Chapter 2: Night 1


[07:12:06] Lt. Ishida (GM): Lurana has gone off to the gym to , hit things, and to get all sweaty so she can chase boys… John has left the mess hall, (not to sure where he is going.) Suki has left as well and makes her way to her new Squadron commander, Captain West to report to him what she has done. Sarah, , I think you were following her, )
[07:12:23] Sarah: (yup)
[07:13:00] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (actually I was hoping to enter the sparing arena…)
[07:13:44] Lt. Ishida (GM): Okay, there is a 'dojo' , given the ships name and ethnicity of the XO, it is a proper Japanese Dojo…
[07:15:00] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (or rather the gym/sparing area what ever)
[07:15:09] John: before john leaves the room he turns to Sarah and sys I did that because you are a member of this crew, and as such deserve that respect. But I am in no way your friend!, just stay away from me"
[07:19:03] Sarah shrugs just a little at John. "I didn't figure I was." She turns away then.
[07:16:17] Lt. Lurana Fallnya makes her way into the dojo still dressed and ready for a workout in her athletic attire she looks around for a sparing partner or a nice speed punching bag.
[07:20:10] Lt. Ishida (GM): Entering the office Suki reports, then explains what happened and what she did etc (not gonna bog it down) Sarah you can add anything you wish.
[07:21:21] Sarah just stays quietly behind, looking generally at the floor.
[07:22:26] Lt. Ishida (GM): The commander nods, isn't very happy, but understands and thanks her for telling him, this takes all of 20 minutes. Lurana. You see the XO of the ship enter the dojo, he is wearing a Gi and is taping up his hands.
[07:23:19] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would be in her athletic wear (which could be Gi for females, if they had it in the PX instead of another look I liked
[07:23:42] Lt. Lurana Fallnya looks around a moment sighing and steps over the XO "Care for a sparing match sir?"
[07:24:03] Lt. Ishida (GM): NOTE: If you want to gain additional info on a person, or place setting etc, please ASK and roll a PREC roll. There will be situations whee I will NOT tell you everything okay
[07:24:27] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (sorry perc roll coming up)
[07:24:28] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[07:25:10] John: bk
[07:26:21] Lt. Ishida (GM): The XO shakes his head at you and does some stretches. You notice that he is incredibly fit, it is obvious he has seen fights in and out of the ring and in and out of armor, you see the markings of 4th Degree Black belt as well as the Marine indicator that he is A Martial arts Instructor as well as rated to teach martial arts instructors.
[07:26:52] Lt. Ishida (GM): The Gi looks old, and is probably his personal non issue garb.
[07:27:54] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Thank you sir.." she looks around for some one else free for a sparing match.
[07:27:54] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[07:27:58] Lt. Ishida (GM): He makes his way to the inter com, presses the button "Lieutenant Ishida. Report to Deck 5 training area."
[07:28:12] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (guess I'm to busy staring at the XO lol)
[07:28:19] Sarah: (( heehee ))
[07:28:35] Lt. Ishida (GM): He cracks his knuckles and then kneels in the middle of the room, waiting.
[07:28:48] Lt. Ishida (GM): The entire ship hears that intercom call. reactions?
[07:29:39] Lt. Ishida (GM): Lurana, others in the training area stop what they are doing and begin to move to the walls and doorways to see.
[07:29:53] Lt. Lurana Fallnya just shrugs and moves over to a side and sits
[07:29:58] Lt. Ishida (GM): (there are about 5 others in the training area besides you and the XO)
[07:30:13] Sarah looks up at the intercom message, glancing to Suki and blinking slightly.
[07:30:40] Game Emit (GM): John you see a few crewman hustle past you talking excitedly "Oh man this is gonna be good!"
[07:30:57] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki reports as ordered.
[07:31:43] John: his curiosity is perked and follows them
[07:31:56] Sarah generally follows along behind Suki like she usually does, though she looks for an out of the way place once she's there, trying to avoid any unnecessary contact.
[07:31:58] Game Emit (GM): The are headed towards the Training Area on deck 5
[07:33:05] Lt. Lurana Fallnya Sarah would prolly see some space near me? the one who pointed her blaster at her
[07:33:10] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki halts, almost backpedals when she see what is before her, the XO, kneeling, almost meditating, and crewman, seemingly coming out of the wood work to view, whatever it is, that may happen here. The XO opens his eyes, and motions to the place before him then stands.
[07:33:26] Lt. Ishida (GM): Sarah sees this! lol
[07:33:50] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would prolly be sitting semi meditatively
[07:34:00] Lt. Ishida (GM): Ishida makes her way over and the XO says one word. "Stretch."
[07:34:24] Lt. Ishida (GM): Realizing what about to happen she does so, and then the two face one another and bow.
[07:34:47] Lt. Ishida (GM): ((going to go fast here to move on, and we will be on our way))
[07:34:55] Lt. Ishida (GM): The XO squares off against Lt. Ishida, both have their fists shoulder level. There are a few tentative jabs as they gauge each other and then Suki strikes first in a quick flurry of attacks that forces the XO back on his heels, battered under the relentless and lighting fast assault, each attack punctuated by loud and powerful Kiai! The XO back peddles, managing to impart a parting shot. Wiping the blood from his nose the XO stretches his neck.
[07:35:07] Lt. Ishida (GM): Squaring off again, the XO has taken her measure and makes full use of his experience and training leaving Suki reeling, her side and face taking well aimed blows.
[07:35:17] Lt. Ishida (GM): The third round degenerates quickly into an ugly fight, both combatants have measured their opponents. Suki attacks first with a punch to the face followed by a kick to the midriff, the XO counters with a spinning heel kick to Suki’s stomach, lifting her off the mat. Suki manages to stay standing and fends off a flurry of fist strikes taking a glancing blow but replying with a quick jab followed by a backhand strike to the XO’s face knocking him onto his back.
[07:35:27] Lt. Ishida (GM): Sweeping her leg Suki lands on her back with a thud and the XO follows through with an ax kick to her chest. As Suki rolls away the XO moves to his feet and as Suki moves to stand snap kicks her head. Thrown again to the mat Suki spits blood and wipes her blood and sweat drenched hair from her face and with a primal roar charges the XO, closing the distance landing a nasty kick to his side followed by an instep to his knee followed by an axe kick to his shoulder. Forced down by the blow the XO hook her leg holding in place. Hopping on one foot Suki tries spin to twist her leg free but in mid maneuver the XO brings his other arm down on her leg, driving her chest first into the mat.
[07:35:38] Lt. Ishida (GM): The XO stays on his knees, battered and bloody, holding his side in one hand, and maintaining his balance with his other. Suki whimpers, curled into a ball, but claws her way around so she is facing him and tries twice to return to her feet, but can only manage to get up onto one knee, her other leg out of commission. Her face is bruised and likewise bloody. Trembling her lower lip quivers.
[07:35:47] Lt. Ishida (GM): The XO looks to the rest of the room, and in a horse whisper instructs the throng to clear the room. Some moves to heed his order, the stragglers are met with a louder repeat of the same command.
[07:36:26] Lt. Ishida (GM): reactions, and then we move on
[07:37:20] John decides to head the order to disperse and leaves the room
[07:37:28] Lt. Ishida (GM): nod
[07:37:53] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would prolly have much of little reaction to seeing Suki beaten before leaving having already gaged he was superior to my self and prolly her and mostly wanted to use a session with him for training her self to be better but leaves and just stands by the door.
[07:39:09] Sarah slips out as quickly essentially as possible, after a quick sigh and sympathetic look towards Suki at her condition now. She looks down at the floor on her way out, though doesn't go too far quickly.
[07:39:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would take Sarah by the shoulder and point her to stand next to the door to wait

[07:39:06] (GM): okay, On Earth.
[07:40:29] (GM): Lt. Jeron, it is night time now, you have just finished another dull, and uneventful recon circuit over already controlled territory, most likely you feel, to keep you out of "trouble" in light of recent events.
[07:43:29] Lt. Jaron lands his Veritech and compiles flight log for the records then dismounts. He removes his helmet to feel the night air as he heads to his locker room.
