Chapter 1: Night 1

[07:17:04] Chris (GM): As the dust settles ships that had began to evacuate the troops under the threat of Neutron-S missile detonation are ordered back to the surface while in space, damaged ships are ordered to Space Station Liberty, and those that cannot make the fold jump are towed to a recovery zone over Moon Base ALuCE.
[07:18:54] Chris (GM): Fresh reserve units are rotated in to relieve the weary front line soldiers and some two hours later those relief colums arrive at the half filled crater where Reflex Points SX Point 83 had once stood.
[07:19:44] Chris (GM): Two Garfish Cruisers maneuver their way and disgorge troops and other support personnel (Roll Percs)
[07:20:05] Chris (GM): Ishida
[07:20:05] Chris (GM): [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
[07:20:14] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
[07:20:15] Oberoth: [1d20] => [2] = (2)
[07:21:00] Chris (GM): Ober, you are back at base already, you were relieved first and are with Drew in medical quarters, and the rumor mill has it that the famous Yellow Dancer will be putting on a victory concert…
[07:21:22] Sarah: (( *pokes Lurana* ))
[07:21:26] Lurana: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[07:21:37] Chris (GM): [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[07:21:45] Chris (GM): That last was for the rest of the group.
[07:21:54] Chris (GM): of the NPC's and stuffs
[07:23:11] Chris (GM): Sitting, her back against the leg of the Beta, the young Oriental pilot notes the support troops and stands. "UEEF Intel and R&D teams, looks like."
[07:24:37] Chris (GM): A separate two Garfish land closer to the group their distinct drn drn drn drn of it's engines droning over head as it settles offloading UEEF Army personnel.
[07:24:59] Sarah glances up a little at them and considers it slightly. "Out to pick up any leftover pieces and dead bodies, hm?"
[07:25:46] Chris (GM): The ranking officer walks forward and salutes the tired fighter pilots and a hodgepodge of UEEF marines that hand found their way forward during the wait.
[07:25:49] Chris (GM): You are
[07:26:48] Lurana doesn't show her tiredness to the ranking officers saluting back her helmet off tho sweat beading down her brow as she came to attention out of respect for the officer before leaning back down after he returns salute
[07:28:12] Chris (GM): Ishida returns the salute crisply although some pilots response with weary, borderline sloppy salutes. But, the Army Captain takes in stride, after all you have been through, it's to be understood.
[07:28:48] Sarah tries to salute right and all. She's just a civilian though, so probably doesn't; get it entirely right.
[07:29:11] Chris (GM): "You are relieved. We'll secure here. If you want you can shuttle back with the Garfish, but, I'm pretty sure you'll want to head back under your own power." He says with pride in his voice.
[07:29:41] Lurana: "Unfortunately i will have to hitch a ride, no beta hook up Sir"
[07:29:54] Chris (GM): A departing round of Salutes is undertaken as the ranking pilot, a UEEF Fleet officer orders you to your planes.
[07:30:46] Chris (GM): "You're craft should be flyable LT. We're going to take it slow anyway.
[07:31:03] Chris (GM): " He smiles patting you on the shoulder. "Now, mount up."
[07:32:24] Lurana climes into her alpha again slipping her helmet back on leaving the visor up and powers the thrusters sparking precariously with the damage she sustained but still flyable
[07:32:46] Chris (GM): Once in the air, the flight lead puts you into a V formation, and you hear Ishida over the net. "Sir, recommend 'Missing Man Formation' during our flyover."
[07:33:28] Chris (GM): "Roger that Ishida, missing man it is. Lets make this look good shall we."
[07:33:55] Sarah listens from behind in the Beta of course, offering a sad expression from it, remembering all who fell for it. She just closes her eyes and lets Suki do the flying.
[07:33:58] Lurana she pipes over the comm "Requesting permission to be the one to leave formation for missing man form?"
[07:34:27] Chris (GM): It takes only minutes to fly back to base, and despite the damage the aircraft maintain a tight and elegant formation. "Permission granted Fallyna."
[07:35:07] Lurana at the right moment she breaks formation in the standard missing man pattern trying not to look like a screw up at it to
[07:35:48] Chris (GM): Below, on the ground (John may see this as well.) there is the roar of jets as a 7 ship flight of Alpha and Alpha/Beta fighters scream overhead in formation, one, breaks hard up and away. below there is a surge of pride and some troops cheer and wave.
[07:36:55] Chris (GM): In the air as you pass over you see thousands of troops milling about. with mecha parked here and there. You can almost hear a cheer as you pass over the two massive Landing ships, the Inchon and the Normandy.
[07:37:39] Lurana would drop altitude keeping upside down and drops close enough to wave at the troops for a lil fancy flying and hoping something doesn't decide to poop out while upside down x.x
[07:37:59] Chris (GM): The tower contacts you promptly and give you clearance to land and bid you welcome and job well done.
[07:39:40] Chris (GM): You land and a bulldog rolls up to drive you to a Horizon Bunker that is serving as the rough airfields base Ops, you also note a row of parked Garfish nearby
[07:40:46] Chris (GM): Once inside the duty officer gets your names, plane numbers and ship assignments then tells you to take some R&R
[07:41:06] Lurana salutes squirming and runs to the ladies room!
[07:41:20] Lurana: ladies*
[07:41:22] Lurana: that is
[07:41:30] Chris (GM): Suki leaves as well, walking off towards one of the Garfish…
[07:41:47] Sarah just follows along close to Suki for the whole thing, though she looks around like a curious tourist at essentially, well, everything.
[07:42:10] Chris (GM): The duty officer points Sarah towards the Resistance area, since, she has no plane number or ship assignment
[07:42:30] Sarah blinks and nods just a little bit, heading off and over then.
[07:43:06] Lurana then would come back out then towards a random garfish for some much needed recreation and a shower having shucked her armor and put it in a bag for now
[07:43:46] Sarah peels away her armor, to check on the slight scorching she got earlier in the day, and check how badly melted it might really be.
[07:44:52] Chris (GM): One of the resistance folk looks at that in passing and laughs, poking it. "Might fine shiner you got there missy! Best ye get that looked at." You can't figure how this old coot can talk what with a grand total of 5 teeth
[07:49:30] Chris (GM): okay then, a while later after y'all have had time to rest you see folks happily excited heading 'off base'
[07:51:00] Lurana would come back out of the garfish groggily looking as if the nap didn't do much other than to make her more tired. She's in uniform but its not in regulation not all buttoned up/zipped up but more relaxed like level
[07:55:12] Chris (GM): any way… you note the folks heading out towards a large green.
[07:55:45] Sarah meanders towards the green, since everyone else is, feeling of her burn a little bit and sighing softly at it.
[07:57:22] Chris (GM): The troops are all happy happy that the get a 'USO' concert of sorts.
[07:57:50] Lurana walks sluggishly in that direction hoping maybe some one has a lil drink of something a lil stronger than synthetic alcohol
[07:59:18] Chris (GM): Ober? John doing anything?
[07:59:46] Oberoth: um….still with drew I think
[07:59:56] Chris (GM): kk
[08:00:10] Chris (GM): The docs tell you that he'll be fine, but needs his bed rest.
[08:00:51] Lurana looks around the green for any one with anything alcoholic really doesn't care what atm
[08:01:09] Chris (GM): Drew laughs "Get the hell out of here buddy, shit, making me feel all self conscious and stuff. I'll be fine, plus, there's that hot nurse I wanna put the moves on, so beat it will ya!"
