Chapter 8 - Act 3 - Part 7


[07:44:26] GM: The large, now liberated slave, has been taken to the Fire base and looked over. Those that dragged him back are afforded a meal and some rest while the rest, ( I think it's just the FIST team still out there) holds their position. Command runs the new guys out of town plates and replies that Command considers it a possible liability to bring him to the rear at this point. If the 33rd's medics can deal with it, then they should. Essentially "He's your problem, we dont want him right now."
[07:50:42] GM: Rayn, you come out of your haze and find yourself in a dimly lit tent of some sort. There is an overhead light, and you can hear male and female voices. You are on a not completely uncomfortable bed but you cannot move your arms and legs.
[07:51:28] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan tries to get his bearings and why he can't move (PREC roll)
[07:51:31] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[07:52:11] GM: The overhead light is rather bright and halfway blinds you, you are strapped to the bed.
[07:53:01] GM: You feel like warmed over dog shit and your head is killing you.
[07:53:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan closes eyes and strains to listen carefully filtering out anything deemed 'normal' (Prec roll)
[07:53:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[07:53:57] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((GO COMMANDO!))
[07:54:37] UEF PO2: …his vitals are strong. Some signs of malnutrition and over exertion. Nothing life threatening.
[07:55:26] Lt. Utenaru: Fine, the Major wants to know when he's awake. Until then, update the TOC every half hour.
[07:55:47] UEF PO2: Roger that sir.
[07:55:47] Lt Lurana: (has no idea where im at with either char so )
[07:56:17] UEF PO2: Alright, lets change out his IV, Caplin, hand me that…
[07:56:53] GM: You are likely at the firebase in you CVR-3 / Cyclone / Devo…
[07:56:59] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan Tries to determine if there is anything he can do to loosen his restraints to try and pop the fasteners with his MASSIVE strength (Basic Mechanics skill Check)
[07:57:05] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d100] => [58] = (58)
[07:57:14] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: vs. 30 - fail
[07:58:34] GM: Rayn, they have you strapped down securely. But your attempt alerts the Medics to your awake status. The PO2 snaps her fingers and two Marines in VR-041 move into position.
[07:58:55] UEF CPO: Caplin, get the Ell Tee! He's awake.
[07:59:00] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((Woah - I only did a skill check ))
[07:59:08] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((lol - playing through))
[07:59:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan realizing he's been noticed he relaxes and stops any attempt at escape for now
[08:00:43] GM: Heh, you try testing your restraints with two medics hovering over you swapping out an IV bag and you tell me they wont notice…
[08:01:12] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((sorry Perc roll earlier you didn't say there were IN THE ROOM ))
[08:01:32] GM: That was implied.
[08:01:44] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((no implying it screws me up))
[[08:01:53] GM: Anyway
[08:02:00] GM: trucking right along
[08:02:28] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Yeah well guys they are a bit tight, and I thought try and get comfortable for the stay
[08:02:52] GM: Presently the Lt. returns, and within about 10 to 15 minutes the camp scuttlebutt informs the others that the guy they brought back woke up.
[08:03:34] UEF PO2: Just lie back. And, please don’t resist. You weren't brought in exactly willing.
[08:03:53] Gage goes to medical to check on superman
[08:04:10] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: What do you mean… I just know I have a really bad headache boys
[08:04:12] Lt. Utenaru enters and watches from the side.
[08:04:17] 2Lt. Aylanea wanders towards Medical as well, curious about the one they've found herself.
[08:04:24] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Whats going on? (ME Check)
[08:04:36] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (MA check srry)
[08:04:39] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d100] => [28] = (28)
[08:04:44] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Vs 60
[08:04:50] GM: Ay and Gage you make your way over and see the Major and the MSgt. on their way.
[08:04:59] 2nd Lt Vinai is seemingly off camera someplace working on editing all the footage he gathered from the helm cams down while underground.
[08:05:27] GM: Vin is still underground, he's just back at the Firebase doing what he is doing.
[08:05:53] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (( I got that Trust roll GM - gimmie))
[08:06:54] Lt. Utenaru steps forward, and is about to speak when the Major and Top enter. She nods to the man.
[08:08:10] GM: The folks in the room converse about you Rayn, but do not address you just yet, every now and then the pause to look over at you, then continue talking. Meanwhile the PO2 swaps out the IV bag and allows you some water from a canteen.
[08:09:16] 1stSgt Walken walks to the side of the bed and regards you with a grunt.
[08:09:24] 1stSgt Walken: How you holdin up son?
[08:10:03] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Would be better if the Medics didn't ignore my question - what am I doing here?
[08:10:13] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((MA roll pls?))
[08:10:50] 1stSgt Walken: Well that’s a mighty fine question, one I'm sure the boss will be asking you.
[08:11:32] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: A question for a question? Well this should be interesting…
[08:12:36] Maj. Kavashera approaches, and the large female Lt. leaves.
[08:12:48] Maj. Kavashera: Well then…
[08:13:03] Maj. Kavashera looks at your dog tags in his hand.
[08:13:15] Maj. Kavashera: Reehan is it?
[08:13:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks away avoiding acknowledgment that the tags are his
[08:13:53] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Raihan… yes
[08:14:06] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Ray-han)
[08:14:19] Maj. Kavashera: Hmm, never was good with names.
[08:15:02] Maj. Kavashera: So, I guess we'll start this easy. What is the last thing you remember clearly?
[08:15:46] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well I think I can make out your a Major, but bright lights tend to make it hard to see anything else… same seems to be with what I remember… so where do you want to start so I can get you what you want and get out of these restraints?
[08:15:52] GM: Ay and gage you are inside the tent now as well. The 1stSgt looks over and nods at you.
[08:16:07] 2Lt. Aylanea glandes over and nods back, listening quietly to the answers.
[08:16:11] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: So Major, whats your name?
[08:16:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: And where am I?
[08:16:25] Maj. Kavashera: Thats not important right now son.
[08:16:44] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Did the UEEF finally retake Tirol?
[08:16:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks like he thinks he is still on Tirol
[08:16:57] Maj. Kavashera adjusts the overhead so you aren't being blinded by glare. You can clearly see him now, as well as the two VR-041 clad pit bulls behind him.
[08:17:17] Maj. Kavashera: Not as such. You aren't on Tirol.
[08:17:30] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan shock comes over his face…..
[08:17:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: What… what do you mean I'm not on Tirol?!!
[08:18:07] Maj. Kavashera: As in you Tirol is a long way away. And you aren't on it.
[08:18:29] Maj. Kavashera: ((As in Tirol…))
[08:19:09] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan takes a moment to absorb that… and then looks as though he's trying to find the next logical question to ask….
[08:19:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well… since I can't get answers on where I am, then at least tell me why I'm restrained?
[08:20:42] Maj. Kavashera: You are on Karberra, and you are restrained because you attacked some of my men when they found you.
[08:21:24] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan sighs… waiting for more information
[08:21:41] Maj. Kavashera: Maybe you can tell us a little about this.
[08:22:03] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I can only tell you what I remember… I hope that will do
[08:22:03] Maj. Kavashera has the medics play back a recording of you delirious and spouting Haydonite propaganda.
[08:22:24] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan listens carefully….
[08:22:41] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Hmm that's me, but I don't remember saying anything like that
[08:23:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Here's what I can tell you Major…. Kav.. she.. ray?
[08:23:55] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan as he reads the label on the Maj. Uniform
[08:24:05] Maj. Kavashera: Kav ah shay rah.
[08:24:34] Maj. Kavashera: Sir will do fine from here on out.
[08:25:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan lets out a single 'pft' sound…
[08:25:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: perhaps Major, but I'm not a UEEF soldier anymore as you may well already be aware…
[08:25:59] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I was imprisoned on Tirol, after Edwards…
[08:26:01] Maj. Kavashera: Funny, these say otherwise.
[08:26:10] Maj. Kavashera dangles your dog tags in front of you.
[08:26:21] 2nd Lt Vinai: ((on the phone with step dad…uncle died last night…brb in about 10 15 minutes))
[08:26:49] Maj. Kavashera: Now, the choice is yours. What should I believe, you, or your dog tags?
[08:27:01] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well we can play semantics Major or I can fill you in on what I do remember, now if some JAG officer lied to me along the way… well then there’s not much I can say to that…
[08:27:07] Chris: My condolences.
[08:27:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((Same…))
[08:27:32] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eep, my condolences as well ))
[08:27:54] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: … and we'll get to the dog tags along the way if you like?
[08:28:03] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (my sympathies Vinny)
[08:28:21] 1stSgt Walken: Don’t be thick son, Major here is givin you a choice. If'n ye wanna be treated as a pris-ner, say the word. If ye wan be treated as a Marine, well son, sound off.
[08:29:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan's face changes with a look of conflicted regrets…
[08:30:15] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: No Sergeant, its not that simple… I really wish it was. I should have died back on Tirol, everyone expected that, so I don't know… it's just not that simple…
[08:30:35] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: As far as I know…
[08:31:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I was given basic equipment and a PFC dog tag so my body could be identified… but for all intensive purposes I was released to act as a delay, like many others from my squad that weren't executed, to ensure the evacuation of Tirol
[08:32:27] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: and most certainly WASN"T supposed to survive, let alone end up with amnesia on Karberra
[08:32:46] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan pauses reflecting on those events on Tirol during the evacuation
[08:33:58] Gage quirks a brow
[08:34:00] 2Lt. Aylanea glances over and raises her eyebrows slightly. "Well, you survived. Even if you don't remember anything since then." She frowns slightly. "Does bring up questions about how the Haydonites were controlling you, though…"
[08:34:41] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan comes back as though having drifted off to old regrets and says…
[08:34:44] 1stSgt Walken: Well, ain't life a bitch, so what? You got here two choices son, you know things. Things about down here. Now, you can either be sent back to those POAG's in the rear and they can have their way with you with their probes and such. Or, you can cowboy the fuck up, stand to and figure it out on the line.
[08:35:41] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I didn't know the Haydonites take prisoners…
[08:35:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan then pauses to address the Sgt.
[08:35:51] Maj. Kavashera looks at the First Shirt and is pleased with what the man said.
[08:37:07] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I'll help with whatever information the UEEF needs, but for now, I'm still a traitor to the brass; and your not my superior officer.
[08:37:13] Maj. Kavashera: You have 20 minutes to make your call Private. Top here will be standing by. I'll be blunt, command wants nothing to do with you. So, that makes you our problem. I like to solve my problems in house.
[08:37:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan as he stares at the Major
[08:37:56] Maj. Kavashera: Son, don’t go getting on my bad side.
[08:38:08] Maj. Kavashera hands the tags to the First Shirt then leaves the tent.
[08:39:06] 1stSgt Walken looks at Rayn once with a knowing smile and laughs slightly. Then follows the Major out.
[08:39:12] 1stSgt Walken: That one's got spunk…
[08:39:48] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan smiles glad not much has changed in the UEEF Corp
[08:40:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: So can anyone tell me…. .WHY my head hurts so bad?
[08:41:10] Gage comments to Rayn "I kicked it in a few times"
[08:41:35] GM: Ay and Gage, you can answer that, the others a lil bit of free RP and skill rolls etc if you want to, Suki and Sarah roll some percs and any skills you might want to out on the line.
[08:41:59] 2Lt. Aylanea looks to Rayn. "Whatever they were doing to control you might have left something behind to make it hurt, certainly." She looks around. "If they've figured out what that is…" She ponders. "Outside of that, you put up quite a fight against several cyclones."
[08:42:34] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks over to him "Must have been some BIG boots you were wearing to accomplish that my little friend…."
[08:42:58] Lt. Jaron: [1d8] => [7] = (7)
[08:43:32] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan rolls his eyes up and then says "But it hurts in one specific spot too…? Did I take a hit to the head?"
