Chapter 3 - Part 9


[07:41:41] 2 Lt. Komillia: Synchro cannons to destroy a town, methinks the Haydonites like overkill.
[07:41:43] CWO Sarah: she left nearly 50 mins ago
[07:42:23] Lt. Jaron hopes the other two know what they are doing with the plane's controls. He calls back "How are our passengers doing?"
[07:42:41] Lt. Magna: John slumped down in his seat. The pain from his injuries reminding him of the past few hours. "So what is the plan LT.?"
[07:44:49] Lt. Ishida flips a few switches, and without looking up from her readouts replies "Avoid getting killed."
[07:45:34] Lt. Jaron nods in agreement
[07:45:59] Lt. Ishida: Magna, you seem to know a bit about the customs here. Whats your take? What are our options?
[07:46:51] Lt. Fallnya (enter): 19:46
[07:46:58] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (8) Lt. Fallnya…
[07:47:16] Lt. Fallnya: (nuclear missile in bound)
[07:47:57] Lt. Magna: John flipped his helmet up. W"well we can't make Lord Jarhead do anything without some sort of payoff. We need to relocate these refugees though. I suggest wee get them as far from here as possible."
[07:48:26] Lt. Magna: "What!"
[07:48:50] Lt. Ishida: How do we do that, bribe, negotiate, or just kill him and take the place over?
[07:48:51] CWO Sarah: (( what what? ))
[07:49:05] Lt. Fallnya (enter): 19:49
[07:49:20] James (enter): 19:49
[07:49:21] Lt. Fallnya: ok thagt was odd
[07:49:22] Lt. Fallnya: server kicked me
[07:49:25] Lt. Magna: disregard
[07:49:38] CWO Sarah glances to Suki's comment and nods quickly. "The way he's been, I'd say the last option sounds rather nice personally."
[07:49:44] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (9) Lt. Fallnya…
[07:49:47] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (10) James…
[07:50:52] Lt. Magna: John looked pale and weary. He replied with a small chuckle, "A bribe would work but I don't think we have anything he wants. Perhaps some political leverage is in order."
[07:51:27] Lt. Ishida: We're Marines, that should be leverage enough.
[07:52:20] Lt. Magna: "These guys don't give a crap if we're marines or not. Theres also the matter of Bria and her father to contend with."
[07:52:44] Lt. Jaron: "Maybe Ishida; but the UEEF clout doesn't seem to register here too well"
[07:52:50] CWO Sarah considers. "We'll wind up fighting his guards before we can even talk to him, likely, after taking the transport. If enough of his guards are down, he'll talk.
[07:52:54] Lt. Ishida: Wasn't my point, I could care less if they care less.
[07:53:05] CWO Sarah: He'll be afraid not to, trying to protect his own carcass.
[07:53:26] 2 Lt. Komillia: Honestly, the UEEF really oughta crack down on people like that, cultural sensitivity should only be carried to a certain point.
[07:53:39] Lt. Magna: "We could try bluffing him?"
[07:53:41] Lt. Ishida: Right now my responsibility is to you and the civilians, not Gervase or Vendris. If we have to remove them to accomplish our tasking then so be it.
[07:54:54] GM: Ahh sorry Jess, yes, you are still in the pilots seat…
[07:55:24] GM: You are on final now and while you cannot yet see what awaits you know it can't be good.
[07:56:31] GM: Okay, DT time here we go, into the thick of it, but, we will start with a cutscene.
[07:56:46] Lt. Magna: "It would feel good though to bring them down a few notches."
[07:57:02] Custscene: Meanwhile, aboard the UES Yukikaze, Captain Reinard closed her eyes, allowing herself a moments respite. “Status Dawn?”
[07:57:15] Custscene: Lieutenant Dawn Lockhart replied immediately. “That’s the last of them ma’am. Haydonites are withdrawing beyond the Yellow Zone.
[07:57:24] Custscene: “Very well. Have Reece bring his birds home.”
[07:57:33] Custscene: As the sensor readouts reported compliance with her orders she sat back and rubbed the bridge of her nose. “Any word from our forces on the surface?” She asked of her XO standing next to her.
[07:57:48] Custscene: “Sparse ma’am. Haydonite jamming is still keeping us in the dark, even with the ‘Icarus Algorithm’. “
[07:57:57] Custscene: Commander Tekeda lifted up his data-pad. “We were able to contact Kavashera, his unit took a beating, but they managed to fall back to Tiresia.” He handed the pad to his captain.
[07:58:10] Custscene: Sandra took it and perused its contents. The news was bad, and looked to get worse. Tirol was, slowly but surely, falling. City by city, outpost by outpost, and unit by unit it seemed that the Haydonites momentum was without end.
[07:58:27] Custscene: “Nasty business this.” Sandra finally said, handing the pad back to her number two. “Stand down to yellow alert.” She didn’t have to say anymore, her crew was well trained, her department heads were dealing with their areas of responsibility, and, right now the last thing they needed was their captain micro managing them.
[07:58:47] Custscene: On the surface of Tirol the situation was no less grim. Kavahera looked over his casualty reports. Over 35% of his force was lost or otherwise unaccounted for. Looking over his tasking orders from the local command he cursed under his breath. His men were hard chargers, trained for fast attack, and now, stuck on defense, what a waste.
[07:59:08] Custscene: “Any word from our recon units?” He asked.
[07:59:16] Custscene: “Partial success sir.” His communications specialist replied. “Baker and Assassian teams have reported in, but we still haven’t been able to raise Fox, Hitman, or Juno.”
[07:59:31] Custscene: Kavashera nodded. “List them as MIA and update the casualty reports.” He spat. “And get with the local HQ and tell them to give me something to attack dammit!” He added in a huff.
[07:59:47] Custscene: Light years away, within the safe confines of moon bases and colonial command centers, dour faced messengers delivered the news from the front.
[07:59:58] Custscene: On Moon Base ALuCE the doorbell to the Fallnya residence rang. Opening the door Mrs. Fallnya was greeted by a UEEF messenger bearing a letter. The messengers had been up and down the residential quarter of late and the occupants had learned to dread their approach, their news never good, leaving only grief and sadness in their wake. And now, at her very doorstep, a messenger solemnly handed to Veronicia Fallnya a sealed letter.
[08:00:26] Custscene: Stoically she took it, her hand only trembling after the door had been closed. She could not bear to open it, instead taking it into the kitchen, sitting it upon the table and sat looking at it. Her husband found her like this some minutes later and froze in his tracks. Wordlessly she looked at him, her face a mute mask of dread. Sitting across from her he slid the letter over and opened it, and read. His steady hands shook as he finished the missive and folded the letter back up and reinserted it into the envelope in which it had arrived. “Lurana is missing in action behind enemy lines and is presumed…” he couldn’t finish, instead he reached over and took his wife’s hand, and held it as she sobbed.
[08:01:04] Custscene: Nearby, within the Nihon quarter of Moon Base ALuCE a UEEF jeep pulled up to the Ishida estate and delivered a similar letter to the attendant. Rushing the correspondence to his master, the attendant bowed as he backed out of the room. His calligraphy interrupted, Sen no Aki, retainer of the Ishida Clan regarded the letter. With a quick flick of his tanto he sliced the envelope open. Reading without emotion he set the letter aside and returned to his calligraphy. Missing behind enemy lines was not dead and until he received confirmation of his Daimyo’s daughters passing he would conduct the clan’s affairs as is.
[08:01:36] Custscene: As he picked up the brush Aki paused. Then, setting the brush back down he made his way to the estates Shinto shrine, and made offerings to the Kami, to protect and give safe passage to young Suki.
[08:01:53] Custscene: On a distant colony world the commander of the local militia received a letter of his own. Opening it he sighed despondently. “Gamjin Mealess, wounded, the initial reports listing him as KIA false, was alive and well on Tirol, but, his sister Komillia…he set the letter down. Her status hadn’t changed, the UEEF still considered her KIA despite his request for conformation. He had known their mother and father, fantastic warriors, good people, and good friends. He had watched the two siblings grow up and thought of them as family. Opening up the drawer to his desk, he withdrew a shot glass and a bottle of twenty five year old Texas Whisky, poured himself a round and downed it as outside his office window cold rain fell.
[08:04:39] GM: The city of Heptac'va rushed up to greet the pilots of the Troopship, Terminators and Bioroids were manning the battlements, and it seemed all eyes were on them, even the massive turrets of the fortress seemed to follow the ships every move.
[08:05:56] Heptac'va ATC: Inboud Dropship, you will continue on your approach vector. If you deviate you will be fired up. You will surrender yourself upon landing. Your flight path is celear of traffic, winds 5 knots from the southwest.
[08:06:38] Lt. Jaron replies "Acknonledged"
[08:07:06] Lt. Fallnya smacks jaron ont he back of his head politely
[08:07:23] Heptac'va ATC: up = upon))
[08:08:02] Lt. Jaron glances to Lurana then smiles "Some would consider that a love tap"
[08:08:05] GM: You have about a half minute of in game time to figure out what you will do before you are skids down.
[08:09:30] Lt. Jaron: "There is no way to fight this; just hope we can contact the UEEF or they do to get us off planet. Unless John can use some laws to get us out"
[08:09:35] GM: Waiting on the ground are a trio of bioroids in the same dark green color common to the regions ISF. True to Johns gut instincts, Censor Vendris and a cadre of troopers in sdark green terminator armor stand waiting for you to land, A full two platoons of Terminators in dark crimson also stand ready,
[08:10:14] Lt. Ishida: Tch…should just land on him…
[08:10:40] Lt. Fallnya: "Try to break through the jamming with this things con system, IF we can get through we can prolly get out of this with some reinforcements"
[08:11:00] 2 Lt. Komillia: Now, now that would just be soulless.
