Chapter 5 -- Act 4 -- Part 3


[07:32:33] GM: The ground team moves out, entering the superstructure through the hole made by the Revenant. The outer hull survived the blast but is being shored up none the less.
[07:34:00] GM: The distance from inner to outer hull is roughly 500 to 600 feet, depending where you are, and is filled with pipes, ducting, and all sorts of catwalks and framing
[07:34:51] Lt. Fallnya would be in bike mode helmet closed if needing the oxygen flow of the internal systems rather than the ships. Scanning around with her eyes looking down with to her radar scopes.
[07:35:37] GM: The radar is next to useless, with all the clutter, although you can get a solid reading on the next level down, some 475 feet below.
[07:36:00] GM: it is dark down thar!
[07:36:31] LCpl Summerwind looks down the chasm
[07:36:34] Lt. Fallnya: "Squad engage passive night sights. Who's my scout?"
[07:36:36] LCpl Summerwind: Great, a bug hunt.
[07:36:44] WO Lee: lee transforms to battloid and switches to thermal.
[07:36:48] LCpl Summerwind looks at Gage.
[07:37:29] Lt. Fallnya: "If it were bugs I'd agree Summerwind but unfortunately its not."
[07:38:08] LCpl Summerwind: Thank you LT for correcting me, I appreciate your input and consider myself educated.
[07:38:31] CWO Sarah: (( *pokes a hole in the Fourth Wall and smacks Anji and Lu* j/k ))
[07:38:36] Lt. Fallnya: "I didn't correct you just said I'd agree if it were bugs, hell id be happier if it were."
[07:39:31] Lt. Fallnya: "Least it was something with blood and guts to spew around rather than circuit boards and wires."
[07:39:48] GM: Gage?
[07:40:39] Gage moves forward to take point and switches to correct optics
[07:43:02] GM: Switching to your night vision, the shaft is bathed in an eerie green. There are three massive pipes leading up and down, with a veritable maze of smaller ductwork nestled in between them, the level below extends as far as you can see in both directions. a honey comb of girders and other parts of the support structure buttress the inner and outer walls.
[07:43:07] Lt. Fallnya: "Lee behind him, Summerwind your with me your radio is better than mine…" *she looks behind and turns to the trucks that are suppose to follow us with spare parts and reloads. "Follow in a bout 10 min "
[07:44:03] WO Lee: Lee pulls up behind Gage.
[07:44:21] GM: yada yada kinda like that
[07:45:10] Gage: "Which way ma'am?"
[07:47:08] Lt. Fallnya: "Left first, on next level then we go right once we hit a dead end."
[07:47:34] GM: Piloting, since it's a 475 foot jump
[07:47:47] GM: from where you are, to the level you wish to be on
[07:48:16] WO Lee: ground veritechs vs 79%
[07:48:21] WO Lee: [1d100] => [9] = (9)
[07:48:30] Gage nods slightly and skips off, using his thrusters to aid (pilot [1d100] => [38] = (38) vs 60)
[07:49:03] LCpl Summerwind: [1d100] => [90] = (90) vs 65% GV
[07:49:08] LCpl Summerwind: Yieee
[07:49:19] LCpl Summerwind: Crap crap carp!
[07:49:22] Lt. Fallnya comes off and fires a tow cable to Summerwind to "catch her"
[07:49:25] LCpl Summerwind: [1d100] => [68] = (68)
[07:49:30] Lt. Fallnya: (actually take that back
[07:49:48] Lt. Fallnya drops off transforming and "attempts to catch" Summerwind
[07:50:14] GM: Anji moves off the ledge and falls like a stone, her thrusters struggling, then finally flaring into overdrive some 200 feet down
[07:50:14] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [21] = (21) vs 73%
[07:50:48] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+10] => [1,10] = (11) to catch
[07:50:51] GM: Lu is able to maneuver and help arrest the fall.
[07:50:54] Lt. Fallnya: (umm fuck)
[07:50:58] GM: or not
[07:51:10] LCpl Summerwind: [1d100] => [57] = (57)
[07:51:12] Lt. Fallnya: (attempt 2) "Come here you slippery thing"
[07:51:16] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+10] => [19,10] = (29) to catch
[07:51:42] Gage hears the chatter and looks up "Lee, Incoming."
[07:51:52] GM: Your catch and Anji's last chance to recover coincide and she lands, with a graceless thud
[07:52:21] GM: [3d6] => [4,5,4] = (13)
[07:52:25] Lt. Fallnya: (thud in my hand or on the deck?)
[07:52:28] CWO Sarah: (( aww, poor Anji ))
[07:52:28] GM: Anji takes 13 points of damage
[07:54:09] GM: The rest of you however land gracefully and without incident
[07:54:28] Lt. Fallnya: "You all right Summerwind?"
[07:54:56] LCpl Summerwind nods as she stands, rubbing her bruised rump.
[07:55:16] LCpl Summerwind: Lets just say, I wont be sitting for a few days.
[07:55:25] Lt. Fallnya: "Probably gonna want to take a shower to i bet."
[07:55:37] Lt. Fallnya: "All right shows over move out."
[07:56:05] Gage watches the two for a moment and then turns, beginning to search the track ahead
[07:56:31] GM: Roll any skills you would like
[07:56:52] WO Lee: lee positions to provide fire support.
