Chapter 7 - Act II - Part 3


[07:31:59] Chris: at any rate, let me know what y'all are doing prior to your redeployment, which in RP game time will take place in about 10 hours
[07:32:51] Carrie: kk
[07:33:23] Gage eats, sleep, cleans up
[07:33:29] Lt. Jaron likewise
[07:33:32] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (461) Lt. Jaron…
[07:33:46] Carrie: (( about the same on both counts for me ))
[07:34:18] Carrie: (( though probably less 'sleep', back at Sarah's room ;p ))
[07:34:22] Carrie: ;)
[07:35:33] 2 LT Komillia splits her time training and using any possible connection to a hyperspaced internet to catch up on any anime news she's missed.
[07:36:21] Lt. Ishida packs her duffel. She then visits the armory to stuff her three Cyclones cargo boxes with ammo, food, and grenades. She downloads a Guide to Karberra to her data pad, and makes sure her camera has a blank SD card and battery. She field strips her EP-37 and M-90 and gives each a through once over.
[07:38:53] 2 LT Komillia: SD cards huh? Didn't you upgrade to PCMAX cards. I mean I know the there's only about a terabyte difference in memory, but PCMAX don't lose data at the whisper of a magnetic field.
[07:39:17] GM: Komillia, the anime news is scant, war effort and all, but you do receive a letter from your Guard Commander from back home. He expresses pride at your completion of the 'Raider' course.
[07:39:44] GM: ((whatever, I don't know all that much bout such things, I had to ASK my roommate what it was called in the first place.))
[07:40:00] CWO2 Sarah checks her own duffel bag, packing it and her Cyclone boxes carefully with everything she thinks she'll need for it. She does her checks on her weapons, nods just a little, and gets whatever she thinks she might need on her own pad, packing it in the top of the bag. She checks the mirror, making sure that her eyes are blue and she isn't glowing. She packs some extra batteries and such as well, and takes a digital camera just in case she needs it at some point.
[07:40:05] CWO2 Sarah: (( kekekekeke ))
[07:40:23] CWO2 Sarah takes a decent sized memory card as well, with the camera, knowing she'll needit.
[07:40:40] 2 LT Komillia sends back a "thank you" e-card, not really feeling any different about the title change.
[07:40:46] GM: ((Umm, joke Carrie, Suki, camera, Japanese…))
[07:41:26] CWO2 Sarah: (( Sarah brought her own, goofpot, she won't be with Suki 24/7, and… ))
[07:41:46] CWO2 Sarah: (( *paddles* ))
[07:41:57] 2 LT Komillia: ((I just figured SD Cards would likely be 30 year old technology by this point, and would at the very least have a strong competitor out there, if not something that outright obsoletes them. So I made one up…))
[07:42:38] GM: ((nod, I just had no idea what they were called, so whatever the 2044 equivalent to a digital camera and it's card would be…hehe
[07:43:51] That's the Tab key, Dave
[07:44:25] CWO2 Sarah: (( *takes something closer to a camcorder than a still camera,anyway, for sure* ))
[07:44:50] Lt. Ishida then cathces up on mail, news, and letters home.
[07:45:16] GM: Carrie I figure in 2044, whatever digital camera they have prolly does holographics as well as video…
[07:45:24] CWO2 Sarah: (( ah ))
[07:45:27] CWO2 Sarah: (( whatev ))
[07:45:53] GM: also, you get your LES's for the last three months (LES = Leave and Earnings Statement i.e. your paychecks.)
[07:46:10] 2 LT Komillia: ((and real-time background swapping a la green screening…))
[07:46:20] 2 LT Komillia: …
[07:46:26] Lt. Jaron: (sorry, afk for 10mins)
[07:46:42] 2 LT Komillia: I think my check is off by a 0 or two, there is no way I make this much.
[07:46:50] GM: hehe
[07:46:58] 2Lt. Aylanea packs all of her stuff, mentionable and not, checks all her weapons, and all her cyclone boxes, nodding quickly and stretching out, checking the news and whatnot and getting ready to go. She oooohs as she gets her three month paycheck.
[07:47:26] GM: Ay, one of your unmentionable items has turned on in packing and is making a buzzing sound
[07:48:00] GM: The others laugh at her.
[07:48:08] 2Lt. Aylanea eeps, opens up, and reaches in to turn it off. And packs spare batteries for it.
[07:48:09] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[07:48:58] 2Lt. Aylanea growls at the laughers, trying to sound like a scary big Zentraedi. Which fails automatically because she isn't scary in the least. And is still blushing.
