Chapter 12


VVoltronSV (5:37:18 PM): The Tigers are prepping for a new patrol run, Work Crews are working non-stop at getting the Monster working.
VVoltronSV (5:41:55 PM): GAME START NOW!
Lurana Skyblaze (5:44:02 PM): *would have spent the last few days in the mech bay tinkering with her mecha with the other techs
Lurana Skyblaze (5:44:08 PM): trying to retrofit it with the new equipment
VVoltronSV (5:46:27 PM): The Tigers are prepping for a new patrol run, Work Crews are working non-stop at getting the Monster working. The VF-25 is being outfitted with a fresh armored pack, and Melanie is working on outfitting the Overlord with new FAST packs.
Lurana Skyblaze (5:47:27 PM): (Far as i know the only thing that went out was the engines when the lines for fuel decided to try and deep fry me lol)
VVoltronSV (5:49:06 PM): Admiral Morning is briefing the Tigers on the new patrol since the Magellan has recently come out from a long-range fold.
Lurana Skyblaze (5:49:44 PM): *would be listening to the brief even tho shes working on her mech and its impossible to pry her from that
Lurana Skyblaze (5:49:45 PM): :P
diggers316 (5:50:33 PM): Suki is dutifully taking notes…it's not everyday that the Admiral briefs you…
CrashCarrie (5:51:15 PM): Sarah quietly listens and nods, settling onto her seat and making note of each bit of the patrol pattern, taking notes for herself as well.
VVoltronSV (5:51:41 PM): Morning: You'll be flying out to the nearby asteroid belt to investigate the energy signatures that have been detected near there. From there swing by a rogue comet that should be passing through the area and obtain a sample if you can.
Lurana Skyblaze (5:55:27 PM): Kitsumi nods a bit continuing to look over diagnostic readings on her mech from earlier (if were in the briefing hall) or wrenching down with some assisted help from a tech the new plasma lines that got burned out in the accident
VVoltronSV (5:55:34 PM): Morning: The energy readings are more consistent with a space fold of Robotech design than our enemies, so you shouldn't run into hostiles. However, some unusual radiation in the area is making communication difficult.
VVoltronSV (5:57:57 PM): Morning: However, short-range laser communications are possible as a result, Saito, Apollo, Justica and Jacobs will be stationed at the following coordinates to act as comm buoys until engineering or Eve can produce some. Expected lag time should be about 2 minutes. Any questions?
diggers316 (5:59:06 PM): Suki: Should we encounter hostiles, what are our Rules of Engagement?"
VVoltronSV (5:59:49 PM): Morning: Fire if fired upon, and use your best judgment if you believe a tactical withdrawal is necessary.
diggers316 (6:00:39 PM): "Fire only if fired upon ma'am?" Suki says, disappointed, not at all happy to have to give the enemy a free shot.
CrashCarrie (6:02:04 PM): Sarah cocks her head just a little bit and considers."What should we do if they are Robotech design, and are possibly allies or further ships? Initiate contact? Or…"
VVoltronSV (6:02:14 PM): Morning: Fairie squadron reported that last encounter with the ARA went peacefully, so we don't want to get engaged in conflict unnecessarily at this point. Though if you see hostiles firing on friendlies: Do engage.
VVoltronSV (6:02:27 PM): Morning: Initiate contact and render aid if necessary.
diggers316 (6:03:35 PM): Suki: "Define peaceful ma'am."
CrashCarrie (6:03:45 PM): Sarah frowns and blinks a little bit. "An encounter went peacefully?That's certainly new…" She narrows her eyes slightly.
diggers316 (6:03:48 PM): [regards the last encounter]
VVoltronSV (6:04:14 PM): Morning: As in the actually HELPED them fight off some pirates.
diggers316 (6:05:37 PM): Suki nods, not buying it for a minute, the ARA were up to something, and she for one wasn't going to let one random act, that may or may not have been planned in advance to mollify the UEEF, make up for what they did to Earth …
VVoltronSV (6:07:01 PM): Morning: If there are no further questions, Tigers MOVE OUT!
diggers316 (6:07:17 PM): Suki stands and salutes, "Room attention!"
CrashCarrie (6:07:49 PM): Sarah stands to attention and salutes crisply.
VVoltronSV (6:08:15 PM): Morning salutes and then directs the nearest enlisted to prepare the briefing displays for Dragon Squadron.
Lurana Skyblaze (6:09:26 PM): Kitsumi doesn't stand oddly enough cause she didn't hear it to deep in her thought processes
diggers316 (6:09:39 PM): Suki swats her on the back of the head
Lurana Skyblaze (6:10:14 PM): *that does the trick finally as she glares up at Suki* "What, did i miss something?"
diggers316 (6:10:37 PM): Suki glares at her "Have you paid attention to ANYTHING the Admiral just said?"
Lurana Skyblaze (6:11:30 PM): "Some of it, I heard were flying into an asteroid belt to check out some anomalous readings, and collect a sample from a comet"
diggers316 (6:12:28 PM): Suki blinks incredulously "Some of it? When an Admiral briefs you, you should pay attention such that you can recite the brief in your sleep!"

VVoltronSV (6:11:48 PM): Sakura is the last to assume her position as comm buoy as the Tigers proceed to the Asteroid belt. The belt is much like the Sol System's a few rocks several miles apart. The IFF codes flare to life as they see a UEF Garfish, the Amaterasu, in the distance.
Lurana Skyblaze (6:14:22 PM): Kitsumi yawns, some where in the line nearly half asleep at the controls been spending to many man hours fixing
Lurana Skyblaze (6:14:29 PM): (hey blame dig not me)
diggers316 (6:14:29 PM): Suki calls back to base, A to test the string of pearls comm line, and B to see if there should be a Garfish our here, since no mention of one was made in the brief.
diggers316 (6:14:47 PM): our = out
VVoltronSV (6:16:33 PM): Magellan, 78 seconds later: The Garfish may be the source of the space fold signature detected earlier.
Lurana Skyblaze (6:17:07 PM): Kitsumi closes her eyes letting the relay go through her
diggers316 (6:17:47 PM): Suki: Roger that, all wings defence formation, I want the Garfish targeted until we can sort the situation out. "Suki opens a comm freq to the 'Fish "Tiger Actual to Amaterasu, come in. Say status over."
Lurana Skyblaze (6:18:37 PM): (do we have a scan on it mabie?)
