Chapter 14


[07:42:56] Narrator: It is the Ishida shrine, early morning. Today is the day of the SDF-3 liberation mission, and the night was not well kept. Suki wakes up to find herself in marshmallow hell, and it's not Sarah's breasts in front of her face.
[07:44:35] Narrator: Kurumi has wiggled herself in between Suki and Sarah and is holding Suki almost like a teddy bear as she sleeps.
[07:45:06] Chris: Kurumi is who again?
[07:45:48] James: Remember that pink-haired "love bot" from about the fourth or fifth session that Sanchez gave you?
[07:46:35] Capt. Ishida: Suki wakes and takes Kurumi by the ear, and drags her out of bed, out of the room boots her outside and slides the door shut. while cursing her in Japanese from ear grab to door slam
[07:47:28] Kurumi wakes up looks around gets up and goes back in the room.
[07:47:37] Kurumi: I must be sleep walking again.
[07:47:52] Capt. Ishida: "OUT!"
[07:48:07] Capt. Ishida points for her to leave.
[07:48:30] Lt. Sarah wakes up and stares as the little bot held Suki, blinking and frowning just a little as she's dragged out. "Wonder what /that/ was about…" She peers at Kurumi. "Keep away from MY girl. Lest you wish to be dismantled."
[07:48:57] Kurumi pouts.
[07:49:13] Kurumi: Fine, I'll go get Saki and start breakfast.
[07:50:38] Capt. Ishida grumbles as Kurumi leaves. "The nerve!" She takes a deep breath, then slips on her workout hakama and goes to blow off some steam.
[07:51:39] Lt. Sarah sighs and nods just a little bit. "And on this morning, of all mornings…" She frowns a little and ponders.
[07:52:02] Saito has evidently taken the liberty of using your work out room and is practicing his Kendo.
[07:53:22] Capt. Ishida bows as she enters to dojo, and regards Saito with a smile, then goes about stretching before setting up tatami mat rolls for come cutting practice.
[07:55:18] Saito: Something just doesn't feel right about this, it's like there is something we just don't know but we should.
[07:55:46] Capt. Ishida: Hai, It almost feels like a trap.
[07:55:53] Lt. Sarah follows along shortly after, in her own workout clothes. She glances back and forth, and closes the door, after trying to make sure those girls aren't spying on them.
[07:57:12] Narrator: Sarah only sees Karinka meandering about but she does it in a manner suggesting a patrol looking for intruders.
[07:58:08] Saito: Kinda glad those alien girls left, they were giving me the creeps.
[07:58:43] Saito: Actually, I think it's this whole "Triple Agent" business. How can you trust the loyalties of someone like that?
[07:59:50] Lt. Sarah lowers her voice and shakes her head. "You can't. She might be giving small scale 'right' information as approved by the ARA to make them think she's still on their side, to lead the Ark Angel and our fleet into a trap. I wouldn't at all be surprised if the ship isn't even there."
[07:59:53] Capt. Ishida nods. "You are left with two options, implicit trust, or none whatsoever."
[08:01:14] Capt. Ishida: A triple agent that is truly on your side is one of furious conviction and skill, but, when you bring brainwashing into the mix, no, Dana Sterling is compromised, she will lead us to the prize, because she feels that is what she must do, to prove herself to the enemy."
[08:02:30] Saito takes a few furious swipes with his shinai.
[08:02:39] Lt. Sarah nods to Suki. "That's certainly my thought as well."
[08:03:07] Saito: Sterling's service record aside, I'm more worried if she thinks she's still on our side but isn't.
[08:03:33] Capt. Ishida: So, we will use this to our advantage, we will use her to gain access, and then, we will discard her, and continue on mission without her. If she is truly on our side, she will understand and accept it, if not, well, I care not for the feelings of a traitor."
[08:04:15] Saito: [1d8] => [2] = (2)
[08:05:54] Saito: If it is brainwashing, then I feel sympathy for the victim. Regardless, the mission brief is in two hours, and I still feel like its my first mission. This is just wrong.
[08:07:04] Capt. Ishida: Remember your training, it's all I can offer you, the stakes are so high…" her voice trails off. "We'll do fine."
