if I'd tried to do it without."
(8:58:41 PM): Overhead the sky starts to darken as clouds begin to roll in.
(8:59:31 PM): Jaron: "Be right back ladies"
(8:59:52 PM): Jaron heads over to his Veritech and closes the cockpit before returning to them.
(9:01:19 PM): (GM): Why?
(9:01:47 PM): (GM) ^_^ has Jaron ever seen storm clouds before?
(9:03:06 PM): Jaron: (he's been on earth long enough to know)
(9:03:11 PM): Sarah: (Sarah would have :p)
(9:03:25 PM): Sarah: (South Dakota resistance for two years? Seen PLENTY.)
(9:03:33 PM): (GM): [fair enough ^_^ and lol Sarah]
(9:03:44 PM): Sarah: [*remembers 2003*]
(9:03:51 PM): (GM) [lucky]
(9:04:21 PM): Sarah: [June 24, 2003. nearly 70 confirmed tornado touchdowns in eastern SD between 5pm and midnight local]
(9:04:26 PM): (GM): [what i wouldn't give for a storm that actually gives out Thunder and lightning here… >.< anyway]
(9:05:48 PM): A light rain starts to fall.
(9:07:22 PM): (Sarah is clueless, Suki should point that out to her ;-))
(9:07:47 PM): Sarah frowns quickly and looks for something to cover Suki's head with.
(9:08:51 PM): Jaron comes back "Should we head in?"
(9:09:06 PM): As Jaron returns from securing his cockpit he sees Sarah looking around for … something while Suki has turned her head upwards and has closes her eyes as the rain pelts her face.
OnlineHost (9:10:32 PM): Sarah rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
(9:10:36 PM): Sarah: (+1 perc)
(9:10:50 PM): (GM): What are you trying to notice?
(9:11:17 PM): Sarah: (the obvious that I just mentioned. Something to hold up over Suki's head so she doesn't get rained on) :p
(9:11:34 PM): Nothing nearby that isn't either heavy, awkward or both
(9:11:55 PM): Aside from your jacket that is
(9:13:00 PM): Jaron waves them to follow as he heads to cargo hold for cover.
(9:13:18 PM): Sarah pulls her jacket off quickly and tries to hold it up over both of them, mostly over Suki though. "You'll catch cold if you keep standing out in the rain…" She glances over and smiles, nodding. "C'mon, he's found us somewhere to ride it out."
(9:14:17 PM): Suki looks at Sarah then back up at the rain, then reluctantly follows Sarah under the ship and into the cargo bunker. The work crews however continue on their business.
(9:16:00 PM): Jaron: "I hope its not a bad storm with the CO out there"
(9:19:02 PM): Sarah keeps the jacket over Suki all the way to the bunker, glancing out at the storm a little bit. "Well, the clouds were rolling in thick, it could get worse than this for certain. At least south of here it certainly can."
(9:19:19 PM): The weather begins to pick up a gust of wind blows in, Sarah can tell from experience that that is the outflow boundary of air pushed ahead of an oncoming storm. So far however, the storm is rather moderate, although, once lake effects kicks in, it's anyones guess.
(9:20:12 PM): Sarah cringes at that, sighing. "And… with that, it definitely is going to get worse. Hope the CO gets into town okay. Plenty of shelter there."
(9:21:07 PM): Jaron: "can you contact on radio?"
(9:22:02 PM): Just before Suki enters the cargo bay, she stops, looking at a puddle on the ground. She look over her shoulder, then looks at you two, then back at the puddle, and sighs and then shrugs her shoulders and jumps into the puddle with a smile and twinkle in her eyes. Once complete she is serious again, and steps into the cargo bay.
(9:22:45 PM): Sarah laughs just a little bit at that, shaking her head and glancing from Jaron to Suki. "I don't actually have a radio…"
(9:23:42 PM): "The ship should be able to reach her." Suki says, and takes lead through the ship, familiar enough with the design to make her way up into the ship itself without having to go back outside and up the gangway
(9:24:06 PM): Jaron follows
(9:25:17 PM): Entering the bridge Suki makes her way to the communications panel, with it's officer sitting back, reading a book. "Can you try to reach Lt. Fallyna prease?"
(9:26:09 PM): "Sure, what's her freq?" The comm officer looks at Suki, Suki looks at Sarah.
(9:28:06 PM): Sarah shakes her head a little bit. "She never mentioned it to me, actually. Since I didn't have a radio and couldn't make contact anyway. And she didn't intend for me toget out of the sight of her or someone else." She shrugs.
(9:30:42 PM): Suki sighs. "Try the preset for our squadron, maybe she left it on that."
(9:31:23 PM): Lo and behold you get a scratchy reply "Damn water falling out of the SKY! Just made it in, wow! it's crazy!"
(9:32:47 PM): Suki almost laughs, almost. "I need to sit, and eat." Suki says and makes her way to the ships mess hall, small as it is.
(9:33:42 PM): Sarah starts laughing a little bit, rolling her eyes at the radio and nodding to Suki. "She should be glad it's this far north, really. wonder how she'd handle seeing a tornado." She moves to walk for the mess then. "Food is definitely a good idea."