[08:01:10] Oberoth: *leaves the hospital after saying goodbye, and heads outside.*
[08:02:37] Chris (GM): Sadly, most of the troops are UEEF, but, you do see a few flasks here and there, and towards where the Resistance folks are you see lots of alcohol, and some kind of smoke that smells, kinda …skunky…
[08:02:53] Sarah: (( eeeeew ))
[08:03:12] Oberoth: (( lol ))
[08:03:50] Chris (GM): On stage is Yellow Dancer ripping it up with her best hits collection, We Will Win (Which makes the Minmei version sound like SHIT!) Soldier Boy and others!
[08:03:51] Lurana would ignore the smoky smell and see if any one might have a bottle of scotch or brandy or even a whiskey
[08:04:07] Sarah makes sure to stay… as far away from the smoke as she can, shivering a little at it and looking up to watch the concert.
[08:04:22] Chris (GM): A flask is passed to you freely…
[08:05:07] Lurana takes a quick sniff of the flasks contents and then takes a swig her breasts threatening to jump out of her partially unzipped flight suit
[08:06:07] Chris (GM): From in front of you some resistance guy sees you and does a double take, then, cupping his hands to his mouth yells "TITS OOT FER THA LADS!"
[08:07:10] Sarah blinks at the shout, glancing in that direction and cocking her head just a little bit, laughing and shaking it.
[08:07:36] Sarah: (( shaking her head, not her boobs or her booty, for the pervs in the audience ))
[08:07:49] Chris (GM): Sarah sees a 6 foot tall pilot with violet hair staking a long swig from a flask, and her rack would make the Regess blush
[08:08:31] Sarah: (( rotfl. TSC. Where even the Regess had mammoth knockers ))
[08:08:36] Lurana would also glare at the man her violet eyes would almost sheen red with fire at him
[08:09:01] Chris (GM): ((and did you see Ariel!!! See her coming three minutes before she turns the corner!))
[08:09:06] Lurana: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
[08:09:15] Chris (GM): Yeah, your skunked!
[08:09:27] Chris (GM): And suddenly the suggestion doesn't sound so unreasonable
[08:11:01] Chris (GM): The Pure 100% Kentucky MOONSHINE is like nothing you have ever consumed.
[08:11:35] Chris (GM): You feel hot all over, but, in a good way
[08:11:48] Lurana burps and feels dizzy a moment dropping onto her bottom even at the hotness
[08:11:50] Chris (GM): Sarah sees all of this as well mind you
[08:12:02] Chris (GM): Perc roll Sarah
[08:12:10] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[08:13:00] Chris (GM): You recognize her as on of the surviving pilots of the Assault on SX Point 83
[08:13:58] Lurana's body temp increased to she would shuck off the upper half of her flight suit keeping the pant portion on tho sitting there in a white undershirt
[08:14:30] Sarah moves over to see if she can help the… overly warm girl, frowning a little at the size of her, realizing she's too small to do much. She blinks as the upper flightsuit is undone.

[08:17:37] Sarah suddenly blinks and starts wandering in a different direction, looking for someone in the crowd.
[08:18:06] Chris (GM): the concert progresses , all around you everyone is high spirits…
[08:19:36] Chris (GM): anything John wants to do…and Lurana is now finding no shortage of young bucks, having noted her….assets…
[08:19:40] Lurana just sits there a moment rubbing sweat from her forehead still hot but not far enough gone to drop every thing
[08:20:13] Lurana and would return their stares with challenging glares
[08:20:38] Sarah keeps wandering, headed towards the flight line for the moment now. She blinks just slightly, looking carefully through.
[08:21:19] Oberoth: *John is curious about the resistance people an moves in their direction.*
[08:21:32] Oberoth: john
[08:21:38] Chris (GM): of the throng, many turn away, some shrug, wondering why some one would display themselves as such and not want anything more, but one set of eyes meets Lurana's gaze, a cool ice blue set of eyes. the man smiles, then turns back to the concert
[08:22:33] Lurana would try to stand again so she can see the concert
[08:22:40] Chris (GM): A pair of Cyclone clad Security personnel stop Sarah " ID please miss."
[08:23:44] Chris (GM): As john reaches the resistance area he can smell things he has never smelled before, the skunky smell, the smell of freshly charred meat upon a BBQ and of course the wafts of strong liquor
[08:24:31] Sarah frowns slightly and glances around. "I'm looking for a Lt. Ishida. I won't progress further if someone would mention I'm looking?"
[08:24:51] Oberoth: *john decides that a drink would be nice and looks around for a kiosk/vendor.*
[08:24:57] Chris (GM): The guard nods. "Okay, wait here please."
[08:25:41] Lurana: (if johns near me he would see a fellow UEEF pilot near the resistance fighters as well with her own flask
[08:26:07] Chris (GM): There are no vendors, it's strictly BYOB here, but the resistance folks seem to have a large reserve, (you note with some humor that on resistance guy is walking around in a VR-041 with the missile bays open, but instead of missiles, the tubes are loaded with beer cans
[08:26:10] Lurana: (trying to stand half her flight suit/jumpsuit unzipped and open
[08:26:50] Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[08:27:17] Lurana: [1d100] => [98] = (98)
[08:28:14] Chris (GM): Lurana tries to stand, but well, her next thought is "Who put the ground here?"
[08:28:18] Sarah: (( epic fail? rotfl. ))
[08:28:34] Oberoth: (( can I see this? ))
[08:28:42] Lurana just lies there then drooling a bit and listens to the consert instead decideing best to just lie there
[08:28:44] Chris (GM): Roll perc john
[08:28:52] Oberoth: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[08:28:56] Sarah: (( nope ))
[08:29:00] Chris (GM): Can't see shit captain
[08:29:51] Chris (GM): A nearby resistance fighter grabs John by the shoulders as he sways back and forth, to the music. "Mighty fine party you all put on here, for a soldier type!" he slurs
[08:30:50] Oberoth: "uhh….yea. got anything to drink??
[08:31:21] Chris (GM): Lurana notes the presence of someone sitting Indian style next to her and that same individual takes the flask from your hand, takes a swig, coughs, then passed the flask on down the line. "Strong." he winces, thudding his chest with a fist. "You alright down there?"
[08:31:22] Lurana would just lie there semi comatose like listening to the music slurredly singing to it in Zentraedi tones…
[08:31:44] Lurana: (is face down to)
[08:32:10] Chris (GM): The guard returns and waves you through. "Lt. Ishida is over there, in slot 17. Here." he hands you a visitors badge.
[08:32:15] Lurana: (rol sing?)
[08:32:26] Chris (GM): yeah at -20%
[08:32:43] Lurana: (vs 18% then)
[08:32:44] Lurana: [1d100] => [64] = (64)
[08:32:55] Lurana: (very bad Zentraedi overtones…
[08:33:13] Chris (GM): "Oh lord." the guy says. "Stop now, please." he laughs
[08:33:34] Sarah nods quickly and takes the badge, smiling warmly. "Thank you…" She heads for slot 17 then, promptly, looking quickly for her.
[08:33:38] Lurana would probably chose now as a good time to go out thanks to the alcohol in her system
[08:34:08] Chris (GM): @ Oberth: "Heeel yeah!" the codger replies and reaches over, and yoinks a cold out from the nearby VR-041's missile tube.