Lurana Skyblaze (6:18:43 PM): (or is the radiation interfering?)
diggers316 (6:19:10 PM): [we aren't really in ship that can do a 'star trek-esque' scan, so, not really, maybe energy readings, basic stuff…
CrashCarrie (6:19:29 PM): Sarah falls into position, adjusting her big mecha into proper formation and watching the Garfish quietly. She waits for any answer from the Amaterasu, mostly, more curious than anything.
Lurana Skyblaze (6:19:31 PM): (oh thought any scanner could see "Damage" )
diggers316 (6:19:52 PM): [nah, thats more an eyeball thing…I would imagine]
VVoltronSV (6:19:53 PM): Amaterasu: This is the Amaterasu, we have suffered fold drive damage and are on our way to Tirol.
diggers316 (6:20:29 PM): Suki is immediately suspicious, since Tirol is supposed to have been 'nuked' [correct]
diggers316 (6:20:33 PM): ?
VVoltronSV (6:21:06 PM): [Actually, that was one of the few worlds still there, it was mostly Sentinel worlds that were lost.]
diggers316 (6:21:13 PM): [kk]
diggers316 (6:22:16 PM): Suki, please transmit your orders and flight plan." [Suki will relay those to the Magellan to corroborate it, as she has the squadron maintain a position behind the fish, such that it's long range weaponry cannot fire at them.]
VVoltronSV (6:24:37 PM): Amaterasu complies and the Magellan verifies. Just then several Gate [the ARA answer to the Space fold] out and begin firing upon the Garfish.
VVoltronSV (6:24:48 PM): [reactions, then init rolls.]
Lurana Skyblaze (6:25:16 PM): /me would shake her head and bump a button accidentally half asleep and fires her main guns at an ARA by accident
OnlineHost (6:25:29 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
OnlineHost (6:25:31 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
diggers316 (6:25:50 PM): Suki "Tiger Actual to Magellan, ARA ships have defolded and are attacking, we are engaging! Tiger Actual to Tigers, you are cleared weapons hot! Take those bastards DOWN!"
diggers316 (6:26:00 PM):
OnlineHost (6:26:00 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
diggers316 (6:26:02 PM): +3
OnlineHost (6:26:14 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
CrashCarrie (6:26:20 PM): Sarah swears immediately at the sight of that. "So much for the 'peaceful contact' reported. What a load." She powers up and moves for engagement.
OnlineHost (6:26:25 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
Lurana Skyblaze (6:26:29 PM): (17 for the accidental shot…)
diggers316 (6:26:52 PM): [that was your init roll…combat has not technically 'begun']
CrashCarrie (6:26:58 PM): (+1)
Lurana Skyblaze (6:27:31 PM): (so i cant accidentally shoot?)
Lurana Skyblaze (6:27:39 PM): (As my reaction?)
diggers316 (6:27:40 PM): [you can, but after init is rolled]
OnlineHost (6:27:52 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
Lurana Skyblaze (6:28:13 PM): 9 init then 25 to strike accidentally
VVoltronSV (6:28:16 PM): [Order: Sarah, Kitsumi, DIS, Suki, Commando Swarms A(10) and B (10).
VVoltronSV (6:28:27 PM): [Wait your turn.]
VVoltronSV (6:30:21 PM): [Sarah?]
CrashCarrie (6:31:42 PM): Sarah powers up and looks for the most immediate Swarm threat to the Garfish, swearing softly and pushing her mecha up to power, switching the new cannons on to make an attempt on them.
OnlineHost (6:32:05 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
CrashCarrie (6:32:09 PM): (+6)
CrashCarrie (6:32:13 PM): (not that it helps)
OnlineHost (6:32:17 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
VVoltronSV (6:32:24 PM): [damage.]
OnlineHost (6:32:43 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 6 6-sided dice: 1 4 1 3 2 1
CrashCarrie (6:33:12 PM): (120)
VVoltronSV (6:33:46 PM): One of the Commandos is singed by the cannon blast.
VVoltronSV (6:33:54 PM): [Kitsumi?]
VVoltronSV (6:35:47 PM): [nvm, I'll just use your accidental shot from earlier.]
OnlineHost (6:35:49 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
VVoltronSV (6:36:07 PM): +13
VVoltronSV (6:36:28 PM): [er, was that against dis or a commando?]
diggers316 (6:36:50 PM): [since it was an accident, I say it's a random roll ^_^ odd DIS, even Commando]
OnlineHost (6:38:16 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
VVoltronSV (6:39:04 PM): [Then it was +5, at which point the strike is a hit against DIS, damage roll.]
OnlineHost (6:40:20 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 2 6-sided dice: 6 3
Lurana Skyblaze (6:40:26 PM): (900 damage)
VVoltronSV (6:40:53 PM): Dis's energy crackles under the weight of the attack but does not crumble.
VVoltronSV (6:41:24 PM): Dis then transforms and fires its arm cannon at Kitsumi's Monster.
OnlineHost (6:41:26 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
VVoltronSV (6:41:48 PM): And fires in the opposite direction.
VVoltronSV (6:41:53 PM): [Suki?]
diggers316 (6:42:27 PM): Suki will fire a spread of missiles at Commando Group B (gonna test out the M3 rules here.)
diggers316 (6:43:07 PM): I guess she will go big to start and fire 20 at them, and we will see where that takes us…
diggers316 (6:43:20 PM):
OnlineHost (6:43:20 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
diggers316 (6:43:32 PM): kay, now, I get to add what, just the seeker head bonus to that?
CrashCarrie (6:43:39 PM): [never did say which group was the more immediate threat, either]
CrashCarrie (6:44:26 PM): [PP bonus, +3 missile tracking bonus, and +1 for every 2 missiles ] over 4, isn't it? ]
diggers316 (6:44:42 PM): I think, thats why me is testing it out ^_^
VVoltronSV (6:44:42 PM): [Group A, and PP + 3 for missile +10 for M3]
diggers316 (6:45:00 PM): so 16 + 8 + 3 + 10
diggers316 (6:45:25 PM): 37 in total
diggers316 (6:45:33 PM): ooo I get a triple take! eeee
OnlineHost (6:46:23 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
diggers316 (6:46:56 PM): well, fuck
VVoltronSV (6:47:11 PM): [Nat 20= auto evade.] The commandos are barely getting out of the way of the missiles as they come in.
Lurana Skyblaze (6:47:39 PM): (now question since were doing this anime style do the missiles Come back at them?)
diggers316 (6:47:39 PM): I feel like that team of commandos in Predator…"We hit NOTHING!"