(9:34:08 PM): Jaron tails for now, just to get layout of ship
(9:34:21 PM): Sitting in the mess hall now, the trio share a table as outside the storm 'batters' the ship.
(9:34:38 PM): GM: Remember, perc rolls to notice stuffs lol
OnlineHost (9:36:46 PM): Sarah rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
(9:37:08 PM): Sarah looks around a little as well, though she's watching Suki more along the way. She settles into the seat and listens for the storm as well.
(9:37:12 PM): Jaron hopes the ship's mess has decent grub
(9:37:15 PM): (GM): Sarah notices the table is round
(9:39:28 PM): (GM): perc roll Jaron?
(9:39:53 PM): Sarah: [rotfl]
(9:40:00 PM): Sarah: [nice] :p
OnlineHost (9:40:23 PM): Jaron rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
(9:40:30 PM): GM: the Food is decent, better the C-Rats, but not as good as aboard a larger ship with a full galley
(9:40:40 PM): Sarah: [heehee]
(9:41:09 PM): Jaron notices that a patch on Suki's shoulder designates her as a Recon pilot.
(9:42:46 PM): Jaron: "You a marine Suki?"
(9:43:03 PM): "Hai, yes." Suki nods proudly.
(9:43:39 PM): Jaron: "Likewise.." He then looks to Sarah "What is your training?"
OnlineHost (9:46:34 PM): Suki rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
(9:47:09 PM): Suki points to Jeron's' shoulder. "Maulers? Wasn't that a mars base home guard squadron?"
(9:49:38 PM): Jaron nods "was there as my family went on the earth assaults"
(9:49:52 PM): Suki nods "I'm sorry."
(9:50:50 PM): Sarah smiles and shrugs just a little. "Betas and Cyclones for me so far. Might try to learn something else as well, but that's well down the road and depending on what they allow." She frowns at the next and droops. "I'm sorry as well."
(9:52:30 PM): Jaron: "Its ok…they was only doing their duties, leaving me the honor to keep the name going"
(9:53:15 PM): Suki pauses at that, and smiles distantly, looking at nothing in particular.
(9:55:32 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit at that.
(9:56:46 PM): Jaron eats his sandwich (I have to break for a few)
(10:02:41 PM): Sarah settles in and eats her food quietly, glancing around.
(10:03:35 PM): Suki continues eating her meal, saying nothing as she eats.
(10:05:05 PM): Sarah looks over Suki worriedly once in a while still.
(10:05:49 PM): Suki catches her eyes and blinks a few times. "Is something wrong?" She asks.
(10:06:17 PM): Sarah sighs just a little and shrugs slightly. "Just still worried about you, that's all." She smiles a bit then.
(10:08:27 PM): Suki flushes at that then looks back to her meal, poking at it slightly.
(10:11:47 PM): Sarah awws a little at the flush, smiling more warmly before she looks back to her own food.
(10:14:11 PM): "I…I'm going to umm, go outside for a little bit." Suki says as she leaves the table, bowing slightly to the other. "Sumimasen." She leaves, walking briskly.
(10:16:51 PM): Sarah awws a little at that, offering a more sad smile. "If you need to." She finishes her food and hms. "Need to be alone, or willing to have some company?"
(10:17:23 PM): Suki pauses. "I. I don't know." She says as she steps through the hatch.
(10:18:44 PM): Sarah awws at that, finishing her food in a moment. "I should go check on her…"
(10:20:56 PM): Jaron finishes his meal, watching the ladies leave. He tries to listen to the storm outside to guess its wraith
OnlineHost (10:21:04 PM): Jaron rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
(10:21:39 PM): Lurana would stop at a local liquor store shutting off and takes the key inside and steps inside the liquor store hmming as she looks over the selection
(10:21:44 PM): GM: Inside the ships hull it is hard to gauge the storms intensity, you would have to go outside, or the bridge to check the Doppler
(10:23:00 PM): Sarah wanders off to find Suki, herself, worried about her.
(10:23:57 PM): GM: Okay, @ Lurana…here we go. You enter the town after passing the now empty construction zone, a little rained on as the jeep had no top, the Others had made contact with you to check up on you in lieu of the inclement weather…
(10:25:35 PM): Lurana would have told her shes fine, and had the ship comm ALUCE to check on the 2 ships my self and Suki served on and to ask the commanders of those ships if they could have their things from their rooms ready for pick up when we launched in the morning or after noon depending on weather
diggers316 (10:25:43 PM): GM (in town): The Dome interiors are well lit clean, and utterly guarded, you being part of the UEEF were able to get past the no less then 6 checkpoints to gain entry
(10:26:05 PM): Jaron frowns at not being able to tell and heads to the bridge to get a look
(10:28:05 PM): GM (town): Looking up Lurana can see the storm beat against the dome, water running down the plasteel. The community inside is quaint, not altogether large due to the size of the structure. You are aware that Angel Colony ships always traveled in clusters, no one ship large enough to hold everything, the various 'communities' were invariably split between the ships,
(10:28:34 PM): GM: It seems that this particular dome, was a residential / commercial zone meant for the upper middle class.
