Chapter 11


VVoltronSV (7:36:59 PM): For the next week an inordinate amount of black was worn around the Magellan, grief had seized the very heart of the fleet once the official announcement (that was missing more than a few details) was released.
VVoltronSV (7:41:27 PM): The Shrine had seen more than its fair share of visitors, more than half of them didn't seem to have a clue what they were doing, and one outright said they were praying at EVERY religious facility to hopefully talk to the right supreme deity.
diggers316 (7:42:18 PM): [Suki will do her best to make the temple visits easy and fulfilling, in hopes that helping others will help her thru he own pain.]
CrashCarrie (7:43:29 PM): [Sarah would do what she could to help Suki with that, within the realm of her knowledge about it.]
VVoltronSV (7:43:57 PM): Glorious Morning had kept the Tigers on training and patrol missions to try and keep the grief, unfortunately another breakdown and Kitsumi's bull-headedness about fixing her own craft landed her in the brig again. Melanie had withdrawn into the lab and barely said two words to anyone else.
diggers316 (7:44:58 PM): [Suki will go seek out Melanie, to see if she is okay. She asks if Sarah would like to accompany her.]
CrashCarrie (7:45:20 PM): Sarah immediately agrees to that with a quick nod.
VVoltronSV (7:45:36 PM): Sakura would usually drag Jacobs to the shrine where she would just sit working at a computer with a holographic interface. Jacobs himself just looked exhausted. Saito just seems to disappear on his off-duty time.
diggers316 (7:46:48 PM): [Suki would put her squad to work at the shrine, doing light work here and there, mainly to keep their minds of of things, but, to enrich them somewhat, as well as help in the maintenance of the shire itself, and the moral of the populace]
VVoltronSV (7:46:55 PM): At the entrance to the lab you see Apollo sniffing at the bottom of the door with a sack of food in his hand: "How is anybody supposed to bring her food if she doesn't unlock the door?"
diggers316 (7:48:16 PM): Suki: [holds her hand out for the food bag] "We'll take it in to her Apollo." Suki smiles. "The others are at the shrine, and w have not seen anything of Saito, would you be able to see if he is all right?"
CrashCarrie (7:49:48 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit at that, offering Apollo a quick hug at the sniffle. "Don't worry. We'll take care of it." She isn't in a much better mood either though.
VVoltronSV (7:49:59 PM): Apollo keeps his hand on the bag: "Sorry but the old lady told me that I had to be the one to give this to Melanie. Besides I've tried everything short of a reflex cannon on this door, and she won't open it and the door won't budge.
diggers316 (7:51:05 PM): Suki nods, understanding that a mission tasked should be one completed. "Sarah, if you would. I'll wait for the return trip."
CrashCarrie (7:52:36 PM): Sarah starts to speak, then just nods to Suki, moving to take Apollo quickly by the shoulders. "Right." She promptly glows yellow, and moves to bypass the door with a short teleport.
VVoltronSV (7:54:44 PM): Sarah finds that the inside of the lab stinks slightly of sweat and unwashed Melanie, she also notes what looks like a used sleeping bad and some slightly torn clothing lying about. There is also a lab table in front of the door that Apollo is moving out of the way.
CrashCarrie (7:55:47 PM): Sarah frowns as she looks around, glancing up and around at the state of the room with a soft sigh. She looks to see if she can find Melanie somewhere in the mess, or a clue as to where she might be.
VVoltronSV (7:56:49 PM): There is a light coming from the one of the backrooms and the sound of typing and muttering is coming from it.
diggers316 (7:57:10 PM): Suki leans up against the door and waits…
CrashCarrie (7:58:00 PM): Sarah glances to the back room, pointing it out to Apollo. She then adjusts quickly to go back and get Suki, just in case the door situation isn't helped by removing the table.VVoltronSV (7:59:06 PM): Apollo disappears, only to get yelled at about something involving "fasting." Sarah finds it easier to just unlock the door and open it.
diggers316 (8:00:25 PM): Suki falls back onto her back and looks up, "Hi." She flips up onto her feet, then takes a wiff "Oh, phew! yuck!"
CrashCarrie (8:01:04 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit, whispering quietly. "And a mention of fasting was being made, when she yelled at Apollo." She sighs a little bit.
diggers316 (8:01:50 PM): Suki nods…wondering how fasting melds with a unkempt room and apparent lack of personal hygiene.
diggers316 (8:02:33 PM): "Room inspection!" Suki calls out as she picks her way thru the detritus and into the room.
CrashCarrie (8:02:56 PM): Sarah blinks at Suki and almost laughs.
VVoltronSV (8:03:39 PM): Suki hears her belt and pants unfasten then fall to the floor. Apollo can be heard trying to force French Fries down Melanie's throat.
diggers316 (8:04:45 PM): Suki rolls her eyes and pulls her pants back up and calls out to Apollo, "Apollo, front and center, no force feeding the Major if you please."
CrashCarrie (8:05:36 PM): Sarah rolls her eyes at the falling pants as well, though she watches the legs as she sees them fall, smiling a bit. She stays quiet though, keeping her attention towards the other room.
diggers316 (8:06:01 PM): "Later, you can play with them later." Suki demurs to Sarah
VVoltronSV (8:06:19 PM): Apollo hollers back, "Sorry, but Admirals with whips outrank and over-rule Marine Captains."
diggers316 (8:06:59 PM): "Well, you squadron commander outranks her whip. Move it soldier." She replies, half serious, half not.
CrashCarrie (8:07:16 PM): Sarah coughs softly at that. "Then maybe I should have brought the Admiral in, with the whip."