[08:44:02] Lt. Jaron: perception [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23). sensory [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 70%, detect concealment [1d100] => [10] = (10) vs 75%
[08:44:36] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5) perc, [1d100] => [63] = (63) detect concealment (70%), [1d100] => [11] = (11) RSI (70%), [1d100] => [16] = (16) military tactics (89%), [1d100] => [55] = (55) detect ambush (75%), [1d100] => [31] = (31) Optics (for the helmets, if needed) (69%)
[08:44:44] GM: Jaron, what are you looking for, since you are back at the Firebase
[08:44:47] Gage nods to Rayn "Yea. cyclone size foot"
[08:45:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( *halopolishes* ))
[08:45:33] Lt. Jaron: (really? I thought Gage, ay & ryu were the only ones at the base)
[08:45:53] GM: I was under the impression all but the scissor sisters returned
[08:46:10] GM: but I've been known to be wrong
[08:46:14] Lt. Jaron: (negative)
[08:46:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan nods - I hope I didn't hurt any of you? Cyclone or not, I'm not known for having gentle hands…
[08:46:49] GM: kk, lemme get Suki's rolls up…
[08:47:07] Gage nods to Rayn "Well you was pumped for something that you flipped a devastator"
[08:47:52] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) perc, [1d100] => [23] = (23) Tactics, [1d100] => [36] = (36) TW Ground, [1d100] => [37] = (37) Detect Conceal, [1d100] => [97] = (97) intel, [1d100] => [61] = (61) Detect ambush
[08:48:25] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan juts his head back in slight surprise… "A…. Devastator?!"
[08:48:49] Gage: "like a larger size Cyclone"
[08:49:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I know what it is friend… but if circumstances were different I would think you were lying to me!
[08:49:48] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan shakes his head in disbelief… "I can't imagine what else I 'DONT" remember"
[08:50:09] Gage smirks slightly
[08:50:42] GM: Okay, between the three of you, you count 17 other slaves, 10 human, 5 Tirolian and 2 Zent (micronized of course), there is a mine cart track leading south (will mark on map) You have placed your selves into a brilliant spot to ambush any enemy that might enter your AO
[08:51:03] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk ))
[08:51:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((Holding back on the Rayn tent talk for now - GM let me know later if we can free RP that some more pls - afk for 5 minutes))
[08:53:42] Lt. Jaron relays the info to the others, hoping Vin's system works well
[08:54:10] GM: You are able to get the info back to the others.
[08:55:34] GM: Jaron you are also informed that the big guy is up. Beyond that nothing more.
[08:55:53] GM: Also, the major sends along "Coffee break is over."
[08:56:01] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:57:03] Lt. Jaron replies "Roger that"
[08:58:21] Lt. Ishida: Once the rest rejoin us, which way do you intend to go?
[08:59:36] Lt. Jaron: "We'll follow the tracks; then circle back. Hopefully if this map is still somewhat accurate."
[08:59:46] Lt. Ishida nods
[08:59:58] CWO2 Sarah listens quietly, nodding quickly.
[09:01:22] GM: Okay so, Ay, you rally your chicks and get them ready to move out. Rayn, the time for choosing is now. In the Rear with the Gear or on the Line?
[09:01:39] CWO2 Sarah: (( *rolls* ))
[09:01:57] CWO2 Sarah: (( yay for the most suggestive line in all of Starcraft ))
[09:02:08] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (lol)
[09:02:50] GM: What line?
[09:03:02] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( In the rear with the gear! ;p ))
[09:03:05] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( think about it ))
[09:03:23] GM: Yeah, that’s a military line since Christ was a Corporal
[09:03:32] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol. ah. ))
[09:03:32] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (its the SCVs lol)
[09:04:03] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (back)
[09:04:44] GM: Kk, by the silence I is assuming that the rest of yall are humping it back to the cavern.
[09:04:52] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yup! ))
[09:04:53] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekeke ))
[09:05:36] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (lets drag the mountain with us…er Rayn lol)
[09:05:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *Tries to rally the rest and such good, without saying "Yah" or otherwise treating them like she's herding cattle.* ;p ))
[09:05:53] GM: Herding cats more like
[09:06:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (I do believe Rayn wants to go lol)
[09:07:11] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ))
[09:08:39] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( anyhow ))
[09:09:46] 2 LT Komillia: ((Nyaaan!))
[09:10:01] Lt. Jaron waits for the rest to arrive
[09:10:27] 2Lt. Aylanea tries to herd the rest in, scritching anyone that balks any to keep em moving? ;p
[09:11:50] 2 LT Komillia breaks out of her melancholy and goes toward the rest of the group.
[09:12:31] FO Ryu Hasegawa follows behind
[09:12:32] Gage takes point at Ay's herd
[09:12:36] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (bbs dinner)
[09:13:34] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:14:34] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( moving right along… ))
[09:14:41] GM: I guess so
[09:15:13] GM: Okay, the group, Jess, let me know if you want Ast up on the line, rejoins.
[09:16:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( and Rayn, if he wants up on the line. ))
[09:16:16] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( keke ))
[09:19:04] 2 LT Komillia: ((I guess that does qualify as an answer of sorts.))
[09:19:16] GM: ((indeed…)
[09:19:20] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( er, yeah. ))
[09:19:27] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *tries to poke her on AIM* ))
[09:19:35] GM: ((still on AIM so might just be a Open blurp))
[09:20:39] GM: Okay, Jaron, your folks are there, what do you do, what DO you do?
[09:21:39] Gage motions Ay & Komillia point; the just to fall in "follow the tracks for now"
[09:21:49] Lt. Jaron motions Ay & Komillia point; the just to fall in "follow the tracks for now" (err)
[09:22:11] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((Rayn is strapped to a bed for the time being))
[09:23:20] 2 LT Komillia takes a point position as directed, keeping eyes out for any hostiles. (([1d20] => [9] = (9) PERC in necessary))
[09:23:24] GM: The passageway is large enough for a trio of Karberrans to walk side by side and inclines slightly.
[09:23:58] 2Lt. Aylanea nods quickly to Jaron, and keeps her own watch as well. [1d20] => [3] = (3) perc
[09:24:14] GM: as you walk rail carts that are empty go down the line, while full ones trundle on up past you and disappear around a corner ahead of you, heading left.
[09:27:08] GM: Rayn, you are unstrapped, and given a fresh set of fatigues, and are taken to the mess tent for a meal…with an escort.
[09:27:53] 2Lt. Aylanea peers at the corner with a frown, relaying it back to Jaron with images, frowning at it.
[09:29:26] GM: [1d100] => [52] = (52)
[09:31:14] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( uhoh ))
[09:33:14] GM: RSI's and all that jazz y’all
[09:33:54] Lt. Jaron: perception [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9). sensory [1d100] => [27] = (27) vs 70%, detect concealment [1d100] => [77] = (77) vs 75%
[09:33:54] 2 LT Komillia: [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 60 RSI, [1d20] => [1] = (1) PERC
[09:34:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [75] = (75) rsi (68%), [1d20] => [4] = (4) perc
[09:34:37] 2 LT Komillia: ((squirrel!))
[09:34:55] Gage: perception [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5); detect ambush [1d100] => [38] = (38) vs 55
[09:34:57] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [65] = (65) [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
[09:35:07] CWO2 Sarah: [1d100] => [83] = (83) rsi, [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) perc
[09:35:13] CWO2 Sarah: (( RSI fail ))
[09:36:48] GM: You forward types are able to see the track continue on, you can see light down the tunnel it follows.
[09:37:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kk ))
[09:39:24] GM: James did you get my whispers?
[09:40:06] 2 LT Komillia: Cyclone-sized Heat Signatures.
[09:40:46] Lt. Ishida: Confirmed. 500ft downrange.
[09:40:58] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks and frowns just a little at that, nodding.
[09:41:51] Lt. Jaron motions Komillia and Ay to check it out
[09:42:04] CWO2 Sarah tries to sense for anything in terms of PC, in that direction. [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
[09:42:09] Lt. Ishida nods and falls back to a supporting position.
[09:42:23] 2 LT Komillia moves forward to check things out.
[09:42:30] 2Lt. Aylanea nods quickly and slips ahead with Komi, slowly.
[09:42:38] GM: Sarah, at this range you can indeed pick up PC from the downrange tracks.
[09:43:02] GM: (note that underground that range is limited to 300 ft, but you have more or less Line of Sight)
[09:43:36] CWO2 Sarah: (( hmm. Ah. Didn't know that was blocked by that, since it's her own senses. So noted. ))
[09:44:08] CWO2 Sarah hmms. "PC sigs down that way, for sure…" She keeps watching from behind
[09:44:15] CWO2 Sarah: (( arg ))
[09:44:16] GM: ((well says you can pick up PC 300 feet underground, assuming you are on the surface, so. 300 feet or more of rock and solid between you, ))
[09:44:23] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk ))
[09:44:37] Lt. Jaron replies "Roger that"
[09:46:31] 2Lt. Aylanea takes note as well, as she keeps slipping ahead.
[09:46:48] GM: roll prowl etc
[09:47:26] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (back from dinner,)
[09:47:42] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [64] = (64) vs. 30% prowl
[09:47:45] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( suck and fail ))
[09:47:53] 2 LT Komillia: [1d100] => [56] = (56) vs 25 for prowl
[09:48:05] 2 LT Komillia: ((well, that ain't happening.))
[09:48:12] Haydonite Reaver turns his head towards teh noise.
[09:48:53] GM: The pair of Reavers turn and start down the tunnel one on either side of the tracks (Light Reavers)
[09:49:08] 2 LT Komillia: Hi there. Where's the little bot's room?
[09:49:24] GM: Their weapons are at the ready [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) perc 1 and [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6) perc 2
[09:49:53] GM: init's Komi, Ay, and Reavers ONLY
[09:50:10] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
[09:50:11] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[09:50:28] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (*whistles* wow)
[09:50:48] 2 LT Komillia: [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
[09:51:12] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11)
[09:52:37] Haydonite Reaver: Okay
[09:54:10] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol at Komi anyhow ))
[09:54:25] GM: Reaver number 1, that made his perc points back the way they came. Then fires at Ay 1-2, Komi 3-4 [1d4] => [2] = (2) [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7) The second Reaver will cut ahead of Komi and Ay and turns, and engages his thrusters and starts down the tunnel.
[09:54:40] GM: Ay the rounds miss you by miles.
[09:54:53] GM: Ay your turn
[09:55:44] 2Lt. Aylanea returns fire with the M90c very quickly, firing a burst for the Reaver that fired upon her, immediately. [1d20+13] => [3,13] = (16)
[09:56:26] Haydonite Reaver moves to cover behind an outcropping. [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16)
[09:56:45] GM: Attackers win ties, you got a piece of him Ay! Roll damage.
[09:57:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: [(1d10*10)+12] => 92
[09:57:05] GM: Komi, your turn
[09:57:59] 2 LT Komillia fires the GU-21 at the charging Reaver. [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28)
[09:58:19] GM: [1d100] => [55] = (55)
[09:58:31] GM: retreating
[09:58:33] GM: not charging
[09:58:47] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( running to get his friends ))
[09:58:51] 2 LT Komillia: ((still firing at it.))
[09:59:09] Haydonite Reaver goes evasive as his threat warning reciever goes bonkers. [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
[09:59:25] 2 LT Komillia: [2d4*10] => 40
[09:59:28] GM: Solid hit! great success! Roll Damage
[09:59:37] GM: [1d100] => [40] = (40)
[10:00:25] GM: Both Ay and Komi hit the main body.
[10:00:43] GM: The rest of you may roll init, Ryu roll a HF first
[10:00:45] Lt. Jaron at the sounds of firing, he has Gage cover the rear incase the miners get active and motions Ryu, Sarah and Suki up.
[10:00:53] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
[10:01:14] Lt. Jaron: Init [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
[10:01:34] Gage: Init [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
[10:01:35] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (HF?)
[10:01:57] GM: Horror factor, target to beat is 10
[10:02:26] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
[10:02:26] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (*sigh*)
[10:02:56] GM: You hesitate, never seeing Reaver in person before. Plus, you are Fleet, never been in a gun fight before either. (A few possible justifications for the failed roll)
[10:03:15] GM: and init Ryu as well
[10:03:19] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (i need to reinstall this)
[10:03:51] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[10:04:08] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (my bonus is on my character sheet)
[10:04:50] GM: kk,
[10:05:08] GM: The Haydonite Ay hit returns fire at her [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
[10:05:13] GM: Missing again…
[10:05:20] GM: Ay your turn to fire
[10:06:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kk ))
[10:06:21] Sadrine: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
[10:06:39] 2Lt. Aylanea fires the M90C again, quickly. [1d20+13] => [19,13] = (32)
[10:06:49] 2Lt. Aylanea: [(1d10*10)+12] => 82 dmg'
[10:06:57] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
[10:07:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( and brb. parent ))
[10:07:08] GM: [1d100] => [21] = (21)
[10:07:47] GM: Ay your next burst takes off the enemy's arm at the elbow.
