Chapter 8 - Act I - Part 2


Chris (8:27:28 PM): When last we saw our heroes they were in the headlands of Urt Balor , or in the case of Ishida, Fallnya, and Fairman, flying over it.
Sabrewulf01 (8:27:33 PM): brb dinner…10-15 minutes
Chris (8:28:49 PM): Jaron. Suki is leading the airborne shindig, having the most ground Attack experience, you are following Lurana, (who has the second most Ground Attack Experience) as you make your passes.
James (8:28:52 PM): Komillia: And next we'll see some Karbarran roaches. They're normal-sized, compared to a full-sized Zent…
Chris (8:29:40 PM): You have been making passes all afternoon.
Chris (8:30:23 PM): Ay, Komi, and Sarah, have left Sector 12 and have arrived at Sector 8
Chris (8:35:45 PM): Ay, you and your troop roll up to the cave entrance located in Sector 8. There is a few UEEF units around and all are dug in. You pass by a rear guard that makes sure you aren't up to no good.
Chris (8:36:04 PM): And by roll up to, I mean, you're about a klick away
James (8:36:18 PM): Komillia guns up her Devastator/Garland/whatever-the-GM-will-let-me-call-it-this-week and takes point, playing the scout role. And is on the lookout for anything silly. ((The following roll will be a PERC))
OnlineHost (8:36:31 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
Teddy Fuller (8:36:38 PM): (yea, how to roll here?)
Carrie Whitaker (8:36:45 PM): roll-dice-1-sides20
OnlineHost (8:36:45 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 16
Carrie Whitaker (8:36:53 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
onlinehost (8:36:53 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 17
James (8:37:00 PM): ((I hate AIM roller…))
Carrie Whitaker (8:37:00 PM): (( +1 Sarah for 18))
Teddy Fuller (8:37:22 PM): Gage follows along with the troop
OnlineHost (8:37:41 PM): Arelius222 rolled 2 6-sided dice: 4 2
Sabrewulf01 (8:37:42 PM): ((back))
Chris (8:37:46 PM): (9wb))
Teddy Fuller (8:39:19 PM): (aww screw it….rolled a total of 7 on Openrpg)
Teddy Fuller (8:39:29 PM): (for perception)
Jess (8:39:44 PM): (is assuming this is ground team waiting
Chris (8:39:53 PM): which order were your Percs Carrie?
Carrie Whitaker (8:40:44 PM): I listed the +1 for 18 on Sarah
Carrie Whitaker (8:40:48 PM): on the 17
Chris (8:40:51 PM): kk
Chris (8:41:46 PM): As before there are UEEF around, and all are dug in fairly well. This area , unlike Sector 12, is far more active, and you can see a Mortar battery behind a ridge lobbing shells in the enemies direction.
Chris (8:43:39 PM): Ay, you note the same, all do in fact, Sarah, and Ay, with your rolls howver yuo are able to notice the area around the cave and nearby it, well, kinda, crawls.
Carrie Whitaker (8:44:37 PM): Sarah frowns just slightly, peering up at the cave and pulling out her field glasses, trying to get a closer look at it to get a better feel about what's going on.
Carrie Whitaker (8:44:42 PM): tactics
Carrie Whitaker (8:44:45 PM): //dice1-sides100
OnlineHost (8:44:45 PM): Unknown "
" command.
Carrie Whitaker (8:44:52 PM): roll-dice1-sides100
onlinehost (8:44:52 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 34
Carrie Whitaker (8:45:20 PM): (( vs. 89%)
Chris (8:46:27 PM): You see a multitude of Haydonite Imps and a hefty amount of dug in Reavers, by your count alone you are able to see at least 20
Chris (8:47:25 PM): UEEF Sgt: Hey lady! Keep yer damn fool head down!
Carrie Whitaker (8:47:36 PM): Sarah frowns at that and shakes her head, glancing to the others. "Looks like there's a whole swarm of enemies here…" She ducks at the Sgt's words.
OnlineHost (8:48:23 PM): diggers316 rolled 4 20-sided dice: 11 19 17 18
Carrie Whitaker (8:48:30 PM): Aylanea erks and puts her head down as much as she can, peering up and around at things. "This… I hate to say, is not likely to be a way in unless we really have a diversion…"
Chris (8:49:00 PM): Ay, and Sarah you are sharing in on this. 1-2 Sarah 3-4 Ay
James (8:49:07 PM): Komillia frowns, "Agreed."
OnlineHost (8:49:14 PM): diggers316 rolled 3 4-sided dice: 3 1 4
Carrie Whitaker (8:49:30 PM): (( eek ))
Chris (8:49:40 PM): Sarah and Ay, you need to avoid incoming, the enemy bonus to strike is 8
James (8:50:01 PM): ((Roll HIGH!))
Carrie Whitaker (8:50:20 PM): //dice1-sides20 (Sarah)
OnlineHost (8:50:20 PM): Unknown "
" command.
Carrie Whitaker (8:50:27 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
onlinehost (8:50:27 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 19
Sabrewulf01 (8:50:34 PM): ((nice))
Carrie Whitaker (8:50:40 PM): (+14 Sarah Cyclone for 33)
James (8:50:50 PM): ((Excelllleeenntt…))
Carrie Whitaker (8:50:57 PM): (( er, +13 for 32 rather ))
Carrie Whitaker (8:51:07 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (8:51:07 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 4
Carrie Whitaker (8:51:12 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
onlinehost (8:51:12 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 11
Carrie Whitaker (8:51:42 PM): (( Aylanea +15 each so 19 and 26 ))
Chris (8:51:47 PM): two hits
Chris (8:52:26 PM): ((i cant get you in the air, I'll get you on the ground NYAHAHAHAH!! >koof< Sorry, terrible luck my dear))
Carrie Whitaker (8:52:30 PM): (( ouch ))
OnlineHost (8:53:29 PM): diggers316 rolled 2 4-sided dice: 4 4
Chris (8:53:44 PM): 120 to the..
James (8:53:56 PM): ((O.o))
Carrie Whitaker (8:54:05 PM): (( The whole cyclone has 125 ))
Chris (8:54:12 PM): well, 55 to two targets
Chris (8:54:21 PM): so, let me rephrase that
OnlineHost (8:54:36 PM): diggers316 rolled 2 100-sided dice: 18 22
Chris (8:56:21 PM): Ay, as you duck down you GR-97 on your left arm (Forearm Shield) is hit for 55, and your right leg is hit for 55
Carrie Whitaker (8:57:13 PM): (( right leg is gone then…))
James (8:57:29 PM): ((Ay, the Cyborg! Wait we've been there…))
Chris (8:57:40 PM): you are in a cyc are you not?
