Chapter 13


[07:46:05] Narrator: In the deep of space the Haydonites are fighting hard against a new adversary and are losing, badly.
[07:48:43] Narrator: The mysterious people are using two types of variable fighters, usually painted purple, and what appears to be warship scaled bio-weapons.
[07:53:00] Narrator: A pair of shadowy figures watch the battle from a distance. "Maybe we should get some help, we have the advantage now, but they seem to be learning."
[08:11:23] Narrator: As that is said, a single warship folds out of the battle zone unnoticed.
[08:14:13] Narrator: The Tigers are sitting in Glorious Morning's Ready Room, in their Full Service Dress as Glorious Morning relays over the comm to her immediate subordinates. She is expecting a VIP, but hasn't said who.
[08:14:52] Narrator: Melanie is sitting in a chair trying to use eye shadow to cover the bags under her eyes.
[08:16:47] Narrator: Sakura is silently typing at her holo-comp while Jacobs tries to get her to take out of the single pig-tale she's been putting her hair up in recently.
[08:18:20] Narrator: Saito seems to be trying to outdo Suki in the "Airs of a Samurai" shtick. His poor sense of humor means he fails miserably at this. And Apollo is squirming as if put into a torture device.
[08:19:02] Narrator: Sanchez is here, despite a bandaged face, a recent fire has left him with some burns that are still healing.
[08:19:16] Lt. Kirria would be sitting away from the others full dress, and lots of shiny metals pinned to her chest being well decorated in her service history at least, for those in the room she would appear to be an imposing figure vibrant purple hair typing away at a (datapad/mini comp) apparently going over specifications of the 3 strange fightersthat just were completed and tested in black ops missions. she wears twin boar tails (for those who play WoW its a style of hair for the gnome)
[08:19:43] Lt. Kirria: (charm/impress, and Trust/intimidate rolls)
[08:19:46] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [61] = (61)
[08:20:04] Glorious shouts at the heavens at the incompetence of her command staff.
[08:20:07] Lt. Kirria: (vs 80% since all are military)
[08:20:10] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [4] = (4)
[08:20:20] Lt. Kirria: (vs 60% for charm/impress)
[08:22:29] Sarah sits there quietly and watches, cocking her head just a little bit and peering around at the people. She twitches and gets just a little bit nervous as Glorious shouts at the heavens.
[08:25:24] Suki sits quietly, patiently waiting for the VIP's, and goes over flight ops and other paperwork on the datapad she has in front of her in the meantime.
[08:26:20] Narrator: While many of the people in the room are impressed with Kirria, Glorious' mood and commanding presence stifles the "let's get to know each other feelings."
[08:27:48] Lt. Kirria: [3d6] => [5,5,5] = (15)
[08:28:00] Glorious: "General Satori is supposed to be arriving in three hours and my staff can't even get a cake right!"
[08:29:32] Lt. Kirria "Ma'am, perhaps if you calmed down the staff would work more competently, that or you could have them executed?"
[08:29:49] James: And Glorious is a female Zentraedi High Lord, though very short for one, she's not gonna be outdone by Warlord…
[08:31:19] Glorious: "If this was a purely Zentraedi fleet, I'd consider executing and recloning them, but that's too taboo here."
[08:32:14] Lt. Kirria: "True, but you could always give them the worse assignments, till they quit or request a transfer"
[08:32:41] Sarah rolls her eyes a little at the Zentraedi humor, shaking her head just slightly and watching ..
[08:33:43] Glorious: No, we have a human war hero showing up to relate some intel to us, let's wait until afterwards…
[08:34:54] Lt. Kirria just shrugs then and goes back to her diagrams not sure shes likeing the fact of not having a command any more
[08:36:19] Glorious: Anyway, I trust you all are familiar with General Satori's service record.
[08:36:39] Capt. Ishida: What of it that has been declassified…yes.
[08:37:14] Sarah cocks her head a little and blinks, then nods slightly.
[08:38:44] Lt. Kirria: "Yes, of course…"
[08:38:57] Glorious: Well, evidently during the Invid occupation she was leading some sort of resistance group that mutinied out from under her and went off to criminal activities after the war.
[08:39:27] Glorious: It's supposedly a touchy subject, so I would avoid asking questions about it while she is here.
[08:39:53] Sarah winces just a little bit at that.
[08:40:43] Narrator: Suddenly the alert sirens go off and a bridge crewman reports to Glorious that an unknown vessel has defolded in front of the fleet.
[08:41:38] Capt. Ishida stands and makes for the door. "I can have my planes in the air soon in five." she notes.
[08:42:27] Melanie: Tigers, go get out of your nice clothes into your pilot gear. Sorry, Admiral, but I believe the Tigers are the only fully operational squad left on ship.
[08:42:45] Lt. Kirria: "What about me?"
[08:42:50] Glorious: Proceed, but do not fire on them until you confirm hostilities.
[08:42:59] Lt. Kirria looks up from her notes
[08:43:00] Capt. Ishida nods. and walks to Sarah. "Locker room Scotty, if you please."
[08:43:02] Glorious: You're now a part of the Tigers, now go.
[08:44:13] Lt. Kirria would nod and stand and begins to make haste to the locker area undoing her dress uniform always wearing her flight suit under it any way
[08:44:30] Sarah hops up and nods quickly, trying to make a quick teleport, and take Ishida with her to the locker rooms. "So much for the big event…"
[08:45:39] Capt. Ishida strips and dons her flight suit and CVR-3 and makes her way to the flight deck. "Should've snapped up the new girl…" She says to Sarah with a slight laugh.
