Chapter 15


[07:37:56] Narrator: The Tigers have just located the SDF-3 and have teamed up with Dana Sterling, whom they are unsure of the allegiance of, to go find the VIPs.
[07:39:16] Dana: Ok, you're either going to have to ditch the Cyclones, or where these stun cuffs that I've disabled.
[07:39:57] Capt. Ishida: How about you find us a way in that doesn't require us to shed our armor. Hmm?
[07:40:36] Lt. Amdahl glances to Suki idly. "The cuffs, as she mentioned, I'd think. "
[07:41:06] Dana: Fine, it'll take an extra hour to get anywhere, but that is doable, just give me a few moments to get my own armor. There would be several areas without atmosphere.
[07:41:39] Capt. Ishida: And what about the cuffs?
[07:42:30] Dana: Yeah, those'll work, but your tone suggested you don't trust me to have disabled them
[07:42:51] Dana hands the cuffs to Suki and Sarah.
[07:43:06] Capt. Ishida: You would be correct in that assessment. but sas we are on a time constratint, It would seem we have little choice.
[07:44:28] Dana: Now put your hands out in front of you. I would have used something other than a leash, but I didn't think you wanted a gun put to your backs.
[07:44:53] Capt. Ishida will looks over the cuffs to make sure that they are indeed, inert.
[07:45:11] Narrator: PERC roll.
[07:45:15] Lt. Amdahl glances at the cuffs idly, holding her hands out and winking at Suki from behind her faceplate. She watches the Cuffs, ready for either instance, or so she figures.
[07:45:19] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
[07:45:49] Narrator: They've been disabled in the simplest manner ever, the power cell has been removed.
[07:45:56] Capt. Ishida nods
[07:46:04] Narrator: And there is no room to hide a spare.
[07:46:27] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
[07:46:51] Lt. Amdahl: (( just to see if I notice ))
[07:47:18] Narrator: The path that Dana leads the Tigers on is long and winding, kinda like the one that spiraled around the dock…
[07:47:40] Narrator: Sarah looks at the cuffs and is distracted by a bunny.
[07:48:03] Capt. Ishida: How many guards? What are their positions? How many prisoners? What are the guards armed with? ….
[07:48:10] Capt. Ishida questions Dana as they walk
[07:48:31] Lt. Amdahl keeps a watch on the path, so she can hopefully remember it later.
[07:48:38] Dana: Quiet prisoner.
[07:49:23] Dana makes motions indicating at least seven guards with the hand holding the leash.
[07:50:32] Narrator: The halls are not empty like the ones the Tigers entered and several people, mostly support personnel by the looks of things, roam the corridor on their routine business.
[07:50:59] Lt. Amdahl puts on the best 'disgruntled prisoner' face she can manage, so the ruse looks convincing.
[07:52:12] Capt. Ishida walks behind, lagging a bit, but is taking note of everything she can, points of ext and entry, possible locations for security systems, and is listening to the idle chatter of the support personnel.
[07:53:07] Narrator: Most of the chatter consists of typical small talk, Suki cannot decipher any useful intel from it.
[07:53:26] Narrator: She gets to a room that looks like an ordinary crew cabin and directs Suki and Sarah into it. (dt)
[07:54:39] Narrator: In the room is the wheel-chair bound Lisa Hayes-Hunter, who is very distraught and weeping. There is also a severed hand on the floor. After the door is closed, Dana makes a sour face.
[07:55:14] Dana: That wasn't in here last time.
[07:55:28] Lisa: It-It's Rick's.
[07:55:43] Lisa continues to sob inconsolably.
[07:57:59] Lt. Amdahl stares at the hand for just a moment, expression rather mortified.
[07:58:39] Capt. Ishida: Ma'am, are you unharmed?
[07:58:56] Lisa: For now…
[07:59:05] Capt. Ishida looks at Dana.
[07:59:08] Capt. Ishida: Well?
[07:59:39] Dana: They were both here with my parents not but 2 hours ago.
[08:00:05] Capt. Ishida looks at Lisa
[08:00:13] Capt. Ishida: Did they mention where they were taking them?