(10:29:17 PM): Lurana prolly had lil care how ever having lived on military vessels and stations most of her life how ever
(10:29:53 PM): Lurana: (for luxury found on the angels)
(10:31:19 PM): GM: The streets have electric cars, and people are milling about in the current colonial fashion, music can be heard from storefronts and security, UEEF, is ever present.
(10:32:43 PM): Lurana drives leisurely just looking for a good liquor store to buy her self a lil contraband as it was always called on ship to have civilian brewed alcohols
(10:33:39 PM): GM: As you pass by a large hotel a UEEF VR-041 puts his hand up for you to halt. He has the letters MP on an armband.
(10:34:11 PM): Lurana brings the jeep to an easy halt still clad in her full battle armor just lacking the helmet.
(10:34:33 PM): GM (on ship): Jeron, on the bridge the rain beats down on the armored windows "Wow, it's really coming down." A bridge crewman notes, as he and a few others look outside.
(10:35:44 PM): Sarah keeps Suki hunting, wandering the corridors and trying to sense her if she can.
(10:35:53 PM): GM (in town): As you stop Lurana, in your rear view mirror you see police lighting and a convoy of two Hovercycles, hover limo, followed by two more hover cycles vehicles pass by you and pull up to the Hotel front.
(10:37:02 PM): Jaron replies "Indeed, I've seen few severe storms since on Earth but it could be worse"
(10:37:10 PM): Lurana would roll her eyes slightly at the group that passes her and leans back a bit
(10:37:11 PM): GM (town): From the hotel doors a delegation that looks to you as part of the colony ship exits as a pair of GMP guards n full combat armor exit the front of the limo, then open the rear doors.
(10:38:11 PM): (on ship): "No kidding?" A bridge crewman remarks to Jaron. Off to his left he can see the sensor station and the storm is displayed in hues of red, orange yellow and green
(10:39:42 PM): (in town): Out of the Limo steps a 40 something male, with rugged good looks in a uniform that bears very high rank. he walks toward the steps of the hotel flanked by his guards and greets the colony legation, as they motion him inside. Once inside, the VR-041 clad trooper step out from in front of you and waves you on.
(10:40:41 PM): "I shoulda taken another road…" Lurana shakes her head, and drives on and keeps looking for a liquor store.
OnlineHost (10:40:49 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
(10:40:58 PM): Lurana: (perception while I'm looking)
(10:41:09 PM): Jaron: sensory equip
OnlineHost (10:41:18 PM): Jaron rolled 2 10-sided dice: 6 3
(10:41:31 PM): Jaron: (failed vs 50%)
(10:41:43 PM): Lurana: (lol don't like d100's?)
(10:42:11 PM): GM @ Lurana: You can see a mall type structure, complete with fountain and food court adjacent the hotel building.
(10:42:48 PM): Lurana moves into the mall circling it checking store names seeing if she can recognize any as a liquor store
(10:43:03 PM): GM @ Jaron: you can't really tell the details of the storm, but it looks large on the screen, and is moving south east, coming over the lake.
(10:44:43 PM): GM @ Sarah: Your search pans out and you see Suki sitting by an open personnel hatch (think airline sized) sitting back against the wall on the floor, her arms wrapped around her knees as she looks outside, the wind whipping a gust of rain inside every now and then.
(10:45:57 PM): GM @ Lurana: it doesn't take long, but you do see a storefront festooned in word like Coors, Budweiser and Liquor
(10:46:38 PM): Lurana pulls into a parking lot near it and steps out walking into the door making sure she took the key with her so no one takes the jeep for a joy ride
(10:47:19 PM): Jaron asked sensor op "Can you tell if its going to be worse?"
(10:48:57 PM): GM @ Jaron: the sensor operator shrugs "I don't know, never seen a storm before, hold on, let me see…" he flips a few switches and brings up the base forecast feed and you can see that it will be raining over the entire area for a few days, with the worst of it slated to occur tomorrow after noon
(10:49:32 PM): Sarah awws silently to herself as she sees Suki like that, drooping slightly and trying to slip up quietly to offer an arm around her softly. "What's wrong?"
(10:49:50 PM): GM @ Lurana, you grab the keys and enter the store. You have never seen so much Booze in one place…EVER! and the selection is staggering!
(10:50:24 PM): Lurana inwardly says holy shit and begins looking over what appears to be Scotch stocks, and Brandy Stocks
(10:51:28 PM): Jaron crosses his arms as he watches the rain and ask in general "Who is the XO on the ship?"
(10:52:54 PM): Suki looks over at Sarah, her eyes are wide, and blinking rapidly. "I don;t know!" She blurts "Everything, nothing, it all makes perfect sense but at the same time doesn't."
(10:53:25 PM): GM @ Jaron: "Um, XO of the ship would be Lt. Ishida." the bridge hand replies.
(10:54:20 PM): GM @ Lurana: The booze is stocked by item so, you find your self sections of the hard stuff, shelved by name, and the light stuff, shelved the same way, just like the liquor store in real life.