CrashCarrie (8:07:35 PM): Sarah glances to Suki then and snickers.
VVoltronSV (8:08:47 PM): Apollo then is sent soaring only to land at Suki and Sarah's feet. "Sorry, but the Admiral told me that I had to get at least one fry down Melanie's throat before I could listen to either yours or Melanie's orders."
diggers316 (8:08:52 PM): Suki walks over to Apollo and gently places her hand on his shoulder. "Please stop." She says.
VVoltronSV (8:10:11 PM): Melanie walks out of her little room looking very grouchy, "What part of I'll be fasting for a week, please do not disturb me during that time didn't Admiral Morning understand?"
VVoltronSV (8:12:08 PM): It is also apparent from the red (as in the type of red that comes from crying and allergies) eyes and the fact that she's in jeans and a ripped t-shirt that this has been part of her mourning process. She rubs her eyes, "What do you all want anyway?"
VVoltronSV (8:12:27 PM): [Blood-shot was the word I was looking for…]
CrashCarrie (8:13:26 PM): [eep]
diggers316 (8:13:34 PM): Suki puts her arms akimbo, her hands on her hips. "Major MacGregor. I am appalled. Fasting is supposed to be a time of peace, reflection, and cleansing, instead you have turned it into a the mother of all temper tantrums." She pouts her lips at her with a slight harrumph. He feelings however are of concern for Melanie's wellbeing.
VVoltronSV (8:14:33 PM): Melanie
VVoltronSV (8:15:49 PM): : "It WAS a time of peace, but I've also been working around the clock, so I've been just sleeping here. And the torn clothing, that's traditional Jewish sign of mourning."
diggers316 (8:18:31 PM): Suki blinks "Well…okay then.."
CrashCarrie (8:19:10 PM): Sarah, meanwhile, frowns for just a moment, but immediately shifts into the most gentle and comforting demeanor she can manage at this point, casting her worried glance around the room and back, even as she hears that. "We would not have disturbed you, but we were deeply concerned with your well being."
OnlineHost (8:19:39 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 70
CrashCarrie (8:19:57 PM): [vs 94%]
VVoltronSV (8:21:01 PM): Melanie: "Something I learned while still young: First Impressions ARE deceiving. And I'm sorry to have caused you concern, but it was sorta necessary."
diggers316 (8:21:25 PM): "Just because you are fasting doesn't mean you have to lock yourself away." Suki offers
VVoltronSV (8:22:21 PM): Apollo: I was there for that conversation, evidently Melanie shut herself up to work uninterrupted on some new gizmo or something."
CrashCarrie (8:23:12 PM): Sarah nods quickly at Suki's statement, her look still one of concern. "With the things that have happened, contact is important to ensure mental well being."
diggers316 (8:23:39 PM): Suki sighs…"So no one tells the Squadron Commander anything… (disregard if she had been told.)"
VVoltronSV (8:25:30 PM): Melanie: Unless you're a telepath that hears everyone's surface thoughts ALL the time, some alone time was about the only way I could fully concentrate on what I was doing. And you didn't need to know because I'm not under you and the Admiral or Sanchez could fill my shoes for a week without so much as raising an eyebrow."
diggers316 (8:26:11 PM): Suki steps closer and pokes Melanie on her forehead "Umm, hello, friends! Duh!"
VVoltronSV (8:27:20 PM): Melanie pokes back: "And how often would you have stopped by to check up on me anyway if you were aware of what was going on?"
diggers316 (8:27:47 PM): "Everyday, like clockwork." Suki replies without missing a beat.
VVoltronSV (8:28:13 PM): Melanie: "And that is exactly why you weren't told."
diggers316 (8:28:33 PM): "Ouch, you cut me Mel, cut me deep."
VVoltronSV (8:29:26 PM): "I'm sorry. Really I am, but you don't seem to get that the only time I feel any sense of privacy is when I'm in isolation, and I needed that."
diggers316 (8:30:28 PM): Suki nods "And I'm sure 5 minutes a day would have horribly encroached upon that." She turns. "I'll leave you then to yourself." She walks out.
CrashCarrie (8:31:13 PM): Sarah frowns just a little at that, nodding and slipping to leave with Suki.
VVoltronSV (8:31:42 PM): Melanie sighs in frustration turning back to her work. Apollo follows Suki out the door, "That was weird…"
diggers316 (8:32:06 PM): "it is what it is Apollo. It is what it is."
CrashCarrie (8:32:31 PM): Sarah frowns and nods. "Especially since other people noticed she was holing herself up too much and were also concerned."
VVoltronSV (8:35:06 PM): Apollo: "Her scent was a bit off too, and I'm not talking about the not bathing. Even the Admiral was giving off the same scent. They're not different people or anything but its like the two got around something I've never smelled before."4
diggers316 (8:36:08 PM): "Like what? Some sort of substance?" Suki chews her bottom lip then steals into a nearby office and logs on. Research roll
OnlineHost (8:36:21 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 60
diggers316 (8:36:28 PM): Off of Military Etiquette.
CrashCarrie (8:36:44 PM): Sarah frowns at that, thinking about it. "Any particular kind of 'off'? Something that could be affecting them mentally?"
diggers316 (8:36:50 PM): under a 65%
OnlineHost (8:37:42 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 70
diggers316 (8:37:50 PM): dang, didn't make my Intel roll
VVoltronSV (8:38:19 PM): Apollo: It started when Melanie was looking at some of the remains from the Neue Ziel that was brought back."