[08:11:30] Lt. Jaron nods "Then go ahead and try the coms"
[08:11:34] Lt. Magna: John replied to Jaron, "I'm afraid I only have a cursory knowledge of lwa here. They don't seem to abide by any that I know of anyway. "
[08:11:44] Lt. Fallnya: "Ishida maintain a level altitude but dont land us just yet till we can get through with HQ, im not handing my ass over to any government but the UEEF"
[08:11:54] Legionnaire pokes his head into the rear of the flight deck. "Well, this doesn't look pleasent. Wait! Those are our men, Tanis's men." He points towards the crimson clad troopers.
[08:12:02] Kel (enter): 20:12
[08:12:43] Lt. Jaron comments to Lurana as they've landed "You'll have a few minutes as they handle the refugees."
[08:12:56] Legionnaire: Would if I could, comms are jammed.
[08:13:05] CWO Sarah blinks at the Legionnaire. "Tanis' men… Sounds like we might have our own ambush right there…" She smiles a little bit.
[08:13:12] Lt. Fallnya: "Doubtfull for all we know they could step on and start blasting"
[08:13:15] Lt. Ishida: ((Whoops, that should have been Ishida'))
[08:13:16] Kel: Disconnecting from server…
[08:13:16] Kel (exit): 20:13
[08:14:09] Lt. Ishida: Well, call it quick, once those doors open we eaither make our play or we lose the initiative.
[08:14:48] Lt. Magna: "We're out numbered severely. Any ideas?"
[08:15:02] Lt. Ishida: Cut the head off the snake and the body dies…
[08:15:12] Lt. Fallnya: "Maybie… how much explosive do we got left?"
[08:15:28] That's the Tab key, Dave
[08:15:33] Lt. Ishida: We used the last of it up mining Anver'sa
[08:15:51] Lt. Magna: "There are too many refugees left for that."
[08:16:45] 2 Lt. Komillia: Assuming we're dealing with an animal with a central nervous system. Maybe I could work up one of my speeches to get these people to see that Vendris is a tyrant.
[08:17:33] Lt. Ishida: Be easier if they guy couldn't rebutt…
[08:17:33] Lt. Jaron ponders "Wasnt Vendris under Tanis's command? Then be deserted his post?"
[08:17:42] 2 Lt. Komillia: But if we did that, I'd make sure we had a plan B and C, it's good to have a spirit of victory, but spirit and stupidity do not go hand in hand.
[08:17:56] Lt. Magna: "That wouldn't stop him from killing anyone who aposed him though." He said to Komilla
[08:18:01] Lt. Jaron he asked the legionnaire that question
[08:18:12] Legionnaire: technically, no, the ISF have Censors in all units, you would call them Political Officers.
[08:18:46] Legionnaire: No one cares for them very much.
[08:18:57] Lt. Fallnya: (wasnt vendris the main guy jaron and komillia and magnus went to meet?)
[08:19:11] Lt. Ishida: Just like the Kempaitai of the Imperial Japanese Army…
[08:19:12] Lt. Jaron asks the legionnaire "Do you know if the Vendris and the Legate were umm close?"
[08:19:19] Lt. Jaron: (no that was legate)
[08:19:47] CWO Sarah glowers a little at the general idea of that.
[08:19:51] Legionnaire: All Censors are chosen for their political loyalty, the Legate of course ensure they have the best quarters, food, women…
[08:20:42] Legionnaire: They and the ISF forces they lead are like the Preatorian guard of old Tiresia.
[08:20:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Ishida when we touch down make sure our weapons are facing them sot that if this turns into a fire fight we got some fire power at least…"
[08:20:59] 2 Lt. Komillia: Either that or I could try to seduce him. Just have to come up with a way to beat him senseless before it goes to far.
[08:21:25] Lt. Jaron nods to the Legionnaire "thanks….just curious. If the Censor decides that we our the enemy, will you fight with us or against us?"
[08:22:40] Legionnaire: I am loyal to Tanis, Tanis died to protect the pass, and you fought with him, I am loyal to you by proxy. I have no love for the ISF, or the Legate, I think the rest of Tanis' men abaord feel the same.
[08:22:41] Lt. Magna: "Why not take off after the refugees are unloade? Regroup somewhare else."
[08:23:23] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly "Thank you once again" then looks to John "Ummm turrets would probably tear us apart"
[08:23:40] Lt. Ishida: And give Vendris 600 plus bargining chips, no thanks.
[08:24:04] Lt. Jaron has an idea and looks the squad leader "Could you contact the UEEF for us?"
[08:24:19] Lt. Magna: "There are too many to fight here though."
[08:24:22] Lt. Ishida: I already tried, twice, we're ina dead zone, no pun intended.
[08:24:56] Lt. Jaron comments to Ishida "Not you but maybe the squad leader can get a code to pass through the jamming"
[08:25:05] Lt. Ishida: Shock and awe…you wanted to kill Vendris John, why so hesitant now?
[08:25:08] Lt. Jaron: "Or turn it off"
[08:25:32] Lt. Magna: "I don't supose there are any secret compartments on this thing is there?"
[08:25:49] Heptac'va ATC: What is the hold up transport, your pad is clear! Land NOW!
[08:26:58] Lt. Magna: "Very well then. Bring us down and I'll frag him the moment I see his beedy eyes"
[08:27:00] Lt. Jaron glances to the others "Well, time to go down"
[08:27:05] Lt. Fallnya: "Ishida put us on the ground befor they do open fire face our forward weapons at those bioroids, im stepping out alone if they open fire, dont hesitate to open all weapons up"
[08:27:27] Lt. Jaron helps guide the ship down.
[08:27:40] Lt. Ishida: Roger that! But I would advise against going out alone.
[08:27:47] Lt. Fallnya stands and moves to the back, "John im borrowing your sabre Cyclone you mind?"
[08:27:48] GM: roll them bones
[08:27:55] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [83] = (83)
[08:28:14] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [6] = (6) vs 78
[08:28:28] Lt. Magna: "I'm currently wearing it
[08:28:50] Lt. Fallnya: "I know but im asking to borrow it a moment"
[08:28:56] GM: roll please jess, piloting
[08:29:10] Lt. Fallnya: (i got up im not sitting there now x.x)
[08:29:33] GM: 44.5 avaerage, the landing is smooth.
[08:29:37] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((We're gonna crash!))
[08:29:40] Lt. Magna: "Ok LT. But you leave me exposed." he exits his suit.
[08:29:59] Lt. Jaron reaches over to compensate for Lurana in the landing.
[08:30:21] Lt. Magna: John heads to agunnery control
[08:30:42] Avzin (enter): 20:30
[08:30:57] Lt. Fallnya: "I need a few volenteers to step out with me, preferbly those who arent gona man a gun on the transport"
[08:31:09] GM: The mighty Roil-Tiluvo lands softly upon the tarmac, and settles onto it's landing struts.
[08:31:43] 2 Lt. Komillia: I'll go, need me in armor or just the borrowed uniform?
[08:31:46] Lt. Jaron comments the squad leader "Can you contact tanis men there?"
[08:32:14] Legionnaire: I believe I can, what would you have me tell them?
[08:32:23] Legionnaire smiles conspiritorialy.
[08:32:40] Lt. Fallnya: "Armor, could turn into a fire fight" *she strattles the bike and switches it to armor mode.*
[08:32:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Any one else?"
[08:33:08] Avzin (enter): 20:33
[08:33:20] Lt. Ishida truns to John, "You taking gunnery?"
[08:33:25] Lt. Jaron smiles "That you are on board and Vendris has conspired against you and Tanis. Plus any fluff you would like to add. But anyway to avoid us getting into a battle here"
[08:33:51] 2 Lt. Komillia double checks her CVR-3 and checks on her Galant.
[08:33:57] Legionnaire: It will be done.
[08:34:09] CWO Sarah glances up quickly. "I'll go if you like."
[08:34:25] Lt. Magna: "Yes ma'am" John replies to Ishida.
[08:34:49] Lt. Ishida: Roger that.
[08:34:56] Lt. Fallnya: (arent the 4 guns each manned by a gunner?)
[08:35:09] Lt. Fallnya: (and the underbelly an automated gun?)
[08:35:30] Lt. Jaron nods and turns off the ship engines; raising up still in battloid mode. Then radios the team "The squad leader is contacting his comrades and hopes to help us resolve this"
[08:36:07] Lt. Fallnya: (uhhh woulod like to know how jaron was sitting in a pilot seat in full cyclone lol)
[08:36:38] Lt. Ishida moves from her station and dons her VR-038 and hefts her EP-37. Picking up the HRG-70 she walks over to Komilla and hands it to her and points to the ground near the door. "On your belly soldier."
[08:36:59] Lt. Magna: brb
[08:37:35] GM: Nod, Jaron, you wuld have you Cyc nearby, but could not wear it on the flight deck.
[08:37:56] GM: Well, unless you were standing next to the seat as you worked the controls.
[08:38:14] Lt. Fallnya: (arg brb bio…)
[08:38:17] Lt. Jaron: (kk, I was dragged into the cockpit and I was in battloid mode so standing)
[08:39:39] GM: All three of you, Ishida, Lu , and you were on the flight deck (triumverate piloting)
[08:40:18] Lt. Fallnya: (back)
[08:40:20] GM: so you all were in your CVR-3 at the time, your cyc was always nearby, but yeah, as you were flying in you were in your CVR…sorry for the confusion
[08:41:25] GM: okay, before we move on, anyone have any questions, about where you are? also, let me know where you are and what you intend to do once those doors open.
[08:41:58] Legionnaire: [1d100] => [52] = (52)
[08:42:01] Legionnaire: [1d100] => [9] = (9)
[08:42:08] Lt. Fallnya: (i had plannedon stepping out with a small force of legion troopers and mabie 1 or 2 of the group)
[08:42:10] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((I should be by the door, but is the gallant in rifle or pistol mode.))