[08:07:41] Lt. Sarah frowns a little and considers that. "By the time we could use it to our advantage, it might be too late, depending on how it's done. If the fleet's already somewhere they can find it…"
[08:08:49] Capt. Ishida: That is beyond our control, if not, we take the SDF-3 from under their noses and blast our way out. Failing that, we scuttle the ship and hope that when the reactor blows it takes more of them out then us.
[08:09:53] Lt. Sarah sighs a little and nods. "Another thing that worries me is how long it's been there, and how many of their crew the brainwashing may have been at least started on."
[08:10:18] Capt. Ishida: Simple, it's been there long enough, trust no one.
[08:10:49] Narrator: Approximately two hours later, the briefing room is filled with oppressive silence. Nova Satori and Glorious Morning are standing beside the projector and look over the Tigers anxiously. Pictures of the SDF-3 in a space dock surrounded by ARA Commandos fill the screen.
[08:11:47] Nova: I'm not going to lie to you, this could very well be a suicide mission, and if it wasn't for corroborating intel from reliable sources, even I'd have my doubts about this.
[08:12:09] Capt. Ishida sits calmly, composed, and takes her notes when needed.
[08:12:31] Lt. Sarah listens quietly to the briefing, not reacting in the least except to take notes.
[08:12:44] Capt. Ishida: Please define 'reliable sources' madam general.
[08:13:22] Nova brings up images of the Archangel, it is heavily engaged with the same fighter and tentacled mecha that drove the Tigers away from the slave base.
[08:13:28] Nova: My own two eyes.
[08:13:57] Capt. Ishida: Begging the generals pardon, but, I fail to see the relevance of that image.
[08:14:32] Lt. Sarah blinks a little and peers at the tentacled mecha, frowning at t he view of it, and glancing to Suki at the mention of that.
[08:15:35] Nova: You were supposed to rendezvous with the Archangel, however this photo was taking two hours ago and delivered to us by Invid Princess Ariel, the only one to get away.
[08:15:58] Capt. Ishida: And the fate of the Archangel?
[08:16:20] Nova: Sadly, this adds to your list of objectives, try to rescue the crew of the Archangel. We do know the ship was lost.
[08:17:23] Capt. Ishida: How ma'am? I assume you mean for us to steal back the SDF-3. And therein lies the issue, I cannot, no, WILL not trust any member of the SDF or Archangel crew, so that means we have to pilot that ship out, ourselves.
[08:17:57] Nova: The space dock itself is not particularly well armed or defended, but it does have several dozen mecha guarding it.
[08:18:57] Capt. Ishida nods. "What type and how many ma'am?" She says, going back into note taking mode.
[08:19:10] Nova: You will be given a small computer to engage the auto-pilot on the SDF-3, it'll even overwrite the existing OS to do so.
[08:19:24] Capt. Ishida: How long will the overwrite take?
[08:19:53] Nova: About 33 Commandos, the Zeta and Quiltra have been confirmed there however.
[08:20:10] Nova: The overwrite will take about 4 minutes.
[08:20:34] Capt. Ishida: Are our new allies accompanying us?
[08:20:53] Glorious: Stealth will be the primary key to getting in.
[08:21:18] Capt. Ishida: Yes ma'am, and any distraction to keep the enemies eyes of of us, helps facilitate that.
[08:21:31] Glorious: And the Deavas have agreed to act as a diversion and hopefully draw most of the mecha away from the base.
[08:21:39] Capt. Ishida nods
[08:25:41] Glorious: The Deavas will launch an attack from the port side of the base about 3 light-seconds out.(dt)
[08:26:59] Glorious: During this time you need to land at this hangar bay that our agent claims is abandoned, and proceed on Cyclones.(dt)
[08:27:24] Glorious: Do not try to engage the enemy if at all possible.
[08:30:43] Nova: We'll be providing you with tranquilizing gas, but if at all possible try to get the crew to evacuate themselves on to the SDF-3.(dt)
[08:31:29] Nova: However, if it comes down to it, the following people are to be rescued above all others.(dt)
[08:33:25] Nova: Rick Hunter, Lisa Hunter, Max and Miriya Sterling, Rem, Dr. Lang, Admiral Grant, Louie Nichols, Janice Em, Scott Bernard and Maia Sterling.
[08:33:56] Nova: We believe them to be the ones in possession of vital knowledge we cannot let the ARA have free access to.
[08:34:01] Nova: Questions?
