[07:33:46] Narrator:
Folding back to the fleet, the Garfish burts into realspace with a bright flash. Debris and clouds of smoke carried thru foldspace begin to dissapate. The Fleets nearby picket vessels move to intercept and the BARCAP fighters move towards the Garfish and her escorts.
[07:34:15] Jess: (when did we take a garfish…)
[07:34:31] CWO Sarah: (( uh, last session? ))
[07:34:36] CWO Sarah: (( log is up. ))
[07:34:37] UEEF: Fleet command to unidentified track bearing 175 mark 34. Squawk ident or be fired upon!
[07:34:45] Jess: (was i gone?)
[07:34:57] CWO Sarah: (( for that part I believe you may have been. ))
[07:36:08] CWO Sarah: (( inbound player ))
[07:36:23] Lt. Jaron looks over to Sarah then to Lurana
[07:37:04] No Name (enter): 19:37
[07:37:32] CWO Sarah looks up a little bit, making sure her bandages aren't bled through, and glances around as well.
[07:37:39] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (187) No Name…
[07:38:17] No Name: (OOC: hey need to figure out how to assign a name to my self)
[07:38:44] 2 LT Komillia: Fleet command, this is hitman returning from mission.
[07:38:47] Lt. Jaron: (/name no when you do)
[07:39:03] Lt. Jaron: (no ()
[07:39:42] Comm Officer replies to the incoming fighters that look very angry and dangerous. "Tango 229 Special inbound at bearing 175 mark 34. Please check fire.
[07:39:51] CWO Sarah: (( and here I've been doing it the long way ))
[07:40:20] Lee (enter): 19:40
[07:40:21] Lee (exit): 19:40
[07:40:21] Lee (enter): 19:40
[07:40:29] UEEF: Roger that 229 Special, maintain position, we'll pull you into the pattern once we've confirmed your flight plan.
[07:40:56] Comm Officer: Roger that Fleet, 229 holding static.
[07:41:19] Jess: (isnt the comm officer our mouthy enlistee?)
[07:41:28] Comm Officer turns to the commander of the mission..(thats you Lu) "Ma'am, fleet has us, they want us to hold here."
[07:41:45] Lee (enter): 19:41
[07:41:52] Lt. Fallnya: (im still trying to catch up
[07:41:58] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (191) Lee…
[07:42:24] CWO Sarah: (( *gets some glue* ))
[07:43:36] Lt. Ishida brings her fighter towards the rear of the Garfish ans starts a fly by to check damage.
[07:44:20] Lt. Fallnya: "Hold position then, status report otherwise?
[07:44:37] Lt. Jaron pats Sarah on the shoulder and goes to depart bridge, smiling to Lurana as he heads to the bay for his alpha
[07:44:45] Lt. Ishida : ummm, looks pretty chewed up back here, we're losing atmo off the rear quarter and number 1 engine port side is gone. Safties look like the kicked in, but I can see reactant mass leaking. How copy over?
[07:45:33] CWO Sarah smiles as she glances up to Jaron, nodding. She listens towards the damage report and winces just a little bit at that. "Ouch…"
[07:45:47] 2 LT Komillia climbs to the nose of the Garfish in her Bioroid Interceptor, crosses the mecha's arms and watches for any enemies that might appear. "Always gotta expect the enemy to hit your base eventually."
[07:48:30] Lt. Ishida brings her fighter around to the starboard side, continuing her sweep.
[07:50:25] UEEF: 229 Special, your flight plan is confirmed, welcome back to the fleet, contact Phoenix Tower for final approach. Your entry vector is Point Lima five niner.
[07:50:30] Lt. Fallnya: "How bad is it XO
[07:50:58] GM: see above
[07:52:06] Lt. Fallnya: (i saw that i was asking how bad it looked tho to her
[07:52:40] Lt. Ishida : I dunno, I'm not a engineer, ships still in one piece though…
[07:52:59] Lt. Fallnya: "Does it look safe enough for engien burn that we wont blow our selves up tho?"
[07:53:05] Lt. Ishida mutters under her breath. "Well, mostly."
[07:53:13] Lt. Fallnya: (least i assume leaking reactant mass near hot thrusters means boom?)
[07:53:28] Lt. Ishida : I'd ask engineering. I just fly em.
[07:53:59] Lt. Fallnya: "Fine, Run up the engiens bring us in on that angle and request final."
[07:54:16] Lt. Jaron finally gets to his alpha in bay, awaiting to depart as he listens to com chat
[07:54:36] GM: [1d100] => [96] = (96)
[07:54:55] GM: As the Garfish fires up it's engines there is amassive explosion and the ship heaves.
[07:55:06] Lt. Ishida : [1d100] => [59] = (59)
[07:55:16] Lt. Ishida regains control of her craft.
[07:55:33] Lt. Ishida : Starboard engine just blew!
[07:55:37] Lt. Fallnya grips her seat to be kept from being thrown "Frack!… Contact fleet tell them we need a tow…"
[07:56:05] Lt. Jaron tries to brace himself "What the hell!"
[07:56:06] Lt. Fallnya flips engineering for the ship checking if any one is still alive down there "Engineering
[07:56:13] Lt. Ishida shakes her head in disbelief and sighs,
[07:56:40] Technician: Engineering here,!
[07:57:18] Technician yells over his shoulder. "KILL THE MAINS! Before we lose the center engine!