[08:36:01] Chris (GM): Roll a save there Lurana
[08:36:13] Lurana: (vs poison?
[08:36:23] Chris (GM): non lethal yes
[08:36:25] Lurana: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
[08:36:33] Sarah: (( lol! ))
[08:36:44] Sarah: (( drunk drunk drunk ))
[08:36:49] Lurana: (i think my dice hates me)
[08:36:56] Lurana: (i was already drunk )
[08:37:07] Chris (GM): Sarah arrives at slot 17, the Alpha is still attached to the Beta and the cockpit is open and the pilot, Ishida is inside.
[08:37:19] Chris (GM): You pass out
[08:38:27] Sarah slips up quietly to to the cockpit, frowning just slightly as she sees the pilot alone inside, slipping up. "Is everything all rght?"
[08:38:55] Chris (GM): Unbeknownest to Lurana, the young fellow rolls her onto her side, her back to him, and rests an arm atop hers to keep her from rolling back, and sits there, taking in the rest of the show.
[08:39:55] Lurana just sleeps
[08:40:24] Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:40:56] Lurana: (yea my dice definitely hate me right now)
[08:40:59] Oberoth: *Takes the beer and replies*" Thanks bud. who is this yellow danc'in dude?"
[08:41:34] Chris (GM): "Only the BESHT DAMN SHINGER in the WORLD!" He replies, waving his arm over his head.
[08:42:50] Chris (GM): Lt Ishida looks at Sarah , she is dressed much like Lurana was when yo last say her, in a flight suit, rolled down, her tank top blood red in color, with a few data pads on her lap next to a knife and a Gallant in pistol mode.
[08:44:07] Lurana stays in la la land some more
[08:44:39] Chris (GM): In a soft voice Ishida sighs, "I'm fine. and you? You are not at the concert?"
[08:44:49] Chris (GM): Roll a save Lu
[08:45:28] Sarah shakes her head just a little bit. "Not anymore. I thought something might be wrong." She frowns. "Why do you sigh like that? Is there anything I can do to make you feel better?"
[08:45:40] Lurana: [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24)
[08:46:03] Sarah: (( yay! ))
[08:46:05] Oberoth: *john moves back a bit at that. and the rank smell of his breath, thanks him again and moves off into the crowd.*
[08:46:10] Chris (GM): You perk back up Lurana, still woozy, but awake, and your head pounds
[08:46:25] Lurana moves head pounding and gives a dry heave
[08:46:34] Lurana: (obviously not eaten in a while)
[08:47:36] Chris (GM): Suki looks at Sarah again, then back to her 'paperwork' "You are an odd one, I don't know why, but you put me at ease. I'm homesick Sarah. I'm homesick."
[08:48:25] Chris (GM): totally ad hoc basically they found an open clearing and set up a stage atop some Horizon bunkers
[08:48:31] Sarah frowns just a little bit at that, slipping up to offer a gentle hand to the shoulder and neck. "Homesick, hm? So where is home for you? One of the ships? The moon base? or…"
[08:48:44] Oberoth: *pushes his way further up to get a better view of things*
[08:49:19] Chris (GM): "Japan." Ishida replies. " Earth, about five thousand miles that way." She points off to the west.
[08:50:02] Chris (GM): The crowd thickens as you near the stage, but the music is clear and the old codger was right, the singer is damn good.
[08:50:04] Lurana gives off a few more dry heaves curling up trying to stand possibly slipping her flight suit just a lil lower on her waist the upper part of her panties showing
[08:50:26] Chris (GM): @ Lurana: You okay? Have a nice nap?" says a pleasant male voice.
[08:50:51] Sarah oooohs a little at that, frowning just a little bit. "I'm sorry. And too much work with the after attack reports and such. Everyone should deserve a little R&R at least after a shootout like this, but…"
[08:50:57] Lurana: "No…" *dry heaves a last time then falls flat on her other side
[08:51:08] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
[08:51:51] Chris (GM): The man tries and barely catches you as you descend but only manages to soften the landing as you land over him.
[08:52:45] Lurana rolls off him not to angry like but then presses her self up trying to stand
[08:54:12] Chris (GM): Lt Ishida looks at you quizzically. Her almond eyes piercing yours. At first there is darkness, cold and harsh, but beneath you see warmth. At first you think she may be offended, her facial expression certainly betrays that possibility. But she smiles softly, almost hesitantly. "Is that what you would suggest to me? daughter of the Regess?"
[08:55:23] Chris (GM): @ Lurana: The man stands as well, and helps you to your feet., then steps back as you most likely shrug his hand hold off.
[08:56:18] Lurana does shuck his hand hold off and looks at her self gasping embarrassed like she shucks her flight suit back up and zips it back up and begins to stomp off clearly"embarrassed" even if she was under the influence
[08:56:40] Sarah shrugs just a little bit. "It's the best guess I can think of, at the moment. You have your duties to the fleet, but as long as you're able to get a chance to see home again, you should take it." She almost flinches at the last part, and the little shot about what she is.
[08:58:34] Chris (GM): The man puts his hands up and shakes his head. "Not for nothing, but, you want a helping hand out of here?
[09:00:20] Chris (GM): Lt Ishida looks back at her pad and pressing a few buttons turns it off. "Very well." She says, and slips her arms back into the sleeves of her suit, pulls it up and zips up.
[09:00:55] Chris (GM): John is buffeted by the swaying crowd as the energy washes over him, it's quite intoxicating…
[09:00:58] Lurana she turns to look at him "I'm fine… i think…"
[09:01:10] Sarah smiles just a little bit and nods. "I've never actually seen Japan, myself. If you need any company for it…"
[09:01:14] Lurana would have been heading deeper into the crowd tho
[09:01:49] Chris (GM): The man laughs softly "Wrong way.." he takes your elbow lightly, and points towards the exit. "This way."
[09:02:08] Lurana: "I'm wanting to watch the concert sir…"
[09:02:37] Chris (GM): "Okay then, oh, and it's Jeff."
[09:03:17] Lurana: "Lt. Lurana…"
[09:03:56] Chris (GM): Ishida nods at the comment as she pulls herself out of the cockpit and then slides down the ladder. She politely extends her hand to you to aid your descent.
[09:04:04] Chris (GM): yer drunk, it's okay,
[09:04:08] Lurana: "Why are you looking at me like that?"
[09:04:28] Chris (GM): "Looking at you like what?" he asks
[09:04:50] Sarah smiles and takes the hand very gently, descending gently to stand next to the Lt.
[09:05:25] Chris (GM): Motioning your ahead Ishida follows "After you"
[09:06:06] Lurana: "I dunno my kind isn't familiar still yet with emotions"
[09:06:06] Sarah nods just a little at that and smiles. "All right. Where do we need to go, then?" She starts walking.
[09:07:51] Chris (GM): Ishida walks with you as she straps on her side arms and follows you off the flight line to the concert grounds.
[09:11:14] Chris (GM): The concert keeps going and at the finale Yellow Dancer rips off her dress to reveal that she is indeed a he, and he Is Lancer! Resistance fighter extrodinaire.
[09:12:14] Sarah walks along to the concert grounds, letting Suki basically guide her along even if she is out there first. She's smiling very slightly by this point.