[08:34:29] Capt. Ishida: If the ones you mentioned cannot be evacuated, are we to eliminate them to keep their knowledge out of enemy hands?
[08:35:13] Nova hesitates.
[08:35:25] Nova: Only as a last resort.
[08:35:30] Capt. Ishida nods
[08:36:50] Capt. Ishida: One other question ma'am
[08:36:56] Glorious: The Magellan fleet will attempt to keep off the radar as much as possible, but we cannot rush in recklessly. We have no idea how far away the ARA's nearest reinforcements are.
[08:37:02] Nova: Proceed
[08:37:42] Capt. Ishida: Every one of those people outrank us by at least a light year. What commands, if any, are we to obey from them?
[08:38:26] Nova grins
[08:39:32] Lt. Sarah listens quietly, closing her eyes a moment and trying to stretch her senses out, even as she listens.
[08:39:40] Nova: Only those that you can determine are not contrary to your own mission. If you have EVIDENCE of them being compromised, none at all.
[08:39:48] Capt. Ishida nods
[08:41:33] Glorious: I understand you not wanting to trust potential POWs in a possible brainwashing situation. However, if they remain uncompromised they will likely behave as POWs being rescued rather than commanders taking charge of troops.
[08:42:01] Glorious: They may know more than we do about what it's like there, so listen to any intel they give you.
[08:43:12] Capt. Ishida nods "Roger that ma'am."
[08:43:22] Glorious: If there are no further questions, proceed to your mecha for final system checks and mission stat.
[08:45:49] Capt. Ishida draws the following from the armory: Gallant H-90 rifle conversion with 4 clips. EP-37 with 4 clips. 10 Cobalt grenades, 4 cobalt limpet mines. M-37 x2 (4 clips each 10 mm HEAP rounds) Katana, 4 knives, Garrote, 2 smoke grenades, and standard survival kit)
[08:47:50] Lt. Sarah frowns and nods about POWs in a potential brainwashing situation. "Where did Ariel escape to, anyway., to get that picture back so fast? I'm surprised she didn't try to pull anyone out with her."
[08:49:11] Nova: She managed to get to a nearby colony and its defense fleet. A runner got it to me from there.
[08:49:42] Capt. Ishida blinks
[08:49:45] Capt. Ishida: What what?
[08:49:52] Capt. Ishida: Wait a minute?
[08:49:59] Nova: Yes?
[08:50:08] Capt. Ishida: And this runner? Could not be a spy?
[08:50:43] Capt. Ishida: Or this person calling herself Ariel that gave him or her the pictures, was who she claimed to be?
[08:50:55] Nova: No, they possess codes that are randomly generated and I was able to confirm.
[08:51:01] Capt. Ishida: I apologize ma'am, if I seem paranoid, but the truth of the matter is, I am.
[08:51:38] Nova: Captain, if you let paranoia continue to color your judgment, I will have you removed from command and have another unit take the mission.
[08:52:36] Nova: You need to learn to trust others in spite of the situation, or our operations will start to fall apart.
[08:52:47] Capt. Ishida: Ma'am, with all due respect! I am expected to take a lot on faith as a junior officer, I accept this. I am Samurai, I gladly will jump into the jaws of death, I accept this, but without corroboration, knowing the enemy we face…
[08:53:14] Capt. Ishida: You must understand my concerns
[08:54:20] Nova: As a counter-intelligence officer, I deal with this far more routinely than you do. If you can't trust the other junior officers, then trust your chain of command.
[08:55:34] Ariel suddenly appears in the room.
[08:56:02] Capt. Ishida nods at Nova's remarks. "hai." and bows slightly
[08:56:35] Ariel: Sorry, for intruding, but I was just bringing some info on our enemy you might find interesting.
[08:57:19] Ariel gives Nova a data disc.
[08:57:36] Lt. Sarah cocks her head just a little bit. "A little paranoia in a potential brainwashing situation isn't exactly a bad thing. The fleet has already been internally compromised at least once, with Revan. We're just… rather aware of the potential implications." She considers. "I'll admit, I shared her concerns…" She trails off as Ariel pops up, and blinks suddenly. "Or not…" She smiles to Ariel and relaxes quite visibly on sensing her as clean.
[08:58:33] Ariel: That's the shield modulation info the ARA seems to use. You could modify the disruptors to effect their shields.
[08:58:45] Nova: Thank you.