[08:42:11] GM: Thats looking good for you…
[08:42:29] GM: Komillia, Suki interacted with you earlier okie
[08:42:53] Lt. Jaron would have got into cyclone battloud mode and hopes the squad leader is really good with words. Waiting behind the refugees in hold
[08:42:59] Lt. Fallnya: (and trying to initiate a dialog first while the legion guy with the raido did his thing and those other legion guys were on the turrents watching our backs
[08:43:10] Lt. Magna: bk
[08:43:15] GM: Lurana, you most liekly see this and it probobly gives you a good idea as to Suki's mindset
[08:43:36] GM: Behind the refugees…real brave there lol
[08:44:15] Lt. Magna: John will attempt to find Vendris
[08:44:26] Lt. Magna: visualy
[08:45:13] Lt. Jaron: (yea I know…but figured it might get us some sympathy points as they see them first)
[08:45:15] Lt. Fallnya: (is confuised i saw her tell the other zent to get on her belly and take a rifle (dont recall that rifle in the weapons listings) '
[08:45:28] GM: Okay, I'll go first…
[08:45:59] Lt. Fallnya: (and lu has no intention of letting the refugees off first till she has a guarantee they will be safe)
[08:46:46] Lt. Magna: Hey GM, could you put an X on the map where we are?
[08:46:53] CWO Sarah: (( *snores* ))
[08:47:02] Lt. Ishida: Takes a prone position in her VR-038 with her EP-37 at the ready on the deck near the door that will open soon. She has handed an HRG-70 that had been lugged along ona Silverback to Komilla, and had pointed to the deck next to her indicating she use it, instead of her Gallant, likewise assuming aprone position.
[08:47:08] Lt. Jaron: (Yea but the ground forces know we are onboard and are hopefully on their side and vendris is bad)
[08:48:02] Lt. Magna: thks
[08:48:12] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((The HRG-70 isn't an infantry weapon, and it has no trigger, read the desc it's vehicle/cyclone mount only.))
[08:48:15] CWO Sarah hangs back for the moment, her Cyclone on as well. She moves herself slightly into a position to defend the transport interior, holding her Gallant tightly and checking its new clip.
[08:49:29] Lt. Jaron checks sensors for position of the ground forces who are have moved, if he can (sensory equipment [1d100] => [9] = (9) vs 55)
[08:49:59] CWO Sarah: (( am I supposed to be manning one of the guns? Since my offer to go outside with Lu was apparently overruled. ))
[08:52:09] CWO Sarah: (( … ))
[08:52:20] CWO Sarah: (( hello? ))
[08:52:40] Lt. Magna: lol
[08:53:01] Lt. Magna: hmmm…
[08:53:05] Lt. Jaron: (meow)
[08:53:15] Lt. Magna: *pokes GM*
[08:53:35] GM: give me a sec please
[08:53:42] Lt. Magna: np
[08:54:03] Lt. Fallnya: (i ddidnt see carrie make an offer to go with lol sorry
[08:54:18] Lt. Fallnya: (and i dont remember ishida overrulling her going out to)
[08:54:20] CWO Sarah: (( just over a minute after you asked for someone else. ))
[08:54:24] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((I was having a spat with him, because I didn't see the part where the HRG-70 had a conventional trigger.))
[08:54:51] GM: Sorry, like James said.. was dealing with a technical issue
[08:55:15] GM: give me a sec to read back, and I will respond in turn
[08:55:24] CWO Sarah: (( [08:34:09] => 08:34:09 CWO Sarah glances up quickly. "I'll go if you like." ))
[08:56:05] GM: Okay, here is what I see, John has decided to man the Ships guns…correct?
[08:56:27] GM: Lurana has moved to the doors in Jhons VR-041…correct?
[08:56:30] Lt. Fallnya: correct
[08:56:30] Lt. Magna: yes
[08:56:35] Lt. Fallnya: correct
[08:56:49] GM: Sarah, you are near the doors but a bit back with your Gallant…correct?
[08:57:21] CWO Sarah: (( if they don't need me on guns, yes.l ))
[08:57:34] GM: Jaron, you are behind the refugees? … correct?
[08:57:57] Lt. Fallnya: (i assume we prolly have 3 free engineers to man the other CIWA turrents on the dropship)
[08:58:15] CWO Sarah: (( ah ))
[08:58:17] CWO Sarah: (( okie ))
[08:58:24] Lt. Jaron: (yes, checked sensors)
[08:58:34] GM: Komillia you are on the deck next to Suki with your heavy…correct?
[08:58:40] Lt. Fallnya: (err lengion what evers not engineers
[08:58:57] 2 Lt. Komillia: Yes
[08:59:03] GM: Right now John is o solo mio on the fligth deck
[08:59:18] Lt. Magna: ?
[08:59:56] GM: Answering Lurana's question, right now you are alone manning the guns, so it's all you with the ships weapons, the legionnairs sent to the pass weren't dropship pilots etc.
[09:00:14] CWO Sarah: (( don't they need 4 people? ))
[09:00:28] Lt. Fallnya: (4 peeps for the turrents)
[09:00:36] GM: in flight sure…on the ground, not so much
[09:00:42] CWO Sarah: (( oh, okay ))
[09:00:48] CWO Sarah: (( *stays where she is then* ))
[09:00:50] Lt. Fallnya: (the underbelly is automated after its told what its target is)
[09:01:07] Lt. Fallnya: (and the nose gun well thats sorta used by the triplicate pilots i thought)
[09:01:47] CWO Sarah: (( at least for now, I'll stay where I am ))
[09:01:47] GM: also, the underbelly turret is semi useless at this time due to defilade, the only weapons of any use are the forward firing cannons which, are facing the center of the three bioroids (indicated as the three green circles on teh map)
[09:01:55] CWO Sarah: (( right ))
[09:02:09] GM: if you can call those circles….
[09:02:21] GM: look more like spastic squares…
[09:02:23] Lt. Magna: blobs
[09:02:33] GM: hehe
[09:03:05] GM: okay, Jaron, your sensor sweep is able to place the hostiles, and possible hostiles…dt, I'll describe
[09:03:05] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(13) Avzin' from server… Removing dead client
[09:03:06] Avzin (exit): 21:03
[09:03:55] No match found
[09:04:50] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(14) Avzin' from server… Removing dead client
[09:04:51] Avzin (exit): 21:04
[09:05:05] Lt. Fallnya: "Allright im gona try to set up dialog first see if we can get this without being blown to bits, whos stepping outside with me?"
[09:05:17] GM: You see the three bioroids clear as day (three…blobs…) in front of the middle blob are 5 man sized targets, one ahead, the other four behind, in the pattern I just drew. The lead target you figure is Vendris.
[09:05:52] GM: Behind the bioroids in three lines of ten are Tanis's men
[09:05:56] CWO Sarah looks up. "Again, I will. My Cyc has a little damage, but it'll last long enough to hopefully allow for getting out of this."
[09:06:18] 2 Lt. Komillia: Can't, I'm pinned down with the monster rifle.
[09:06:36] Legionnaire looks over to Jaron, and gives you the very human symbol of a thumbs up.
[09:06:57] Lt. Jaron nods and returns the favor and hopes
[09:06:59] Lt. Fallnya: "Any of you Legionnaires?"
[09:07:02] Legionnaire: They will not interfear with whatever you have planned UEEF.
[09:07:34] Legionnaire: What DO you have planned?
[09:08:06] Lt. Magna: John gets up from gun control and exits the ship.
[09:08:10] Lt. Fallnya: "Dialog first, if that dont work shoot to kill, the head of the snake Simple as that…"
[09:08:21] Lt. Fallnya: (uhh john the door is closed)
[09:08:29] Lt. Magna: so
[09:08:38] Lt. Magna: I have hands
[09:08:42] Lt. Fallnya: (and i dont think were ready to open it…)
[09:08:45] GM: easy guys…
[09:08:56] CWO Sarah nods quickly, adjusting her Gallant and checking her RL-6. "Right…"
[09:09:03] Lt. Magna: hI thought you guys already left
[09:09:15] Lt. Fallnya: (uhhh no x.x)
[09:09:26] GM: I want to see where you all are, before we moved on, to avoid confusion later, I want us all on the same page
[09:09:27] Lt. Fallnya: ( you were within earshot i thought to know what were planning…)
[09:09:38] Lt. Magna: oh. well then he comes down to the door with LU. then
[09:10:16] GM: so, right now, you are all where you are, jhon at gunnery, suki and kommi on the deck weapons ready, Jaron back sensors pealed, and Sarah and Lu ready to open dialogue once the doors open…
[09:10:16] Lt. Fallnya: (by the door aobut to step out with carrie and mabie a legionarre or 2, and magna you were suppose to man the guns so we have cover fire from something with a bit of punch…)
[09:11:15] Lt. Magna: I changed my mind. There are other gunners."
[09:11:21] Lt. Jaron relays the info the others that Tanis men will not interfere
[09:11:22] GM: okay, here we go, places people. No other gunners
[09:11:48] GM: None of the legionarries sent with Tanis are rated to operate any systems aboard a Dropship
[09:11:56] Lt. Magna: I'm confused
[09:12:08] GM: kk, we'll sort it…
[09:12:11] GM: no rush
[09:12:40] Lt. Fallnya: magna youw ere takeing the guns for our artiliary size punch, me and carrie were gona step out to set up a dialog
[09:12:46] Lt. Magna: So there are no other gunners?
[09:12:53] Lt. Fallnya: suki and our new zent were staged to start sniping
[09:13:00] Lt. Fallnya: and yes there are no other gunners
[09:13:04] CWO Sarah: (( *smacks Lurana* ))
[09:13:17] Lt. Magna: ok. very well. disregard
[09:13:21] GM: you are at the gunnery staion aboard the dropship, right now your (dropships) primary weapons are pointed towards the middle bioroid (green cricle/blob) you are in your CVR as Lu has borrowed your VR-041
[09:13:37] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((is eating popcorn while being amused.))
[09:13:39] CWO Sarah: (( more editing work to do. After all, there is no character named Carrie ))
[09:13:45] GM: lol shush heheh
[09:13:58] Lt. Magna: roger
[09:14:08] GM: is all good, I'd rather get the confusion worked out now then have to deal with it once the dice start rolling
[09:14:19] GM: ____
[09:14:24] GM: okay, here we go
[09:14:32] Lt. Fallnya steps to the door and presses the button then (assuming were ready?)