[07:44:09] (GM): You enter and the lights are dim, as a generator outside put putt putts
[07:44:34] (GM): There is no one inside currently
[07:45:13] Lt. Jaron does the combination on his locker, preparing for a shower before heading to barracks for some rest
[07:48:01] Lt. Jaron places his helm and removes flightsuit, grabbing a towel to get a short shower
[07:48:48] (GM): The shower is relaxing, just what you needed. Roll Perc please.
[07:49:20] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[07:49:46] (GM): As you dress you hear , or rather feel, someone enter.
[07:50:49] Lt. Jaron turns to look, just out of curiosity
[07:51:17] (GM): You see nothing…but do still hear the sound of boots on deck…
[07:52:41] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow but finishes drying his hair a moment watching his mirror in his locker for a reflection
[07:53:55] (GM): As you look up, there is a figure dressed in black behind you, there is a glint of metal in his right hand. "Hi Jerry, feeling clean?" he says.
[07:54:27] (GM): Roll dodge.
[07:54:53] Lt. Jaron was about to turn around, but tries to duck [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
[07:54:58] (GM): [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
[07:55:21] (GM): You easily duck under a slash from the man in blacks knife.
[07:55:35] (GM): init
[07:55:46] (GM): [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
[07:55:55] Lt. Jaron: [1d20] => [15] = (15)
[07:56:19] (GM): The man takes a jab at your midriff.
[07:56:22] (GM): [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20)
[07:56:47] Lt. Jaron tries to dodge [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
[07:57:06] (GM): Dealing you
[07:57:06] (GM): [1d4+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[07:57:26] (GM): 3 points of damage, leaving a clean cut, blood oozes from your wound
[07:59:03] (GM): Your action
[07:59:04] Lt. Jaron jerks in pain at the cut as it gets him slightly and yells "MPs!!"
[07:59:31] Thug (GM): "Oh Jerry Jerry jerry, it's just you and me, don't go trying to spoil the fun!"
[08:00:59] Lt. Jaron: (that count as my action or what?)
[08:01:19] (GM): no, you cal yell, or talk up to 6 seconds worth of dialogue and not take an action
[08:01:42] John: ?
[08:01:44] Lt. Jaron grits his teeth then spins and tries to brings his reel up against his attacker [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
[08:02:02] (GM): Singing the chorus to Pirates of Penance, will however take a few melees…
[08:02:39] (GM): He tries to parry you out of the way.
[08:02:42] John: lol
[08:02:43] (GM): [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
[08:03:19] (GM): And does so, as you pass him and impact (not enough to do damage) into the sink counter area.
[08:03:34] (GM): He slices down onto your back.
[08:03:37] (GM): [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
[08:04:16] Lt. Jaron tries to fling the towel about to to parry the knife [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12) (your dice are hot)
[08:05:07] (GM): The blade slices through your shirt and into your back for…>
[08:05:08] (GM): [1d4+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[08:05:32] (GM): 3 more points, this wound hurts a lot more then it actually did damage to you…
[08:06:58] Lt. Jaron didn't want to try this but feels this guy will eventually cut him too death then turns to kick at his attacker's knee [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
[08:07:34] (GM): He sidesteps your attack and brings the blade down on your arm.
[08:07:34] (GM): [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)
[08:07:38] (GM): Missing as well!
[08:07:45] (GM): Your action
[08:08:30] Lt. Jaron finally squared up, trying to right cross [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
[08:08:42] (GM): The man tries to parry the hit
[08:08:43] (GM): [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
[08:09:02] (GM): and does so, replying with a jab to your face of his own…
[08:09:03] (GM): [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9)
[08:10:34] (GM): your parry/dodge
[08:11:28] Lt. Jaron tries to parry [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
[08:11:48] (GM): you are able to bat his hand away just in the nick of time!
[08:12:35] (GM): the man whirls around (using his last attack) and blocks your escape route. "Oh Jerry, I was hoping for a fight."
[08:12:40] (GM): init
[08:12:52] (GM): Enemy
[08:12:52] (GM): [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13)
[08:13:24] Lt. Jaron: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[08:13:41] (GM): Your action
[08:13:49] Lt. Jaron catches a break and tries to use the towel to disarm him [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
[08:14:10] Lt. Ishida (GM): The enemy tries to pull the knife back…
[08:14:12] (GM): [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[08:14:35] (GM): But your are able to wrest the blade from his hand!
[08:15:03] Sarah: (( is it a blue towel though? ))
[08:15:21] (GM): He steps forward before you can grab the knife and rams his shoulder into your chest (or will try to at least)
[08:15:23] Lt. Jaron: (( hehe nah, white ))
[08:15:25] John: (( I thought it was white ))
[08:15:30] (GM): Wanna get a lil high?
[08:15:35] (GM): [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[08:15:41] (GM): Oh shnap!!!
[08:15:54] (GM): Roll dodge/ parry…
[08:16:15] John: (( pull/roll ))
[08:16:25] (GM): I blame Carries Towlie joke for that…
[08:16:48] Lt. Jaron tries to sidestep (dodge [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)) but adjusts to roll with the blow [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
[08:16:54] Lt. Jaron: (booya!!)
[08:16:57] (GM): WOOOO!
[08:17:45] (GM): Man you thought he had you but you are able to squeak under him and just the last nanosecond. He thought he had you to, and the look of surprise in his eyes is noticeable
[08:18:37] Lt. Jaron: "What don't want to dance anymore?"
[08:19:06] (GM): "Oh I'm just getting started." He laughs, brushing his shoulder off.
[08:19:48] Lt. Jaron tries a forward kick to push him back against the wall [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17)
[08:20:03] (GM): The man will try to parry the attack away
[08:20:04] (GM): [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21)
[08:20:09] (GM): And does so!
[08:20:10] Lt. Jaron: (gosh)
[08:21:53](GM): your action!
[08:22:23] Lt. Jaron as his leg is pushes to the side, lunges forward to try and get an elbow in [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
[08:22:34] Lt. Jaron: (bah….cursed dice god!!!)
[08:23:00] (GM): The man counters with an elbow of his own to your shoulder blade
[08:23:01] (GM): [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[08:24:08] Lt. Jaron tries to spin and parry it [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[08:24:34] (GM): [2d6+22] => [3,4,4] = (11)
[08:24:40] (GM): He hits your for 11
[08:25:47] (GM): As you slam into the counter he bounces on the balls of his feet away. "Told you!" he mocks
[08:26:07] (GM): Your action
[08:26:25] Lt. Jaron feels his shoulder on fire and takes a step back to go for a groin kick [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
[08:26:54] (GM): You slip on a bar of soap and land on your back, lose an attack ewwwww,
[08:27:01] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (i think I passed him my bad luck from the earlier games…)
[08:27:11] (GM): bad Lurana! BAD!
[08:27:23] (GM): everyone roll 100
[08:27:26] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d100] => [86] = (86)
[08:27:30] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d100] => [15] = (15)
[08:28:04] John: [1d100] => [52] = (52)
[08:28:25] Sarah: [1d100] => [65] = (65)
[08:29:02] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [7] = (7)
[08:29:22] Lt. Ishida (GM): crap, looks like it's my fault… We rolled for blame
[08:29:33] Lt. Ishida (GM): Okay
[08:29:39] Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:30:20] (GM): The man laughs at you , and moves to stomp on your chest
[08:30:33] (GM): [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
[08:31:10] Lt. Jaron tries to parry but destiny is against him [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
[08:31:18] (GM): [1d10+2] => [3,2] = (5)
[08:31:36] (GM): You take 5 points as his booted foot land right on your sternum
[08:31:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (wow stomp big damage…)
[08:31:55] (GM): Your last action I believe. this round
[08:32:07] (GM): These boots were made for walking…
[08:32:10] Lt. Jaron rolls to side to get to his feet.
[08:32:29] (GM): As you do this he tries to kick your legs out form under you…
[08:32:30] (GM): [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
[08:32:49] (GM): you can try to block that
[08:33:28] Lt. Jaron tries to parry, as he takes a step back [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7)
[08:33:52] (GM): you don't move very far as he trips you up and you crash back down onto the deck
[08:34:04] (GM): he moves again to block your escape, init
[08:34:10] (GM): [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
[08:34:48] Lt. Jaron: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[08:34:58] (GM): your action!
[08:35:26] (GM): Kick his ass Seabass!