[10:08:23] GM: Sadrine tries to stop the fleeing haydonite by manipulating the stone tunnle ahead of him to close. [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
[10:08:36] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
[10:08:41] 2 LT Komillia: ((what'd Komi's ever do? I did roll, before you even asked…))
[10:08:47] Haydonite Reaver is able to bypass the obstacle.
[10:09:09] GM: You did 40 md to it's main body
[10:09:27] 2 LT Komillia: kk
[10:09:27] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[10:09:32] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (sorry)
[10:09:36] GM: Hold on Ryu
[10:09:40] GM: Suki your go.
[10:09:49] CWO2 Sarah: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6) init
[10:09:55] CWO2 Sarah: (( suck and fail ))
[10:10:50] Lt. Ishida brings up the HRG-70 and goes loud with the shoulder mounted rail gun. Trying to see if she can blast the enemies thrusters. [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
[10:11:03] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
[10:11:32] GM: Suki you miss the thrusters but hit center mass [3d4*10] => 90
[10:11:48] GM: Gage, your attack
[10:12:40] Gage moves to cover the rear in case of miners.
[10:13:24] GM: Sarah still need a init from you, Jaron your attack
[10:13:48] CWO2 Sarah: (( uh, just rolled it ))
[10:13:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( 4 mins ago ))
[10:13:54] CWO2 Sarah: (( that 1d20+4 ))
[10:13:58] CWO2 Sarah: (( got a 6. ))
[10:14:00] GM: I see it, you will go after Jaron
[10:14:08] GM: (technically before, but ah well))
[10:14:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( I could be held until next cycle for not getting init done. Sorry, parent dragged me off for a moment ))
[10:14:47] GM: ((nah, we'll squeeze you in))
[10:14:56] Lt. Jaron holds for now; letting the others get into position
[10:15:05] GM: Sarah your attack
[10:16:20] CWO2 Sarah pulls up the 057's rail gun, and tries to fire a burst from it, thinking she can get one clipped a bit. [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
[10:17:15] GM: As Sarah acts, the retreating Reaver fires back at you all, blindly, [1d6] => [5] = (5) 1 Ay, 2 Komi, 3 Jaron, 4 Suki, 5 Sadrine, 6 Ryu, [1d20-4] => [10,-4] = (6)
[10:17:42] GM: Both you and the Reavers shots pass each other and neither hit anything
[10:17:46] GM: Ryu your attack
[10:18:11] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (sorry what are my weapon systems on the Cyclone?)
[10:18:54] GM: Pick a hand held weapon
[10:19:22] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (hunh? it has a rifle right?)
[10:19:45] GM: You have the GR-97's stock, but you need to choose a hand held weapon
[10:19:51] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (sorry I left my book at home, sorry)
[10:20:29] GM: As an aside, back at camp, maybe it will help, maybe not, Rayn at the mess tent can her over the wireless the radio chatter of combat coming from the unit on the line
[10:21:01] GM: most if not all the voices are female…odd that
[10:21:12] GM: Ryu,k you wanna go big, or small?
[10:22:00] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (kk let me finish fixing dinner and contemplate on that)
[10:22:04] GM: I would go with the EP-37, biggest bang for the buck in a WP you possess
[10:22:31] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (according to my sheet I don’t have that weapon on my cyclone)
[10:22:33] CWO2 Sarah: (( oh. Go with that then ))
[10:22:45] GM: I know, since I never got a preference from ya
[10:22:54] GM: so we will go with the 37 then?
[10:23:05] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (yeah sorry I didn’t know you wanted a preference)
[10:23:05] CWO2 Sarah: (( just go with it ))
[10:23:27] GM: no worries
[10:23:31] GM: okay, roll the bones
[10:23:38] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (is my strike the same as the VT one?)
[10:24:01] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (I Have MECT in this Cyclone so)
[10:24:12] GM: +10 to Strike I believe
[10:24:28] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (ok)
[10:24:36] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20+10] => [9,10] = (19)
[10:24:42] GM: if not, meh, who cares, I'm easy, we'll figure it out later
[10:24:48] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d4+10] => [1,10] = (11)
[10:24:54] GM: Which one did you fire at
[10:24:55] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (Lol and a 1)
[10:25:03] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (the ones still retreating right?)
[10:25:15] GM: correct, and damage is 2d4x10
[10:25:29] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [2d4] => [2,1] = (3)
[10:25:33] Haydonite Reaver moves to evade [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19)
[10:25:53] GM: Attackers win ties, you barely hit 30 MD main body
[10:26:07] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan listens to the radio transmissions thoughtfully running through what he hears and what he's been trained to do as the transmissions continue back at the fire base
[10:26:16] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((eating but watching))
[10:27:11] GM: The disarmed haydonite ignores it's gun arm being blasted off and pops out of cover to fire it's arm mounted blaster at Ay [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22)
[10:28:32] 2Lt. Aylanea moves to get herself out of the way quickly. [1d20+15] => [1,15] = (16)
[10:28:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( fail ))
[10:28:38] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( arg ))
[10:28:42] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow that sux ))
[10:28:49] GM: [1d6*10] => 10 to the [1d100] => [74] = (74)
[10:29:05] GM: 10 MD to the main body, tis but a scratch!
[10:29:19] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *phew* ))
[10:29:34] GM: Sadrine tries again to stop the retreating Reaver and brings a chunk of the roof down ahead of him. [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9)
[10:29:41] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
[10:30:03] Haydonite Reaver baseball slides into home plate under the descending rock.
[10:30:09] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[10:30:21] GM: Ay your turn
[10:30:34] Lt. Ishida: Target the runner!
[10:31:25] 2Lt. Aylanea takes the scratch in stride and levels the M90c once again. On the comment from Suki, she adjusts for the runner, trying to error on the side of caution, but hit the head if she can. [1d20+13] => [15,13] = (28)
[10:31:46] Haydonite Reaver: [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
[10:32:00] 2 LT Komillia: ((Did I miss a turn somehow?))
[10:32:01] Haydonite Reaver makes the baseball slide but it stitched across the back by Ay
[10:32:27] 2Lt. Aylanea: [(1d10*10)+12] => 42
[10:32:33] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( made a called shot for the head, did that hit? ))
[10:32:34] 2 LT Komillia: ((nvm,))
[10:32:37] GM: Oooo fuck…I did…I'm sorry, roll it, I had you after Ryu, but it looked like initials…Ryu K
[10:32:51] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ack ))
[10:33:08] 2 LT Komillia fires the GU-21 at the runner. [1d20+10] => [17,10] = (27)
[10:33:13] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (its fine please let ay go before Ill wait)
[10:33:35] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *is just doing what GM said, sorry* ))
[10:33:37] GM: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
[10:33:40] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (unless im misunderstanding something)
[10:33:53] 2 LT Komillia: [2d4*10] => 60
[10:33:55] GM: Roll damage Komi
[10:34:10] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( not sure who is missing what. ))
[10:34:19] GM: Komi and Ay your combined fire obliterates the Runner
[10:34:50] GM: Suki your turn (Ryu, no worries, i was just getting in Komi's attack because I goofed)
[10:35:11] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (not a problem)
[10:35:25] Lt. Ishida shifts fire to the disarmed haydonite. Shot to the dome [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14)
[10:35:45] Haydonite Reaver moves to evade [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
[10:36:25] GM: Effing karma…lol, Gage, in the rear see's no miners in attack mode, Jaron your turn.
[10:37:15] Lt. Jaron holds at the bend in case Gage needs backup. He'll let the team handle it
[10:37:54] GM: Ryu your go
[10:38:00] GM: Komi you as well
[10:38:09] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (ok gonna fire on the other Haydonite)
[10:38:20] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20+10] => [8,10] = (18)
[10:38:24] GM: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
[10:38:31] GM: Damage, Komi your strike
[10:38:32] 2 LT Komillia fires the GU-21 at the nearest Reaver. [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
[10:38:35] GM: [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
[10:38:38] GM: Roll damage
[10:38:42] 2 LT Komillia: [2d4*10] => 30
[10:38:59] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [2d4] => [3,3] = (6)
[10:39:25] GM: The enemy is still up and charges Ay, firing as he does so [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[10:40:11] 2Lt. Aylanea moves for the dodge once again, quickly. [1d20+15] => [4,15] = (19)
[10:40:22] CWO2 Sarah: (( so when is it my turn again? ))
[10:40:36] GM: Sadrine shifts to her side arm and fires at the haydonite [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
[10:40:37] CWO2 Sarah: (( lemme know ))
[10:40:39] GM: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
[10:40:45] GM: Missing barely
[10:40:46] CWO2 Sarah: (( oooh. close ))
[10:40:55] GM: Sarah, your go then Ay
[10:41:33] CWO2 Sarah fires the rail gun again, swearing softly about her first missed shot and trying to do better this time. [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
[10:41:38] GM: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
[10:41:40] GM: Missing
[10:41:49] GM: Ay
[10:41:50] CWO2 Sarah: (( d'oh ))
[10:42:50] Aylanea switches off, firing a burst from the bigger EP-37 this time, trying to finish the Haydonite off. [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26)
[10:42:53] GM: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
[10:42:59] GM: You hit
[10:43:10] Aylanea: [2d4*10] => 30
[10:43:19] GM: Suki
[10:43:36] Lt. Ishida tries to repeat her last attack [1d20+11] => [15,11] = (26)
[10:43:42] GM: [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10)
[10:43:45] GM: Hit!
[10:43:55] GM: [3d4*10] => 70 to da dome
[10:44:40] GM: Suki shot tears the armor plate from the head, you can see the haydonite pilots head behind the shredded faceplate. Gage and Jaron passing, Ryu and Komi your go (unless Jaron wnats to attack)
[10:45:04] Lt. Jaron: (negative)
[10:45:12] GM: okie dokie
[10:45:22] 2 LT Komillia fires at the crippled Reaver. [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13)
[10:45:24] GM: Ryu, your shot you as well Komi
[10:45:29] GM: [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24)
[10:45:34] GM: Reaver evades
[10:45:50] FO Ryu Hasegawa fires as well
[10:45:58] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
[10:46:00] GM: [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16)
[10:46:08] GM: That's a hit, damage
[10:46:15] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [2d4] => [4,4] = (8)
[10:46:19] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (score)
[10:46:29] GM: (nice!)
[10:46:49] GM: Haydonite on it's last leg punches at Ay's head! [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
[10:46:53] GM: Bigg wiffah!
[10:47:02] GM: Sadrine fires [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
[10:47:04] GM: [1d20+6] => [7,6] = (13)
[10:47:37] GM: Hitting for body damage [1d4*10+20] => 60
[10:47:42] GM: Blowing it in half
[10:48:19] GM: Ay your action
[10:49:14] Aylanea: (( isn't that both of them ? ))
[10:49:19] GM: yes
[10:49:34] Aylanea stands up from the mess, frowning and looking around quickly. [1d20] => [15] = (15) perc
[10:50:00] GM: You notice a few miners dead around you, cut down by missed fire from the Haydonite.
[10:50:10] GM: Gage? Jaron?
[10:50:15] GM: Suki your action as well.
[10:50:18] Aylanea winces a little and sighs, walking to check them with a frown.
[10:51:13] Lt. Ishida shoulders the rail gun, and draws her M-37 Weasel, then kicks the Reaver over and puts a double tap to the head behind the shattered faceplate, just to be sure.
[10:52:09] Lt. Jaron comms "Miners got hit in the conflict but the others didn’t rouse." he motions Gage to fall in. "Sadrine, can you close the tunnel the tracks go down?"
[10:52:34] Sadrine: I can.
[10:52:50] Sadrine: But the enemy would certainly notice
[10:53:33] Lt. Ishida holsters her pistol and nods at Ryu.
[10:53:37] Lt. Ishida: Good work Fleet.
[10:54:14] Lt. Jaron nods "Yea but I don’t want them to have at our backsides easily. We'll keep heading south, then swing back towards firebase"
[10:55:15] GM: Sadrine nods and after a few minutes she with the others help 'sanitizes' the area. Using her earth manipulation abilities to 'bury' the traces of combat utterly.
[10:56:18] GM: Is that red line the path you want to take back Jaron?
[10:56:44] GM: Got it
[10:56:50] FO Ryu Hasegawa sighs and nods back shouldering the rifle some
[10:57:03] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "stupid mountain" he mutters
[10:57:34] GM: You make your way back, mapping the route, The Major will be pleased, as this will allow him to move heavy units deeper into the caverns. Since, this path is large enough for even an Alpha to fit through.