[08:00:46] Lisa: Something about bio-processing. When he said no, they cut off his hand and left it here.
[08:01:06] Capt. Ishida looks at Dana.
[08:01:08] Capt. Ishida: Take us there
[08:01:23] Dana: Bio-processing? Must be that new facility they just set up…
[08:01:37] Capt. Ishida: Sarah, can you get Lisa to the others aboard the SDF-3?
[08:05:15] Lt. Amdahl glances to Suki and to Dana, and shrugs slightly. "I can try to anyway… Never had to try it with someone in a wheelchair, but…" She looks to Lisa quickly. "I'd have to come right back as well."
[08:05:47] James: No reason for it not too work, but Sarah is going to be a bit tired.
[08:06:07] Lt. Amdahl: (( yeah, teleport Lisa there and teleport back quick. Got to get her to the others after all. ))
[08:06:56] Lt. Amdahl frowns a little. "There's one risk to doing it though… If someone comes in to check on Lisa, it could raise the alarm before we're ready to move out."
[08:07:36] Dana: No one usually comes this way but me…
[08:07:55] Capt. Ishida: Didn't you hear Dana? The already know we are here." Suki says dourly
[08:09:19] Lt. Amdahl nods just a little bit at that then. "All right then. I'll get her back." She hurries over to Lisa. "Hold on, ma'am…" She moves into the spot, skin turning ultra-pale and glowing, along with the yellow energy glow as she slips back to being more Invid. "I'll have to come back to here, to put the Cyclone back on."
[08:09:36] Capt. Ishida: We'll be here.
[08:10:32] Dana: As to your earlier questions, like I signaled before, there are usually seven guards patrolling the area, equipped like the ones you've fought before.
[08:11:15] Capt. Ishida: And in Bio Processing? Also, is there an armory on this level, once we secure BP I will want to arm as many SDF crew as possible.
[08:11:25] Lt. Amdahl nods, and tries to teleport poor Lisa to the ship.
[08:12:09] Dana: I didn't know this Bio-processing place existed till a few moments ago, so I could only guess. But the guess would be at least a dozen.
[08:13:17] Dana: As for the armory, forget it, most weapons here are imprinted with certain biometrics to prevent the sort of theft you're talking about. Best bet would be to get your associates to take down the guards in charge of the SDF-3's armory.
[08:13:47] Capt. Ishida: See to it Sarah" Suki says before she pops out
[08:14:30] Lt. Amdahl nods quickly as she pops out, barely catching that.
[08:14:40] Dana: The locations of the other prisoners are mostly guess work, but based on something Revan said, my sister is going through the same breaking and torture I had to go through.
[08:15:41] Lt. Amdahl teleports back to the ship, drops Lisa off, and hurries to go tell the others.
[08:16:09] Capt. Ishida nods at Dana, is the breaking facility separate from Bio Processing?
[08:17:39] Dana: Practically opposite ends of the station. But, you'll have to go that way to break the safety lock on the SDF-3 anyway.
[08:17:50] Capt. Ishida nods
[08:18:06] Lt. Amdahl pops back in a few minutes later, before they all leave, and glances around quickly, re-donning her Cyclone. She's a little bit run down and 'out of it' from her relocation, but straightens up in it.
[08:18:34] James: Back to where I was going before I had to backtrack, which was my fault.
[08:18:53] Capt. Ishida: Very well, when Sarah returns and suits up, we will head to Bio Processing, I will break free from you, and shove you to the ground, I will then move to kill as many guards as possible, you will try to help them, you will fail, and will lock the facility down and cut off communications.
[08:19:24] Narrator: The door before you is decidedly out of place, looking like it should be part of a palace of some kind, rather than a run-down station.
[08:19:58] Narrator: Four guards are there and they approach the group.
[08:20:08] Narrator: Surprise round.
[08:21:27] Capt. Ishida will push Dana into one of the guards and break her bonds and will move to kill another nearby guard with her blade.
[08:22:20] Narrator: Because Dana is playing along, the first doesn't count as an action, and a strike roll for the next. Just to make sure it isn't below a five.