(10:55:18 PM): Lurana just looks them over not too knowledgeable on blends and such so waiting on some one to notice her.
(10:56:30 PM): GM @ Lurana: a young lady in an apron with a name tag walks over, pushed slightly by her compatriots who scurry to hide behind a display case "H…hi, m…may I help, you?" She asks timidly.
(10:57:03 PM): Sarah frowns just a little at that and offers a soft squeeze. "Hmm… I've noticed some of that myself, lately. You're not alone in it…" She ponders. "Maybe I can help?"
(10:57:50 PM): Lurana: "Yes… I'm just looking over your selection, I must admit I'm kinda ignorant but I'm thinking I have a craving for some scotch and brandy but I'm not sure what would be good?" Lurana says kindly and politely.
(10:59:31 PM): GM @ Lurana: "Um, well, th…these brands here are, good sellers, uh, the hotel guests like them a lot." The girl answers, pointing out a few bottles with a lot of zeros at the end of the price tags.
(11:00:31 PM): Lurana: "Umm maybe a lil cheaper…i wouldn't have that for 3 or 4 months…"
(11:00:41 PM): Suki lowers her head slightly and eyes you. "Be so much easier if you weren't so …nice." Suki says,
(11:01:56 PM): GM @ Lurana: The sales woman shows you a more affordable selection
(11:02:53 PM): Lurana picks up a bottle of scotch and 2 brandy bottles after being shown what would be good but not to pricey and checks their prices.
(11:03:12 PM): GM: The prices are steep, but not prohibitive.
(11:04:12 PM): GM @ Jaron: John, the guy you met earlier walks onto the bridge and notices you "Oh, hey there, looks like the team out there is calling it for the night, gonna have to get your Alpha in tomorrow."
(11:05:12 PM): Sarah droops a little at that and sighs softly. "Being nice is part of who I am though…" She offers a slight squeeze. "Part of why I had to join the resistance, and fought so hard during the big battle. Though I would rather have not needed to be picked up. I'd have missed out by not meeting you though."
(11:06:00 PM): Lurana checks their prices all together to make her decision having near perfect memory of how much she has left approx.
(11:06:42 PM): GM: Figure about 80 credits a bottle
(11:06:49 PM): Jaron turns and looks to John "Ahh, guess the weather is picking up some"
(11:07:42 PM): Lurana nods sighing as shes gonna have to live off the free rations and what she bought for quick meals already for her dorm and heads to the counter. "I think ill have these"
(11:08:11 PM): GM @ Jaron: "yeah, rained on Tirol, but never like this." He says as he sits into the gunnery station.
(11:08:18 PM): Lurana: "And no i wont tattle on you for selling to a UEEF officer when its not authorized" Lurana smiles hoping the woman will trust her on that.
(11:10:33 PM): Suki: "I think you are missing the point. It's you that this is all about. I like you when I should hate you. You fuss over me, and that makes me feel… scared." She says, her voice trailing off.
(11:11:28 PM): GM @ Lurana: The girl rings you up and as you leave you can hear her and the others whispering "She's huge! Never seen a Zentraedi before… what is she doing here anyway…"
(11:12:27 PM): Lurana seems to ignore them and just gets into the jeep and starts it and begins to drive back to the base taking the radio mic and piping into it that she is on her way back.
(11:12:39 PM): GM: Roll perc
OnlineHost (11:12:55 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
(11:13:22 PM): GM @ Lurana: As you pull out you see a shop with the word PETS over it's doors.
(11:13:46 PM): Lurana tilts her head slightly and heads over there to at least look
(11:14:36 PM): Sarah smiles a little at that, squeezing closer and offering a hair stroke. "Well, I like you as well. I was so scared and worried when I saw how injured you were…" She sighs and leans softly into Suki,.
(11:14:37 PM): GM @ Lurana: You walk up your booze in discrete brown paper bags and see in the window small fuzzy animals cats and dogs and mice and hamsters. roll a CF check
(11:15:16 PM): Lurana: (CF?)
(11:15:29 PM): GM: You heard of Horror Factor…this is Cute Factor
OnlineHost (11:15:41 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
(11:15:52 PM): Jaron: (hehe)
(11:15:52 PM): Sarah: (LOL)
(11:16:10 PM): (GM): You drop your booze and run to the window pressing your face to it as a loud AWWWWWWWWW! escapes your lips
(11:16:30 PM): Lurana impulsively goes into the pet store and begins eying the toys (no dropping fragile booze!!!)
(11:16:41 PM): GM: with a 4, the booze is busted
(11:17:01 PM): GM: but you don't care….animals….too…..cute!
(11:17:08 PM):Sarah: (aww)
(11:17:37 PM): Lurana: (booze in jeep any way :P)
diggers316 (11:18:03 PM): nod, at any rate, you make a mini scene as you fawn over the cute fuzzies in the wondow
(11:18:23 PM): Sarah: (not like you need a liquor store for booze. Just sweet talk the boys in engineering. Most ships make their own)
(11:19:18 PM): Suki shivers as Sarah leans against her. Her heart racing.