[10:58:06] GM: The group returns to the basecamp.
[10:58:09] GM: Free RP
[10:58:39] Lt. Jaron: "Get grub everyone. I doubt they'll let us rest long."
[10:58:59] Lt. Ishida converts her Cyc into box mode then stows it away.
[10:59:19] 2 LT Komillia: Yes, sir.
[10:59:51] 2 LT Komillia drops off the Devastator someplace relatively safe.
[10:59:56] 2Lt. Aylanea nods a lil at Jaron, folding her own Cyclone down to Bike mode and locking it for the moment.
[11:00:03] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "joy" he replies sarcastically "now I know why they leave this to the ground crews"
[11:00:32] Lt. Ishida makes her way to the latrine and hooking her helmet to her belt splashes water on her face then fixes her hair to perfection, then, sliding her Katana into a belt in the buke-zukuri style.
[11:01:16] Lt. Jaron stows his cycle and looks for Utenaru or the Major to get word on the crazy miner from earlier
[11:01:20] CWO2 Sarah folds her own Cyc down and locks it as well, stowing it by Suki's and heading to check herself over quickly in the bathroom.
[11:01:37] Gage heads off to to see if the rumor is true about a shield attach
[11:02:21] GM: Gage, the rumors are true!!!
[11:03:09] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (still around for free RP)
[11:03:10] 2Lt. Aylanea wanders through the firebase, heading to get herself some food, and check on the miner as well, curious.
[11:03:33] Gage looks over the shield "oh its been like I was missing a hand"
[11:03:55] Lt. Ishida makes her way to the Mess tent.
[11:04:10] FO Ryu Hasegawa locks down the Cyclone and goes to see about the prisoner as well, curious
[11:05:52] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan languishes trying not to dwell on how tight the straps are keeping him imobilized
[11:06:10] Gage goes about the paperwork to get this goody.
[11:06:14] GM: Umm you've been released form the bed long ago
[11:06:34] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (LOL where was that)
[11:06:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (I only read about a radio)
[11:06:53] GM: Read higher up, anyway
[11:07:04] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( uh, right after you didn't go with the group. ))
[11:07:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekeke ))
[11:07:07] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (bah oh well srry)
[11:07:32] 2 LT Komillia is in the mess tent grabbing some grub.
[11:07:36] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (suffers from parentitus)
[11:07:46] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( heheheh. know that feelin ))
[11:08:11] Lt. Jaron approaches Utenaru "Sir. What about the miner?"
[11:08:55] Lt. Utenaru: He's at the Mess tent last I heard.
[11:09:16] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (tanku for that fill in GM)
[11:10:20] Lt. Jaron nods "Who is he?"
[11:10:43] CWO2 Sarah heads for the mess tent as well, once she's done checking herself.
[11:11:02] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan goes to ask one of the mess enlisted if he can get an MRE or something at the minimum… feels hungry
[11:11:03] Lt. Utenaru: His name is Rain, or something like that.
[11:11:54] Lt. Ishida gets her food and sits with Sarah.
[11:12:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (any success on getting a the mess to toss me an MRE laying around (unopened)?)
[11:12:43] Lt. Jaron nods "What is the division going to do with him?'
[11:13:17] CWO2 Sarah: (( ew, MRE. ;p ))
[11:13:48] 2Lt. Aylanea wanders through the food line and looks around quickly when she's done, to see who all is there, wandering for the others quickly when she sees them.
[11:13:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (going for practical here instead of expecting the mess staff to make steak )
[11:14:02] GM: The meals here are Class A it's on trays and warm
[11:14:31] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Hey sport, if you want to give me a hot meal all the better
[11:14:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan calls out in the direction of the mess staff
[11:15:00] UEMC Cpl.: Here ya go slick.
[11:15:11] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: appreciate it Cpl.
[11:15:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan nods in thanks
[11:15:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks for an ideal place to finally sit and have a meal… a REAL meal
[11:15:54] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Perc [1D20] => 1D20
[11:15:57] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[11:16:06] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (VEGAS BABY)
[11:16:10] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ! wow ))
[11:16:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Cute enlisted girls LOOK OUT
[11:16:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan jokingly says to himself
[11:16:58] GM: Well, there are cute girls, but they all have occifer rank
[11:17:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[11:17:45] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well since I'm technically not a soldier anymore, I suppose it wouldn't hurt to say hello….
[11:17:55] Lt. Utenaru: Right now Division say's he's our issue. and he's a big one. Major is giving him a chance, but, he's bein a bitch about it.
[11:17:57] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan and wanders towards the most suitable table
[11:18:07] Lt. Utenaru shrugs
[11:18:41] GM: ((Just hear Utenaru's statement in a heavy Samoan accent, and it's actually funny))
[11:19:32] Lt. Jaron nods to Utenaru "I will see if I can do anything Lt." He gives a salute and heads to mess
[11:19:34] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekekekekeke ))
[11:19:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan can't decide where to sit - thinks the large officer lady isn't the way to go…
[11:20:18] FO Ryu Hasegawa goes to the mess as well, finding nothing better to do at the time
[11:20:50] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe ))
[11:21:16] 2Lt. Aylanea sits quietly at the table and smiles to the others, nibbling on her meal idly and glancing around. [1d20] => [11] = (11) (perc, to see if I notice Rayn)
[11:21:45] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan sighs and decides to just park himself in an available spot next to the cutest thing in the mess…. for some nice scenery at least… he's earned that much he thinks to himself
[11:22:26] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well once a Marine always a Marine - lets see how heavy one of these beach heads is gonna be
[11:22:32] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan he says under his breath
[11:22:39] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( which one is the cutest here, anyhow? ;p ))
[11:22:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (indeed)
[11:22:53] GM: That would be, according to the stats, Sarah
[11:22:58] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eep ))
[11:23:11] CWO2 Sarah: (( *buries head like ostrich* ;p ))
[11:23:19] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Well GM where am I sitting?)
[11:23:36] CWO2 Sarah: (( next to the tiny 5'4" chicks from the sounds ))
[11:23:41] Lt. Jaron enters the mess and looks for Rain
[11:24:19] GM: Well, next to Sarah, pic in character section. who is sitting next to a similarly sized Oriental girl with a katana.
[11:24:44] GM: Jaron you see him having just sat down next to Sarah, with a Vegas baby twinkle in his eye.
[11:25:10] CWO2 Sarah shifts slightly as someone big sits next to her, looking up at him nervously. "Er… hello?"
[11:25:13] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (want to roll to see if Rayn has flash back about the Katana?)
[11:25:27] GM: Lets see if you can get an other 20
[11:25:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (LOL doubt it)
[11:25:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[11:25:53] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Hi
[11:26:00] Lt. Jaron moves over to Rayn and Sarah, placing a hand on his shoulder "You Rayn?"
[11:26:19] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks up at who's touching him…
[11:26:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Might want to introduce yourself before you start touching me friend…
[11:26:58] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan stands up (6'3" 275lbs PS 33)
[11:27:19] Lt. Ishida watches this while she noms her food with her chop sticks.
[11:27:24] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: What can I do for you?
[11:27:44] CWO2 Sarah keeps looking up at the much bigger guy, though she glances back to Suki quickly, scooting closer to her.
[11:28:08] Lt. Jaron: "Calm yourself big guy. Take a seat."
[11:28:45] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan gestures to the guy that placed his hand on him to sit opposite; and sits back to his meal
[11:29:23] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: So first a Major comes to call, and now a Lt. - am I famous now?
[11:29:29] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan smirks
[11:30:05] Lt. Jaron takes the seat across from him "Names Lt. Jaron Fairman and you are somewhat. You are a soldier that not many wish to deal with"
[11:30:10] Lt. Ishida: Maybe, you do have the dubious distinction of being the first POW recovered from the Haydonites.
[11:30:15] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan tries to look for identifiers on the Lt. - any similar unit patches etc.
[11:30:23] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [10] = (10)
[11:30:37] GM: Nothing you recognize
[11:30:55] FO Ryu Hasegawa sits down nearby and keeps to himself
[11:31:23] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Tell me about it…. so I assume as officers you know something about me?
[11:31:47] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan and starts to take small portions of food at the same time
[11:32:07] CWO2 Sarah snickers slightly at Suki's comment, glancing up towards Rayn.
[11:32:58] Lt. Jaron: "Its a waste for you to sit here and you might have seen the interior of mines and might recall the layout"
[11:33:33] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (GM what do I remember and what to roll to try and remember?)
[11:34:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Whoa… slow down Lt. Jaron - I told the Major I would help anyway I could with information; but as you can see I don't really know how I even got here…
[11:35:03] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Unless these angles have come to take me and I'm having a deaths dream back on Tirol
[11:35:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks at the two women next to him
[11:35:33] Lt. Jaron: "You might not remember now but being down there, the sights might jump start it"
[11:35:37] FO Ryu Hasegawa tabs at his food angrily
[11:35:44] Lt. Ishida snorts at the cheesy pick up line.
[11:36:35] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan smiles and raises an eyebrow… "Well well, an officer with a sense of humor? Interesting…"
[11:36:37] CWO2 Sarah rolls her eyes just a little bit and laughs softly.
[11:37:04] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan ignores Lt. Jaron just for a moment and asks (Suki) "So whats your name love?"
[11:37:33] Lt. Ishida: Trouble.
[11:37:48] Lt. Ishida deadpans, and takes another bite to eat.
[11:38:09] Lt. Jaron snaps his fingers in front of Rayn "Focus Rayn. She is taken. But in any case; you can sit here and be a waste of space and grow ice cubes or go out with us.
[11:38:25] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well Marines love trouble love… (and goes back to focusing on Lt. Jaron)
[11:38:55] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan snorts - Go with you… and 'why' in Gods name would I want to do that?!
[11:39:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. grow ice cubes. ))
[11:39:21] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (because Suki no love the men )
[11:39:28] LCpl Summerwind meanders over and sits down uninvited and unabashed. She takes one look at Rayn and whistles.
[11:39:31] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (hehe)
[11:39:36] CWO2 Sarah snickers at Jaron's reaction, and Suki's line, shaking her head slightly.
[11:39:38] LCpl Summerwind: Damn, so who's Mongo?
[11:40:01] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan smiles towards LCpl Summerwind
[11:40:07] Lt. Jaron comments "Guess you like ice cubes then" and starts to get up
[11:40:10] Lt. Ishida: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[11:40:29] Lt. Ishida fails her 'Bitch check' and laughs out loud at Summerwind's comment.
[11:40:44] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan stops smiling and in a deadly voice says to Lt. Jaron ….
[11:40:50] 2Lt. Aylanea glances over and waves at Anji. "Hi there…" She glances towards Rayn, and back. "First one we got back from the mines, and away form the enemy." She offers him a smile then.
[11:41:05] CWO2 Sarah: (( her bitch check. nice ))
[11:41:07] CWO2 Sarah: (( kekekekeke ))
[11:41:08] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: You asked me a question, and now I'm asking you one Lt. -
[11:41:18] FO Ryu Hasegawa laughs at Summerwind's comment
[11:41:20] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Why should I…
[11:41:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Its a question - not a rejection
[11:42:06] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Why would you want a Traitor on your team?
[11:42:17] Lt. Jaron: "For yourself. You will can sit here and debate with yourself until someone finds out what to do with you. And that will probably be some time cause no one wants you"
[11:42:28] Lt. Ishida recovers and coughs.
[11:42:32] Lt. Jaron: (You can*)
[11:43:00] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Hence my question Lt. Jaron - and you still haven't answered it…. (continued)
[11:43:44] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: You think you've seen something? You've not seen anything because after you all evac'd Tirol - 'we' got to see the 'prettier side' of the Haydonites…
[11:44:07] Lt. Jaron: "As for the traitor bit; I think I can use whats up in your thick skull of ours. Even thou you doubt it."
[11:44:09] Lt. Ishida looks at her food and as she speaks does not look at Rayn (dt)
[11:44:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: And by some miracle I survived! Now you want me to fight…
[11:45:28] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: … if you don't have the ware with all to tell me the answer to my question - Why? then your not worth serving under!
[11:45:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( (dt) = don't talk, she's typing more. ))
[11:45:38] Lt. Ishida: I would not disparage our efforts or experiences Private First Class Raihan. We have seen Haydonite cruelty first hand. It is not something we are ignorant of.