CrashCarrie (6:48:34 PM): [holyfrak]
diggers316 (6:49:54 PM): Suki of course is unaware of any 'rolls' and her heart sinks as what she thought was a well lined up shot is universally dodged.
VVoltronSV (6:50:28 PM): The Commandos start to concentrate fire on the Monster with their Beam Pistols.
OnlineHost (6:50:31 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
diggers316 (6:50:45 PM): okay, seriously, turn off the dice hack!
VVoltronSV (6:50:45 PM): [I call shenanigans!]
diggers316 (6:50:56 PM): lol
OnlineHost (6:51:03 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
OnlineHost (6:51:28 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 3 6-sided dice: 4 1 5
VVoltronSV (6:52:03 PM): [400 damage.]
CrashCarrie (6:52:19 PM): [o.o]
diggers316 (6:52:51 PM): tell you what, we just need to get these beam pistols and line the hull of our ships with them… and go frikkin DEATH BLOSSOM on the enemy
CrashCarrie (6:53:22 PM): [ooc comments with brackets please ]
diggers316 (6:53:28 PM): [HUSH!]
Lurana Skyblaze (6:53:39 PM): (critical damage any systems go?)
Lurana Skyblaze (6:53:45 PM): (750-400)
VVoltronSV (6:54:08 PM): [Yes.]
diggers316 (6:54:13 PM): [the syb…err I mean stabilizers are out!]
Lurana Skyblaze (6:54:14 PM): (what shuts down?)
VVoltronSV (6:54:44 PM): [primary sensors, -5 to strike from now on.]
VVoltronSV (6:55:20 PM): Group B begins to attack the Garfish.
OnlineHost (6:55:21 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
OnlineHost (6:55:31 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 3 6-sided dice: 5 2 5
VVoltronSV (6:56:48 PM): [800 damage to the aft of the ship.]
VVoltronSV (6:56:58 PM): It's engines are on FIRE.
VVoltronSV (6:57:05 PM): [Sarah.]
CrashCarrie (6:58:09 PM): Sarah blinks as one group makes an attack, frowning quickly. She lines up to prevent the group from making another shot, firing 10 SRMs quickly to discourage it.
CrashCarrie (6:58:20 PM): [+7 and how much M3 bonus?]
OnlineHost (6:58:56 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
VVoltronSV (6:59:09 PM): [0 M3 bonus because it is +1 for every 2 OVER ten.]
CrashCarrie (6:59:15 PM): [oh]
CrashCarrie (6:59:21 PM): [brainfail]
CrashCarrie (6:59:39 PM): [so 24]
OnlineHost (7:00:06 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
VVoltronSV (7:00:12 PM): [The HELL!]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:00:14 PM): (DICE HACK!)
Lurana Skyblaze (7:00:19 PM): (I CALL HACK!)
Lurana Skyblaze (7:00:23 PM): (:P)
diggers316 (7:00:35 PM): >.<
diggers316 (7:01:13 PM): any more of that and I'm gonna hit the self destruct to deny the enemy the satisfaction…
VVoltronSV (7:01:17 PM): And the commandos dodge furiously at the missiles.
VVoltronSV (7:01:22 PM): [Kitsumi]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:02:57 PM): *though smoke boils around her mech from the multiple hits she raises both laser arms and the main cannons and opens up again at the DIS!
OnlineHost (7:03:02 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
Lurana Skyblaze (7:03:12 PM): *but they don't fire…*
Lurana Skyblaze (7:03:40 PM): "Aw shit computer fuck up!" *kicks the console!
VVoltronSV (7:03:51 PM): Dis tries to fire its Arm cannons at the Monster.
OnlineHost (7:03:52 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
VVoltronSV (7:03:56 PM): +10
OnlineHost (7:04:04 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
diggers316 (7:04:04 PM): [enemy is bowling a perfect game so far]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:04:31 PM): (+11)
VVoltronSV (7:05:04 PM): The shot goes wide over the Monster's hull.
VVoltronSV (7:05:08 PM): [Suki.]
diggers316 (7:06:43 PM): Suki will try again, same thing, same group, lifting a prayer to the Kami this time, "oh please let me smite my enemy!"
diggers316 (7:06:52 PM):
OnlineHost (7:06:52 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 3
diggers316 (7:06:55 PM): or not
diggers316 (7:07:45 PM): <- Is very demoralized right now
VVoltronSV (7:08:08 PM): Group A begins to fire on Suki to put her out of her demoralized misery.
OnlineHost (7:08:10 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
VVoltronSV (7:08:17 PM): +12
diggers316 (7:08:30 PM): Suki will try to dodge
diggers316 (7:08:40 PM):
OnlineHost (7:08:40 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
VVoltronSV (7:08:51 PM): [remember about STUNTS people.]
diggers316 (7:09:00 PM): +20
diggers316 (7:09:11 PM): <
- to demoralized to do stunts right now
diggers316 (7:09:27 PM): [maybe once i effing CONNECT, then my spirits will brighten
VVoltronSV (7:10:26 PM): The Beam shots go wide as Suki dances out of the way.
VVoltronSV (7:10:40 PM): [All you have to do is be more descriptive in your actions.]
CrashCarrie (7:12:41 PM): [*yawns*]
diggers316 (7:13:46 PM): [and in my defence, I could have written a 200 page novel worth of a stunt, … that roll of a 3 would have ruined it… :P]
VVoltronSV (7:14:06 PM): Group B weaves in and around each other as they fire beams in orchestrated death at Sarah.
OnlineHost (7:14:09 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
diggers316 (7:14:25 PM): [yay! time for the enemy to suck!]
VVoltronSV (7:14:28 PM): And Sarah just sits still as the beams continue to miss.
VVoltronSV (7:14:33 PM): [Sarah]
CrashCarrie (7:16:13 PM): Sarah decides her mood is getting more foul at the moment. She gets herself fed up and locks 30 mini-missiles onto group B, switching the trigger and letting a whole nice storm of them fly.
OnlineHost (7:16:20 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
VVoltronSV (7:17:18 PM): [That's an ALL attack with a +1 stunt strike bonus.]
CrashCarrie (7:17:23 PM): [+16 or so I think]
OnlineHost (7:18:00 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
CrashCarrie (7:18:03 PM): [now watch it dodge]
VVoltronSV (7:18:15 PM): +13
VVoltronSV (7:18:31 PM): […]
diggers316 (7:19:01 PM): [Sarah, lets just dump all our missiles overboard…be easier that way…]
CrashCarrie (7:19:07 PM): [+10 for M3, +6 to strike in VT, +1 for 'all' attack, Mini-missiles have no bonus to hit]
VVoltronSV (7:19:39 PM): [Er, that +6 your PP bonus VT bonus?]