[07:49:04] Lt. Ishida has the tires of her Cyclone swapped out form their normal slicks to a more motocross style.
[07:52:56] 2 LT Komillia walks up to a quartermaster. "Any chance I can swap my VR-30 for a Devastator. ((Or whatever Chris calls the Garland. ))
[07:53:16] CWO2 Sarah checks her own Cyclone and does as well, nodding slightly at the idea, checking over her main, to see about loadouts and whatnot. Once everything's to her standards, she nods.
[07:53:42] UEEF Sgt. : Sure thing Ell Tee, sign here, and here.
[07:54:33] 2 LT Komillia signs the papers.
[07:54:49] Lt. Jaron packs and collects his gear, standard loadout.
[07:55:08] Gage follows suit but keeps his M90
[07:55:24] GM: For note, the Cyclone is standard equipment , part of your kit, like your rifle. The mecha you have avail to you and will go with you are your primary mecha, be it an alpha, or beta, or bioroid, as well as a Garland, other mecha like Silverbacks etc will be assigned to you from your new posting.
[07:55:41] CWO2 Sarah: (( oh ))
[07:56:04] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk ))
[07:56:15] GM: Remember you are still assigned to the Yukikaze, but while she is in dock and in orbit, you are better utilized on the surface.
[07:56:49] 2 LT Komillia: ((I figured the Garland is basically the Cyclone's new bigger brother, so it'd be like a fairly standard equipment swap…))
[07:56:59] CWO2 Sarah: (( was just making sure of what all was being sent with them, just primaries or full legios units basically. ))
[07:56:59] GM: Since you are marines after all. It's the Fleet pilots schtick to fly endless patrols in space.
[07:58:04] GM: Full Legios, the Major has ordered it, since he isn't sure what all will be available to you dirtside. So he is sending you out with everything he can. You will self deploy with your fighters, and the rest will be taken down via Horizon
[07:58:14] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk. ))
[07:58:54] CWO2 Sarah: (( kk ))
[08:00:13] GM: While we wait for Jaron to return, anything else you want to do?
[08:00:43] CWO2 Sarah: (( pack the bomb bay mostly. ))
[08:00:44] 2 LT Komillia goes over her Bioroid with a fine tooth comb. (I cannot seem to type tonight…)
[08:00:59] Gage has
[08:01:23] Lt. Jaron signs off on anything for the others
[08:01:49] GM: Hehe, Jaron the candyman
[08:01:55] 2Lt. Aylanea goes over her Legios after packing the bomb bay, nodding quickly and checking everything. She got the tires changed as well, to make sure she has traction dirtside, and nods very slightly as she checks all her equipment. She climbs into her Alpha, sitting in the cockpit then and starting to do preflight things.
[08:02:23] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( since there's an off chance they might need smaller Alphas without the Betas,l ))
[08:02:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Sarah might request an atmospheric model. ))
[08:03:21] Lt. Ishida rests, her back to her cockpit as she lies atop her Alpha, in her flightsuit, wearing a matte black short hem leather jacket with squadron and fleet patches on.
[08:03:58] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Ay would, but she probably needs the command one as the XO ))
[08:04:15] Lt. Jaron makes a double check on his gear and waits for the order
[08:05:06] GM: The axiom of hurry up and wait is realized, and 8 hours later you are cleared for departure from the Trinity Dockyard.
[08:05:42] 2 LT Komillia: ((17 hours later. Well, we've FINALLY moved up three spaces in line…))
[08:05:57] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:06:31] GM: As you depart you can see clearly the work crews swarming over the Yukikaze like a mess of insects, pin prick lights of welding torches dot the hull and you can see freshly applied armor plate by it's unpainted beige color.
[08:07:08] GM: You launch following the Yuki's two Horizon V's the Bug Stomper and the Loose Moose.
[08:07:29] CWO2 Sarah: (( loose moose. Heh. ))
[08:09:14] GM: orbital traffic is considerable as is debris here and there with salvage teams picking over it. The planet below seems to have over 70% of it socked in by clouds, primarily in the polar regions. The equatorial regions are clearer but there are lingering mid layers of cumulus and stratus clouds.
[08:10:07] GM: As you punch thru the atmosphere you steady out over an area that looks a lot like Bavaria
[08:10:57] GM: mountains, lakes, and evergreen forests dominate the area although you can see the signs of war s there are large patches of brown, areas perturbed by combat.
[08:12:03] GM: as you descend the outside temperature raises until it reaches a steady 60 degrees F near the surface. A Typical Karbarran heat wave.