[07:58:07] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [6] = (6) vs 63 Sensory [1d100] => [95] = (95) vs 43% tactics to id potential ambush locations a head [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 64% intel to try and remember what section we are exploring atm
[07:58:44] Gage: detect ambush [1d100 vs 50%] => 1d100 vs 50%, read sensory [1d100] => [10] = (10) vs 50%, prowl [1d100] => [35] = (35) vs 55
[07:58:49] WO Lee: sensory Equipment vs 55%
[07:58:52] WO Lee: [1d100] => [82] = (82)
[07:59:05] Gage: sorry, ambush again [1d100] => [59] = (59)
[07:59:05] WO Lee: I can't see squat…
[07:59:16] WO Lee:
[08:01:02] GM: Lu, your sensors show more of the same, although at this level looking ahead of you, you can see that the platform you are one runs for about 700 feet before stopping, however the length of open space continues on for a good 2000 plus feet. Your tactics tell you that 99.99% of the places within this wall structre could be used to ambush you, or you to ambush others. The wall section you are in is the port side of the ship, beyond the outer hull is space.
[08:01:38] GM: Gage, same deal for your DA roll
[08:02:37] GM: roll percs
[08:03:17] LCpl Summerwind: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
[08:03:43] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[08:04:13] Gage: [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4)
[08:04:23] WO Lee: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
[08:04:39] GM: For comic value, this find goes to Gage.
[08:05:07] GM: Gage, as you move forward, you find tracks, by way of tripping on the indentation.
[08:06:38] GM: Lu and Anji, you notice writing on the walls. Lee, you notice nothing unusual.
[08:07:10] Lt. Fallnya tries to discern the writing
[08:07:58] GM: It's in Tiresian
[08:08:54] Lt. Fallnya: (given that Zentraedi is based off it i might beable to make an guess so…
[08:09:10] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [18] = (18) vs 94%
[08:09:15] Lt. Fallnya: language: Zentraedi
[08:09:22] GM: Two distinct languages, Zentraedi is the Slave Tongue, and is very different then Tiresian
[08:09:45] Lt. Fallnya: (ahh)
[08:09:47] GM: Although!
[08:10:05] Lt. Fallnya: (i thought it had some basis in Tiresian oh whell)
[08:10:09] GM: You do see, 40 feet above you (your perc roll coming into play) Zentraedi writing.
[08:10:56] Lt. Fallnya scans it with the zoom on her camera
[08:11:07] Lt. Fallnya resists the urge to shoot it
[08:11:09] Gage points to tracks he found, luckily "We have some prints here."
[08:11:43] Lt. Fallnya: "Lead on (i forgot Gage's rank…)
[08:11:55] LCpl Summerwind will try and read the Tiresian script [1d100] => [83] = (83) vs 93%
[08:12:22] LCpl Summerwind makes an 'oops' sound and hustles to catch up to Lurana.
[08:12:40] Lt. Fallnya hadn't moved
[08:12:50] Lt. Fallnya but does move to follow gage at a slight distance
[08:12:52] LCpl Summerwind: ((I knew that….))
[08:13:07] LCpl Summerwind: ((/shifty eyes…))
[08:13:21] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:13:30] CWO Sarah: (( *tickles Anji* ))
[08:13:42] Gage moves onward slowly, keeping an eye on the tracks as he heads to the end
[08:14:28] Lt. Fallnya follows at a discrete distance due to her range and radius of most of her weapons.
[08:14:42] GM: Gage, the tracks were a one shot deal, you can tell that they were made by something heavy landing, then, after that, you figure the structure was strong enough to sustain it's weight without further deformities
[08:15:12] Gage heads to the end anyways
[08:16:12] GM: You come to the end and a large ramp leads down to what looks like a combination two lane highway and rail line.
[08:16:54] GM: There is more Zent and Tiresian script at their respective eye levels.
[08:17:19] Lt. Fallnya opens the top of her battloid getting tired of the cramped state and looks around
[08:17:19] Gage looks about one last time before heading down (Perception [1d20+2] => [2,2] = (4) detect ambush [1d100] => [29] = (29) vs 50%)
[08:18:55] Gage slowly moves down the ramp
[08:19:00] GM: Nothing odd jumps out at you Gage. Although you do see a old trolly cart
[08:20:08] GM: percs
[08:20:15] WO Lee: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[08:20:27] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[08:20:33] LCpl Summerwind wants to read the wall again [1d100] => [39] = (39)
[08:20:50] Gage points to the cart for the others (does the other lane run along side the ramp and back? perception [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12))
[08:21:12] GM: The cart is on a service track
[08:21:30] GM: it is zent sized
[08:22:26] GM: The trolly cart looks as if it, like most trains could run forward or backwards
[08:22:54] GM: Lu, you notice at 40 feet up, a rack with 10 large hard hats
[08:23:03] GM: on pegs
[08:23:23] Gage skips off the ramp at the bottom and approaches the trolley cart, M90 at the ready
[08:23:31] GM: Zentraedi Script nearby says SAFETY FIRST
[08:23:32] Lt. Fallnya: "Looks like a mining area… or repair area…"
[08:24:32] WO Lee: Lee follows covering.. everyone
[08:24:51] Lt. Fallnya moves down slowly.
[08:24:52] LCpl Summerwind reads some Tiresian script aloud. "Hmm, If your worked dies, call extension 379 for a replacement. Call extension 449 for removal."
[08:25:06] LCpl Summerwind: Nice…
[08:25:40] LCpl Summerwind: Oh, workER , not worked.
[08:26:22] GM: continuing on..