[08:59:47] Capt. Ishida regards Ariel's presence with a polite nod
[09:00:39] Lt. Sarah politely coughs over the Hive link meanwhile, to send across *Glad to see you, sorry about the circumstances though. We'll get him out.* to Ariel.
[09:02:30] Ariel: *over same link* I hope you do. Otherwise you'll have to deal with me.
[09:03:57] Lt. Sarah more visibly also leans over to Suki and whispers. "It's her, she's not compromised. We're good on that front." Over the link meanwhile… *Yeah, I figured. Stay safe.*
[09:04:31] Narrator: The Tigers are dropped off via jump ship to the designated point. They watch as the majority of the enemy mecha are drawn away from the dock. There are only a few left and the dock you are supposed to land in is completely unguarded.
[09:05:03] Narrator: There are a handful of asteroids and debris to cover your tracks up to that point.
[09:05:11] Capt. Ishida: So far so good, maintain stealth and lets find us a nice hidey hole when we land
[09:05:50] Lt. Sarah watches that and nods just a little bit. "Sounds like a good idea."
[09:08:10] Narrator: The hangar bay is literally empty, but there is some atmosphere in there. As most of the Tigers have landed, debarked and donned their Cyclones, Jacobs (the last designated to land) radios in a distressed voice.
[09:08:46] Jacobs: I've got company out here, continue with the mission. I'll keep the Zeta busy.
[09:08:47] Capt. Ishida will wait in her VF until all are safely in and in their Cycs, as a rear guard of sorts
[09:09:28] Capt. Ishida swears to herself. "Jacobs, lead that bastard as far from here as possible, play like you wee a recon flight."
[09:09:39] Capt. Ishida: wee = were
[09:10:06] Jacobs: Roger. Keep Sakura safe until I get back.
[09:10:15] Capt. Ishida: Roger that.
[09:10:37] Lt. Sarah frowns just a little as she hears about the company, glancing to Suki and offering a more nervous look now, even as she dons her Cyclone.
[09:11:14] Capt. Ishida dons her cyclone. "Okay, lets find out where our people are."
[09:11:25] Narrator: Jacobs fighter goes screaming off as the Zeta follows it in hot pursuit, several explosions are heard, but nothing on the radio.
[09:13:14] Narrator: The hallway leading from the hangar is largely empty. To your right is some lights that flicker on and off and to the left is some darkened halls.
[09:13:41] Narrator: (PERC Checks)
[09:13:55] Capt. Ishida will head down the hall that leads deeper into the base, figuring thats where the prisoners will be.
[09:14:04] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
[09:14:10] Capt. Ishida: dee dee DEE
[09:15:00] Lt. Sarah: [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
[09:15:08] James: That would be a flip of a coin as you are on a circular base with a hollow center.
[09:15:28] Carrie: Wow, great rollin
[09:15:33] Chris: wow, some real perceptive folks tonight
[09:15:39] Narrator: You notice a lot of scratches on the wall but there is no rhyme or reason to it.
[09:16:18] Chris: do we know whee the SDF-3 is?
[09:16:20] Chris: where
[09:17:51] Narrator: You saw it on the way in. The Dock effectively forms rings around the SDF-3 as it holds it in place.
[09:18:10] Chris: nod, okay
[09:18:39] Lt. Ishida: I'll roll an intel roll, to see if I can divine the best place to put prisoners
[09:18:47] Capt. Ishida: [1d100] => [2] = (2)
[09:18:51] Capt. Ishida:
[09:21:01] Narrator: Based on the structure of the platform and the fact that you saw a commando sitting on the bridge tower you would guess that at least the majority of the prisoners are still on the ship. However, it seems unlikely that they would keep the command crew there, or even together.
[09:23:16] Narrator: But with no map or familiarity with the structure it is pure conjecture as to what parts of the station hold crew quarters or a brig.
[09:24:19] Capt. Ishida: Lets see if we can't get in closer, see where folks go, hear what they say. And see if we can't find a way to get our mecha onto the SDF, I really don't want to leave them behind.
[09:25:20] Lt. Sarah nods quickly and considers. "I don't either. I definitely would like to get mine back at the end of this." She looks around and considers. "We might need to ditch the Cyclones to get in closer ,though…" She ponders a little bit.