[08:12:20] CWO2 Sarah: (( afk for just a few. mom home, going downstairs. ))
[08:12:38] GM: Below, you can see the base you are intended to land at…
[08:14:12] GM: There are bomb craters here and there, and the runway, (how quaint) seems to have been patched up in a few places. A medium sized city rests some 50 klicks to the south east. The building there are low, and you can see much of the city has been built into a large canyon that runs thru the area.
[08:15:19] GM: Over the city you can see no less then 6 objects reminiscent to a Garfish hovering around the city perimeter.
[08:16:25] GM: The base itself is medium sized. There are other aircraft on the flight line, mainly Karberran (pics to follow) and UEEF non transformable types.
[08:17:06] GM: About 5 klicks to the north is a smaller annex to the base where you can clearly see tanks, and other armored vehicles alongside lines of Destroids and Battloids.
[08:17:45] 2 LT Komillia: Conventional vehicles? Haven't seen those, outside of a museum…
[08:18:05] CWO2 Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:18:11] GM: You can also see an area that is obviously a training base as you can see ground troops in formation on the parade grounds
[08:20:08] GM: The base is well defended by Destroids, and other more static measures such as AA guns, and missile launchers akin to the old Patriots of old earth.
[08:20:48] GM: Your radar does pick up a few flights of aircraft in the vicinity, and your training tells you that they are on patrol.
[08:21:49] GM: You are cleared for final approach, and for those in fighters (the Battloids and Bioroids are in the Horizon's) you line up to land on a runway for the first time since basic flight.
[08:22:10] GM: roll them piloting rolls
[08:22:14] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [62] = (62)
[08:22:53] 2 LT Komillia: [1d100] => [24] = (24) vs 85
[08:22:54] GM: It isn't pretty Suki, but you manage not to pancake the aircraft.
[08:23:07] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [94] = (94) vs 86
[08:23:09] CWO2 Sarah: [1d100] => [54] = (54)
[08:23:09] GM: (no roll needed Komi, you are a passenger aboard a Horizon)
[08:23:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [58] = (58)
[08:23:22] GM: Sarah, you bounce but land okay.
[08:24:06] GM: Jaron…you land very very very hard! You hear a sickening crunching sound and you get a warning light from your left gear well.
[08:24:16] GM: Ay, you bounce a bit as well, but land without damage.
[08:24:32] Lt. Jaron cringes on the sound
[08:24:42] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( roflroflrofl ))
[08:25:00] GM: Ay, since you were fourth on the landing roster, you are put into pattern as Jarons craft pancakes
[08:25:29] GM: Jaron, your mecha grinds, literally, to a halt.
[08:26:17] GM: Ay, from the air you can see a divot on the runway, and a few chunks of metal that are probobly left over form his left landing gear, the wheel is rolling into the infield as you fly over.
[08:26:22] 2 LT Komillia double facepalms at Jaron's landing…
[08:27:19] GM: Suki and Sarah, as you taxi into you slot assigned to you by the tower, you can see ground crew and pilots, most Karberran hooting and hollering and laughing at the bottomed out Alpha.
[08:28:07] GM: Jaron, you can see a few zinc oxide colored rescue vehicles approaching you.
[08:28:37] CWO2 Sarah tries not to snicker at seeing all the ground crew laughing, She just shakes her head slightly and sighs, pulling into her parking space and powering down.
[08:28:48] Lt. Jaron detaches from beta and transforms to battloid mode to help remove the beta from the field
[08:28:54] 2Lt. Aylanea notices the divot and rolling wheel, laughing. "Nice landing, sir."
[08:29:38] Lt. Jaron radios "Thanks. At least the beta is in one piece considering"
[08:30:07] GM: A pair of refitted Spartan Destroid (painted Zinc Oxide) approaches and move the Beta from the runway.
[08:30:50] GM: Ay, the tower instructs you to land on the opposing runway. (their are two) Runway, 05 and 76)
[08:31:05] GM: ((ay, you are to land on Runway 76))
[08:31:09] Lt. Jaron finds a place to for his fighter and transforms back to jet mode.
[08:31:23] 2Lt. Aylanea moves to the other runway, and moves to land down on it.