[08:27:13] GM: Gage, the trolly cart is covered in dust.
[08:27:39] GM: You come up to about the half way point on one of it's wheels.
[08:29:00] Lt. Fallnya makes light steps behind as soft as she can possibly do Scanning around from her slightly higher point
[08:29:07] Gage tries to jet upwards to get inside
[08:29:23] GM: Roll
[08:29:30] GM: both of ya
[08:29:41] Gage: piloting [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 60
[08:30:05] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[08:30:54] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs 63%
[08:31:01] Lt. Fallnya: (2nd is RSI
[08:31:21] WO Lee: RSI vs 55%
[08:31:25] WO Lee: [1d100] => [34] = (34)
[08:31:50] GM: Gage you land on top of the trolly, you can see unpadded seats, and a area with a series of tie downs. This trolly looked as if it could seat 6 full sized Zentraedi laborers, but if old Earth equivalents hold true, it probably held more like 12 to 14, with many sitting on the top or hanging off the sides.
[08:32:44] Gage on radio "Commander, should we try it out or foot it down the tunnels?"
[08:32:57] GM: Gage, and Lu, your scanners, now becoming a tad more attuned, pick up some light sources along the walls.
[08:34:01] GM: You can tell just by looking it's non functional, unless you can find a way to power up this section or track.
[08:36:05] Lt. Fallnya: "almost think i should carry you all."
[08:36:37] LCpl Summerwind starts to hum "I've been working on the railroad."
[08:38:09] Gage comments "Whatever Commander, just tell me which way to go "
[08:38:23] Lt. Fallnya: "Forward."
[08:38:36] Lt. Fallnya: "Only way to go unless you want to back track already."
[08:38:55] GM: Moving forward you come across a large doorway to your left, along the wall, it is dark inside.
[08:39:29] GM: The door is Zent sized, and really isn't a door, but rather an opening.
[08:40:27] Gage slowly approaches
[08:40:59] Lt. Fallnya shines some light in there
[08:41:13] WO Lee: Lee follows along covering everybody
[08:41:33] GM: Inside you see a workers barracks, used to house on the order of 100 workers, in rows of cots three high
[08:41:50] GM: there are a few tables and chairs
[08:43:16] GM: further inside you can see a few more doors, and writing, Lu, you can easily make it out, one is a latrine and shower area, the other laundry. a sigh nearby says SANITATION IS MANDETORY!
[08:43:19] Lt. Fallnya: "I'm starting to think i picked the wrong way."
[08:43:26] Gage runs through his optics and hates this place already. "Too many places to hide here" (Sensory [1d100] => [69] = (69) vs 50; detect ambush [1d100] => [71] = (71) vs 60)
[08:43:43] Lt. Fallnya: "A way that is going to get me pissed at all Tirolians."
[08:44:13] LCpl Summerwind moves a step or two away from Lurana.
[08:45:14] GM: Actions?
[08:45:54] GM: Also, by now, based on the writing on the walls, and the manner of the infrastructure, you figure this is part of the internal scaffold used during the construction of the ship.
[08:45:54] WO Lee: Lee provides overwatch for everyone
[08:47:05] Lt. Fallnya: "Any way recommendations go deeper or check the other way?"
[08:47:28] LCpl Summerwind shrugs
[08:47:43] LCpl Summerwind: We keep going, we'll eventually come full circle.
[08:47:56] LCpl Summerwind: I figure this highway runs the circumference.
[08:49:39] Lt. Fallnya changes back to bike mode. "Lets try speed for a while then, place is to huge."
[08:50:48] GM: Anji follows suite
[08:50:58] GM: roll percs
[08:51:49] Gage transforms and takes point (perception [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16))
[08:53:14] LCpl Summerwind: [1d20+2] => [5,2] = (7)
[08:53:18] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [15] = (15)
[08:54:35] GM: Gage, you see it first, then Lurana, as you speed along you come to and all but pass a large hanger bay (opens towards the inside of the ship) in the periphery of the headlights you see a large massive shape of a bipedal …. thing
[08:55:38] Gage skids to a stop and transforms
[08:56:19] Lt. Fallnya also transforms scanning it with the night vision hoping its not one of them
[08:56:32] Lt. Fallnya: "Anji stay in cover."
[08:58:22] GM: The bipedal thing is 55 feet tall, and where there is still paint, it is colored yellow with orange stripes on the forearms and lower legs.
[08:59:18] GM: The chest is open, swinging upwards exposing a cockpit, and the entire thing looks very reminiscent to a Nousjadeul-Ger
[08:59:46] GM: However, it has NO weapon mounted to the chest and shoulder and the head is more antiquated.
[09:01:00] Lt. Fallnya: "Clear, construction bioroid…"
[09:01:44] GM: The bay is massive, and there are three more of these things along the wall, the rest of the 20 bays are empty.
[09:01:57] Gage: "Roger that"
[09:02:02] GM: ((The last Bay should be 'slot'))
[09:02:13] WO Lee: roy follows along
[09:02:32] Gage transforms and takes point again
[09:02:48] GM: ((and not bioroid Jess, Zent Male Power armor))
[09:03:13] GM: really really old
[09:03:25] GM: ancient even
[09:06:17] Gage drives along "I do believe this was the wrong way unless something changes"
[09:07:17] Lt. Fallnya: (my bad)
[09:07:51] GM: As you continue on, you come across a massive bulkhead (see drawing) one smaller door (not really to scale but hey) for human sized folks, and a massive half open door for the vehicular traffic, the door has grooves in it to accommodate the rail cars
[09:07:56] Lt. Fallnya changes and follows Gage and lee at a distance
[09:08:25] Lt. Fallnya keeps an eye on her scanners.