[08:35:47] Lt. Jaron rolls to get up again
[08:35:54] (GM): Your up
[08:36:12] (GM): takes an attack but you are on your feet
[08:36:24] (GM): he moves to punch your face.
[08:36:29] (GM): punch even
[08:36:31] (GM): [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
[08:36:53] Lt. Jaron tries to parry [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
[08:37:08] (GM): [1d4+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[08:37:14] (GM): he pops you for three
[08:37:39] (GM): your action
[08:37:52] Lt. Jaron backs steps toward the exit
[08:37:54] (GM): roll an Int check
[08:38:03] (GM): he is between you and the exit…
[08:38:05] Lt. Jaron: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[08:38:25] (GM): You recall that you DID leave your Gallant in your bag, that is next to your locker…
[08:39:14] (GM): your action still
[08:39:37] Lt. Jaron changes his mind and goes for his bag.
[08:40:15] (GM): You close the distance to your bag, and the bad guy…
[08:40:18] (GM): [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[08:40:23] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (yea pilot caught out of his craft thus out of his element and trying to keep up
[08:40:46] (GM): Figures out why , he slams his shoulder into the bank of lockers and tries to topple the row onto you
[08:40:50] (GM): [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[08:41:40] Lt. Jaron tries to dive out of the way (dodge [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[08:42:15] (GM): You dive as the lockers topple almost deafening you as they impact the other row, causing a domino effect…BAM BAM BAM!!!!!!
[08:42:58] (GM): You bag is in front of you, the toppled lockers are between you and him, all you can see right now is the triangular end of the tunnel you are now in
[08:43:45] (GM): your action
[08:44:02] Lt. Jaron digs for the gallant pistol
[08:44:30] (GM): As you wrap desperate fingers around your weapon you hear "Seeya Jerry! See you REAL soon!"
[08:46:12] Lt. Jaron crawls to the far end slowly, trying to listen to where the attacker went. (perception [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7))
[08:46:58] (GM): You don't hear anything from your attacker, you do hear however voices from outside. "What the hell was that? "Came from the locker room…" "Get the MPs!"
[08:47:40] Lt. Jaron exits the tunnel slowly, bloody and bruised
[08:48:25] (GM): As you low crawl out of the tunnel a flashlight beam is played over you, and all they see is the gun first.. "DROP IT!!!!NOW!"
[08:49:09] (GM): you can see bright red dots milling about your upper body…
[08:49:29] Lt. Jaron drops it and covers his eyes with his other hand "Where were you 2 minutes ago?"
[08:50:59] (GM): They drag you out, and cuff you, but, within 5 minutes they are removed as you explain what happened and they inform you that there was a disturbance near the main gate what caused most of the MPs to be drawn away. Your CO enters as a medic looks you over, wrapping your wounds. "Jesus Jeron! You okay?"
[08:52:09] Lt. Jaron smirks slightly "I'll live, I think but definitely been better."
[08:53:10] CO(GM): "This is bad Jeron, real bad. Look, go with the medics, and get cleaned up." He points to two Marines.
[08:53:34] CO(GM): "You two, you guard this man! You got me!" The Marines nod "Sir yes sir!"
[08:53:58] Lt. Jaron nods and lays down to get patched up, letting the meds kick in]
[08:55:55] (GM): Laying on a cot in sick bay, some 45 minutes later, you CO walks in, your Marine guards still ever present. "Son, I just made a few calls, we'll be getting you out of here as soon as we can, You hang tight! MPs will be by to get your statement…"
[08:56:36] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you sir"

[08:58:03] (GM): John, Suki, and Sarah! You are called to report to Hanger bay 3.
[08:59:08] Lt. Lurana Fallnya was by the dojo still wanting to use it while she waited for her appt. time for her beta testing she scheduled earlier
[08:59:35] (GM): Nod,
[08:59:49] (GM): You simulator time has just come up, report for testing!
[09:00:24] Lt. Lurana Fallnya nods to Sarah heading towards the sims prolly getting changed into her duty uniform since its official testing before arriving
[09:00:46] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (unless they don't care if she shows up in her active wear )
[09:01:02] Sarah looks up from standing wherever she had been, either where Lurana stopped or or otherwise. She blinks up at the order to report to the hangar bay, and starts walking for HB3, nodding to Lurana and looking for Suki.
[09:01:13] (GM): Sarah, the door to the training room opens and see a haggard Suki being helped out by the XO, she is limping, and dried blood, that which hasn't been wiped away is caked on her face…the XO hands her over to you Sarah. "Best report to bay 3." he says
[09:02:13] Sarah eeps and moves up to Suki, taking hold of her and nodding. "Yes, sir…." She tries to very gently move Suki in the direction of the bay.
[09:03:56] John hears the order and makes his way to HB3. 'I hope we get to see some action' he thinks

[09:02:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would have just left as he stepped out heading towards sim training/testing
[09:06:34] (GM): Captain West is standing next to a Rabbit shuttle with a clipboard in his hands
[09:08:08] Lt. Lurana Fallnya even tho she fails this time she signs up for immediate retesting when an opening happens grumbling knowing she can fly better than that
[09:08:20] Captain West(GM): "New orders…holy fuck what happened to you?" West interrupts himself at seeing a bloody Suki. "The XO had a chat, with me." She offers.
[09:09:23] Captain West(GM): "Tekada and his chats!" West sighs. (Lu, please wait your turn)
[09:11:36] Captain West(GM): "Anyway, you guys are to head to the docks and board Tango 556 Heavy, a Marathon Class Garfish. The Captain want you to head back to Earth, drop off the supplies inside to Point K, take on provisions for the Yukikaze and pick up the REDHORSE team we left on Earth. Reece will send you mission commander down in a bit, get cleaned up okay. Any questions?"
[09:14:32] Sarah nods quickly to the orders, glancing to Suki and frowning further at her condition.
[09:08:08] Lt. Lurana Fallnya even tho she fails this time she signs up for immediate retesting when an opening happens grumbling knowing she can fly better than that
[09:15:54] (GM): Lurana! As you step out of the Sim with FAIL! blinking in huge red letters inside the Yukikaze's CAG is standing outside his arms crossed. "Lieutenant, a word."
[09:16:54] Lt. Lurana Fallnya gulps wondering what she did now, and follows him "Yes sir."
[09:17:33] Major Reese(GM): "Take a seat LT."
[09:17:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya nods a moment sitting at attention in just her flight suit
[09:18:02] Lt. Lurana Fallnya figures this is prolly about trashing Sarah's beta on accident
[09:18:22] Sarah: (( rofl ))
[09:20:26] Major Reese(GM): "Here is the deal, in light of that dust up in the mess, the captain , in her infinite wisdom has decided to send the gruesome twosome and one of Kavashera's boys, guy by the name of Magna, off ship while things calm down, good call, have to admit, but, I'm not about to allow some Invid and her fucking fan club to go traipsing about in a perfectly good ship, so, you are in command, also, You will be taking Ishida's spot as Flight 2 lead, no way in HELL am I letting her command a flight under MY roof. We clear?"
[09:21:49] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I get you sir but I have had no command experience training sir, Will this be a seat of the pants training lesson sir?"
[09:22:53] Major Reese(GM): "Yeah, you can consider it OJT. Do this thing LT, I'm looking for hard chargers here. You want the job or not?"
[09:23:28] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Ill take it, till I'm dead or you find some one better."
[09:23:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (( shes a marine what other line do you expect? ))
[09:24:41] Major Reese(GM): "OutSTANDING!" he says with a almost evil grin. "Get dressed and cleaned up First Lieutenant Fallyna, and report dock side, Tango 556 Heavy is your ship."
[09:24:43] John: (( starship troopers! ))
[09:25:22] Lt. Lurana Fallnya stands and salutes and makes her turn after shaking hands bla bla bla and accepting her new insignias
[09:26:11] John: (( we got call names yet? ))
[09:26:22] Sarah: (( no ))
[09:26:36] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (( haven't earn one least maybe not till yet ))
[09:26:37] Major Reese(GM): "Oh, one last thing Fallyna, any those two give you any grief, your call, I've got no issue you giving each an Optera Drill. (Two in the head, one in the chest)
[09:26:42] John: (( we should do that soon. ))
[09:27:14] (GM): Call signs are assigned by the players…so that is entirely up, to y'all!