[08:31:25] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( roll again? ))
[08:31:29] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekeke\ ))
[08:31:43] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [58] = (58) vs 87%
[08:31:46] GM: ((FYI, runway number are based on theri compass direction, 05 would be north to south, 76 would be east to west)
[08:31:49] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow, got the same roll. ))
[08:31:57] GM: (you already made your roll so no)
[08:32:17] GM: Correction 176
[08:32:53] GM: nm 76
[08:33:11] GM: anyway, hehe
[08:33:13] GM: okay
[08:33:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:33:17] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kekeke ))
[08:35:18] 2 LT Komillia: ((afk))
[08:35:43] GM: Okay, more on the FYI (woot teaching moment) Runway, 05 would be 05/185 , runway 76 would be 76/284, when the tower gives you a number, that is the side you approach on (done based on winds etc) so if you are asked to land on runway 284, you would approach from the west, 05 the north, 76 the west, and 185 from the south
[08:35:47] GM: end lesson
[08:36:20] GM: not really a factor for game from now on, but, something I wanted to share
[08:36:49] 2 LT Komillia: ((uh-huh, you get off on scenery porn don't you?))
[08:36:53] Lt. Jaron gets out and checks the beta's gear himself
[08:37:33] GM: ((I do, I like you to have immerzionz lol))
[08:37:40] 2 LT Komillia: ((AFK, contacts bothering me.))
[08:38:19] CWO2 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[08:40:31] GM: Jaron, the twin Rescue Destroids deposit the Beta off to the side of the flight line onto a flatbed. Once you have parked your Alpha, a jeep pulls up and after some words the driver takes you to your Beta. The gear is snapped off, but, is easily repairable, should be done in a few hours, (you are in line for repairs, you can see other aircraft in the depot that are far worse off, and some that aren't)
[08:42:31] Lt. Jaron nods and tells them whenever they can get it ready, no rush. Then radios to tower "Who is the CO here and where can I find him or her?"
[08:43:39] GM: ((the pic shows the main 4 types of Karbarren Air Force fighters
[08:44:08] GM: While their spacecraft and mecha are clunky, their aircraft are as graceful as any other.
[08:45:01] CWO2 Sarah: (( neat ))
[08:45:03] CWO2 Sarah: (( ))
[08:46:52] 2 LT Komillia: Hrmm, guess you can't screw up bird designs.
[08:47:06] GM: Jaron the tower replies that the base commander, a Col. Hav'Weth, is waiting for you in Base Ops.
[08:47:36] Lt. Ishida: If I could fit within their cockpits, I imagine they must handle quite nicely.
[08:47:56] Lt. Jaron gets directions to Base Ops and ride. Collecting any of his team who wishes to go
[08:48:21] Lt. Ishida waves Jaron off almost sadly.
[08:48:35] Lt. Ishida: Oh no sir, I would not want to…intrude.
[08:49:00] Lt. Jaron: "Very well, just offering"
[08:49:13] Lt. Ishida nods
[08:49:25] Lt. Ishida: I will assist the XO is squaring us all away.
[08:49:26] 2 LT Komillia: Try wearing a Cyclone in Battloid you might fit…
[08:49:42] Lt. Ishida looks to Komillia and purses her lips in thought.
[08:49:44] CWO2 Sarah stays near Suki, looking at the jets and nodding just a little. She laughs softly at Suki's answer to Jaron, more to herself, while looking around.
[08:49:55] Lt. Ishida: It might just work.
[08:50:06] Lt. Jaron heads off then
[08:51:34] Gage tugs his load as he meets with the others, waiting for either Aylanea or Suki to tell him where to light
[08:52:24] 2 LT Komillia backs away from the Suki slowly…
[08:52:33] GM: Jaron, you approach the Base Ops building, a squat structure, with a quartet of AA emplacement around it and sandbag barricades. A pair of hulking Karberran troopers in local armor wielding EP-37s as if they were submachine guns check your ID and allow you to enter.
[08:53:17] Lt. Jaron nods to the bearmen and parks, making his way inside in search of the Col
[08:53:27] 2Lt. Aylanea keeps close to the others, watching around at everything basically.
[08:54:01] GM: You enter the building and it is a hub of subdued chaos. It's busy, but the persoenl are professional to make the impossible workload seem mundane.
[08:54:31] Lt. Ishida looks over at Ay, and waits for her…orders.
[08:55:18] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eep ))
[08:55:47] Lt. Jaron stops a trooper to ask where Col. Hav'Weth is located
[08:56:18] GM: The trooper points off towards flight ops.
[08:56:31] Lt. Jaron heads that way after a thanks
[08:56:48] 2Lt. Aylanea ulps softly as she's looked at, digging for her datapad and trying to check to see if there are any orders for them, to make sure of them.
[08:58:06] 2 LT Komillia: ((wonders if the Haydonites are having afternoon tea while we deal with paperwork…))
[08:58:18] 2Lt. Aylanea stretches. "Jaron will have our orders in a minute I'm sure, I'll see if there's somewhere we're supposed to be moving into, though, so we know for when he gets back."