[09:08:30] GM: Percs
[09:08:35] GM: and RSI rolls
[09:09:39] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [13] = (13) [1d100] => [22] = (22) vs 63%
[09:10:06] LCpl Summerwind: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6) perc [1d100] => [45] = (45) RSI vs 55%
[09:11:45] GM: Lee and Gage?
[09:12:56] GM: Okay
[09:12:59] GM: moving on
[09:15:08] GM: Anji doesn't really notice, but Lurana does, especially nearby Lee's hover tank as it moves along; a waft of sand? here and there as he moves forward, you also begin to feel and hear grit under your tires, Both you and Anji's sensors begin to register elevated moisture in the air, whereas behind you was )5 bone dry, ahead of you is a more wet, 30 to 40%
[09:15:46] GM: the moisture is higher as you pass past the bulkhead, and you can see sand now along the walls (see pic)
[09:16:19] GM: ((and )5 should have been 0%))
[09:16:35] WO Lee: I keep covering am( multitasking sorry)
[09:17:21] GM: There is no multitasking in MY GAME!!!!!! In Soviet Russia Game Multi-tasks YOU!
[09:17:45] Gage transforms and moves to the smaller door, waiting for the others to follow suit
[09:18:55] GM: Actions?
[09:19:02] GM: Or do you all just keep pressing forward
[09:19:07] GM: Lu?
[09:19:39] Gage: (well Lee fit thru the smaller door?)
[09:20:12] GM: No but he can prolly transform and vault thru the opening in the service door
[09:21:03] Gage goes through the smaller door as the others tag along
[09:21:38] Lt. Fallnya: (sorry back)
[09:22:05] GM: as you pass thru the door, you can see a slight mist along the ground, and a few drops of water, or some other clear liquid pat against your visors.
[09:22:26] Lt. Fallnya: "water leak?"
[09:23:29] GM: Ahead of you, the mist thickens
[09:24:17] GM: Such that you figure , one your in it, you wont be able to see more then 20 or so feet ahead of you
[09:24:24] Gage: "Probably from surface water. A nice target for sure if an enemy"
[09:24:56] GM: Actions?
[09:26:12] GM: and any rolls you wish to make
[09:27:08] Gage takes point as usual; runs through optics to see which is best here (sensory [1d100] => [70] = (70) vs 50; detect ambush [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 50, Prowl [1d100] => [85] = (85) vs 55; perception [1d20+2)
[09:27:15] Gage: [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[09:27:25] Gage: (dang)
[09:27:30] GM: Hull Squirrel!
[09:27:57] GM: Luckily no one behind you knows that you cant see, and haven't noticed squat
[09:28:08] Lt. Fallnya looks around her self [1d100] => [37] = (37) sensory vs 63%, tactics [1d100] => [68] = (68) vs 43%,
[09:29:15] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [17] = (17) perc to
[09:29:19] GM: You sensors register a high moisture content and warmer temperature ahead. As for tactics, you might as well be in Oz, you have no idea.
[09:29:52] GM: Do you enter the mist?
[09:30:03] GM: If so, which foot do you step forward with first?
[09:30:28] Lt. Fallnya: "I don't think we will go in there" She kneels the mech down to reach with a hand to test flooring
[09:31:08] GM: You cant really get a feel thru the mecha of the flooring, but you do hear some gritty sound, like sand on metal.
[09:33:04] GM: Lu, your perc roll forgot sorry, you think you heard a bird chirping
[09:33:30] Lt. Fallnya: "A bird…"
[09:33:43] Lt. Fallnya: "What the hell would a bird be doing in this area…"
[09:33:47] LCpl Summerwind: "A plane!"
[09:33:56] LCpl Summerwind: "Sorry…"
[09:34:33] LCpl Summerwind: Maybe it's lost like we are?
[09:34:54] Gage: "Sure it wasn't a dripping sound?"
[09:36:54] GM: Are you skerd?
[09:37:03] GM: The mist frighten joo?
[09:37:03] Gage looks to the Commander
[09:37:37] LCpl Summerwind: Whats the call boss?
[09:39:15] GM: Jess?
[09:39:33] GM: Adventure beckons!
[09:39:41] GM: What do you do? What DO you do!?
[09:41:10] GM: Jess afk?
[09:41:19] GM: Doing truck type stuff?
[09:41:27] Lt. Fallnya: sorry im falling asleep
[09:41:57] Lt. Fallnya: that and i do need to get a little sleep
[09:42:09] GM: well make a call, forward or scurry backwards
[09:42:46] Lt. Fallnya: "Back, i dunno why but i don't trust that room…"
[09:42:54] GM: Wuss
[09:44:14] GM: As you all turn to head back, a greenish purple orb descends from the ceiling behind you and hovers some 40 feet off the ground,
[09:44:47] Lt. Fallnya: "Am i seeing shit?"
[09:45:45] LCpl Summerwind: If shit is a floating orb, then yes, you are most certainly seeing shit.
