Chapter 7 - Act III - Part 3


[07:44:50] GM: It's a day or so after your hop, and your aircraft has been repaired.
[07:46:24] James snores loudly…
[07:46:30] 2 LT Komillia snores loudly…
[07:46:32] 2Lt. Aylanea walks out to check the repairs on all the mecha, and make sure they're nice and flight ready if they're needed. She stretches as she gets out the door, yawning loudly to the air.
[07:46:42] 2 LT Komillia: ((Forgot to switch the alias))
[07:46:50] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *tickles Komi* silly ))
[07:47:44] GM: Ay, you see Ishida at her mecha, retrieving her cyclone.
[07:47:46] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wonder if people thought we were having our night off or something. ))
[07:48:21] 2Lt. Aylanea glances over to that, nodding just a little bit and opening her own legios upon wandering over it, to check her own quickly, to make sure everything on it is right for later on.
[07:51:18] 2 LT Komillia gets up and heads over to the Garland to get some training in on it.
[07:51:22] Lt. Ishida transforms the Cyclone into bike mode then straps on a trio of saddle boxes and then makes her way out of the hanger.
[07:53:12] 2Lt. Aylanea pulls down her own Cyclone and attaches her cargo boxes, nodding quickly as she does, checking the cycle mode and fastening her armor together better. She nods just a little once she's done.
[07:53:57] CWO2 Sarah comes out not long after, checking her own legios and digging up her silly configuration, checking it and unfolding to strap her own boxes on.
[07:54:00] Lt. Ishida toss Ay and amused smirk then drives off towards the base gym.
[07:55:18] CWO2 Sarah: (( *sends Jaron the log* ))
[07:55:20] CWO2 Sarah: (( rar ))
[07:55:27] Lt. Ishida: ((kk))
[07:55:35] 2 LT Komillia is hot on the heels of the misfits to see how the Garland actually handles.
[07:56:04] 2Lt. Aylanea peers over at Ishida and shrugs slightly, yawning just a little again. She smiles to herself for some reason, and stretches out again.
[07:56:51] GM: On the road the slicks the garland is wearing work great, but, Komillia feels that getting some of the 'motocross' style tires would allow the garland to perform far better on open ground.
[07:57:54] Gage pulls up in the jeep and hoops out. He watches the others take off and looks to "Hey XO, what are they up to today?"
[07:59:42] GM: ((XO, that’s you Ay…))
[07:59:50] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rarg ))
[08:00:12] Gage moves over to her and waves his hand in front of her"Umm Madresa?"
[08:00:16] 2 LT Komillia: ((AFK, gotta take out the trash.))
[08:00:29] 2 LT Komillia: ((Before the rain hits anyway…))
[08:00:30] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( YES, LET ME TYPE ))
[08:01:05] 2Lt. Aylanea looks over to Gage. "One making sure of the Garland, and I'm about to make sure of myself on the Cyclone, after not being on one in quite a while. Best to do that for those who haven't used one lately so they aren't getting the refresher when the Haydonites are potentially around the corner.
[08:01:08] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *paddles* ))
[08:02:04] Gage nods "Wanna company?"
[08:02:11] Gage: (what*)
[08:02:15] Gage: (want)
[08:02:48] GM: ((dunno, might have been funny Gage being tongue ties in front of the cute XO…))
[08:02:54] GM: ((tied))
[08:02:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rar ))
[08:02:58] Gage: (hehe true)
[08:03:02] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:03:44] Gage: "Errr sorry Want company I mean"
[08:04:17] 2Lt. Aylanea nods a little, strapping her helmet on. "Sure. Can't run them for too long, to save on the power cells, but…"
[08:04:29] GM: meanwhile Suki has pulled up to the base gym, and transforming to battloid mode walks in and to an open Karbarran sized treadmill.
[08:06:05] Gage: "I will follow in this jeep. See how it handles"
[08:06:31] Gage pats the top of it
[08:08:55] 2Lt. Aylanea glances in that direction and laughs just a little bit. "And wondering where Suki is going, among other things." She nods. "All right, then." She then starts the Cyclone, and tries running it to speed quickly and mode-changing, making sure she doesn't have any issues with it.
[08:08:59] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( arg, parent, sorry ))
[08:10:35] GM: Ay, your cyclone warms up fine, and you cant immediately notice anything wrong, the mecha makes the usual noises and motions.