[08:58:22] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yep ))
[08:58:41] 2Lt. Aylanea glances at the Horizons. "We probably should unload the shuttles as well."
[08:59:21] Lt. Ishida nods at Ay, with a look that almost screams "Finally…'
[08:59:41] Lt. Ishida: Okay, you heard the lady! Those Horizons need help unloading! Lets move!
[09:00:14] Gage nods "Yes ma'am." and heads off to help unload
[09:01:10] GM: Jaron, in the flight ops area, you see UEEF and KDF persoenll working side by side.
[09:01:22] GM: It doesnt take long to pick out the Col.
[09:01:24] 2Lt. Aylanea moves to help with the unloading then.
[09:01:37] 2 LT Komillia hops into the Garland, transforms and starts taking away heavy gear. "What? It's two birds with one stone."
[09:01:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *smacks Suki for looking at her like that* ))
[09:01:59] Lt. Ishida nods in approval
[09:03:53] Lt. Jaron moves to the Col and gives a salute "Col. Hav'Weth. 33rd marine expeditionary unit has arrived sir. Lt. Fairman reporting sir"
[09:04:31] Col. Hav'Weth looks down at you and snorts.
[09:04:55] GM: The Colonel is a female, and towers almost 3 ft over you Jaron
[09:05:02] 2 LT Komillia picks up a Karberran and sets it off to the side. "Gee the fluff balls around here really know how to get in a heavily-armed girl's way."
[09:06:22] 2Lt. Aylanea pretty much starts hauling whatever she can lift at this point. So does Sarah for that matter.
[09:07:02] Col. Hav'Weth: 33rd huh, Raiders. I've gotten your dossier. I must say, if your landings were any indication of combat performance, I'd recommend you be sent off to that training facility to the north.
[09:07:30] Col. Hav'Weth: But…
[09:07:36] Col. Hav'Weth waves Jarons comment off.
[09:07:50] Lt. Jaron was about to speak
[09:08:13] Col. Hav'Weth: I'm sure you were…unaware, of the gravitational variance our world possess.
[09:08:31] Col. Hav'Weth says as…diplomatically as she can.
[09:08:44] Lt. Jaron nods slowly "Yes Colonel"
[09:08:51] Col. Hav'Weth: I thought so.
[09:08:55] Col. Hav'Weth: Walk with me.,
[09:09:02] Lt. Jaron does so
[09:09:22] Col. Hav'Weth moves towards a large area map at the rear of the Flight Ops area.
[09:09:28] Col. Hav'Weth: We are here.
[09:09:38] Col. Hav'Weth points to a location in the center of the map.
[09:09:55] Lt. Jaron eyes the map
[09:10:37] Col. Hav'Weth: So far, the Haydonite scum have been contained to our extreme East. There is a large cave network in that area, an old bulwark we had used during our fight with the Invid.
[09:11:33] Col. Hav'Weth: Your UEEF has set up a perimeter in that area, effectively cordoning the site off, but, we have been unable to dislodge them from their position.
[09:11:48] Col. Hav'Weth points to the north and south in turn.
[09:13:15] Col. Hav'Weth: The enemy have been attacking our northern and southern bases as well. With our combined assets in orbit the Haydonite has been relegated to folding in attack forces directly into the atmosphere and dropping off troops as fast as they can before our air defenses can pounce.
[09:13:45] Lt. Jaron takes it all in
[09:14:07] Col. Hav'Weth: Thus far we have been able to keep them from gaining a foot hold in these areas, however, I would be overly optimistic to assume that they have been totally eradicated.
[09:14:32] Col. Hav'Weth: Now, we have a few key positions in this area.
[09:15:11] Col. Hav'Weth: The city you now doubt saw on your approach. It is hardly worth note in the grand scheme of things, but, it IS a civilian center, and as such we will defend it.
[09:15:26] Col. Hav'Weth: This base,
[09:15:53] Col. Hav'Weth: And a the associated training base to the north and Destroid base to the southeast
[09:16:25] Col. Hav'Weth: Those are the primary assets in this AO, in priority order.
[09:17:02] Col. Hav'Weth: Your Major has waxed eloquent on your prowess, I will take him at his word.
[09:18:02] Col. Hav'Weth: The haydonite enemy to the east should be your primary concern, however, the city, this base and it's annex's take precedent.
[09:18:17] Lt. Jaron: "Yes Colonel."
[09:19:33] Col. Hav'Weth: You are a detached unit with autonomy. Your orders are to root out the enemy to the east. However if your primary assets become a target we will expect you to defend them first.
[09:20:22] Lt. Jaron: "Understood. How often to the Haydonites hit the north & south bases?"