(11:19:52 PM): Lurana looks like a fool prolly ogling over the pet toys and the few cuter pets
(11:21:03 PM): GM @ Lurana: It is quite a comical sight, a 6 foot Zentraedi female, the scourge of old, the vaunted and deadly Quadlunn-rau pilots of yore, reduced to blubbering over a puppy, kitten, nay, even a baby turtle.
(11:21:54 PM): Lurana: (yea but I'm not a quadlunn-rau pilot unfortunately)
(11:22:02 PM): Sarah keeps holding onto Suki softly, blinking and blushing slightly at the shiver. She moves her arm gently along Suki's side at the shiver, only taking a moment to wrap the jacket around Suki to warm her a little, before wrapping the arm around again and stroking her hair, leaning on her shoulder.
(11:22:02 PM): GM: (work with me)
(11:22:06 PM): Sarah: (lol)
(11:22:23 PM): Lurana: (unless they happen to shrink them to the size of a Cyclone :P)
(11:22:39 PM):Sarah: (that'd be cool)
(11:22:44 PM): GM: (no nitpicking! I forbid it! OBEY!)
(11:22:49 PM): Lurana tries to pry her self from the pet store now and go back to ship
(11:22:59 PM): GM: roll a ME check
OnlineHost (11:23:22 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 14
(11:23:42 PM): Lurana (14 vs 15 ME haw!)
(11:23:57 PM):GM: You barely, and I mean BARELY are able to pry yourself from the store, but not before dropping some dime on cute pet goodies.
(11:24:30 PM): Lurana comes out with a few toys then (how much did i spend?)
(11:24:58 PM): GM: I figure you have purchased a few bags of stuffed mice, a few cat fishing poles, some cat nip and a scratching post.
(11:25:14 PM): GM: 125 credits all told
(11:25:20 PM): Lurana: (i hope they have credit cards :P)
(11:25:28 PM): GM: oh and another 200 credits worth of cat food
(11:25:49 PM): GM: stuff ain't cheap…. >.<
(11:25:57 PM): Lurana: (325 - 80 I'm in the hole by about umm
(11:26:13 PM): Suki whimpers softly as you hold her.
(11:26:13 PM): Lurana: (245 credits)
(11:27:01 PM): Jaron goes the computer station and does some researching.
(11:27:30 PM): GM: researching what?
(11:27:51 PM): Lurana piles all the cat toys into the jeep for an unknown reason she doesn't have a cat?
(11:31:13 PM): Sarah wraps her other arm around Suki, pulling her in to hug her closely. "It'll be all right…" She leans her head in against Suki's then, nuzzling softly and holding closely.
(11:31:22 PM): Sarah: (you forgot about the cat? ;-))
(11:31:31 PM): GM @ Lurana: As you leave the colony dome you are stopped at a checkpoint and the car routinely searched
Lurana Skyblaze (11:31:53 PM): Lurana has the booze hidden where they wont find it gladly.
(11:32:36 PM): GM: The guards run mirrors under the chassis etc and look in the bag, as they wave you on you hear one guard say to another "Cat toys and booze, either she's a nutter, or someones in for a wild night."
(11:33:18 PM): Lurana: (booze not contraband?)
(11:33:22 PM): Lurana: (or just on ship)
(11:33:58 PM): Lurana: Lurana drives back to the base glad her armor keeps her dry at least sept for her head and what drips down her neck and tucks the bag and kitty toys where they wont get wet!*
(11:34:42 PM): Suki grabs onto your arm and squeezes tightly and then finally leans towards you.
(11:34:53 PM): GM @ Lurana: Perc roll please
(11:35:15 PM): Sarah: [*shoots pop out her nose laughing*]
OnlineHost (11:35:18 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
(11:35:28 PM): Sarah: (a definite nutter)
(11:36:05 PM): Lightning crashes as you make your way back to base, nothing to see here, the guards at base search your vehicle and then wave you on, also making a crack about booze and cat toys.
(11:37:00 PM): Jaron gets up and watches the storm some more.
(11:37:30 PM): Lurana drives to the ramp of her ship and takes the bag and cat toys and runs up the ramp griping about being soaked!
(11:37:42 PM): Sarah squeezes Suki softly, leaning in to touch foreheads softly, scooping her close and pulling her in tighter to stroke her hair gently and hold her. She smiles, leaning in slowly.
(11:38:48 PM): GM: @ Jaron: as you watch the storm you see the headlights of a hover jeep approach the ship
(11:39:40 PM): Suki nestles closer, and her nose, cold, brushes against Sarah's.
(11:42:50 PM): Sarah pulls in closer as Suki nestles up, letting her nose brush, trying to keep Suki warm. She snuggles in just a little closer, and almost if by accident, her lips brush Suki's very slightly.
(11:43:19 PM): GM: As you make your way inside sopping wet with cat toys and booze in your arms you almost trip over Suki and Sarah, who are huddled together, looking like they are….kissing?! o.O
(11:43:45 PM): Lurana: "Well well i see you two finally got together"
(11:45:29 PM): Suki's eyes go wide her face turning beet red. She groans as she buries her face in her arms.