Carrie Whitaker (8:58:05 PM): (( Yes ))
Chris (8:58:29 PM): kk, you still have your CVR-3
Carrie Whitaker (8:58:33 PM): (( *checks* )) okay.
Chris (8:58:39 PM): but the Cyclones protection is toasted
James (9:00:03 PM): ((BEST case scenario, her led is now completely exposed. Likely scenario, she now needs a prosthetic….))
Carrie Whitaker (9:00:35 PM): (( Cyclone has exactly 55 leg armor ))
Jess (9:01:18 PM): (so it can still move you just lose half the speed)
Teddy Fuller (9:01:33 PM): Gage took cover as the fire comes in "You Ok Lt?"
Carrie Whitaker (9:02:04 PM): Aylanea swears very softly at the damage. "I'll be fine… Damn…" She keeps down at this point.
Teddy Fuller (9:03:12 PM): Gage speaks over com "So we have a mysterious cave and entrenched bugs in another. Nice options so far."
Chris (9:05:24 PM): UEEF Sgt: -laughs- Damn! You are only lucky bitch!
Carrie Whitaker (9:05:28 PM): Sarah sighs as she barely dodges the one aimed at her. "Not exactly the best of options either way. Whatever is in that other cave has everyone spooked, so…" She scratches her head.
Carrie Whitaker (9:05:49 PM): Aylanea looks over and sighs a little. "Yeah, really lucky…"
James (9:06:24 PM): Komillia looks at Ay, "so do we hope to try and get you a spare? Or should we just put you mid formation and get out of here like bats out of hell?
Teddy Fuller (9:06:42 PM): Gage comments "What other sectors do we have?"
Chris (9:06:42 PM): UEEF Sgt: So what bring you down here? If you're replacements, the Gunny is over that way. /points
James (9:07:13 PM): Komillia smiles, "Sorry, no. We're on recon, that's all."
Chris (9:07:28 PM): UUEF Sgt: Well, so folks have all the luck
Chris (9:07:35 PM): ((so = some))
Carrie Whitaker (9:08:37 PM): Aylanea coughs softly. "A spare, here? Don't bet on it. We just have one sector left…" She glances for the Sgt. "Yeah, well, not so lucky when we do the actual operation." She smiles.
Chris (9:09:10 PM): So, do you stick around?
James (9:09:51 PM): ((I leave that to the XO…))
Chris (9:09:58 PM): ((fair enough))
Carrie Whitaker (9:10:17 PM): Aylanea looks around just a little bit. "Constant activity here, then, or is it the busy season?"
Chris (9:10:34 PM): UEEF Sgt: Oh this, this is a vacation!
Chris (9:11:22 PM): The Sgt points over yonder and you can see a literal PILE of Haydonite Imps in various states of destruction heaped up in a corner.
Chris (9:12:00 PM): UEEF Sgt: Damn lil bugs! hee hee hee They keep comin, we keep killin nyahahaha, God i LOVE the Coprs!
James (9:12:05 PM): Komillia snerks, "Imagine the most brutal and soul-crushing training you've ever been through. Got it? Now imagine that was heaven."
Carrie Whitaker (9:12:30 PM): Aylanea sighs just a little. "Oh dear…." She sighs. "Yeah…" She looks to the others. "Moving right along then, or we want to look more at this?"
James (9:12:56 PM): Komillia, "It is your call fearless leader."
Carrie Whitaker (9:13:05 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (9:13:05 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 10
Carrie Whitaker (9:13:14 PM): (( erk, wrong roll))
Carrie Whitaker (9:13:22 PM): //roll-dice1-sides100
OnlineHost (9:13:22 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 72
Carrie Whitaker (9:13:40 PM): (( Sarah tactics vs. 89% ))
Carrie Whitaker (9:13:56 PM): (( just for general situation as it applies ))
Chris (9:14:07 PM): The Reavers are one thing, but with the sheer amount of Imps…a mouse would be hard pressed to fart without notice, Sarah.
Carrie Whitaker (9:14:19 PM): (( lmao ))
Carrie Whitaker (9:14:36 PM): (( beautiful image ))
Sabrewulf01 (9:14:53 PM): ((poor lil squeaker…all puns intended))
Carrie Whitaker (9:14:57 PM): Sarah shakes her head a little. "We won't be getting anywhere here, for sure…"
Carrie Whitaker (9:15:29 PM): Aylanea nods just a little to the others. "Well, seeing how 'entertaining' it is already, I'm all for seeing if Sector 5 is a little better."
James (9:16:06 PM): Komillia: "Roger that. Sure you don't need a tow?"
Carrie Whitaker (9:17:46 PM): Aylanea tries to see if the Cyclone will morph. "Hopefully not.."
Teddy Fuller (9:18:44 PM): Gage listens and watches for a moment, ready to pull out with the others
Chris (9:18:59 PM): As you exfil the area Ay, you ride is what, as pilots call bad turbulence, rough as a cob
James (9:19:48 PM): Komillia: "Bet you haven't felt that much shaking between your legs in a while…
Teddy Fuller (9:20:02 PM): Gage smirks slightly
Chris (9:20:04 PM): As you maneuver to Sector 5 (facepalm) you realize that your airborne component has pretty much been over that area ALL afternoon and, the shooting still hasn’t stopped.
Carrie Whitaker (9:20:44 PM): Sarah laughs a little from her Cyclone at the comment about shaking, rolling her eyes.
Carrie Whitaker (9:21:06 PM): Aylanea blushes a little. "Well, I can't, too close of quarters and too many people…" she trails off, and sighs at sector 5. "Damn…"
James (9:21:22 PM): Komillia: "Wow, I didn't think the Alpha or Legios had the endurance for this sort of sustained fire, how many times did they have to reload?"
Carrie Whitaker (9:21:58 PM): Aylanea glances to it. "Probably a few, really."
Carrie Whitaker (9:22:51 PM): Sarah looks around as well, to get a feel for things.
Carrie Whitaker (9:23:05 PM): //roll-dice1-sides100
OnlineHost (9:23:05 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 76
onlinehost (9:23:55 PM): VVoltronSV rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
James (9:23:58 PM): Perc.