[07:57:32] Lt. Fallnya: "Engineering shut down any feeds to the engiens try to prevent any more explosions were calling for a tow, cant have the fires setting off any more of the reactant"
[07:57:44] CWO Sarah grabs onto the seat restraints and sighs just a little bit. "Great… was just gonna suggest advising them of our leak, but since…" She shushes up again and braces.
[07:57:52] Technician: Really! You think!
[07:57:56] Technician closes the line
[07:58:43] Comm Officer: 229 to fleet, um…we need a tug here, our engines are gone…
[07:59:14] Lt. Fallnya: "Hows our reserves?"
[07:59:14] UEEF: Roger that 229, we'll have a recover ship headed your way in 5 mikes.
[07:59:36] Comm Officer turns to Lurana. "Reserve what?"
[07:59:39] Lt. Fallnya: (least i presume the engiens are our primary power sorce?)
[07:59:48] Lt. Fallnya: "Power Reserves?"
[08:00:06] Lt. Jaron on com "Need help with Damage control or medical Engineering?"
[08:00:37] Garfish Crewman: Generators are still online.
[08:00:49] CWO Sarah guides her attention aft, and closes her eyes to see if she can sense the center engine being shut down without… more entertainments. [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8) (mostly using PC sense if possible)
[08:00:53] CWO Sarah: (( ouch ))
[08:00:59] Technician: We have it. thanks anyway!
[08:01:37] Technician grumbles to himself. "damn pilots…trying to do my job! How they like it I try and tell em ho to fly thier Alphas!?"
[08:02:19] Lt. Fallnya: "Can it and just go back to fixing…" *she grumbles and leans back in the captains chair pritty sure that after this command will probly demote her
[08:02:24] GM: Carrier, the reflex furnace is still humming away, the engine is just the busness end.
[08:03:07] CWO Sarah: (( ah heehee ))
[08:05:04] Narrator:
The recovery ship pulls alongside a few minutes later. Some time later, the tug drags the 'dead' Garfish into one of the Phoenix's massive hanger bays and the crew (and yall) after securing your stations, debark, and join up with those of you that remained in your mecha, on the flgith line.
[08:05:54] Lt. Fallnya walks down the rampway of the garfish with a deep sigh looking at the ship she just trashed with her orders
[08:06:29] Lt. Fallnya: "Glad they didnt give us something bigger would have been even more costly…" *She mutters
[08:06:31] Technician looking over to another tech on the flight line and sighs at the Garfish's condition. "Well, what do you think?"
[08:06:41] Lt. Jaron soon exits and joins the others "Well, atleast it wasnt dull but our task did get some vital info. Hopefully"
[08:06:52] Technician truns to his compatriot. "Oh, she's done, yank whats usable and scrap the rest.
[08:07:50] Lt. Fallnya would just happen to have the sensor data as she left sighing again and heads to debrief
[08:07:54] 2 LT Komillia: Yeah, I don't think we can afford to lose more ships like that…
[08:08:30] Lt. Ishida : Where do you think the fleets getting all those new turrets they're slapping onto the Shimikaze's?
[08:08:44] Lt. Ishida points to the dead 'Fish.
[08:08:45] No Name (exit): 20:08
[08:09:36] GM: perc rolls for those of you ON the flight deck, if you are still inthe ship or have left the flight deck, please do NOT roll.
[08:09:43] Lt. Fallnya: "Right, and i doubt they will give us a Shimikaze after … i blew the engiens off this one…
[08:09:47] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[08:09:58] Lt. Ishida : [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
[08:10:03] Lt. Fallnya: (i havent quite left it)
[08:10:34] GM: 3
[08:10:34] GM: 2
[08:10:35] Lee (exit): 20:10
[08:10:35] GM: 1
[08:10:40] GM: Okay all rolls are in
[08:10:40] GM: Lu
[08:10:57] GM: You notice the tell tale of defolds outside many many miles distant.
[08:11:42] Lt. Fallnya: "Great… and my fighter isnt here…" *she points out the defolds to suki and the others on the deck
[08:12:16] Lt. Ishida looks then takes a few steps towards her fighter then stops.
[08:13:31] CWO Sarah steps off the ship and glances around the deck, looking around quickly.
[08:16:13] CWO Sarah: (( *taps connection* ))
[08:16:28] That's the Tab key, Dave
[08:17:42] Disconnecting from server…
[08:17:44] Game disconnected!
[08:17:46] Locating server at…
[08:17:50] Game connected!
[08:17:50] Carrie (enter): 20:17
[08:17:53] Orion (enter): 20:17
[08:17:53] Serenity Vixen (enter): 20:17
[08:17:53] Obscu (enter): 20:17
[08:17:53] Obscu (enter): 20:17
[08:17:56] You have connected to an OpenRPG server, version '1.7.1'.
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[08:18:05] Moving to room 'Robotech: War and Peace'..
[08:18:05] Carrie (enter): 20:18
[08:18:06] Carrie (enter): 20:18
[08:18:06] James (enter): 20:18
[08:18:06] Jess (enter): 20:18
[08:18:07] Chris (enter): 20:18
[08:18:07] Lt. Jaron (enter): 20:18
[08:18:07] Gage (enter): 20:18
[08:18:07] Lee (enter): 20:18
[08:18:16] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (219) Carrie…
[08:18:30] Carrie: Booting '(143) Carrie' from room…
[08:18:31] Carrie (exit): 20:18
[08:18:55] CWO Sarah: (( last thing I saw wsa my own post. ))
[08:19:10] CWO Sarah: (( it disconed without telling me ))
[08:19:58] Game disconnected!