[11:46:19] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks to her - "Seeing it - and LIVING it are not the same Lt."
[11:46:32] Lt. Ishida: And you assume we have not done either.
[11:46:39] Lt. Ishida: That would be a mistake.
[11:46:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan is getting flustered "You just don't get it…"
[11:47:25] Lt. Ishida: Don’t get what?
[11:47:42] CWO2 Sarah raises her eyebrows at Rayn. "So what all did you see, that you remember?"
[11:48:02] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan sneers…
[11:48:46] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: General Edwards… that's what you don't get… and love (looks at Sarah) if I could tell you I would… trust me I have no love for Haydonites
[11:50:50] FO Ryu Hasegawa finally speaks up
[11:51:08] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "then that’s something I agree with you Mongol"
[11:51:12] Lt. Jaron comments "Fine, if you wish to drown yourself with guilt, doubt, anger or whatever. So be it, I'm just telling you that I think you might be about to assist the team." and starts to the leave, then turns "Or you can just be a waste of space." He starts to exit
[11:51:30] FO Ryu Hasegawa turns around in his seat and smiles to Rayn
[11:51:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan glares at Ryu for the Mongo comment (a are you ready to die look)
[11:51:57] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Ignore the suit, I see it this way…you can stick back here…or go kill some Haydonites"
[11:52:37] FO Ryu Hasegawa ignores the glare, keeps a smile on his face
[11:52:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan stands up to push (but not knock down) Lt. Jaron….
[11:53:01] Lt. Ishida: Lt. Hasegawa. Please, I invite your input, but, please do not disrespect an officer, your commanding officer in my presence.
[11:53:02] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: THATS JUST SO TYPICAL OF YOU OFFICERS
[11:53:10] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (sneak attack)
[11:53:13] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
[11:53:29] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Oops, my bad" he says calmly
[11:53:57] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (its just a nudge like don't walk away from me you shit officer)
[11:54:10] GM: Jaron, since he did yell, there is no sneak attack, inits for you and anyone at the table that may wish to 'get it on"
[11:54:26] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [3] = (3)
[11:54:32] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
[11:54:39] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (HEY The yell was AFTER see the text order!)
[11:54:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (oops nvm I’m a dumb guy)
[11:54:58] GM: Hmmm, in my screen the yell was first
[11:55:10] Lt. Jaron stumbles forwards and soon regains his balance, turns to Rayn "Like I said, anger. Go drown yourself in it or man up"
[11:55:11] GM: sahwee
[11:55:17] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Oh for chrisakes…."
[11:55:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (yeah but I wrote he did it first )
[11:55:25] GM: Wait Jaron, in order here
[11:55:33] CWO2 Sarah raises her eyebrows. "'if you could'? We will almost certainly run into it at some point, if we haven't already." She shrugs slightly. "I'm sure Lt. Ishida is cleared to hear it even if I'm not." She glances over and back. "Plenty of reasons to want to retaliate against the Haydonites. Just that we're doing it, while you sit back here." She shrugs and nibbles her food, pausing as she notices the attack, bracing for just about anything. [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
[11:55:37] GM: Okay, Ryu, init? or sit it out?
[11:56:02] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (*coughs* paternal…)
[11:56:10] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Pathetic (directed at Lt. Jaron) - and you want me to FOLLOW YOU?!
[11:56:10] GM: roll it then lol
[11:56:18] GM: Shhhh all y’all
[11:56:20] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12) (in case she needs to)
[11:56:22] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (no, not fighting)
[11:56:25] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: You're no Marine - your a Fleet in Marine's clothing…
[11:56:51] GM: jeez, okay, EVERYThing but the init roll after GM: Jaron, since he did yell, ther is no sneak attack, inits for you and anyone at the table that may wish to 'get it on" is moot, so, lets do this right and by the numbers
[11:57:10] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "True, I am Fleet, but Im not going to fight you about this,..I just called it how I see it"
[11:57:14] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Jaron just take the slight shove for RP sake)
[11:57:22] GM: we are getting way ahead of ourselves while I'm trying to get the rolls taken care of
[11:57:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( I was typing well before the init call as Sarah ))
[11:57:26] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Ryu that wasn't for you mate)
[11:57:33] GM: wow, am I talking to myself?
[11:57:42] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (Oh sorry)
[11:57:44] Lt. Jaron: (I did….waiting for everyone else to shh and let the GM get settled)

[11:57:49] GM: kk,
[11:57:51] GM: okay
[11:58:48] GM: here is where we are starting from, we have Rayn init 8, Suki init 13, Jaron, need yours, Sarah is a not there, Ay is a 12, and Ryu is a not there as well.
[11:59:05] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eh? ))
[11:59:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( where is Sarah then? She was right next so Suki at the Table. ))
[11:59:16] GM: Even if it is non combat I need an order of activity so Sarah and Ryu please roll
[11:59:20] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (can I get a behind the scene thing?)
[11:59:27] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (oh ok)
[11:59:30] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Sarah's Roll was at the end of her last pose. ))
[11:59:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( a 15 ))
[11:59:37] GM: (you are there, but I have no init, that’s whats not there hon ))
[11:59:39] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Roll Hasegawa or your next )
[11:59:40] GM: kk
[11:59:45] Lt. Jaron stumbles forwards and soon regains his balance, turns to Rayn "Like I said, anger. Go drown yourself in it or man up" (repost and Init [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5))
[11:59:51] GM: %
[11:59:52] GM: 5
[11:59:57] GM: okay, so, Ryu init?
[12:00:01] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[12:00:08] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: You're no Marine - your a Fleet in Marine's clothing…(to Lt. Jaron)
[12:00:14] GM: okay, hush y’all,
[12:01:14] GM: Init order. after Rayn's yell…Jaron, Rayn, Ay, Suki, Ryu, Sarah. REVERSE init rules in play, those with higher rolls go last, but may trump lower rolls.
[12:02:01] GM: Okay, Jaron, you say your statement
[12:02:04] Lt. Jaron: "Think whatever you wish civilian but I’m sure the Haydonites would like you back." (no action)
[12:02:21] GM: Ryan, you may speak / act
[12:03:48] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Its officer HACKS like you that got me in the Brig in the first place, Always resorting to semantics and hyperbole, never answering a STRAIGHT F'ING question!…. So your gonna answer my question straight Lt. Jaron - or I'm gonna pull it out of you by force!
[12:04:03] GM: Ay your action
[12:06:51] GM: Suki then your go
[12:07:45] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[12:08:08] Lt. Ishida will try a different approach, her hand, so very close to drawing her blade. But, she remembers the words of Yukikaze's XO. So, she, loud enough to be heard, but soft enough to require attentiveness speaks.
[12:08:30] 2Lt. Aylanea slips back from the table, but isn't quite to the others yet, so…
[12:09:18] Lt. Ishida: Once a group of ten blind masseuses were traveling together in the mountains, and when they began to pass along the top of the precipice, they all became very cautious, their legs shook, and they were in general struck with terror. Just then the leading man stumbled and fell off the cliff. Those that were left all wailed, "Ahh, ahh! How piteous!" But the masseuse who had fallen yelled up from below, "Don't be afraid. Although I fell, it was nothing. I am now rather at ease. Before falling I kept thinking 'What will I do when I fall?' and there was no end to my anxiety. But now I've settled down. If the rest of you want to be at ease, fall quickly!"
[12:09:26] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (is that masseuse as in massage? never seen it written)
[12:10:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan still enraged pauses to listen
[12:11:15] Lt. Ishida: Ryu your action
[12:11:23] GM: Ryu your action
[12:11:52] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (hold until I see what occurs)
[12:11:57] GM: kk
[12:12:02] GM: Sarah
[12:12:05] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (making sure it doesn’t get ugly)
[12:12:11] GM: and poor Carrie is still parentified
[12:12:15] 2Lt. Aylanea : ((lol))
[12:12:16] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( sry ))
[12:12:34] CWO2 Sarah listens to the story and waits, watching Rayn quietly.
[12:12:34] GM: oop, kk, sorry we skipped Ay, that cannot be undone, Sarah your action
[12:12:36] CWO2 Sarah: (( no action ))
[12:12:40] CWO2 Sarah: (( I said something as Ay ))
[12:12:46] GM: Jaron, your action now
[12:13:46] Lt. Jaron rolls his eyes "Why should you? Cause a hack like yourself was a soldier once and maybe I think it was still in you. You definitely doubt yourself though but was offering you a chance to redeem yourself like the Major did. Like before, you just blow it off."
[12:14:02] Lt. Jaron: (no action)
[12:14:25] Lt. Ishida sighs softly.
[12:15:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (who's up GM?)
[12:16:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( you are, I think ))
[12:16:10] GM: Rayn your action
[12:16:16] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (k)
[12:16:19] GM: Remember reverse init rules apply
[12:17:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Why you arrogant son of a bitch (Goes to throw Power Punch - releasing all that rage of Edwards on Lt. Jaron) Sorry buddy no offense
[12:18:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
[12:18:19] CWO2 Sarah: (( eek *glues Ryu down* ))
[12:18:22] Lt. Ishida: Inturrupt!
[12:18:27] Attempting to assign the role of GM to (12) Chris…
[12:18:30] Lt. Jaron tries to evade (dodge [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12))
[12:18:39] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (banana peels in the Mess Hall!)
[12:18:40] GM: Suki your interrupt, Rayn has tossed a punch.
[12:18:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (ok, I run out if I may)
[12:20:15] Lt. Ishida Stands and place her blade in between the two. Drawing the blade such that it makes a cutting sound (Tachikaze) [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
[12:20:50] Lt. Ishida: It ends, now.
[12:20:54] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan now focuses on Suki with deadly rage all over his face
[12:21:06] Lt. Ishida looks at Rayn
[12:21:16] Lt. Jaron looks to Suki "It was fine. He just needs an outlet."
[12:21:16] Lt. Ishida: Please do not make me give your shiner a brother.
[12:21:58] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Are you challenging me?! (says to Lt. Ishida with surprise)
[12:22:22] Lt. Jaron says lowly
[12:22:35] Lt. Jaron: "oh my god."
[12:24:52] Lt. Jaron: "Rayn. What is it with you? You think every damn officers in the same? Wake up and come off your high and mighty run cause we aren’t."
[12:25:33] CWO2 Sarah: (( who's turn right now? ))
[12:25:50] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan still hyper focused now on Suki
[12:26:28] Lt. Jaron he turns to leave "I will inform the Major you arent going anywhere and he can have Intelligence take you"
[12:26:54] CWO2 Sarah sighs as she steps up from the table, and slowly lays a hand onto Rayn. "Easy… There is no reason for this to happen. Please calm yourself down."
[12:27:08] CWO2 Sarah: (( whether it's my turn or not, I'll interrupt anyhow ))
[12:27:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan seems to be transfixed on Suki - as if he neither hears Jaron nor 'feels' Sarah
[12:30:58] Lt. Ishida fixes Rayn with her deep brown eyes. And in an even voice replies.
[12:31:41] Lt. Ishida: No Private First Class Raihan. I am not. However if you aggress me, I will defend myself.
[12:32:54] Lt. Jaron has exits as he mentioned
[12:33:30] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: You have placed your 'blade' in front of me…. and that is a Challenge… I will wait for you outside - and you are Honor bound to come…
[12:33:48] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan exits the tent via the last entrance he came through to wait
[12:34:24] Lt. Ishida sighs, the XO had told her to temper her self, but, an honor challenge cannot go unheeded.
[12:34:49] Lt. Ishida sheaths her blade and hands it to Sarah.
[12:35:00] Lt. Ishida looks over at Jaron and waves her hand.
[12:35:35] CWO2 Sarah just hakes her head softly, taking the blade and closing her eyes.
[12:36:07] GM: A crowd gathers a fight is in the air, and all Marines love a good fight.
[12:36:28] Lt. Jaron just got off his comms as Suki waves and comments to all "MPs on there way"
[12:36:28] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (gonna RP a dialogue here 1 sec)
[12:36:41] GM: Jaron and Ryu, you don’t have to go far to gather MP's
[12:37:23] GM: And beyond the two VR-041 clad pit bulls a few more are easily enough gathered, in fact the Major and the Lt, hell the entire 33rd command staff arrives.
[12:37:45] CWO2 Sarah glances around at that and sighs softly.
[12:38:20] 2Lt. Aylanea looks around at all the gathering crowds and shakes her head, frowning.