Chris (9:24:05 PM): As if to answer that, the triplet of Legios break off from the fight and make their way to the airstrip
Chris (9:24:21 PM): ((what are the rolls for?))
Carrie Whitaker (9:24:55 PM): (( mine was tactics for general feel ))
Chris (9:25:01 PM): Ugly
Teddy Fuller (9:25:13 PM): Gage rolls 17 (total from openrpg)
James (9:25:19 PM): ((Just general looking around..))
Chris (9:26:17 PM): Komi, you don’t see much that sticks out, the enemy is dug in and the UEEF and they are trading blows. This area look like the 'Main Event'
Chris (9:27:20 PM): Gage, you are able to note that the enemy must have a well established trench and bunker network because as soon as the three Legios leave the enemy fire starts right back up again
Carrie Whitaker (9:31:30 PM): Aylanea sighs just a little and ponders, glancing around and checking for the map, to take a peek at it. "I wonder…" She frowns just a little as she looks at the big event, and back to the map.
Teddy Fuller (9:32:00 PM): Gage relays the info to the others "I hope this other sector holds something more useful"
Chris (9:33:26 PM): Okay then, whats the call?
James (9:34:24 PM): Komillia: I'd say the first sector would be our best bet, just make sure we bring enough firepower to kill a warship…
Carrie Whitaker (9:35:11 PM): Aylanea nods just a little bit. "If we could find someone who might know what exactly in that cave, it might help…"
James (9:35:42 PM): How about we send in a recon bot to take pictures of it before we go in…
Carrie Whitaker (9:38:01 PM): Aylanea nods a little bit. "If we can get hold of one, it might be helpful. Or if someone's used one on it already."
Chris (9:39:34 PM): Okay, to the air team
Chris (9:39:52 PM): Ishida, Lu, and Jaron have landed for the 5th time today
Jess (9:40:56 PM): "Dammit, cant hit shit today"
Chris (9:42:36 PM): Ishida: Don't sell yourself short. At the speeds we're traveling, you might have hit more then you know.
Jess (9:43:48 PM): "Bah, but its no fun when i cant keep count to nag on you about kills per run"
Chris (9:44:21 PM): Ishida: Just accept that I got more and we'll be square.
Chris (9:44:51 PM): Ishida smirks in a friendly way
Jess (9:44:54 PM): "We will see when the Video is developed"
Jess (9:45:14 PM): "And even if you don’t win you buy the drinks remember"
Chris (9:45:59 PM): Ishida: I do not recall that as being part of the deal.
Teddy Fuller (9:46:00 PM): Jaron eyes the two as he waits on the techs. Checking a map to see the areas that were heavy with enemies.
Teddy Fuller (9:50:34 PM): Jaron then tries to contact Anji "Anji, any luck on getting any sensors?"
Jess (9:51:05 PM): "You were to drunk to remember, you and your Saki"
Chris (9:51:40 PM): Ishida: i don’t drink.
Jess (9:52:00 PM): "Oh really then why is there Saki in your locker?"
Chris (9:52:16 PM): Anji: Sensors? I'm still over here with the brothers of boom
Chris (9:52:29 PM): Ishida: Why are you in my locker?
Jess (9:52:50 PM): "I was looking for something to drink"
Chris (9:53:31 PM): Ishida: I see, next time I will place some drink in there for you to find.
Chris (9:54:23 PM): Ishida: Or a grenade, depends on my mood.
Teddy Fuller (9:54:35 PM): Jaron replies to Anji "Alright….when you get a chance. Stay safe"
Jess (9:54:50 PM): "Already got a grenade right here" *tosses up a grenade from her belt playing with it luckily the pin is still in it
Chris (9:55:53 PM): Ishida: Fairman. While we are down, See if we can raise your XO.
Chris (9:56:20 PM): Ishida: They should have been back by now.
Teddy Fuller (9:56:39 PM): Jaron nods to Suki "Was about too. Was waiting to see if you two were going to have a peeing contest or not."
Chris (9:57:02 PM): Ishida: No, not my style. I have nothing to prove.
Teddy Fuller (9:58:00 PM): Jaron nods to Suki as he tries to get a hold of Madresa "Fairman here, any ground team copying?"
Carrie Whitaker (9:58:35 PM): Aylanea perks up (figuratively) at the message. "Madresa here. How's the bombardment going?"
Teddy Fuller (9:59:16 PM): Jaron "Joyful. Did you find anything to work with?"
Carrie Whitaker (10:02:27 PM): Aylanea sighs just a little "Possibly, All sorts of fun alternatives really. I'll be writing up a rundown with input from the ground team members, and report to you in person once I see you."
Teddy Fuller (10:03:22 PM): Jaron replies "Alright, ETA on your return?"
Carrie Whitaker (10:04:41 PM): Ay looks around a little. "We're at Sector 5 now, we'll be heading back now and back very shortly."
Teddy Fuller (10:05:27 PM): Jaron "Alright. Keep your heads down. Nice job Aylanea. Jaron out."
Chris (10:06:15 PM): Ay, you and your team roll up at just about the same time as the air teams craft have been rearmed
Carrie Whitaker (10:07:48 PM): Aylanea looks over as they roll up, looks for Jaron.
Carrie Whitaker (10:07:53 PM): //roll-dice1-sides20
OnlineHost (10:07:53 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 20-sided die: 2
Jess (10:07:54 PM): "Well ready for another crack or change of Plans?"
James (10:07:58 PM): Komillia: Well, that was fun. We need to get Ay a new cyc.
Carrie Whitaker (10:08:02 PM): (( oblivious Ay is oblivious ))
Teddy Fuller (10:08:12 PM): Jaron greets the ground team and eyes Ay's damage "Where did that happen at?"
Carrie Whitaker (10:08:21 PM): (( or not ))
Chris (10:08:26 PM): Jaron is right behind you Ay, breathing heavily onto your neck
Chris (10:08:59 PM): ((i kid))
Carrie Whitaker (10:09:13 PM): Aylanea looks over. "Sector 8. Where the Imps are so thick you can't even take a dump without it probably being seen."
James (10:09:42 PM): Komillia: And that's even more vulgar than the image the Sgt. used…
Teddy Fuller (10:10:00 PM): Jaron looks to Lurana "Don't know yet."
Chris (10:10:07 PM): Ishida: /gives a look as if to say "Really?"
Teddy Fuller (10:10:55 PM): Jaron asks "The other sectors?"