[08:46:45] Sarah strips down and gets her own together, nodding. "She left just before I was going to do so, actually."
[08:46:56] Capt. Ishida preflights her craft, and does a comm check with the bridge, then looks over her shoulder as Kirria steps onto the flight deck. "What took you so long." She snickers.
[08:48:02] Sarah scrambles to her own craft, powering it up and checking comms, then getting it launch ready.
[08:48:51] Lt. Kirria tosses her dress uniform in a heap into the locker assigned her and dons on her CVR-3, "Nothing i just prefer the exercise and not having my molecules all mixed up"
[08:49:35] Lt. Kirria would crawl into her Craft one of 3 she brought along brining systems online
[08:50:19] Capt. Ishida rolls her eyes. "Sure. Your comm tag is Tiger 9, I'm tiger Actual, Sarah is Tiger 1." Suki keys the comm "Tiger Actual to Magellan ops, we are go for launch on your mark."
[08:52:18] Sarah sits up better in her mecha, looking out at space and getting ready, rubbing her hands then setting them back onto the control pads of the mecha, looking around.
[08:52:19] Narrator: The Tigers are cleared to launch and as they head out, they see the unknown ship and it is huge, but is showing now signs of activity but a few odd lights that seem to be running alongside the hull.
[08:52:29] Lt. Kirria: "Just call me my call sign, I'm not a full tiger yet…Nightraven Checking in"
[08:52:50] James:
[08:52:55] Capt. Ishida keys her comm to Tiger 9 "Don't make me repeat myself Tiger 9."
[08:53:15] James: That's what you see.
[08:54:11] Capt. Ishida blinks as she exits the launch bay, at the massive frame of the unknown vessel. "We're going to need a bigger boat." she says.
[08:54:14] Lt. Kirria squalls Ishida with static as shes on a diff frequency now prepping to bring online all jamming systems
[08:54:56] Capt. Ishida sighs, wondering why of all the flight leads in the UEEF, that SHE is the one given the hard cases.
[08:55:00] Sarah stares at that and frowns just a little bit. "Er…. Yeah. A lot bigger boat. And a lot more mecha…"
[08:55:08] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [29] = (29)
[08:55:35] Lt. Kirria: (29 vs 35 Electronic Countermeasures to bring up jamming
[08:55:56] Capt. Ishida: "All craft, left echelon, I'm on point. I want recorders up, and your asses puckers."
[08:56:24] Narrator: Two of the points of light begin to move in an erratic fashion towards the on coming to the Tigers.
[08:56:53] Capt. Ishida: "All craft, Stupid NOW! Break break break!
[08:57:27] Sarah starts running a break and evade course, frowning and listening for more orders quickly.
[08:57:40] Lt. Kirria as if hearing it she breaks full afterburn nose cannon circling around towards the ship but not firing
[08:57:56] Capt. Ishida slides the PPB control hat on her HOTAS to her front arc.
[08:59:38] Narrator: the two points of light begin to mimic the tigers movements with ease, but do not seem to be firing despite being within probably range of any weapons.
[09:00:40] Capt. Ishida does a visual scan of the target. What are they? What do they look like "Magellan, looks like we have some foo-fighters out here, parroting us."
[09:01:32] Lt. Kirria if the light globe is far enough away from the big ship she gets in close and begins to barrel roll around it looking up through her tinted visor trying to get a look at it without colliding
[09:01:35] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [56] = (56)
[09:01:46] Sarah frowns a little as all the maneuvers are matched, and considers for a moment. She comes out of her evasion course, looking around. "They're not firing…" She slows to look better, and to see what they'll do.
[09:01:52] Lt. Kirria: (vs 86 Pilot check)
[09:02:43] Narrator: The two points of light get close enough for Suki and Kirria to see, and what the see has them in shock. (Roll vs. Horror Factor…)
[09:02:53] Capt. Ishida sees Kirria's maneuver and winces inwardly.
[09:02:59] Capt. Ishida: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[09:02:59] Lt. Kirria: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[09:03:13] Lt. Kirria: (13)
[09:05:42] Narrator: Suki and Kirria both feel the need to be wearing diapers as the stink of their own feces reaches their nostrils. There are two beautiful women with wings flying in energy shields and are pulling off maneuvers they wish their Veritechs could pull.
[09:06:55] Sarah moves up to see what the others are seeing, quickly, curious about what's going on and what's being seen.
[09:06:57] Merla catches up to Suki and sits on her cockpit canopy.
[09:08:53] Merla: Hey, sister. I think this is their leader and she's scared.
[09:09:10] James: If I wanted her to roll, I would have asked her to.
[09:09:34] Capt. Ishida looks up at the 'pantsu' on her canopy. "Magellan ops…umm, we have…fanservice out here. Some female is sitting on my canopy."
[09:09:36] Lt. Kirria least i taint as scared as Suki
[09:10:34] Merla giggles as she sees Suki staring at her.
[09:11:57] Capt. Ishida transforms her mecha into battloid mode and hovers in front of the winged female. "I am Ishida Suki, Tiger Squadron, please state your name and intent."
[09:12:30] Lt. Kirria just twirls with the other trying to match the maneuvers but not quite doing so prolly
[09:12:33] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [64] = (64)
[09:12:47] Lt. Kirria: (vs 84)
[09:13:01] Remia flies up next to her sister and drapes herself over Merla provocatively.