[08:22:59] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25)
[08:23:07] Narrator: damage
[08:23:25] Capt. Ishida: [4d6+10] => [6,3,2,3,10] = (24)
[08:23:47] Chris: the +10 is my damage bonus
[08:24:02] Narrator: The guard is hurt, but not badly.
[08:24:08] Capt. Ishida: 24 MD?
[08:24:23] Capt. Ishida: using my vibro katana
[08:24:25] Narrator: You ARE dealing with MDC cyborgs.
[08:24:35] Lt. Amdahl jumps slightly away from the guard, pulling out her Gallant and firing it point blank at the guard as her bonds come off.
[08:24:52] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
[08:24:58] Narrator: damage
[08:25:12] Lt. Amdahl: [6d6] => [6,2,2,4,5,3] = (22)
[08:25:29] Narrator: which guard?
[08:26:46] Lt. Amdahl: (( one other than the one Suki swung at. Probably the closer one on the other side of the door. ))
[08:27:17] Lt. Amdahl: (( assuming they're two to each side, in the corridor ))
[08:27:18] Narrator: kk, He is staggered but not dead.
[08:27:29] Narrator: works for me…
[08:28:17] Narrator: init rolls.
[08:28:20] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
[08:28:27] Narrator: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
[08:28:34] Narrator: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[08:28:35] Narrator: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[08:28:37] Narrator: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[08:28:41] Narrator: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[08:29:00] Narrator: Tie breaker roll for Suki and Guard A.
[08:29:04] Narrator: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[08:29:05] Capt. Ishida: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[08:29:17] Narrator: Suki first, Sarah's roll?
[08:29:44] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[08:31:09] Narrator: Suki, Guard A, Dana, Guard B, Sarah, Guard C and D.
[08:31:13] Capt. Ishida will follow thru and press the attack on the guard she had just sliced, bringing her blade down again in an attempt to sever the head.
[08:31:15] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27)
[08:31:27] Narrator: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[08:31:37] Chris: well shit
[08:31:54] Narrator: The Cyborg pulls a knife out and parries the blow.
[08:32:47] Narrator: [1d20-2] => [20,-2] = (18)
[08:32:57] Narrator: The Cyborg tries to hamstring Suki with the knife.
[08:33:04] Narrator: These dice are fixed…
[08:33:17] Capt. Ishida will try and parry
[08:33:22] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+18] => [17,18] = (35)
[08:33:28] Narrator: [1d6+5] => [2,5] = (7)
[08:34:51] Narrator: Clearly, the Guard assumed the Cyclone Armor was somehow weaker than it is. 14 MD to the leg of the Cyclone.
[08:35:18] Dana is fumbling with a remote and is cursing about it not working.
[08:37:51] Narrator: Guard B tries to fire a rifle at Suki.
[08:38:01] Narrator: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
[08:40:08] Capt. Ishida will attempt to dodge, moving in and out of the guards, manuvering such that they run the risk of hitting their own people.
[08:40:21] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+18] => [18,18] = (36)
[08:40:45] Narrator: Suki wonders where the guard was aiming…
[08:40:57] Narrator: Sarah's go.
[08:41:47] Lt. Amdahl keeps her Gallant rifle up, trying to blast the same one as before again, hoping another burst will neutralize him.
[08:41:54] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
[08:42:04] Lt. Amdahl: (( *FACEPALMS* ))
[08:42:08] Chris: Safety's on
[08:42:30] Carrie takes a hammer to a d20 irl
[08:42:47] Chris: rolling a one makes me want to punch a kitten
[08:43:01] Narrator: Guard C walks over and takes the safety off for Sarah and pats her on the back…
[08:43:06] Narrator: No, seriously…
[08:43:09] Lt. Amdahl: (( LOL ))
[08:43:13] Chris: lol
[08:43:29] Chris: Guard C "Damn, I know we are mooks, but please, try, okay."
[08:43:35] Narrator: Guard D shoots at Guard C for helping the enemy.