[09:27:21] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (( tho when my char has her first night with her soon to be b/f she might have one… ))
[09:27:44] Sarah: (( erm ))
[09:27:51] Lt. Lurana Fallnya shows no emotion to that but inwardly shudders at the thought, and leaves his office
[09:29:27] (GM): Sarah, John and Suki, you are shuttled to the dock and are deposited next to the Marathon class Garfish, forklifts and power loaders are loading the last of the palletized cargo aboard as the deck chief points you to the gang way.
[09:31:22] Sarah looks up at the big ship, cocking her head just slightly and blinking.
[09:32:08] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki hobbles aboard…
[09:32:46] John looks at the ship and smiles. We may get some action out of this yet!
[09:32:54] Sarah moves to help Suki of course, being careful as she watches to make sure she doesn't touch anything either naughty or injured.
[09:34:13] Lt. Ishida (GM): It's hard not to avoid either, in order to hold her up you do have to hold her high up on the chest, but in her state Suki either doesn't mind, or notice.
[09:41:42] Sarah just makes sure to be careful with Suki then, walking aboard the ship and looking around quickly.
[09:41:57] (GM): okay! moving on! Lurana, you are shuttled down to "your" ship by a Rabbit and the Deck Chief has you sign for it
[09:42:31] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki makes her way to the nearest shower with a duffel of new clothing that was aboard the Rabbit for all
[09:44:07] Sarah checks her own duffel as Suki heads for the shower, wandering to rinse herself off as well and look around.
[09:44:36] Lt. Lurana Fallnya signs for it and looks at it, "Garfish… great" she sighs hoping to do well at least and then moves aboard full combat dressed in her CVR-3 as always, the ramp clamping with each step she takes figuring she'd wait till were out of earshot of command to talk to Suki alone, and would be looking over her orders sheet having already authenticated it with command her new bars shining on her shoulders of her armor…
[09:45:35] (GM): As you enter the ship you salute the flag and are piped aboard. a crewman salutes, ma'am, the bridge is this way, we will be ready to get under way in 10 minutes."
[09:46:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Good, just supplies for point-k and limited fighter escort correct?"
[09:46:51] John enters the ship, salutes and buckles in
[09:47:18] Crewman (GM): "Umm, no fighter escort ma'am, all available fighters are being held back to defend the docks. And Earth-space is clear, isn't it ma'am?"
[09:48:12] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "True at the moment, how ever last I heard communications with earth are jammed correct?, how ever I'm sure our gunnery crew can handle it"
[09:48:29] (GM): The crewman nods. "Yes Ma'am." John, you have been directed to the gunnery station aboard the garfish
[09:49:39] John: takes his post at the gun and does a systems check skill roll?
[09:50:06] (GM): Absolutely!
[09:51:11] John: RSE?
[09:52:02] (GM): nod
[09:52:03] John: [1d100] => [63] = (63)
[09:52:04] John: fail
[09:52:12] (GM): Systems look good to you!
[09:52:19] (GM): look being the operative word
[09:53:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Any way, this will be a first incursion back to earth and moon base ALuCE since the Hydronights attacked here correct?"
[09:54:09] Lt. Ishida (GM): John, as you are looking over, and familiarizing yourself with gunnery, Suki limps to the pilots station and steels in, a brief "Hffffff"escaping her teeth as she steels in.
[09:54:32] John: "are you alright ma'am?"
[09:54:42] (GM): @ Lurana, as far as you know, yes, this is the first UEEF transport from Tirol to return to Earth since the 'betrayal"
[09:55:44] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Just sore John, just sore." She says, managing a pained smile. "John, thank you for what you did in the mess hall, I, I appreciate it."
[09:56:06] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I want comms as soon as we enter earth space with ground forces and moon base ALuCE as soon as we arrive, if we need help I want to be able to call for it."continuing to move to the bridge.
[09:56:39] (GM): Your crewman walking besides you nods dutifully "Yes Ma'am."
[09:56:39] John: "no problem, I got your back." He smiles
[09:56:55] Sarah rides up the lift to keep Suki company, but carefully refrains from coming onto the bridge unless so ordered.
[09:57:23] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki waved you on, and had pointed to the helmsman seat next to her.
[09:58:16] Sarah settles in as pointed to then, simply looking over the controls to make sure she won't flop with them like an idiot, and looking semi-nervous.
[09:59:18] (GM): Lurana, you enter the bridge and see Suki and Sarah at the helmsman seats, and John at gunnery, two other crewman occupy Fold Operations, and Communications
[09:59:49] (GM): The Comm officer sees you first and stand "Commander on Deck!" and salutes
[10:00:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "At ease… jesus commander one day and I already hate it…" she mumbles the last part after at ease under her breath…
[10:01:17] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki, struggling in noticeable pain stands to attention and salutes.
[10:01:49] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I done said at ease… Lt… you were 1st Lt before me…"
[10:02:06] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki bows and then returns to her seat wordlessly
[10:02:24] Sarah starts to stand, but then sits after the order to be at ease. She looks over to Suki worriedly.
[10:02:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Status check please?"
[10:03:40] (GM): Comms: "ma'am dock master reports we are free to depart." Comms "Communications, go!" "Fold ops, go!" a piped in voice says "Engineering is a go." Suki says "Helm, go."
[10:03:55] John: "main weapons online and ready. all backup systems are good."
[10:04:50] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "All right take us out lest than 1 quarter docking thrusters till were out of the ramps then build up to half speed for the fold jump"
[10:04:58] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : less than
[10:05:04] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Clear mooring ma'am" Suki asks?
[10:05:10] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Yes"
[10:05:58] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki flips a switch and you hear a SHUNK! HISSSS! as the mooring lines fall away "Mooring lines clear and away." Suki replies, "All ahead 1 quarter Aye." she adds.
[10:07:44] Lt. Lurana Fallnya looks at the captains chair and just semi leans against it refusing to sit…
[10:08:03] (GM): As the garfish slowly makes it way out of the dockyard you can see the Yukikaze to your lower port quarter, pinpricks of light signify welding crews busy at work to repair her battle damage. Ahead of you is open space, only marred by the debris of the last battle. "Trinity Station to 556 Heavy, you are clear the gantry, you are free to maneuver, god speed!"
[10:08:48] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "All right build us up to half throttle and maneuver us to fold position for earth"
[10:09:53] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Fold time for earth fold operations?"
[10:10:23] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (basically asking how long till they arrive at earth
[10:11:34] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Cruising Speed Aye!" Suki parrots back. Fold ops replies "Fold drive spun up, estimate a 30 minute transit time."
[10:12:06] (GM): (( due to time dilation, that will be 1.5 days in real time)
[10:12:48] John: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[10:13:28] (GM): John notices a rather large chunk of debris, probably from a Haydonite ship bearing close aport
[10:13:30] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17)
[10:13:35] (GM): [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7)
[10:13:38] Sarah watches her board as well, basically
[10:14:01] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki hasn't seemed to notice it as it on her left side, the side that she has a black eye on
[10:14:19] John: (( will it collide? ))
[10:14:36] (GM): Possibly, it's getting pretty damned close…
[10:14:42] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Soon as we begin fold Suki, and you" she points to lil miss Invid Id like to speak to you two in private for 15 mins"
[10:14:43] (GM): what do you do, what DO you do!
[10:15:14] John: "request permission to obliterate that target ma'am"
[10:15:57] Sarah looks to Suki at about the same time. "Lt. Ishida? Debris on one side…" She gestures towards it. "We need to maneuver…"
[10:16:05] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Fine test out your new toy battloid boy"
[10:16:13] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki looks and flushes red and banks the Garfish away.
[10:16:18] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d100] => [14] = (14)
[10:16:30] (GM): Smoothly , and gently.
[10:16:50] John: "aye sir." Targets the debris and fires.