[09:25:35] Capt. Ishida nods
[09:25:48] Capt. Ishida moves out, heading /flips coin…left
[09:26:29] Lt. Sarah follows right along behind, trying to keep a watch out for anything outside of normal.
[09:26:47] Capt. Ishida is in Battloid mode, FYI
[09:26:55] Capt. Ishida mode
[09:27:17] Lt. Sarah would have switched to Battloid as well, as part of putting it on for an in-base operation.
[09:29:26] Narrator: The darkened halls initially seem almost labyrinthine in nature until Apollo points out that you are actually spiraling around the ring itself. The Tigers eventually come upon a Y in the road.
[09:29:48] Capt. Ishida: Which way Apollo?
[09:31:41] Apollo: The left path looks like it'll keep spiraling around the ring, the right would actually go toward the center of the ring. I also think I see something that says lift at the end of the right.
[09:32:00] Capt. Ishida: roger that.
[09:32:00] Lt. Lurana (enter): 21:32
[09:32:12] Lt. Sarah blinks at that and nods quickly, moving to follow along
[09:32:28] Chris: sup jess
[09:44:04] Narrator: The right hall continues to have the same odd bends the first path had but sure enough, you come to a door that says lift, and its large enough to park 2 or 3 of you mecha in.
[09:44:31] Narrator: There are several buttons on the door but everything is scratched out.
[09:44:39] Narrator: (PERC Rolls)
[09:44:46] Chris: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[09:44:52] Lt. Kirria: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[09:44:55] Chris: getting better….by 2
[09:48:29] Carrie: [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
[09:50:38] Narrator: There are several labels she can make out. One is dining, the other is gantries, the final is just three letters: bri…
[09:51:22] Lt. Sarah glances to the others. "Dining, gantries, and bri-something. I'd guess bridge or brig, depending. A station would have an ops center rather than a bridge, wouldn't it?"
[09:51:55] Capt. Ishida laughs, "well, if it's the bridge, they are NOT going to be happy."
[09:52:58] Capt. Ishida: Saito, Sarah, in with me, Kirria, Apollo, Sakura, you follow us in and provide security.
[09:53:41] Capt. Ishida pulls out her H-90, rifle combo, in her off hand and her Katana in her main hand.
[09:53:58] Saito thumbs his saber's CADS system.
[09:54:04] Saito: Ready when you are.
[09:54:06] Lt. Sarah grins just a little at the comment about the bridge. "I can imagine they won't be happy. Understood." She pulls the 90 in her free hand as well, checking her EP-40 otherwise.
[09:54:33] James: Exactly where are you going?
[09:54:56] Capt. Ishida: On three….three….two….one! /Suki opens the door and moves in, and will strike dead the nearest guard or enemy crewman…
[09:55:10] Chris: inside the door labeled bri
[09:55:16] Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:56:22] Narrator: The door opens up to a bridge connecting to the SDF-3, it is an enclosed space, so no one can see you moving across it.
[09:56:56] Capt. Ishida: Well I'll be…it is a bridge…
[09:57:22] Narrator: (PERC Rolls)
[09:57:31] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[09:57:37] Lt. Sarah: [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
[09:57:43] Capt. Ishida: <—- Needs glasses>
[09:58:09] Narrator: …
[09:58:35] Lt. Kirria: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
[09:59:15] Narrator: Sarah sees a guard at the other end, no telling if he's seen you.
[09:59:53] Lt. Sarah makes a 'hold up' motion and gestures down the hall. She quietly whispers "Guard at the end!" and watches quickly.
[10:02:01] Capt. Ishida goes to one knee and zooms in, is the guard with a helmet, on, or with an open visor?
[10:02:35] Narrator: The guards make no indication of movement. and they are were identity concealing helmets, like all good mooks.
[10:03:22] Chris: can I make out what kind of body armor he is wearing?
[10:03:37] Chris: he = they, I suppose
[10:03:49] Lt. Kirria raises her arm a pair of twin cannons on the arm and a cannon settled on her shoulder, a special experimental fast pack attached to the back wings folded up.
[10:07:04] Capt. Ishida zooms further down the bridge to see if there are other guards along it
[10:07:27] Narrator: There are just two guards.
[10:07:40] Carrie: parents screaming, back asap
[10:08:33] Capt. Ishida looks to see how high the ceiling clearance is
[10:08:36] Lt. Kirria: "Want me to take them out?"