[09:12:21] Lurana: "I thought she sounded a lil funny…"
[09:12:29] Chris (GM): The crowd is hushed and awed and then he proselytizes about tolerance and unity and all that 'let bygones be bygones' stuff
[09:15:11] Chris (GM): Ishida and Sarah arrive in time to hear the last song (We Will Win) and the 'unveiling' Thought the song Ishida makes weird motions with her fingers as if playing an instrument, but no instrument is present, it's not a boisterous as some nearby playing bone fide 'air guitar' but more subdued, as if she is studying the notes, memorizing them
[09:16:17] Sarah glances back to Suki, offering her a smile and still letting herself be guided along. "hm. You play an instrument? Or something else?"
[09:16:41] Chris (GM): "Shamisen" Ishida replies.
[09:17:32] Lurana would try to make her way up to the stage to see if she can speak with "Lancer" to see if she can buy a record or cd from him
[09:18:12] Chris (GM): You do so and there are vendor types at the base of the stage selling disks…Ishida likewise makes her way forward to purchase a copy.
[09:18:29] Chris (GM): John, you gonna by a CD? lol
[09:19:01] Lurana would purchase one if she has her card chip with her pay on it..
[09:19:54] Sarah nods just a little, following along with Suki for now and still smiling.
[09:20:19] Oberoth: *john decides that although the concert was good, It's just not his cup of tea. He starts to make his way out of the crowd.*

- - -

[09:22:41] Chris (GM): Later that evening….roll PERC's everyone please
[09:22:47] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
[09:22:56] Chris (GM): [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
[09:23:08] Oberoth: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[09:23:15] Chris (GM): Lu you are at a -2 due to a killer hangover
[09:23:36] Oberoth: (( i just suck ))
[09:24:14] Lurana: [1d20-2] => [10,-2] = (8)
[09:24:28] Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[09:24:48] Sarah: (( *tsks at Lurana* ))
[09:25:02] Chris (GM): Sarah and Suki are awoken buy the sound of voices and the hustle and bustle of people racing about in urgency
[09:25:19] Lurana would be dead asleep in her bunk i guess…
[09:25:25] Chris (GM): nod nod
[09:26:11] Lurana: (may hap with male company if he ended up taking her all the way back on base to a bed
[09:26:11] Chris (GM): Suki rolls out of her cot and rubs her eyes than make her way to the tent flap and peers out.
[09:26:31] Sarah blinks a little as she wakes up and hears stuff outside, looking to Suki and frowning just slightly, hopping up as well to go and check.
[09:26:34] Chris (GM): sure
[09:26:39] Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:26:46] Sarah: (( *paddles Lurana* naughty ))
[09:27:10] Lurana: (nothing happened tho)
[09:27:21] Sarah: (( oh ))
[09:27:46] Chris (GM): Outside the tent you see CVR-3 clad troopers milling about with haste, there is a officer in the middle of the row of tents and troops are reporting to him and ducking into tents calling out names. PERC please
[09:28:03] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9)
[09:28:07] Sarah: (( ouch ))
[09:28:07] Oberoth: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[09:28:08] Chris (GM): [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
[09:28:14] Sarah: (( epic fail! ))
[09:28:20] Chris (GM): John is SOUND asleep
[09:28:33] Oberoth: (( lol ))
[09:29:12] Chris (GM): "Officers" Suki mutters. "They're waking the officers."
[09:29:33] Chris (GM): "Somethings up. get dressed."
[09:29:43] Sarah blinks a little and nods slightly. "Something is wrong then?" She nods, and hurries to get dressed.
[09:31:28] Chris (GM): Dressed now Suki trots over to the officer. "Whats going on?"
[09:33:32] Chris (GM): The officer looks at the young woman and points to the Flight line."Liberty just got nuked! If you have a working Mecha, get your ass to the flight line and report to Captain Kramer!"
[09:34:13] Lurana continues to snooze still fully dressed unless some one comes and shakes her
[09:34:30] Chris (GM): In Lurana's tent a CVR-3 clad troop enters and very loudly says "Major Fields? Is there a Major Fields in here?"
[09:34:58] Lurana looks up,woke by the yelling. "Who?"
[09:35:31] Chris (GM): In Johns sleeping area he hears the tromp tromp tromp of CVR-3 clad boots, and the occasional yell for officers names.
[09:35:34] Lurana would note the knife she about threw at him cause of her headache induced state
[09:35:46] Chris (GM): @ Lurana: Is there a Major Fields in here?
[09:36:11] Lurana: "Not that i know of… I'm Lt. Fallyna
[09:36:37] Oberoth: *john wakes up slowly, and rubs his head.*
[09:36:40] Chris (GM): "Do you have a flyable Mecha? Never mind, just get your ass to the flight line! NOW!"
[09:36:57] Sarah blinks as she follows quietly behind Suki, staying in shadow and frowning just a little bit at the thought. She blinks, and just looks to Suki quickly.
[09:37:05] Lurana would stand and nearly fall over onto the man
[09:37:41] Chris (GM): Suki nods and cuffing Sarah by the shoulder pulls her with ans she starts running towards the flight line.
[09:38:11] Sarah nods and starts running right along, hurriedly.
[09:38:42] Chris (GM): A CVR-3 clad marine likewise bursts into Johns room, "Any pilots here get to the flight line on the double!"
[09:39:50] Oberoth: *quickly throws his boots on and runs out to the mech pad*
[09:40:18] Oberoth: *CVR-3 under arm*
[09:40:50] Lurana: (no reaction to me falling on him huh?)
[09:40:55] Sarah keeps hurrying for the flight line, going through the procedures for the Beta in her head even as she does. She shed her CVR, and isn't sure where she left it, but no time.
[09:41:12] Chris (GM): Suki points to the Alpha/Beta of yours. "Preflight it!" Then runs to find Cpt. Kramer
[09:42:03] Chris (GM): The troops quite rudely shoves you off him. "Get dressed!" then races off, the letters MP on the side of his shoulder
[09:42:31] Lurana is dressed just not in battle gear and picks up her bag of CVR armor and goes out to the flight line to see whats up…
[09:42:38] Chris (GM): The flight suit you wear under it is
[09:43:09] Sarah nods quickly and scrambles into the Beta, starting to preflight it and check for a CVR or such inside it, since she's essentially still wearing what she was when she followed Suki home.
[09:43:25] Chris (GM): As John reaches the flight line you see a gaggle of pilots around a higer ranking officer with other pilots coming and going to and from him
[09:45:33] Chris (GM): Your CVR-3 is in the plane, Suki's is as well, in the cockpit of the Alpha portion
[09:45:35] Oberoth: *john figures he must be the flight coordinator and heads over to him.*
[09:46:39] Chris (GM): As you approach he is giving orders. "you over there, You, get to to Shuttle 5 and prep for immediate lift off…." He notices you. "What?!"
[09:47:20] Oberoth: "what's going on?"
[09:47:47] Chris (GM): "Liberty just got nuked! Can you fly? You have an operational mecha?"
[09:48:27] Sarah scrambles to get the CVR on and checks her helmet, slapping it on top and continuing her preflight on the Beta.