[10:16:54] (GM): roll
[10:18:00] Lt. Lurana Fallnya if he is in reach she bops him in the head for calling her a "sir"
[10:18:01] John: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
[10:18:01] (GM): no you would have to get up, there is a clipboard nearby…
[10:18:01] (GM): Roll damage
[10:18:02] (GM): 3d4x100
[10:18:05] Lt. Lurana Fallnya takes the clipboard and throws it at his head not hard enough to hurt him tho
[10:18:12] (GM): thats the damage of the garfish main turret, triple blast
[10:18:15] John: [3d4100] => 600
[10:18:39] (GM): The chunk of debris is tagged hard , it doesn't disintegrate, but is instead blown apart, Lu roll strike
[10:18:43] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I wonder if thats a chunk out of the one I blasted…"
[10:19:20] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
[10:20:00] (GM): As Johns shot tags the debris a clipboard impacts the rear of his seats headrest
[10:20:24] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (i know to but she prefers ma'am cause shes a woman)
[10:20:31] John: "sorry ma'am."
[10:20:51] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki "We should be clear of the debris field in 1 minute.
[10:20:59] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "thats better…"
[10:21:11] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Any thing but debris on sensors?"
[10:21:12] (GM): Fold Ops: Fold drive spun up, coordinates look good."
[10:21:28] (GM): Sarah, you can be sensor girl
[10:21:46] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (sure why not0
[10:21:55] Sarah: (( lol, okay ))
[10:22:40] Sarah continues sensor sweeps for any issues in the area, continuing to frown just lightly as she watches.
[10:22:50] (GM): roll RSI
[10:22:56] (GM): RSE rather
[10:22:58] Sarah: [1d100] => [41] = (41)
[10:23:17] (GM): Your scopes are clear
[10:23:29] Sarah: (( vs 55%. cool ))
[10:24:32] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would step forward poking Sarah for her report
[10:24:48] Sarah glances up. "Nothing on sensors presently."
[10:24:50] Sarah: (( eek ))
[10:24:54] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki makes a hissing noise at Sarah and looks back and Lurana
[10:26:15] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki whispers to Sarah."You must always report your finding to the commander when asked, it is also protocol to repeat any order you get, so that the commander know you have received it." She instructs calmly.
[10:26:47] Lt. Lurana Fallnya pays no mind to Suki's hiss "Thank you" would be close enough to hear the whisper prolly?
[10:27:44] (GM): Fold operation. "ma'am?
[10:28:00] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Yes?" she turns to the man
[10:28:07] Sarah nods a little bit and sighs, whispering back. "Just making absolutely sure before reporting. Sorry." She just hunches over her board then, closer to the screen.
[10:28:22] Fold Operations(GM): "We are ready to fold." If Lurana says 'engage'….
[10:29:26] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I done said to fold earlier once we were clear and set for earth"
[10:29:43] Sarah: (( heh. Not the only one oopsing ;p ))
[10:30:02] (GM): ((yes but they wont fold without your direct command…))
[10:30:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (oh lol)
[10:30:53] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Fine initiate the fold…" she grumbles some wondering why command cant be simpler just to state out a few commands at once
[10:31:11] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Any way Suki, and you come with me a moment while were in fold…"
[10:31:39] (GM): The ship folds and Lurana suddenly realizes that 'hey, I made them do that, I made them fold, I told em to and they did it, holy shit! I just folded my first ship!"
[10:31:42] Lt. Lurana Fallnya looks around for who has the highest rank on deck of who shes not taking with her for a moment
[10:32:37] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki drags herself from her seat, and limps after El Capitan.
[10:32:58] Sarah stands promptly, offering an arm to help Suki get there since she's going as well.
[10:33:20] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki waves Sarah off, determined to walk under her own power.
[10:33:59] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Lt, you have the con.." she taps john's shoulder as she steps by and into the hall way a moment and shuts the door to the command deck behind the other 2…
[10:34:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (if the hall isn't private enough would look for something nearby that would be)
[10:34:55] John: "yes ma'am"
[10:35:16] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[10:35:17] (GM): John takes the command chair, it feels good, really good feels like power!
[10:35:21] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (per roll)
[10:35:29] (GM): The hall is clear enough
[10:37:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya relays to Suki the best she can about why she is here and what CAC had asked her do and even about the Optera Drill he said he'd have no qualms with giving them both…
[10:38:47] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki nods. "Thank you. Will that be all ma'am?"
[10:38:56] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "You have no qualms with it?"
[10:39:29] Lt. Ishida (GM): "No, I would have ordered the same thing were I in his shoes." Suki replies with a tired shrug.
[10:40:57] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I prolly would have to, but after the last 2 times we were together I still consider you a friend, her I have no idea yet I'm conflicted, you probably noticed that in the captains office earlier… when I was shaking holding my blaster at her"
[10:41:53] Sarah frowns and sighs, and just cocks her head slightly at Suki upon her words, moving just a bit away from her slowly.
[10:42:24] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki nods as she shifts her weight off her bum leg for a few seconds.
[10:42:45] Lt. Lurana Fallnya notices Suki's shift and lifts something from her pack since shes in full battle gear… "here try one might help for the pain a lil while"
[10:43:15] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki shakes her head and waves the pill aside. "may I return to my station now.?"
[10:43:53] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "You may, its about time for defold any way, this conversation didn't happen alright?"
[10:44:40] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki puts her hand on Sarah's shoulder to help distributer her weight. "What conversation?" Suki sighs, looking at the floor as she hobbles her way towards the door.
[10:45:05] Lt. Lurana Fallnya presses the panel "I have the conn"
[10:45:16] Sarah humphs just a little and nods, heading back to station.
[10:46:50] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would take her seat soon as john vacates it and sighs leaning back
[10:47:02] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki gives Sarah a supportive squeeze with her hand . As you defold you find you are half way between the moon and Earth. the Debris field looms ahead and Earth, beyond. Your comms officer reports, ma'am we have contact with Point K ATC, we are cleared to land at anytime, pad A, south end.
[10:47:51] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d100] => [43] = (43)
[10:48:12] Sarah: [1d100] => [34] = (34)
[10:48:16] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Make it happen Lt. Ishida" she says carefully trying to not butcher her name.
[10:48:25] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Comms do we have conn with ALUCE?
[10:48:39] Sarah goes back to watching the sensors quietly, even if her expression is… less cheery than before.
[10:48:58] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki transits the ionosphere with ease and sets the Garfish on a lazy intercept toward Point K
[11:06:37] (GM): Coming into land over Point K, now called ‘Liberty Field’ you can see the base has matured since you saw it last. A perimeter wall has been constructed, and is patrolled by Cyclone riders and the off Condor. A series of anti air batteries are present, mainly Phalanx and Defender destroids. The ground has been leveled now and the base now has the beginnings of real roads, not just packed dirt. The airfield itself has been upgraded to concrete, the corrugated steel plates from earlier are gone.
[11:06:46] (GM): Noticeably absent is a large portion of the Resistance camps. Almost the same size as the base, prior to the assault on Reflex Point, it is now only one fifth the size. In the distance you see three gleaming domes of Angel Class colony ships settled around the ruins of Monument City. The area is wreathed in dust, evidence that ground clearing and debris removal is most likely occurring. An after thought of a rode leads from Point K to the budding city some 50 to 60 miles away.
[10:49:00] Lt. Ishida (GM): [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[10:49:13] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Aye Ma'am, want me to raise them?
[10:49:28] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "negative just keep the channel ready just in case"
[10:49:36] Lt. Ishida (GM): "Roger that Ma'am"
[10:50:21] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki steels the Garfish onto pad A, and (with that roll) you only know you are down when she says "Thrusters to idle, we're down ma'am."
[10:51:49] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "good, I'm going out for some fresh unfiltered air…"
[10:52:24] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Ill have my comm open when were done offloading and loading just call…"
[10:52:32] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : she gets up and leaves to go outside the ship
[10:52:55] John gets up and stretches
[10:53:16] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki completes her shut down procedures and safes the ships.

[10:52:38] (GM): Lt Jeron, it has been a day or so in sick bay recovering from the beating, your Marine watchdogs have not left your side(only when relieved by an other pair) You see a UEEF Marathon Class transport touch down, as you CO approaches.
[10:53:19] Lt. Jaron sits up and looks at his CO "Sir?"
[10:54:16] Marine CO(GM): "Looks like your ride has arrived." he points towards the landing pads. "They'll be down for a day or so, transferring cargo, but here you go." He hands you your paperwork. "Rienard's a good captain, she'll treat you right."