[09:15:06] Lt. Jaron radios "Just go after Vendris"
[09:15:21] Censor Vendris: UEEF! Come out of the Dropship in suplication and you will be treated failry, Do not comply and you will be dealt with!
[09:15:38] CWO Sarah: (( eep ))
[09:15:46] GM spank whoever messed with the map
[09:15:53] CWO Sarah: (( clicked the wrong place ))
[09:16:01] GM: naugyt Carrie
[09:16:20] CWO Sarah: (( was trying to fix it, but… ))
[09:16:29] GM: whee real circles this time
[09:16:30] Lt. Magna: hehe
[09:16:34] CWO Sarah steps up just behind Lurana, checking weapons and watching the door.
[09:16:53] GM: KK, Vendris just called you out…
[09:16:58] Lt. Fallnya steps out holding her Valliant laser rifle at port in full battle armor tho the underlay armor near her arms and legs show singes she steps out proudly as if they were still freshly polished
[09:17:59] Censor Vendris looks at you, his eyes full of unease, he harumps and regains his composure. "Drop your weapon, and pop your armor!" He orders.
[09:18:37] GM: NOTE! dt
[09:19:05] GM: the yellow arrow is the facing of the Dropship
[09:19:11] GM: the doors are to the SIDES
[09:19:43] GM: Vendris and his cronies have moved to the RIGHT side door (you position yourself accordingly)
[09:20:02] GM: Vendris and his bitches are at the balck blob
[09:20:06] GM: kk, go ahead
[09:20:48] Lt. Jaron waits inside with the refugees and trusted Legionnaires then asked the squad leader "You should the forces will hold back if we go for Vendris?"
[09:20:56] Lt. Jaron: (should=sure)
[09:21:22] Legionnaire: Yes, I bet your life on it.
[09:21:24] Legionnaire laughes
[09:21:34] Lt. Jaron smiles slightly
[09:22:13] Lt. Fallnya: (Intel check for any thing that might be usefull in this cituation on paper that he wouldent want to ignore as policy between UEEF and the Triolian governemtn [1d100] => [24] = (24) vs 55%)
[09:22:16] 2 Lt. Komillia positons herself to have as clear a shot as possible without being TOO obvious.
[09:23:06] GM: Lurana…you know that the UEEF, in times of war, crisis or civil unrest have the right to declare Martial Law and suplant the local leadership.
[09:23:26] CWO Sarah basically follows along behind Lurana quietly, watching for whoever is going to twitch in her little 038.
[09:23:34] GM: Komilla, part of Vendris' unease was the fact that he quite plainly sees you and suki with very heavy weapons, leveled right at HIM
[09:24:01] Lt. Magna: Not to mention the turrets
[09:24:19] GM: turrets are faced at the front, Vendris is at the side…
[09:24:45] CWO Sarah: (( lol, woops ))
[09:24:51] GM: The middle boiroid kind of shifts however, not liking where he is…hopeing the gunnery station is unmanned…lol, poor sap
[09:24:58] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[09:25:30] Lt. Jaron comments to the squad leader "Well, have your team exit the opposite side of the dropship, I will go with and circle around"
[09:26:45] GM: likethat?
[09:27:30] GM: Note, you know, dont even have to roll here, that the second those boots hit the ground Vendris will know, since he will see them exit (looking underthe dropships belly
[09:27:34] Lt. Fallnya: "Censor Vendris, under Artical 345A Suppliment B of the Triolian Liberation Pact of 2035 I as the Senior member of the UEEF present Here by recomend you stand down, We are declairing Martial Law, in Lue of the Haydonite attacks, you and your men are here by requested to stand down."
[09:28:35] Lt. Jaron: (looks good)
[09:28:57] Lt. Fallnya: (ehhh why did i say stand down twice)
[09:29:09] Censor Vendris widens his eyes in disbelief then quickly recovers and steps forward. (dt)
[09:31:02] Censor Vendris: Bah! Do not attempt to site passage and verse with me woman! You are but a lowly O-2! Declarations of martial law must be approved by either the council or an officer of grade O-5 or above! Do, do not think your pitiful play at procedure will work here…Lieutenant!" He speaks your rank, as if it were a curse.
[09:32:14] Lt. Ishida settles in, flips the dafety off and sights in on Vendris.
[09:32:45] Lt. Ishida "On your call" She whispers into the net.
[09:33:25] GM: Komilla, roll a perc
[09:33:48] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [20] = (20)
[09:34:04] Lt. Magna: wow!
[09:34:06] GM: You disappear ina blaxe of light and ascend
[09:34:15] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Nirvana time. Can I hit on Meia while I'm there?))
[09:34:28] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Sorry, vandread reference))
[09:34:39] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((and a lag.))
[09:34:51] Lt. Fallnya steps defiantly closer "That might be true how ever the Haydonites will be here any second and i doubt your leadership will hold once they come here." *she looks him up and down as if smelling his nervousness. "That and im quite sertain Martial Law has allready been declaired so unless you wish to be executed where you stand, Continue to spout off like that.." She makes a single motion to the 2 heavy guns facing him standing off just enough both ladies have a clear shot.
[09:36:13] GM: Your sence are hightened, the amount of adreniline in your system boggling the imagination, the soft click of the safety of Suki's EP-37 clicking over sounds to you like thunder! You can see a bead of sweat slowly trickle down Vendris' face, and behind him one ofhis guards shifts uneaslily, and Vendris himself, his hand rests upon his pistol holster.
[09:37:07] 2 Lt. Komillia: I'd ease the hand away from the holster Vendris, I've got you dead to rights.
[09:38:02] CWO Sarah steps along with Lurana, moving outward a bit further from her so she has a shot herself in case something needs to be shot at. She doesn't step closer however.
[09:38:14] 2 Lt. Komillia shifts aim just bit to make a point.
[09:38:33] Censor Vendris: This! This is madness!
[09:38:58] Lt. Fallnya: (bout how close am i?)
[09:39:15] 2 Lt. Komillia: Only when you're the tyrant about to be deposed, at least temporarility.
[09:39:29] Censor Vendris: You have stolen a dropship! Your Magna has stolen a Bioroid! These crimes are punishable!
[09:41:21] 2 Lt. Komillia: Doesn't the UEEF maintain the right to comandeer property in emergency situations?
[09:41:25] Lt. Jaron bobbles his head alittle
[09:42:07] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[09:42:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Borrowed perhapse, We saved your world once from the invid, now were doing it again, and im sure your dropshiped were borrowed back then, and by the looks of that Bioroid it was salvaged, but unfortunatly unrepairable thanks to your interfearanc earlier. We both know your trying to cut loose and Protect only this town, you left your own people to die up in the mountains."
[09:43:10] Censor Vendris goes back on message. "You WILL surrender yourself! Or you WILL be fired upon! The UEEF may think they run Triol, but your are NOT our masters!
[09:43:56] Lt. Fallnya: "Fine have it your way" *she makes 2 clicks into her mic as tho telling both girls to fire then starts to back pedal
[09:44:03] Lt. Ishida: I have the shot…
[09:44:20] 2 Lt. Komillia: Ready when you are.
[09:44:53] GM: roll it, suprise attack
[09:45:02] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30)
[09:45:07] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10)
[09:45:09] Lt. Jaron: (oh snap)
[09:45:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((grr, can't we use the MC rules of nat 1's being the only autofails. j/k))
[09:45:38] Lt. Fallnya: (poor komi)
[09:46:18] CWO Sarah: (( and another Suki gets ANOTHER nat 20 ))
[09:46:21] Lt. Ishida: [2d4*10] => 70
[09:46:24] Lt. Ishida: 140
[09:46:39] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((eh, there was suppsed to be a-4 in there anyway))
[09:48:13] GM: Both Komillia and Suki fire at the same time! Komilla's rounds impact the area around Vendris, failing to hit, but sendin his 'guard' into a panic as the dive for cover! Suki's rounds hoever punch right thru Vendris' head! Exploding it like an over ripe melon.
[09:48:42] GM: Init.
[09:48:55] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16)
[09:49:05] GM: [1d100] => [92] = (92)
[09:49:09] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[09:49:15] GM: disregard
[09:49:20] GM: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
[09:49:27] Lt. Jaron replies the squad leader as he raises his rifle "Who is highest rank here now? (Initiative [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20))
[09:49:33] Lt. Magna: [1d20+2] => [9,2] = (11)
[09:49:48] GM: Jaron clarify,
[09:49:56] CWO Sarah: [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
[09:50:05] GM: Sarah will go first…
[09:50:12] GM: yes, yes she will lol
[09:50:14] Lt. Jaron: "of the tirolian forces"
[09:51:00] GM: You get no reply, at this time…Sarah…your turn…
[09:51:45] GM: Lu and SUki roll off on for a tie breaker, rolla d10
[09:51:50] Lt. Ishida: [1d10+5] => [3,5] = (8)
[09:51:57] Lt. Ishida: ((3))
[09:52:06] Lt. Fallnya: [1d10+6] => [3,6] = (9)
[09:52:11] GM: agaqin
[09:52:16] Lt. Ishida: [1d10] => [9] = (9)
[09:52:18] Lt. Fallnya: [1d10] => [5] = (5)
[09:52:44] CWO Sarah looks at the guards, deciding which seems to present the biggest active threat. At the opportunity, she pulls up the RL-6, sighting for whichever one seems to be the most dangerous one at the moment, to let fly with a blast.
[09:52:57] GM: Order of attack, Sarah, Jaron, Suki, Lu, Kommie, John.