[09:51:45] Oberoth: any hoo *john nods a scrambles to his mech, suiting up on the way*
[09:52:46] Lurana must still be making her way out to flight deck weaving back and forth
[09:54:30] Chris (GM): nod, Lurana see pilots running here and there, as she hits the flight line she (PERC roll)
[09:54:55] Lurana: [1d20-2] => [4,-2] = (2)
[09:55:05] Lurana closes eyes blinded by bright lights
[09:55:06] Chris (GM): wow
[09:55:29] Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[09:55:34] Lurana: (yea dice hateing me tonight)
[09:55:38] Lurana: (very very badly)
[09:56:44] Chris (GM): As you make your way towards what looks to be a flight officer a familiar face runs past then skids to a halt. "Zentraedi?"
[09:57:39] Lurana "yes…." her complexion pale and not to good looking
[09:58:39] Chris (GM): The young Oriental girl you were teamed up with looks at you with a mix of disappointment and dread. "Can you fly?"
[09:58:55] Lurana: "I think so why?"
[09:59:05] Lurana: "If my shadow fighter has been repaired…"
[09:59:39] Lurana: (was over 50% damaged x.x)
[10:00:20] Chris (GM): "Well get to your fighter, and follow us."
[10:00:21] Lurana: "Call me Lurana tho…"
[10:00:57] Lurana shambles over to it trying not to get knocked down holding her ears as the noise gives her a migraine
[10:02:18] Chris (GM): The woman nods then hustles off
[10:03:43] Chris (GM): As John reaches his mecha and fires it up he is pointed towards a Horizon-V
[10:04:08] Lurana would do a system check and damage readout as she fires her shadow fighter up
[10:04:38] Lurana: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[10:04:54] Lurana: (53% sensory)
[10:05:17] Chris (GM): Your mecha has been repaired, parts swapped out and the like
[10:06:07] Lurana then looks at missile loadout
[10:06:49] Chris (GM): John enters the bunker of the Horizon and sees a few other Bioroids and Cyclone clad marines. , the rear doors close up and red combat lighting switches on. Withing 5 minutes the Horizon lifts off.
[10:06:58] Lurana while warm up on engines happens she clamps on her armor feeling sick still and closes the helmet
[10:12:33] Lurana pipes off on the comm "Shadow fighter ready for launch" she sounds sick
[10:12:58] Lurana: *insert random number here after shadow fighter*
[10:13:58] Lurana hopes they don't plan on her trying to get to space without a booster or hitching a ride
[10:14:15] Chris (GM): As you launch, you are directed to follow a Horizon-V into LEO.
[10:14:31] Lurana: (LEO?)
[10:14:49] Sarah quietly waits for Suki to start the Alpha and a check in, watching her instruments and such in case she needs to use the weapons, or to separate for any reason.
[10:15:02] Chris (GM): Low Earth Orbit, Lurana, you are directed to dock with the Horizon-V
[10:15:17] Lurana follows along then maneuvers to dock with it
[10:15:29] Chris (GM): Suki hops up into the Alpha and trusting Sarah fires it up and lifts off.
[10:16:23] Chris (GM): As you break orbit, (those in Alpha's) see a Shimikaze Class cruiser in front of you. PERC check Lurana
[10:16:42] Lurana: [1d20-2] => [4,-2] = (2)
[10:16:56] Chris (GM): damn…that booze really put you out
[10:16:58] Sarah: (( LOL ))
[10:17:12] Lurana curses in Zentraedi about flying blind
[10:19:41] Chris (GM): You presently land on the hanger bay, and are ordered to remain there.
[10:20:04] Lurana lies back semi blacking out still trying to clear her head
[10:22:07] Chris (GM): Roll Perc Lu
[10:22:15] Lurana: [1d20-2] => [12,-2] = (10)
[10:22:35] Lurana blinks her eyes looking around a moment
[10:22:49] Chris (GM): Something bumps against your foot
[10:23:03] Lurana jumps lightly and kicks at it
[10:24:06] Chris (GM): You hear a 'morwar!" and here scurrying under or behind your seat
[10:24:29] Lurana looks about and under her seat shining a light with a wtf expression on her face
[10:25:16] Chris (GM): Under your seat you see white fur
[10:25:32] Lurana pans the light around looking at the white fur…
[10:29:00] Lurana: (would be curious how a cat got in unless a mechanic left the canopy open
[10:30:36] Chris (GM):
[10:30:43] Chris (GM): This is under your seat.
[10:31:38] Chris (GM): Meanwhile….The hanger bay is abuzz with activity, but no one really knows whats going on.
[10:31:56] Lurana blinks oddly at the animal specially its funky eyes and tries to coax it out from back there…
[10:32:45] Chris (GM): Rumors start to fly, some are saying that the Invid have taken out Space Station Liberty, someone says that the Zentraedi have come back to take the Factory satellite back…
[10:33:19] Chris (GM): roll perc Sarah
[10:33:27] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[10:33:57] Chris (GM): You feel a disturbance int he force…nah, but seriously, you do sense something weird from under the Horizon-V
[10:35:01] Chris (GM): What the group is able to figure out, is that they are aboard the UES Yukikaze, and, based on the weird shimmy under your feet, the ship has just folded.
[10:35:29] Lurana prolly feels like vomiting again still trying to coax the cat out?
[10:35:32] Sarah blinks a little bit, looking towards the Horizon, and glancing to Suki, switching to cockpit comm. "Something isn't right. There's something under the Horizon, I'm not sure what, though…" She frowns, looking in that direction
[10:36:24] Chris (GM): Suki follows, still looking about. You see a Alpha underneath with a the shapely ass of the pilot poking up as she digs around inside the cockpit.
[10:37:29] Chris (GM): Suki hops up onto the aircraft and pokes the pilots left cheek. "Excuse me? is everything okay?"
[10:37:33] Chris (GM): cheek
[10:37:43] Sarah blinks at the ass of the pilot digging in the cockpit, looking to Suki and wandering up as well.
[10:39:41] Lurana jerks a bit at the poke, "There's something under my seat"
[10:39:58] Chris (GM): "Something?" Suki says.
[10:40:22] Sarah cocks her head. "Want me to try getting it out? I'm small and thin enough to reach into places a little better."
[10:40:27] Lurana she motions Suki to step in take a look your self… "and steps out
[10:41:40] Chris (GM): Suki pulls her knife and taking it in her teeth, crawls into the cockpit, but cant get a good footing so lays on the side. "Sarah, can you hold me steady?"
[10:42:13] Lurana would hold her steady while shes still up on a ladder
[10:42:51] Chris (GM): With herself braced now, she leans further into the cockpit and roots around.
[10:43:06] Sarah blinks and nods, taking hold of Suki gently, trying to hold gently without being too naughty in it.
[10:43:46] Chris (GM): Feeling a second pair of hands she pops up and looks, then shaking her head lowers herself back in. "I think I see it."
[10:45:29] Chris (GM): Suki bucks as she recoils, and there is a bright flash, then appearing atop her but the feline blinks in, hisses, then blinks out again
[10:46:10] Sarah keeps watching Suki's behind, and trying to sense the cat if she can, eeping as she sees the flash and frowning. "That's…. a new one…" She bites her lip a little bit. "Want me to try to catch it?"
[10:46:15] Chris (GM): "What was that?!" Suki yelps as she twists around.
[10:46:38] Chris (GM): No sooner are the words out of your mouth then the cat disappears.