VVoltronSV (7:19:53 PM): [*or]
CrashCarrie (7:20:20 PM): [er, that's the strike bonus on the VT really. just +4 with straight PP.]
VVoltronSV (7:20:36 PM): [it's JUST PP.]
VVoltronSV (7:21:19 PM): The missiles are again evaded by the Commandos.
VVoltronSV (7:21:32 PM): [Kitsumi.]
CrashCarrie (7:21:46 PM): [sry]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:22:58 PM): Kitsumi gets really pissed off rolling and slamming her monsters controls trying to fire a full barrage all cannons and weapons on board at the DIS!
Lurana Skyblaze (7:23:27 PM): (any bonus to that?)
VVoltronSV (7:23:44 PM): [+1 stunt.]
VVoltronSV (7:23:55 PM): [roll away!]
OnlineHost (7:24:07 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 19
Lurana Skyblaze (7:24:14 PM): (oooo so close)
diggers316 (7:24:24 PM): [if that DIS rolls a 20…I will just scream…]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:24:27 PM): (+8 to the strike tho)
OnlineHost (7:25:11 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
VVoltronSV (7:25:16 PM): +5
VVoltronSV (7:25:21 PM): [Damage.]
OnlineHost (7:25:47 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 6 6-sided dice: 3 5 5 4 3 1
Lurana Skyblaze (7:25:53 PM): oops
OnlineHost (7:26:00 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 6 4-sided dice: 1 1 4 4 2 3
Lurana Skyblaze (7:26:11 PM): 150+
OnlineHost (7:26:26 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 6-sided die: 6
Lurana Skyblaze (7:26:27 PM): 60
Lurana Skyblaze (7:26:29 PM): +
Lurana Skyblaze (7:26:54 PM): err
Lurana Skyblaze (7:26:58 PM): i fired missiles in that to
Lurana Skyblaze (7:27:06 PM): all 32 of her mini missiles if its within 1 mile range?
VVoltronSV (7:27:38 PM): [sure, that'd be +11 strike, but you hit anyway.]
OnlineHost (7:27:52 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 15 6-sided dice: 4 6 3 1 5 1 5 1 1 6 1 1 4 3 5
Lurana Skyblaze (7:27:58 PM): ok cant do that lol
Lurana Skyblaze (7:28:15 PM): uhhh can you count that lol
VVoltronSV (7:28:23 PM): [just roll for one then multiply times the number of missiles.]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:28:29 PM): ok
OnlineHost (7:28:37 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 6-sided die: 5
Lurana Skyblaze (7:28:45 PM): 50x32 thats what x.x
Lurana Skyblaze (7:28:55 PM): 16000
Lurana Skyblaze (7:28:57 PM): 1600 sorry
Lurana Skyblaze (7:29:17 PM): 1810 so far
VVoltronSV (7:29:36 PM): Explosions pepper the Dis as its energy shield gives out causing light damage.
OnlineHost (7:29:51 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 6 6-sided dice: 6 5 1 4 5 4
Lurana Skyblaze (7:30:04 PM): 250 more
Lurana Skyblaze (7:30:06 PM): and finally
OnlineHost (7:30:12 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 2 6-sided dice: 3 4
Lurana Skyblaze (7:30:20 PM): 700
Lurana Skyblaze (7:30:35 PM): grand total 2060 damage
Lurana Skyblaze (7:30:39 PM): if my math is correct
VVoltronSV (7:31:06 PM): [Yep, but my earlier description still stands.]
VVoltronSV (7:31:46 PM): Dis fires a massive beam weapon from it's chest.
OnlineHost (7:31:47 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 6
VVoltronSV (7:31:50 PM): +10
VVoltronSV (7:31:59 PM): at Kitsumi's monster.
OnlineHost (7:32:16 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
Lurana Skyblaze (7:32:27 PM): +11
Invitation result for buddy CrashCarrie : CrashCarrie rejected your request.
Lurana Skyblaze (7:32:35 PM): 26 vs 26
Lurana Skyblaze (7:32:44 PM): i mean 16 vs 16
VVoltronSV (7:32:58 PM): Paint Blisters off the side of the monster as Dis's shot BARELY misses.
diggers316 (7:36:37 PM): Suki grumbles, Well if missiles wont work, time to go to guns! Suki will ignore the Commandos for the moment, since she has a plan, she will swoop down behind the DIS and fire a full spread of her energy weaponry at the larger machines largest engine nozzle, then, will land upon it, if the Commandos want to fire at her, they will run the risk of their missiles hitting the DIS.
OnlineHost (7:37:06 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
diggers316 (7:37:17 PM): +11
VVoltronSV (7:37:44 PM): [+3 stunt.]
OnlineHost (7:37:46 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
VVoltronSV (7:37:51 PM): +5
VVoltronSV (7:37:56 PM): [damage]
OnlineHost (7:38:14 PM): diggers316 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 2 1
diggers316 (7:38:25 PM): but wait, theres more…
OnlineHost (7:38:48 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 12-sided die: 6
OnlineHost (7:39:14 PM): diggers316 rolled 4 10-sided dice: 4 10 1 1
diggers316 (7:39:46 PM): kk lemme do the addition here
Lurana Skyblaze (7:40:02 PM): 7+6+16
Lurana Skyblaze (7:40:12 PM): 29 total
diggers316 (7:40:19 PM): 225
diggers316 (7:40:30 PM): oh wait shit
OnlineHost (7:40:43 PM): diggers316 rolled 2 10-sided dice: 9 5
diggers316 (7:41:04 PM): 335
diggers316 (7:41:10 PM): kk, 335 to the things engine
VVoltronSV (7:42:32 PM): Dis jerks wildly as the blast connects, while the engine port itself hasn't taken much, several of the blasts found their way the power core and the engine port is being shut off.
VVoltronSV (7:45:17 PM): Group A begins another orchestrated attack on Kitsumi's Monster.
OnlineHost (7:45:18 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 15
VVoltronSV (7:45:23 PM): +12
Lurana Skyblaze (7:46:04 PM): /me she fires her thrusters to move out of the way based on her trajectory she appears to intend to ram what appears to be the command bridge on the DIS
Lurana Skyblaze (7:46:13 PM): (stunt?)