[09:53:07] GM: roll the bones
[09:53:39] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
[09:53:42] CWO Sarah: (( waugh ))
[09:53:43] GM: Right now the 4 legionaaris in front of you are stunned and have lost init, John, the bioroids in front have you still dont seem to know hwat has jsut happened
[09:53:44] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[09:54:06] CWO Sarah: (( fail! ))
[09:54:12] GM: Sarah, sigh… roll a d10 please followed by a d 10
[09:54:22] CWO Sarah: [1d10+7] => [5,7] = (12)
[09:54:27] CWO Sarah: [1d10] => [8] = (8)
[09:54:47] CWO Sarah: (( 5 and 8 ))
[09:54:53] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[09:55:00] GM: Your round land 8 feet behind the four guards and denotante, they take no damage
[09:55:06] CWO Sarah: (( not my fault the dice hate me, so don't sigh at me ))
[09:55:15] GM: cuddles
[09:55:22] GM: Jaron
[09:56:11] GM: real fast, what loads are you suing Sarah?
[09:56:16] GM: using
[09:56:32] Lt. Jaron fires his rifle at one of Vendris's escorts, called shot to the rifle he is holding (single shot [1d20+8] => [2,8] = (10) dmg [4d4] => [1,4,1,4] = (10))
[09:57:08] GM: Jaron, you pop up and open fire but your round go wide!
[09:57:13] GM: rounds*
[09:57:29] GM: Suki, your turn
[09:57:50] Lt. Ishida shifts her weapon and sights in on the front left Legionarri and opens fore.
[09:57:50] CWO Sarah: (( HEAP, standard rounds. ))
[09:57:53] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[09:57:55] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
[09:58:14] GM: Suki's rounds go wide as well as the ISF troopers scramble for cover!
[09:58:16] CWO Sarah: (( wow, everyone sucks tonight ))
[09:59:03] GM: Lurana, your attack
[09:59:54] GM: Meanwhile, Vendris's headless corpse, finally loses it's balance and crumples to it's knnes, and topples to the ground.
[10:00:15] Lt. Fallnya thruster leaps planning to land with her knees into the back of one of the 4 guards and to pin him to the ground
[10:00:22] GM: roll it
[10:00:42] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
[10:00:52] Lt. Fallnya: (ok i call dice hacks)
[10:00:58] Lt. Fallnya: (eveyr ones rolled 4 or lower)
[10:01:03] CWO Sarah: (( LOL ))
[10:02:17] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((that was a nat 1 too.))
[10:02:21] GM: Lurana, you engage your thrusters, but instead of flying out of the hatchway, you impact the roof and flip backwards and tumble to the ground, landing in a heap.
[10:02:45] Lt. Fallnya: (uhh wasnt i allready outside?)
[10:02:57] CWO Sarah: (( she was already outside ))
[10:03:00] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[10:03:00] GM: [1d4+4] => [4,4] = (8)
[10:03:03] GM: You are dazed for…
[10:03:06] Lt. Fallnya: (so what hatchway would i be flying out of ?)
[10:03:17] GM: You had stpeed back. let me look, I might be full of it
[10:03:29] CWO Sarah: (( after stepping out, then stepping forward towards Vendris ))
[10:03:32] Lt. Fallnya: (i didnt step back that far)
[10:03:40] Lt. Fallnya: (only about 10-20 ft at most)
[10:03:48] GM: dt, everytime you enter something I go back to the bottom…let me scroll up
[10:04:12] GM: kk, I see it yeah, you are right
[10:05:00] GM: Okay, you fly backwards instead of forwards, and land in the doorway, Komillia, and Suki, make a auto dodge (free attack) to avoid being laned on.
[10:05:06] Lt. Fallnya: (would be a pilot check either way for a thruster foul up like that)
[10:05:19] GM: You rolled a 1 I get to have my way with you!
[10:05:52] Lt. Magna: true dat!
[10:05:53] CWO Sarah: (( *giggles* ))
[10:05:54] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+17] => [10,17] = (27)
[10:06:20] Lt. Ishida yells in Japanese as she rolls to the left!
[10:06:29] CWO Sarah: (( *pokes Komi* ))
[10:07:19] 2 Lt. Komillia fires a burst at one of the nearby guards.
[10:07:25] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20)
[10:07:38] CWO Sarah: (( er, GM asked for an auto-dodge from you ))
[10:07:48] Mana (enter): 22:07
[10:07:50] GM: Komillia, roll damage, you fire, hitting, but as you do so, Lurana land on top of you!
[10:08:24] 2 Lt. Komillia: It's called simultaneous strike, valid option.
[10:08:31] CWO Sarah: (( ah, okie ))
[10:08:41] Mana: Disconnecting from server…
[10:08:41] Mana (exit): 22:08
[10:08:42] GM: fur enough
[10:08:55] Lt. Fallnya: (i think simultaneous only works in melee with 2 weapons)
[10:08:59] 2 Lt. Komillia: err, nvm, I;'m getting horrible lag, be back in asec.
[10:09:05] GM: kk
[10:09:06] CWO Sarah: (( *snarls* for the record, we might just password this room next time, the password will be on the site. ))
[10:09:06] Lt. Fallnya: (parry and strike with the opposate weapon)
[10:09:16] GM: roll damage tho, before you go
[10:09:18] CWO Sarah: (( Simo otherwise means 'no dodge' ))
[10:09:42] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d4*10+10] => 20
[10:09:50] 2 Lt. Komillia: Disconnecting from server…
[10:09:52] James (exit): 22:09
[10:11:04] GM: we will wiat for James to come back for the damage.HJhon, your turn
[10:11:16] Lt. Fallnya: (he rolled it
[10:11:27] Lt. Fallnya: 10) 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d4*10+10] => 50 => 20
(10) 2 Lt. Komillia: Disconnecting from server…
(10) James (exit): 22:10
[10:12:21] GM: my bad
[10:12:26] James (enter): 22:12
[10:12:28] CWO Sarah: (( *tickles* ))
[10:12:33] CWO Sarah: (( *tackles, wb* ))
[10:12:35] Lt. Fallnya: he got a 20
[10:12:38] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (16) James…
[10:12:43] Lt. Fallnya: not sure where that 50 came up in the direct copy x.x
[10:12:45] James: ((that seems to be working.))
[10:13:18] James: ((yeah, the program was laggin so bad I couldn't read half of what was happening.))
[10:13:36] GM: Wb James! Your rounds walk over the back of a low crawling ISF trooper as he tries to get out of your line of fire. You do not kill him, but your rounds toss him to the side as if he was a rag doll swatted by an unruly chiled.
[10:13:41] James: ((I'd get lines for all but the most recent of text))
[10:14:51] James: (heh,)
[10:14:58] Lt. Magna: John lets out a burst of PB fire at the bioriod in front of him.
[10:15:01] Lt. Magna: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[10:15:12] Lt. Magna: er quad
[10:15:28] GM: Roll damamge suprise attack 1d10x10+20
[10:15:58] GM: tire screech, 2d4x10
[10:16:01] Lt. Magna: [1d10*10+20] => 30
[10:16:04] Lt. Jaron wonders if that was a wise idea since they never moved
[10:16:18] GM: quad is 2d4x10
[10:16:43] Lt. Magna: [2d4*10] => 60
[10:16:44] GM: reroll the damage
[10:16:48] GM: kk
[10:17:26] GM: The boiroid takes the shot square in the chest and backpeddles from the impact…
[10:17:38] GM: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[10:17:38] GM: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[10:17:39] GM: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
[10:17:41] GM: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
[10:17:43] GM: [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12)
[10:17:44] GM: [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
[10:17:44] GM: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
[10:17:56] GM: Sarah, your turn
[10:19:27] CWO Sarah keeps going after any dangerous troopers, firing another RL-6 round and hoping for a better result this time.
[10:19:43] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
[10:20:04] GM: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[10:20:22] GM: The terminator rolls out of the way!
[10:20:33] GM: Jaron, your turn
[10:20:36] Lt. Jaron grumbles and takes his time this shot and fires again at the weapon in hopes of destroying weapon or disarming the escort (aimed single shot to strike [1d20+11] => [15,11] = (26); dmg [4d4] => [3,3,4,2] = (12))
[10:21:15] GM: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
[10:21:48] GM: The enemy tries to scramble out of the way, but to much is going on at once, and he blunders into your fire, roll damamge
[10:22:01] GM: you did, my bad, moving on lol
[10:22:09] Lt. Jaron: (not shooting at him, his weapon please)
[10:23:34] GM: nod…You blow his wepaon out of his hand, you are not ure if you disabled it, but, for the time being, he is unarmed.
[10:24:33] GM: A reatreating Terminator as he runs lets loose a burst towards (1-2 Suki at a -4, 3-4 Komillia at a -4 and 5-6 Lurana at a -4)
[10:24:35] GM: [1d6+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[10:24:42] GM: Suki
[10:24:51] GM: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[10:25:07] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+17] => [7,17] = (24)
[10:25:24] GM: Suki is able to roll out of harms way.
[10:25:35] GM: Suki your turn
[10:25:58] Lt. Ishida rturns fire at the Terminator that just shot at m!
[10:26:01] Lt. Ishida: me!
[10:26:07] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [11,10] = (21)
[10:26:22] GM: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[10:26:29] GM: The terminator is hit!
[10:26:37] GM: [2d4*10] => 70
[10:26:47] GM: And is tossed to the ground hurt badly.
[10:27:22] GM: Lurana, you have gone to the back of the bus…a Bioroid in fornt of the Dropship attacks in your plae, firined at the cockpit.
[10:27:27] GM: [2d20+4] => [1,4,4] = (9)
[10:27:39] GM: Missing either way…
[10:27:51] GM: Komilla, your turn
[10:28:40] James fires suppressing fire to keep everyone pinned down.
[10:28:47] 2 Lt. Komillia fires suppressing fire to keep everyone pinned down.
[10:28:58] 2 Lt. Komillia: (forgot to switch aliases.)
[10:29:05] GM: nod
[10:29:41] GM: how large an area do you wish to suppress? Min is 2 meters
[10:30:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: (about 15 meters)
[10:30:26] 2 Lt. Komillia: (if possible)
[10:31:05] GM: it is
[10:31:10] GM: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[10:31:11] GM: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[10:31:25] GM: The two terminators in teh area suppressed are not hit
[10:31:52] GM: ANother bioroid fries at the cockpit
[10:31:56] GM: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
[10:32:20] GM: [1d6*10] => 30
[10:32:26] GM: Hitting. doing paltry damamge
[10:32:39] GM: John your shot
[10:33:12] Lt. Magna: links all guns and fires at the same bioroid.