(11:46:28 PM): Lurana smiles and leans in to whisper to Suki. "Dun worry i wont tell but you might want to find a place a bit more private." Lurana taps the button to close the ramp up*
(11:46:59 PM): Sarah blushes softly and pulls back, giving Lurana a look and shaking her head, rolling her eyes. She buries her own head promptly at that, sighing into it.
(11:47:18 PM): Suki looks up "Hai taicho, domo arigato gozaimasu." She replies miserably.
(11:48:18 PM): "I'm afraid i don't understand…." Lurana shakes her head and shrugs, and begins to move on to the bridge after dropping the stuff in her temporary sleeping area while they load/unload aboard ship and then makes her way to the bridge.
(11:48:50 PM): GM @ Jaron: One of the crewman looks over "Sir, the CO is aboard now, just checked in at the ramp."
(11:49:02 PM): Jaron speaks "Officer on deck"
(11:49:32 PM): Lurana: (umm surely I'm not at the bridge yet :P)
(11:49:41 PM): Jaron: (sorry misread)
(11:51:15 PM): Suki stands up ,sliding her back up against the bulkhead. "I am so embarrassed." She says.
(11:52:15 PM): GM: Jaron startles you with his announcement when you DO enter the bridge…
(11:52:58 PM): Lurana slings water on the man after he startles her "Dammit stop doing that I'm only 1 rank above you marine"
(11:53:02 PM): Sarah looks up long enough to blink at the statement as well, not understanding either. She isn't done blushing, either. "Same here… I'm sorry…"
(11:54:33 PM): Jaron ducks under the water "Doesn't matter ma'am." He steps forward and offer his record/transfer papers to her "2nd Lt. Jaron Fairman, transfer"
(11:55:22 PM): Lurana: "You already offered them to me earlier, i accepted them, now you just gotta give them to the captain when we arrive at your new home… and mine"
(11:55:31 PM): Suki walks towards the bridge still with a limp, but, with a slight spring in her step regardless.
(11:55:40 PM): Lurana: "Comm, any messages from ALUCE regarding those 2 ships i asked about?"
(11:56:03 PM): Sarah follows right behind, and smiles very softly, moving along and looking around for others.
(11:57:24 PM): GM: Comms replies "yes ma'am, both ships are at ALuCE for repair and refit, all personal effects have been offloaded and are waiting."
(11:58:07 PM): Lurana: "Roger, Course will be ALuCE once unloading and loading is complete."
(11:58:15 PM): Jaron replies "Only a formality in front of the crew ma'am" withdraws his paper
(11:58:16 PM): Lurana: "any of you gotten any rest?"
(11:59:21 PM): Suki hears the question from the entry to the bridge as she crosses inside "Doctors prescribed me painkillers, but no rest yet ma'am."
(12:00:37 AM): Lurana: "You, need to be in bed any way Lt…. theres not to many beds and i don't need much sleep, so I volunteer for first bridge watch, who wants it with me?"
(12:01:25 AM): Suki nods "yes ma'am, request permission to retire."
(12:01:38 AM): Sarah shrugs a little as she slips onto the bridge with Suki, glancing up towards Lu slightly, "I've been with you or with Suki the whole time." She cocks her head a little to Lu then. "Sorry about before." She cocks her head a little. "Not much of a ship pilot, but I can. I still need to talk to you though…" She sighs.
(12:01:57 AM): Lurana: "No need to request, I'm considering it a doctors orders."
(12:02:13 AM): Suki takes Sarah's hand "Come on."
(12:02:44 AM): Jaron stands, watching to interaction.
(12:03:36 AM): Sarah cocks her head and squeezes Suki quickly. "I'll be along later. Don't worry." She heads back for Lurana then, looking around for somewhere quiet.
(12:03:51 AM): Lurana: "Every one else, Bed"
(12:04:11 AM):Lurana: "Sarah Take comm for now"
(12:05:41 AM): Sarah nods quickly and sighs, glancing back idly and frowning just a bit. "Yes, ma'am."
diggers316 (12:06:00 AM): Suki leaves the bridge and retires to her temp quarters, pops her meds showers and tucks herself in.
(12:07:05 AM): Lurana waits for every one to head to bed. mentioning on their way out "Oh by the way… surprise quarters tonight, if you get woke up your on duty for watch."
(12:07:47 AM): Jaron speaks up "I'm on Earth time ma'am, I will be good for several more hours"
(12:08:27 AM): Lurana: "Fine, your on watch next go at least relax for a while ill come find you"
(12:08:47 AM): Sarah keeps watching Lu quietly, laughing just a little at the announcement for the bedward ones.
(12:11:15 AM): Jaron gives a slight salute and heads off the bridge
(12:11:31 AM):Lurana closes off the bridge soon as every one leaves.
(12:11:56 AM): Lurana then takes a seat at the sensor station for now to look over the storm glad shes inside instead of out getting soaked.
(12:12:08 AM): Lurana: "Oh you wanted to speak to me about something Sarah?"