[09:13:14] James: At a -50% skill check.
[09:13:31] James: so it's vs. 34
[09:20:17] Remia: I am Remia and this is my sister Merla. We come in peace. I believe the term is.
[09:20:51] Lt. Kirria after losing control just tumbles off towards the ship
[09:21:05] Capt. Ishida: Understood, please, remain in your present location.
[09:21:35] Capt. Ishida keys her secure channel to the Magellan "They say they are friendly. Orders?"
[09:23:29] Glorious: Escort them to the hangar, I'll meet you there.
[09:24:14] Capt. Ishida double clicks the mike
[09:24:41] Capt. Ishida: Please follow me, discard any weaponry you may be carrying.
[09:24:55] Sarah keeps flying her mech quietly, considering the two near her commander. She checks her ship for the autopilot, adjusting it for the hangar, and settling back, pondering for a moment.
[09:28:00] Narrator: Back at the hangar Glorious Morning is standing with an armed guard of Cyclones. The Tigers land first and get out as the two girls land, still hovering inches off the ground, until the tap something on their right shoulder and two sets of power armor materialize.
[09:29:41] Capt. Ishida stands behind them in her VF-25 in full height and armor, watching them, ready to blow them to hell and gone at the slightest whim of her Admiral.
[09:30:10] Sarah settles her mech down behind as well, quietly watching.
[09:30:40] Lt. Kirria sets hers down as well staying in it in battloid mode all weapons trained on the "visitors"
[09:30:45] Merla opens the power armor at the chest and the girl you saw earlier steps out, wings and all. She sets what appears to be a bayonet type weapon on the ground and approaches with her arms lifted away from her body.
[09:33:05] Merla: My apologies if my sister and I caused any fright earlier, but we find it easier to facilitate communication if we are looking less frightening and we thought maybe your maneuvers were some sort of first contact dance.
[09:34:09] Capt. Ishida laughs aloud in her cockpit. her mike is NOT keyed. She then grumbles, contact dance, my ass, my ass indeed. the pun is intended.
[09:34:59] Remia mimics her sister but approaches Suki's VF-25.
[09:35:38] Capt. Ishida steps the VF-25 back wards to keep distance, the hitherto port arms gun pod swings down, pointed at the approaching woman.
[09:36:05] Remia: Do you normally keep such armed guards at a diplomatic envoy, or have the ARA instilled that much mistrust in you?
[09:36:15] Capt. Ishida: Yes.
[09:36:27] Remia: To both questions?
[09:36:29] Capt. Ishida: Now stand back
[09:37:05] Remia: Unless I re-don my armor I am no threat to you…
[09:37:05] Lt. Kirria: "Could say yes to both"
[09:37:49] Capt. Ishida: I am not in command here, you would do well to direct your questions and comments to the Admiral.
[09:38:19] Narrator: Glorious Morning approaches Merla and offers a handshake to Merla. Merla looks puzzled by the gesture but extends a hand in a similar manner.
[09:39:25] Remia: My sister is dealing with the Admiral. I am curious about you two. Is matriarchal rule historically typical of your species or is it a recent development.
[09:39:57] Merla shakes her head at her sister.
[09:40:01] Sarah nods a little to Kirria's statement. "A bit of both really. Though a lot more the latter. People are a little panicky right now." She shrugs, and sits back in her own, watching Remia being curious about Suki and cocking her head.
[09:40:18] Capt. Ishida keys her secure frequency to Melanie (figuring she is monitoring the proceedings from the bridge) "Do I have leave to parlay with the visitors ma'am?"
[09:41:25] Capt. Ishida opens her comm to Sarah, "Hush, do NOT divulge intelligence to them."
[09:41:47] Melanie: I think that would be in your best interest, I'm only getting overwhelming curiosity from that one. The other one is getting flustered though.
[09:42:05] Capt. Ishida "roger that ma'am."
[09:42:40] Capt. Ishida: Our command structure is merit based, it just so happens that you have run into women that have merited the rank they posses.
[09:43:35] Merla: Admiral, if you have preparations to make for this VIP you are waiting on, we shall wait until afterwards. But, by your leave, we ask that the squadron we made first contact with accompany us for the duration of our stay here. Armed if you so prefer.
[09:43:54] Glorious: How did you-
[09:44:27] Merla: Your body language, once I got used to it I could read your priorities.
[09:45:08] Sarah glances over to Suki. "Maybe I should slip out as well…"
[09:45:09] Glorious: Very well, Capt. Ishida, if you don't mind.
[09:45:41] Capt. Ishida: Sarah, will you please escort our visitors to base ops. I will be with you directly.
[09:46:17] Lt. Kirria: "And me?"
[09:46:28] Capt. Ishida transforms her VF-25 to guardian mode and debarks from her craft then scurries off to the shower and cleans up and changes into something less…stinky
[09:46:40] Capt. Ishida: Follow me…
[09:47:11] Lt. Kirria kneels the VF-XX styled mech down and debarks from it and follows, stinky but not as stinky
[09:47:50] Remia examines Sarah, from a polite distance.
[09:48:04] Sarah nods quickly and hops out of her Overlord, walking over to them and offering a warm smile to the two women. "At any rate, welcome aboard. Any particular way I can make your stay more comfortable?"
[09:48:07] Remia: You are not the same as the admiral or your commander.
[09:48:50] Merla: Is there a place where we could grab some water?