[09:20:40] Col. Hav'Weth: Those are out of your AO, but, they attack there at least twice a month.
[09:21:26] Lt. Jaron nods "Just trying to evaluate Colonel. Would you have any maps of the tunnels?"
[09:22:11] Col. Hav'Weth smiles with a toothy grin
[09:22:21] Col. Hav'Weth: Sadly, no.
[09:22:32] Col. Hav'Weth: And just so you understand why…
[09:22:48] Lt. Jaron nods slowly and listens
[09:22:55] Col. Hav'Weth: We committed those tunnels to memory, to avoid the Invid gaining access to that information.
[09:23:22] Col. Hav'Weth: However, many of those that knew the entire layout are dead now.
[09:23:45] Col. Hav'Weth: So we are relegated to a few snapshots of disparate areas
[09:23:59] Col. Hav'Weth: Well short of a complete picture. But, something
[09:24:11] Lt. Jaron: "Understood. Question thou Colonel, why hasn't the cave network been collapsed in on itself?"
[09:24:17] Col. Hav'Weth: We will have what we do have delivered to you
[09:24:57] Col. Hav'Weth: It has been, twice. And both times the enemy has re-emerged.
[09:25:37] Col. Hav'Weth: However, I will caveat that by saying that the only area we have been able to collapse is the entry points.
[09:26:16] Col. Hav'Weth: The rest of the tunnel structure is far to deep and sturdy to eliminate without lasting harm to the planet.
[09:26:41] Lt. Jaron nods" they are definitely determined then. I will have to brief my team and get a plan of action ready."
[09:26:46] Col. Hav'Weth: That was the reason we chose them, so that the Invid couldn't rid themselves of it so easily.
[09:27:38] Col. Hav'Weth: If you have any further questions, my staff will accommodate you. And Lieutenant…
[09:28:50] Col. Hav'Weth: As a personal favor to me. Have your pilots take some simulator time to acclimate to our world. We have a hard enough time dealing with the occasional haydonite damage to our runways as it is.
[09:29:11] Lt. Jaron nods and salutes "Yes Colonel."
[09:29:18] Col. Hav'Weth nods
[09:29:30] Col. Hav'Weth: Welcome to Karberra Lieutenant.
[09:29:43] Col. Hav'Weth waves to indicate she has dismissed you.
[09:29:57] Lt. Jaron nods and heads out
[09:31:18] GM: meanwhile, outside, the Horizons have been unloaded and ALL memebrs of the team are winded. The Karberran standard gravity being 1.25 standard (and you have been used to .75 for the last three months)
[09:31:36] Lt. Jaron soon drives back to airfield
[09:31:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehehe. ))
[09:32:07] Gage takes some long breaths "I didn't know it would be so hard"
[09:32:09] GM: Jaron you return to see your team looking as if their asses have been beat, sweat drenched and tired with a capital T
[09:32:44] GM: ((you poor females in the group…BOOB SAG!))
[09:32:51] 2 LT Komillia: Damn and I used the Devastator, too. Actually I think this thing should be painted lime green and purple…
[09:33:01] Lt. Jaron parks the jeep and looks at the team "Did you all go for a run or something in full gear?"
[09:33:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rotfl ))
[09:33:27] Lt. Ishida hears lime green and purple and is about to protest but, she is to damn winded to give a shit.
[09:33:29] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( good thing some of us wear something supporting ;p anyone who read on the gravity did anyway ;p ))
[09:33:35] 2 LT Komillia: May as well have…
[09:33:46] 2 LT Komillia: We helped unloading the Horizon.
[09:33:56] Lt. Ishida: Gravity sucks
[09:34:27] Lt. Ishida adjusts her chest, grumbling under breath.
[09:34:30] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs a little and nods. "Yeah, it does." She blinks at Komi meanwhile.
[09:35:08] Lt. Jaron: "I see. Speaking of gravity the Colonel asked us to have some time in simulator to adjust to the gravity. So keep that in mind. Also, we have some planning to do"
[09:36:46] Lt. Ishida: Whats the op?
[09:36:49] Lt. Jaron gives the low down of the haydonite location and cave network. "So that's it."
[09:37:19] Lt. Ishida purses her lips, then an almost sadistic smile etches her face.
[09:37:22] Lt. Ishida: Oo Rah!
[09:37:57] Lt. Ishida: ((oh rah desu!))
[09:38:22] Lt. Jaron then goes into the city and bases as priority "Yea. We have to fight the haydonite but drop it if they go under attack."\
[09:38:32] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:39:43] 2Lt. Aylanea listens quietly and nods just a little bit at the situation.