CrashCarrie (8:38:54 PM): Sarah frowns quickly at that.
diggers316 (8:39:01 PM): "Hmm, where did they store it? And, whats a Neue Ziel anyway? (spelling intentional to convey she has NO clue how it's pronounced.)
VVoltronSV (8:39:15 PM): Suki easily gets into the system and finds Melanie's logs for the past week. [PERC ROLL for Suki.]
OnlineHost (8:39:27 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
diggers316 (8:39:28 PM): +3
diggers316 (8:39:31 PM): crud
CrashCarrie (8:39:44 PM): Sarah tries to look over Suki's shoulder quietly as well, even as she listens, to see what she's doing.
diggers316 (8:39:57 PM): Suki doesn't stumble upon a three way sex vid does she…?
VVoltronSV (8:40:14 PM): Apollo: It's in the research hangar, and it's the big folding mecha that was blown to hell on the test flight a while back [You blew it up two weeks ago.]
diggers316 (8:40:21 PM): cause that would be…..awkward
OnlineHost (8:41:11 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
CrashCarrie (8:41:18 PM): [+1]
OnlineHost (8:41:21 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
OnlineHost (8:41:24 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
OnlineHost (8:41:26 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 14
diggers316 (8:41:29 PM): +3 all
VVoltronSV (8:45:15 PM): Sarah notices an odd sort of energy signature wave chart in regard to the power core of the machine, she instantly recognizes it as the inverse of what is normally given off by Protoculture and the Flower of Live.
VVoltronSV (8:45:28 PM): [It was in brackets, therefore a joke.]
diggers316 (8:45:41 PM): [and this is where the jock Suki is blanks in the face of SCIANCE!!!]
VVoltronSV (8:46:41 PM): Chris notices an odd series of text strings in the logs as if it were written in an alien language. She also sees some notes for a new type of armor meant to repel the energy blasts of the enemy.
diggers316 (8:47:22 PM): […who is this…Chris? I know of no Chris on the Magellan!]
diggers316 (8:47:51 PM): [Is Suki able to recognize the alien script?]
VVoltronSV (8:47:52 PM): [Sorry, mind hit some turbulence, I meant Suki.]
diggers316 (8:47:58 PM): [^_^ ]
diggers316 (8:48:21 PM): [not what it says, but what language it is]
CrashCarrie (8:48:22 PM): Sarah frowns deeply at the energy signature chart, pausing at it and blinking slightly. She scowls slightly as she sees the power inversion and glances over. "That's odd. The energy signature is the opposite of protoculture. Like some dark flower of death or something…" She frowns a little
VVoltronSV (8:48:45 PM): [Give me a Language: Japanese roll/. at -25%]
OnlineHost (8:48:55 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 14
diggers316 (8:48:58 PM): BOOYAH!
VVoltronSV (8:49:49 PM): The language is Japanese but its syntax and romanization is such that you initially confused it with an alien language.
diggers316 (8:49:58 PM): Suki: "I…I can read this!" She blinks.
VVoltronSV (8:50:34 PM): [only slightly.]
diggers316 (8:50:37 PM): [Time for Suki to practice her Daniel Jackson]
CrashCarrie (8:50:45 PM): Sarah glances over and looks. "Well what does it say then?"
diggers316 (8:51:09 PM): "It says that Apollo needs to move his head so he's not looking down my top." Suki deadpans
VVoltronSV (8:52:57 PM): It makes several references to Protoculture's potential being no where near fully tapped and that the super-dimensional energies used by your enemies could, after a fashion, be used in Robotechnology as well. The two different tech bases are literally the antithesis of each other.
VVoltronSV (8:53:12 PM): Apollo: I thought I saw a mouse run down in there.
diggers316 (8:53:47 PM): "Sorry Apollo, i don't have breast mice." She snerks [Suki reads back the text to the group]
diggers316 (8:54:39 PM): [reads back=translates]
VVoltronSV (8:54:45 PM): Apollo snickers and then starts sniffing the ground to find an old GI Joe DVD.
CrashCarrie (8:56:26 PM): Sarah frowns just a little at that, nodding just slightly as she considers the implications of that. She cocks her head slightly.
diggers316 (8:56:54 PM): "Looks like the base for Shadow tech, I think, I mean, makes sense, the Haydonites hate protoculture, so, they make a power source that's the exact opposite, to counter it…except it seems, they are having a hard time getting it to work right."
CrashCarrie (8:58:06 PM): Sarah scowls at that just a little bit, nodding slightly.
diggers316 (8:59:01 PM): "So now Mel and Subpar Afternoon are toying with using the same tech to fight fire with fire…'
CrashCarrie (9:00:23 PM): Sarah frowns a little at that and considers it. "Hmm… That or if they got exposed too severely, I wonder if it had averse effects on them."
diggers316 (9:00:44 PM): "Like a Genesis pit, but …eww"
VVoltronSV (9:01:11 PM): Melanie walks out and looks at the trio: "Infected? That would explain the headaches…"
CrashCarrie (9:01:16 PM): [hrm. too bad Sarah dun know that much about earth history.]
diggers316 (9:02:08 PM): Suki stands and shakes her head at Melanie. "Nice…working with the power generation version of Ebola without so much as a face mask."
diggers316 (9:03:09 PM): "And you were going to put is in mecha powered by…that?"
CrashCarrie (9:03:12 PM): Sarah glances over and nods, trying to look over Melanie with her other senses, to see if she can notice anything bad from that. "Protoculture and the flowers can have distinct mental effects, if the same is true of something totally inverse of it…"
VVoltronSV (9:03:43 PM): Melanie: I thought it was some sort of fusion reactor, and I was wearing protection!" The last line in the form of a teenager explaining certain activities to a parent.