[08:43:39] Narrator: [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
[08:43:48] Narrator: [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6)
[08:43:59] Narrator: [3d6+5] => [1,4,4,5] = (14)
[08:43:59] Chris: hey! I've seen that roll before!
[08:44:28] Narrator: Guard C takes some light singing. Suki's turn
[08:44:51] James: And that will probably be as light hearted as it gets tonight.
[08:44:52] Capt. Ishida will move to strike the guard that stabbed at her.
[08:44:59] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [14,11] = (25)
[08:45:13] Narrator: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
[08:45:18] Narrator: damage
[08:45:21] Capt. Ishida: [4d6+16] => [2,5,1,2,16] = (26)
[08:46:26] Narrator: some white blood-like fluid sprays Suki as the Cyborg dies.
[08:46:41] Dana tries to club Suki with a baton.
[08:46:52] Dana: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[08:47:12] Capt. Ishida will catch Dana's hand (parrying)
[08:47:21] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+13] => [20,13] = (33)
[08:47:51] Capt. Ishida will then punch Dana in the face with her club hand… (when it's my turn)
[08:47:52] Narrator: Dana misses widely, Sarah's go.
[08:48:43] Lt. Amdahl muttergrumbles at the last incident, pulling her rifle back and shaking it a little bit. She pulls it back up, trying to finish off another damaged one, hoping to make better odds.
[08:48:51] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
[08:49:34] Narrator: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
[08:49:39] Lt. Amdahl: [6d6*2] => 34
[08:49:41] Narrator: damagex2
[08:50:12] Narrator: More white blood sprays everywhere as Guard B drops.
[08:50:30] Narrator: Guard C starts to fire upon Sarah,
[08:50:34] Narrator: [1d20+3] => [18,3] = (21)
[08:50:42] Lt. Amdahl tries to dodge quickly!
[08:50:52] Lt. Amdahl: [1d6+10] => [4,10] = (14)
[08:51:12] Narrator: [2d6] => [4,5] = (9)
[08:52:02] Narrator: Sarah feels some electric tingling as the blast tries to stun her through her armor.
[08:52:10] Narrator: 9 points to Sarah's SDC.
[08:52:38] Lt. Amdahl eeps
[08:53:21] Narrator: Guard D tries to fire upon Suki.
[08:53:27] Narrator: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
[08:53:38] Capt. Ishida will use Guard C as a shield
[08:53:44] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+13] => [8,13] = (21)
[08:53:55] Narrator: [2d6] => [5,2] = (7)
[08:54:17] Narrator: Guard C starts to smell like Fried Chicken…
[08:54:31] Narrator: Suki's turn/
[08:55:17] Capt. Ishida will slice at Guard C since hit is closest (unless by smelling like fried chicken = dead, at which point she will attack Guard D)
[08:55:35] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [10,11] = (21)
[08:55:40] Narrator: Nope, C is still alive.
[08:55:47] Narrator: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
[08:55:51] Narrator: damage
[08:55:55] Capt. Ishida: [4d6+16] => [1,4,6,4,16] = (31)
[08:56:26] Narrator: And C drops like a fly… Poor guy, he actually helped Sarah out…
[08:56:50] Narrator: Dana tries to club Suki again.
[08:56:54] Narrator: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[08:56:56] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+13] => [14,13] = (27)
[08:57:15] Narrator: Misses by a mile…
[08:57:22] Capt. Ishida calmly walks forward a step and watches Dana sail on past.
[08:57:27] Narrator: Sarah
[08:57:41] Lt. Amdahl hops up and shoots for guard D this time, holding down on the trigger and hoping for a blast like that other time.
[08:57:49] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
[08:58:00] Carrie: And doesn't get it
[08:58:09] Chris hugs Carrie
[08:59:15] Narrator: Guard D starts laughing only to fire at Sarah…
[08:59:19] Narrator: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
[09:00:32] Lt. Amdahl makes a move to dodge the blast, quickly, hopping around on the Cyclone thrusters.
[09:00:34] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (27)
[09:01:09] Narrator: Guard D accidentally stuns Dana.
[09:01:14] Narrator: Suki.