Chris (10:11:28 PM): Ishida: Well, we've been turning 5 into mulch for the better part of the day…
James (10:11:41 PM): Komillia: One has a Haydonite Dragon, or it may as well be, hiding in a cave but not engaging, and you all know 5 better than we do.
Carrie Whitaker (10:13:35 PM): Aylanea nods just a little at that. "Might be, anyway."
Chris (10:15:40 PM): Ishida: Anything other intel?
OnlineHost (10:17:13 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 25
Jess (10:17:18 PM): (vs intel
Carrie Whitaker (10:17:26 PM): (( sry, trying to dig through the log, and parent talking to me ))
Chris (10:17:32 PM): ((kk))
Jess (10:17:36 PM): (64%
Teddy Fuller (10:17:51 PM): tactics, rolled 44% vs 85%
Carrie Whitaker (10:17:54 PM): //roll-dice1-sides100
OnlineHost (10:17:55 PM): CrashCarrie rolled 1 100-sided die: 94
James (10:17:56 PM): Komillia: No intel I can think of…
Carrie Whitaker (10:18:05 PM): (( intel vs. 68% on Ay. Ouch ))
Teddy Fuller (10:18:26 PM): intelligence rolled 55% vs 69%
Carrie Whitaker (10:18:43 PM): Aylanea shakes her head a little bit. "Well, outside of 'keep your head down in sector 8' anyway." She gestures at the Cyclone damage.
OnlineHost (10:18:51 PM): Lurana Skyblaze rolled 1 100-sided die: 69
Jess (10:19:04 PM): (fail tactics tho
Carrie Whitaker (10:19:08 PM): (( naughty lu ))
Jess (10:19:27 PM): (i pass intel )
Carrie Whitaker (10:19:56 PM): (( 69 tho. naughty. ))
Chris (10:20:21 PM): Lu, you have a good picture on Sector 5, it's a mess, not much more to add, except the enemy numbers hardly seemed to dwindle
Jess (10:20:25 PM): (oh hush it before i 69 you)
Teddy Fuller (10:20:25 PM): Jaron takes in the info "We could hit Sector 8 hard. Act like we are going to go there and go for sector 5; but I will like a solid diversion"
OnlineHost (10:20:48 PM): diggers316 rolled 1 100-sided die: 12
Jess (10:21:06 PM): "Sector 5 is a mess, other than that their numbers are still high in that sector"
Chris (10:21:09 PM): Ishida: What about none of the above. I think Ay had a good idea in the TOC earlier.
Chris (10:21:29 PM): Ishida: Seriously, the box, think outside of it.
Carrie Whitaker (10:21:33 PM): Aylanea nods just a little. "Sector 8 has continual fire really, we got shot at while there, they indicated that it might be in a light phase even at that point. Twelve is quiet, but…" She blinks at Ishida. "Hm?"
Carrie Whitaker (10:21:59 PM): (( Ay: I had a good idea? When was that? ))
Chris (10:22:02 PM): Ishida: If the three entrances are fouled, maybe you , we, should look elsewhere.
Teddy Fuller (10:22:37 PM): Jaron comments "Make our own?"
Chris (10:22:43 PM): Ishida: Yes
Teddy Fuller (10:23:03 PM): "Need some heavy ordnance or something with a drill"
Teddy Fuller (10:23:08 PM): Jaron says
Chris (10:23:14 PM): Ishida: Yes
Carrie Whitaker (10:23:16 PM): Aylanea nods just a little bit. "The Karbarran map of the tunnels should be good for finding a way to make our own entrance…" She holds it up.
Chris (10:23:54 PM): Ishida: /nods "I suggest we slink back to Kato Zano before Finch asks us to PM his GMU.
Carrie Whitaker (10:24:27 PM): Sarah snickers a little at that. "Yeah, he wasn't too happy with us being in there to get the map."
Teddy Fuller (10:25:10 PM): Jaron nods "Alright. we'll scrutinize the map and find the best spot. Anything else to add Aylanea?"
Carrie Whitaker (10:25:58 PM): Aylanea hmms a little. "Well, if the Imps are so thick in sector 8, we should probably breach well away from there obviously. And look for somewhere that won't gate too close to 12." She ponders.
Carrie Whitaker (10:26:45 PM): (( just to make sure the obvious is stated ))
Chris (10:27:37 PM): Ishida: Okay, well Our birds are ready to go, so, shall we?
James (10:27:53 PM): Komillia: Yes, please.
Carrie Whitaker (10:28:00 PM): Aylanea nods. "I'm all for that."
Teddy Fuller (10:28:03 PM): Jaron "I will tell Finch we are heading out. You all get ready to leave, also get Anji back here"
Jess (10:28:15 PM): "Lets Light up the next zone, I'm ready"
Carrie Whitaker (10:28:37 PM): Sarah nods quickly and smiles. "Acknowledged."
Jess (10:28:45 PM): *slipping her helmet on she moves back to her Legios, or rather Suki's as they both look alike
Chris (10:29:03 PM): As you MARDET1 folks fly back home, above you in orbit, activity is afoot
Chris (10:29:16 PM): Ryu, Sabre, atten hu
James (10:29:34 PM): ((AFK))
Sabrewulf01 (10:29:41 PM): ((yup))
RyuDraconis (10:30:15 PM): (I'm here)
Sabrewulf01 (10:30:49 PM): Max comes to the position of attention. "2nd Lieutenant Vinai reporting".
Chris (10:31:20 PM): Both of you are called to your respective personel offices and are given your marching orders. You are to report to Kato Zano Airbase and report to a Major Kavashera for further instructions.
Teddy Fuller (10:32:42 PM): (major= my hero)
Sabrewulf01 (10:32:50 PM): Well it was inevitable…it's time to put my skills to the test. Max saluted and made his way towards the Beta awaiting him at the launch deck.
Chris (10:32:51 PM): ((hehe, he IS the man lol))
Carrie Whitaker (10:33:05 PM): (( Kavashera is awesome ))
RyuDraconis (10:34:48 PM): *salutes and walks out, saying little as he does so*
Chris (10:35:40 PM): The pair of you fly out form your separate commands, both ships of the line. Max aboard a Horizon, and Ryu, you almost laugh, a SCH-08 Star Goose
Chris (10:36:54 PM): You both land at around the same time, the base is a hive of aerial activity. UEEF and KDF aircraft both vying for airspace. Perc if you wish otherwise..
OnlineHost (10:37:24 PM): Sabrewulf01 rolled 1 20-sided die: 5
Chris (10:38:04 PM): Max, you don’t notice much beyond the snow, lots and lost of snow.