[09:49:43] Sarah: (diplomat Sarah tries to be trustworthy, vs 94%)
[09:49:46] Sarah: [1d100] => [51] = (51)
[09:49:46] Capt. Ishida dresses in a spare flight suit after cleaning up, grooming herself to perfection. Then, waiting for Kirria, will make her way to base ops
[09:50:34] Sarah nods just a little bit at that. "I can get you both water, certainly. Or do you need a bath or a shower?" She ponders, and nods to Remia then. "No, I'm not quite like the Admiral or my Commander."
[09:50:58] Lt. Kirria cleans up and dresses back into a fresh flight suit re touching her makeup
[09:50:59] Merla: I meant to drink…
[09:51:16] Capt. Ishida: Good to go lieutenant?
[09:51:57] Lt. Kirria places her studs back in and nods.* "Yes, Id feel better not escorting them tho, i got some stuff to take care of."
[09:52:14] Sarah smiles and nods just a bit. "I can get you some to drink, certainly, that's no problem." She smiles. "Actually, I can have them leave some up in base ops for when we get there. Want ice in it or anything?" She walks for a comm panel.
[09:52:18] Capt. Ishida: I have a question for you Kirria. If you don't mind.
[09:52:50] Merla: Just water is fine.
[09:53:08] Remia: Ice is way too cold…
[09:53:46] Lt. Kirria: "Yes?"
[09:53:51] Sarah nods just a little bit at that. "All right, then…" She proceeds to switch the comm on and ask someone to drop a pitcher or two onto a table in base ops, to move and lead the two there.
[09:54:01] Capt. Ishida: Are you vat born, or natural born?
[09:54:10] Lt. Kirria: "Vat"
[09:54:23] Lt. Kirria: "Why?"
[09:54:25] Capt. Ishida nods. "I see, well, can you do me a favor?
[09:54:55] Lt. Kirria: "What?"
[09:54:58] Remia upon reaching Base Ops, looks around and flaps her wings anxiously.
[09:55:26] Remia: This room is a lot more, what's that word? Spartan, then I expected it to be.
[09:56:17] Sarah looks quickly for the water, and walks to get the pitchers to offer over, quickly. "Welcome to operations. And yes, it tends to be… The military sections tend to be. It's a minimalist life that we're used to, from either military or other experience."
[09:57:01] Capt. Ishida: I want you to do your best to pretend that I am a Warlord, and that you are a warrior elite, and please offer me the deference I deserve. Your call sign is your own, but in communications you are Tiger 9, and you will never squelch me again. That being said, attend to the errand you must. Welcome to my squadron."
[09:57:22] Merla: It is the opposite with us, unless you serve, or served, the military or government in some fashion you are restricted from certain luxuries.
[09:58:05] Lt. Kirria: "That was an unintentional Squelch you just happened to be on a channel i was clearing to make sure it didn't get blocked"
[09:58:22] Capt. Ishida: Be that as it may…
[09:59:33] Sarah nods just a little bit at that, considering it. "Well, with a market economy, those able to make money can afford the luxuries. The manufacturing and service industries are generally non-military, and are used in that."
[09:59:37] Merla: I do have a question, for when your squadmates arrive.
[09:59:53] Capt. Ishida awaits, and then returns the salute of Lt. Kirria as she leaves to attend her errand, then ,makes her way to base ops
[09:59:58] Lt. Kirria: "And on that it will be hard for me to think of my self as a lower standing"
[10:00:19] Sakura: You people are giving off Protoculture emissions. Are you Invid?
[10:00:26] Capt. Ishida: It is not hard at all Lieutenant, see, you have one bar, I have two, it's quite simple.
[10:01:02] Lt. Kirria: "Call me cynical but i barely look at whats on my shoulder, any way ill be on the hanger deck if you need me…"
[10:01:14] Lt. Kirria grabs a tool box from her locker and heads to the hanger deck
[10:01:53] Remia: Actually, we're more related to the Zentraedi than the Invid, though I suspect our Protoculture exposures would affect our DNA to be more of hybrid with Invid DNA…
[10:02:35] Capt. Ishida shakes her head. "You can lead a horse to water…"
[10:02:47] Capt. Ishida makes her way to Base ops
[10:03:02] Sarah cocks her head a little at that, cocking her head just a little and listening to the conversation, closing her eyes a moment to see if she can sense anything out of them in that line.
[10:03:33] Melanie sees Kirria appear in the hangar and tries to hide the fact that she was examining the power armor.
[10:04:14] Melanie: Sorry, didn't see you come in. What are you up to?
[10:04:21] Lt. Kirria sneaks up behind Melanie then and whispers. "Had the same idea i did huh"
[10:05:30] Merla notices Suki coming in, "And the leader arrives."
[10:06:15] Merla: My question, if you don't mind me asking is what is your link with Protoculture? It'll be easier to relate my species tale if I know what yours is.
[10:06:27] Capt. Ishida: Are you asking me ?
[10:06:43] Lt. Kirria: "Was gonna have a look at their suits here."
[10:06:45] Melanie: Apparently, but I have discovered that these things are Robotech.
[10:06:54] Merla: The Group.
[10:07:32] Capt. Ishida: I would like to hear your tale, first, if you do not mind?
[10:08:57] Merla: We refer to ourselves as Proto-Deavas, we were once Zentraedi. We think so anyway, are minds are a bit screwed up prior to our acquiring these forms.
[10:08:58] Lt. Kirria: "Ahh good, then it shouldn't be hard to copy and recreate them, should it." she takes out a scanner her self keeping an eye towards where the others would come from and begins to assist with the scanning
[10:09:31] Capt. Ishida: So these are not your natural bodies?