Lurana Skyblaze (7:46:23 PM): (the attack will come during her turn tho)
VVoltronSV (7:47:16 PM): [Er, what are you doing about the incoming attack?]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:47:30 PM): (Read it shes moving out of the way)
Lurana Skyblaze (7:47:35 PM): (duh *bonks*)
VVoltronSV (7:47:36 PM): [+1]
OnlineHost (7:47:45 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
Lurana Skyblaze (7:48:40 PM): +12
OnlineHost (7:49:03 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 3 6-sided dice: 4 5 4
Lurana Skyblaze (7:49:54 PM): (total damage?)
VVoltronSV (7:50:16 PM): [520]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:50:43 PM): -170
Lurana Skyblaze (7:51:13 PM): *the monster explodes in a big flash as all its ammo left over int he cannons go off due to the massive damages instantly killing the pilot and any one within a small radius takes blast
diggers316 (7:52:08 PM): Suki, atop the DIS sees the fireball "Kitsumi! NOOO!!!" She screams.
Lurana Skyblaze (7:52:35 PM): (its prolly a good 50ft blast zone in all directions if any are caught in it)
diggers316 (7:52:48 PM): [I'm on the DIS, so…]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:53:01 PM): (dis was a good mile out I'm pretty sure it didn't get hit)
VVoltronSV (7:53:16 PM): Seven commandos who got too close are evaporated in the explosion.
Lurana Skyblaze (7:54:36 PM): *assumes new character
Lurana Skyblaze (7:54:59 PM): "Helm bring us about lock on the turrets on the DIS lets see if we can get these assholes to run! Fire ALL GUNS!"
Lurana Skyblaze (7:55:09 PM): (leadership roll vs 54%
OnlineHost (7:55:19 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 67
VVoltronSV (7:55:34 PM): [INIT roll for Kirria]
Lurana Skyblaze (7:55:35 PM): (i think i gotta roll it…)
diggers316 (7:55:39 PM): Random Crewman : Your not the boss of me! /goes back to playing bejeweled
Lurana Skyblaze (7:55:59 PM): (oh nope i don't gotta roll that)
OnlineHost (7:56:16 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
Lurana Skyblaze (7:56:22 PM): (19 total)
diggers316 (7:56:32 PM): [And while Kirria is ordering all guns to open fire, I hope someone is monitoring IFF locators…]

<Big switch to OpenRPG>

[10:28:05] Supreme Commander James: (Kirria's turn)
[10:29:22] Lt. Kirria: "Fire the main gun all barrels target that son of a bitch!" *she points to the dis as the gunner turns the main gun towards it and opens up with a loud booming roar and flashy lights the beams streak out lashing towards the DIS, trying to impact where the last shots from the monster did!
[10:29:31] Lt. Kirria: [1d10+13] => [8,13] = (21)
[10:29:38] Lt. Kirria: (gerr ignore)
[10:29:43] Supreme Commander James: (+2 stunt)
[10:29:47] Lt. Kirria: (any additional bonus for showy?)
[10:29:51] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+15] => [13,15] = (28)
[10:29:56] Sarah: (( woo ))
[10:30:33] Lt. Kirria: (err dammit make it 11 sorry )_
[10:30:41] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+10] => [11,10] = (21)
[10:30:48] Lt. Kirria: (25 total)
[10:30:53] Supreme Commander James: (damage)
[10:31:00] Lt. Kirria: [4d6*100] => 1200
[10:31:39] Supreme Commander James: Small breeches can be seen over the hull of Dis, but the damage is still very light.
[10:34:35] Sarah checks her targeting system and swears slightly. She adjusts her position to make another firing attempt, this time locking 20 SRMs into the system and firing at group b, trying to ward it off and remove it if she possibly can.
[10:35:14] Sarah: [1d20+13] => [20,13] = (33)
[10:35:23] Sarah: (( holy shit, Nat 20! ))
[10:36:05] Lt. Ishida: booyah! oh the tide is turning
[10:36:11] Lt. Ishida: Sarah, I sent you the logs
[10:36:14] Lt. Ishida: via e-mail
[10:36:41] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+13] => [17,13] = (30)
[10:37:00] Supreme Commander James: (double damage)
[10:37:17] Sarah: [(2d6*10)*2] => 180
[10:37:40] Sarah: [180*10] => 1800
[10:38:00] Sarah: [1800*2] => 3600
[10:39:11] Supreme Commander James: Several spherical explosions fill Sarah's view as Group B is wiped out.
[10:39:18] Lt. Ishida: oooo thats pretty! and sexy
[10:39:33] Sarah: (( wee ))
[10:39:45] Supreme Commander James: Dis fires both of its arm cannons at the Garfish
[10:39:49] Sarah whews and checks her reserves of missiles, realizing she's lost a lot of them by now.
[10:40:00] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+10] => [9,10] = (19)
[10:41:25] Supreme Commander James: (The Garfish can dodge shots from Dis.)
[10:41:53] Lt. Kirria: Hart to Port! *the navigation officer types in the proper sets and grabs the sticks turning hard as the thrusters fire the lumbering Garfish begins to move away from the shots!
[10:42:14] Supreme Commander James: +1
[10:42:24] Lt. Kirria: [4d20+11] => [9,19,10,17,11] = (66)
[10:42:32] Lt. Kirria: (err woops)
[10:42:34] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+11] => [7,11] = (18)
[10:42:35] Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:43:02] Lt. Kirria: (unless you wanna use the 9 for 20?)
[10:43:23] Supreme Commander James: [2d4*10] => 40
[10:43:36] Supreme Commander James: [40*10] => 400
[10:43:49] Supreme Commander James: [40*100] => 4000
[10:43:55] Lt. Kirria: (huh?)
[10:44:29] Supreme Commander James: trying to get the right roll
[10:44:37] Sarah: (( heh ))
[10:44:39] Supreme Commander James: [2d4*100] => 500
[10:46:29] Lt. Kirria: (ok garfish has taken a shot to the engines and now one to the hull?)
[10:46:44] Lt. Kirria: (and I'm not sure what book the garfishes stats are in lol)
[10:46:56] Lt. Ishida: 900 MD main body in the book
[10:46:57] Supreme Commander James: (midsection)
[10:47:08] Lt. Ishida: 9000 in Chris's World
[10:47:39] Supreme Commander James: (it actually has 3 MBs, for a total of 2700)
[10:47:50] Lt. Ishida: (i just find it laughable that an Alpha/beta combined have more MD than a space ship
[10:47:53] Supreme Commander James: (Suki's turn)
[10:48:27] Lt. Ishida: Suki sees the shot hit the hull of the Amaterasu and her teeth clench. (do I see ANYthing that resembles a Bridge tower?)