(12:12:26 AM): Lurana: "Before you started crying after we left the old mans place"
(12:13:30 AM): Sarah nods just a little bit at that, watching the storm a little as well. "Yes, ma'am. Since we're in the quiet now. I don't have anything to pick up from the old resistance camp where I was, but I'm sure some people would feel better if I turned over the battloid I escaped Delhi in. It's buried near Pipestone."
(12:14:14 AM): Lurana: "Battloid?"
(12:15:00 AM): Lurana: "You mean you have a piece of hardware still from the Invid and didn't tell any of us?"
(12:15:11 AM): Jaron heads through the ship and exits, soon jogging towards his Veritech in the rain.
(12:15:26 AM): Lurana: (he would have found the ramp lifted)
(12:17:39 AM): Sarah shrugs a little bit. "It wasn't exactly relevant when it was that many light years away, unless you count the three Betas and one Cyclone I lost between Reflex Point and the first Haydonite battle. And It's been buried for two years. I figured since we were here now though, that Intel and others might like to have it. And since I'm able to dig it up and pull the power cells while leaving it open, it'll be completely intact without needing to be pulled apart much first."
(12:17:55 AM):Sarah: (other than "I wish i had a mecha" mutterings anyway)
(12:19:14 AM): Lurana: "Hmm Intel would want it, specially if it's one of those commander types we ran into at reflex point"
(12:20:18 AM): Jaron opens the ramp to continue on.
(12:20:49 AM): Lurana: (dun think i locked it lol)
(12:21:26 AM): GM: The ramp lowers opening the bay it the outside, Jeron sees his mecha outside the path to it muddy
(12:22:10 AM): Jaron pushes the button to close then hurries to his Veritech
(12:23:17 AM): GM: You slide into your mecha easily.
(12:23:34 AM): Sarah nods a little. "It's one of the commander types, yes. And as noted, I'll turn the PC canisters over as soon as it's unburied, even before it's aboard."
(12:24:15 AM): Lurana: "Good we could use all the PC we need…"
(12:25:13 AM): Sarah nods just a little and sighs. "None are full mind you, I did fly halfway around the planet with it before hiding it…" She shakes her head. "But it's something at least."
(12:25:13 AM): Jaron pops up the cyclone then moves about to climb into it to go into battloid mode.
(12:25:17 AM): Lurana sighs and begins chucking off the armor down to her under cloths all drenched still to some extent as she turns up the heat a bit in the bridge hoping Sarah isn't sensitive to heat and stands in front of a vent trying to dry her self off
(12:26:53 AM): Jaron soon hops off and does security patrol around the Garish.
(12:29:17 AM): Sarah loosens her collar a little bit to keep from getting hot, relaxing. "I figured it best to mention that now, we'd need to fly the ship down to get it likely. If it was seen flying it could cause a panic."
(12:29:41 AM): GM: Outside the Garfish the tarmac is wet, with puddles here and there, most work has gone inside, however the base defenses are still up and patrolling, the perimeter. A few flights of Alphas launch, but beyond that, it is a dreary and cold shower.
(12:31:06 AM): Lurana turns a bit turning her pantied ass to the vent and then moves her back down and up along the vent, making sure she gets dried through and through.
(12:31:25 AM): Sarah watches that idly, eyebrows raised just a little.
(12:31:48 AM): Lurana: "hey I'm soaked.. and I don't have a change on me…" Lurana looks at Sarah.
(12:32:08 AM): Jaron tries to get radio contact with the garfish (easy or need a roll)
(12:32:33 AM): GM: no roll
(12:33:03 AM): Lurana: (Sarah is at conn depends if she's watching for incoming signals)
Lurana Skyblaze (12:34:00 AM): (or comm that is)
(12:34:03 AM): Sarah smiles and checks the radio, switching to open it up and put it on audio. "Responding…"
(12:35:28 AM): Jaron on com to Garfish "Ground security sweep clear, garrison out"
Lurana Skyblaze (12:37:40 AM): As soon as Lurana is dry she puts her armor back on after wiping them dry as well, snapping each piece into place.
(12:38:02 AM): Lurana: "Oh still got my pistol?"
(12:38:11 AM): Lurana: "Id like it back its kinda sentimental"
(12:38:36 AM): Sarah nods and hands the pistol over promptly, hilt first as proper. "Yes, ma'am."
(12:38:58 AM): Jaron continues to circle patrol around the garfish and his Veritech.
(12:39:08 AM): Lurana tucks it into her special holster for it on the opposite hip to her gallant.*
diggers316 (12:40:26 AM): GM: The rest of the patrol goes uneventfully. I'll skip ahead to the next morning unless you have something specific you want to do.
(12:40:45 AM): Lurana: (nope sept talk to Jaron about disobeying orders :P
(12:40:59 AM): GM: Roll military Etiquette Lurana
(12:41:03 AM): Sarah: (lol)
OnlineHost (12:41:14 AM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 32
(12:41:19 AM): Sarah: (Sarah would probably stay on shift most of the night unless ordered off as well.)