[10:09:04] Capt. Ishida: Easy, if we can do it quiet all the better. If not, we'll ALL fire at the same time.
[10:09:49] Narrator: The ceiling is twelve feet above the floor.
[10:11:30] Capt. Ishida looks to Saito. "You take left, I'll take right. Move down the corridor as fast as we can. Kirria, when we lift off, you distract them, keep them looking level at you. Saito, you know what to do." She twists her blade so that the light glints off of it slightly.
[10:12:07] Capt. Ishida: Sakura, you jam them up, I don't want them calling for help okay
[10:12:38] Sakura nods and starts broadcasting a jamming signal.
[10:13:00] Lt. Kirria raises her arm showing her the twin particle cannons on her arm.*
[10:13:23] Saito kicks his Cyclone's thrusters at full blast and goes flying down the hall sabers activated.
[10:13:24] Lt. Sarah listens and nods quietly, and watches for the action.
[10:13:48] Narrator: (Surprise round, strike rolls.)
[10:13:59] Capt. Ishida starts on down the corridor, slowly at first then gathers speed as she runs towards the enemy, at about 20 feet out she will vault into the air, and land on the right most enemy, and attempt to slide her blade down the back of his neck.
[10:14:40] Saito: [1d20+12] => [3,12] = (15)
[10:14:47] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14)
[10:14:48] Lt. Kirria: (and how am i suppose to get their attention fire warning shots? lol)
[10:14:50] Capt. Ishida: fack
[10:15:06] Saito plunges his saber into the wall behind the guard.
[10:15:13] Aylanea: LOL
[10:15:22] Lt. Sarah: (( er, wrong alias ))
[10:15:24] James: other rolls?
[10:15:24] Lt. Sarah: (( arg ))
[10:15:32] Chris: well we suck don't we lol
[10:15:51] Lt. Sarah: (( how obstructed is it for sniping one with a gallant? ))
[10:16:25] James: -3 penalty, good shot, but heads aren't clearly visible.
[10:16:44] Lt. Sarah: (( hm ))
[10:16:48] James: Is Kirria going to lay cover fire.
[10:17:06] Lt. Kirria: (i suppose i could but my weapons are noisy lol)
[10:17:53] James: At this point surprise is mostly lost.
[10:18:06] Lt. Kirria Raises the double barreled particle cannon and fires off a shot using her targeting systems to try and hit the guy and distract him from Suki
[10:18:14] Chris: Yeah, jumping jack and jill screwed the pooch
[10:18:24] James: You've been noticed and is likely anyone in earshot is heading this way anyway.
[10:18:57] James: Roll for it!
[10:19:19] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12)
[10:19:29] Chris: wow…three for three so far
[10:19:30] Lt. Kirria: (miss but i make plenty of noise…)
[10:20:06] Lt. Sarah sighs. "So much for being quiet…" She makes sure the flash suppressor is on, and fires a MDC burst from her Gallant H-90 Rifle towards the one Saito missed.
[10:20:20] James: Give me a moment to compose myself.
[10:20:26] James: Roll.
[10:20:44] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
[10:20:53] James: damage
[10:21:34] Lt. Kirria: (err wait?)
[10:21:44] Lt. Kirria: (i thought i was rolling init lol)
[10:22:00] Lt. Sarah: ( surprise round, no init rolled )
[10:22:15] Chris: huh, nah, your strike missed, Sarah, roll strike
[10:22:21] Lt. Sarah: [1d20+5-3] => [14,5,-3] = (16)
[10:23:02] James: damage
[10:23:07] Lt. Sarah: [6d6] => [2,5,1,6,1,1] = (16)
[10:23:08] James: damage
[10:24:09] Lt. Sarah: (( MDC Mode ))
[10:24:58] James: much of the armor melts from the attack.
[10:25:20] James: (init rolls)
[10:25:27] Chris: [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
[10:25:33] Lt. Kirria: (23 as earlier)
[10:25:40] Lt. Sarah: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
[10:26:31] James: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[10:26:34] James: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
[10:26:35] James: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[10:27:34] James: order: Saito, Kirria, Suki, Sarah guard 1, guard 2
[10:28:27] Saito dislodges his saber and tries to decapitate the guard.
[10:28:43] Saito: [1d20+12-5] => [15,12,-5] = (22)
[10:29:04] Saito: [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28)
[10:29:13] Saito misses!