[10:48:44] Supreme Commander James: (the head)
[10:49:56] Lt. Kirria: "Damage Report!" *She after getting up from taking another hit that knocks her to the floor* "God damit Lock main battery again and blow its guts out, Evasive pattern Omega Helm keep us from takeing to many hits! (roleplay aboard!)
[10:50:02] Lt. Ishida: Suki engages the mag pads on her feet and moves to the bridge/head "I" clang "HAVE" clang "HAD" clang "ENOUGH" Raises gun pod "OF" Pulls trigger, point blank, empties the clip. "YOU!!!!"
[10:50:44] Lt. Ishida: [2d20+11] => [5,11,11] = (27)
[10:50:49] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [1,11] = (12)
[10:51:28] Lt. Ishida: That! THAT is why I don't type out stunts >.
[10:51:52] Supreme Commander James: The slightly jerking motion of Dis throws off your shot.
[10:52:33] Lt. Ishida: seriously, had that happened IRL tabletop, that die would be feeling the hammer…
[10:53:17] Lt. Ishida: me bangs head on desk
[10:55:14] Sarah: (( *hugs* ))
[10:55:46] Lt. Ishida: can we say that aside from missing spectacularly that I didn't expend the entire clip (since I would have stopped firing the second I started to miss.?)
[10:56:12] whispering to Lt. Ishida, *patpats*
[10:56:37] Lt. Kirria: "Comm tell those fighters to get the fuck out of the way were about to torpedo that thing with our Multi-Reflex Warheads!
[10:56:57] Supreme Commander James: The 3 remaining Commandos of Group A begin to bear down upon Suki firing their beam pistols in coordinated effort.
[10:57:20] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+12] => [2,12] = (14)
[10:57:27] Supreme Commander James: And They miss.
[10:59:15] Supreme Commander James: (Kirria)
[11:00:09] Lt. Kirria Ishida and Sarah get word from the comms officer on the garfish as it angles and opens up its missile tubes preparing for a full on missile strike holding just long enough for the fighters to make their run for it
[11:02:04] Sarah quickly adjusts to maneuver away from the field of fire, switching her boosters to full power along with the fast pack, to haul ass out of there as quickly as possible.
[11:03:19] Lt. Kirria: I'm gonna cry if i roll a 1-4 on a 34 missile strike with multi-reflexers…)
[11:04:43] Supreme Commander James: (what?)
[11:04:57] Lt. Ishida: can you please apply the damage from the Commandos that missed Suki, to the DIS? Since they missed her, they hit the big boy instead.
[11:05:25] Lt. Ishida: Also, Suki will transform and skedaddle upon getting word that a missile salvo is inbound
[11:06:25] Supreme Commander James: [3d6*10] => 130
[11:06:33] Supreme Commander James: [130*3] => 390
[11:06:40] Supreme Commander James: (done)
[11:07:10] Lt. Ishida: Thank you, I feel better, I did damage to the DIS, sorta…by proxy lol (I'll take what I can get)
[11:07:39] Lt. Kirria the garfish then launches all 34 of its big bad missiles which those around would realize there multi-reflex warheads, in a massive barrage the garfish spreading them out evenly to hit each section with multiple hits focusing most on the main body, and bridge sections to makes sure no ass hole survives, the Captain making a really evil sounding laugh over the comm as the spread moves towards the target!
[11:07:54] Lt. Kirria: (will note these are SMART missiles)
[11:08:05] Lt. Kirria: [1d20+15] => [11,15] = (26)
[11:08:50] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
[11:08:57] Supreme Commander James: (damage)
[11:09:04] Lt. Kirria: [2d4*100+60] => 660
[11:09:17] Lt. Kirria: [660*32}
[11:09:20] Lt. Kirria: [660*32] => 21120
[11:09:25] Lt. Ishida: O.o
[11:09:37] Lt. Kirria: (woops forgot 2 missiles in there)
[11:09:47] Lt. Kirria: [660*34] => 22440
[11:09:51] Lt. Kirria: (there we go)
[11:09:56] Lt. Ishida: o.O
[11:10:27] Supreme Commander James: Dis is hurting but it is still in the fight.
[11:10:32] Lt. Ishida: Garfish (>^(>O.o)> DIS Suprise buttsecks
[11:10:35] Supreme Commander James: (S)
[11:10:55] Lt. Kirria: (after taking 22440 MD?
[11:11:07] Supreme Commander James: (Sarah)
[11:11:11] Lt. Kirria: (Spread between the bridge, body?)
[11:11:26] Lt. Kirria: (must also note that that has a 100ft radius per each blast 200ft diameter)
[11:11:30] Supreme Commander James: (60K MDC Monstrosity)
[11:11:33] Lt. Ishida: Suki sees this and curses, "Still not dead!?" scarcely believing it.
[11:11:51] Lt. Ishida: nod but anything on it from hatches to weapons that have less then 20K are all slag
[11:11:59] Supreme Commander James: (Not enough to the bridge)
[11:12:43] Lt. Kirria: "Loading Crews reload the tubes prepare to fire the main battery again while reloading!"
[11:12:54] Supreme Commander James: (actually less than 11K)
[11:15:18] Lt. Kirria picks up an extra head set* "Friendly fighters please check in radiation is interfering with our sensors around the big bad bitch… but we still see it!"
[11:16:06] Supreme Commander James: (Sarah's move?)
[11:16:07] Sarah watches all the fireworks, smiling just a little. She arms her short range missiles then, trying to target the big behemoth on the screen. She sights in towards it, locking weapons and adjusting the range finder, before making her most careful sighting attempt to launch all 26 remaining SRMs at it.
[11:17:12] Sarah: [1d20+15] => [6,15] = (21)
[11:17:45] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
[11:17:52] Supreme Commander James: (damage)
[11:18:02] Sarah: [(2d6*10)*26] => 1560
[11:20:27] Lt. Kirria: (yea i would figure most of its weapons and engines would have been blown away in the attack
[11:20:35] Lt. Ishida: Lurana, you keep coming in and out and in and out, and your going to have an orgasm
[11:21:07] Lt. Kirria: (lol)
[11:21:32] Supreme Commander James: (then stop nitpicking, and start playing)
[11:22:26] Lt. Kirria: any way
[11:22:52] Lt. Kirria: wouldn't the engines and weapons of the DIS have been obliterated by the 20k+ missile barrage?
[11:22:53] Supreme Commander James: Dis Punches the Garfish.