CrashCarrie (9:04:01 PM): [LOL]
diggers316 (9:05:05 PM): "Haydonites are cybernetic, probably minimal if any effect on them, if they are robotic, then none. so, they use this stuff, and get some human types to use it, and all of a sudden you have a slew of no moral twats prancing about in godly mecha with no compunctions about destroying their homeworld."
VVoltronSV (9:05:38 PM): Melanie: And I was not going to convert power sources, just apply some of the technological principles to our own, though the thought of outright conversion has been nagging at me for a while.
diggers316 (9:05:53 PM): [In response to Melanie's statement "You are so grounded missy!"
CrashCarrie (9:06:31 PM): Sarah frowns a little at that and considers it. "Protected against physical effects. Protected against potential psychic effects is totally different."
VVoltronSV (9:06:32 PM): [Mel was grounded since her telepathy developed, remember she was originally a combat pilot.]
CrashCarrie (9:06:55 PM): [more like a teenager being grounded methinks :p]
VVoltronSV (9:07:21 PM): [To a flier, I doubt there's much of a difference.]
diggers316 (9:08:22 PM): [grounded as in, Go to your room and no Playstation!]
CrashCarrie (9:08:29 PM): [rotfl]
VVoltronSV (9:09:21 PM): Melanie: You're all forgetting: At that point in time WE DIDN'T KNOW ANYTHING about who they were or what was going on.
diggers316 (9:09:46 PM): "Well now you know…" Suki waits to let Sarah finish the sentence.
CrashCarrie (9:10:43 PM): Sarah coughs very softly at that line, and keeps frowning further. "Depending what those effects include, Apollo could still smell it on you."
CrashCarrie (9:11:11 PM): [should I try rolling perc to see if I sense something radically off after her exposure to that stuff with exotic senses?]
VVoltronSV (9:11:25 PM): [go ahead.]
OnlineHost (9:11:35 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
CrashCarrie (9:11:39 PM): [+1]
VVoltronSV (9:13:53 PM): You sense something that could almost look like a mild rash, something that'll probably go away with a good bath and no further exposure.
CrashCarrie (9:14:37 PM): [a rash where?]
VVoltronSV (9:15:30 PM): [About the face and arms is the worst, to a lesser extent her entire body.]
CrashCarrie (9:15:56 PM): Sarah walks closer to Melanie with a slight frown, looking at Melanie closely. "Did something get sprayed on you recently?"
diggers316 (9:16:49 PM): Suki watches Sarah 'work' and looks, or tries to look at what Sarah is on about
VVoltronSV (9:16:56 PM): Melanie: There was some mist when I opened the power core… Let me guess I need a bath…
CrashCarrie (9:17:52 PM): Sarah frowns a little bit at that. "At the very very least. It looks almost rashlike, but it can't be seen visually. Whatever you were protected with, it didn't protect you."
VVoltronSV (9:19:51 PM): Melanie: Word to the wise then: Stay inside your mecha when these things blow up or their power cores get ruptured, I was in full CVR-3 when this happened.
CrashCarrie (9:20:41 PM): Sarah frowns and nods just a little bit. "At very least inside the mecha. It got right through like some kind of psychic 'stain'. Again, it can't be seen visually, only through exotic means."
diggers316 (9:21:19 PM): Suki frowns "I do not think any physical protection will work, this seems to be very negative chi, and something born of that cannot be stopped by solid walls, distance, and positive chi, might be the only way to defend against it's effects."
diggers316 (9:21:57 PM): "Of course, that's what I would say if i were a Shinto priestess." Suki sighs…
diggers316 (9:23:49 PM): "Also.." Suki points to the screen. "I can read that."
VVoltronSV (9:24:59 PM): Melanie: Well, I'm going to go grab the Admiral and head to a bath house, she was there when the mist went off. How about you go gather the rest of the group and head The Maiden's call, there's something I need to talk to you all about. And I think I wrote that during one of my headaches. The rooms was all bright and colorful at the time too.
CrashCarrie (9:25:44 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit. "Sounds like an aftereffect of whatever the mist was. I'll check for it again when you wash off. To make sure that got rid of it."
diggers316 (9:26:09 PM): Suki nods then will go to the Shrines onsen and take a cleansing bath of her own.
VVoltronSV (9:27:00 PM): On your way out, you practically trip over Sakura [Perc Checks.]
OnlineHost (9:27:22 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 12
CrashCarrie (9:27:25 PM): [+1]
OnlineHost (9:27:30 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 8
diggers316 (9:27:32 PM): +3
diggers316 (9:27:59 PM): "Sakura-chan? Dijobudesuka?
VVoltronSV (9:29:01 PM): Her holo screens are identical to what you were just looking at, plus a few hacking tools. Seems you had a helper getting into the system and finding what you were looking for.
VVoltronSV (9:29:40 PM): As her screens close she speaks softly: I don't speak Japanese, my name is because my creator was a hentai otaku.
CrashCarrie (9:30:06 PM): Sarah raises her eyebrows slightly at the screens, and nods just a little bit at the comment.
diggers316 (9:30:06 PM): "Ahhh so desu neh." Suki replies… "Err, I mean, I see."
diggers316 (9:30:48 PM): Suki looks to Sarah "her creator was a porn collector."
VVoltronSV (9:31:02 PM): Sakura: We should be going.