[08:11:28] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kk. good. ))
[08:13:12] Gage follows along in the jeep
[08:13:31] GM: Oh noes Ay, black ice black ice! I kid
[08:14:02] 2 LT Komillia: In this weather?
[08:14:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eep! ))
[08:14:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *knows black ice WAY too well* ))
[08:14:42] 2 LT Komillia does a mid air transformation just to get used to doing that in this gravity.
[08:14:58] GM: Yeah, it's been snowing since we last played, remember Suki and Sarah were joking about making snowmen last session….oooo that right you left before that…sorry, yeah, it's snowing
[08:15:11] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( oh shit, yeah. lol ))
[08:15:19] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( need me to make a piloting at a penalty? ))
[08:15:22] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekekekeke ))
[08:15:34] GM: ((no, I was kidding))
[08:17:35] Gage radios "Looking good XO"
[08:18:04] 2Lt. Aylanea does the transform, checks herself in battloid mode, nods just a little bit, and glances back, moving to go see where Suki went, curious.
[08:18:30] CWO2 Sarah sees the others checking Cyclones, and starts hers, making sure everything si right on it as well.
[08:18:42] GM: Ay, you see the base gym.
[08:19:12] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( figured that ))
[08:19:36] 2Lt. Aylanea slips up to the gym doors, and tries to carefully open one enough to peek in and see what's going on.
[08:19:59] GM: A squat 1 story building
[08:20:14] Gage stops a bit behind Aylanea and waits
[08:20:15] 2 LT Komillia: ((Watching crazy dogs beg for jerky.))
[08:21:22] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekekekeke ))
[08:21:23] GM: You see Suki, (she's the only one in full Cyclone) running on a treadmill towards the door next to a grinning Karbarran on the tread next to her, a few humans are watching and it looks like bets are being placed and the gym staff are shaking their heads and laughing at the spectacle.
[08:22:03] 2Lt. Aylanea slips in the whole way, laughing as well, glancing back and looking to Gage. "She's being silly on a treadmill…" She moves to let Gage in if he wants.
[08:22:13] GM: You can see Suki's Cyc's PC cell on the treadmills 'walkman tray' and she hefting her EP-37 and her M-90 is strapped to her left leg.
[08:23:38] GM: ((poor dogs, it's BACON! beggin Strips))
[08:23:43] Gage puts up a hand to decline and waits
[08:24:07] GM: ((hehe, such esprit de corps lol))
[08:24:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:25:19] 2Lt. Aylanea peers at that, raising her eyebrows. She's curious at that, so pulls her own cell if she can, and tries to keep it up with the Cyc unpowered. She watches Suki interestedly then.
[08:25:34] GM: You are in a Battler?
[08:25:53] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( 38 light with battler equipment ))
[08:28:12] GM: You pull the power core and you sag to your keens as the full 237 pounds + pushes you down.
[08:28:46] 2Lt. Aylanea grunts just a little as the weight pushes on her, trying to fight and keep it up.
[08:28:58] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( sag to my keens, huh? ))
[08:29:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( not to my knees? ))
[08:29:07] GM: ((knees too)
[08:29:10] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:29:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( can I roll to get back up? ))
[08:30:36] GM: You can roll, but it might not help.
[08:30:49] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ps vs. 30? ))
[08:30:55] GM: ((The only other person in the unit that could mimic that feat is Lurana.
[08:31:27] GM: ((you'd need a PS of 17 or over to (according to the rules))
[08:32:03] GM: ((now, you can put the cell back in a dial it back some, but to run with it pulled entirely, no.))
[08:32:36] 2Lt. Aylanea hmms, puts it in, but dials down to 1/3 power or so, for the moment, to conserve.
[08:32:39] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( fine kekeke ))
[08:34:33] CWO2 Sarah checks her own Cyc, nods, and heads to check on the others, to see what's going on.
[08:34:56] GM: At 1/3 power you can move around, but you begin to get an idea how heavy these things really are, despite their small size.
[08:35:07] Gage actually watches his breath in the cold since its been awhile since he saw a winter
[08:35:20] GM: And boy are they top heavy, but, Ay, you're used to that…
[08:36:06] GM: Komillia?
