Majors Briefing


  • Overview:
    • Detached Marine’s will move to and augment UEEF combined forces at FOB (Forward Operating Base) Bastogne.
  • Primary Mission Profile:
    • BARCAP (Barrier CAP (Cover Air patrol)) East of Point R (New Flagstaff.) Assist sister FOB’s as needed or as directed.
  • Secondary Mission Profile:
    • Rhubarb Missions against Haydonite targets of opportunity within AO.

ROE (Rules of Engagement):

  • Haydonite Forces are Kill-on-Sight! Observation of threat forces left to the discretion of on-scene commander.
  • Addendum:
    • Haydonite forces must be kept from Point R by all means necessary!

Local Facilities:

  • Point R (New Flagstaff)
  • FOB Anzio (NORTH of Point R)
  • FOB Bastogne (EAST of Point R)
  • FOB Corregidor (SOUTH of Point R)

Support Units:

  • FOB Bastogne:
    • ADR-04-Mk.XI Defender Block 4: x2: CALLSIGN: Slapshot
    • Tango Company, 3rd Brigade, 14th Infantry: (60 men): CALLSIGN: Stonewall
  • Point R:
    • SDR-04-Mk.XIII Phalanx Block 4: x2: CALLSIGN: Longbow
    • HWR-00-MK.III Monster Block 4: x2: CALLSIGN: Grandslam
  • On Orbit:
    • UES Yukikaze: CALLSIGN: Damocles

Team Call signs:

  • Lt. Fallnya: Hitman Actual
  • Lt. Ishida: Hitman 1-1
  • Lt. Magna: Hitman 2-1
  • CWO Amdahl: Hitman 3-1
  • Lt. Fairman: Hitman 4-1
  • Lt. Maeless: Hitman 5-1

Map of New Flagstaff area


Units Depicted

  • 16th ADA
  • 7th ADA (Squads 1 and 2)
  • Charlie, Foxtrot, and Tango Platoons, 14th Infantry
  • 2nd Artillery Battery
  • 78th Artillery Battery
  • HQ 5th Infantry Battalion
    • A Company Armored, 5th Infantry
    • G Company, 5th Infantry
    • B Mechanized Infantry Troop, 5th Infantry
  • 117th Medical Company

FOB Bastogne

FOB Bastogne is made up of 6 Horizon Bunkers forming a hexagonal perimeter wall. Three additional bunkers comprise the inner structures and contain the TOC, Communications Bunker, Aid Station, Storage, and Motor Pool.

Atop the Bunkers are sandbagged defensive positions and at the corners of the hexagon are sandbagged machine gun emplacements. Sand has been built up on the outside of the bunkers creating a berm to better protect the structure from enemy fire. While creating a sloping incline to the top of the bunker, only dismounted infantry would be able to scale it with speed and ease as heavier mecha would become bogged down.

  • Legend:
    • LZ: Landing Zone
    • MG: Machine Gun (HRG-70)
    • SB(M): VM-9 Silverback with Medium Range Missile rack
    • ADR: ADR-04-Mk.X Defender Destroid
    • CP/TOC: Command Post/Tactical Operations Center
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