CrashCarrie (9:32:59 PM): Sarah blinks at Suki and makes a face, cocking her head slightly. "Your creator?"
diggers316 (9:33:18 PM): "Anduroido-desu"
VVoltronSV (9:34:11 PM): Sakura: I'm completely biological. In fact, apart from my origins I'm Terran Human.
diggers316 (9:34:28 PM): "Clone?" Suki replies.
CrashCarrie (9:34:39 PM): Sarah blinks a little at that.
VVoltronSV (9:35:43 PM): Sakura: Designer Child 001sac, Sakura Justicia.
diggers316 (9:36:15 PM): Suki shakes her head. "Told you your batch number and everything huh."
VVoltronSV (9:36:33 PM): Sakura: I was one of the lucky ones.
diggers316 (9:36:39 PM): "How so?"
diggers316 (9:36:54 PM): "You weren't sold into lolicon?"
CrashCarrie (9:37:15 PM): Sarah blinks and frowns just a little bit at that.
VVoltronSV (9:37:59 PM): "Many designer children were sold into lolicon prostitution, yes. I was lucky to merely be used as a test subject to test emotional and physical responsiveness of the genome-type."
diggers316 (9:38:30 PM): Suki sighs "No end of depravedness in this galaxy."
diggers316 (9:39:04 PM): Suki pats her head softly "As you said, we should go.'
CrashCarrie (9:39:56 PM): Sarah frowns softly at that and frowns further, offering Sakura a gentle hug, nodding to Suki.
VVoltronSV (9:40:05 PM): Sakura: "Humanity is its own worse enemy."
VVoltronSV (9:40:38 PM): Apollo: "If humans are made in God's image, I guess that makes the Devil made in humans' image?"
CrashCarrie (9:41:40 PM): Sarah shrugs just a little bit at that. "Humanity being its own worst enemy has been seen, after all.":
diggers316 (7:42:15 PM): "Humanity is made of positive and negative forces Apollo, sadly, both need each other to t thrive. without one, the other withers and dies."
VVoltronSV (9:44:27 PM): Sakura: "I'll see you all at the Maiden's Call." She sullenly walks off as if the conversation was an everyday matter. Apollo: "I guess see you all later too, this philosophy stuff makes my head hurt anyway."
diggers316 (9:44:56 PM): Suki nods then retreats tot eh shrine for a loooonnnng hot bath
CrashCarrie (9:45:10 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit to the two of them, sighing softly as she sees the sullen walk of Sakura. She looks to Suki, and starts moving along quietly.
diggers316 (9:45:19 PM): [well, not really, a shower actually, since they have an appointment]
VVoltronSV (9:46:14 PM): Later at the Maiden's call, Melanie and the others are sitting at a large outdoor table. Melanie signals the Suki and Sarah to join them. Melanie: Do I look better now?
diggers316 (9:46:25 PM): Suki will dress in {gasp!] nigh western attire! Shorts, long sleeve shirt under a t-shirt, sneakers, and white socks, rolled down
diggers316 (9:46:48 PM): [very teenage Japanese]
CrashCarrie (9:47:08 PM): Sarah is dressed similarly to Suki, wearing a t-shirt and shorts only though, and sneakers. She hmms, and cocks her head to one side slightly, trying to sense out for the others.
OnlineHost (9:47:14 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 18
CrashCarrie (9:47:17 PM): [+1]
CrashCarrie (9:48:14 PM): Sarah frowns just a little bit. "Still traces, but not nearly as much as before. Maybe another scrubbing and you'll be okay." She ponders just a little. "Maybe I should help do it, since I can see it."
diggers316 (9:48:38 PM): Suki blanches at that, slightly, no, almost overtly jealous.
VVoltronSV (9:50:08 PM): Melanie tenses up visibly: "That'll be okay, I'm actually feeling better already. Besides after Glorious' scrubbing, I don't think I could handle someone else seeing me naked right now…
CrashCarrie (9:50:30 PM): Sarah looks to Suki and frowns just slightly, cocking her head. "If I didn't consider the situation serious, I wouldn't say anything." She frowns a little. She then turns to Melanie and nods just slightly. "All right."
diggers316 (9:50:30 PM): Suki = O>O
diggers316 (9:50:33 PM): O.O
CrashCarrie (9:50:39 PM): [rotfl
CrashCarrie (9:51:33 PM): Sarah frowns still though. "I'll let you recover. But if it;'s still there after a while, well, she can't see it the way I can, unless it's effected her somehow already."
VVoltronSV (9:54:37 PM): Melanie: No she was just very- thorough. Anyway, not what I called you all here to talk about. I think I know why the baddies are after the UEEF so badly and want your ideas as well as eyes to find evidence supporting any of our theories.
VVoltronSV (9:54:46 PM): [brb]
CrashCarrie (9:55:21 PM): Sarah nods just a little and considers that, cocking her head slightly, nodding.
CrashCarrie (10:01:39 PM): [mew[
diggers316 (10:02:00 PM): [^_^]
VVoltronSV (10:02:24 PM): [sorry, I had an irritant to see to.]
CrashCarrie (10:03:38 PM): [I'm enough of an irritant, you don't need more] ;p
VVoltronSV (10:04:52 PM): Melanie: My hypothesis is that the very power source of the enemy drives them to fight those who wield protoculture or are closely tied to it. If it is the opposite of PC then that would be the logical conclusion.
diggers316 (10:05:32 PM): "Which fits in with the Haydonites fear of PC and hatred and desire to exterminate all that use it."
VVoltronSV (10:06:30 PM): Sakura: The primary problem with that hypothesis is that while you were infected you're own writings suggested an infatuation if not obsession with Protoculture and pushing to its limits.