[08:36:50] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol. ))
[08:37:06] GM: And no, the Garland is to big for the treadmill
[08:37:20] GM: Although that would be absolutely hilarious…
[08:37:45] 2 LT Komillia goes through a series of drills involving the Garland. Considering the Garland has a more conventional cockpit ((watch Megazone if you don't believe me)) trying to exercise in it would be pointleess anyway.
[08:38:02] GM: ((nod, actually lets you sit!))
[08:38:19] CWO2 Sarah turns her power cell down as well, after the checks.
[08:38:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( damn, that's a good deal kinda. ))
[08:38:36] GM: It is
[08:39:02] GM: But the armor is pretty light to the rear… Sides are protected by the shoulders and front by decent armor plate and the head.
[08:40:01] GM: Sarah, it’s a bit harder for you, but you manage not to topple.
[08:40:10] CWO2 Sarah: (( ah. Weak against anal penetration. So noted. ))
[08:40:21] GM: Yes
[08:40:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( why would it be harder for me, if 'augmented' is ignored, I'm two PS points higher than Ay. ))
[08:40:44] GM: So watch out for HEAP rounds (High Explosive Anal Penatrators)
[08:40:49] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:41:21] CWO2 Sarah: (( *is just 1 PS point from the 17 or above to turn it off* ))
[08:41:27] GM: Nod I just checked your PS and you are correct.
[08:41:32] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk ))
[08:41:34] CWO2 Sarah: (( ))
[08:41:55] GM: Jaron? We know what Gage is doin, what about joo?
[08:42:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *walks over to Jaron's room and drags him out, with her cyclone still on* ))
[08:42:47] GM: lol
[08:44:28] Lt. Jaron making sure the event of yesterday is promptly handled so it doesn’t bite the team in the ass later along with reading some Tirolian book
[08:45:01] GM: Give me some specifics on what you do to deal with it?
[08:45:38] GM: Suki is only able to keep her running pace up for 25 minutes (her PE score) before she has to slow to a walk.
[08:46:18] GM: ((or Jaron, you can make a few rolls))
[08:46:50] GM: ((I think Military Etiquette is a the catch all for these things.))
[08:47:10] Lt. Jaron: ( etiquette [1d100] => [28] = (28) vs 75; the rookie bumping his teammate and making is dangerous is noted which caused the reaction from suki and that the rookie wasn’t hurt too severely)
[08:47:21] 2Lt. Aylanea watches Suki run, laughing just a little and shaking her head slightly.
[08:48:54] GM: Jaron, you are able to work the paper trail easily, but you do realize you did miss one key thing. You never talked to Suki as to cause. You have an idea yes, but technically, you are still missing 'her side of the story' as well as Sarah's and Komillia's who were on her wing.
[08:49:50] GM: You also figure this also explains Suki's 'brausque' demeanor towards you of late.
[08:51:02] Lt. Jaron sighs as figures what amiss and plans to get confessions
[08:51:49] GM: Suki slams the cell back in and then pulls off the tread and transforms into bike mode panting and wheezing. Pulling her helmet off she looks as if she had jumped in a pool.
[08:52:31] GM: The Karbarra of course keeps jogging away and then stops, and with a toothy grin slaps her on the back which almost bowls her over.
[08:52:55] 2 LT Komillia: ((unless I was lobotted, last thing I remember doing was looking on and wondering what was going on.))
[08:52:55] Karbarran MSgt.: You have spunk little one!
[08:53:12] GM: I would never dare lobotting you
[08:53:40] GM: But you were there to declare 'Kill Stealer' so Komi did witness the wrong behavior of the newb.
[08:54:25] GM: But yes, on the ground you stood by
[08:54:39] GM: ((was actually wonder if you were gonna jump the newbs as well…))
[08:54:58] GM: ((Hotblooded and all… lol))
[08:55:04] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs just a little and gives Suki some brief applause, and laughs again as the slap on the back almost bowls her over.
[08:55:26] 2 LT Komillia: ((probably would have.))
[08:55:34] GM: The humans whistle and shake their heads.
[08:55:46] GM: ((nod but you had Headache Prime so…))
[08:56:05] 2 LT Komillia: ((that was an understatement…))
[08:56:33] GM: ((Mega 'You've got the touch, you've got the power' Ultima Prime headache?))
[08:56:57] 2 LT Komillia: ((Full on PRIMUS headache.))