[08:20:11] Locating server at…
[08:20:15] Game connected!
[08:20:15] Carrie (enter): 20:20
[08:20:18] Orion (enter): 20:20
[08:20:18] Serenity Vixen (enter): 20:20
[08:20:18] Obscu (enter): 20:20
[08:20:18] Obscu (enter): 20:20
[08:20:18] Carrie (enter): 20:20
[08:20:19] You have connected to an OpenRPG server, version '1.7.1'.
OpenRPG Veav I - Now 64-bit!
You may encounter adult conversations, concepts and material on this server. If you're under the age of consent, get out now. My arse is now officially covered… parents and watchdogs, take responsibility for your own damn kids, 'cos I sure as hell won't.

This is a friendly server. I don't much care what you do, so long as you do it in a civilized manner. This means you can discuss anything you like and say anything you like, using whatever words you choose - so long as you aren't being an asshole.
OpenRPG Veav I does not condone or support piracy or intellectual property theft. That includes .pdfs.

[08:20:28] Moving to room 'Robotech: War and Peace'..
[08:20:28] Carrie (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] James (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] Jess (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] Chris (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] Lt. Jaron (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] Gage (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] Lee (enter): 20:20
[08:20:29] Carrie (enter): 20:20
[08:20:37] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (221) Carrie…
[08:22:22] GM: Militarily, all three major factions are undergoing massive turnover. Soldiers of the UEEF that have ties to earth are riding out their enlistments, or milking the sytsm to rotate out near their places of origin.
[08:22:57] GM: ASC and resistance fighters sick of what many consider a doomed, cursed world line up to leave the planet in whatever capacity they can arrange.
[08:24:23] GM: For whatever reason two new faces leave the cradle of humanity to seek their place off world.
[08:25:00] GM: Their first stop is Moon Base ALuCE for inprocessing and apptitude testing, after which they are sent to Mars Base for Boot.
[08:25:28] Lt. Fallnya: (im curious what lee is?)
[08:25:54] GM: ((Lee is a Viper Pilot and son of Capt. Adama
[08:26:04] Lt. Fallnya: (viper pilot?)
[08:26:07] GM: ((whoops, sorry, wrong show))
[08:26:08] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[08:26:26] CWO Sarah: (( *cheers for BSG reference* ))
[08:26:35] Lt. Fallnya: (oh now i got it ha ha funny… *shoots the cloner "By your commander"
[08:26:35] Lt. Fallnya: (command)
[08:27:30] GM: Boot on Mars is, for the ASC folks simple. You already know the basic, and in many cases, advanced techniques of combat. What Boot DOES teach you is a healty respect of outer space.
[08:27:39] Lee: (curious I never saw the new BSG: Itype slow so give me time)
[08:28:04] GM: (nod)
[08:28:22] Lt. Fallnya: (ahh it speaks finally , i aske dyou in pm what your O.C.C is)
[08:28:32] Lt. Fallnya: (just out of curiocity)
[08:28:34] Lee: ATAC
[08:28:44] Lt. Fallnya: (ahh tanker)
[08:29:05] GM: It is during your time in boot that word filters back that the UEEF has lost Tirol to the Haydonites, and some begin to wonder if they have traded one war for another.
[08:30:24] GM: As Boot camp winds down and transfer orders are cut your teachers hastily present briefings of avaialble information about the Haydonites, an enemy that 99.9% of you only know by name and rumor.
[08:30:47] GM: Boot camp buddies roll a perc.
[08:30:59] Lee: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[08:31:37] Gage: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[08:31:39] GM: lee is on it!
[08:31:48] GM: And so is Gage
[08:31:54] Lee: (lol)
[08:32:53] GM: As you take in briefing after briefing during your final weeks, you notice that most if not all of the source's of the intell you are recieveing seems to come from teh smae place. The 33rd MEU.
[08:34:51] Gage ponders that for alittle bit
[08:35:26] Gage has sent you a tree node…
[08:36:21] Lee: WO Lee Pays close attention….to the abiliies and information on the enemy… as he did many times fighting the slugs…. he pays attention to the unit providing the intelligence.
[08:36:58] GM: The unit isn't actually there, physically, but the information you are reading mostly came from them…
[08:36:59] GM: brb
[08:37:57] Lee: (EDit which unit is providing)
[08:38:13] Gage comments to any nearby "Definitely alot of action out there."
[08:38:16] Lee: (Cool pic Gage)
[08:40:08] GM: For simplicity's sake… and the wow, sheer COINCIDENCE…how do these things happen…, lee and gage are in teh smae training class
[08:41:28] GM: Your basic training finally comes to a close. Your orders are to report to the JBC (Jupiter Base Complex) for transit Out-System.
[08:41:55] Lee: the WO says.. "Yeah, and I'm tired of gettting shot at by hostile foregn lifeforms…
[08:42:11] UEEF Sgt. : Get used to it!
[08:42:19] UEEF Sgt. : NYAHAHAAH!
[08:42:28] UEEF Sgt. : Now get back in LINE!!!!
[08:42:45] GM: koff
[08:43:00] Gage smirks alittle and prepares for the transit
[08:44:00] GM: As you awwait your flight a loud but not exactly shrill voice is heard over the din.
[08:44:14] Grandma Lee: LEE! Front and center!
[08:44:56] Lee: Lee does so as told.