[10:55:33] Lt. Lurana Fallnya steps off the ship (if I'm still in actions) going to the edge of the tarmac and sits and lies back looking at the blue sky (if day) or the stars (if night)
[10:56:06] Lt. Jaron stands slowly and salutes "Thank you sir….I won't let you down"
[10:56:23] (GM): It is day time, around 10:45 in the morning. The air is clean yet crisp, Temperature 59 degrees, winds 5 knots out of the west.
[10:56:50] Lt. Lurana Fallnya just lies there enjoying it
[10:57:15] Marine CO (GM): "I know you wont son, I know you wont." Your CO replies, "Been a pleasure having you under my command Jeron."
[10:58:11] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (guess no one else is coming off )
[10:58:26] (GM): As Lurana lounges on the tarmac a CVR-3 clad trooper approaches. "You the captain of that ship?"
[10:58:58] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : she lifts up clad in CVR-3 as well "Yes sir, for now at least"
[10:59:07] Lt. Jaron nods "Honor is all mine sir." and looks at his paperwork
[10:59:19] (GM): Behind Lurana the cargo bay doors swing down as the final thrusters spool down and finally shut off.
[10:59:51] Trooper (GM): "We're your ground team, gonna off load your cargo, you have the manifest?"
[11:00:19] Marine CO (GM): Jeron, your CO nods and smiles then stands and salutes you. "See you on the flip side."
[11:00:31] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Right here" she takes it out of a pouch on a mini computer and flips it to the page and hands it to the man
[11:00:50] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (hand held of sorts)
[11:00:59] Trooper (GM): The man takes the paper work and thanks you and he and his get to work.
[11:01:18] Lt. Lurana Fallnya coughs a bit and lies back down relaxing again
[11:01:49] Lt. Lurana Fallnya also has a slight thirst for something she had a few days ago here but unsure she wants to EXPERIENCE that again
[11:01:58] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly and tries to get out of the sick bay to get her gear
[11:03:02] (GM): Jeron, your medics clear you with a fair bill of health. "Go easy LT." the orderly says.
[11:04:03] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would just be laying on the tarmac frolicking in the nice breeze and fresh air without a care in the freaking world atm
[11:04:29] Lt. Jaron takes it slow and collects his effects
[11:05:35] Sarah just sits quietly where she was, looking to Suki a bit worriedly and sighing very softly to herself. She settles back onto her spot and closes her eyes, almost sinking into her seat.

[11:08:42] Lt. Lurana Fallnya hmms a bit and goes and gets a cyclone from the ship if we brought any if not sees if she can borrow one from the command down here to go to town on
[11:08:50] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki pats Sarah's hand then stands and limps off the ship, taking great care to use both hands to grip the gangway railing as she crab walks down the steps
[11:09:33] (GM): No cyclones are aboard, but, there are jeeps of various sorts around on base
[11:09:38] Sarah stays with Suki, making sure to take care and make certain she doesn't get hurt as she limps off, glancing around idly and breathing in the air with a sigh of relief at being back.
[11:10:13] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would borrow a jeep if they let her and rolls it over to the ship. "Hey you two want a ride some where?"
[11:10:26] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Maybe the medical bay to get those wounds looked at?"
[11:10:51] Lt. Jaron soon arrives at the garfish, with duffel bag and paperwork in hand
[11:11:06] Lt. Lurana Fallnya looks to the man arriving. "You are?"
[11:11:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya seeing him obviously packed and ready to go some where
[11:12:17] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki nods. "Thank you." Jeron see three women, (you've seen their pictures) . all clad in CVR-3. The taller of the three is standing next to a old beat up ASC hover truck, the strawberry blond is helping the brunette Oriental lady into the back of the vehicle.
[11:12:36] Lt. Jaron: "Lt. Jaron Fairman ma'am, transfer." hands folder
[11:13:24] Lt. Lurana Fallnya takes it opening it and looks it over checking its authorizations and authenticity a moment
[11:13:42] (GM): The paperwork is squared away and in order.
[11:14:10] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Well… is official your riding back with us.. but I'm not the one you will be reporting to when we arrive." she hands it back
[11:14:12] Sarah smiles at that and nods slightly,glancing to Suki and trying to help her to the jeep.
[11:14:51] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki slides into the vehicle without a sound, but not without a wince
[11:15:21] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "common lets get you to the medical area, then I'm gonna head to town for a while…"
[11:15:46] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Want to come?" she points to Sarah obviously trying to be friendly even tho its hard for her to from a long racial hated enemy
[11:16:07] Lt. Jaron does a double take at the Lt. In front of him but holds his interest for now as he reaches for the folder "Where might I find Captain Reinard then ma'am?"
[11:16:42] Sarah smiles and nods just a little bit. "Sure, thanks."
[11:17:06] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Aboard the Yukikaze."
[11:17:34] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Thats where my self, and these two are from as well"
[11:17:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Marine or a seamen?"
[11:18:11] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki snickers, and immediately regrets it "owwww."
[11:18:51] Sarah bites her lip as Suki makes the pained noise.
[11:19:15] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (pokes the other lt oocly)
[11:19:52] Lt. Jaron: "Marine."
[11:20:22] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "ahh good a other jarhead!" she says enthusiastically and gives him a light punch towards the shoulder
[11:20:28] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
[11:20:35] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (for the strike and to hold punch)
[11:20:35] John decides to have a look around his newly found homeworld. he departs the ship and looks for the others.
[11:20:43] Lt. Jaron cringes slightly as still a little sore.
[11:20:47] (GM): you miss
[11:20:55] (GM): she rolled a 4
[11:20:57] (GM): auto miss
[11:21:29] Lt. Jaron: "I shall get my Veritech around here to get it into the cargo then."
[11:21:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : I don't believe that will be necessary…"
[11:22:00] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "They've got plenty where your going…"
[11:22:18] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki notes "His mecha, his sword, don't deny him it."
[11:22:49] Lt. Lurana Fallnya turns to Suki and shrugs "All right, I'm not sure what you mean by that but ok. Any way lets take you to the hospital before you hurt your self again."
[11:23:10] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow at the other nearby and comments "I shall be back in a bit"
[11:23:14] Lt. Jaron heads off
[11:23:18] Lt. Ishida (GM): Suki adds "might want to see about getting our personal effects from our old ships…"
[11:23:48] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Right, what ship were you on and I'll ask command here?"
[11:24:06] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Until then your gonna see a doctor"
[11:24:13] Lt. Ishida (GM): "I was aboard the Oriskany." Suki replies
[11:24:57] Lt. Lurana Fallnya starts the hover jeep and gradually makes it go to the hospital trying not to make it to rough on Suki.
[11:27:00] (GM): The Hospital is easy to see, it is the large Horizon Bunker, with the big red cross on it.
[11:27:25] Lt. Lurana Fallnya pulls in front of it and gets out to help Suki in
[11:27:43] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Doctor or I make you hurt more" she snickers some kiddingly
[11:28:11] Lt. Ishida (GM): You get her inside, much to Suki's chagrin, her proud warrior nature only suppressed by her pragmatic realization that yeah, she need medical attention
[11:28:16] Sarah tries to help from the other side of Lurana, to get Suki in to the doctor.
[11:29:15] Lt. Lurana Fallnya takes her to the front desk and nods to the nurse. "We got a nice injury case for you, decided to pick a fight with some one she shouldn't have"
[11:30:06] (GM): A medic approaches. "Whoa, what happened to you?' "XO beat me up." Suki says offhand. The medic blinks, "Ooookay…lets see what we have here…" and he goes to work
[11:30:40] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would leave her, taking Sarah gently by the arm and escorting her out unless she flinches or pulls away cause I touch her where shes injured to
[11:31:24] Lt. Jaron shows deck officer his paperwork and heads off to get his machine ready to depart
[11:31:30] (GM): Jeron, your mecha is nearby, and is good to go.
[11:32:33] Sarah gently allows herself to be escorted out, nodding to Lurana and pondering just a little bit, quietly.
[11:33:11] Lt. Lurana Fallnya offers her a seat next to the driver seat. "So where do you want to go for a while in town?
[11:33:38] Lt. Jaron transforms into guardian mode and lumbers across the field to the garfish.