[10:10:11] Sarah ponders just a little bit. "What were your previous forms like? It certainly can be a shock to move to a new one. Especially if a lot of new things come with it, I know."
[10:11:23] Remia: Yes, and no. We somehow received massive exposure to either Protoculture or the Flower of Life.
[10:11:24] Capt. Ishida moves to stand next to Sarah, and gives her a quick and supportive squeeze to the shoulder before moving a step away, as she listens to the newcomers 'tale.'
[10:11:42] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [65] = (65)
[10:11:58] Lt. Kirria: (vs 75%)
[10:13:29] Merla: It caused massive mutations in us, me and my sister became the angelic looking creatures you see know. Others were mutated into some rather hideous forms, yet others absorbed ships and made them part of their bodies.
[10:14:45] Narrator: Kirria notes the oddity of the power relays, they are protoculture power cells but they seem to be a backup system, they appear to run off the energies of the pilots themselves.
[10:15:28] Lt. Kirria: "Hmm interesting, almost close to Invid style… "
[10:16:03] Remia: We also discovered that by eating the Flower of Life, our bodies produced protoculture energy, on massive scales. Almost as if we became living Protoculture Matrices.
[10:17:13] Sarah frowns just a little and sighs softly, nodding just a little bit and considering it. "Hmm… When not controlled, I can imagine that the effects weren't always good. I'm sorry that the flowers caused harm to your people." She cocks her head at the next part and blinks. "You're still able to acquire the flowers then from somewhere?"
[10:17:23] Melanie: So they are enemies of the ARA at least. The weaponry strikes me as odd though. It's all beam weapons, but kinda like Shadow tech it sorta draws power from an extradimensional source.
[10:18:08] Capt. Ishida listens, taking note of everything.
[10:19:00] Lt. Kirria would step into the armor and see if it closes on her and tries to run it off the backups to see if its possible for her to power them
[10:19:16] Merla: Oh yes, we captured several Master vessels and engineered a way to turn it into living seeds, it didn't take us long to set up farming ships to grow it. Though it extremely difficult to do so, and all those farms are government owned.
[10:20:17] Narrator: The armor doesn't close but gives off a warning message in Zentraedi that biometric data does not match.
[10:20:57] Lt. Kirria: "Hmm its attuned to the bio sign of those 2, interesting security measure"
[10:20:58] Melanie: Doesn't seem to like you does it?
[10:21:44] Sarah blinks at that, eyes widening slightly at the implication of it. "Entire vessels turned into living seeds…" She murmurs. "wow."
[10:21:47] Melanie: Well, I'd rather have too much security than none at all. I've been debating on whether to install similar features on my mecha.
[10:21:54] Capt. Ishida: and what exactly do you 'farm' the seeds for?
[10:22:23] Remia: I'm surprised the Invid haven't tried taking them from us…
[10:22:36] Lt. Kirria: "Eh i was only testing to see if one could, oh well" *she steps out of it.* "It is unfortunate still, was hoping to run a few tests on the weapons"
[10:23:24] Melanie: Maybe if we were in a test site instead of a hangar I wouldn't be so scared of that idea.
[10:23:28] Capt. Ishida idly walks about base ops, and looks out at the hanger bay to watch the goings on…
[10:23:56] Sarah pauses a little at Remia and considers. "The Invid… learned a very hard lesson just recently about taking things blithely from others, after they found a world that would grow the flowers."
[10:24:12] Melanie: Still, look at these thrusters, can you find where they store the reaction mass?
[10:25:19] Lt. Kirria: "Unfortunately no…"
[10:25:19] Merla: Its just as well, i wouldn't want a war with them anyway.
[10:26:17] Narrator: Suki seems them fiddling with one of the power armors, but doesn't see enough detail to give anything but an educated guess.
[10:26:52] Melanie: So what they use some form of antigrav then?
[10:27:32] Sarah nods just a little bit at that, considering it. "Well, I'm not certain they'll be making war again soon, depending on what they're doing. Enough are able to think for themselves to the point of trying to dissuade the Regess from going into another one, since the last one was unjust."
[10:27:33] Lt. Kirria: "Possibly, the masters used a form of that on their hover craft didn't they?"
[10:27:46] Capt. Ishida eyes bulge in horror! She looks back at the visitors talking to Sarah and then back at the pair and moves subtly to put her body in between them and line of sight. Knowing that Melanie is psychic Suki BELLOWS mentally at her "STOP THAT RIGHT NOW! ARE YOU INSANE!!!???"
[10:28:02] Remia: Don't ask us how we discovered culture either, we just knew what it was. Of course, being descendant from Zentraedi, we tend to prioritize the military above all else.
[10:28:41] Melanie: But this looks more like Invid tech than Master Tech.
[10:29:26] Sarah nods just a little bit at that. "Well, what's important is that you did discover it. Maybe the Invid will re-discover it with a few years not shooting at things. They need to…" She sighs, nodding just a bit. "In the current state of the galaxy, prioritizing the military almost seems natural."
[10:30:26] Lt. Kirria: "True, Unfortunately again we cannot utilize it without their bio signature… perhaps we can prototype and experiment with it still yet tho using our mass driven thrusters…"
[10:30:44] Merla: Yes, though we suspect some of our ways are odd to you. I sense mating hormones between you two. Is one of you actually male, or are you sisters that have found that to be an exciting expression of your bond as Remia and I have?