[09:46:16] Lt. Fallnya tries to get a scan of it
[09:46:24] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [17] = (17) vs 63% RSI
[09:47:54] GM: It's real, and is counter scanning you in turn
[09:48:16] GM: percs
[09:48:46] LCpl Summerwind: [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
[09:49:10] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[09:49:27] LCpl Summerwind: [1d100] => [82] = (82) AEW vs 50%
[09:49:35] Gage: [1d20+2] => [8,2] = (10)
[09:49:44] WO Lee: (ok recap was gone)
[09:50:00] Gage watches in awe
[09:50:09] WO Lee: Perception.
[09:50:11] WO Lee: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[09:50:26] WO Lee: (not my day)
[09:50:58] GM: As you stand bewitched by the orb you hear from behind you the sound of hydraulics, Lee, you know the sound, it's of a mecha settling into idle
[09:51:31] WO Lee: Roy checks his rear screens
[09:52:02] WO Lee: RSI Vs 55%
[09:52:04] WO Lee: [1d100] => [19] = (19)
[09:52:37] GM: You see a pair of Green Bioroids, standing behind you, their gun pods at the ready.
[09:52:59] Underbelly Denizen: You will follow.
[09:53:21] WO Lee: Roy calls out over the radio… uhh don't move…
[09:53:31] GM: The voice is clear, and in heavily accented with Tiresian
[09:54:21] LCpl Summerwind turns slowly.
[09:54:36] WO Lee: roy non hostily stows his weapons. and keeps the tanks hands up.
[09:54:40] LCpl Summerwind: Awwww crud…I hate when this happens.
[09:54:46] Gage shakes his head and prepares to follow
[09:55:21] LCpl Summerwind: Boss? Whats the call, we follow or are we weapons free?
[09:55:40] Lt. Fallnya: "I suggest we follow, They are suppose to be our allies right?"
[09:55:48] LCpl Summerwind: Roger that.
[09:55:57] Lt. Fallnya tries seeing if she can see body heat in the cockpits?
[09:56:22] WO Lee: Lee plods along carefully in the tank,
[09:56:40] GM: The orb bobs overhead and turns, indicating that it is it that you are to follow. You take up slot, and the Bioroids let you pass, then take up the rear behind you as they escort you into the mist.
[09:57:58] GM: As you move deeper into the fog, the clang clang clang of your mecha's feet on metal deck is replaced by muffled thuds. Gage, you are getting the feeling that the terrain is changing to one more…familiar to you.
[09:59:47] Lt. Fallnya: "Where are you taking us Triumviroid?"
[10:00:01] Lt. Fallnya she speaks over the comm in slave language
[10:00:10] GM: The mist eventually starts to clear and the ground beneath your feet is soil and foliage, the walls off the ships hull are covered in creeper vine and trees? are growing. Small animals scurry about and a few more of the floating orbs can bee seen, some above, others ahead, they seem to be watching you.
[10:01:12] Gage checks the humidity on sensors
[10:01:58] GM: As if to answer your question Lurana, six more green bioroids, approach, escorting in the manner of an honor guard, a triumvirate of Tirolian Elders floating upon one of those mushroom looking deals.
[10:04:02] Gage looks around as he is escorted
[10:05:16] GM: Okay, I will cliffhanger this for next time for the ground team, it's turn for the air team

[10:07:02] 2 LT Komillia laughs at the nuked toaster.
[10:08:51] GM: Meanwhile, in stark contrast to the tranquil insides of the Phoenix, the Air team is buffeted by the waning shockwave of the detonated nuke and the eddy's and slipstream created as the shockwave interacts with the nebula.
[10:09:29] GM: In your craft the dosimeters register elevated radiation, but nothing your pilot compartments cannot shield
[10:11:01] GM: As you exit the 'fog bank' the unmistakable silhouettes of Wraiths appear before you, charging you, followed by the Miyuki's air wing.
[10:11:26] GM: There is no warning! They open fire!
[10:12:01] Lt. Jaron: (the wraiths or the airwing?)
[10:12:18] GM: The enemy
[10:13:32] Lt. Jaron: "Evasive and Engage"
[10:13:40] GM: Three shot per: At Komillia [3d20] => [8,19,7] = (34) +7 to strike, At the Legios [3d20] => [3,20,16] = (39) +7, at Ay [3d20] => [12,10,5] = (27) +7, and at Jaron [3d20] => [11,19,12] = (42) +7
[10:14:04] GM: roll your dodges, -4
[10:14:10] GM: for suprise!
[10:14:28] 2 LT Komillia: ((try again the strikes with 1d20 not 3d20))
[10:14:59] Lt. Ishida : the 3d20 are three individual strikes
[10:15:07] Lt. Jaron tries to avoid the flock of fire (Linked?? dodges [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19) [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13) [1d20+8] => [17,8] = (25))
[10:15:13] Lt. Ishida : ((just add the +7 to each))
[10:15:26] 2 LT Komillia: [1d20+10-4] => [8,10,-4] = (14) [1d20+10-4] => [3,10,-4] = (9) [1d20+10-4] => [8,10,-4] = (14)
[10:15:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20+18-4] => [9,18,-4] = (23) [1d20+18-4] => [20,18,-4] = (34)[1d20+18-4] => [1,18,-4] = (15)
[10:16:02] GM: So far each are hit once
[10:16:19] GM: Suki [3d20] => [20,2,20] = (42) +18
[10:16:37] GM: Well, damn, to bad she borked the enemy that rolled the 20
[10:16:51] GM: Each take one hit, the Legios is crit
[10:18:20] Lt. Jaron: "Suki, Sarah; you two ok?"