Chris (10:38:40 PM): ((Ryu, perc, you know the rolling string for AIM correct?))
Sabrewulf01 (10:38:45 PM): Max: "Starting to think I should have packed more cold weather gear…"
RyuDraconis (10:39:41 PM): (Yep)
Chris (10:40:12 PM): ((gonna roll perc or just go with it?))
OnlineHost (10:40:44 PM): RyuDraconis rolled 1 20-sided die: 20
Chris (10:40:49 PM): Nirvana!
Carrie Whitaker (10:40:50 PM): (( wow! ))
RyuDraconis (10:41:03 PM): (lol a nat 20, hunh, funny)
David Ansell (10:41:09 PM): (im doomed)
David Ansell (10:41:30 PM): (all the rest will be crummy lol)
David Ansell (10:42:09 PM): (*laughs* go on : ))
Chris (10:43:04 PM): Ryu…Okay. Not only do you notice the snow. But you can tell that this airbase has been bombed within the last three days, due to the myriad depressions on the ground, only partially, to your eagle eye, obscured by a layer of new fallen snow. The base hosts both UEEF and KDF fighters and you can see at least 5 Horizon's on the pad, two of which are twisted charred hulks with salvage crews picking over them. Here and there, you can see the unlit (it's daytime) strands of Christmas lights.
Chris (10:43:46 PM): ((Note in game its Dec 4th))
RyuDraconis (10:44:01 PM): (its beginning to look a lot like Christmas..)
Chris (10:44:17 PM): ((such a wonderful time, of the year!))
Sabrewulf01 (10:45:25 PM): ((haha nice))
Chris (10:45:31 PM): You both make your way to Base ops and are told to wait for your ride. During which you get to listen to Flight Ops and Weather go back and forth with dick and fart jokes.
Carrie Whitaker (10:46:26 PM): (( Aylanea going caroling! (70% vs. 58% for fail) Guess she's gonna get pelted with snowballs ))
Chris (10:46:48 PM): Presently a green M-299 pull sup with a low set female 1st Lt
James (10:46:56 PM): ((Jingle Bombs, Jingle Bombs…))
Chris (10:47:07 PM): ((jingle all the boom!))
Carrie Whitaker (10:47:19 PM): (( a 'jingle my bells' card of Ay ;p ))
Sabrewulf01 (10:47:21 PM): Max simply laughed slightly. "This should be a very interesting holiday…" Would start to humm towards himself quietly, which slowly turns into a low volume song.
Chris (10:48:10 PM): The Lt walks inside, kicking her CVR-3's boots off of the snow and pulls the fur lined hood back.
Chris (10:49:00 PM): Lt. Utenaru: Hasawaga! (not a spelling error) Vinny!
Sabrewulf01 (10:49:46 PM): Max blinked slowly. "Perhaps you mean Vinai…ma'am?" He smiled lightly.
Chris (10:50:50 PM): Lt: Utenaru: Vinn ai, got it. Nice to meet you.
RyuDraconis (10:51:33 PM): *his jaw twitches slighltly* "Hasegawa…ma'am" he says finally
Chris (10:51:45 PM): The Lt is as above, low set, stocky, a pacific islander, probably Samoan. She greets you with a toothy well meaning grin .
RyuDraconis (10:51:49 PM): (after a long pause before the ma'am)
Chris (10:52:37 PM): Lt, U: Welcome to Zato Kano. If you'll grab your kits and follow me, I'll take you to the Major.
Sabrewulf01 (10:53:41 PM): "Indeed" Max hoisted his green duffel bag and inadvertently began to sing a mild tune as he walked. Although he wasn't really smiling, it was one of his favorites.
Chris (10:54:05 PM): After a short drive in which the Lt has manged to fill completely with small talk, one sided. She pull up in front of a wooden hooch barricaded by sandbags.
Chris (10:55:07 PM): Lt. U: Here you go. Hey, you keke's don’t be upset, I'm real bad with names.
RyuDraconis (10:55:50 PM): "No ma'am…the ride over was hell" he says as he grabs his gear
Sabrewulf01 (10:56:00 PM): Max looked ready to stand up. "Well Ma'am that sounds…hmm seems that we're here. It was a pleasure to meet you." He stepped off the truck and inclined his head. "I'm sure you won't be the first ma'am. Take care." With that Max headed into the lightly fortified troop tent.
Chris (10:56:06 PM): Lt. U /walks in ahead of you "Major! Two of the, oh, the thrid is already here."
Sabrewulf01 (10:57:55 PM): The third? But it was only myself and this gentleman next to me. Max looked baffled at the mention of the third. Then he thought she was possibly speaking for herself as well.
Chris (10:58:02 PM): Inside you see the Major. Suddenly the last name clicks. Kavashera, this guy is from the same gene stock as Khyron the Butcher, and looks just like him. Sitting in on of the seat in front of his desk is a Spherian 'female' in the uniform of the CAP (Coalition of Free Planets) i.e. the Sentinels.
Chris (10:59:31 PM): Major K: /stands and greets you. "All right, fresh meat! Glad to meet you. Don’t bother setting your kit down. We'll be heading to your hooch in a second.
Chris (11:00:27 PM): Maj K: Lets have that paperwork fellas, nothing gets done without the paperwork.
Sabrewulf01 (11:01:25 PM): Max held onto his effects and nodded. "Understood sir…" He opened the top portion of his flight suit and pulled from the arm sleeve a neatly folded set of papers. "My apologizes, but I don't trust myself to carry papers in hand. Could lose them anywhere." He then handed them over to the Major.
Chris (11:01:40 PM): meanwhile the rest of you have landed, postflighted your craft and have been able to shower and return to your own hooch
RyuDraconis (11:01:48 PM): *pulls out his paperwork, its far form neat and tidy, having been crammed unceremoniously into his kit* " Here you go"
Sabrewulf01 (11:02:14 PM): Max looked to the other guy. "Whatever works right?" He chuckled lightly.
Chris (11:02:20 PM): Maj K: /opens the orders and looks them over, but by the look on his face, you get the jist he has seen your docket before.
Chris (11:02:52 PM): Maj K: Looks in order. okay, follow me. You to Sandy. /points to the Spherian.
Chris (11:03:24 PM): Sadrine: It's Sadrine. /she grumbles in a gravely (HA pun) voice.
Sabrewulf01 (11:03:24 PM): Max simply follows.