[10:30:52] Lt. Kirria: "I do recall a design for a Cyclone that was scrapped that would be very fitting for this kind of technology"
[10:31:26] Capt. Ishida turns as the conversation turns towards their relationship, still keeping her body blocking the activities.
[10:32:04] Melanie: I have a Garland hovercycle that's kinda in scrap right now, could be interesting to use that as a test bed.
[10:32:06] Capt. Ishida: We are female, yes, and if your expressions are intimate, then yes.
[10:32:43] Lt. Kirria: "Not sure if that was it, but it was suppose to be a flight capable model of cyclone…"
[10:32:48] Capt. Ishida: however, intimate relations with sisters, siblings would be considered incest, and taboo by our cultures
[10:32:55] Lt. Kirria: "Wings and all"
[10:33:25] Melanie: No, that wasn't it. In fact, I'm not sure I've seen that spec sheet.
[10:33:43] Sarah smiles just a little at that and blushes very softly, glancing to Suki slightly and nodding just a little. "both girls, and definitely." She smiles a little and glances back to Suki, stepping closer to her.
[10:33:55] Capt. Ishida looks over her shoulder and then back again (has Mel given ANY indication that she has 'heard' Suki?)
[10:35:14] Remia: A pity, though I do note some of our other natural born species members have difficulty being intimate with their siblings.
[10:36:22] Narrator: Suki sees Melanie wave off what Suki sent, almost as if her curiosity has overruled her better judgment.
[10:36:29] Capt. Ishida: I feel it has a great deal to do with tainting the gene pool, so, our culture deemed the practice taboo long long ago, and here we are today, with incest being considered anathema.
[10:37:18] Sarah nods just a little bit. "I left my old culture before finding out how they worked that out, really. Since they all consider each other brothers and sisters. And in a way are, siblings rather than simply spiritually." She ponders. "Oh well. I'm not going back anyway."
[10:37:31] Capt. Ishida bites her lower lip, then walks to the base ops counter. "Pardon me." she says to the operators as she borrows the PA system…
[10:37:53] Capt. Ishida: Will Melanie MacGregor please report to Base Ops.
[10:38:47] Remia: That is unfortunate, Proto-Deavas seem to be incapable of producing offspring with a close relative.
[10:39:08] Capt. Ishida looks back to the others
[10:39:18] Melanie sends Suki some very grumpy thoughts and begins to storm towards Base Ops.
[10:39:42] Capt. Ishida: yes, we as a species can, but, prolonged mating within the 'family' breeds stagnation and eventually birth defects
[10:40:13] Capt. Ishida: If you will pardon me for a moment.
[10:40:39] Capt. Ishida walks outside to meet Melanie, the look on her face tells Mel she is PISSED off.
[10:41:18] Merla: Actually, sister, we as a species do not seem to be able to mate past the first generation, we need Spirit-Symbiotes of other species to do that.
[10:41:52] Melanie: I know what you're about to say, and I cleared it with the Admiral first.
[10:42:33] Lt. Kirria would be tinkering with the 2 power suits as well seemingly ignoring the t2
[10:42:36] Sarah cocks her head at that and considers it, listening. "Hmm… Spirit-Symbiotes? So you need to cross-mate outside your own species then, after one generation?"
[10:42:52] Narrator: As a shuttle lands, Kirria can here a pair of boots approaching her quickly.
[10:43:05] Capt. Ishida: Very well" Suki says, pauses then adds "In this I do not care if the order came from Rick Hunter himself. We are in the middle of dialogue with a new species, one that may or may NOT become an ally, and you and the admiral would jeopardize that by tinkering with their mecha, in PLAIN sight?
[10:43:50] Merla: Pretty much, we haven't found many individuals capable of it and I doubt we'd be able to find two or three in this whole fleet capable of it.
[10:44:27] Capt. Ishida: I understand the need to acquire new technology, but this goes to far, I have to put the needs of the UEEF before all others, and if they leave because of this betrayal of trust, then the UEEF is harmed, when we can ill afford any more.
[10:44:33] Melanie: Very well, I'll ask them.
[10:44:58] Capt. Ishida nods and follows Melanie back into Base ops
[10:46:32] Nova the tapping of the boots come to a halt as she reaches Kirria. Kirria can tell Nova is human, but the presence she exudes is more akin to that of an Overlord.
[10:46:55] Nova: Is it not customary to stand at attention in the presence of a General?
[10:47:16] Sarah blinks a little at that and frowns slightly, nodding a little bit. "Oh…" She sighs softly and looks down a little. "Once the flowers left Optera, no one was safe from them." She considers a bit. "I would hope a way can be found to help with that…"
[10:47:34] Melanie: Hey, Merla was it? Mind if I examine your mecha?
[10:47:55] Capt. Ishida standing next to, has an embarrassed look on her face.
[10:47:58] Lt. Kirria: (prolly would not see nova if I'm to busy looking at my own mecha now?)
[10:48:07] Merla: If I had a problem with it I would have stopped you the instant my sister saw you do it.
[10:48:31] Capt. Ishida facepalms. "If I had know ma'am…"
[10:48:34] James: True, but that is Nova's way of letting you know she is there.
[10:48:36] Capt. Ishida: know = known
[10:49:06] Melanie: I didn't know. So don't blame yourself.
[10:49:32] Capt. Ishida looks back at the mecha
[10:49:59] Capt. Ishida, seeing a general, all but jumps.
[10:50:03] Lt. Kirria: "Sorry ma'am?" She would come to attention covered in various liquids from her mech as she was doing maintenance on it.