[10:19:20] GM: Damage: To Jaron [4d4*10] => 80, to Ay [4d4*10] => 100, to Komillia [4d4*10] => 100 and to the Legios [(4d4*10)*2] => 120
[10:19:33] GM: rolling locations now
[10:19:57] GM: Jaron: [1d100] => [88] = (88)
[10:20:05] GM: Pilots compartment
[10:20:13] GM: Ay: [1d100] => [14] = (14)
[10:20:33] GM: Shoulder (upper thruster)
[10:20:40] GM: Komillia [1d100] => [3] = (3)
[10:20:51] GM: Head
[10:20:59] CWO Sarah: (( which shoulder? It's out of MDC whichever it is ))
[10:21:21] CWO Sarah: (( for Ay. ))
[10:21:22] GM: Legioss [1d100] => [53] = (53) For craft [1d100] => [84] = (84) for location on said craft
[10:21:33] 2 LT Komillia: ((Not that I should be complaining, but shouldn't Komi have been hit three times?))
[10:21:50] GM: Alpha: Pilots compartment
[10:22:14] GM: correct sorry
[10:22:32] GM: Komi, 2nd strike [1d100] => [17] = (17) 3rd strike [1d100] => [67] = (67)
[10:23:03] GM: Chest Spots, Foot
[10:23:34] GM: damage for the 2nd [4d4*10] => 130 and 3rd [4d4*10] => 80
[10:24:47] 2 LT Komillia: ((So, I'm headless, or about to be, ok in the torso, but footless as well?))
[10:26:43] CWO Sarah: (( heehee ))
[10:27:02] GM: Okay, Jaron, the shots impact your cockpit and spiders the canopy as chunks are torn from the hull. Ay, Your upper left arm pod armor absorbs the damage and the FAST pack component shears off into space, exploding. Komillia, your head armor is gone, and your pilots compartment is almost holed, your internal DC systems register your fright foot and it's thrusters are inop (read, gone) and moderate damage to your Main Body is likewise registered. Sarah, you watch in horror as Suki's entire canopy is blown out!
[10:28:06] CWO Sarah eeps as Suki's canopy is blown out, swearing. "Suki?! You okay?" She checks and switches control back to the Beta in case it's needed.
[10:28:21] Lt. Ishida : Space Survival [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 53%
[10:28:56] GM: Sarah, there is no reply from the Alpha's cockpit, and you can see vapor escaping
[10:30:11] CWO Sarah sucks in her breath quickly and tries to sense for Suki to see if she can find her. Her range is limited, but hopefully she can't have gotten /that/ far, and she hopes she can pull Suki back in if she can find her. *Suki?*
[10:30:23] GM: There is no reply
[10:30:25] Lt. Jaron transforms and jets through the debris towards Suki & Sarah "Madresa, check on Komillia."
[10:31:09] GM: The Wraiths pass between you and enter the 'fog bank', and the Miyuki air wing pulls up, unwilling to follow.
[10:31:59] 2 LT Komillia: I'm fine, can't say the same for this Bioroid though.
[10:32:06] Lt. Jaron radios "Miyuki air flight, cover us. That swarm of wraith got us good on its way out.:
[10:32:32] GM: Komillia, you are flying visually, now, your cockpit area cracked, but, you can see
[10:32:52] 2Lt. Aylanea flies over towards Komi's ship, looking around quickly and frowning. "Yeah… Need me to fly you back?"
[10:33:05] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( flying? thought her thrusters were inoperable ))
[10:33:26] Lt. Jaron checks for Suki in immediate area of cockpit then nearby space
[10:33:52] 2 LT Komillia: ((only any that might be in the legs, but the main ones are in the backpack.))
[10:33:52] CWO Sarah checks frantically for Suki, trying to use the sensors as well. [1d100] => [79] = (79) vs. 65%
[10:34:14] GM: Jaron, you approach the Legios and can see the cockpit in tatters, the remaining canopy are jagged shards of 'plasteel' Suki is slumped over, her head lolled to the side.
[10:34:36] GM: Correct Komillia
[10:34:37] Lt. Jaron: (CVR intact?)
[10:34:45] GM: CVR is damaged
[10:34:48] CWO Sarah: (( okie ))
[10:35:26] 2 LT Komillia: I'll be fine, though I won't be able to see anything coming up behind me, so watch my back for me.
[10:36:06] GM: you can see her hand over her left arm. a bright orange splotch covers the area, you know that to be a slap patch (a ping pong ball sized goop ball used to fast seal a breech) her visor is cracked as well and bits of canopy are imbedded in her chest armor.
[10:36:09] Lt. Jaron checks his seals of his own CVR and transforms to jet "Madresa, need a hand over her if Komillia is fine."
[10:36:57] CWO Sarah sighs. "Anything I can do? I have room in the back, depending on how hurt she is…" She sighs just a little.
[10:37:38] 2Lt. Aylanea: "Acknowledged, flying over." And with that, she moves the Alpha over to the damaged Legios, to look it over. "Damn…"
[10:39:38] Lt. Jaron releases his cyclone and then opens his cockpit. He slowly unbuckles and holding onto the window, pushing/gliding himself to the cyclone. Keeping contact with the alpha until the cyclone. "Just keep me from floating away"
[10:40:04] GM: Jaron, you know, that What Suki needs is to be taken out of that cockpit and into medical, yesterday
[10:40:14] 2Lt. Aylanea: … Oh, okay.