[10:33:15] Lt. Magna: [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19)
[10:33:17] GM: roll it
[10:33:22] GM: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[10:33:46] GM: The bioroid cant quite figure out if he wants to take a dump or wind his watch, and is hit…rolldamamge
[10:34:00] Lt. Magna: ?
[10:34:05] GM: you hit
[10:34:12] Lt. Magna: damage?
[10:34:25] GM: 2d6x10 plus the 1d10x10 +20
[10:34:38] Lt. Magna: k
[10:34:59] Lt. Magna: [2d6*10] => 50
[10:35:16] Lt. Magna: [1d10*10+20] => 40
[10:35:32] GM: rolla percentile pelase
[10:35:43] Lt. Magna: [1d100] => [52] = (52)
[10:36:19] GM: The bioroid staggers back, and tendrils of smoke can be seen wafting from the pilots compartment.
[10:37:11] ISF Terminator: Legionaairs ! Attack! Kill the traitors!
[10:37:19] Legionnaire: …
[10:37:43] GM: The ISF trooper call for aid, but, no aid is forthcoming…
[10:38:14] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [17,-3] = (14)
[10:38:15] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [19,-3] = (16)
[10:38:15] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [2,-3] = (-1)
[10:38:15] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [17,-3] = (14)
[10:38:17] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [7,-3] = (4)
[10:38:17] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [8,-3] = (5)
[10:38:17] ISF Terminator: [1d20-3] => [5,-3] = (2)
[10:38:51] Lt. Magna: 1D20-3?
[10:39:30] GM: Lurana, you may attack, you see one of the ISF terminators has thrown his wepaon down and puts his hands up. The other three still scramble for cover! (@ John, moral checks.)
[10:39:56] Lt. Magna: oh
[10:42:19] GM: Jess?
[10:42:21] Lt. Fallnya makes her way to the other 3 terminators trying to pin them down with supressive fire (if possible to cover all 3 without aiming for friendlys and mabie the bioroids to from her angle (if not possible she just thruster leaps again and moves to land on one going for cover to supress hima nother way) (Pilot:Ground vertech [1d100] => [15] = (15) vs 68% and attack [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26))
[10:42:26] GM: sahwee
[10:42:42] GM: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[10:43:06] GM: You land like a ton of bricks…lay off the cheescake there Lu…on teh back of a scrambling Terminator!
[10:43:32] GM: He howls in pain, but is unable to do much other then squirm under you
[10:43:50] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:43:53] GM: Sarah, your go
[10:43:57] Lt. Fallnya: (think its an SDC damage so i wont roll it)
[10:44:49] Lt. Magna: Call sign for LU? Cake eater.
[10:44:52] CWO Sarah steps into the situation, smirking as the ISF troopers fail to get aid, and one surrenders. She watches Lu land on the next one, and considers the two remaining ones, moving to fire a rocket from an angle that won't hit Lurana.
[10:45:03] CWO Sarah: (( at one of the two other runners ))
[10:45:08] Lt. Fallnya: (up yours magna )
[10:45:16] Lt. Jaron: (more like pound cake for lurana)
[10:45:17] Lt. Magna: hehe
[10:45:27] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
[10:45:31] Lt. Magna: ooh
[10:45:34] Lt. Magna: haha
[10:46:50] GM: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[10:46:53] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((whot's turn is it?))
[10:47:08] GM: The poor sap is totally defensive and is able to skitter out of the way of the incoming round
[10:47:13] GM: Jaron's
[10:47:19] Lt. Jaron moves up aiming at the Terminator who surrendered and motions him towards the Legionnaires "A wise decision cause the Haydonites are coming"
[10:47:52] Lt. Jaron: (thats it, moving out and getting his butt out of the way)
[10:48:06] GM: kk
[10:48:12] GM: Suki, your turn
[10:48:34] Lt. Ishida fires at one of the ISF terminators befre he can get out of LOS.
[10:48:38] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [8,10] = (18)
[10:48:44] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9)
[10:49:03] Lt. Ishida: [2d4*10] => 50
[10:49:57] GM: The rounds impact toosing him to the deck, he lands on his back in frint of three crimson clad terminators who point their rifles at him, clenching his fist and pounding the ground, he reluctantly surrenders.
[10:50:02] GM: Lu your go
[10:51:17] Lt. Fallnya tries to wrap an arm around his body and moves her other arm around his neck deploying the cads at the one near his neck "Surreder" as she makes an attempt to pin and intimidate him into giving up ( pin attempt [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23) )
[10:51:41] GM: [1d20-8] => [19,-8] = (11)
[10:52:22] GM: He squirms a bit then finally goes still as the lethal hummmmm of the CADS near his neck convinces him that discretion is the better part of valor. "I yield…"
[10:52:40] GM: Komillia, your turn
[10:53:53] 2 Lt. Komillia fires on the nearest ISF guard who hasn't surrendered, preferably the loudmouth trying to rally the legionares.
[10:54:11] GM: roll them bones!
[10:54:18] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8-4] => [12,8,-4] = (16)
[10:54:21] GM: [1d20+4] => [17,4] = (21)
[10:54:55] GM: This guy is the frikkin running man! He hasn't been able to get a shot off, but, on the flip side, he hasn't been hit either.
[10:56:21] GM: John, your turn…you see the three bioroids ahead of you have surenderd, and Bioroids bearing the mark of the 855th (Tanis' unit) have moved up from behind and have relieved them of their gunpods.
[10:56:36] Lt. Jaron: (yay)
[10:57:00] GM: Those guys royally borked their moral checks lol (last three rolls in the list)
[10:57:08] Lt. Magna: john stands down
[10:57:14] GM: 4, 5, and a 2, one pissed hispants
[10:57:27] CWO Sarah: (( LOL ))
[10:57:38] Lt. Fallnya: (prolly the one john tore a hole in)
[10:57:56] GM: Sarah, your turn, that one lone ISF is now scrambling about as Tani's men move to surround him…
[10:58:01] GM: that would be the one
[10:58:20] Lt. Ishida: Gotta admire his spunk.
[10:59:34] GM: Sarah?
[10:59:59] Lt. Magna: *Poke*
[11:00:02] CWO Sarah tries to make a very /careful/ shot, pulling the Gallant instead of using the RL-6, trying to pick off the final runner.
[11:00:14] GM: call it and roll it
[11:00:23] CWO Sarah: (( if it says I'm typing, I'm TYPING! ))
[11:00:30] CWO Sarah: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
[11:00:44] GM: called shot? or jsut main body on that one?
[11:00:58] CWO Sarah: (( main body, the careful is to "not hit Tanis' guys" ))
[11:01:03] GM: kk
[11:01:07] GM: roll damamge
[11:01:13] GM: this guy is sooo out of attacks
[11:01:24] CWO Sarah: [6d6] => [5,2,1,3,5,3] = (19)
[11:01:35] GM: [1d20-8] => [20,-8] = (12)
[11:01:46] GM: The guy will just NOT give up!
[11:01:53] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:01:58] GM: It's almost comical
[11:02:09] GM: Jaron your turn
[11:02:38] Lt. Jaron stands still and takes a shot at the runners leg (called shot to strike [1d20+9] => [16,9] = (25); dmg [4d4] => [3,3,3,4] = (13))
[11:02:57] GM: Your shot sweeps him and he lands on his back!
[11:02:58] GM: [1d20-8] => [2,-8] = (-6)
[11:03:18] GM: And FINALLY gives up, but not before no less then 6 of Tani's men dogpile onto of him
[11:04:07] Lt. Ishida stands and cradles her EP-37. "Now THAT is dedication!" She nods in repsect.
[11:04:20] CWO Sarah watches that and laughs just a little bit, shaking her head at the guy and nodding to Suki. "Definitely."
[11:05:21] Lt. Jaron gives the squad leader a thumbs and heads the bay entrances and announces over loud speaker "Its all clear now, please exit orderly"
[11:05:28] GM: As things settle down, Tanis' man in the drop ship dismounts and greets a compatriot on the ground, and waves you over.
[11:05:47] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((afk))
[11:06:18] GM: ((nuuuuu))
[11:06:49] Lt. Ishida dismounts the Dropship and moves to Vendris' body, and relieves it of his side arm.
[11:07:26] Lt. Fallnya lets the trooper but leaves him with his rifle figureing he might stay to honor now that the 4 have been beaten
[11:07:33] Lt. Jaron watches the others gather and joins them shortly as the refugees exit
[11:09:01] Lt. Fallnya: olets the trooper up that is
[11:09:58] Legionnaire: This is Centurion Sarrel…High Centurion Tanis' adjunct. he would speak with you now.
[11:10:25] Lt. Jaron nods and looks to the High Centurion
[11:10:31] Lt. Magna: John exits the transport
[11:10:36] CWO Sarah sighs, wandering over to where others are gathering, sighing justa little bit. "Well, that's part one accomplished, now we just need to handle the other two issues, and we're good." She looks to Suki.
[11:12:38] Ishida Suki nods at Sarah, and winks.
[11:12:55] Lt. Fallnya does interrogate him for the wareabouts if he knows of johns lil girlfriend and her father if there here
[11:13:07] Lt. Fallnya: (the bio-terminator i was holding hostage
[11:13:47] Centurion Sarrel: Forgive my abruptness, but, my man here says that the enmy is on the way. You have declared martial law, we acknowledge this ruling, You are in command, how may my men assist you?
[11:14:29] 2 Lt. Komillia gets off of the ground, and heads down the ramp watching the unfoldings
[11:15:17] ISF Terminator: Under the rules of war, I am Tessarius Volnok! Registration number 556-AV-2295, burn in the pits of Gorshak UEEF!
[11:15:33] Lt. Jaron replies to Sarrel "Is there anyway we can contact our forces?"