[10:50:35] Capt. Ishida: Ma'am, I think the Admirals guest has arrived." she points
[10:51:16] Melanie: *sarcastically*Oh, this is going to be fun.
[10:51:53] Nova: Be more aware of your surroundings lieutenant, it could be the difference between life and death.
[10:51:55] Capt. Ishida: Glad I'm not you." Suki smiles "have fun being Peter the Greeter."
[10:52:40] Melanie: I'm gonna call the Admiral so she can do it.
[10:53:06] Sarah watches Melanie and Suki and just laughs, shaking her head a little bit.
[10:53:19] Capt. Ishida sighs, "I hate you." Then leaves base ops to officially greet the general while Mel calls the admiral
[10:53:49] Lt. Kirria: "Ma'am if I'm aware of my surroundings i would cause an explosion by not paying attention to what i am doing, however"
[10:53:59] Capt. Ishida exits base ops, and walks officiously towards the general, stop a respectful distance form her stands to attention and salutes "Ma'am!"
[10:54:50] Nova: You remind me of someone I used to know, though she was a bit more free-spirited.
[10:55:13] Nova returns Suki's salute.
[10:55:39] Nova: I am General Nova Satori. Where is Admiral Morning?
[10:55:43] Capt. Ishida: On behalf of the UES Magellan and Tiger Squadron, I welcome you aboard.
[10:55:47] Lt. Kirria: "I would assume you mean former Lt, Dana Sterling?"
[10:56:18] Nova: If by former, you mean she's received several promotions since then, yes.
[10:56:22] Capt. Ishida: Admiral Morning is on the bridge Ma'am, we had a 'visitor' prior to your arrival that necessitated her attention. She has been informed of your arrival."
[10:57:24] Nova: Yes, that odd ship I saw. I assume first contact has been made and diplomatic proceedings are taking place.
[10:57:54] Capt. Ishida is quite honored to be in Nova's presence, given her GMP background, and he families GMP background as well.
[10:58:17] Capt. Ishida: Aye ma'am, the 'envoy's are in base operations as we speak.
[10:58:30] Merla drinks a glass of water in a single gulp. Remia begins to play with her sisters wings and breasts out of boredom.
[10:58:58] Merla: You never answered my earlier question.
[10:59:26] Lt. Kirria ducks back down into where she was doing any way "Any way better reconnect these lines before i forget where i pulled them from
[10:59:46] Nova: Have the admiral meet us there then, if they are these Proto-Deavas intel has told me about, we're in good shape.
[10:59:52] Capt. Ishida: If you will follow me ma'am." Suki motions towards base operations
[11:00:00] Sarah raises her eyebrows just a little at that, blushing very softly at the view and blinking just a little. "Hm? Which question was that?" she pauses, trying to think back.
[11:00:43] Nova: Come along with us if you don't mind Lt. short of fully deconstructing them I'm not sure how much more info you're going to get.
[11:00:45] Capt. Ishida presses the comm crystal on her collar "Will Admiral Morning please report to hangar 2 Flight Ops."
[11:01:12] Glorious: Already on my way.
[11:01:42] Lt. Kirria: (umm I'm working on my own VF…)
[11:01:50] Chris: Nova can note that Suki is not intimidated by her, but, is more 'happy' to be escorting her, then anything else
[11:02:05] Carrie: Heehee
[11:02:11] James: oops,
[11:02:48] James: Nova needs to revive her old GMP habits then…
[11:03:37] Capt. Ishida enters ahead of the General and calls out to the room "General on DECK!"
[11:04:04] Nova blanches when she sees the sisters groping each other but regains composure. Nova then sits at the table.
[11:04:17] Sarah eeps and scrambles up to full attention promptly at the announcement of Captain Ishida.
[11:05:16] Nova: You may be seated. So tell me why have you come to visit us.
[11:05:27] Merla growls softly.
[11:05:50] Capt. Ishida moves next to Sarah and whispers to her "Where they just…when we came in?"
[11:05:50] Merla: Only when someone here explains your relationship with protoculture.
[11:06:32] Melanie sneaks up next to Kirria.
[11:07:02] Sarah glances over at Captain Ishida and nods just slightly, before looking back and biting her lip as Merla growls.
[11:07:13] Melanie: That general sorta scares me. So what are you working on?
[11:07:40] Lt. Kirria: "Just tinkering with the weapon systems on my mech"
[11:07:46] Nova: We rely on it to power our technology primarily.
[11:08:28] Capt. Ishida nods, not in any way bothered by Merla's growl, knowing she did her job in not divulging any sensitive information without authorization, behind her however, her hand moves down and rests against Sarah's butt, and squeezes slightly, before returning behind her back as she stands at parade rest
[11:08:50] Remia: So it is important to your lives then that losing it would be crippling?
[11:09:00] Nova: Yes.
[11:09:17] Merla looks around uncomfortably.
[11:09:19] Capt. Ishida loses some respect for Nova at that very instant
[11:10:00] Sarah nods quickly at that and considering it. Her eyes widen as she feels the hand against her rear, she blinks and blushes just a tiny bit.
[11:10:05] Merla: I would prefer for those I've built a rapport with already to engage in this conversation.
[11:10:33] Melanie: Mind if I tinker with the controls, maybe improve the handling some?
[11:11:07] Glorious enters the room shakes Nova's hand and then sits to her right.