CrashCarrie (10:08:04 PM): Sarah frowns and nods just a little. "It impels them to act directly against anything PC related or anyone using it. That would make some sense to what we've seen." She glances to Sakura. "To its limits, or past its limits, however subconsciously? I could imagine initial effects not being as noticeable. Pushing past its limits and calling it 'design failure' would certainly eliminate protoculture powered equipment easily enough. A person might not even consciously know."
diggers316 (10:09:14 PM): Suki sits silently, and eats some of the appetizer in front of her.
CrashCarrie (10:09:56 PM): Sarah considers further. "All flights of theoretical speculation of course. If it can do that, it could also subconsciously impel people towards other infected people."
VVoltronSV (10:12:08 PM): Saito: Actually, I'm curious about the human confederates, how did Revan get involved with the group, even more so with those three we fought last time. They seemed to have an interest in testing themselves against us, not so much destroying us, which has been their MO with the rest of the UEEF? Is there something special about us or do they have a deeper connection?
diggers316 (10:13:23 PM): "They did express elation at having 'bested those that had beaten Revan'" Suki adds as she continues to pick at her food.
VVoltronSV (10:17:00 PM): Sakura pulls up her holo-comp: "Dirk Revan: Born: January 3, 1982, Reported Deceased: September 9, 2031, Remained in active service until November 7, 2044." Saito and Jacob's faces fall and Apollo looks completely confused.
VVoltronSV (10:17:08 PM): Apollo: What is that supposed to mean?
CrashCarrie (10:17:58 PM): Reported where and how? And does it say how much later he turned up?
VVoltronSV (10:19:01 PM): Sakura: Reported as a Casualty during the Second Robotech War during a raid on a Robotech Master Mothership, turned up a month later on board the SDF-3.
CrashCarrie (10:19:49 PM): Sarah frowns.
diggers316 (10:20:46 PM): "In Nihon, when i was a child, my father would tell me stories of the Robotech masters. "Suki says, not looking up. (more to follow , please no posty ^_^]
diggers316 (10:23:20 PM): "We called the Masters 'Tsujin', those who steal. They left our island alone, mainly focused with reflex point. But, they did conduct slave raids, to gather pilots for their bioroids. It would not be beyond consideration that something similar happened to Revan, and that, somehow, something, latent, something, buried, was awoken by the process."
CrashCarrie (10:27:54 PM): Sarah listens quietly. "If that happened though, wouldn't he have been with their fleet? Any record of how he got onto the SDF-3?
VVoltronSV (10:28:08 PM): Sakura: However, records of similar incidents take place since the SDF-1 crash. Including one Rana Dayaa, a test pilot for the original VF-1 prototypes, apparently dead in a flight accident near Macross Island, to turn up 3 weeks later in a Japanese hotel.
diggers316 (10:28:57 PM): "And now to turn up facing us, aboard one of the enemy ships" Suki says, recognizing the name as one spoken of during their last fight.
VVoltronSV (10:29:07 PM): Sakura: There is no record, but there is evidence of extensive hacking made to seem like he should have been there.
diggers316 (10:29:40 PM): "I have a theory." Suki says, still not looking up from her food.
CrashCarrie (10:30:36 PM): Sarah looks to Suki and raises her eyebrows.
VVoltronSV (10:30:44 PM): Sakura: The incidents are not restricted to human activities as well. A Meltran Mia Klan was engaged with the Invid skirmish near Praxis, to disappear and show up near Tirol months later.
diggers316 (10:31:49 PM): "All of them, Revan, Mia, Rana, wee inserted into our systems, for what purpose , I cannot say, maybe to gain knowledge, maybe to foster contacts, spread disinformation, what have you." She chews slowly, letting that sink in as she swallows. "What we should do, is follow the hack, and if possible, follow the money trail, if any."
diggers316 (10:32:57 PM): "I would focus on Mia, since she was the most recent."
diggers316 (10:35:00 PM): Suki's eyes snap open. "The Tigers are their new recruits! That is why they have taken interest! They seek to conscript us."
VVoltronSV (10:35:28 PM): Sakura: Correction, Mia was the most recently found in my database searches. Revan and Dana Sterling are the most recent ones chronologically. And I have already begun the search, however, the hack seems to have been perpetrated by the individuals involved.
VVoltronSV (10:35:59 PM): Melanie: Now that is a frightening prospect… Especially given the prototype equipment you have access to.
diggers316 (10:36:09 PM): "Dana Sterling was among those evacuated from SSL correct?"
diggers316 (10:36:30 PM): "Which puts her aboard the Ark Angel?"
CrashCarrie (10:36:50 PM): Sarah frowns at that. "Us or a larger number of people here on the ship." She frowns deeply. "What would be the easiest way to get to us?"
diggers316 (10:37:31 PM): "They force us to choose, we join them, or they destroy the Magellan. That is what I would do where I them."
diggers316 (10:37:35 PM): them
VVoltronSV (10:37:57 PM): Sakura: Indeed, however, the incident took place 1 month after the Invid invaded Earth. She also brought the information of G-95. Her current whereabouts are unknown.
diggers316 (10:38:32 PM): "Then she is with them, either as party to them, or in the process of indoctrination."
diggers316 (10:38:42 PM): "We cannot assume otherwise."
VVoltronSV (10:39:23 PM): Saito: Wild Mass Guessing aside, their MO seems to be one of abduction and brainwashing, not holding ships hostage.