[10:29:14] Lt. Sarah: (( o.o ))
[10:29:27] Chris: oh snap
[10:30:26] James: Kirria?
[10:33:12] Lt. Kirria would come charging in and fires a burst from her shoulder mounted particle cannon.
[10:33:31] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+11] => [11,11] = (22)
[10:33:46] James: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
[10:34:07] James: yet another miss. and their bonuses aren't even good.
[10:34:31] Capt. Ishida: Will attempt to decapitate her enemy
[10:34:33] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+11-5] => [20,11,-5] = (26)
[10:34:38] Capt. Ishida: EAT
[10:34:39] Capt. Ishida: A
[10:34:40] Capt. Ishida: DICK!
[10:34:47] James: [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
[10:34:51] Lt. Sarah: o.o
[10:35:01] James: damage?
[10:35:05] Capt. Ishida: [4d6+8] => [1,4,2,6,8] = (21)
[10:35:08] Capt. Ishida: x 2
[10:35:11] Capt. Ishida: 42
[10:35:23] James: one dead duck.
[10:35:29] Capt. Ishida: actually, x 3
[10:35:32] Capt. Ishida: death blow
[10:35:52] James: like I said dead duck
[10:36:09] James: Sarah?
[10:36:27] Lt. Sarah fires another burst from her H-90 at the same guard as before, trying to neutralize him.
[10:36:35] Chris: Woot anime blood geyser!
[10:36:40] Lt. Sarah: [1d20+5-3] => [8,5,-3] = (10)
[10:37:23] James: [1d20+8] => [3,8] = (11)
[10:37:29] James: miss!
[10:37:52] Narrator: Guard starts firing his pistol at Suki.
[10:37:57] Narrator: [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24)
[10:38:16] Chris: I can try an parry the hand or use the AD?
[10:39:07] Narrator: parry is possible
[10:39:30] Capt. Ishida will attempt to parry the arm away from her or Saito.
[10:39:30] Capt. Ishida: [1d20+13] => [18,13] = (31)
[10:41:35] Narrator: Smashing success.
[10:41:45] Chris: triple take
[10:42:24] Saito: [1d20+12-5] => [20,12,-5] = (27)
[10:42:45] Saito tries another swipe with the CADS.
[10:42:51] Saito: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
[10:43:23] Saito: [2d6] => [4,2] = (6)
[10:44:07] Saito: 18 MD, The face plate is swiped away to reveal a poorly constructed cyborg…
[10:45:23] Lt. Sarah: (( a T-100! ))
[10:45:53] Capt. Ishida: it's an added 12, to make it a even 30 MD…
[10:46:34] James: Kirria's turn
[10:46:38] That's the Tab key, Dave
[10:47:57] Lt. Kirria fires a burst again, from the shoulder gun surprised extra surprises haven't showed up
[10:47:59] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
[10:48:13] James: [1d20+8] => [10,8] = (18)
[10:48:18] James: damage
[10:48:31] Lt. Kirria: [6d6] => [6,6,4,3,6,4] = (29)
[10:49:20] James: He is DEAD!
[10:49:36] Capt. Ishida Stands back up out of combat stance and wipes the blade before returning it to her scabbard, all in one fluid motion.
[10:49:59] Narrator: The cyborg fizzles and dies the door to the SDF-3 lies beyond…
[10:50:28] Lt. Sarah watches Suki do that and laughs softly at the thought of it. She moves down the corridor as well, looking around towards everything.
[10:50:37] Capt. Ishida points to the dead borgs and then at Kirria and Apollo. "Bring them with us." She then moves towards the hatch.
[10:52:38] Lt. Kirria grabs one by the one by the back neck piece of, her cannon scanning the area.
[10:52:46] Apollo picks up the borg with a confused look, and tries opening the door, only to nearly drop the borg.
[10:53:15] Capt. Ishida looks at Saito. "Might be another pair inside." She then opens the door, once the rest of the group is in position and ready/
[10:55:06] Lt. Kirria: "Make a good body shield then…" *she picks hm up further holding him up like a body shield
[10:55:21] Dana grins as the door opens. She is wearing what probably passes for a uniform for the ARA, it certainly has the markings on it. However, it better resembles a one-piece swimsuit and stockings.
[10:55:28] Dana: What took you so long?