[11:11:13] Sarah pauses then and considers the question. "I'm not qualified to answer it, having only joined with them two years ago, when I could… no longer co-exist with my own people."
[11:12:00] Lt. Kirria: "Sure
[11:12:10] Glorious: Unless the General has objections, I wish Tiger Squadron to speak their minds.
[11:12:59] Nova: No, objections. And based on some of the intel I have, you, the Proto-Deavas know far more than you are letting on.
[11:13:09] Remia: She guessed it.
[11:13:31] Merla: Correct, we were testing you openness and honesty.
[11:14:12] Capt. Ishida snorts to herself, well, she may have been lacking in the former, but she had the later in spades.
[11:15:23] Sarah glances over at Suki idly, rolling her eyes, then looking back.
[11:15:53] Nova: You already have every schematic, troop deployment chart, basically everything you know everything there is to know about us, as if you were one of our top generals.
[11:16:39] Merla: We could easily conquer the UEEF with the information we have, yes. But that is not why we are here
[11:16:42] Capt. Ishida purses her lips, her respect for Nova restored based on this new intelligence.
[11:17:24] Glorious: In fact the only info you DON'T have is on this fleet.
[11:17:42] Sarah flinches just a little at the implication of that, biting her lip.
[11:18:01] Capt. Ishida smiles inwardly 'didn't ell em shit ma'am' she says to herself.
[11:18:28] Remia: Actually, we have about 65% of the relevant military data on this fleet already. It's your mission to create new weapons and mecha that are keeping us lagging in that regard.
[11:18:48] Capt. Ishida: So, why ARE you here?
[11:19:50] Merla: An alliance. We're fighting the ARA ourselves, while we currently hold the upper hand, we can't get the intel on them like we can on ANYONE who uses protoculture.
[11:20:22] Capt. Ishida: How do you get your information on those that use protoculture?
[11:20:48] Remia: We will therefore loose the upper hand in the not too distant future, and we lack the innovation this fleet possesses.
[11:21:42] Merla: Through Protoculture itself. The Masters used it as part of their biocomputers, and we figured away to examine the energy emissions it makes to gather intel on anyone who uses it.
[11:23:04] Melanie: What the hell? These controls look like some for of exo-skeletal frame with only two joysticks to control the whole thing.
[11:23:39] Nova sighs.
[11:23:59] Capt. Ishida: I think there is more to it.
[11:24:18] Nova: Then you are uninterested in forming an alliance with the UEEF, just this fleet.
[11:24:29] Capt. Ishida: You may be afraid that given time this fleet may surpass your own technology.
[11:24:57] Remia: Rumor is that some of the Spirit Symbiotes our species has adopted used to be UEEF, but I don't know if it's true.
[11:25:22] Capt. Ishida: What is a Spirit Symbiote?
[11:25:37] Merla: We're HOPING your fleet surpasses our own technology. That may be the only way to beat the ARA.
[11:26:45] Merla: It is a member of another species that we can mate with. There is something about their mind-sets, spirits, DNA, whatever you are willing to attribute it to that allows them to mate with us and become like us.
[11:27:46] Capt. Ishida: You mean the physical act of mating with a proto-dveilin, deavea, actually transforms the individual, or do you mean the offspring is proto…whatever
[11:28:35] Lt. Kirria: "Its cause this was designed based off my peoples old Power Armor Designs"
[11:28:42] Remia: Both actually.
[11:29:36] Melanie: Simple, yet effective. Short of rewiring some of these relays for greater efficiency, I can't do anything with this setup.
[11:30:48] Lt. Kirria: "Yea this is battloid mode, cant improve on it much more, its sorta a design i like"
[11:30:57] Merla: Our sexual fluids secrete mutagenic chemicals that can be fatal to the wrong kind of individual, but tranformative to what we call Spriti Symbiotes.
[11:31:23] Capt. Ishida flushed slightly red at that revelation
[11:31:43] Sarah flushes just a bit as well, shifting slightly in her seat at the thought.
[11:32:14] Capt. Ishida places her hand over Sarah's' under the table, out of sight.
[11:32:58] Nova: Well, I guess it's only the UEEF personnel in the room that hasn't heard the news I'm about to deliver.
[11:33:16] Nova tries to gather up strength at what she is about to say.
[11:33:38] Nova: The SDF-3 has been found.
[11:33:47] Capt. Ishida: Status?
[11:34:36] Sarah blinks at that.
[11:35:45] Nova: In custody of the ARA, we are going to need you to go rescue it. The Ark Angel will be there to provide backup.
[11:36:09] Capt. Ishida: And it's crew?
[11:36:57] Nova: Unknown, but our Triple Agent has claimed that as near as she can tell, the crew has not been indoctrinated.
[11:37:19] Capt. Ishida: And what of Dana Sterling?
[11:38:28] Nova: She is the triple agent and expect to have to fight her. Just don't kill her.
[11:38:44] Capt. Ishida nods
[11:39:03] Sarah blinks again and nods just a little bit, eyes really wide now, as she considers it. She stays quiet though.
[11:39:23] Capt. Ishida: Will she be extracted once the SDF-3 has been secured?
[11:40:01] Melanie: Well, looks like you'll be on a mission to rescue the SDF-3 soon. My telepathic monitoring has just told me they found the SDF-3.
[11:40:51] Nova: No, she is the only one who has been indoctrinated but has chose to remain on the side of the UEEF, and the ARA doesn't know it.
[11:41:06] Nova: Though if they do find out, you may have to drag her away.
[11:41:14] Capt. Ishida nods again


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