[11:23:01] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)
[11:23:30] Lt. Kirria: (umm how did it move that close lol?)
[11:23:40] Lt. Kirria: (we were a good mile away at least)
[11:24:01] Supreme Commander James: (fine, it swats at Suki)
[11:24:03] Lt. Ishida: moving on, the DIS is still mobile, if it has 60K and we only did 20+, we have only done 1/3 damage…but yeah,
[11:24:12] Lt. Ishida: hookay
[11:24:34] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+20] => [2,20] = (22)
[11:24:45] Lt. Ishida: well, at least I didn't waste a good roll >.<
[11:24:48] Lt. Ishida: waste
[11:25:08] Supreme Commander James: [1d4*10] => 20
[11:26:12] Supreme Commander James: Clearly Dis's strength isn't hand to hand as it only destabilizes Suki and causes minor damage.
[11:26:39] Lt. Kirria: (rofl and i still forgot 2 missiles! it launched 36 not 34 lol oh well)
[11:27:08] Supreme Commander James: (Suki)
[11:27:15] Lt. Ishida: Suki recovers and keels hard over in performs an immalman turn then comes down atop the DIS' head/bridge and looks for a breach in the armor plate
[11:27:50] Supreme Commander James: Suki sees several cracks in the viewer window.
[11:28:01] Lt. Ishida: how severe?
[11:28:23] Supreme Commander James: You're surprised the window is still there
[11:28:47] Lt. Kirria: "Gunner set your sights on the bridge lets see if we can breach it and kill the crew, Take it back for further study"
[11:28:49] Lt. Ishida: Suki hovers in front of it and opens fire with her gun pod fires 200 rounds
[11:28:58] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
[11:29:16] Supreme Commander James: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
[11:29:20] Supreme Commander James: (damage)
[11:30:11] Lt. Ishida: [22d10*10] => 1380
[11:30:58] Supreme Commander James: The window shatters and the bridge crew are blown into space. Dis is dead.
[11:31:38] Sarah: (( geez ))
[11:31:58] Lt. Kirria: "Good shot, Recovery in motion stand by" *the garfish maneuvers and tries to find a spot to lock onto it and tow it to the Magellan
[11:32:19] Lt. Kirria: (that is if it doesn't Self destruct before being grabbed)
[11:32:53] Sarah: (( unless it's automated, the crew died ))
[11:33:51] Lt. Kirria: (right but the garfish can tow it prolly least what i gather about the garfish its a GP towing, cargo and various other duty vessel)
[11:33:55] Supreme Commander James: The transport makes it to the Magellan, and after the crew is taken from the Amaterasu, G-95 gobbles BOTH ships up.
[11:34:12] Lt. Ishida: Suki raises the smoking barrel leaving a faint line of red and orange as the barrels still glow hot.
[11:34:42] Lt. Ishida: How many crew by the way, aboard the DIS?
[11:35:13] Lt. Ishida: and you said the DIS looks like a Macross Quarter correct?
[11:35:27] Supreme Commander James: Yes.
[11:35:50] Lt. Kirria sigh and steps off the ship having them unload her fighters before the ship is decommissioned and goes to med lab to get some bruised ribs and facial bruises and cuts fixed up
[11:35:52] Lt. Ishida: I say the Tigers take the DIS as their own! rename it! and start to terrorize the ARA with their own ship!
[11:36:10] Lt. Kirria: (lol and who will command it?)
[11:36:24] Lt. Ishida: Whoever was commanding the Fish
[11:36:31] Lt. Ishida: or Suki! nah, she'll be CAG
[11:36:31] Lt. Kirria: (that would be my new char)
[11:36:58] Supreme Commander James: Except the Dis has been scrapped for other purposes.
[11:37:07] Lt. Ishida: I say we call it the UES Reciprocity
[11:37:23] Lt. Ishida: no way man!! spoils of war! /pout
[11:37:46] Supreme Commander James: you get 2 levels each.
[11:43:58] Lt. Kirria would be in medbay getting patched up and taped up griping at the med tech for not being gentle

A while later…

[11:53:03] Lt. Ishida: anyway, Suki sets her affairs in order, file her reports arrange a 'warriors' send off for the next day, and then, go meet the new person
[11:53:52] Lt. Ishida: so, figure about 3 hours later A young Captain with a black band around her left arm enters the ward
[11:54:25] Lt. Kirria soon as Suki comes in she sees the woman half naked Purple Hair Red eyes griping out the med tech obviously restraining from punching him as she is being taped up around the ribs and a bandage over her head where she bashed it earlier.
[11:54:44] Lt. Ishida: ((half naked lol))
[11:54:58] Lt. Kirria: (yea no bra, but still wearing her pants)
[11:55:23] Lt. Ishida: what her rank?
[11:55:37] Sarah follows behind the Captain, in her usual duty uniform. She glances around just a little bit and cocks her head slightly as she walks into the medical area. She has her own black band as well.
[12:00:37] Lt. Kirria: "Good day ma'am" *she saws through gritted teeth as the captain walks in
[12:02:38] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods, steps in, ignoring the partial nudity and moves to take a look at your medical file. (you may describe your wounds and how you got them)
[12:03:51] Lt. Kirria reading through her medical file you see 3 broken ribs listed bruising on the head, and several bruises along her rib cage besides the broken ribs, all of which appear to be combat injuries when the garfish was struck several times
[12:04:16] Sarah watches Suki's entrance, and quietly slips out enough to be seen herself. She glances over at the one on the bed, offering her a gentle nod and a worried look.
[12:05:23] Lt. Ishida: Suki: I hear you took command of the Amaterasu, is this correct?
[12:06:33] Lt. Kirria: "I was in command ma'am, it was given to me to bring to the Magellan, how ever we were attacked and attempted to evade pursuit in the asteroid field in question…"
[12:07:34] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "Then I thank you for your compliance on our approach, as well as your assistance in downing the enemy ship." She bows ever EVER so slightly.
[12:08:27] Lt. Kirria: "No problem we would have done so but we were out numbered and were trying to evade them, rather than fight…"
[12:09:31] Lt. Kirria: "OW dammit will ya!" *the med tech finally finishes with her bandages
[12:10:08] Lt. Ishida: Suki: "I am not sure of the position you will be given aboard the Magellan, that is up to the Admiral I am Captain Ishida Suki, Tiger Squadron commanding officer, and this is my Executive Officer, Sarah Amdahl."
[12:11:49] Sarah offers a smile and nods just a little bit. "A pleasure to meet you."