[12:39:07] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan Calls out to Suki (regardless of distance) - You have challenged me…. and I will uphold my Honor!… Will you uphold your own?! Or will you let these (waves to the crowd and officers/MPs) disgrace you?
[12:39:35] Maj. Kavashera rubs the bridge of his nose.
[12:39:42] Maj. Kavashera then looks at Suki
[12:39:52] Lt. Jaron sighs and leaves, hoping the MPs end this fast.
[12:39:54] Lt. Ishida nods at the Major.
[12:40:16] Maj. Kavashera raises his hands as if to say, 'Okay then'.
[12:40:19] Gage is carries his shield to his cyclone, eyeing the crowd
[12:40:47] Lt. Ishida looks over at Jaron and smiles, as if to say "I got this."
[12:40:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (waiting for Suki RP if any and GM call for Init rolls)
[12:40:59] FO Ryu Hasegawa walks over to Sarah, taps her on the shoulder
[12:41:09] Lt. Jaron yells back "You shouldn’t!"
[12:41:22] CWO2 Sarah glances to Ryu and raises her eyebrows with a sigh. "Yes?"
[12:41:26] Lt. Ishida: It needn’t go further then this.
[12:41:46] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Robotech Street Fighter 8 - Suki vs Rayn - FIGHT!)
[12:41:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "You shouldn’t allow this, even IF she is your CO…its bullshit"
[12:41:51] Lt. Ishida: Are we in agreement Private Raihan?
[12:43:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan speaks with honor - "No… you have interfered in my Challenge to Lt. Jaron - and you will either fight with honor, or you should leave in shame."
[12:43:58] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: My terms are hand to hand combat without weapons…
[12:43:59] Lt. Ishida: Very well then.
[12:44:17] Lt. Ishida centers herself and then bows.
[12:44:19] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: If you're words earlier (poem/story) are sincere then you will uphold your honor…
[12:44:31] CWO2 Sarah sighs at Ryu. "You fail to understand her. She won't listen to me, or to anyone else. Once you know her better, you will understand that."
[12:44:37] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan nods as if to return the bow
[12:44:41] GM: Inits
[12:45:00] Lt. Jaron mumbles as he exits the scene "MPs should bust both of them"
[12:45:08] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[12:45:11] FO Ryu Hasegawa scowls
[12:45:14] GM: [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
[12:45:34] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (forgot my +1 but doesn't matter)
[12:45:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (still reverse Int?)
[12:45:48] Maj. Kavashera: Don’t worry Fairman, I think both of them need to get things off their chest, this is as good a way as any.
[12:46:17] Lt. Jaron is gone
[12:46:24] GM: Reverse init means low roll goes first, but high roll may interrupt.
[12:46:37] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Power Punch to strike…
[12:46:50] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[12:46:57] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (owch)
[12:47:27] GM: [1d20+15] => [17,15] = (32)
[12:47:47] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (to what GM? Dodge parry?)
[12:48:02] Lt. Ishida dances away from the meat hook and counters with a KO knife strike to the back of the head. [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27)
[12:48:34] Lt. Ishida: ((dodge))
[12:49:32] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (K Story or not - I got a problem with Call Shotting Knock outs - that’s only on naturals you can't call shot those)
[12:49:44] Lt. Ishida: ((fair enough for this occurrence))
[12:49:50] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (its like call shotting a Critical Strike)
[12:49:59] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (kk)
[12:50:08] Lt. Ishida: ((however she does have Crit on strikes from behind, so, that does apply in this case))
[12:50:21] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Simultaneous attack Body Block Knockdown
[12:50:39] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (crit is fine just not KO)
[12:50:41] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[12:51:12] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d6+18] => [5,18] = (23)
[12:51:14] Lt. Ishida will try to parry evade the body block [1d20+15] => [11,15] = (26)
[12:51:24] Lt. Ishida: ((dodge rather))
[12:51:32] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (is that possible during a Simultaneous attack?)
[12:51:48] GM: yes, but she loses that dodge on the back end
[12:51:57] GM: so she is down three attack in total
[12:52:01] GM: while you are down 2
[12:52:15] GM: she did hit so let me determine damage
[12:52:46] GM: [2d4+10] => [2,4,10] = (16)
[12:52:53] GM: [16*2] => 32
[12:52:55] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (stop - please read pg 156 on Simult attack)
[12:52:58] GM: 32 to SDC
[12:53:07] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (you can't dodge parry or anything)
[12:53:37] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: You need to take that 23 damage as I slam you back to earth bro
[12:54:05] GM: Suki has paired weapons so to be fair I will roll a parry instead of a dodge
[12:54:28] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Parry a Body Block/ Tackle?
[12:54:51] Lt. Ishida: ((Says in book it can be parried if the defender has paired weapons…))
[12:55:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (lol no its Paired weapons can ENGAGE in Simult attack - not defend against)
[12:55:59] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ( sorry mate - your wrong on this one - I called the Simult attack)
[12:56:03] Lt. Ishida: ((Fair enough))
[12:56:14] Lt. Ishida: ((I can admit when I goof))
[12:56:36] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (23 on damage to you are slammed back to reality - angle cakes)
[12:57:10] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (you loose initiative and 1 melee attack)
[12:57:35] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (my go then?)
[12:57:46] Lt. Ishida: Yes
[12:58:18] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Stomp attack -
[12:58:27] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[12:58:33] Lt. Ishida will parry that [1d20+11] => [5,11] = (16)
[12:58:58] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (you gonna stay on the ground?)
[12:59:07] GM: I believe it's Suki's go.
[12:59:25] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (From the ground yes )
[12:59:58] Lt. Ishida: Suki will kick upwards into the rib kidney area. [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
[01:00:15] Lt. Ishida: ((kidney))
[01:01:39] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (question: Lvl 1 commando has power kick right?)
[01:02:07] Lt. Ishida: ((yes))
[01:02:14] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Simultaneous attack - Power Kick
[01:02:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[01:02:31] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (LOL good for you Suki)
[01:02:37] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. ))
[01:02:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Miss)
[01:02:42] Lt. Ishida: [2d4+11] => [4,2,11] = (17)
[01:03:20] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (last attack this round)
[01:03:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (your go)
[01:04:11] Lt. Ishida: Suki used only two, but since she lost one due to the knock down I put three
[01:04:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ( I simult attacked so I'm down 4 with one left)
[01:04:45] Lt. Ishida does a backwards somersault and get back to her feet.
[01:05:04] GM: Your action
[01:05:16] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan another Power Kick during that action
[01:05:25] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[01:05:35] GM: Suki will Parry [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
[01:06:20] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (question with parry modifier damage is also avoided right? or no?)
[01:06:25] GM: Suki will counter with a flurry (2 remaining attacks) Paired weapons so 4 attacks in total.
[01:06:37] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: rgr
[01:06:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: have at it
[01:06:49] GM: Yes damage is avoided outright (sure it hurts, but for all intents and purposes, it is no damage)
[01:07:03] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: kk thanks for clarification
[01:07:31] GM: [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25)
[01:07:31] GM: [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17)
[01:07:31] GM: [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22)
[01:07:32] GM: [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22)
[01:07:50] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Dmg?
[01:07:57] GM: Since you are out of attacks, you cannot parry
[01:08:15] GM: [2d4+10] => [4,2,10] = (16)
[01:08:15] GM: [2d4+10] => [1,4,10] = (15)
[01:08:16] GM: [2d4+10] => [4,3,10] = (17)
[01:08:16] GM: [2d4+10] => [4,4,10] = (18)
[01:08:31] GM: [16+15+17+18] => 66
[01:09:28] GM: [66+17+32] => 115
[01:09:50] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: -3 HP - Coma/Death rules - Fight is over
[01:09:54] CWO2 Sarah: (( so where is the rules for flurry? ))
[01:10:08] CWO2 Sarah: (( for those of us wanting a peek? ))
[01:10:14] GM: Flurry is just a descriptor, 4 quick attacks
[01:10:22] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: PE is 30 so I'm okay
[01:10:26] GM: since she had paired she can attack with each hand
[01:10:37] GM: so, technically that’s a flurry of punches
[01:10:41] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (time to get the medics)
[01:10:49] GM: Down goes Fraiser!
[01:11:18] Lt. Ishida bows to Rayn
[01:11:22] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (indeed - happened RP wise just the way I wanted)
[01:11:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan is a rag doll on the ground not breathing
[01:11:45] CWO2 Sarah: (( you're nuts ))
[01:12:04] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (can anyone do what she just did?)
[01:12:25] Lt. Ishida: Actually, hold on
[01:12:35] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (no way he'd kill Rayn with Rayn's PE at 30 - If I had gone into HP before end of round I would have yielded so I didn't get killed)
[01:12:51] GM: Jaron has a point, I may have been wrong on the parry, I think that Rayn DOES get to parry
[01:13:08] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (yeah but can anyone fire 4 attacks like that?)
[01:13:09] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Oh that’s RIGHT!
[01:13:11] GM: But the no Ryu, there is no way Rayn is dead
[01:13:15] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Parry is no Action…
[01:13:26] GM: Correct so, please roll four
[01:13:32] GM: parries, not a 4
[01:13:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: BUT - those are way to high but here are the rolls for them just for good measure
[01:13:46] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[01:13:48] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
[01:13:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20+2] => [11,2] = (13)
[01:13:49] GM: roll for good form
[01:13:50] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[01:13:55] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Same results
[01:14:01] GM: first one you parry
[01:14:13] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Oh I'm still up then
[01:14:16] GM: nm, sorry was looking at damage
[01:14:24] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Yeah
[01:14:31] GM: Kk, I just want to be fair,
[01:14:33] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I failed to parry all of them
[01:14:57] GM: GM NPC and all, I HATE doing PC vs GMNPC fights, not cricket in my book but….
[01:15:09] GM: So, I want to be sure that it is a 110% legit fight
[01:15:15] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well you have a unbreathing dying hulk of muscle on the ground
[01:15:16] FO Ryu Hasegawa: Yeah, I don’t like it either
[01:15:32] GM: And If I am wrong on a ruling, and you know better or feel otherwise, this goes for EVERYONE, please TELL me
[01:15:34] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: It was an RP fight - don't stress
[01:15:48] FO Ryu Hasegawa: Not stressing
[01:15:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Yeah be like me and don't take shit lying down
[01:15:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: LOL
[01:15:57] GM: hehe
[01:16:04] FO Ryu Hasegawa: just I am at a loss on what to do with Ryu atm
[01:16:13] FO Ryu Hasegawa: now I want to deck Suki
[01:16:17] GM: Okay, so, we all agree it was a square fight and no shenanigans occurred?
[01:16:19] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: F'in Called Shot KO's - @#$@ my ass
[01:16:35] GM: ((well c'mon, I wanted to not hurt you…))
[01:16:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Yes Suki pounded my ass in good style
[01:16:55] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Well there is a REASON this fight was important
[01:17:18] FO Ryu Hasegawa: No for once im gonna meta game
[01:17:19] GM: Don’t worry about making your Save Coma roll, I will consider it an auto success
[01:17:24] FO Ryu Hasegawa: I’m not going up against that
[01:17:41] GM: Up against what?
[01:17:48] FO Ryu Hasegawa: your monster
[01:17:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: And we can end the RP intro here and get him in if you want to take a few minutes to recover and get resuscitated
[01:18:09] GM: LOL, look at it this way Ryu, in three level, you two will be a beast
[01:18:14] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Suki's good but Syrr Syrr is better (imo)
[01:18:15] GM: Since you have the stats already
[01:18:28] FO Ryu Hasegawa: *laughs*
[01:18:32] GM: it's true
[01:18:42] FO Ryu Hasegawa: I suppose
[01:18:43] GM: You PP is godly
[01:18:52] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I told him that Tooo
[01:18:54] GM: that came out ALL wrong…
[01:18:58] FO Ryu Hasegawa: yeah, but after all this im conflicted IC lol
[01:19:01] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ROFL
[01:19:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: GM mind if we finish off the RP with Maj K and Suki?