CrashCarrie (10:39:29 PM): Sarah shakes her head just a little bit. "I'd guess more an isolation tactic. Get people onto the ship, or swing some people to their side, or worse. And try to get them into positions of power over us.
CrashCarrie (10:40:22 PM): Sarah looks around a little. "How long would it take to brainwash someone through chemical means?"
CrashCarrie (10:40:34 PM): "Partially chemical, anyway."
diggers316 (10:40:57 PM): "Saito-kun, the lives of many are worth protecting, and if they can indeed obliterate this ship, and everything I have seen lends me to believe they can, at will. Then I ask you, if i were to hold this ship in the palm of my hand and say to you, join me or they die, what would you do do. "She looks at each person at the table in turn.
VVoltronSV (10:42:20 PM): Jacobs: That is entirely dependent on the chemicals and other methods involved, not to mention the victim's own will power. But it looks to be in month range.
VVoltronSV (10:43:37 PM): Apollo: I'd prove just how much a mistake giving me that choice was and not stop fighting until I was dead or the other guy was.
CrashCarrie (10:44:30 PM): Sarah frowns. "A month. Hrm…" She considers that and nods. "But again, dependent on chemicals and other means involved. How many people have been missing for more than a month and have suddenly 'turned back up'?
VVoltronSV (10:44:44 PM): Saito: There is an old police adage: When in a hostage situation where you're opponent literally holds the hostage against them, shoot the hostage, non-lethally of course.
diggers316 (10:45:09 PM): Suki nods at Apollo's reply. "I to would rather die, and would gladly take my own life before I was used as an agent of humanities destruction, but, how many others would say, I will join, if only to placate them, and then, fold under their brainwashing?"
VVoltronSV (10:45:54 PM): Sakura: There are three: Mia Klan, Dana Sterling and Syrius Bolochev.
diggers316 (10:45:58 PM): "And how would you non fatally, shoot the Magellan?
CrashCarrie (10:47:42 PM): Sarah nods. "just the three then. okay."
diggers316 (10:48:03 PM): "This ARA has shown that they are willing to rend worlds, a ship like the Magellan, would not mean much to them after what they have done."
VVoltronSV (10:48:13 PM): Saito: Blow up an engine, hangar bay or something of that nature. The principle works two fold: It makes the hostage harder for the criminal to handle and makes them doubt that you care for the safety of the hostage possibly disarming the situation by surrender of the criminal party.
diggers316 (10:49:34 PM): "I call your bluff then." You take out an engine, and a hanger bay, AND maybe even life support. I still hold the ship as hostage, you haven't hit me, or if you have, my two compatriots will certainly make good on the threat. What then?"
VVoltronSV (10:51:48 PM): Saito: I continue to resist while trying to convince my opponent that their scheme has already failed. Why destroy something when you know the only purpose it serves is to make someone come after you harder? Earth's demise was probably more to destroy a strategic resource than a morale attack.
diggers316 (10:53:39 PM): "Yet it served both purposes equally well, and makes ships like this all the more precious."
VVoltronSV (10:55:26 PM): Jacobs: Also remember they used Neutron-S missiles to destroy Earth, something that big and slow moving is going to be harder to hit. And the Barriers on the Magellan can withstand some pretty big blows from more conventional attacks. Not only that there is an entire fleet here with the sole purpose to protect the Magellan. Your situation is possible, but not plausible.
diggers316 (10:56:23 PM): "They don't have to hit the Magellan Jacobs-kun, but only need to get close, the NS missiles create a black hole, if we somehow survive the shockwave, the ship would be lost regardless."
diggers316 (10:57:04 PM): "And the fleet we had to protect the Earth, far greater in number then what we posses, was unable to protect the planet."
CrashCarrie (10:57:45 PM): Sarah frowns. "The only way to get us that close to be in the blast range before we fold out would be to lure us to it, or smuggle it to us via moles."
diggers316 (10:58:01 PM): "Besides, who is to say they need to fire a NS missile at us, Revan was aboard for over two weeks, they agent and mechanism of our destruction might already be aboard"
diggers316 (10:58:11 PM): they=the
VVoltronSV (10:59:49 PM): Saito: You are still failing to grasp something though, because you are so hung up on this what-if scenario. Blowing up Earth aside, we have 0 evidence that they take hostages for the purposes you describe. I've read the reports of those battles: They've had opportunity to do such things but have chosen to fight us relatively fairly every time.
diggers316 (11:00:05 PM): "Why?"
VVoltronSV (11:00:24 PM): Saito: Heck, our homeworlds would have been the best opportunity to demand our total surrender, instead they continue to hunt us.
diggers316 (11:00:26 PM): "When they have slaughtered other units and pilots out of hand. Why us?"
diggers316 (11:02:43 PM): "They are cutting our options down one by one, wearing us down, wearing us thin, and soon, they will start to turn us on each other if that suits their purposes. Consider this, we receive a broadband communication from hem demanding our surrender, they tell the entire ship that if they do not do so, the ship dies. After what has happened one has to believe they can do what they say they can do. Within seconds, the crew and populace lynch us and turn us over, to save their lives. This is but ONE method I would employ were I in their place."
diggers316 (11:04:13 PM): "And then for irony sake, I would pervert us thru brainwashing to destroy the Magellan for betraying us in the first place." Suki says
VVoltronSV (11:05:09 PM): Melanie: It's a good question, but ultimately fruitless. It could be something as simple as: We've proved ourselves. It could also be that there is something unique about us as individuals they are after, or some sort of compatibility with the anti-protoculture?
diggers316 (11:05:38 PM): "in either case, what is their goal?"