[08:45:31] Gage thinks mama's boy
[08:45:43] Grandma Lee fusses over your uniform and strightens it out much to the amusement of nearby soldiers. Her icy gaze in responce to their snerks is sufficiant to silance them however.
[08:46:17] Grandma Lee: Heading out system are we?
[08:46:49] Lee: 'Yes maam. little worried about leaving home"
[08:47:03] Grandma Lee: Thats natural. Sit.
[08:47:29] Lee: Yes mam..
[08:47:35] Grandma Lee she points to a nearby bench. then looks at another trooper occupying the seat next to you and bellows… MOVE!
[08:47:45] UEEF: Yipe!
[08:47:49] UEEF moves
[08:48:37] Grandma Lee: You will find that the UEEF is nothing like the ASC, their entire mindset is different.
[08:49:08] Grandma Lee: On earth, you do not have to worry about basic things, things you took for granted, things a member of the UEEF never would.
[08:49:19] Gage adjusts his shoulder duffle bag as he waits
[08:50:18] Carrie (exit): 20:50
[08:50:18] Lee: 'Yes maam."
[08:51:01] Grandma Lee: Space is a harsh mistress. Anything you forget to bring with you will kill you, anything you do bring with you that doesnt work properly will kill you, when in doubt, assume everything will kill you.
[08:51:25] Lee: yes maam.
[08:52:48] Grandma Lee: it is taht mindset that the UEEF maintains. Space is their element, and the ships you travel in are your home. Protect them, and they will keep you alive, let your ship die, and you die with her. It is the way it is, I know this, becuase the Zentraedi lived with this very same mindset, our ships are our life.
[08:53:35] Lee: Yes maam.
[08:54:14] GM: A few other soldiers awaiting transfer swallow hard as they overhear the sage advice.
[08:55:38] Grandma Lee: Very good then. I know you will do us proud. May your enemies fall before you!
[08:56:54] Lee: "I hope you're proud of me Grandmother, I am of you…. Can you spare a hug for your little Zentreadi?"
[08:57:46] Jonas (enter): 20:57
[08:58:10] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (233) Jonas…
[08:58:57] Gage moves onwards down the line to avoid the scene
[08:59:19] Grandma Lee stands and laughs. Then gives you a "Zentraedi hug" consisting of a sharp punch to your shoulder followed by her clasping your shoulders and nodding at you.
[09:00:38] Grandma Lee watches you as you and your fellows load up on tot he transport. Waving, she calls after you "may death come swiflty to your enemies sweetie!"
[09:03:39] Lee: Lee smiles at that then give everone there a look the coud kill if the picked on him about it… then went back to his quiet self….. He missed his wife… dearly since she passed from this life….
[09:04:45] Narrator:
Meanwhile in a briefing room not so far away…
[09:06:16] Maj. Kaveshera: All right my little pack of stone cold killers. I sure hope we got some good Dope on the enemy, elsewise command is going to be mighty pissed bout their ship.
[09:06:48] Maj. Kaveshera looks over at Lurana.
[09:06:50] Maj. Kaveshera: Report.
[09:08:21] Lt. Fallnya: "WE got the skinny we went after.., i have the sensor data here…" *she pats on a large datapad looking device. She goes on to what we saw moving the data to him to confirm with and speaking clear and sharp even takeing responsiblity for blowing the engiens without checking with the techs first.
[09:08:55] Maj. Kaveshera nods and listens to the report.
[09:09:27] Anthony reminds where he belongs, in the far back. Sitting in his usual stance he watches.
[09:10:01] Maj. Kaveshera: Okay, so, you logged three new classes of ship. Impressive. If I was a betting man, I'd think the Haydonites are probobly kicking themselves over that.
[09:10:46] Maj. Kaveshera: You got a few salvos off on, lets see, one of the smaller craft…thoughts?
[09:10:51] Lt. Fallnya: "We are still in mind to capture one for its navigational data i belive hopefully to get an idea where they have fuel stores."
[09:10:59] Maj. Kaveshera looks at Ishida and Gamjin
[09:11:19] Maj. Kaveshera looks back at Lu and nods to indicate he heard her.
[09:12:44] Lt. Ishida puts the log disk into the tabletop projector and brings up the missile strikes. She pauses, fast forward, rewinds etc, looking over the playback.
[09:13:25] 2 LT Gamjin: They pack a punch, but I can't say how resillient they were as the Garfish was too busy running. Prudent manuver, though, considering far too much of it's firepower is forward faced.
[09:13:36] Lt. Ishida then looks over at Gamjin.
[09:13:55] Lt. Ishida : Based off of the amount of fire that ship is on, um, right here.
[09:14:09] Lt. Ishida she points to teh holo.
[09:14:29] Lt. Ishida : You think, what, maybe another similer sized salvo or two might have broke her back?
[09:14:58] Lt. Fallnya looks at it trying to use her engineering skills to identify if that would have been possible
[09:15:04] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [14] = (14)
[09:15:12] Lt. Fallnya: vs 38%
[09:16:04] GM: Your XO's theory is valid, you can see hull plating peeled back and ina few frame you can clearly Identify secondary explosions.
[09:16:30] Lt. Fallnya: "Most definatly, heck probly a half of a volley"
[09:16:59] GM: It might have taken another 20 to 30 missiles, or a few direct beam hits, but any more and it would have been toast.
[09:17:27] Lt. Ishida nods
[09:17:52] Lt. Ishida : It's those point D turrets that have me worried. They seem to track slow, but…that wont last long.