[01:19:22] CWO2 Sarah: (( Aylanea is rather unholy, or will be in a couple levels, due to Zentraedi stuff. ))
[01:19:23] FO Ryu Hasegawa: all he sees is his teammates beating the crapo out of each other
[01:19:23] GM: Well, Suki and Rayn fought a fair fight, and Suki was just nimble as fuck
[01:19:25] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: or should we wait till next week
[01:19:26] GM: Sure
[01:19:32] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: kk
[01:19:36] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan:
[01:19:47] GM: Well Ryu, you are Japanese, so, based on what you know of Suki, it makes sense
[01:20:20] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (yeah, but still…hes also paternal…all i see is people bashing each others skills in…was bad enough when Jaron decked his friend lol)
[01:20:28] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (I'm the guy being resuscitated here so GM your go on RP)
[01:20:40] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (just telling you the mindset)
[01:20:58] GM: Suki helps Rayn with a nearby MP in Cyclone armor back to the medical tent. There is no malice in her eyes. No anger.
[01:21:31] Lt. Jaron is waiting at medical tent since he knew the outcome
[01:21:33] GM: In sure course and few smelling salts later Rayn awakens feeling woozy
[01:21:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan tries to get his bearings
[01:22:19] FO Ryu Hasegawa walks to the tent, a conflicted look on his face
[01:22:29] CWO2 Sarah just shakes her head and sighs, looking about and wandering for the tent as well
[01:22:31] GM: The mdic makes you follow a pen light with your eyes and then satisfied you arent concussed places a cold compress on your dome and steps away
[01:22:54] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Thanks (says to the Medic)
[01:23:04] Lt. Ishida stands next to Jaron, her flightsuit a lil dirty along the back.
[01:23:47] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan smiles "You fight with honor and vigor for your size Lt. … Lt. ?…"
[01:23:56] Lt. Ishida seems a bit more, relaxed then she had been before.
[01:24:06] Lt. Ishida: Ishida.
[01:24:12] Lt. Ishida bows slightly.
[01:24:22] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Lt. Ishida… you have Honor.
[01:24:59] Lt. Ishida: And you as well.
[01:25:09] Lt. Ishida: That was a VERY nice takedown you performed.
[01:25:54] FO Ryu Hasegawa sits in the back of the medical tent, an angry , conflicted look on his face as he listens
[01:26:03] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Your praise is greatly appreciated Lt. Ishida, as you're victory proves your prowess as a fighter - you honor me.
[01:26:24] Lt. Ishida: So, will this be the end of the discord between us and our unit?
[01:26:35] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (GM may want to fill in here with Maj. K - etc …. Rayn is much more 'plyable' now)
[01:27:01] GM: Oh no, the Maj is Zent, he knows all about 'Boys will be Boys'
[01:27:15] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I have no enmity with you Lt. Ishida or your Unit - our issue of honor has been settled in your favor
[01:27:19] GM: He's letting this one pan out, he doesn’t need to get involved.
[01:27:42] Lt. Ishida: This is pleasing for me to hear.
[01:27:42] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (as you wish just need to work off your RP atm)
[01:28:13] Lt. Ishida: So please, heal your wounds and join us on the line without delay.
[01:28:17] Lt. Jaron crosses his arms and listens to the two
[01:28:35] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Yes…. but one thing
[01:28:49] Lt. Ishida: Hai, nandesuka?
[01:29:58] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (1 sec having trouble wording this RP)
[01:30:06] Lt. Ishida: ((roger that))
[01:30:58] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I had asked a question… Why? should I fight - I wish to explain that question since you have shown yourself worth my respect…
[01:31:23] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (Ill say something after the discourse is done)
[01:31:29] Lt. Ishida: ((kki))
[01:32:01] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ((This is gonna be a moment — stand by))
[01:32:39] GM: Fre Rp yall, between everyone else, but wait for Rayn, if it's at them))
[01:33:42] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk ))
[01:33:43] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (ok)
[01:34:04] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I am labeled a Traitor, but am one only in name… As a member of Shadow Squadrons Commando unit, I had oaths to The UEEF, to my commanders, and to my fellow soldiers… I was lied to… and I was betrayed by those that I were sworn to… (dt finishing)
[01:34:52] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I have paid my debt and reclaimed my own honor back on Tirol… but if I were to come fight with you… (dt last posting)
[01:36:26] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: can you promise me with your word of honor…. that you will not betray me as my superior officer? This was my question implicitly to Lt. Jaron - and I pose it to you - ?
[01:36:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: If so I will fight - if you ask me to…
[01:36:50] Lt. Ishida: One should not be envious of someone who has prospered by unjust deeds. Nor should he disdain someone who has fallen while adhering to the path of righteousness.
[01:37:41] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (I’m assuming that’s supposed to be from Suki?)
[01:37:45] Lt. Ishida: I can without reservation give you my word on that.
[01:38:23] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: And you have shown by your honor that I can believe you….
[01:38:26] Lt. Ishida: With the caveat that you do not give me reason to.
[01:38:54] Lt. Jaron comments to the two "Well this is nice but you can have him Suki. I dont want him." he turns to exit.
[01:39:45] FO Ryu Hasegawa sits quietly in his chair and the front in front of him, arms across the top, chewing on his lip
[01:39:54] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan is confused by Suki's comment about reason as wonder shows on his face if he has shown himself as someone without honor
[01:40:52] Lt. Ishida looks at Jaron.
[01:41:01] Lt. Ishida: That was very cold.
[01:41:39] Lt. Jaron ignores her and exits
[01:42:25] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "This…."
[01:42:33] FO Ryu Hasegawa he shakes his head as he speaks up
[01:42:47] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: I can only assume Lt. Ishida 'ma'am' that by your association with 'that one' (indicating Lt. Jaron) that he is not as bad as first impressions might otherwise indicate?
[01:42:59] Lt. Ishida: He is a good man.
[01:43:25] CWO2 Sarah: (( heh ))
[01:43:29] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: … I have no knowledge of this - but I will accept your say so regarding it
[01:43:49] Lt. Ishida looks at Ryu, as he was going to say something.
[01:43:49] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks to Maj. Kavashera
[01:44:11] GM: he isn't there, just you guys and the medics
[01:44:17] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Ryu if you want to interject here I'll stop but had one more thing if you truely wanted to go last)
[01:44:21] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: oh
[01:44:28] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (go ahead)
[01:44:29] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (scratch that)
[01:44:36] GM: All you Ryu
[01:44:38] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks to Lt. Ishida -
[01:45:00] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: And so… do you wish me to fight for you?
[01:45:14] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (finishing Ryu - sorry)
[01:45:16] Lt. Ishida: Not for…with.
[01:45:16] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (Ill let Rayn finish)
[01:45:46] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan smiles letting out a soft breath…. "… with?"
[01:45:59] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (in agreement)
[01:46:24] GM: Dun worry about it, basically, yes.
[01:46:26] GM: Go Ryu
[01:46:40] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (wait last statement)
[01:46:43] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (promise)
[01:46:48] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (lol ok)
[01:46:53] GM: Geez! let da man speak LOL!!
[01:47:04] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Then I swear on my Life I will fight till my death…
[01:47:16] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (there DONE dang can't leave things dangling like that)
[01:47:22] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Ryu go mate)
[01:48:13] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "This was…." looks angry and frustrated
[01:48:41] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Was this really necessary?! "
[01:49:01] FO Ryu Hasegawa gets up and throws the chair down in anger
[01:49:07] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Ryu let me know if and when I can respond mate)
[01:49:17] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "First Jaron now you?!?"
[01:49:29] Lt. Ishida: Flight Officer Hasegawa.
[01:50:34] Lt. Ishida: You must think very little of me to say such things.
[01:51:59] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan stirs in the gurney and with confusion about this change of atmosphere asks - "Is there a problem?"
[01:52:00] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "I don’t know what to think! Or for that matter what to make of all this!"
[01:52:23] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (general question to anyone btw)
[01:52:32] Lt. Ishida: What was made of it is this. An ally has been gained.
[01:53:02] Lt. Ishida: That is all that matters.
[01:53:31] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan looks at him (Ryu) with confusion at his own confusion regarding what happened
[01:54:00] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Bullshit…" he shakes his head, "I may be Fleet and not know how Marines operate…but this?!"
[01:54:15] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Lt. Ishida 'ma'am' is this one of your men?
[01:54:31] Lt. Ishida: Rest Private.
[01:54:41] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "I am nobodies man" he says calmly without fear
[01:54:52] Lt. Ishida motions Ryu to the door.
[01:55:16] Lt. Jaron is in the mess eating with Gage
[01:55:20] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: Ma'am (says acknowledging the 'order')
[01:55:34] FO Ryu Hasegawa he bites his lip but goes to the doorway
[01:55:43] CWO2 Sarah stays silent through the whole thing, though she's in the tent listening.
[01:56:02] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan remains confused with thoughts of how it was only his parents that had taught him about true honor in the deep of space
[01:56:28] Lt. Ishida: Whats bothering you Hasegawa?
[01:57:47] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Everything, Jaron, this….we are a squad a unit, not enemies!"
[01:57:51] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (quick roll on recuperation time for note purposes ….. (1D100)
[01:57:56] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: [1d100] => [55] = (55)
[01:58:07] Lt. Ishida: I agree.
[01:58:23] Lt. Ishida: But even family disagree from time to time.
[01:58:39] Lt. Ishida: You need to trust in your leaders.
[01:58:51] FO Ryu Hasegawa seems taken aback but shakes his head
[01:59:06] Lt. Ishida: And in your team mates, it's not here where it matters, But in the field.
[02:00:04] Lt. Ishida: Folks that might be at each others throat in the rear will fight and die to save teh very same person they beat up an hour ago. That is what matters, not this transitory conflict.
[02:00:54] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: ( Treatment form a doctor at a clinic (fair facilities 0 - 56% — roll 55% success for recovery - 2 HP per day for 2 days and then 4/ day each day after [6 per day] => 6 per day Rayn is bedded in Field hospital for20 days)
[02:01:10] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Damn Bushido girl lol)
[02:01:14] Lt. Ishida: You might not like me, or agree with my methods or leadership style, you might hate me, and think me a feral aggressive monster. It wont stop me from fighting beside you and risking my life to save your won in combat.
[02:01:32] Lt. Ishida: (your own)
[02:03:07] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "I don’t want to be saved" he shakes his head, "I want the memories to stop!" he grimaces "and every time I see another squadmate raise a fist against another I think of my own failures!"
[02:03:25] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "I can't…I won't.."
[02:04:44] Lt. Ishida nods
[02:04:49] Lt. Ishida: You have your demons as well.
[02:05:19] Lt. Ishida: We all do.
[02:05:31] Frmr. PFC: 'Rayn' Raihan: (Correction - 10 days for full HP recovery / and 12.6 additional days for full SDC recovery)
[02:07:07] Lt. Ishida: I've read your file. And all I can say is, you have to let it go. Because not the battle you are fighting that will kill you, but the one you fought earlier.
[02:09:45] Ambient Sounds: …. something interrupts the two of you
[02:10:08] FO Ryu Hasegawa tenses
[02:10:33] FO Ryu Hasegawa hand goes toward the sidearm on his side instinctively
[02:10:34] Ambient Sounds: and as you catch its sound…. you hear the faint singing of a female voice
[02:10:53] Ambient Sounds: (Roll Precept Ryu)
[02:10:57] Lt. Ishida: ((oh noes he's gonna shoot the CD player!))
[02:11:03] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[02:11:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( rofl ))
[02:11:09] Ambient Sounds: (your getting your intro mate )
[02:11:14] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (eh it coulda been worse)
[02:11:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (the roll I mean lol)
[02:11:49] Ambient Sounds: being unable to make out the words you hear something that seems 'completely' out of place where you are
[02:12:35] FO Ryu Hasegawa seems taken off guard
[02:12:44] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "ma'am do you hear that?"
[02:12:55] Ambient Sounds: But you can clearly tell what direction the sound is coming from….
[02:12:57] Lt. Ishida: Hmm?
[02:13:06] Lt. Ishida listens.
[02:13:09] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (its completely off kilter for him to call anyone ma'am or sir)
[02:13:36] Lt. Ishida: Sounds like it's coming from the motor pool.
[02:13:51] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu new Melee round - try Perc roll again and GM can fill in as we go)
[02:13:51] Lt. Ishida: At any rate, consider what I said.
[02:14:01] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [15] = (15)
[02:14:01] Lt. Ishida nods and walks off
[02:14:03] Lt. Jaron finishes eating and get the mess cook to feel up a thermos with some sweet tea.
[02:14:49] Ambient Sounds: (okay great roll - now Roll 1D100 pls)
[02:14:58] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d100] => [29] = (29)
[02:15:02] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (yay)
[02:15:30] Lt. Ishida returns to the mess tent to eat whats left of her cold meal.