VVoltronSV (11:06:02 PM): Sakura: Conversion.
VVoltronSV (11:06:12 PM): Sakura: Evolution.
diggers316 (11:06:17 PM): "they could kill us on a whim, yet they have not, sentiment, pleasure, the desire to see us suffer?"
diggers316 (11:06:38 PM): "Evolution into what? The Anti-Invid?"
diggers316 (11:07:55 PM): "Or have their leaders convinced them that they are no so superior that we are the lesser species, and it is now their "white man's burden" to convert the heathen?"
diggers316 (11:08:02 PM): no = now
VVoltronSV (11:08:15 PM): Sakura: Evolution has no intended goal, no final finish line. Evolution is merely the process of creating something that is fully adapted to its environment. Or to those that buy into popular misconception: Into something stronger than what has been.
CrashCarrie (11:09:47 PM): Sarah frowns just a bit. "I somehow doubt I'm compatible with anti-Protoculture."
diggers316 (11:10:12 PM): [On a whim, Suki looks about the restaurant, to see if anyone is paying undue attention to the meeting in place.]
OnlineHost (11:10:19 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
diggers316 (11:10:21 PM): +3
VVoltronSV (11:11:31 PM): Sakura: It may very well be an ideological situation. What if the disappearances weren't abductions and brainwashing? What if the very existence of the Flower of Life creates its opposite number? What if some mishap involving PC puts an individual into contact with a Super-dimensional intelligence or viewpoint that changes one's very thinking?
VVoltronSV (11:11:51 PM): [No one notices the conversation at all, most people are at work by this point.]
diggers316 (11:12:06 PM): [nod, ^_^ worth a shot]
CrashCarrie (11:12:38 PM): Sarah frowns a little at that. "Equal and opposite reaction, as in physics?" She glances to Sakura.
diggers316 (11:12:41 PM): "Define 'opposite number'? Suki asks, genuinely interested
VVoltronSV (11:13:16 PM): Sakura: The clearest method of definition would be an example such as: Matter and Anti-matter.
diggers316 (11:13:23 PM): "Ahhh!" Suki says, realizing what Sakura is on about "Yin and Yang."
CrashCarrie (11:13:37 PM): Sarah nods just a little bit.
diggers316 (11:14:14 PM): "Then if that is what we are looking at, then this is about harmony."
VVoltronSV (11:15:44 PM): Saito: So you're saying the Anti-Protoculture exists because the amount of PC energy has gotten out of control? That the world is out-of-balance?
diggers316 (11:15:53 PM): "Yes."
diggers316 (11:16:04 PM): "IF we follow that hypothesis."
CrashCarrie (11:16:50 PM): Sarah frowns a little. "A balance like the seasons perhaps? An ebb and flow?"
diggers316 (11:16:53 PM): "Or rather, accept their premise."
CrashCarrie (11:17:48 PM): Sarah considers a little bit. "At the height of summer, the dark would return in more force, to compensate, and force things back to equality, before the longest night of the dead of winter…"
VVoltronSV (11:18:38 PM): Apollo: I'm not sure I follow any of this, but are you saying that want both sides to destroy each other?
diggers316 (11:19:32 PM): "No, both sides must reach equilibrium, each equal in power to maintain balance, it would seem that this ARA deems us in excess of our needed power."
diggers316 (11:22:16 PM): "However, with the Haydonites behind, or in league, I would suppose that they would maintain the facade that the Yang, side, ours, is still far to great, justifying the Yin, to continue to war on us."
VVoltronSV (11:22:49 PM): Sakura: Actually, mutual annihilation makes sense in the fact that they show an interest in us. If we are the ones to annihilate them as they would us, they would need some failsafe on our side that would be strong enough to destroy them as they burnt themselves out. In fact, this scenario is closer to what would be done in physics with equal masses of matter and anti-matter.
diggers316 (11:24:54 PM): "Again, if we follow the precepts of physics, I fear however that, as I said, the Haydonites' will, shall we say….'skew the results' in their favor until all that remains of us is dust."
CrashCarrie (11:27:48 PM): Sarah frowns softly at the concept.
VVoltronSV (11:28:48 PM): Sakura: Yes, but consider the more recent designs are not of Haydonite manufacture and that aspects have given us information to contribute to our success. It could be that elements on the opposing side recognize this and are compensating.
VVoltronSV (11:29:25 PM): Melanie: And all this hypothesizing has only confirmed how little know about what's going on.
diggers316 (11:30:46 PM): "I think both sides are feeding off each other to pursue their own agenda's. And yes, we know next to nothing. As a recon pilot, well, i would love to capture one of them, and extract by any means the information we need."
CrashCarrie (11:31:53 PM): Sarah sighs softly and nods to Melanie.
VVoltronSV (11:33:28 PM): Melanie: Well, we got the day off for now. Anybody have any plans?
CrashCarrie (11:34:04 PM): Sarah shakes her head slightly and looks to Suki. "Not of my own…"
diggers316 (11:34:19 PM): Suki sighs "Reflection would seem appropriate."
VVoltronSV (11:38:09 PM): Saito: I think we better disperse quickly, I think the Admiral is coming. I can hear a whip's crack.
diggers316 (11:39:21 PM): Suki laughs "Scared of a whip?" She says as she with haste, yet, decorum, vacates her seat.
CrashCarrie (11:40:54 PM): Sarah frowns at that and glances around quickly. "Leaving does sound like a good idea in light of that." She stands as well.
diggers316 (11:41:17 PM): Suki takes Sarah's hand and winks.


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