[11:34:12] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "We prolly have 24 hours to go look around"
[11:34:28] (GM): As you approach you see cargo handlers offloading supplies, mainly parts and ammo, and some prefab bits to help build the base with.
[11:35:00] Sarah smiles and settles in, shrugging. "Anywhere is good, really. Last time I was here, there wasn't any city at all, after all…" She ponders just a little, and glances around, to see how alone they might be.
[11:35:34] (GM): They are on a military base, and while they may be 'alone' there is at least two or three folks within sight.
[11:37:03] Lt. Lurana Fallnya sits in the driver seat next to Sarah and starts it, "All right I do want to finish our chat from earlier any way call me crazy but I'll tell you more once were out of ear shot
[11:37:10] Lt. Jaron waits for the handlers to finish.
[11:37:24] Sarah glances to Lurana and nods just a little bit. "Right, okay. I should probably discuss another matter with you, as well, ma'am."
[11:37:24] Lt. Lurana Fallnya drives towards town at a slow 25 mph pace
[11:37:33] Lt. Ishida (GM): Jeron is pretty sure that it will be dark before they finish offload that much stuff…
[11:39:39] Lt. Lurana Fallnya once out of earshot from people and traveling down the road. "I dunno why but I no longer see the Invid as the enemy…"
[11:41:57] Sarah nods just a little and shrugs. "They aren't coming back. And there's a bigger enemy out there now to be dealing with. The Haydonites have done bad stuff before, this is just the latest incident."
[11:41:58] John walks around the ship and has a good look at the weapons systems he can see.
[11:42:40] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Tell me about those other incidents and what you know of them… my knowledge on the Haydonites is… vague…"
[11:42:42] Lt. Jaron hops out as he waits, inspecting the offside of the Garfish.
[11:45:06] (GM): Jeron and John almost bump into each other as they peruse the exterior of the Garfish
[11:45:54] Sarah sighs a little bit. "A version of what they tried to trick the fleet to do here was used on the first Invid homeworld, ages ago. They barely got away, the planet is completely uninhabitable. Part of why they left and fried the weapons. The weapons were recognized from the previous incident. And this wasn't during the same kind of situation. This was before any of the mecha or wars or anything. When being an Invid just meant living quietly with the others harvesting flowers, not bothering anyone else."
[11:46:19] John: "excuse me I didn't quite see you there."
[11:46:47] Sarah: "They will not hesitate to attack a defenseless population in the least. Nothing can be left undefended."
[11:46:53] Lt. Jaron nods to John "Likewise….you with the Garfish crew?"
[11:48:18] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I see…I still don't trust you… but I see Suki does so that is why I let you in on what CAG had in mind for you both… I consider Suki a friend… but I'm not sure how she considers me…"
[11:48:46] John: "yes. I was just having a look at the weapons systems of this bird. I was an Artillery specialist back in the day."
[11:52:18] Lt. Jaron nods "Who is the Captain of the Garfish?"
[11:52:34] Sarah shrugs just a little bit. "I didn't ask you to trust me. I haven't earned it yet. Trust is earned in the field. The resistance group I was with didn't know what I was, but they didn't trust anyone until their reliability was proven. Took quite a while before I was allowed anywhere near the Beta the first time." She pauses then. "And thank you for informing us of it. I'm curious how far up it came down from, really. Or if it was just him." She shrugs. "And I don't know how she sees you. She's upset at a lot of things right now, though."
[11:53:44] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "I can understand why she would be upset… this planet is her home after all, and in a way I would like to see it as such to…"
[11:54:14] John: "LT. Fallnya is commanding this supply mission. I think she went site seeing."
[11:54:34] (GM): When Lurana and Sarah reach the gate the MPs stop them. "You two armed?"
[11:54:51] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : she lifts her gallant "Always…"
[11:54:51] John: he offers his hand "my names John"
[11:55:07] Lt. Lurana Fallnya and slips it back into its holster
[11:55:30] Sarah: Sarah shrugs just a little bit and shakes her head. "Not presently."
[11:55:55] (GM): The MPs nod "BE careful, we've had a few attacks on UEEF personnel, seems the natives are restless. Keep your head on a swivel. have fun!"
[11:56:06] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow "Which one is Lt Fallyna?" then shakes his hand "Jaron Fairman"
[11:57:47] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : she nods "we.. will.." she pats the other weapon hidden in another compartment… and begins to drive on and opens the compartment on her backpack and hands Sarah an odd looking pistol "Here just in case"
[11:57:47] John: "good to meet you Jaron. LT. Fallnya is the Zentraedi officer, micronized of course."
[11:58:47] Sarah nods just a little and checks the weapon promptly, smiling. "Thank you."
[11:59:16] (GM): As the two leave the UEEF compound they enter the ghost town of the resistance camp…Sarah Perc
[11:59:23] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would notice its old…. a bit clunky but still in operation
[11:59:23] John: "you'll know her when you see her, she's quite attractive."
[11:59:35] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[12:00:23] (GM): Sarah notices that one of the few remaining tents has Hello Kitty patch, that you remember lil Jasper sewed on back in Dakota!
[12:00:34] Lt. Jaron: "I shall keep that in mind John….anyone else I should be aware?"
[12:01:07] Sarah blinks a little at one of the tents… "That one tent is from our camp! I remember the patch being pout on it…"
[12:02:47] John: "hmm…what do you think of Invid?"
[12:03:16] Lt. Lurana Fallnya stops and looks at it?
[12:03:25] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Old boyfriend?" she says jokingly.
[12:03:34] Sarah slips off the jeep and walks to the tent, biting her lip just slightly. "Not sure who might be there."
[12:04:14] (GM): As you near the tent you can smell bacon…mmmm bacon.
[12:04:44] Lt. Lurana Fallnya slides her pistol free and looks about a moment before stepping out of the jeep her self and carefully prowls to the other side
[12:04:49] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[12:04:51] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : [1d100] => [94] = (94)
[12:04:57] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : (well I fail the prowl lol)
[12:04:59] Sarah cocks her head then. "Though if it's a raccoon, I'll be running for the jeep immediately. One came up to me in my sleep once and I'd swear nearly tried to molest me…" She blinks at the smell, walking up and looking in. "Hello?"
[12:05:45] (GM): As you do so a ratty old man steps from the tent with a frying pan. He walks a few paces and dumps the baking grease from it.
[12:06:25] (GM): The old man, "Grandpa Wheeler" notices Sarah. "Sarah? SARAH!"
[12:06:29] Lt. Jaron: "Personally, I don't like them but all beings and creatures have there places"
[12:06:52] Lt. Lurana Fallnya keeps her blaster low looking at the man and to Sarah
[12:07:17] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Well tarnation! Where you been girl!?" He hugs you, the familiar smell of gin and tobacco wafts off him
[12:07:28] Sarah perks up and smiles. "Yep! It's me. How you been getting along? And why are you still living here? Are the others still here as well?" She hugs back quickly enough though.
[12:08:09] Lt. Lurana Fallnya seeing the two know each other she puts her pistol back in its holster
[12:08:09] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Oh, me, no place to go really, I'm an old coot, to tired of the fighting, and these old bones, they can smell a storm just by looking at it!
[12:08:34] John: "well, Miss Amdahl is Invid. just letting you know. Personally I don't know what to think of her. She looks completely human.""
[12:10:03] Lt. Jaron is surprised "Completely human but Invid!?"
[12:10:52] Sarah awws a little at that. "It's safe here, though? The MPs were mentioning people being attacked outside the main camp…" She sighs just a little. "I would have thought there might be somewhere to live in the city they're setting up." She glances towards where the three ships landed to make the new city.
[12:10:53] Lt. Lurana Fallnya would walk up behind Sarah key in pocket for the hover jeep
[12:11:54] John: "yea! Some sorta metaphysical thing, I don't know exactly how that works but you wouldn't know by looking at her."
[12:13:04] Grandpa Wheeler looks at you with sad eyes "best you come in child, you to soldier girl, b'fre someone the other see you." You enter and Lurana for the first time in her life wishes for filtered air, the smell is musky, and very earthy. Old Man Wheeler sits down and motions for you to do the same, and pulls out a half smoked stogie and lights it up, within two puffs the tent is filled in the savory aroma of Havana Rusticana.