[10:47:02] Lurana: "No idea why i said something…"
[10:47:27] Chris (GM): "Where did you get that?" Suki says as she slides out of the cockpit
[10:47:44] Lurana: "I dunno it was in there when i landed…"
[10:48:02] Chris (GM): Interrupting your feline escapade…A slight commotion can be heard from the far end of the hanger bay as a security detail of ships Marines enter. They clear the way for a short woman in her mid to late 40’s. Her hair is tinged with a hint of silver and she holds herself well. It becomes plainly evident, as her rank insignia is seen, that she is the captain of the Yukikaze.
[10:48:24] Chris (GM): With a quick hop she steps up onto a nearby ‘Bulldog’ deck tractor and surveys the assembled pilots and crew. The regulars, the members of the Bengals and the Shadows, all come to attention out of reflex and her stern gaze compels the rest of the augments into silence.
[10:48:48] Lurana turns and almost falls off the ladder
[10:49:00] Sarah shakes her head a little bit. "It vanished as soon as it popped in." She blinks up at the woman climbing onto a bulldog, and straightens up, tugging Suki a little.
[10:49:03] Chris (GM): “You all did fine work fine work on Earth, we did what we came here to do and the Invid have been sent packing. Fantastic work!” She pauses with a slight smile, allowing her words of praise to sink in. Among her crew is seen a weary pride.
[10:49:33] Chris (GM): “That’s the good news.” She states. “Here is the bad. At 1350 hours a task force of hostile ships attacked, and destroyed, Space Station Liberty.” She pauses again as murmurs, gasps and low voices erupt from the gathered troops. “Fleet command has identified the attackers as Haydonite.” She raises her hand to quell any outbursts this time and continues. “We have also lost contact with picket ships and long range patrols all across the sector. This is what we know so far. Now, it stands to reason that if Liberty and our patrols have been hit, that other, more valuable targets will be targeted as well. With that in mind our squadron has been dispatched to Tirol.”
[10:50:09] Chris (GM): “Our mission is to safeguard the orbital dockyards and other priority assets in the area. The Yukikaze will be the first on scene with the rest of the squadron following up as soon as they can. Once in Tirol space we will link up with our forces there, secure a perimeter and blast to atoms anything that tries to breach our line.”
[10:50:29] Sarah 's eyes go wide as she glances towards Suki quickly. She frowns very hard, then blinks at the destination.
[10:50:29] Chris (GM): “Here’s the rub. Fleet intelligence has just released the fact that all the Shadow Tech we have been using had been given to us by the Haydonites. So that means our Synchro cannons, our Shadow cloaks, everything, has been compromised by back doors and Trojan Horses. I’ve already directed Engineering and our tech teams to start yanking the entire lot of Shadow tech from our ships. Now, it is safe to assume that all the Haydonite ships will be equipped with Shadow Technology that works, so for the most part we will be flying blind until R&D can figure out a way to level the playing field. We got suckered, big time. However there’s no use griping about it, what we need to do now, is overcome, and adapt.” She gives a knowing nod to the Marines of the bunch.
[10:50:53] Lurana curiously blinks wondering when she got reassigned without written orders…
[10:51:26] Chris (GM): “This is the situation; we have ended one war only to see ourselves thrown into another. Well let me tell you this; they may have struck the first blow, but as God is my witness, we will strike the last!”
[10:51:44] Chris (GM): There is a resounding roar of approval at her final statement from the regulars aboard, the confusion, and uncertainty replaced with resolution.
[10:51:57] Chris (GM): “Section chiefs; tend to your departments! We de-fold in fifteen minutes!”
[10:52:48] Lurana looks to the others "I don't remember Being transfered…"
[10:53:31] Chris (GM): Suki blinks "You heard her, we're augments. Probably the first combat ready troops they found."
[10:54:35] Sarah shrugs a little bit. "Fun fun." She glances around a little bit, and back at the fighter that has/had the cat in it.
[10:54:39] Lurana: "Great, but i only have a shadow Alpha…. so unless they can rip out the shadow systems in a hurry I'm off duty unless they reassign me.."
[10:56:47] Chris (GM): "ALL RIGHT YOU APES! FORM UP!" You hear from a hulk of a man, bald, dark skin, with the unmistakably hard features if pureblood Zentraedi. He is in CVR-3 and wears the rank of Major.
[10:57:17] Lurana slides down the ladder and goes into formation then…
[10:57:29] Chris (GM): Suki hustles out from under the Horizon and forms up.
[10:57:45] Sarah frowns a little bit. "One would think there'd be reserves of non-shadow equipment somewhere… With it all gone bad…" She blinks at the shout and moves to formation, trying to make certain she's in perfect with the others.
[10:59:19] Chris (GM): Behind him you can see tech crews racing all over as they start to tear the shadow devices from your mecha with almost reckless abandon, as, rather then disconnect wires, they shear them off with combat knives or what ever sharp blade they may have available
[11:01:49] Lurana shudders watching them without making it obvious hoping they at least clean up the mess
[11:01:50] Chris (GM): "Alright, good, looks like your night of boozing it up hasn't effected your reaction time…to much." He pauses in front of Lurana and sniffs. Turning back he continues on. "I am Major Razack Kavashera! Commander of Echo Company, 33rd MEU!"
[11:03:19] Lurana gulps some staying at attention
[11:04:39] Chris (GM): When we hit Tirol space you Bioroid jocks will be under my direct command. You fighter jocks of the marine persuasion will report to Capitan West, you fleet pukes report to Lieutenant Hollingsworth
[11:06:49] Chris (GM): You've got" He looks at his chrono "10 minutes to get yourself squared away, chows over there." He points to a field kitchen.
[11:08:12] Lurana sighs some her tummy grumbles heavily as she looks at the food 10 mins wont be enough to fill her back up after not eating for so long…
[11:08:21] Chris (GM): Nearby a pilot says "What the fuck is a Haydonite?"
[11:09:25] Lurana still stays at attention not having been dismissed from formation…
[11:10:18] Chris (GM): The Major walks off "Dismissed"
[11:10:36] Lurana runs to the chow bulling over any one in front of her!
[11:10:50] Chris (GM): John, roll dodge
[11:11:23] Oberoth: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[11:11:39] Oberoth: not sure on my bonus
[11:12:26] Chris (GM): You are nearly trampled by a very hungry female Zentraedi on her way to teh chow line…
[11:13:05] Oberoth: "hey! I'm walking here."
[11:13:06] Lurana would attempt to get enough for3 people if the cooks let her!
[11:14:33] Chris (GM): You are able to get all the food you want
[11:14:57] Lurana gets what she wants sits down and gulps it down like she hasnt eaten sence the last mission began
[11:15:12] Sarah glances to Suki quietly, blinking just a little bit and cocking her head. "So what now, ma'am? Other than food." She tries to sense out for the cat again, as well.
[11:15:46] Oberoth: *john heads in for a bite*
[11:17:48] Chris (GM): The food is decent. And John, and most folks notice the zent scarfing her food.
[11:18:23] Chris (GM): Suki shrugs and heard for the chow line as well "She must have been very hungey neh?" She says, regards Lurana's Jackie Joyner Kersey sprint to the food.
[11:19:34] Sarah snickers a little at that as she follows along. "I guess…" She shrugs then. "Not like I'm not hungry myself, having food around is something of a luxury to me."
[11:20:04] Chris (GM): Hearing that Suki motions for you to go before her in line.