[10:40:32] GM: frankly, you are wasting what little time she has left
[10:40:39] GM: kk
[10:41:29] CWO Sarah: (( eek ))
[10:41:57] GM: You notice and realize this as you float closer to her.
[10:43:05] Lt. Jaron once in cyclone, transforms to battloid and jets over to her. He unbuckles her and takes him to his cockpit. He straps her in and closes the cockpit "Madresa, take her in. Sarah, open your bay for me."
[10:43:36] CWO Sarah opens her bay up quickly. "How bad is she?"
[10:43:41] 2 LT Komillia starts piloting toward the Yukikaze.
[10:44:15] Lt. Jaron: "Bad. I was afraid of you flew her in with open cockpit she would be hit with something or lose her last bit of air"
[10:44:21] 2Lt. Aylanea nods "Acknowledged…" She moves to the Alpha, to push it in.
[10:46:53] GM: [1d100-18] => [2,-18] = (-16)
[10:47:06] Lt. Jaron: (doesn't the head detach? if not, just push my bird in)
[10:47:06] GM: Suki survives her first Save vs Coma Death
[10:48:15] CWO Sarah sighs softly. "Does she need to get there like, right now right now? Cause if you're in here, I can probably get her there faster, but you'll need to fly the Legios back."
[10:48:22] GM: Jaron, you are able to stuff Suki's limp form into the bay of the Beta
[10:49:09] Lt. Jaron: (ok)
[10:51:07] CWO Sarah starts the Legios back for the ship meanwhile, at speed.
[10:51:16] CWO Sarah: ((well, once he has Suki secure))
[10:51:34] Lt. Jaron: (yea, checking)
[10:52:59] GM: Jaron, Suki starts to convulse
[10:54:33] Lt. Jaron tries his best to keep her secure and tries to think of something for her "How you going to her there faster?"
[10:54:35] GM: [1d100-18] => [70,-18] = (52)
[10:54:48] Lt. Jaron: first aid [1d100] => [77] = (77) vs 60
[10:54:48] CWO Sarah sighs. "Because I can teleport her right to sickbay maybe, if you fly back?"
[10:55:03] GM: Jaron, you know she is dying
[10:55:10] GM: but you cant do anything out here
[10:55:12] 2Lt. Aylanea flies Jaron's mech back for the hangar.
[10:56:24] GM: wow
[10:56:38] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( well, hauls it. ))
[10:56:41] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow what? ))
[10:56:43] Lt. Jaron: "Ok then, get down here:
[10:56:48] Lt. Jaron: "
[10:56:58] Lt. Jaron: "Didn't know you could teleport others"
[10:57:53] CWO Sarah crawls back into the cargo hold. "Teleported her before, it wasn't good on her stomach, but well, now isn't the time for worrying about it." She sighs a little, taking hold of Suki. "I'll check back in as soon as, sir."
[10:58:12] GM: roll Sarah
[10:58:22] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [92] = (92) vs 85%
[10:58:31] CWO Sarah: (( gah ))
[10:58:39] CWO Sarah: (( and you KNOW that would happen ))
[10:59:01] Lt. Jaron nods to Sarah and radios home plate "Got wounded coming in; like right into medical. So be prepared"
[10:59:02] GM: roll again
[10:59:17] CWO Sarah: (( can I spend an action point or three on this roll? ))
[10:59:26] GM: you can
[10:59:35] CWO Sarah: (( mkay ))
[10:59:41] CWO Sarah: (( consider it spent. ))
[10:59:46] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs 85%
[10:59:53] Lt. Jaron: (omg)
[11:00:06] CWO Sarah: (( that's it. a d100 dies tonight ))
[11:00:20] GM: you appear in the med bay, several feet above the ground [4d6] => [6,4,4,3] = (17) to Sarah [4d6] => [4,5,6,1] = (16) to Suki
[11:00:34] GM: this wasn't a vs
[11:00:42] GM: 76-98% Teleport several feet above ground; everybody falls, suffering 4D6 damage.
[11:00:49] Lt. Jaron gets out of cyclone and goes to pilot the Legios in
[11:01:01] CWO Sarah swears softly and tries to cushion Suki's fall as much as she can, if possible, willing to take the damage herself.
[11:01:09] CWO Sarah: (( if palladium would support that ))
[11:01:48] CWO Sarah: (( suppose it won't though. Shit. ))
[11:02:14] Dr. Stravinski: Bozha Noi!
[11:02:34] CWO Sarah: (( *pokes chris* ))
[11:03:12] GM: rules say ALL take fall damage
[11:03:37] Dr. Stravinski: [1d100] => [39] = (39) Medical Doctor vs 98%
[11:03:59] Lt. Ishida : [3d100] => [56,62,18] = (136) -18
[11:04:02] CWO Sarah: (( and the house rules won't account for someone holding onto someone else and trying to roll for bottom. Yep. Pure palladium sh!t ))
[11:04:36] GM: I take it as, you pop in and have no reaction time, but I'll give you a shot, if you roll a nat 17 or higher
[11:04:49] CWO Sarah: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[11:04:52] CWO Sarah: (( fsck ))
[11:04:55] GM: thud
[11:05:00] GM: gave you the shot tho
[11:05:02] CWO Sarah sighs and crashes down. "shit…"
[11:05:45] GM: The medical pick Suki up and set her upon a surgical bed and go to work, the bewilderment of the pair of you appearing out of thin air overshadowed by the grave condition of the pilot
[11:06:20] GM: The pull her helmet off and she is a sickly bluish purple color
[11:07:03] CWO Sarah looks up at the doctors worriedly, sighing and pulling her helmet off, staring in worry at the color of her face, slipping back to let the doctors work though. She wipes a tear away.