[09:01:20] Capt. Ishida brings her blade up, and will attempt to thrust it into Guard D's head.
[09:01:20] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
[09:01:39] Narrator: [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
[09:01:42] Capt. Ishida: [4d6+16] => [6,2,2,3,16] = (29)
[09:01:59] Narrator: x2 for death blow…
[09:02:13] Capt. Ishida: x3 actually
[09:02:18] Narrator: D sprays even more blood on Suki then A did.
[09:02:24] Capt. Ishida: 87
[09:03:09] Capt. Ishida withdraws her blade and looks at Dana, as she wipes the blade clean between her fingers as she sheaths the katana.
[09:03:31] Lt. Amdahl slips back from Suki a bit as she wipes the blade before sheathing, shivering slightly and glancing at Dana as well.
[09:04:10] Dana: Faking a fight is tougher than actually fighting one…
[09:04:33] Capt. Ishida nods then looks around the room, are there support personnel that need to be killed?
[09:05:11] Dana enters a code in at the door and the doors open, after glancing about she makes to the nearest corner and vomits.
[09:05:21] Narrator: Nope, but PERC rolls.
[09:05:27] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
[09:05:34] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[09:06:28] Narrator: You see several glass containers holding people inside. The first that you notice is Miriya Sterling's severed head floating in one.
[09:08:08] Lt. Amdahl comes to a complete stop as she sees that, controlling any other reaction she might have as she looks around at the other containers beyond it.
[09:09:09] Narrator: You notice one labeled Rick Hunter, which is empty. Louie Nichols looks like one of his arms has become increasingly crab-like.
[09:09:14] Capt. Ishida sighs forlornly. "She should not have died like that, she should have died in combat, like the warrior she was." Suki clenches her fists, resolved now, to kill every last ARA member on the station, or die trying.
[09:10:18] Lt. Amdahl stares at the one with Nichols in it, twitching at the sight of that as well.
[09:10:47] Narrator: Another empty capsule is labeled Marcus Rush. There are other bodies in the capsules, but you do not know who they are. Some of them are mutated almost beyond recognition, and others are missing body parts or are just simply small parts.
[09:11:21] Capt. Ishida moves to a nearby computer console and sees about releasing those that are still alive.
[09:13:04] Narrator: It is a simple matter of pressing a button. Container fluid spills out onto the floor and Louie begins to lumber over to you, when you realize he is missing a mouth…
[09:13:41] Capt. Ishida: Commander Nichols, where did they take the others. point.
[09:14:36] Lt. Amdahl walks over behind Suki, watching as well and frowning. She glances up as the containers are opened and Louie lumbers over, watching to make certain whether he's himself or not, and to see if she can sense anything from him otherwise, after the twitch at the crablike appendage.
[09:15:29] Narrator: Louie begins to swing his crab arm violently, you can't tell if he doesn't know or if he's trying to attack.
[09:16:38] Capt. Ishida places her hand on his collar bone and pushes him against the ground holding him in place to see if the flailing is just a panicked spasm…or not
[09:18:20] Narrator: Suki gets clubbed in the face, apparently Commander Nichols is no longer in his right mind, but poses no threat as his claw arm is not strong enough to damage the Cyclone's armor.
[09:20:28] Capt. Ishida will knock out Louie, deciding that he might not be beyond saving.
[09:20:53] Lt. Amdahl frowns and looks at the computer. "Any chance you might be able to pull up information on what was done to everyone?
[09:21:16] Capt. Ishida: "Dana? You check the computer."
[09:21:55] Dana gets up looking both sick and furious at the same time. She punches up something on the computer.
[09:22:29] Dana: It says they were trying to artificially mutate captured POWs for use as shock troops.
[09:23:26] Capt. Ishida: Anything on where Hunter or your father are?
[09:23:47] Lt. Amdahl sighs and frowns. "Nothing about exact procedures done, though?" She glowers slightly and stares at the empty tubes, and checks for any names on the ones that only had little bits.
[09:24:17] Capt. Ishida also looks to see if that are survivors.