[09:41:01] Lt. Ishida grips her Katana and looks over to Komillia and smiles knowingly.
[09:41:22] Lt. Ishida: C
[09:41:23] Lt. Ishida: Q
[09:41:25] Lt. Ishida: B
[09:42:40] Lt. Jaron: "they have collapsed the entry twice but it didn’t work. I do think some deeper ordinance might work. Anyone ever go spelunking?"
[09:42:53] CWO2 Sarah shakes her head just a little bit.
[09:43:28] 2 LT Komillia this thing should have come with a beam sword.
[09:44:05] Lt. Ishida: ((18 Weapons…pick one))
[09:44:14] Lt. Ishida: ((what?))
[09:44:41] 2 LT Komillia: (A sword and chain setup.)
[09:44:48] Lt. Ishida: ((giggity))
[09:45:00] 2 LT Komillia: ((part of the 18 weapons includes that particular WP…))
[09:46:04] Lt. Ishida: ((right on, and by now, I'm pretty sure that Komi and Suki are aware of their individual melee WP's, although in fairness, Suki might not know ALL 18))
[09:47:03] CWO2 Sarah: (( hehehehehehhheehehehehehe ))
[09:47:20] 2 LT Komillia: ((probably hasn't SEEN them all.))
[09:47:33] Lt. Ishida: ((exactly))
[09:48:11] Lt. Jaron: "Suki, figure out what you need for underground explosions to collapse sections. We'll use those to cover any retreat or a stop gap method. Maybe something else at the nest. Anji, you need to get some sensor suite that will help us greatly underground."
[09:48:26] Lt. Ishida: (( /Jersey Accent: But you know hey, Komi has seen that Suki use a blad eand yeah, she all right, she can hang!
[09:48:57] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:49:26] Lt. Ishida: ((bada bing bada boom))
[09:50:23] Lt. Ishida: Good thing is, if those tunnels are big enough for Karberrans, they will accommodate our Cyclones easily.
[09:50:34] CWO2 Sarah listens quietly, nodding just a bit at that.
[09:51:16] Lt. Jaron nods to Suki "Agreed."
[09:52:21] GM: Roll tactics y’all that has it, if you get better then 15% I give you a hint.
[09:52:27] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [77] = (77)
[09:52:40] Lt. Ishida: ((waa waa WAAAAA))
[09:52:59] Lt. Jaron: "For now, the rest take stock in your ammo and gear. Pilots, hit simulator for a bit as well." (tactics [1d100] => [28] = (28) vs 80)
[09:53:07] GM: ((big wiffah))
[09:53:40] CWO2 Sarah: [1d100] => [10] = (10) vs 89%
[09:53:52] Lt. Jaron: (oh you suck)
[09:53:55] GM: ((ooooooo we have a contendah!))
[09:54:06] CWO2 Sarah: (( kekekekeke ))
[09:54:52] CWO2 Sarah hmms a little bit. "If we could requisition any temporary personnel, we could probably get a Spherian, to deal with things inside rock. It's their territory."
[09:55:51] Lt. Jaron radios to get location of a barracks for them and simulator as well. He nods to Sarah "I will ask and hope they have one to spare"
[09:56:03] Lt. Ishida looks at Sarah and slugs her on the shoulder, the most affection she is willing to display in public.
[09:56:17] Lt. Ishida: ((should have been Lishida…))
[09:56:39] CWO2 Sarah eeps as she gets slugged in the shoulder, glancing over and blushing, smiling a bit.
[09:59:08] Lt. Jaron gets location of barracks and points in its general direction, followed by simulator location "Ok. Well have you some task to do. Gage, Komillia help me get our gear squared away."
[09:59:45] CWO2 Sarah glances towards Suki and blushes just slightly, looking back to Jaron and nodding quickly.
[10:00:02] GM: You settle the briefing and as you return to the mecha you see a few UEEF personnel looking over your rides.
[10:00:02] 2 LT Komillia: Er, I thought we did that unloading the Horizon? Oh, well. Roger.
[10:00:29] GM: You can hear a few whistles and ooh and ahhs as they note the battle damage.
[10:01:26] GM: ((essentially they have noted the mecha's '1000 yard stare' noting that, whoever has piloted these machines has most certainly been in 'the shit'.
[10:03:02] Lt. Jaron looks to Komillia "Just taking the teams personal gear to barracks as they get on with tasks at hand. Then we'll note our total amount of ammo and ordinance as I think we'll be alone for the most part on this op"
[10:03:07] CWO2 Sarah: (( nope, we unloaded the horizon, didn't get squared into quarters. She was looking to see if they could, but… ))
[10:04:38] Lt. Jaron helps pack the jeep with Gage.