[11:21:17] Sarah shakes her head a little. "No, ma'am. You first…"
[11:21:40] Chris (GM): Suki gently yet forcefully takes your arm and maneuvers you ahead of her.
[11:21:50] Lurana scarfs her food in 2 mins flat and leans back a lil patting her belly roughly enough for 3 people normally
[11:22:23] Lurana oddly enough doesn't look any fatter either
[11:24:46] Chris (GM): A few folks snicker at that sight
[11:25:11] Lurana would wonder back to her fighter
[11:26:06] Sarah eeps a little as she's forced ahead, taking as much as she figures she can eat (which might be more than usual, but still isn't really 1/6th as much as Lurana probably took), looking around still.
[11:26:37] Chris (GM): Suki gets her food after Sarah and returns to her fighter and pauses noticing techs pulling components.
[11:28:05] Sarah follows along to the fighters, blinking as she watches the stripping.
[11:29:17] Chris (GM): Alright, moving on, the techs finish their work, and you all finish your meal.
[11:29:45] Lurana would pan the light around inside her cockpit looking making sure no strange furball was in there
[11:29:58] Chris (GM): the field kitchen clears out and all non essential personnel are cleared from the deck and everyone is told to button up as the bay will be depressurized prior to defold
[11:30:26] Chris (GM): Prepped and ready, waiting in your Mecha you note the HUD mounted display counting down the time till de-fold.
[11:30:38] Chris (GM): Your craft have already been buttoned up and the deck crews are moving about in CVR and other environmental suits in the now depressurized space. As the counter reaches zero you feel the ship decelerate and are pushed lightly forward into your restraints.
[11:30:57] Chris (GM): At almost the same instant there is a dull boom and the ship shudders violently! Alarm klaxons begin to wail as the bay lights dim, replaced by red combat lighting!
[11:31:29] Chris (GM): “ALL FIGHTERS! SCRAMBLE ALERT!” Yeah hear from the XO. Thru the din you can hear the Captain’s voice. “Clark! Bring us hard-a-port! Greer! Clear the ports and disable safeties! I want the main gun charged and ready five minute ago!…”
[11:31:31] Lurana grits her teeth at the rattling
[11:32:03] Chris (GM): The bay doors in front of you slide open revealing a conflagration of explosions and weapons fire. You realize instantly that you have just folded smack into the center of a furious battle. The ship shudders beneath you as it makes its turn, buffeted by nearby explosions. A trio of fighters of unknown configuration zip past; their guns blazing a fiery red.
[11:32:37] Sarah frowns at her display, getting ready as she watches all the explosions and such, frowning at the fighters and such.
[11:32:46] Lurana then throttles up and launches clicking her com to battle frequencies "Lt. Lurana Reporting to Bangle Lead (rank) West
[11:33:29] Chris (GM): “Sierra flight you are clear to launch! “ You hear over your intercom and the docking clamps release with a snap and hiss.
[11:34:04] Chris (GM): Your fighter is thrust into space by the launch tubes electromagnetic catapult. Looking around you can see Alpha’s, Beta’s and fighters bearing the mark of the Tirolian Defense Corps mixing it up with the strange yet sleek unknowns in an ugly furball. Behind the screen you see the space docks and graving yards ablaze, their capital ship defense screen valiantly trying to stem the tide.
[11:34:30] Chris (GM): To your immediate front you see a long black and grey ship with bright angry red highlights and a hull that seems alive. A red beam is fired from what could only be a weapons mount towards the UEEF fleet, striking an Ikazuchi dead center, tearing a gaping hole in its side. Not only have you de-folded into the middle of a battle, it seems you just de-folded into the middle of the enemy fleet, as you now note at least five more enemy capital ships around you, above and below.
[11:35:16] Chris (GM): Your radar shows numerous tracks, far too many for the system to handle.
[11:35:56] Lurana glares at the capital ships cursing as she wishes she had a beta attached then throttles up planning to slam some missiles and infiltrate one of the capital ships and take out some pent up anger on it!
[11:35:57] Chris (GM): “Sierra flight…szzzkk…switch to close in…skkk…inbound…!” You hear over your radio. PERC Checks
[11:36:04] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17)
[11:36:11] Chris (GM): [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
[11:36:30] Lurana: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[11:41:26] Chris (GM): You notice a flight of incoming fighters banking away from their run on the Docks to turn against the new comers.
[11:42:25] Sarah rubs hands slightly and gets ready. "Awaiting orders."
[11:43:19] Lurana without orders or even asking she throttles preparing to leave the formation charging one of the battle cruiser looking vessels beta or no beta
[11:43:39] Chris (GM): John, you are ordered to the upper deck to provide point defense
[11:44:54] Chris (GM): Over your radio you hear "Fallyna ! back in formation!"
[11:45:33] Sarah starts watching for targets on the Beta's weapons systems, narrowing her eyes at the new inbounds, and waiting for fire authorization.
[11:46:14] Lurana she grumbles pondering ignoring the order but backs off and lets formation catch up grudgingly gritting her teeth*
[11:47:05] Chris (GM): The enemy fighters approach. Roll init
[11:47:14] Sarah: [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4)
[11:47:19] Sarah: (( aw crud ))
[11:47:41] Chris (GM): [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
[11:48:02] Lurana: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
[11:48:19] Chris (GM): Roll it as well John
[11:48:26] Oberoth: [1d20] => [10] = (10)
[11:48:50] Oberoth: +2
[11:49:09] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[11:49:10] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[11:49:10] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[11:49:10] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
[11:49:11] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
[11:49:12] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[11:49:13] Chris (GM): Enemy fighters
[11:49:20] Lurana: (one tied with me)
[11:49:36] Chris (GM): tie breaker roll a un modified 20
[11:49:37] Chris (GM): [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[11:49:42] Lurana: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[11:50:33] Chris (GM): Okay, so, Suki, W1, W2, W3, W4, Lu, W5, Sarah, W6
[11:51:23] Chris (GM): Suki will lock up 4, and the wraiths attack
[11:52:21] Chris (GM): Strikes
[11:52:28] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
[11:52:29] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
[11:52:29] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20)
[11:52:29] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
[11:53:10] Chris (GM): Intent: Suki/Sarah 1-4 Lu 5-7 John 8-10
[11:53:18] Chris (GM): [1d10] => [7] = (7)
[11:53:19] Chris (GM): [1d10] => [2] = (2)
[11:53:19] Chris (GM): [1d10] => [4] = (4)
[11:53:19] Chris (GM): [1d10] => [7] = (7)
[11:53:34] Chris (GM): Two for Suki/Sarah, two for Lu
[11:54:37] Chris (GM): [1d20+18] => [18,18] = (36)
[11:54:38] Chris (GM): [1d20+18] => [1,18] = (19)
[11:54:48] Chris (GM): One hit on the Alpha Beta
[11:55:24] Chris (GM): [2d4*10] => 50
[11:55:29] Chris (GM): 50 points
[11:55:38] Chris (GM): Lu dodge
[11:56:08] Lurana: [1d20+16] => [1,16] = (17)
[11:56:09] Lurana: [1d20+16] => [3,16] = (19)
[11:56:21] Chris (GM): [2d4*10] => 40
[11:56:21] Chris (GM): [2d4*10] => 50
[11:56:51] Lurana feels her x-shadow fighter shudder when the strikes hit "Dammit thats a new paint job!