[11:07:15] CWO Sarah: (( at least it didn't give me "100 miles off course" ))
[11:07:41] GM: The medics do their thing, IV drip yada yada as the crash cart is wheeled over. Her chest armor is removed and with a knife Dr. Stravinski cut open her flight suit exposing her bare chest. A lab tech readies the paddles and defibrillates Suki.
[11:08:16] GM: it takes an agonizing four hits for her heart to turn over
[11:10:25] Dr. Stravinski steps back and sighs in relief, and directs his team to continue. He walks over to Sarah.
[11:10:45] Lt. Jaron oddly flies the Legios in
[11:10:45] Dr. Stravinski: She iz strong woman, she vill zurvive.
[11:11:10] GM: roll a piloting Jaron
[11:11:33] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 71
[11:12:29] CWO Sarah swears softly and droops as she watches. "Sorry for the landing… I was a little panicked. I was afraid she wouldn't survive at all if we flew her back in and carried her all the way here…"
[11:12:37] GM: You land the damaged bird , you land hard, catching the 4 wire, but, no damage to the bird.
[11:13:27] GM: Ay and Komillia make their way in, Komillia needing to use the crash net,
[11:14:25] Lt. Jaron breathes a sigh of relief and soon exits. He radios "Everyone catch a breather, going to check on Suki"
[11:15:07] Lt. Jaron heads to medical
[11:15:35] GM: hee, I should make Sarah roll a save vs insanity for shell shock
[11:16:13] 2 LT Komillia gets out of her mecha, dusts herself off, and then frowns at the scrap pile she rode in on.
[11:16:16] 2Lt. Aylanea sighs very softly and flies Jaron's bird in, setting it down.
[11:16:25] CWO Sarah: (( rar ))
[11:18:03] GM: roll a 100 Sarah
[11:18:11] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [62] = (62)
[11:18:31] GM: and once more
[11:18:34] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [74] = (74)
[11:18:50] CWO Sarah: ._.
[11:19:33] GM: Sarah develops a phobia of heights
[11:20:20] Lt. Jaron: (omg)
[11:20:24] GM: In three months of therapy, you'll be 100% cured of it
[11:20:46] CWO Sarah: (( that's great, see you all in three months. Can't be in a beta battloid or fly like that ))
[11:20:57] GM: rather, you dislike heights, but are able to function normally
[11:21:02] CWO Sarah: (( oh ))
[11:21:09] CWO Sarah: (( heehee ))
[11:21:10] GM: well, lucky for you space has no real up or down
[11:21:16] CWO Sarah: (( that works ))
[11:23:15] GM: Jaron, you head to medical and see Sarah is however state she is in (Sarah you can describe that) Suki is on the gurney, chest still bare to the world, and the meds are working on her arm, you see a long shard of canopy covered in blood in one of those pans nearby , an IV and blood drip are hooked to her other arm
[11:24:21] CWO Sarah is flopped on the floor out of the way, rubbing her behind softly and tear-streaked, looking down at the floor in a half-daze.
[11:25:06] Lt. Jaron looks to Suki then to Sarah and kneels down beside her "Sarah, are you ok or you injured as well?"
[11:25:29] 2 LT Komillia: ((I need to go to bed…))
[11:26:34] CWO Sarah shakes her head a little bit. "I'll live. I just hit the ground hard. Unfortunately, in a panic, I wound up coming out with both of us well off the deck, for a hard landing. Didn't help any I guess, though it got her here quickly. They said she'll make it…"
[11:29:50] Lt. Jaron smiles very slightly "Good to know. She is going to be fine, don't you worry." He wipes a tear away and stands up "The major would probably like to hear this as well, stay as long as you want. We don't have anything pressing"
[11:30:18] Maj. Kavashera: Good to know.
[11:30:32] Maj. Kavashera stands in the doorway, in his CVR-3
[11:30:56] CWO Sarah sighs just a little bit. Though she stands back up and straightens up for the Major properly.
[11:31:12] Maj. Kavashera: Take your time you two, report to me when you are rested. We're headed into the 'fog' to avoid those three enemy ships bearing down on us.
[11:31:56] Lt. Jaron nods to the Major "yes sir"
[11:32:47] Maj. Kavashera: Doc, status?
[11:33:02] CWO Sarah nods an affirmative quietly, watching.
[11:33:15] Dr. Stravinski: We'll know more later, but she is certainly off of flight status for now.
[11:33:33] Maj. Kavashera: Understood, keep me informed.
[11:34:44] Maj. Kavashera pats your shoulder Jaron.
[11:34:58] Maj. Kavashera: Get some rest.
[11:35:05] Lt. Jaron nods
[11:36:13] Lt. Jaron stands up "Call me if anything changes. I'm going to CIC and check on the ground team."
[11:36:26] Maj. Kavashera: You to Chief. let the meds to their job, I'm sure the Doc here will let you back in once they are done.
[11:36:34] CWO Sarah nods. "Yes, sir."
[11:37:01] Dr. Stravinski nods as the medics cover Suki's chest, her vitals now stable.
[11:37:26] Lt. Jaron heads off
[11:37:36] GM: Okay, calling it here


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