[08:57:02] GM: ((yick))
[08:57:31] 2 LT Komillia: ((it took two hours WITH pills to finally drift off to dreamland…))
[08:57:47] GM: Okay then…hijinks aside. ((ouch…very very ouch))
[08:58:37] GM: You all finish your self inflicted torture by way of hard core Marine Raider Commando elite workouts.
[08:59:21] 2 LT Komillia: Nice light workout…
[08:59:22] GM: And the hardcore-ness of you all starts to filter thru the bases rumor mill…as it should.
[09:00:06] GM: Some time later Jaron, your team returns all smelly and sweaty and shit.
[09:00:44] GM: And now they all have taken to calling you 'Lilac' because you smell Sooooo good.
[09:01:02] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehehe. ))
[09:01:36] GM: ((couldn't resist, I kid of course.))
[09:02:58] Lt. Jaron looks to the the team and says to all "I need you all to tell me what you witness in the air that cause Suki's reaction"
[09:03:57] Lt. Ishida flops back and watches, waiting for someone else to speak up first.
[09:05:32] 2 LT Komillia: I saw one of the greenies make a remark, don't quite remember what, then Suki missing the guy's head with a punch…
[09:05:53] Lt. Jaron: "In the air"
[09:06:18] CWO2 Sarah sighs a little bit at that. "They were all around reckless, to be flat. Two of them were running after one enemy, and nearly ran into me, if I hadn't evaded."
[09:06:43] 2 LT Komillia: Oh, one of them played chicken with one of our Legios's don't remember whose, more worried about killing Haydonites at the time.
[09:07:35] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:08:19] Lt. Ishida: I'd pulled in behind an enemy tango, and one of them slide in ahead of me and spoiled my shot. I had to pull up to avoid a mid air.
[09:09:27] CWO2 Sarah makes a face at that. "At least they only did that to you. They both came at me head-on, if I hadn’t dodged, they would have rammed my Legios nose to nose."
[09:09:46] Lt. Ishida nods again.
[09:09:55] Lt. Ishida: I saw that out of the corner of my eye.
[09:10:06] Lt. Jaron takes some notes
[09:11:28] Lt. Ishida: Two of them also dived on one of Maeless's targets, I'm not sure of her positioning so I can say if they hazarded her.
[09:11:36] Lt. Ishida: ((can't))
[09:13:30] 2 LT Komillia: Unlike you fighter pilots, it's easier for me to stop on a dime or pull a crazy stunt to get out of the way of some ballistic noobs.
[09:13:41] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:14:46] Lt. Ishida: I'd have filed a report, but, I figured a swift pop to the face would serve the same purpose, and avoid a paper trail.
[09:14:49] Lt. Ishida shrugs.
[09:15:54] Lt. Jaron: "That’s abnormal for you Suki"
[09:16:02] Lt. Ishida: I disagree.
[09:16:17] Lt. Ishida: We need all the pilots we can on the line, paperwork for stuff like this is for peacetime.
[09:16:30] CWO2 Sarah nods just a little bit. "For myself, I figured since I dodged it, that letting someone know quietly would work the best, rather than shoving something on their official record already. But honestly, that kind of reckless isn't acceptable."
[09:17:23] Lt. Ishida: Hopefully I imparted some restraint into their reckless ways, if not, well, one can only hope they draw fire from on of us out there later on down the line.
[09:17:47] Lt. Ishida: ((one of us..))
[09:19:13] Lt. Ishida wipes her brow with her sweat rag
[09:20:57] Lt. Jaron: "Anyone else?"
[09:21:25] Lt. Ishida looks around, then gives Jaron a look to say, that she's said her piece.
[09:22:05] Lt. Ishida then looks at Ay, since she was in the furball at the end, but hasn't said anything yet.
[09:22:10] 2 LT Komillia: You asked what i saw, I told you. So I'm done.
[09:22:24] Lt. Jaron nods
[09:22:45] 2Lt. Aylanea sighs a little and nods. "They were that reckless, yes. I saw some of it, I was in the middle of trying to save the rest of the rookies, but…"
[09:25:07] Lt. Ishida: If that's all I'm going to shower. I also have some thoughts on our tasking, but I'd rather be cleaned off.
[09:25:42] Lt. Jaron: "Very well"
[09:26:02] Lt. Ishida nods then grabs her shower stuff and makes her way to the facilities.