[12:13:35] Sarah frowns just a little at that, cocking her head and looking back to Lurana. She slips into the tent, frowning very softly.
[12:13:58] Lt. Jaron the idea makes his head hurt "How did she get in with the UEEF?"
[12:14:18] Lt. Lurana Fallnya coughs and chokes on the smell and gets a lil light headed
[12:14:43] Sarah coughs a little as well, wrinkling her nose slightly at the smell.
[12:17:37] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "So what do you mean someone others?"
[12:18:29] Grandpa Wheeler Wheeler then spins his tale. " Lil bit 'fter you left." he points to Sarah. "Some You EE Ef flyboy was flyin up about Dakota way. well, he rolls in on Travis and Chester Soothsby, and well , they get kilt. See, they wuz up Symp Falls way, clearin out that pest hole, you know, one what gave us all that trouble back it ought 42. Well he and some o Charlei Reeces boyz wuz wif him, and some them got kilt to. After that, well, most us resistance type, figure the You EE Ef, gonna be doin there own thing, so, they all up and left."
[12:20:58] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Most them head up ole MonYOU ment city, new man in charge there, old town, , remember that ole wily coot Leonard, well, it's his boy! Well he start to talking, and we start to listning, and buy gum, wut he sayz makes a lot o sence. the You EE ef up a run, left us here you see, so, is up to us now, make this here Earth our home."
[12:21:32] John: "That's a long story. Is that your bird over there?"
[12:21:54] Lt. Lurana Fallnya looks at Sarah while listening.
[12:23:09] Grandpa Wheeler sits back and takes a long drag. "Yeah, well, I'm done with the fighting, no, these old bones have seen enough. Let the yunginns do all the heavy lifting now. So, they all leave and here I set."
[12:23:27] Sarah sighs just a little bit and frowns slightly at the report. "They didn't 'run'. They got caught up in another war and couldn't make it back, really. They came back as soon as they could." She sighs a little bit. "As for the others… Not all the symps or people who sided with them were doing so by choice, remember. The ones doing it of their own accord needed and still need to be prosecuted. They were bombarding the whole town, though?" She frowns.
[12:23:34] Lt. Jaron nods "Yea, got a little beat up about recently. Some bandits got hold of two old RDF Spartans, fully loaded…was definitely surprised about that"
[12:25:13] Grandpa Wheeler waves his hand dismissively. "Aww Sarah, you know better then that. You a smart lil girl! pretty too." He cackles then sits back again. "Out o our hands now, no, it's out o our hands. You lucky, seems you got yerself off planet, lucky place to be you ask me. Lucky place to be."
[12:25:41] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Not so lucky any more…"
[12:26:44] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Oh, you mean those Hey don't bites? Yeah, I heard bout them, you You EE ef folks jabber on about them like its' the second coming…yeah, maybe not so lucky."
[12:27:37] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "And unfortunately by some sources unlike the Invid, the Robotech masters, and….. my kind… they seek total annihilation of earth not occupation"
[12:28:14] John: smirks"If that damage is any indicator I bet I don't want to see what happened to them.
[12:29:20] Sarah sighs and shakes her head a little bit. "I got off with the Expedition. They're not quite the second coming, they can be held off. That is what the Expedition's current job is. To keep them at bay." She sighs a bit.
[12:29:46] Old man Wheeler nods "That wut yer You EE Gee says too, no one's listing, to worked up bout Dakota, and other places, You EE ef been doing all sorts of funny stuff own by Re flex pernt, not letting us near it, sayin it all top secrit and such, BAH! we fought and died here too, but they don't listen, all military this and military that…"
[12:30:37] Lt. Jaron smiles "Indeed. Other than artillery, what do you do now?"
[12:31:26] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Unfortunately I cannot say any thing about whats happening there my self, I've been in space since the final battle there…"
[12:31:32] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "If you can call it a battle"
[12:31:53] Sarah frowns a little bit at that and sighs. "Define 'funny stuff' outside of picking the ruins for any tactical information and leftover salvaging for their Intel and research departments? I haven't been at Reflex Point since they left."
[12:33:01] John: "Oh I'm a battloid pilot. Saw action at Reflex point."
[12:33:26] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Exactly my point" Old man wheeler says, jabbing a crusty gnarled finger at Lurana "See, you yunggins been born in the black, you never been on here before" He stamps his foot on the dusty earth in emphasis. "You space babies, no claim here, and here you be, set down in a mighty conflagration, and set to jump OUR claim, don't right sit weel with most folks, not at all, not at all."
[12:34:31] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "unfortunately sir my kind well most of it has never lived here.."
[12:34:37] Grandpa Wheeler turns to Sarah "Oh, comings and goings, they kipt us away, so we don't know to much…"
[12:35:13] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): He looks at Lurana "Then why start now?"
[12:35:22] Sarah sighs at Wheeler. " They came here to remove the Invid. And their parents were still born here. That by default qualifies them as residents, does it not? Especially with the issue of how many people were lost during the wars."
[12:36:15] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Oh don't you try and grandfather clause a grandfather" he laughs good naturedly "You know that ain't how it works none more."
[12:37:29] Lt. Lurana Fallnya : "Maybe I want to experience more than what my parents got to, I don't know to me this place… I dunno feels like I'm living in those old legends and I wanna be some princess and have a shiny knight courting me ya know?"
[12:37:46] Lt. Lurana Fallnya the old man can tell shes prolly highly into books
[12:38:51] Lt. Jaron nods "Well, lets see if my fighter can get in yet"
[12:39:16] Sarah sighs just a little bit and considers. "Besides, they did get rid of the Invid after all, didn't they? We're not having to fight anymore like we were. Well, those here anyway. I went with them, and still am."
[12:40:07] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "Balderdash and fairy tales!" he scoffs taking a drag. "This taint yer wonderland, and you taint gonna find your prince charming here, not lest you look real hard." He sighs, his age telling. "Oh you." He reaches out and taps Sarah's knee as a father would "You git now, you git and you don't come back you hear. Warm my heart to see you live and well, but take the advice of an ole salt that sees the end o his days a'comin. Git."
[12:41:27] Lt. Lurana Fallnya steps out of the tent glad to be back in the AIR again untainted air
[12:41:56] Sarah sighs and looks down. "If that's what you really want. I missed you. I missed everyone really. But I'll go. Please take care of yourself." She sighs and slips out from the tent then.
[12:42:00] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): He stands, and rifles through his ruck and pulls out a dusty box. He carries it like it was gold. "B'fer you go, b'fer you go. Wnat you to haff sumthin."
[12:42:05] John accompanies Jaron to his fighter
[12:42:34] Sarah stops and glances back. "Hm?"
[12:43:07] Grandpa Wheeler opens the book, and hands you a functional but rusty set of binoculars and a field knife, old one too." You take these, always served me well."
[12:44:20] Sarah sighs at that, offering a big hug to the old man. She sheds tears even. "Thank you… Please… take care of yourself… I hope to come back when the problems are over, and I'd like to see you again."
[12:44:46] Grandpa Wheeler (GM): "And here, belonged to my daughter, now, I want you to have it." he hands you a gold pendant
[12:46:56] Sarah droops softly at that, holding him tightly. "You've been so nice to me already…" She sighs softly. "Thank you so much…" She leans her head on top of his shoulder.

[12:47:45] (GM): You leave the tent, and as you get to the vehicle you feel something is odd, from the tent, you cant tell what but it makes you feel uneasy, empty even.
[12:48:19] Sarah frowns, turning back to the tent as she feels that, to make a last check.
[12:49:01] (GM): You enter and he is lying as he was, still now, his eyes closed, a smile on his face, his cigar drops from his old fingers , you can tell, he has passed on.
[12:51:30] Sarah 's tears return again. She puts out the cigar gently, and takes the old man's hand one last time. "I'll remember you, always." She sighs and looks around one last time, glancing back to the camp then.
[12:52:17] (GM): The camp is as sparse as it was when you started through it…
[12:53:46] (GM): Lurana is waiting at the vehicle.
[12:54:14] Sarah walks quietly to the vehicle after the look, settling onto it and burying her head into her lap softly.
[12:56:02] Lt. Ishida (GM): All right! we will leave it here for the night!!! WOOO the gangs all in one place! more or less lol


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