[11:15:36] Lt. Magna: brb
[11:16:45] Centurion Sarrel: I do not believe so, we have lost all communications to our surroundings. Gervase kept us in the capitol (regional) since that Haydonite ship crash landed.
[11:17:30] Centurion Sarrel: We were, hopeing you could enlighten us…we have been, isolated here, for some time.
[11:18:23] Lt. Magna: bk
[11:19:05] Lt. Fallnya: "Well the villages to your north have been decimated, by Haydonite forces, and could you have some of your men take this one to a holding cell.." *she takes his weapon now sighing sence he wont cooperate.*
[11:19:28] Centurion Sarrel nods to Lt. Fallnya
[11:20:00] Centurion Sarrel: Take this son of a leech to the holding pens!
[11:20:45] Lt. Jaron looks to the others "We were isolated as well, lucky to have had Tanis's aid at all. The anti artillery guns did well against the haydonite tanks but they have mobile large cannons as well. We saw one of the cannons in action and it took out Anversa"
[11:20:51] Lt. Fallnya: "Excuse me but where would your former leader here have taken prisoners who by his rulling stole a wrecked bioroid your forces neglected to go pick up"
[11:21:05] GM: Volnok has to be carried off by no less then three legionnairs as he squimrs writhes and kicks claws and bites the entire time, yelling profanities and biblical curses at you and the UEEF as he is draggedoff.
[11:21:47] CWO Sarah sighs as she thinks about the villavges, looking quietly to Suki, and nodding towards Jaron's words. She sighs a little. "We need more fire support if that big mobile cannon gets close to here."
[11:23:23] Centurion Sarrel looks at Jaron and sighs. "I see." Lookig over your shoulder he can see the civilians debarking the dropship. "But it seems you were able to rescue the citizenry, my thanks for that, so long as i draw breath, you…(he looks to all of you) will be hero's to our people."
[11:24:12] Centurion Sarrel looks then to Lurana. "The holding pens, where they are taking our most defiant Tessarius."
[11:24:34] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank High Centurion Sarrel. Do you have any aerial units?"
[11:24:37] Lt. Fallnya: "John go to the holding pens follow them and see if your lil friend is there"
[11:25:05] Lt. Ishida looks at Sarah. "We might just have to load them all back up. Without support, Heptac'va will be next uponthe chopping block."
[11:25:09] Lt. Magna: "Ok"
[11:26:08] CWO Sarah nods just a little bit and sighs. "Yeah. That's my worry. Are there enough transports here to evacuate Heptac'va? We just need support, that's about all there is to it. "
[11:26:12] GM: As if to slight wise answer your question Jaron, there is a mighty roar of thrusters and from behind the airfield. (marked in a large X)… (dt)
[11:27:17] GM: A Quiltra-Draenitzs Class transport erupts form it's subterranea berth and lifts into the sky!
[11:27:48] Centurion Sarrel spit upon the ground. "Gervase!"
[11:28:39] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow
[11:29:49] GM: The transport climbs in altitude and, ominously, a few beams of red lance past it, a few hit, but the hulk withstands the punishment. It rieses into the sky and a lumincent ord forms around it, enveloping it, and the ship folds away!
[11:29:51] Lt. Fallnya: "Holy crap… i shoulda looked below the airfield x.x"
[11:30:05] GM: ord = orb
[11:30:48] Legionnaire runs over! "Milord! There are enemies within the basin!
[11:30:58] 2 Lt. Komillia: I think someone just ran. Maybe we'll get lucky and the UEEF will investigate the fold.
[11:31:28] Centurion Sarrel: It seems the Haydonites have arrived…
[11:31:53] Centurion Sarrel motiones you to follow as he leads you to the battlements. (dt)
[11:33:24] GM: Leading you towards and then into the walls, you can't help but be awestuck by the architeture, those with the history skill are more so impressed. The defensive structure is ancient, old when Terren culture was in it's infancy.
[11:35:40] GM: You are led atop the walls, and as you look upon the Basin, you can see the sky dark with Haydonite airpower, and below, throught the basin lances of anti-aircraft fire, in an intensity not seen since D-Day! The sky is bathed in explosions as enemy aircraft are swatted from the air, Gervases last gambit seemingly effective.
[11:37:01] GM: John, you follow the Legionairs to teh holding pens, but to your dismay, only Bria's father, badly beaten (along with other unfortuantes) is presnet.
[11:37:04] GM: present*
[11:38:06] Lt. Magna: hello
[11:38:11] GM: yes?
[11:38:14] GM: go ahead
[11:38:30] GM: sorry, talk away
[11:39:23] Lt. Magna: John lets out a deep sigh. He approaches Bria's father and asks him what happened.
[11:39:54] Lt. Fallnya: "i get the feeling your legate is running for fear that his gambit wont suceed…
[11:40:08] CWO Sarah swears softly. "I hope someone investigates it…" She sighs quietly and looks to Suki again, frowning. "If not, someone needs to tell them what's going on." She watches the firepower display from the basin, considering it quietly.
[11:40:26] CWO Sarah: (( investigates the fold, mind you ))
[11:40:26] Bria's Dad lunges at John! " You left us, you left HER! You bastard!
[11:40:48] Lt. Fallnya: "I do hope they detect the fold out and come to investigate…"
[11:41:01] Lt. Magna: John grabbs the man and holds him back.
[11:41:20] Bria's Dad pounds upon your chest, ineffectually, but, still, painfully.
[11:41:59] Lt. Magna: "Tell me what happened!" John says in an even tone.
[11:42:02] Lt. Jaron nods and watches
[11:42:36] Bria's Dad: They took her! He…took her…
[11:42:39] Bria's Dad sobs
[11:43:07] Lt. Magna: "Where did he take her? and who is he?"
[11:43:37] Bria's Dad: I dont KNOW! Gervase took her! Called her 'tribute'!
[11:44:51] GM: Meanwhile the other prisioners begin to get agitated with hope. "Let us free!" Don't leave us here!" "Free us!"
[11:45:44] Lt. Ishida: With ground power those AA positons will crumble.
[11:45:50] Lt. Magna: That sonofa bitch! john thought. I will get her back. you have my word. He turned to the gaurds. R"Release this man emmediately!"
[11:46:03] Legionnaire: Yes milord!
[11:46:10] Lt. Jaron asks Sarrel "Do you have an jet fighters or bombers?"
[11:46:37] Lt. Magna: "And the others, what crim's are they here for?"
[11:46:49] Lt. Fallnya: "Other than the transports i dont see any other airpower here…"
[11:46:58] Centurion Sarrel: I fear not. We have 8 dropships, and what is still within our hangers.
[11:47:20] Centurion Sarrel: But no air support, the UEEF had promiesed us that they would provide that.
[11:47:26] Lt. Fallnya: "Any pilots on standby?"
[11:47:40] Lt. Fallnya: "You have 3 here that can take 1 dropship"
[11:48:28] Centurion Sarrel: Yes, we have crews for the ships. Unless Gervase took them…
[11:48:31] 2 Lt. Komillia: Jeez, why did the UEEF abandon this place?
[11:49:09] Lt. Ishida shrugs. "We're still here."
[11:49:10] Lt. Jaron: "We could load up the dropships with bioroids and drop them into the mist of things or heavy ordanances"
[11:49:46] Lt. Fallnya: "That would be suicide best to drop them behind and send them at the haydonites backs
[11:50:00] 2 Lt. Komillia: If I may make a suggestion, we're outmatched and there is a spirit of fear here, we're not gonna win. We should try getting to another UEEF unit, evacing as many as possible and come back later.
[11:50:04] Lt. Ishida nods in agreement
[11:50:24] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [83] = (83)
[11:50:33] Lt. Jaron: "Well, if you can crack the jamming or know where a unit is, Im game"
[11:50:33] Lt. Magna: "It doesn't matter now what crime's they have supposidly committed. They are all free as of now. TSend them out with the rest of the refugee's"
[11:50:36] CWO Sarah glances to the others quietly and shrugs just slightly, considering the thoughts.
[11:51:00] Lt. Ishida: Only hardpoint I can think of past us is Tiresia.
[11:51:17] CWO Sarah: ( [1d100] => [29] = (29) Tactics vs. 74%)
[11:51:34] GM: RUN! Run as fast as you can!
[11:52:14] GM: You may be able to hold them…but not for long.
[11:52:28] GM: And the longer you try, the harder it will be to extract.
[11:52:58] Lt. Jaron asks Sarrel "what abotu spacecraft?"
[11:53:18] Lt. Fallnya: "Your looking at them…" *she points to the dropships*
[11:53:19] Centurion Sarrel laughs. "bastard took the only one..
[11:53:29] Centurion Sarrel: Well, only one that could fold.
[11:53:44] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [35] = (35)
[11:53:49] CWO Sarah shakes her head. "We don't need to fold, just get up to others, really."
[11:54:07] Lt. Ishida: If the enemy has Air supremecy, it stands to reason they have space supremacy as well…
[11:54:11] Lt. Jaron glances at the damaged cockpit "Not that one but maybe if we can reach space and maybe contact UEEF"
[11:54:25] Lt. Fallnya: "Perhaps it is time to start pulling all the townsfolk to the dropships, were gona have to leave the bioroids behind unless theres a transport big enough"
[11:54:38] Lt. Ishida: If we are going to extract, we'll have to do it NOE.
[11:55:19] 2 Lt. Komillia: Agreed, I'll go start herding people.
[11:55:58] Centurion Sarrel: By the P'tok…we have over 5000 souls here in Heptac'va…
[11:56:53] CWO Sarah swears softly. "Nothing big enough to get them all out…" She looks to Suki and sighs, looking up at the air idly, wishing she'd see /something/ outside of Wraith fire, in any direction.
[11:57:32] Lt. Fallnya: "Is there any way we could take a transport to a nearby port and get something bigger?"
[11:57:43] Lt. Fallnya: "Or was that one that just launched the last?"