[09:27:23] 2Lt. Aylanea nods just a little and stretches. "I should probably take one as well. Same for anyone else who doesn't smell too fresh anymore." She glances around a bit.
[09:29:27] GM: Later that day…
[09:29:33] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hee hee hee ))
[09:29:51] GM: Over lunch…
[09:30:33] Lt. Ishida: I have some thoughts on our op, I think we need to see the front, ground side. There's only so much we can see from the air.
[09:31:14] Lt. Jaron: "Understandable"
[09:31:31] CWO2 Sarah glances to Suki, nodding just a little bit.
[09:31:34] 2 LT Komillia: Agreed, and if we have to fight in caves the larger mecha would be nigh on useless anyway.
[09:31:52] Lt. Ishida: Also, rather then just sending an 'advance team' we should all go.
[09:32:45] Lt. Jaron: "Yea. That was the plan. Just set up the charges at the other entrance"
[09:34:01] Lt. Ishida: Well that’s the thing, we have no idea of the lay of the land. I don't anticipate we enter the network on this hop. We should concentrate on familiarizing ourselves with the terrain, and who is where, us and the enemy.
[09:34:31] Lt. Jaron nods
[09:35:01] Lt. Ishida: We already know that we have boot on the ground. Would be nice to see what they've got as a set up.
[09:36:15] Lt. Jaron: "very well"
[09:36:46] Lt. Ishida: Roger that, when do you want us on line?
[09:38:01] Lt. Jaron: "I will contact HQ and get any intel. I hope we get cleared before sunshine tomorrow"
[09:38:22] Lt. Ishida: How do you want us to approach? Air or ground/
[09:38:24] Lt. Ishida: ?
[09:38:45] Lt. Jaron: "depends on weather"
[09:38:54] Lt. Ishida: Roger that
[09:39:28] GM: I will roll a d20. 1 = Severe Clear, 20 = Blizzard.
[09:39:35] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:39:36] GM: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[09:39:43] CWO2 Sarah: (( kekeke ))
[09:40:18] GM: The forecasters call for clear weather, with some light winds, 15G30 from the west
[09:40:42] GM: ((15G30 = 15 mph with gust to 30 mph))
[09:41:48] Lt. Jaron checks datapad for weather "We'll fly in but land at a distance and foot it the rest of the way"
[09:42:10] GM: Hit me with your load out…Suki is carrying whats on her sheet.
[09:43:11] GM: Note, if you want anything added to your "Sidearms/Armor" tab, PLEASE let me know so I can add it.
[09:43:41] CWO2 Sarah: (( standard with M90C instead of H-90 for Ay and Sarah. And lots of clips for both in one saddlebag. Spare missiles in the other. ))
[09:44:24] CWO2 Sarah: (( RL6 clips anyway. ))
[09:44:39] GM: ((kk, you can update yer own sheet lol))
[09:45:43] Lt. Jaron: ep37 for me and load of missiles; load of clips and winder survival pack
[09:46:11] 2 LT Komillia: (Standard Bioroid setup. Garland with a GU-21, and swapping out the back mounted missiles for the Silverbacks Flack Cannon, if possible. Any mecha vibroblades I can stick on this thing?))
[09:46:11] CWO2 Sarah: (( yeah. lol. ))
[09:46:43] CWO2 Sarah: (( winter survival pack in any space not taken with rl-6 clips, otherwise she's cramming plenty of those in as well. ))
[09:47:50] Gage: M90 with balancing and folding stock; 6 grenades; survival pack, 1st aid pack
[09:48:05] GM: Komillia, unless you are in a Horizon, you will only be able to take a cyclone with you in you Bioroid. the Silverback and Garland are far to large. As for hand held weapons, the base at this time only has a supply of ye olde Spartan Maces.
[09:48:49] 2 LT Komillia: ((Hmmm. Then I guess I'm stuck with a Saber for now.
[09:48:56] Gage: and k-bar knife
[09:50:19] GM: Your survival gear is a given, as is a first aid kit.
[09:50:40] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk. lol ))
[09:50:42] CWO2 Sarah: (( ))
[09:51:46] GM: Note, you also, if you are flying out, have 4 Legios cargo bays worth of space.
[09:52:03] GM: So…
[09:52:17] 2 LT Komillia: ((Big enough for a Garland?))