[11:57:38] Chris (GM): Lu your attack
[11:57:50] Lurana would throttle up to cruse and lock one of the pair that hit her "Alright bastard! Eat this!"
[11:58:48] Lurana: [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12)
[11:59:01] Lurana pulls the trigger launching 4 plasma rockets at him!
[11:59:25] Chris (GM): [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[11:59:38] Chris (GM): It tried to dodge, but fails miserably roll damage
[11:59:44] Chris (GM): John your attack
[11:59:51] Lurana: [2d6*10*4] => 240
[12:00:07] Lurana watches a shower of explosions with glee
[12:00:14] Oberoth: dual cannons
[12:00:26] Oberoth: closest enemy
[12:00:31] Oberoth: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
[12:00:34] Chris (GM): The enemy fighter take the hits and although shredded, some how, keeps flying
[12:03:11] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
[12:03:17] Chris (GM): you hit
[12:03:36] Oberoth: [2d6*10] => 40
[12:04:17] Chris (GM): You finish off the Wraith that Lurana hit, shattering it
[12:04:31] Oberoth:
[12:04:33] Chris (GM): Wraith 5 attacks…
[12:04:36] Chris (GM): [1d10] => [4] = (4)
[12:04:42] Chris (GM): Suki/Sarah
[12:04:46] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
[12:04:50] Chris (GM): Missing
[12:04:54] Chris (GM): Sarah your action
[12:05:51] Sarah targets four plasma missiles from the Beta onto the attacker who hit then (W3), launching them quickly as she can get the weapon system locked in well enough.
[12:05:59] Sarah: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[12:06:06] Chris (GM): [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[12:06:14] Chris (GM): Roll damage *4
[12:06:24] Sarah: [2d6*10*4] => 280
[12:06:26] Chris (GM): since he epically failed into your epic hit
[12:06:41] Sarah: [2d6*10*4] => 280
[12:06:43] Sarah: [2d6*10*4] => 320
[12:06:43] Sarah: [2d6*10*4] => 440
[12:06:59] Sarah: (( holy shit ))
[12:07:07] Sarah: (( epic fail into epic hit. Wow ))
[12:07:20] Chris (GM): The Wraith explodes in such a violent fashion that the polarization of your visors have to flick on.
[12:08:29] Chris (GM): W6 fires at Sarah/Suki in revenge
[12:08:34] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14)
[12:08:41] Chris (GM): [1d20+18] => [15,18] = (33)
[12:08:57] Chris (GM): Suki is like, nuh uh!
[12:09:16] Chris (GM): Then Suki fires her four missile at four targets
[12:09:20] Chris (GM): [1d20+3] => [15,3] = (18)
[12:10:02] Chris (GM): For some reason they try to dodge, unlike the Invid, who, adept at missiles targeting them, usually seek to shoot them down.
[12:10:44] Chris (GM): [2d6*10*4] => 240
[12:10:44] Chris (GM): [2d6*10*4] => 320
[12:10:45] Chris (GM): [2d6*10*4] => 320
[12:10:45] Chris (GM): [2d6*10*4] => 240
[12:11:41] Chris (GM): Two wraiths explode and two more are left in tatters! Lurana, your shot
[12:12:39] Lurana zings towards one of the damaged ones locking it with her destablizer and fires a full burst at one chasing him down
[12:12:47] Chris (GM): fire
[12:13:09] Lurana: [1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23)
[12:13:11] Chris (GM): [1d100] => [26] = (26)
[12:13:12] Chris (GM): [1d100] => [94] = (94)
[12:13:28] Chris (GM): [1d20] => [15] = (15)
[12:13:32] Chris (GM): you hit
[12:13:37] Chris (GM): damage
[12:14:03] Lurana: [2d4*10+30] => 70
[12:14:44] Chris (GM): You finish it off and it broken remains careen past and are deflected before the Yukikaze's PPB system before it can strike the hull.
[12:14:50] Sarah: (( boom ))
[12:15:00] Chris (GM): John, your shot, there is ! wraith left
[12:15:04] Chris (GM): 1
[12:15:22] Oberoth: where am I located?
[12:15:33] Lurana would turn towards one of the battle cruisers now this time determined to ignore orders no if's ands or buts!
[12:16:36] Chris (GM): You are on the hull of the ship with a few other Bioroids, but they have their sectors of responsibility,
[12:16:47] Oberoth: ok
[12:17:00] Oberoth: dual cannons
[12:17:21] Oberoth: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
[12:17:25] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
[12:17:30] Chris (GM): You tag him!
[12:17:44] Oberoth: [1d6*10] => 40
[12:17:44] Oberoth: [1d6*10] => 30
[12:17:56] Oberoth: 70
[12:19:08] Chris (GM): The wraith takes the hit and veers off as it fires on you John.
[12:19:12] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
[12:19:28] Oberoth: dodge bonus?
[12:20:32] Chris (GM): yes +8
[12:20:49] Oberoth: [1d20+8] => [9,8] = (17)
[12:20:57] Chris (GM): you get hit
[12:21:02] Oberoth: (( shucks ))
[12:21:07] Chris (GM): [2d6*10] => 30
[12:21:10] Chris (GM): not bad
[12:21:21] Chris (GM): still hurts..but not to horrible
[12:21:23] Oberoth: (( phew! ))
[12:21:39] Oberoth: *wipes brow*
[12:21:50] Chris (GM): Suki pulls up after it and fires the Beta's forward cannons and Alpha's nose lasers in a firelinked barrage
[12:22:33] Chris (GM): [1d20+11] => [6,11] = (17)
[12:23:07] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[12:23:13] Chris (GM): She hits, but barely
[12:23:47] Chris (GM): [2d4*10] => 40
[12:23:54] Chris (GM): [4d8*2] => 28
[12:24:03] Chris (GM): Lu your shot
[12:24:29] Lurana would just fire her nose cannons at it closing the distance on it
[12:24:47] Lurana: [1d20+11] => [20,11] = (31)
[12:25:13] Chris (GM): nice!
[12:25:19] Chris (GM): [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
[12:25:23] Chris (GM): You hit!
[12:25:53] Lurana: [4d8*2*2] => 108
[12:26:48] Chris (GM): Johns shot
[12:27:43] Oberoth: same as before
[12:28:06] Oberoth: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
[12:28:08] Chris (GM): [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
[12:28:12] Chris (GM): you hit
[12:28:12] Oberoth:
[12:28:27] Oberoth: [1d6*10] => 10
[12:28:28] Oberoth: [1d6*10] => 50
[12:28:55] Chris (GM): It's still kicking! Sarah! FINSIH HIM!!!!
[12:29:15] Sarah fires two missiles at the remaining Wraith, wanting to finish it off quickly.
[12:29:20] Sarah: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[12:29:43] Chris (GM): [1d100] => [40] = (40)
[12:29:48] Chris (GM): [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[12:30:04] Chris (GM): [1d100] => [54] = (54)
[12:30:13] Chris (GM): [1d20-2] => [5,-2] = (3)
[12:30:20] Chris (GM): You hit! roll damage
[12:30:23] Sarah: [2d6*10] => 60
[12:30:23] Sarah: [2d6*10] => 70
[12:31:14] Chris (GM): The wraith takes the missiles right up it's tailpipe and not in a good way! The resulting explosion rips the guts out and the leftover debris blossoms , sent in all directions.


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