[09:18:55] Lt. Fallnya: "True, in a way i would allmost recomend trying to put more beam weapons if those turrents get better, but thats not up to me…"
[09:20:10] Maj. Kaveshera: Well,thats what we are here to figure out, fleets never seen anything like this, so, this footage and your observations here are going to be forwarded up to Fleet Intell, so, if you have comments of any kinds, now's the time.
[09:20:19] Maj. Kaveshera looks over the rest of the unit.
[09:21:27] Lt. Fallnya: "I must recomend we limit our missie use then we have become hevily reliant on them especially sence the invid fighting."
[09:21:32] GM: ((In GM speak, that means ALL of yall best add something ))
[09:22:38] Anthony rubs his brow, his mind wandering elsewhere. His eyes catch Major Kaveshera and he straightens up, clearing his throat and subtly sinking into his seat.
[09:23:19] 2 LT Komillia: Agreed, and they don't seem to have much in the way of defeating optics, so I'd recommend slaving an AI of some kind to watch optic sensors for early warning. Not as good as organic eyes, but better than nothing.
[09:23:26] Maj. Kaveshera looks over at the 'throat clear' and points. "Comment? Go ahead."
[09:23:41] Lt. Jaron: "Sir, did the convoy that was in flight not get hit when we was engaged?"
[09:23:55] Maj. Kaveshera: Correct, she made it in free and clear.
[09:24:11] Maj. Kaveshera: Seems whatever you did out there spooked em.
[09:24:32] Lt. Jaron: "So a decoy could work for the time beginning until a solution is made"
[09:24:32] Lt. Fallnya: "They definatly were not expecting an armed ship"
[09:25:00] Maj. Kaveshera: A decoy might.
[09:25:35] Maj. Kaveshera: But a solution still needs to be worked out.
[09:25:54] Lt. Jaron nods
[09:26:12] Lt. Fallnya: "We could attempt to show them what we are made of and capture a few of their ships when they show up?"
[09:26:25] 2 LT Gamjin: ((AFK))
[09:26:34] Maj. Kaveshera: Right, but thats if we know where they are going to show up…
[09:26:46] Anthony exhales deeply and glances over to Jaron, thanking him for the save with a silent nod of the head.
[09:27:13] Lt. Jaron: "Also, we would need a biger force and that might scare them away before we get a chance"
[09:27:20] Lt. Jaron nods to Anthony
[09:28:18] Lt. Ishida : I'd make a big deal out of the lack of fighter cover, but, I'm sure the Haydonites are adding a CAP to those flotilla's as we speak.
[09:28:20] Lt. Ishida sighs
[09:28:25] Lt. Fallnya: "Its to bad we dont have a nother form of stealth…"
[09:29:32] GM: I would like four % rolls. Whoever wants to roll may roll all four or whatever, so long as i get 4 in toto. (Garfish team only)
[09:29:52] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [95] = (95)
[09:29:58] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [2] = (2)
[09:30:06] CWO Sarah: (( >.< ))>
[09:30:20] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [47] = (47)
[09:30:24] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [46] = (46)
[09:30:28] GM: kk
[09:31:07] Technician enters the briefing room
[09:31:42] Technician: Sir, we have some additional data. Seems that the one probe that was launched was able to get some telemetry before it was wiped.
[09:31:58] Anthony glances over at the technician with a raised .
[09:32:03] Technician hands the readouts and disk to teh Major then salutes and leaves.
[09:32:26] Lt. Jaron is surprised
[09:32:57] Maj. Kaveshera puts the disk into the projector and presses play.
[09:34:04] Lt. Fallnya watches playback intently
[09:34:04] Narrator: There is only 15 seconds of footage, but in that 15 seconds you see the large radar dish looking ship fold out. You see the striken smaller ship continue to brun as it pulls closer to the larger ship. A bright flash from teh front of the unhurt smaller ship ends the feed.
[09:34:45] Lt. Fallnya: "repair ship possibly?"
[09:35:32] Lt. Fallnya: (err scratch that
[09:35:37] GM: roll tactics or any other skill you think might be usefull if you wish
[09:36:05] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [65] = (65) vs 59% (intell
[09:36:16] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [45] = (45) Fleet tactics vs. 54% and [1d100] => [76] = (76) military tactics vs 79%
[09:36:45] Lt. Jaron: intelligence [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 56, tactics [1d100] => [23] = (23) vs 70
[09:37:19] Anthony: Intelligence [1d100] => [95] = (95) vs. 56% / Space Survival [1d100] => [42] = (42) vs. 56%
[09:37:29] Lt. Ishida : Tactics: [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 75%, Intell [1d100] => [63] = (63) vs 60 %, Theater Warfare: [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 50%
[09:37:35] 2Lt. Aylanea: Intel vs. 59%: [1d100] => [6] = (6)
[09:37:55] 2 LT Gamjin: (Komi and Gamjin passes on the roll.)
[09:38:35] Anthony: (( *lacks intelligence but thats not something new* ))
[09:38:57] Lee: (lol)
[09:39:00] GM: Looks like Suki gets the solid gold cupee doll on the tactics roll…
[09:39:46] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow yeah. heehee ))
[09:40:20] GM: As you look over the footage, Ishida's eyes widen and she point at thesmaller ships.
[09:40:30] Lt. Ishida : They can't fold.
[09:40:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Why wouldent they make a ship that cant fold?"
[09:40:53] 2 LT Gamjin: A mothership?