[09:52:25] CWO2 Sarah: (( more ammo space for us ))
[09:52:32] GM: My only hint is, take a second to consider where you are going, and the conditions you might encounter once you get there.
[09:52:38] GM: No,
[09:52:51] CWO2 Sarah: (( extra cyclones possibly, if one gets vaped, and extra armor/ammunition ))
[09:52:57] CWO2 Sarah: (( if available ))
[09:55:07] GM: Also consider, you aren’t expecting to stay out there for very long, this is fact finding…
[09:55:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( oh, true. Hrm. ))
[09:55:34] GM: In civilian terms, you are 'casing the joint'
[09:55:35] Gage: "We'll land about 100 miles from the caves"
[09:55:49] CWO2 Sarah: (( hmm. ))
[09:56:08] CWO2 Sarah thinks about everything. [1d100] => [59] = (59) tactics vs 89%
[09:56:27] Lt. Jaron (enter): 21:56
[09:56:27] 2 LT Komillia: ((Knowing him, he'll have us out there for three months trying to defend a mole hill against impossible odds…))
[09:56:40] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (525) Lt. Jaron…
[09:57:00] GM: Oh hush
[09:57:25] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:57:54] GM: Sarah, if you were out in the field, what would you want?
[09:58:46] CWO2 Sarah: (( backup for one thing. ))
[09:58:55] CWO2 Sarah: (( *tries to think of what else* ))
[10:01:57] CWO2 Sarah: (( keep in mind that some of us aren't military people even if we're playing them ))
[10:02:19] GM: Nod, I just don’t want to HAND it to you is all lol
[10:03:36] GM: Everyone make a military history roll if applicable
[10:04:15] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [83] = (83) vs 78%
[10:04:22] Lt. Ishida: ((waaa waaa waaaaaaa))
[10:04:29] Gage: [1d100] => [51] = (51) 75
[10:05:00] 2 LT Komillia: ((don't have that skill.))
[10:07:00] GM: Jaron?
[10:07:28] Lt. Jaron: (oh sorry that was for me not gage)
[10:08:29] GM: Ahh, kk, Jaron, you figure, that hard to get items would be nice for the troops on the ground, stuff like…socks, food, stuff like that.
[10:09:21] CWO2 Sarah: (( oooooh. didn't quite understand what was getting got at. lol. yeah, that stuff would be nice for people in the field a long time. kekeke ))
[10:09:54] Lt. Jaron: "double pack rations and clothing in case the weather picks up"
[10:11:20] GM: Time and a half goes by and yo have gotten your clearance and have loaded you craft.
[10:14:42] Lt. Jaron: .
[10:14:50] GM: You fly out, and the earlier snowfall has seemed to wipe much of the blight of war from the ground. In the distance, closing in, you can see the pristine white turn muddy brown as fresh craters and other indications of war abound. You can see a small forward air strip with a quartet of Beta's on the line…
[10:15:31] GM: A battery of MAC-II Monsters nearby are in full swing, lobbing salvo after salvo downrange.
[10:15:59] GM: You are cleared to land.
[10:16:47] Lt. Jaron does so
[10:18:07] Lt. Ishida follow suite.
[10:18:46] 2Lt. Aylanea lands gingerly down with her legios, looking around
[10:18:54] CWO2 Sarah lands soon after
[10:18:58] 2 LT Komillia lands then unpacks…
[10:19:01] Gage radios from the cargo hold "Please be easy on the landing chief"
[10:19:56] GM: If any of you has seen "The Pacific" you have a good idea what you see, just give everyone UEEF gear.
[10:20:19] Gage: (never, haven’t seen it yet)
[10:23:50] GM: Posted a few pics in green board
[10:24:17] GM: Very much like that, ((the action shot of course at the front)) but nonetheless, gritty, dirty,
[10:25:11] GM: The area you are in is in constant action, incoming and outgoing rounds passing each other, war is defiantly here and in full swing.
[10:25:18] GM: (9area))
[10:26:07] GM: As you debark and start unloading a UEMC PFC runs up in his CVR-3
[10:26:40] Lt. Jaron looks to the PFC and waves to him
[10:26:58] UEEF: Jesus! You guys must be nuts!