[10:56:18] Capt. Ishida puts her gun to her head and spins her up against the bulkhead then and ONLY then says the first part to the sign/counter sign. "Flash!"
[10:57:41] Dana: Streaker.
[10:58:31] Capt. Ishida: Try again.
[10:59:36] Dana: Fine, thunder. Streaker is more amusing though.
[10:59:55] Capt. Ishida steps back, and holsters her weapon. "ma'am."
[11:00:30] Lt. Sarah offers a brief laugh about the 'more amusing bit. "Because naked people are funny, always."
[11:01:01] Capt. Ishida: Where are the Hunters and the other HVT's? Suki asks.
[11:02:16] Lt. Kirria: "Man i shoulda opted for a saber…" *she tosses the body down for the moment and clunks up behind every one
[11:02:19] Dana: You're going to have to go back across the bridge to get them, but the majority of the crew is on board and safe for now. I doubt any brainwashing has started on them, they'd be too hard to reintegrate.
[11:02:43] Capt. Ishida nods "How many enemy aboard the SDF-3?"
[11:04:34] Dana: Just a handful of borgs-
[11:04:53] Dana drops to her knees, her face contorted in agony.
[11:04:56] Dana: GET.
[11:05:01] Dana: OUT.
[11:05:03] Dana: OF.
[11:05:06] Dana: MY.
[11:05:08] Dana: HEAD!
[11:05:11] Capt. Ishida nods. "Sakura, I want you Apollo and Saito…"
[11:05:24] Capt. Ishida steps back from Dana.
[11:06:01] Capt. Ishida gets ready to act if Dana looks as if she is going to 'call' for help.
[11:07:15] Capt. Ishida: …
[11:07:29] Dana breathes raggedly.
[11:07:41] Capt. Ishida motions Saito over.
[11:07:43] Dana: I'll be fine, that happens from time to time…
[11:07:49] Lt. Kirria: "Stun her?"
[11:07:56] Capt. Ishida shakes her head
[11:08:00] Saito: *whispering* Yes?
[11:09:13] Capt. Ishida whispers (as quietly as humanly possible) "Take Sakura and Apollo to auxiliary control and get the SDF under our control. Leave the borgs for now, also, see if Sakura can fill in for those two we killed, comm check and all. We'll go for the crews."
[11:09:43] Capt. Ishida keeps whispering, "Keep Dana OUT of the loop."
[11:09:50] Saito: Roger.
[11:10:28] Dana: So are you ready to go rescue the former knights in shining armor
[11:11:09] Capt. Ishida: Yes, but, you, ma'am, will go about doing whatever it is you do here dressed in , whatever ecchi bastard thought that up, is.
[11:13:12] Lt. Sarah laughs just a little to the Captain's comment, but nods then quickly.
[11:13:24] Capt. Ishida turns to Sarah and Kirria "Okay, on me, lets see if we can't find the power core for this place." She makes a swift "on me" motion with her hand.
[11:13:32] Dana: Sorry, but Revan is aware that you're here. If I don't escort you to the prisoners, you're going to have to fight an army.
[11:13:50] Capt. Ishida stops dead in her tracks.
[11:14:44] Dana: I got your attention with that one.
[11:15:01] Dana: Yes, he still has spies in your fleet.
[11:15:19] Capt. Ishida wheels on Dana. "ma'am. with respect, After what I just saw, I don't know if I can trust you. Do you understand me?"
[11:15:41] Capt. Ishida: And if he has spies I want names.
[11:15:46] Lt. Kirria: "Do we have much choice?
[11:16:21] Dana: If I knew them, I'd give them to you.
[11:17:12] Dana: It's me or Mia, and she would probably lead you straight to Revan intentionally. Me, I'll at least try to fight Revan's influence.
[11:17:19] Capt. Ishida looks her long and heard in the eyes. After a few seconds she nods. "Very well, you have point. Just remember, it's not just our lives at stake here, it's your parents as well."
[11:19:09] Dana: Why do you think I'm bothering to fight it rather than giving in and acting like a love doll for Revan just to distract him.
[11:19:28] Lt. Sarah makes a face at that thought.
[11:20:44] Dana: Anyway, the brigs are this way. Please follow me.
[11:20:55] Capt. Ishida feels bad at that, but maintains her frosty demeanor. "You have point Miss Sterling."


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