[09:40:57] Lt. Fallnya: "Why would that is
[09:41:10] Lt. Jaron: "Plus how did it get there?"
[09:41:12] GM: As soon as she says that the rest of you (that made your rolls) get it. The smaller ships are unable to fold and have to rely on the larger ship to carry them to and from.
[09:41:24] 2 LT Komillia: I wonder if they are of the Battlestar/Star Destroyer type?
[09:42:31] Lt. Jaron: "Is there any sensor data there before it got wiped?"
[09:42:47] Maj. Kaveshera looks
[09:42:57] Maj. Kaveshera: Some, not much, what are you looking for?
[09:43:16] Lt. Jaron: "certain power signatures or an unusual spike"
[09:43:25] Maj. Kaveshera looks
[09:44:13] Maj. Kaveshera: Well, there is a spike here form the array, just before it folds. And, hmm, looks like a buildup on the larger ship, looks like it was spinning up whenthe probe got taken out.
[09:44:37] Maj. Kaveshera: But yeah, nothing at all from the smaller ships.
[09:45:14] CWO Sarah ponders that, peering at the big ship. "If the bigger ship isn't armed as well, or couldn't fire during some operations, the smaller ships could be charged with protecting it, then hook back up for fold-out, in case of a hostile showing up."
[09:45:43] Maj. Kaveshera: You mean the array right? The larger ship put at least three rounds onto the Fish…
[09:46:12] CWO Sarah nods just a little bit. "If they can't fold, then they're for local defense strictly. Likely to protect the array."
[09:46:55] Maj. Kaveshera: I'd be willing to bet your cat on that.
[09:47:47] Maj. Kaveshera: Which means Ishida's worry that they will add a CAP to the mix seems given.
[09:48:18] GM: perc rolls for yall looking at the SENSOR logs.
[09:48:27] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[09:48:28] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14)
[09:48:39] Lt. Ishida : [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
[09:48:43] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[09:49:12] GM: O.o two crits in a row for Ishida-chan, and Ay gains enlightenment as well
[09:49:51] Anthony: [1d20] => [9] = (9) Perception
[09:50:08] GM: You see a Squirrel!
[09:50:24] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:50:27] Lt. Jaron lets the others peak thru the logs
[09:50:37] Anthony: (( sighs.. I'm just going to do what I am good at. Looking pretty. Wardrobe and Grooming [1d100] => [33] = (33) vs. 62% ))
[09:50:51] GM: Come on Jeron, just cuase the two rolled 20's doenst mean you'll get a bad rool
[09:51:01] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[09:51:06] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21)
[09:51:34] GM: Anthony preens himself and you forget he didn't notice anything on the scope, becuase his hair is so shiney and full of bounce!
[09:51:37] GM: See!
[09:51:49] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *tickles da Tony* ))
[09:51:58] Lt. Jaron: [1d12] => [6] = (6)
[09:52:32] GM: You three with your 20+ rolls notice another spike of energy.
[09:52:46] GM: Upperband of teh spectrum
[09:52:57] GM: very short, and very fast
[09:53:02] GM: and very directed
[09:53:49] GM: roll skill you think might work.
[09:54:17] Lt. Fallnya: (unless it gets pointed out just continues staring
[09:54:25] No match found
[09:54:33] No match found
[09:54:51] Anthony: (( giggles like a manly baby ))
[09:55:00] Lt. Jaron: sensory [1d100] => [37] = (37) vs 60, detect concealment [1d100] => [14] = (14) vs 60
[09:55:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [10] = (10) Sensory Equipment vs. 63% and [1d100] => [12] = (12) intel vs. 59%
[09:55:19] Anthony: (( lol Jess ))
[09:56:12] Anthony: (( Anthony is like the air force, only good for looking pretty. oooh snap ))
[09:56:21] Lt. Ishida : RSI [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 65%
[09:56:25] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *ticklepaddles Suki* ))
[09:56:31] Lt. Ishida : ((Durrrr!))
[09:56:42] 2 LT Komillia: ((kills Anthony.))
[09:56:49] GM: And the streak is broken…
[09:56:50] Anthony: (( lol ))
[09:57:00] 2 LT Komillia: ((I never looked pretty!))
[09:57:26] GM: Jaron, and Ay fiddle (giggity) with the readings and not only was the signal fast and short it's also very encrypted.
[09:58:27] 2Lt. Aylanea narrows her eyes a little at the signal, frowning deeply at it and scratching her hair a little bit.
[09:58:46] GM: frowning deeply wont solve it
[09:58:53] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( I know that ))
[09:59:11] GM: what is usually encrypted?
[09:59:41] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rar ))
[09:59:45] GM: Plays jeprody music
[10:00:02] 2 LT Komillia: ((Orders?))
[10:00:17] 2Lt. Aylanea looks around for Anji as well a little, murmuring. "Encrypted comm signal of some kind. Data burst or communication or something…" She circles the little spot and looks up.
[10:00:18] 2 LT Komillia: ((positions, important communiques?))
[10:00:26] Anthony: Sensory Equipment [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs. 60%
[10:00:31] GM: ((bingo! bonus XP to Komilla))
[10:01:20] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( scratching her hair won't solve it either, and we know that ;p ))
[10:01:25] GM: Anji is not in the room, knowing her she's probobly fleecing some poor sap at a shell game or something.
[10:01:42] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww. rofl. ))
[10:02:01] GM: so…pick up the phone and call her….