[12:11:50] Lt. Kirria: "I am 1st Lt. Kirria R&D Black Division formerly on Tirol we were moved to another system temporarily to test some new weapons and were on route back there before heading here, but due to pursuit we headed here instead."
[12:13:49] Lt. Kirria: "My old squadron 90% of whom are dead now, the 10% you see sitting before you… the Black Angels….".
[12:15:10] Lt. Kirria you would notice an angel with black wings on her shoulder pad of her CVR-3 next to her
[12:16:21] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods. "I see." She sighs "Please forgive me for my taciturn demeanor, we lost a member of the family out there today."
[12:16:43] Lt. Kirria: "The Monster?"
[12:16:55] Lt. Ishida: "Hai."
[12:17:15] Lt. Kirria: "We saw, Sorry we were at the wrong angle at the time to do any thing to help
[12:17:31] Sarah frowns just a little bit at the squadron listing and nods just slightly.
[12:18:17] Lt. Ishida: Suki nods again. "It was unavoidable. Tragic, but it is the path we chose"
[12:19:42] Lt. Ishida: Suki: When you are mended I will see about arranging a tour of the ship and city."
[12:19:47] Lt. Kirria: "Before getting here i lost 12 of my soldiers, i am unfit to command any more…"
[12:20:12] Lt. Ishida: Suki shrugs at that "We will see."
[12:21:39] Sarah nods just a little bit at that and sighs, considering it. "Losing soldiers does not make one unfit. Again, the path they chose, they knew there was the risk when they signed up."
[12:22:44] Lt. Ishida: "Well spoken Sarah." Suki nods
[12:22:52] Lt. Kirria: "Right, but it was my decisions that killed them, i sent them into battle while we got the garfish running again
[12:24:14] Lt. Ishida: "You would be ill advised to second guess yourself to harshly, instead learn from the experience. If you were truly negligent, I am sure others will point it out for you."
[12:24:23] Sarah shakes her head just a little bit. "If you hadn't, the ship may have not made it anywhere at all. They would have died aboard it without any chance."
[12:25:01] Lt. Kirria: "I suppose your right, but as you say a unit is like a family i just lost all my brothers in 1 go"
[12:26:34] Lt. Ishida: "Welcome to the ranks of the 'survivors'." Suki says
[12:28:07] Lt. Kirria begins to remember a song that was once sang by Zentraedi to honor their fallen and begins to sing it
[12:28:07] Lt. Kirria: [2d100*] => 2d100*
[12:28:16] Lt. Kirria: [1d100] => [67] = (67)
[12:28:24] Lt. Kirria: (vs 70%)
[12:28:43] Sarah nods just a little bit at that and sighs softly. "Indeed.
[12:29:08] Lt. Ishida: HA! now I SHALL NIT PICK! Song were forbidden by the Robotech masters and Zentraedi high command! it was CULTURE!!
[12:29:32] Sarah: (( *nips* ))
[12:30:24] Lt. Kirria: (fine it was one she learned from humanity then! )
[12:32:44] Sarah: (( *tickles* ))
[12:33:01] Sarah sits quietly then and listens, to avoid disturbing.
[12:33:03] Lt. Kirria: (so only Sarah listens to the song?)
[12:34:17] Lt. Kirria Its fairly guttural as she just barely remembers the words and rhythm
[12:34:44] Lt. Ishida: Suki listens..politely
[12:35:25] Lt. Kirria stops and looks at them* "sorry if i butchered that song a lil…"
[12:37:14] Sarah shrugs just a little and offers a soft, worried look. "It sounded fine to me."
[12:37:48] Lt. Kirria reaches over and puts her shirt on* and reaches to shake Sarah's hand*
[12:40:19] Sarah watches quietly and takes the hand very softly in hers when it's offered.
[12:41:07] Lt. Kirria Sarah would feel the Zentraedi's hand close and it feels like a vice grip even if shes trying to be gentle with the shake
[12:44:43] Sarah on the other hand has a gentle shake, not very strong. She's just a little girl after all. She offers a worried expression though , still.
[12:46:13] Lt. Kirria lets go as Sarah's hand is turning white from loss of blood
[12:46:15] Lt. Kirria:
[12:46:56] Sarah: (( heehee ))
[12:47:35] Lt. Kirria: (unfortunately her str is augmented x.x)
[12:48:31] Sarah: (( *nod* and poor Sarah is just a lil girl ))
[12:48:39] Lt. Kirria: "I'm gonna go find quarters now, i haven't slept in 4 days"
[12:50:09] Lt. Ishida: Suki: "Sarah, please call ahead and see that a spare room is made up, Kirria will be making use of it until Sanchez has decided on her new posting."
[12:50:44] Sarah winces just a little bit at that and nods. "They don't want you here, to make sure you're all right?" She glances to Suki and nods then, moving for the intercom. "Yes, ma'am…"
[12:50:57] Lt. Kirria: "all i require is a bed even if its a rock for a bed, I'm Zentraedi"
[12:51:11] Lt. Kirria: "My parents called our bloodline warlord breed…"
[12:51:35] Lt. Ishida: "And yet you grouse like an old woman when bandaged." Suki smiles, ribbing you slightly.
[12:51:39] Lt. Ishida: grouse
[12:51:56] Lt. Kirria: "Call it, hatred for medical"
[12:52:11] Lt. Kirria: "I like my battle wounds i don't want them sutured up"
[12:52:25] Lt. Ishida: "If you say so." Suki nods, then motions towards the door.
[12:52:37] Sarah quietly gets onto the intercom to order for a room to be made up. Once she has that done, she steps back in. "Well, they just want you in top shape the next time you go into battle, that's all. Though… I admit, I'm a bit hesitant around doctors myself, for other reasons."
[12:53:15] Lt. Kirria grabs her things out of a holster one of her pistols drops free clanking on the ground luckily it was cleared before she got to med lab so it wouldn't go off
[12:53:27] Lt. Ishida: Suki dives deep deep into her accent "It is because you are a dericate frower."
[12:54:09] Lt. Kirria: (Delicate, and Flower you mean?)
[12:54:28] Lt. Ishida: (I spelled it just like she said it
[12:54:28] Lt. Kirria reaches down and picks up the wolf auto pistol and tucks it back into the holster*
[12:54:48] Sarah coughs very softly at Suki, covering her mouth to avoid starting to laugh.
[12:55:23] Sarah shakes her head just slightly then. "Yep, so delicate." She rolls her eyes.


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