RyuDraconis (11:05:09 PM): Follows after somewhat nonchalantly
Chris (11:05:38 PM): The Major takes the helm of the M-299 that dropped you off and like a drunken Korean cabbie that's late, maneuvers thru the streets of the base until he screeches to a halt in front of a hooch. "This one is yours." Then he floors it again to travel the all but 50 feet down the road to another hooch, then slams on the breaks again. "This is where your new team lives, lets meet them shall we."
Chris (11:06:29 PM): Inside the hooch you all hear the distant screeching of tires, then the rev of an engine and then a closer screech of tires.
Chris (11:07:13 PM): Maj K: I'M COMING IN! Better be decent ladies!
Sabrewulf01 (11:07:14 PM): "Well sir. At least we know the brakes are in full working order." Max looks about at the front of the hooch with a sorta half-smile half worried look on his face as they came to a halt.
Chris (11:07:51 PM): Major K: /looks at Ryu and max. "I hope they aren’t"
Chris (11:08:26 PM): Maj K: Takes the three steps up tot eh porch in a bound and boots the door open!
James (11:08:29 PM): Komillia keeps the zipper low for ample fanservice
Chris (11:09:21 PM): Ishida: Officer on deck!
Carrie Whitaker (11:09:23 PM): (( lol ))
Chris (11:09:45 PM): Ishida: /stands at attention in a over large tee shirt and sweats and salutes crisply.
Sabrewulf01 (11:10:13 PM): Max steps off the truck and walks behind the Major with a curious look on his face. Hearing the shout, he paused for a moment, as the rest of the unknown group does their thing.
Carrie Whitaker (11:10:15 PM): Sarah stands up quickly to attention in a clean uniform.
Chris (11:10:18 PM): Maj K: /looks at the three newbs and smiles "I love that girl."
Teddy Fuller (11:10:26 PM): Jaron goes to attention as well
Jess (11:10:36 PM): (err if were off duty not in uniform we don’t have to go to attention?)
Sabrewulf01 (11:10:45 PM): Max scratches his head for a moment and looks at the Major. "Which one?" A small smirk would crawl along his face.
Chris (11:10:59 PM): ((superior officer entering your space, yes, you pop top regardless))
Carrie Whitaker (11:11:13 PM): Aylanea jumps to attention in a tight tee and mid-thigh length shorts.
Jess (11:11:15 PM): (not what i was taught)
Jess (11:11:28 PM): (least not in uniform and DEFINITELY not in the field
Chris (11:11:47 PM): Maj K: That one. /point to the Asian, then to the redhead then to the others. "I love em all"
Sabrewulf01 (11:11:53 PM): (Yea no salutin brass in the field/indoors…attention most definitely.)
James (11:11:55 PM): ((Technically, Lu is right. Certain officers are pissants and still want it though…))
Chris (11:12:15 PM): True, but Suki is anal
James (11:12:23 PM): ((At least that is what the Air Force taught me…))
Teddy Fuller (11:12:24 PM): Jaron quirks a brow at the comment "Major, we getting some greenhorns?"
Chris (11:12:25 PM): moving on lol
Chris (11:12:35 PM): Maj K: And how!
Jess (11:12:38 PM): /me being out of uniform she yawns and off duty "Good day Major."
Sabrewulf01 (11:13:26 PM): Nodded at the word greenhorn. "Lieutenant Vinai…Communications. Pleasure to meet you all." Which after his small spiel was closed with a nice smile. Lets see how long that lasts.
Chris (11:13:27 PM): Maj K: /looks to you three and points to the couch. "Have a seat, be back in a second. "Ishida, Fairman, on me." Free Rp for the rest of you inside.
Teddy Fuller (11:13:56 PM): Jaron nods and moves to follow the Major
Jess (11:14:01 PM): /me drinks her whiskey she brought and still reads her book
RyuDraconis (11:14:07 PM): *his jaw twitches at the word, but only says curtly* "Flight Officer Hasegawa"
Carrie Whitaker (11:14:41 PM): Sarah settles back in, relaxing and leaning her head back.
James (11:15:14 PM): Komillia: Well, hello. So what do you three actually do? I'm a Battloid Pilot and Hand-to-Hand combat specialist.
Chris (11:15:16 PM): Ishida moves out from behind the couch towards the major and nod politely, yet wordlessly at the three new comers.
Chris (11:16:35 PM): Percs if you want to Ryu and Max
OnlineHost (11:16:53 PM): Sabrewulf01 rolled 1 20-sided die: 13
onlinehost (11:18:12 PM): RyuDraconis rolled 1 20-sided die: 1
RyuDraconis (11:18:17 PM): (see told you)
Teddy Fuller (11:18:18 PM): (nice )
Sabrewulf01 (11:18:24 PM): ((lady luck gave you herpes lol)
Jess (11:18:36 PM): /me scoots her feet up her long shirt in this position not doing much to hide her long legs (but hopefully her panties as she has no shorts on
RyuDraconis (11:18:36 PM): (yep)
Chris (11:19:21 PM): Max, all of them you notice are hardened, their stance, the way the walk etc tells you as much, everyone in this room as been in the shit more then they should be. The Ishida girl as a 1000 yard stare like the best of em and the Zent Komillia is not far behind.
Carrie Whitaker (11:19:35 PM): Aylanea glances over at that, relaxing, shrugging, and settling back in as the other two are called out. At least most of her relaxes, though at the front of the t-shirt… maybe not quite everything.
Chris (11:19:45 PM): Ryu all you see is bewbs, lots and lots of bewbs
Carrie Whitaker (11:19:57 PM): (( lmao ))
RyuDraconis (11:20:02 PM): (best thing to see )
Chris (11:20:10 PM): (damn skippy)
Chris (11:20:46 PM): ((Jaron?))
Teddy Fuller (11:21:18 PM): (what? I followed the major before Suki did)
Chris (11:21:36 PM): ((my bad you did indeed))
Teddy Fuller (11:22:20 PM): (you was looking at all those boobs wasn’t you?)
Sabrewulf01 (11:22:21 PM): "I perform EWAR operations. I also when necessary encrypt and decrypt messages as necessary. I've been to MECT school for Beta training. But I've never needed to use it as my primary skills were more than enough for normal operations." He placed his bag down at a cot/bed/bunk. "I also know a bit of hand to hand combat…although I care to not really talk about that." He opened his kit and looked as if he robbed a Best Buy (or some relatively large electronics store in Robotech)
Chris (11:23:55 PM): The Major walks outside. "Found you a Spherian, nasty cuss. Also nabbed us a few more troops. hasagawa is a pilot, Alpha, and Vinai is a commo wonk.