[10:02:09] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[10:03:25] 2Lt. Aylanea hmms a little bit and moves to call for Anji. If looked at about what she's doing, she says. "Need a comm specialist to check something in the log."
[10:03:26] Lt. Fallnya: "XO call our radio expert…"
[10:03:44] LCpl Summerwind appears some 10 minutes later BING! "Hi!"
[10:04:12] LCpl Summerwind crinkles her nose as she enters.
[10:04:33] LCpl Summerwind: Eww, officers, a mess of em, and none have showered, excelt you sir.
[10:04:40] LCpl Summerwind looks over at the Major.
[10:05:01] Lt. Fallnya: "Can it… seems we have something you need to look at it."
[10:05:02] Maj. Kaveshera: Of course! It's becuase I'm clean!
[10:05:38] LCpl Summerwind blinks and smirks.
[10:05:50] LCpl Summerwind: So, what do you have that needs my mad skills?
[10:06:26] Lt. Fallnya: "Come take a look at this holo, see any thing strange in the replay." *she nods to the major to have it replay for the enlistee
[10:06:55] LCpl Summerwind: RSI [1d100] => [83] = (83) vs 50,
[10:06:57] LCpl Summerwind: Nope
[10:07:13] LCpl Summerwind: Looks like you messed up that ship something fierce tho.
[10:07:13] Lt. Fallnya: "Point it out to her then…"
[10:07:48] 2Lt. Aylanea peers at Anji, motions her over, and tries to point out the exact section of replay. "It's some kind of encrypted message. Need to find out what it's saying."
[10:08:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: Way up in the high bands.
[10:08:40] LCpl Summerwind: AEW [1d100] => [84] = (84) vs 45%. Laser Comm [1d100] => [81] = (81) vs 50%, RSI [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 50%, Programming [1d100] => [68] = (68) vs 65%
[10:08:53] Lt. Jaron: (dang)
[10:09:02] LCpl Summerwind: Ahh, I see it now…oooh,
[10:09:46] LCpl Summerwind takes her pad out and transfers the data and then sits down and tinkers with it .
[10:10:00] LCpl Summerwind: This might take me a while, so, pretend I'm not here.
[10:11:08] LCpl Summerwind: ((will take 25 to get it, forgoing rolls, but will take a lot of time))
[10:12:10] Narrator:
after a good 45 minutes Anji pipes up and presents her fidings. It' IS a comm signal of a sort, and she thinks she has a destiantion.
[10:13:42] LCpl Summerwind: Here ya go, all sorted, looks like it was sent about 20 light years away. Blink of an eye at fold speeds.
[10:13:45] Lt. Fallnya: "So where do you think i twent?"
[10:14:00] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [14] = (14)
[10:14:11] Lt. Fallnya: vs 58% space navigation
[10:14:34] GM: The area where Anji thinks it might have gone is a patch of open space.
[10:14:56] Lt. Fallnya: "Dont suppose they could have a moble base there do you?"
[10:15:05] Lt. Fallnya looking to the rest of the squad
[10:15:05] GM: But, that means nothing really, since one doenst need a terrestrial base to send ships at the fleet.
[10:15:23] Lt. Ishida : Could be a lager.
[10:15:47] Lt. Ishida : laager*
[10:16:33] Lt. Jaron: "maybe it was a com from the smaller ship to the larger one"
[10:16:50] Lt. Fallnya: Laager?"
[10:16:52] Lt. Fallnya: Ishida?"
[10:17:06] LCpl Summerwind: Nah, to much energy, they probobly comm intership like we do, via laser
[10:17:23] CWO Sarah hmms a little bit. "Could be a mobile base facility of some kind. Other groups certainly use them enough… Something like a factory satellite or station."
[10:17:28] Lt. Ishida : Laager, Dutch for encampment.
[10:17:54] Anthony allows his eyes to drift to Sarah before shifting toward the group, his expression calm and rather dull.
[10:17:55] Lt. Fallnya: "Isnt that basicaly what i said when i mentioned moble base?"
[10:18:16] Lt. Ishida : You, you could say that.
[10:18:34] Lt. Ishida shrugs
[10:18:44] Lt. Ishida : Different, but essentially the same.
[10:21:12] CWO Sarah nods just a little. "Encrypted like that, it could be a mobile command facility as well, potentially."
[10:21:47] CWO Sarah: Rather than just a station for reinforcements. Upper rankers and whatnot.
[10:22:15] Maj. Kaveshera: True enough. Anyhow, let me get this on up to Fleet, get their take on it. Good work all of you.
[10:22:32] Maj. Kaveshera dismisses the meeting
[10:22:59] Narrator:
[10:24:13] Narrator: Fleet takes their time, dispite pressure from Capt Reinard, Maj Kaveshera and Commadore Wilder. But the Admiral is adamant, and wants more information.
[10:24:53] Narrator: In the meantime the team returns to their studies and deal with the days leading up to finals (Phase 1) in their own way.
[10:26:22] Lt. Fallnya would be listning to all the tapes she recorded in classes napping so it goes directly to her brain
[10:27:03] Narrator: Phase 2 is set to begin and the team is told to meet on the upper levels of the Phoenix's proving grounds. (This area has massive elevators ala a aircraft carrier, that lead up tot eh top deck of the massive ship, where an airfiled sits. (used to be the airfield for the City of new Flagstaff, now, it's the upper deck of the ship.)