[09:24:24] Dana: Hunter is at Revan's cathedral, my father is in the breaking facilities.
[09:24:39] Capt. Ishida: Then we head to the Breaking Facility.
[09:25:14] Dana: And I don't understand what it says about the procedures, Louie might have been able to figure it out, but…
[09:26:06] Capt. Ishida goes about setting her Cobalt charges, setting them to a 30 minute timer.
[09:26:14] Lt. Amdahl nods quickly at that, and gets ready to move for the breaking facility. She sighs very slightly about the procedures. "I'm not sure I could even find the only one who I'd guess might be able to undo it, either. Or if she would." She watches Suki set the charges quietly.
[09:26:40] Capt. Ishida: [1d100] => [71] = (71)
[09:26:48] Capt. Ishida to camouflage them
[09:26:57] Narrator: All other survivors are acting like animals, some are mutated to the point they don't even look human, and none of the name tags are familiar. A tentacle tries to trip Suki, but only gets itself forcibly removed by the cyclone's mechanical might.
[09:27:03] Capt. Ishida: [1d100] => [53] = (53)
[09:27:12] Capt. Ishida: there, better try lol,
[09:27:50] Narrator: what's the relevant skill %?
[09:27:50] Capt. Ishida will recover any dogs tags.
[09:27:54] Capt. Ishida: 60%
[09:28:09] Narrator: No dog tags seem to be present.
[09:28:19] Chris: nod
[09:29:19] Capt. Ishida looks to the others. "Lets go. Dana, I want you to jam the door, I don't want anyone else entering this room."
[09:30:14] Narrator: There seems to be no guards at the breaking facilities, but you do see people walking in with cameras.

[09:31:20] Chris: the camera folks, they look like your terrorist propaganda team ready to make a beheading video?
[09:32:14] Narrator: No, they look like support personnel who are hurrying to watch a stage show…
[09:32:32] Chris: looks like we are going to have to kill some folks, I saw we follow them
[09:32:35] Chris: say
[09:33:01] Chris: I trust Dana has retrieved her armor?
[09:33:40] James: Yep, for all intents an purposes, think BGC's Motoslaves.
[09:34:03] Chris: heheh what model!!! lol Hurricane, hurricane 2 Typhoon, ?
[09:34:16] James: Hurricane 2.
[09:34:22] Chris: nice
[09:34:44] Capt. Ishida will look to see where the folks with cameras have gone to, following behind at a safe distance
[09:36:37] Narrator: The sight before you is absolutely sickening, you see what looks like an S&M parlor, Maia Sterling is strapped to some chair like device, and and there are needles sticking out of her in sensitive areas.
[09:37:06] Chris: And the crowd? Is she on a raised stage?
[09:37:24] Narrator: It's a raised stage.
[09:38:56] Narrator: You also see Max Sterling, but he has a worm wrapped around his neck with it's spike-like tail buried at the base of his skull.
[09:41:37] Narrator: The look on his face in this glass cage is completely blank as he is forced to rape his own daughter. (dt)
[09:42:54] Mia is standing in the box dressed like a slutty ring master.
[09:44:23] Mia: Hey Dana, get out of that armor and get over here. Master Revan wants you to lick your sister clean before the four-way.
[09:44:50] Dana just screams in rage but doesn't seem able to move at the moment.
[09:45:19] Capt. Ishida lifts her weapon and fires a single shot at Mia's head.
[09:46:07] Narrator: The glass stops the shot as if the Gallant was a peashooter.
[09:46:20] Capt. Ishida was using a EP-37
[09:46:54] Mia: Ah ah ah. This glass is meant to deal with mecha fire, it'll make to assassinate me, so why don't you enjoy the show?
[09:47:18] Capt. Ishida huffs then lobs two cobalt grenades into the onlookers
[09:47:24] James: my mistake, same result, but you did damage it, just not visibly.
[09:48:49] Narrator: The crowd panics and several of the crowd vaporize instantly upon detonation, others died of shrapnel almost immediately and most of the rest are mangled and will likely die if not given medical attention.