[10:05:02] GM: ((of course, you have all your kill markings on the side of your mecha, and for everyone, it's pretty high))
[10:06:33] Lt. Jaron once loaded, contacts HQ and ask for a Spherian guide for the cave network
[10:06:56] GM: Jaron, HQ responds that they will see about your request.
[10:07:54] CWO2 Sarah: (( kekekekeke. ))
[10:08:35] Lt. Jaron soon heads to barracks with Gage as shotgun.
[10:10:30] Lt. Ishida secures her mecha, noticing but paying little heed to the throng of newbs looking them over as she gathers her kit and moves towards the barracks.
[10:11:27] CWO2 Sarah secures her own and digs her stuff out, heading for the barracks as well.
[10:11:34] LCpl Summerwind arrives at the barracks and, shucking her gear off hops into a nearby chair and plops her feet upon the table.
[10:11:48] LCpl Summerwind: You get a load of those cherry's?
[10:11:57] 2Lt. Aylanea pulls her bag and such from her bomb bay, and heads for the barracks, setting her things down and relaxing a bit.
[10:12:10] LCpl Summerwind: Sware to god, looking like we were the…how do you humans put it, the 'second coming?"
[10:12:11] 2 LT Komillia: ((I'm sorry I'm still exhausted from the last two days…))
[10:12:46] Lt. Jaron looks to Anji "Any luck on ideas of sensor suite?" (wesa loaded the jeep with baggage or such but oh well)
[10:13:37] LCpl Summerwind: Roger that boss, I got you covered, it'll take me some time to configure for seismic, but, beyond that, we're golden.
[10:13:50] Lt. Jaron: "excellent"
[10:14:26] LCpl Summerwind: Sware, you occifers, making a good honest /snerk, grunt like me work.
[10:14:59] Lt. Jaron smiles "A little but its keeps you out of trouble for awhile anyways"
[10:15:09] LCpl Summerwind: Ah whats the fun in that?
[10:15:28] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs just a little at Anji and shrugs slightly, rolling her eyes at the complaint.
[10:15:50] Lt. Ishida: As you were Lance.
[10:16:10] Lt. Jaron smiles "None probably but less of a headache from the MPs down the road"
[10:16:34] LCpl Summerwind: A I was? Shit Ell tee, you should have seen the newbs looking at your mecha.
[10:16:54] Lt. Ishida: What about it?
[10:17:23] LCpl Summerwind: Pre Reflex Point markings is what lady!
[10:19:14] LCpl Summerwind: Thinking your some Rick Hunter or some shit.
[10:19:35] Lt. Jaron takes a seat and thinks about the map from earlier
[10:19:38] Lt. Ishida blushes and waves Anji off.
[10:19:45] Lt. Jaron: (hehe)
[10:19:58] Lt. Ishida: I'm just lucky I haven’t been shot down yet is all.
[10:20:37] LCpl Summerwind: Pff yeah, yer girlfriend gets all the flak for you huh?
[10:21:09] CWO2 Sarah rolls her eyes at Anji.
[10:21:27] LCpl Summerwind laughs
[10:21:42] LCpl Summerwind: C'mon Ell tee, tell us about the Invid nookie!
[10:22:48] Lt. Jaron looks to Suki "Whatever explosion you pick, I want a timer set for one load of them. Going to use it as a diversion at one of the entries."
[10:23:42] Lt. Ishida glances at Anji and shakes her head, then looks at Jaron and nods. "How much of a lead time do you want?"
[10:24:56] CWO2 Sarah just shakes her head at Anji, looking to Suki and listening to the others interestedly.
[10:25:10] Lt. Jaron: "probably 30 minutes but will have to confirm that after knowing some distances"
[10:25:23] Lt. Ishida: I'd suggest remote set but, the toasters have sophisticated jamming.
[10:25:29] Lt. Ishida nods
[10:25:39] Lt. Ishida: Roger that, 30 mikes on your mark it is.
[10:28:35] Lt. Jaron: "Its 15km from north & south entries. So I think it will be good enough. We'll set the timer and head off to the opposite. Once we start inside, the timer one should get some attention and maybe collapse that entry"
[10:29:24] Lt. Jaron: "ok, well that's my idea"
[10:30:22] Lt. Ishida: Roger that, I'll fix some anti tamper to the charges as well.
[10:34:20] CWO2 Sarah looks around a little after things are set, glancing to Suki quietly.
[10:36:49] 2Lt. Aylanea nods just a little at the planning. "Sounds good enough…" She ponders a little bit.


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