[10:27:06] Gage exits a cargo hold and hauls his bike out of another
[10:27:25] Lt. Jaron: "Really now, why is that private"
[10:27:58] UEEF: Keeping your birds on the ground, hell, those Mud Pilots over there, they're pushing their luck.
[10:28:38] UEEF points to the Beta pilots who are playing cards while enemy artillery impacts around the airstrip.
[10:28:51] 2 LT Komillia: ((AFK))
[10:29:50] Lt. Jaron: "Noted Private, we'll see to our crafts"
[10:30:11] UEEF: Roger that, look if you're looking for the TOC, it's over that way, you cant miss it.
[10:30:17] UEEF points off behind him.
[10:30:53] Lt. Ishida flips her visor up and takes a deep breath and smiles, almost invigorated.
[10:31:19] CWO2 Sarah glances around a little, raising her eyebrows.
[10:31:39] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little at the Private, and looks around.
[10:31:44] Lt. Jaron nods and looks the his team "Ok, as you can see its hot here. Lets move our crafts off the strip and back; maybe under some cover
[10:31:47] LCpl Summerwind looks at Suki and rolls her eyes.
[10:32:03] LCpl Summerwind: God she loves the smell of napalm in the morning. Crazy bitch."
[10:32:22] Gage smirks slightly
[10:32:43] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs a little at Anji and nods a bit. "True…" She nods to Jaron then. "Yes, sir."
[10:33:28] GM: It takes some time but you push your craft under some bombed out revetments you figure the enemy is satisfied they've pasted enough.
[10:34:49] Lt. Jaron: "I will head to the TOC, you all get ready to move out. Just watch your heads"
[10:34:57] Lt. Jaron walks away
[10:35:27] GM: You make your way to the TOC and as you pass the 'Mud Marines' a few look as if to chide or otherwise haze you but the ding on your armor plus the few of you with your pimped out weaponry changes their minds.
[10:36:24] GM: That and your '1000 yard stares' tells them that you aren't any freshies off the boat.
[10:37:40] GM: The TOC is actually a GMU, half buried with sandbag and earthen defenses. You can see a few score marks that tell you the GMU has been hit directly a few times, but for all intents and purposes, the vehicle is fully functional.
[10:38:42] GM: A slew of Marines and you can tell Army personnel are sleeping under the large machine as you reach the entry ramp.
[10:39:23] Lt. Ishida: .me nudges Sarah excitedly and smiles wide.
[10:39:26] 2Lt. Aylanea follows along towards the TOC, raising her eyebrows at the GMU. She blinks at the people sleeping under the vehicle.
[10:39:38] CWO2 Sarah laughs a little at the nudge, smiling back and rolling her eyes.
[10:39:56] Lt. Ishida: The Kami help me, I do love it so.
[10:40:40] GM: As you ascend the ramp you can see the mecha bay, with techs working to restore damaged mecha.
[10:40:52] CWO2 Sarah laughs just a little, nodding.
[10:41:02] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks at all the work in the mecha bay.
[10:41:57] Lt. Ishida snorts at Ay's blinking.
[10:42:03] Lt. Ishida: Something in your eye?
[10:43:24] 2Lt. Aylanea peers at Lt. Ishida and glowers at the snort. "Just looking around."
[10:43:31] GM: You reach the 'CIC' and can see a few officers.
[10:44:09] GM: One, a 1st LT notices your arrival and approaches you.
[10:44:31] Lt. Finch: You there.
[10:44:45] Lt. Jaron nods to the LT "Yes Lt"
[10:45:01] Lt. Finch: You the gaggle that just landed right?
[10:45:18] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes"
[10:45:37] Gage leans against an alpha as he waits
[10:45:50] Lt. Finch: Right, so, we'll need you to start running CAP over sector 5 here…
[10:45:57] Lt. Finch points to a map.
[10:46:06] Lt. Ishida coughs
[10:47:02] 2Lt. Aylanea glances to Ishida, and looks to Jaron.
[10:47:56] Lt. Jaron: "I guess our recon can wait. How many other CAPs you got going?"
[10:48:12] Lt. Ishida: Sir, a moment?
[10:48:17] Lt. Ishida looks at Jaron.
[10:48:31] Lt. Ishida then motions with her head towards the corner.
[10:48:52] Lt. Jaron holds a finger to thee Finch and heads with Suki
[10:50:00] Lt. Ishida: With respect. Our recon can't wait. That, Finch, is not sure why we are here and he's trying to act the top dog.