(12:41:38 AM): Lurana: vs 58%
(12:41:50 AM): GM: Ships on the ground require a guard be posted, since the ship has less then a skeleton crew, he provided the security, he was well within regulations.

Later that night...

Next Day…

(12:44:49 AM): The next morning Suki is on command watch, with Lurana off shift for the time being. Work crews have resumed their duties despite the continued downpour and the last of the cargo will be loaded around 10 AM (it is currently 8:30 AM)
(12:45:27 AM): GM: Where B U all?
(12:45:48 AM): Lurana would have been up by 0600 as normal more than able to be awake currently in the small mess munching quietly by her self
(12:45:53 AM): Jaron makes sure his Veritech is loaded and secure
(12:47:28 AM): Sarah would have slept a short time, but came up to the bridge with Suki again, not wanting to stay asleep too long, or be away too long. She looks out at the downpour and cocks her head slightly.
(12:47:52 AM): GM: Lurana hears Suki's voice over the ships PA "Lt. Fallyna, the Yukikaze's engineering teams have reported in, they will be ready to board in three hours.
(12:49:12 AM): Lurana taps the PA behind her to return the message. "Good, orders are once there loaded and on board, head to Pipestone."
(12:49:25 AM): GM: @ Jeron, you mecha will be last in, following the Last in First Out rule
(12:49:40 AM): "I'll be on bridge before we reach Pipestone
(12:49:57 AM): GM: Lurana's personal intercom beeps
(12:50:09 AM): Jaron watches from outside in cyclone for now; as he needs to become more comfortable with it.
(12:50:16 AM): Lurana taps it to bring it on. "Fallnya here."
(12:51:06 AM): Suki's voice comes through "A suggestion ma'am, shouldn't we retrieve it now, before we have to many folks asking questions regards our find?"
(12:52:00 AM): Lurana: "Ah so she told you to…, so should we head there before the engineers are on board?"
(12:52:18 AM): Lurana: "Wouldn't that also look suspicious?"
diggers316 (12:52:31 AM): Suki: "That would be my recommendation yes, ma'am."
(12:52:31 AM): With a crunch, Lurana takes a bite out of a fresh apple*
(12:53:01 AM): Suki: "Either way it will be suspicious, one option allows for less loose ends however, than the other."
(12:53:34 AM): Lurana: "True enough alert the engineers of the change of plans"
(12:54:13 AM): Suki: "Begging your pardon ma'am, but if we are fast, they will only know we lifted off and returned, not why."
(12:55:46 AM): Lurana: "MM true… i suppose, make way ill return to the bridge before we arrive at Pipestone still"
(12:56:33 AM): Sarah listens and nods just a little bit, settling into her place. "Should i go get somewhere to get off and get it quick for when we get there, then?"
(12:56:34 AM): "Roger that ma'am" Jaron hears Suki's voice "Wolf Arrow, please return to the ship and button up the cargo bay."
(12:59:12 AM): Jaron replies "You know the ship isn't completely loaded yet?"
(1:00:01 AM): Suki:"Yes, I am aware, we have a small pit stop to make , and we will be back in time to load the rest of the gear."
(1:00:32 AM): Jaron replies "Where's this pit stop?"
(1:01:16 AM): "Pipestone…" you hear some beeps and boops as Suki presses buttons "About 30 or so miles north north east of Sioux Falls."
(1:02:10 AM): Jaron ponders a moment and replies "I shall fly escort then"
(1:03:43 AM): Lurana taps her personal comm to the bridge. "Suki any reason we haven't left yet?"
(1:03:49 AM): Jaron hits the button to close the ramp and hops out. Then trots to his Veritech and stores up his cyclone. Then shortly gets into cockpit, powering up.
(1:04:18 AM): Sarah: (almost reads that as "personal comm badge", yanks head out of Star Trek)
(1:05:19 AM): GM: Behind you the Garfish rumbles to life "556 Heavy to tower control, we are lifting off, please clear your traffic."
(1:06:38 AM): The tower complies and air traffic is moved out from 556 heavy's departure path as the Garfish lumbers into the air and heads west
(1:07:21 AM): Jaron goes onto com "This is Wolf Arrow, escorting 556"
(1:07:38 AM): "Handles like a pig." Suki mutters as she jostles the controls "And this wind shear is horrible." The ship ascends finally breaking out of the could deck at 7000 feet.
(1:08:14 AM): Lurana makes her way to the bridge feeling it rumble badly in the wind
(1:09:39 AM): As you enter the bridge the ship clears the clouds and the ride smooths considerably, from the viewport you can see Jeron's Alpha flying in formation off the port bow.
(1:10:30 AM): Lurana shakes her head lightly and takes her seat pressing a few controls bringing up displays and checking a few things over
(1:11:36 AM): GM: All systems are nominal, and Suki has the ship set on a westerly course taking the ship in a curved path to Pipestone, maintaining an altitude of 8000 feet to avoid the jet stream
(1:12:26 AM): Sarah watches quietly as she sees the ship moving, watching for where she remembers the mech to be, and trying to spot the exact location.
(1:13:15 AM): Lurana shifts in her seat some relaxing


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