[10:27:37] CWO Sarah: (( teehee ))
[10:28:13] Lt. Fallnya would have been the last to show after makeing sure the whole team is there
[10:28:17] Narrator: Meanwhile a trasport Garfish from Jupiter transits the void to karberra, where, after a few hours part of the contingent are told to reboard for transfer to the Phoenix battle Group…whatever that is.
[10:29:36] Narrator: For those aboard the transport, you defold and before you is the biggest collection of ships you have ever seen in person.
[10:30:07] Lee: (OOC Any Zent Ships?)
[10:30:34] Lt. Fallnya: (none id figure but garfishes look close to them )
[10:30:46] Gage looks the horde of ships
[10:30:56] Narrator: Leading the formation is a Tokugawa class ship (refit) with more guns then it should have. You see no less then 5 Ikazuchi carriers, and over 30 Garfish of varying configuration as well as 10 Tirolian Dystroyers and 5 Shimikaze battlecrusiers. At the center of teh formation is a massive Masters Mothership
[10:32:34] Narrator: You apprach the massive mothership and the damn thing just keeps getting bigger but you dont seem to be gettng closer…
[10:33:39] That's the Tab key, Dave
[10:34:24] Lee: Lee looks at the massive mothership with dislike on his face… He hated Tirolians….. " yeah a lot out there…" Hello we didn't talk alot earlier Warrent officer Lee…" He smiles and says…. "These days i'm usually quieter then I was not so long ago"…
[10:34:54] Gage is alittle impressed (oosp wrong screen as we share comp)
[10:35:32] CWO Sarah: np
[10:35:53] CWO Sarah: (( *Smacks openrpg for being nitpicky* ))
[10:37:50] GM: On the transport you land inside the massive ship. You are greeted by UEEF MP's in Cyclones and a few in their CVR-3. They process you as you debark and as you make your way to the ops 'hut' you can see about 100 or so civilians baord the Garfish you just vacated.
[10:37:50] Gage looks to Lee "Name's Gage. You got to keep your rank from ASC? Interesting. But where did you hold up during the invasion?"
[10:39:59] Gage makes sure he is all of the way of the civilians
[10:41:12] GM: The civvies are a mixed bag of tirolian and human, most are clotehed in contemporary dress, but there are a few, tirolians that are in more rustic fare, and lead a pair of sheep aboard the garfish
[10:41:23] GM: clothed*
[10:42:50] Lt. Fallnya is wearing her armor watching the arrival of the garfish?
[10:42:54] Lee: Lee laughs actually I was trained by by ASC troops during the invid occupation… I learned in the feild the hard way….. I was made a Warrant Officer due to my technical Training… I'm vergood with most ground veritechs, though I prefer my Spartas to a silverback… I was just a year old when the masters hit and my Grandmother and mother had to raise me without my father." He frowns..
[10:42:58] GM: No,
[10:43:53] Lt. Fallnya: (ok then what are we doing exactlylol
[10:43:56] GM: Those in the 33rd, you get to choose which cool mecha you get to play with, since Phase 2 is the hands on stuff where you are being familierized with some new gear.
[10:44:06] Gage nods "Lost mine with the Invid"
[10:44:16] Lt. Fallnya: (ahh)
[10:44:29] CWO Sarah: (( ooooooooh ))
[10:44:59] GM: Choose your poison, Garland, SuperAlpha, or Terren Fighter (not waht the UEEF calls it, but…essentially the same thing) of if you want to be dull, you can use your normal mecha.
[10:45:12] Anthony: (( What does that mean?! Wardrobe and Grooming [1d100] => [35] = (35) vs. 62% ))
[10:45:21] Lee: Whats your main occupation Gage?
[10:45:37] Lt. Fallnya: super alpha
[10:45:50] GM: wht does what mean? You look pretty! Johonny bravo style!
[10:46:17] Lt. Fallnya: (then garland with time
[10:46:36] Anthony: (( Winning the war, a smile at a time… I need an armorer with art to put a smiley face on my bird ))
[10:46:54] Gage replies to Lee "Was Marsh division when the Invid hit"
[10:47:26] GM: Well, Lu has chosen her mecha to play wif. What about the rest of ya?
[10:47:46] Lee: Ah… tough group… worked with a few before.
[10:47:47] Anthony [port] ponders his decision.
[10:48:26] CWO Sarah: (( they have the Betas with the fast packs as well? ))
[10:48:45] Anthony [port]: (( Garland. ))
[10:48:47] 2 LT Komillia: Terran Fighter
[10:49:02] 2 LT Gamjin: Garland
[10:49:12] GM: yes carrie
[10:49:44] Lee: (try not to get it blastedd carrie)
[10:50:03] Lee: (LOL)
[10:50:20] CWO Sarah: Super Beta here. (rar @ lee )
[10:50:30] GM: Meanwhile in a hanger bay a poor Beta feels a wash of icy dread flow over it
[10:50:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: ( ooh, super alpha for me as well *drool* )
[10:50:45] 2 LT Gamjin: ((sorry, but I gotta go. Got something early in the morning to take care of before classes.))
[10:50:53] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww, cya ))
[10:51:14] 2 LT Gamjin: Disconnecting from server…
[10:51:14] James (exit): 22:51
[10:51:22] Beta Fighter: WHAAAAA! I dont wanna die!!!!
[10:51:34] CWO Sarah: (( rar ))
[10:51:51] Lt. Fallnya: seems like a good place to stop?
[10:52:22] Beta Fighter: yeah, please, before that crazy invid bitch flies me into a sun or something

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