[09:49:02] Capt. Ishida will gun down any that try and run
[09:49:34] Lt. Amdahl will help. As well as firing the burst Gallant idly at the glass again.
[09:50:01] Capt. Ishida: Dana! SNAP OUT OF IT!
[09:50:10] Narrator: A crack begins to appear and Mia takes a quick exit from a back way.
[09:50:31] Capt. Ishida after gunning down survivors lends her fire to the glass
[09:50:57] Lt. Amdahl rams the glass with her Cyclone and tries to catch up to Mia with her thrusters and booster.
[09:55:12] Dana wakes up and starts shooting the glass several times with a large rifle. After about a dozen blasts the glass shatters.
[09:56:19] Narrator: Suki gets to the entrance, but the passage behind it is so small it is difficult to imagine Mia getting through here, and would be impossible to pursue in a Cyclone.
[09:56:36] Capt. Ishida fires two mini missiles down the corridor opening
[09:57:08] Chris: better let Sarah get a lil revenge here….just sayin
[09:59:16] Narrator: yeah…
[10:00:35] Lt. Amdahl practically screams and flies into the opening in energy-form, taking her Gallant rifle with her.
[10:00:55] Capt. Ishida holds out her EP-37 for the passing Sarah
[10:01:19] Narrator: Sarah finds Mia as she isn't pulling out her own rifle…
[10:01:25] Narrator: Surprise round.
[10:03:18] Capt. Ishida grimly separates father and daughter and restores their dignity by covering them with emergency blankets from her survival kit.
[10:04:05] Lt. Amdahl sights down in burst SDC mode, and lines up immediately for a lower back shot, trying to fire the burst right where it'll break the spine nicely.
[10:04:14] Lt. Amdahl: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
[10:04:33] Narrator: damage
[10:05:35] Lt. Amdahl: [5d6] => [2,1,5,6,6] = (20)
[10:06:37] Mia falls to the ground crying in pain, tears welling up in her eyes.
[10:06:47] Mia: "I was only doing what Revan told me to…"
[10:07:48] Lt. Amdahl practically screams again as she grabs Mia, energy form flaring bright and echoing voice booming throughout the passage. "I DO NOT GIVE A FLYING FUCK WHAT REVAN 'TOLD YOU TO DO'! YOU ARE THE ONE WHO DID IT!" She pulls Mia into the energy form forcibly and flies her back for her 'stage'.
[10:09:30] Narrator: She flies back to the stage and sees Dana trying to get the worm off.
[10:09:49] James: Save some of that for Revan.
[10:10:51] Lt. Amdahl holds onto Mia with one hand, and digs into her Cyclone emergency kit, turning more solid again and pulling her little kit knife out. "And now, you can UN-do it. But if either of them dies, I will cut you up. SLOWLY!"
[10:11:04] Dana: "Get this mind worm off my DAD!"
[10:11:24] Capt. Ishida looks at Mia with dispassionate eyes.
[10:12:51] Mia is looking very scared. "I CAN'T the mind worm parasite only responds to Revan, and removing it will kill Max, but I can help Maia still."
[10:13:34] Mia crawls over to Maia and removes the needles before injecting her with something.
[10:13:39] Capt. Ishida: "You were given an order Mia, you were told to remove the worm safely. Do not disobey."
[10:13:51] Mia: "That should remove the mind control drugs."
[10:13:59] Capt. Ishida: "Or Revan will be the least of your worries, and fears."
[10:15:00] Mia: "You don't understand… the mind worm sends tendrils throughout the victim's brain, removing the worm means removing the brain."
[10:15:21] Capt. Ishida: "How invasive?"
[10:15:22] Lt. Amdahl glows bright yellow again. "That only applies SURGICALLY, does it not?"
[10:15:42] Capt. Ishida looks at Sarah and smiles, glad she and her are thinking the same thing
[10:15:45] Mia: "Er, yes?"
[10:16:11] Capt. Ishida: "Sarah, if you would. Dana? Here, use mine."
[10:16:28] Capt. Ishida hands Dana her knife and motions towards Mia.