RyuDraconis (11:25:13 PM): "Alpha pilot" he says casually, "Air superiority mostly, You point, I shoot it"
Jess (11:25:19 PM): "Major did say to have a seat, i moved my feat so you guys can have one." *she goes back to reading her book "Art of War" and sipping a nice brew of whiskey or scotch
Chris (11:25:31 PM): Maj K: But he is Beta Qualified so, he's not entirely useless
Jess (11:25:43 PM): "My kind of man, to bad I'm taken."
Teddy Fuller (11:25:44 PM): Jaron nods "Corporal Summerwind would like the company. Hasagawa have anything else going for him?"
Chris (11:26:04 PM): Anji: Fuck you officers! Fuck you all to hell!
Teddy Fuller (11:26:18 PM): (haha got to love her)
RyuDraconis (11:26:31 PM): *he raises an eyebrow to the woman and grins* "I like your style"
Jess (11:26:38 PM): "Anji, don’t make me tie you up with pillow coverings again.
Teddy Fuller (11:26:41 PM): Gage sighs at Anji's outburst
RyuDraconis (11:26:50 PM): (lol)
Chris (11:26:59 PM): Maj K: He's a good stick. beyond that, none of them have seen anything heavy
Sabrewulf01 (11:27:07 PM): Max simply looked up at Anji and shrugged. "You'll probably hate me more…I traded sides". He then made a motion to suggest he used to have something on his shoulders…presumably chevrons.
Chris (11:27:36 PM): Anji: /looks at max "Ohhhhhh your the devil! The DEVIL!!"
Chris (11:28:45 PM): Maj K: So, Up to you, you can fight to the death over who get who, or whatever.
Carrie Whitaker (11:29:02 PM): Aylanea peeks over at Anji and laughs.
Carrie Whitaker (11:29:21 PM): Sarah just shakes her head and rolls her eyes.
Sabrewulf01 (11:29:33 PM): Max laughed lightly. "I'm sure you don't mean that…perhaps I could change your mind?" He pulled out his data pad and stylus and quickly slide to the left on the touchpad until he pulled up a screen with words…and apparently a stanza. "I've been working on this song, for when I finally get a chance to go to the field….It's called 'Never Enough'."
Chris (11:29:39 PM): Note: those from Tirol. Anji is unmistakably Tirolian, reverb in the voice and all.
RyuDraconis (11:29:49 PM): (so I know this)
Teddy Fuller (11:30:18 PM): Jaron comments to the Major "Understood sir. Anything else to know sir?"
Chris (11:30:22 PM): ((anyone who lives on Tirol knows this, she is a native tru and true))
James (11:30:25 PM): Komi: Summerwind, I think you need a bath I'll get the acid scrub and start with cleaning out that mouth. Or maybe just get a ball gag.
Chris (11:30:38 PM): Anji: Shut it clone!
RyuDraconis (11:30:40 PM): *he raises an eyebrow to Anji* "You from Tirol?"
Chris (11:30:43 PM): Anji snickers
Sabrewulf01 (11:30:59 PM): Max would begin to sing in English, but then slowly shift to Tirolian (Yay roll?)
Chris (11:31:05 PM): Anji: /me looks at Ryu. "You think?
RyuDraconis (11:31:27 PM): *he smirks back* "at least someone else not form the blue marble"
David Ansell (11:31:48 PM): (at least its someone else)
Carrie Whitaker (11:31:49 PM): Aylanea laughs hard as Komi mentions a ball gag. "You bring one with you?" Then she peers over at Anji. "And be nice, naughty girl."
Chris (11:32:05 PM): Maj K: No, Here are their dockets. I made a copy for each of you. By the way, fantastic work out there today. You did us proud.
OnlineHost (11:32:35 PM): Sabrewulf01 rolled 1 100-sided die: 74
Chris (11:32:54 PM): Anji: You know, one of these day, I'm gonna visit there, she what the kaskin hype is about.
James (11:32:56 PM): Komi: Oh I forgot, you, and by that I mean all Tirolian pure-breeds, are used to having others do your work for you, heh. I love position reversals…
Teddy Fuller (11:33:04 PM): Jaron takes the dockets "Thank you sir. Probably head out in two days unless something comes up."
Teddy Fuller (11:33:20 PM): (haha komi)
Sabrewulf01 (11:33:30 PM): (vs 85% professional quality)
Jess (11:33:33 PM): *Sighs and simply sits there reading in her long shirt and pink panties showing not giving a care now
RyuDraconis (11:33:42 PM): "Last I heard, not much…just a bunch of craters"
David Ansell (11:33:51 PM): *he shrugs*
James (11:34:16 PM): ((hey, she does keep her anti-tirolian bigotry in check MOST of the time, but not all the time.))
Chris (11:34:49 PM): Maj K: Roger that. Look, this is big, Urt Balor. Brass is all over it. But, you go easy, don't rush this. We're expecting an Artemis any day now. Seems the Phoenix punched out of the nebula a few days after us, so, we should see that SMU in a day or so.
Teddy Fuller (11:35:21 PM): Jaron nods "very well sir"
James (11:36:09 PM): ((well, I need to shut down for the night.))
Sabrewulf01 (11:36:22 PM): Max as he fades from the major conversation and unpacks his stuff continuing his sonnet, from an obvious normal tone, back to his normal preferred quiet self. "Finally made it here/No more chances to be near/Going to take the path of most resistance. I'll be the eye…in the skyyy…." He carries on like this for a couple minutes.
Sabrewulf01 (11:36:31 PM): ((Take care James))
Chris (11:36:59 PM): (( ah but max, this ain’t yer hooch lol))
Carrie Whitaker (11:37:01 PM): (( aww, nini ))
Sabrewulf01 (11:37:11 PM): ((well no one said anything lol))
Sabrewulf01 (11:37:56 PM): Max then paused in his words and looked about. This would work out too well. I have the feeling I'm not sleeping here.
Chris (11:39:06 PM): ishida: /nods "The commo, he would be good for fire support, allow you to keep Summerwind with the CP. Hasagawa, I would think Jaron…" she looks at you Fairman. "…He may be a good addition to either you or Lurana's flight."
Jess (11:39:51 PM): *Hmms a bit reading further taking another sip, sooo gonna rape Jaron tonight
Teddy Fuller (11:40:35 PM): Jaron nods to Suki
Sabrewulf01 (11:40:52 PM): Max keeps his data pad out but simply closes up his kit and then flips pages until he found an unfinished song. He then continues to write.