[10:50:24] Lt. Ishida: We don’t report to him, we're doing his command a favor by checking in in the first place.
[10:50:46] Lt. Jaron: "Noted Suki"
[10:51:13] Lt. Ishida nods then leans against the wall.
[10:52:32] Lt. Jaron heads back to Finch "We'll cover for you now but our recon assignment can't wait for long. So find some replacements in the mean time"
[10:52:48] 2 LT Komillia frowns a all of this…
[10:53:03] Lt. Ishida all but facepalms
[10:55:05] Lt. Jaron ponders a moment "we'll plan to leave in the morning Finch"
[10:55:08] Lt. Finch smiles and lays out what he wants you to do.
[10:56:40] GM: Sector 5 has had a lot of enemy contact, seems the enemy positions there are very well fortified and the mud marines are having a hard time getting close to them.
[10:56:55] 2 LT Komillia: ((And we have officially gone off the rails.))
[10:57:20] Lt. Ishida bites her lip and leaves the TOC.
[10:57:56] Lt. Jaron: (where is sector 5 in relation to the caves?)
[10:58:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yup. Way off the rails ))
[10:59:04] 2Lt. Aylanea looks over to Jaron and sighs. "Main base is wanting us to take those caves out as soon as possible, remember, sir. We weren't sent here to bolster the front lines."
[10:59:06] GM: One entrance is at Sector 5, apparently well defended. there are a few other known entrances a few dozen miles away in random directions.
[11:01:37] Lt. Jaron nods
[11:05:42] Lt. Jaron finishes chatting with Finch and heads out of the TOC and back to the group.
[11:06:09] Lt. Ishida: Whats the call?
[11:08:26] Lt. Jaron: "I need one volunteer to fly with me as CAP; the rest will head out since it the same sector we were going recon."
[11:10:15] Lt. Ishida: I'll hit the ground.
[11:10:45] Lt. Jaron nods "Ay you'll lead the ground troop. Anyone else"
[11:10:52] 2 LT Komillia: If you want to do CAP, a fighter is better than a Battloid, but if no one else volunteers…
[11:10:59] 2Lt. Aylanea nods quickly. "Yes, sir."
[11:11:13] Lt. Jaron looks to Sarah
[11:13:36] Lt. Ishida looks agitated
[11:15:27] CWO2 Sarah looks at Suki and sighs softly at the look, looking back to Jaron then and gesturing at her.
[11:15:33] CWO2 Sarah: (( *tries to do something, also* ))
[11:15:43] GM: ((Just a disclaimer, Suki and the GM are two separate entities, the GM is ready for all outcomes, Suki is being herself))
[11:15:57] CWO2 Sarah: (( I know. ))
[11:16:27] Lt. Jaron: "Sarah; your call
[11:16:28] Lt. Jaron: "
[11:16:34] GM: ((nod, I just don’t want any player to think that the GM is miffed, he isn't ))
[11:16:45] CWO2 Sarah looks to Suki. "If there's no one else in a Legios to do it,,, it should be another plane, not a battloid."
[11:17:06] Lt. Ishida: It should be none of the above!
[11:17:09] Lt. Ishida snaps.
[11:17:49] Lt. Ishida: We have a job to do, and cowtowing to some LT isn't part of it.
[11:17:55] Lt. Ishida: Sir.
[11:18:00] Lt. Ishida adds
[11:19:25] Lt. Jaron: "We are doing it. The CAP helps them as well as helps us. Gives us some air support if ground runs into something heavy."
[11:20:05] Lt. Ishida takes a deep breath.
[11:20:11] Lt. Ishida: Roger that.
[11:20:38] Lt. Ishida: Then I'll fly your wing.
[11:22:12] Lt. Jaron nods "Alright then. Ground team head out when you are ready. "
[11:22:30] Lt. Ishida pulls Sarah close.
[11:22:38] Lt. Ishida: Keep your head down, and your eyes open.
[11:22:55] Lt. Ishida headbutts her helmet to Sarah by way of affection.
[11:23:29] CWO2 Sarah gets pulled close and nods, blushing and laughing. "Yes, ma'am…"
[11:24:08] 2Lt. Aylanea nods quickly to Jaron. "Yes, sir."


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