[02:16:25] Ambient Sounds: There is no doubt anymore that this is not just any singing… but something more and a strong strong feeling of easy overcomes you - a sense of deep trust that you haven't felt since you last heard your own mothers voice overcomes you….
[02:16:37] Lt. Jaron looks to Suki as she enters as he waits for the tea "Hope things work out with you and Private."
[02:16:57] Lt. Ishida: I somehow doubt that.
[02:17:13] FO Ryu Hasegawa hand leaves the sidearm and he starts toward the motor pool inquisitively, seeking out the source
[02:17:14] Lt. Ishida sits and picks up where she left off on her meal.
[02:17:17] Ambient Sounds: ( roll 1D20 with minus whatever GM says for your pre-existing 'issues' regarding personal problems family loss etc.)
[02:17:36] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[02:17:42] Ambient Sounds: (GM this will be a roll vs. Insanity - but not in a bad way)
[02:17:53] Lt. Ishida: ((12 would be the target, he beat it by 4))
[02:18:26] Ambient Sounds: (any penalties for him? I think there should be or the roll base needs to be higher = either or)
[02:18:44] Ambient Sounds: (or we can go based on exposure - your call)
[02:19:10] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (I’m cool with whatever you decide)
[02:19:39] GM: ((well he made the roll and even with negatives it was high enough to counter that so, I'd say, go with it.))
[02:19:50] Ambient Sounds: (rgr)
[02:20:15] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu you save but continue with the previously stated)
[02:20:20] Ambient Sounds: There is no doubt anymore that this is not just any singing… but something more and a strong strong feeling of easy overcomes you - a sense of deep trust that you haven't felt since you last heard your own mothers voice overcomes you….
[02:20:43] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu what do you want to do?)
[02:20:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa shakes slightly, but presses toward the pool
[02:20:53] Lt. Jaron takes his thermos and gives a slight wave to Suki as he departs
[02:21:35] Ambient Sounds: as you move closer to the motor pool, the sound becomes clearer and unmistakeable…
[02:21:35] GM: The motor pool workers are on light duty, hence the music, they are mainly patching up Cyclone, and otherwise conducting PMI
[02:22:00] Lt. Ishida just continues to eat her food.
[02:22:13] CWO2 Sarah: (( would that mean Ay's Cyc gets patched up before next time? ))
[02:22:31] Ambient Sounds: (stand by need to pull up a character sheet)
[02:22:39] GM: Prolly yes
[02:23:06] FO Ryu Hasegawa looks around the pool cautiously
[02:23:26] Lt. Ishida looks over at Sarah.
[02:23:34] Lt. Ishida: Made a friend, made a few enemies.
[02:23:49] Lt. Ishida: Will be interesting to see if the trade off will be worth it.
[02:23:57] Ambient Sounds: (GM need time from Med tent to Motor pool at casual pace pls)
[02:24:10] CWO2 Sarah glances to Suki and shrugs just a little bit. "No way to know, really."
[02:24:27] GM: less then a minute, firebase isn't all that expansive.
[02:24:40] CWO2 Sarah: (( for note, when did I get back to mess tent? ))
[02:24:46] CWO2 Sarah: (( since I was at the medical tent before? ))
[02:24:57] Lt. Ishida: (9I thought you followed Suki…my bad))
[02:25:01] Ambient Sounds: (Okay free RP then until 5 minutes pass and then need a new Insanity roll pls)
[02:25:19] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[02:25:26] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (yeah, Im bom that time)
[02:25:45] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (I bomb)
[02:26:20] Ambient Sounds: The singing is overpowering… it washes over you and penetrates your very soul —- and a 'desperate' feeling of finding this voice overwhelms your mind!!!
[02:26:31] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu gains new Insanity!)
[02:26:38] CWO2 Sarah wanders back into mess finally, after a few minutes, sighing softly.
[02:26:38] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (lol)
[02:26:42] Ambient Sounds: (Obsession)
[02:27:29] FO Ryu Hasegawa looks around the pool frantically
[02:27:33] Ambient Sounds: feelings of obsession overwhelm your mind and your heart… and thoughts race "Who is this?"
[02:27:42] CWO2 Sarah: (( there, now I'm back ))
[02:27:44] CWO2 Sarah: (( kekeke ))
[02:27:51] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "where…."
[02:28:01] Ambient Sounds: (Perc roll to home in on a capella singing)
[02:28:13] FO Ryu Hasegawa his mind races at a mile a minute
[02:28:18] FO Ryu Hasegawa: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[02:28:36] Gage eyes Sarah entering the mess as he is sort of lounging in a chair
[02:28:50] Ambient Sounds: And you quickly focus in on the source of your sudden torment
[02:28:57] Ambient Sounds: (GM hand off)
[02:30:18] Ambient Sounds: The most beautiful and serene sounding female voice you have 'ever' heard…
[02:30:28] UEMC LCpl.: What can I do you for , Chief.
[02:30:30] CWO2 Sarah glances towards Gage and blinks. "Hm?"
[02:30:56] Gage waves to her and closes his eyes as he rest
[02:31:04] UEMC LCpl. says as he wipes his hand of grease standing next to a work cart with the radio plonked atop it.
[02:31:22] FO Ryu Hasegawa looks around for the voice desperately wanting to find where it is
[02:32:01] Ambient Sounds: (you found it mate - need to read up a bit)
[02:33:31] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (but I’m obsessed lol)
[02:34:13] Ambient Sounds: The singing abruptly stops as the LCpl in the Motorpool awaits your reply and a deep feeling of loss over comes you….
[02:34:27] Ambient Sounds: you feel as though you might do just about anything to hear that singing again!
[02:34:37] UEMC LCpl. waves his hand in front you Ryu's face.
[02:34:40] UEMC LCpl.: Hello?
[02:34:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa swallows hard
[02:34:52] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "singing…"
[02:35:02] Ambient Sounds: (Don't F up your GF intro Ryu…. trust me - its a obsession not a psycosis)
[02:35:07] FO Ryu Hasegawa he looks to the LCpl
[02:35:16] UEMC LCpl.: Can I help you?
[02:35:17] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "sorry I thought I heard someone singing.."
[02:35:24] UEMC LCpl.: Oh that?
[02:35:38] FO Ryu Hasegawa tries to keep nerve
[02:35:43] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "It sounded…familiar"
[02:36:16] UEMC LCpl.: Yeah, sorry. Have to make due with what you have. Wanted to bring my Maiden CD, but some douche back on the ship borrowed it and left this in it's place.
[02:36:22] UEMC LCpl.: Meh, whataya gunna do.
[02:36:32] Ambient Sounds: Indeed the feelings of trust were familiar… but the voice was new and exotic sounding unlike any human singing you had heard in recent memory)
[02:37:02] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Who….what was it?" he looks at the LCpl
[02:37:15] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Id like to know, please"
[02:37:38] UEMC LCpl.: Oh, yeah, gal in engineering, oh…you mean the CD?
[02:38:16] Ambient Sounds: The voice despite being stopped on the radio still plays in your mind without stop
[02:38:26] That's the Tab key, Dave
[02:38:35] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "the radio, I mean…"
[02:38:57] CWO2 Sarah settles next to Suki, then (assuming comment was made), glances over and shrugs at that point.
[02:39:01] UEMC LCpl. taps the top of the machine and the CD tray opens.
[02:39:02] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "I really need to know"
[02:39:12] UEMC LCpl.: Some Tiresian chick.
[02:39:51] Ambient Sounds: Indeed the singing had a familiar Tiresian 'twinge' to it you now realize
[02:39:59] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "Tiresian? What else you can tell me?"
[02:40:13] FO Ryu Hasegawa looks at the LCpl intrigued
[02:40:40] UEMC LCpl.: What, I just got it cause the ladies like it. You know, a lil mood music.
[02:40:45] UEMC LCpl. gyrates his hips in jest.
[02:41:06] Ambient Sounds: There is disappointment as you realize you have only a 'copy' and have not discovered the real voice that haunts you…
[02:41:41] Ambient Sounds: Haunts you but yet made you feel tranquil, calm and at peace with your inner demons
[02:41:53] FO Ryu Hasegawa he laughs a bit and nods
[02:42:07] FO Ryu Hasegawa: I hear you, mind if I got a copy off you?"
[02:42:20] UEMC LCpl.: That depends, whatcha got to trade?
[02:42:34] Ambient Sounds: and you realize — that for the first time since your families death - something external has taken you off your game!
[02:42:53] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "aw C'mon man don’t bust me just yet, I just got here!"
[02:43:02] FO Ryu Hasegawa seems off kilter
[02:43:37] UEMC LCpl.: Sorry Fleet, look man, just score us some extra MRE's and we'd be square.
[02:43:53] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu will have to discover the actual voice of the singer (ie who she is and meet her) to remove this obsession that makes him feel a disquieting lack of 'control' that he is so used to)
[02:44:09] UEMC LCpl.: But they gotta have those peanut butter bars.
[02:44:34] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "I can see what I can do in the mess, if not Ill just give up some of my rations…do you know where she is now?"
[02:44:43] UEMC LCpl.: Little trick for ya hoss, eat one of those before you go into the field. Boom stops you up, you wont have to shit till you get back.
[02:44:57] UEMC LCpl.: Who the singer?
[02:44:57] FO Ryu Hasegawa he laughs
[02:45:04] UEMC LCpl.: I dunno, prolly on the Phoenix.
[02:45:17] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "The Phoenix?"
[02:45:22] UEMC LCpl.: The ole Slow Boat from Tirol.
[02:45:35] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "where is it now?"
[02:45:45] UEMC LCpl. shrugs.
[02:46:30] UEMC LCpl.: Don’t rightly know. Last we saw of her she was in the Kalypsos nebula. if's she's running at full speed, she'll probably hit Karberra orbit in the middle of January.
[02:47:16] Ambient Sounds: a foreboding descends on your mind - that the only way to rid yourself of this strange obsession that is both wonderful and terrifying at the same time is to find this girl who's voice now spurs your feelings of obsession and feelings of trust in someone you have never met
[02:47:45] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "dammit ….and of all the places I’m stuck in"
[02:48:00] FO Ryu Hasegawa he frowns mulling something over
[02:48:42] UEMC LCpl.: Yeah, Don't I know it.
[02:48:43] Ambient Sounds: (GM did you get my post in GM chat?)
[02:49:20] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "If you thought I hated this mountain now…." he sighs in frustration
[02:49:26] UEMC LCpl.: Anyway, scam us those MRE's and the disk is yours.
[02:49:46] FO Ryu Hasegawa: "alright, I'll see what I can do"
[02:50:21] FO Ryu Hasegawa runs a hand through his hair and lets out a sigh of frustration
[02:52:33] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu - you want to voluntarily take a skill penalty for this obsession? I'm not GM so I can't impose it but way I see it was you wanted this so you pay the piper until you 'find the girl'? What ya think — you do it for RP sake?)
[02:52:41] GM: In the interests of time, I will assume you by hook or crook acquire the MRE's for the trade and walk away 10 minutes later with a shiny disk in your hot lil hands. My Precious! I must haves it!
[02:52:56] Gage: (hehe)
[02:53:14] KSN: Works for me
[02:53:20] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (Lol now I feel like gollum kekeke)
[02:53:40] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (ok Ill take the penalty …as long as it doesn’t get me killed lol)
[02:53:43] KSN: (You should)
[02:53:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol. ))
[02:53:55] GM: Gollum Hasagawa!
[02:54:02] FO Ryu Hasegawa: My preciouusss!
[02:54:19] Ambient Sounds: (-5% to all skill rolls until you find the actual person behind the voice)
[02:54:23] GM: We hates you! All you officers are the same!!!Tricksy! False!
[02:54:24] FO Ryu Hasegawa walks back to the Mess, handling the CD like its gold
[02:54:49] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (WE HATSES OFFICERS!)
[02:55:05] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (lol I'm having a blast)
[02:55:10] LCpl Summerwind: Always orderings and bossings us around!!
[02:55:11] Ambient Sounds: (once the person behind the voice is found spending 1 hour with her will alleviate the obsession and its inherent penalty)
[02:55:51] Ambient Sounds: (Ryu be sure to make a note of that penalty in case anyone else forgets about it mate)
[02:56:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *tickles lilAnji* ))
[02:57:04] FO Ryu Hasegawa: (ok -5% for a little while)


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