Chris (11:41:10 PM): Maj K: Okay so it's a done deal, I'm trying to get ina few more warm bodies, but it's tough.
Teddy Fuller (11:41:58 PM): Jaron "We'll make do sir."
Chris (11:42:14 PM): Maj K: Of that I have no doubt
Chris (11:43:06 PM): Maj K: Okay then, your cherries know where their hooch is so, if you have no further questions, I'm going to head back.
Chris (11:43:18 PM): Ishida: None sir.
Teddy Fuller (11:43:33 PM): Jaron "No sir."
Jess (11:43:37 PM): /me finishes off her glass of whiskey with a slight pout "Dam and now im all out of drink."
Sabrewulf01 (11:44:23 PM): "So this is how it all starts…" He spoke to himself as he stared at the ceiling laying on a bed. He then sat up and re-read what he just wrote. He looked up at the woman. "I'm sure the PX has more." He then looked down back to his pad.
Chris (11:44:33 PM): Maj K: takes your salutes and returns them "As you were then." /makes his way to the M-299 and drives off, at a very leisurely, and sedate pace.
Jess (11:45:02 PM): "Nah not this stuff." *shows him the bottle "Bottled 20 years ago best kind."
Chris (11:45:35 PM): Ishida looks at Jaron, then looks inside then back at Jaron and rolls her eyes.
Sabrewulf01 (11:46:08 PM): "Well I would say you should save such exquisite spirits for special occasions. But by the looks of things, this and possibly everyday is one."
Chris (11:46:16 PM): Ishida. /taps the dockets that the major gave her. "Look like i have some midnight reading."
RyuDraconis (11:46:31 PM): *gets settled in his section, and leaves his kit on the floor for the time being, the only thing he takes out and sets aside is a picture of two pilots*
Teddy Fuller (11:46:43 PM): Jaron nods to Suki "Yea. We'll see what they can do tomorrow"
Chris (11:47:01 PM): ((Ryu, remember, you the Spherian and Max are billeted in a separate hooch, this one is full))
RyuDraconis (11:47:12 PM): \(oh hoops)
David Ansell (11:47:16 PM): (scratch that)
Chris (11:47:16 PM): ((nod nod))
Chris (11:47:30 PM): Ishida: /nods at Jaron then walks inside.
Chris (11:48:04 PM): GM: Okay, we will call it here, I APOLOGIZE beyond words about the Open issue, but good news, I seem to be able to log back into it.
Sabrewulf01 (11:48:13 PM): Max stands up with his bag and tucks his datapad under his arm, then moves towards the front entrance just as Ishida walk in. He inclined his head. "Ma'am"….
Sabrewulf01 (11:48:20 PM): ((so it did work)).
Jess (11:48:21 PM): "So i guess no one likes a Zent then." *She stretches her long legs back out covering the couch
Chris (11:48:29 PM): Ishida: /nods "lieutenant."
Carrie Whitaker (11:48:35 PM): (( I think he moved back to 1.7 actually ))
Chris (11:48:39 PM): I did
Sabrewulf01 (11:48:42 PM): That's what we were doing.
Chris (11:48:50 PM): 1.8 can suck …. yeah
Sabrewulf01 (11:49:55 PM): …well great work Chris…glad I was able to help ya…even if I inadvertently initialized the problem.
Chris (11:50:53 PM): you bastard /in Achmed the dead Terrorist voice "I kill you!"
Jess (11:50:57 PM): (last post for me) *pouncies Jaron in front of the newbs as if to claim this man is hers and grins at Jaron "To bad were not alone in the hooch."
RyuDraconis (11:51:19 PM): lol
Chris (11:51:35 PM): Ishida: /mutters in Japanese.
Jess (11:51:59 PM): "Oh quiet Ishida, its not like you don’t have a lover here too."
Chris (11:52:17 PM): Ishida: Smiles and shrugs.
Sabrewulf01 (11:52:36 PM): Max simply shook his head. "Well…I'd say I'm going to have quite a bit of inspiration to write about now. Lets hope my lyrics amount to something."
Carrie Whitaker (11:53:55 PM): Aylanea glances up at the others and laughs.
Chris (11:54:06 PM): Ishida: /gives Sarah and caress to the neck then walks into her room and closes the door behind her.
Jess (11:54:22 PM): "Besides, Ishida, you cant deny you don’t love sex." *winks and drags Jaron off to hers!
Carrie Whitaker (11:54:27 PM): Sarah smiles at the caress, standing up to head into the room with Suki if so allowed.
Chris (11:54:37 PM): Sadly Lu, your comment hit s a closed door
Teddy Fuller (11:54:49 PM): Jaron is pounced and kisses Lurana, taking her the couch "Later tonight"
Chris (11:55:09 PM): Anji: Whoo hoo! pay per VIEW!
Jess (11:55:28 PM): (lol but she still probably heard it not like the doors are that think if were not on ship
Chris (11:55:47 PM): ((agreed, but she doesn’t respond))
Sabrewulf01 (11:56:29 PM): Max put his bag down for a moment and created a new file. "Lets call this one, Boom". He laughed to himself, since he more than likely was talking to himself. He placed the duffel over his shoulder again and tucked the pad under his pit as he walked to the next hooch.
Chris (11:57:13 PM): perc max
OnlineHost (11:57:26 PM): Sabrewulf01 rolled 1 6-sided die: 3
Sabrewulf01 (11:57:34 PM): whoops
Carrie Whitaker (11:57:36 PM): Aylanea laughs at the people going into rooms together, raising her eyebrows and relaxing.
Chris (11:57:38 PM): Snow Squirrel!
OnlineHost (11:57:45 PM): Sabrewulf01 rolled 1 20-sided die: 7
Sabrewulf01 (11:57:48 PM): No better lmao
Chris (11:57:57 PM): You only get one
Sabrewulf01 (11:58:04 PM): The first one was a d6 O.o
Chris (11:58:11 PM): ohhh,
Carrie Whitaker (11:58:12 PM): (( lol ))
RyuDraconis (11:58:32 PM): *follows after Max, quietly*
Chris (11:58:34 PM): Okay, you see a triplet of snow angles out in front of the hooch as you leave.
Sabrewulf01 (11:59:18 PM): Max smiled for a moment. "Even in a war zone…." He shook his head lightly.


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