[10:16:33] Lt. Amdahl walks over and grabs Max promptly, glowing brighter than ever. Then she forces all her absolute will into a four foot teleport, to only take ONE life form with her. Without the other intruding one.
[10:17:46] Narrator: The mind worm flounders about on the stage as Max is safely removed.
[10:17:55] Capt. Ishida stomps on it
[10:18:05] Lt. Amdahl snaps her Gallant to it and fires a burst.
[10:18:08] Dana walks up and stabs the worm repeatedly.
[10:18:37] Dana: "That's for every time you abominations ever took control of someone I loved to hurt me or my sister."
[10:18:47] Capt. Ishida: "And now Mia, it is your turn. I am sorry, I can do nothing for you, these two will now rip you apart."
[10:19:28] Dana: "No, I won't kill her. I'm no murderer, no matter how just it may be…"
[10:19:43] Capt. Ishida looks at Sarah. "Do you feel the same?"
[10:20:13] Lt. Amdahl looks over at Suki, drained. "You heard what I said to her. Both are free of the effects."
[10:20:43] Capt. Ishida: I see, Mia, these women are indeed benevolent, however, I am not as forgiving.
[10:20:59] Capt. Ishida: You are not worthy to die by my blade, a warriors weapon.
[10:21:16] Capt. Ishida pulls her Pistol, and promptly puts two int he chest and one in the head.
[10:21:55] Dana: I wonder which Mia clone that was…
[10:22:10] Capt. Ishida: One less, thats which
[10:22:41] Capt. Ishida looks at her watch, "Hold tight, those charges are going to pop any second now."
[10:22:44] Lt. Amdahl stares at Dana at that. "Clone?!" She frowns. "They can clone anyone?" She looks to Suki quickly and back to Dana. "Can they plant memories into it as well?"
[10:23:20] Dana: "I think so, why?"
[10:23:44] Lt. Amdahl stares, and glances to Suki quickly, then back. "Is there any way to tell which is a clone, and which is real?"
[10:24:50] Dana: If you can check for nanotech receiver, which I do have. I guess that makes me the clone. I wonder what happened to the original Dana?
[10:26:00] Lt. Amdahl looks over at Suki. "Shit…" She glances back. "We'll need to start checking for them. If the SDF-3's sensors can do it for everyone aboard, then we know who is real and who is not. Then we'll have to find the real versions of any clones if they're here." She looks for a computer.
[10:26:20] Capt. Ishida: "First we need to free the SDF from her moorings"
[10:27:30] Maia: "I think I can help with that…"
[10:27:47] Capt. Ishida: "Commander? Are you fit enough to move?"
[10:28:38] Maia: "I'm half-Zentraedi, this isn't enough to keep me down."
[10:28:56] Capt. Ishida nods, not really meaning physically…
[10:29:27] Capt. Ishida hands Maia her Gallant.
[10:29:32] Maia: I saw what Revan used for a password, we can use that.
[10:29:32] Capt. Ishida: "Here, you may want this"
[10:29:34] Lt. Amdahl looks over to Maia quickly. "I just hope the sensors can track the devices, otherwise we could be sending a lot of plants to somewhere."
[10:30:52] Maia: "Thanks, but what happened to me wasn't mine or Dad's fault, and Mom always taught me to be strong and to avenge myself on those who have wronged me."
[10:31:05] Capt. Ishida nods
[10:31:18] Capt. Ishida: "Then we have a battle fortress to release."
[10:31:32] Maia: "Yeah, I still should check into mental health when this is done."
[10:31:39] Lt. Amdahl nods quickly, and tries to check over Max as much as she can.
[10:31:41] Capt. Ishida: "You will."
[10:32:05] Lt. Amdahl mumbles at that. "You're probably not the only one." She blushes just slightly.
[10:32:17] Capt. Ishida: "Dana, take us to the dock controls that hold the SDF-3."
[10:33:23] Maia: "We can do it from here, plus most of the others chained up in Revan's room. We'll need to get them out."
[10:33:44] Capt. Ishida: "Then do it. Then we move to rescue the others."
[10:33:54] Capt. Ishida: "Can you set it to time release?"


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