[11:58:06] Lt. Ishida: We wont be able to get them all out, and as cold as it sounds, Tanis' unit should take priority, since they are combat effective, and can be put back intot eh fight…
[11:58:35] Lt. Jaron leaps off the wall, thrusters gentling the landing and heads to a hangar
[11:58:42] Lt. Fallnya: "Perhaps but we cant leave all the civilians hwere can we?"
[11:59:43] Lt. Ishida: We will have to leave some. A rearguard, or leftovers. With eight transports…the best we could accomodate is 4,800 or so.
[12:00:11] Lt. Fallnya: "And thats if we take no bioroids with us,…
[12:00:17] Lt. Ishida: Correct.
[12:00:41] 2 Lt. Komillia: "I'm sorry, but I thought the point of a military was to protect its citizens, not itself. I agree we'll need people other than ourselves to maintain order, but I would think the priority should lie with children not soldiers. EVen if that means I have to give up my spot on the way out."
[12:01:45] Lt. Ishida: It's tragic, I agree, but, militarily speaking…
[12:01:57] Lt. Ishida sighs, saddened by her words, and closes her eyes.
[12:02:00] Lt. Magna: John returnes to the group after scorting bria's father out. Vowing to return his daughter to him.
[12:02:03] Lt. Jaron comments on the radio "Well, while we have our thumbs up our asses. Get those turrets going; it will help either way"
[12:02:25] Centurion Sarrel reacts to Jarons words.
[12:02:34] Centurion Sarrel keyes his comms
[12:03:20] Centurion Sarrel: Battery command, you are cleared to fire on targets of oppurtunity!
[12:04:28] GM: A few minutes later, the massive cannons (roll any skills like weapons systes etc, or if you have a relevant WP) begin to open fire, intermitanatly, as targets present them selves.
[12:04:40] CWO Sarah nods quickly at Komillia's words, glancing up.
[12:05:00] Lt. Jaron enters to hangar to check what is really inside.
[12:05:10] Lt. Ishida: Well, if they didn't know we were here, they sure do now.
[12:05:52] CWO Sarah sighs. "Now as long as that asshole who ran didn't order his lackeys to disable the other dropships, on his way out…" She shivers.
[12:06:34] GM: Jaron, you enter a hanger bay, all but empty, some 300 bays are absent mecha, probobaly bioroids. The area is littered with discarded equipment, telling you this place was cleaed out in a hurry.
[12:06:52] GM: cleaned*
[12:07:31] Lt. Jaron sighes and comments over radio "No ships, no mechs, nothing is here"
[12:08:37] Centurion Sarrel: He took it all!? Impossible! He had a stach, I'm sure of it, we wern't todl about it, but there were rumors, that he had equipment he shouldn't have ahd…
[12:08:40] Centurion Sarrel: had*
[12:09:33] Lt. Fallnya: "Sounds like he took more than the ship but any backup, allright just load up the transports hopefully the turrents and the field of death out there will hold them up enough to get all the transports loaded and outa here."
[12:09:57] Lt. Jaron looks around for maybe a hidden door or such (perception [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14), detect concealment [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 55, sensory equipment [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 55)
[12:10:17] Centurion Sarrel: Open the gates! Get the citizenry inside!
[12:10:18] Lt. Fallnya: "Do you recamend we head to the nearest port city in a safe direction, or to space to see if we can join the fleet."
[12:10:21] 2 Lt. Komillia goes off to start collecting civilians.
[12:11:00] Lt. Ishida: Tiresia should be a viable stronghold…that would be the hardest nut to crack.
[12:11:59] Lt. Fallnya: "Allright, lets head to the trasnport ishida and get it rewarmed up."
[12:12:01] GM: Jaron you begin your search, the hanger bay is vast, it will take time…
[12:12:22] Lt. Ishida: Roger that.
[12:12:55] Lt. Fallnya heads back to the transport she ishida and jaron piloted to start it warming up glad its canopy wasnt punctured
[12:13:03] Lt. Jaron seaches still and radios "Sarrel, is there a weapons or armor building? If so, send a man to check there for anything"
[12:14:10] GM: As the civilians are brought inside, a laborious task, as many, in fact most, do not believe they are in any danger, the outer air defence network is slowly, methodically, swept aside, as ADA batteries, their focus skyward, are assaulted from the ground, and wiped out..
[12:14:57] CWO Sarah looks to see what she can do to help load civilians onto the ships, as the ADA batteries are wiped. She swears softly as she sees them going, trying to help get as many as possible onto the ships.
[12:15:21] GM: The massive cannons of th fortress throught continue to fire, their reports now common, and part of the 'background' noise.
[12:16:06] Lt. Jaron sighes and exits the hangar, heading to the dropship
[12:16:31] GM: As you head towards the drop shps there is a massive flash!
[12:17:06] Lt. Jaron instintive shields his eye even thou of polarized visor, then looks a moment later
[12:17:07] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((It better be the Regis here to 'port us out.))
[12:17:40] GM: Jaron, you look over to see a large chunk of the wall, blown out!
[12:18:10] CWO Sarah glances up quickly at the flash, blinking and wincing slightly at it, tryinng to see what it was, as well, swearing if she can see the wall chunk blown out. "The big cannon… Shit."
[12:18:35] GM: Seconds later you see a inticate pattern of energy form nearby and, now looking, you see another incoming surge of energy absorbed by an energy shield.
[12:19:24] Lt. Jaron is stunned and confused, slowly backstepping
[12:19:51] Centurion Sarrel: HA! I would never think myself glad of Gervase, but, the man had his ways!
[12:20:00] CWO Sarah blinks at the surge being absorbed by the shield, looking around quickly at it and glancing to Sarrel.
[12:20:20] Centurion Sarrel: Energy shield, usually mounted upon our motherships, in the Before Times.
[12:22:02] Lt. Jaron takes a deep breath and radios "Thank you whoever did that." He heads to the dropship as he had planned
[12:22:25] CWO Sarah relaxes just a little, and helps with the evacuation again. "Definitely a good thing."
[12:23:44] Lt. Magna: "Doesn't that mean there is a ship underground here somewhare?"
[12:23:44] GM: Some few hours pass as the civilians, are hearded towards the dropships, luggage and personal belongings are stripped form them to save weight, and fights and scuffles break out here and there as emotions get the better of the citizenry as more and more fire is leveled against the shields.
[12:24:20] GM: All those above ground roll a perc please
[12:24:36] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[12:24:43] Lt. Fallnya: (including my self from the transport?)
[12:24:44] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
[12:24:48] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[12:24:51] GM: newp
[12:24:59] GM: if you inside you dont see shit
[12:25:01] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[12:25:19] Lt. Fallnya: (woulda thought ishida and jaron would be on board with me lol
[12:25:26] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[12:25:39] Lt. Jaron: (not yet…I was busy when you went there)
[12:25:57] GM: Jaron, as you look around instinctivly you see silouettes of aircraft from the west.
[12:26:00] Lt. Jaron: (duh, few hours I would be there now)
[12:26:15] CWO Sarah: [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)
[12:26:21] CWO Sarah: (( *does a PC signature check as well* ))
[12:26:26] GM: yes
[12:26:34] Lt. Jaron glances to the west and points "Those friendlies?"
[12:27:07] GM: As you zoom in, you see the unmistakeable forward silouteet of UEEF Alpha fighters
[12:27:18] GM: a total of 6 of them
[12:27:33] Lt. Jaron does a mental YAY! in his head and informs the others
[12:27:37] GM: cue robotech theme music
[12:27:41] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[12:27:52] Lt. Jaron: (hehe)
[12:28:07] GM: They are coming in hard and fast at about 2000ft
[12:28:46] Lt. Fallnya would be mentally trying to re do all the warmups on the engiens of the transport shes basically claimed
[12:29:13] CWO Sarah glances up at the Alphas and sighs in a bit of relief. "About time they got here…"
[12:29:40] GM: As they appraoch and begin to overfly the citical they breakoff and dive (like you see in those WWII flicks where the dive one after anohter)
[12:30:49] Lt. Fallnya would then try to use the radio to see if she can open a commline (radio basic [1d100] => [46] = (46) vs 73%)
[12:31:10] 2 Lt. Komillia: Prayers do get answered.
[12:31:33] Lt. Jaron replies to Sarah "Indeed"
[12:31:38] Alpha: We are inbound…stand clear!
[12:31:40] Lt. Fallnya: (radio on the transport that is not her suit version)
[12:32:05] CWO Sarah: (( the Corsair breakaway stock footage from Black Sheep Squadron ;p ))
[12:32:20] GM: The Alpha's decend rapidly and land, switching to battloid mode as they do so.
[12:32:47] GM: Landing at the x's
[12:33:28] Lt. Fallnya: "Bout some some backup showed"
[12:34:27] Alpha: Do not be afraid, we are here to assist.
[12:34:54] GM: A cheer erupts for the civilians and Tirolian forces
[12:35:01] GM: for = from
[12:35:30] 2 Lt. Komillia: Do they not see there fellow UEEFers in uniform?
[12:35:37] Lt. Fallnya: (btw that was over the radio to them)
[12:35:42] GM: nod
[12:36:05] Lt. Jaron radios alphas "You guys the only ones? What unit did you come from?"
[12:36:11] CWO Sarah glances to Jaron, then flicks on her radio. "They made sure you were informed about the nature of the enemy forces here, I hope? There's a heavy synchro cannon tank that's likely going to break through the shields at some point."
[12:36:11] GM: Well rigth now none of you have really made yourself known…since youa re all are either inside dropships…
[12:36:30] Lt. Fallnya: (only i am)
[12:36:34] GM: roll percs please
[12:36:36] Lt. Fallnya: (in a drop ship the others arent)
[12:36:50] Lt. Fallnya: (including me?)
[12:36:52] GM: Jaron well all those outsde actaully,
[12:37:05] GM: no, you aren't looking for unit origin
[12:37:06] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[12:37:09] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
[12:37:23] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[12:37:31] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21)
[12:38:26] GM: Sarah, dispite your good roll, youare to unfamilier with UEEF markings to recognize where the Alphas are from, howver, you do recognze the model. They are VA-Q6 Shadow Drones.
[12:39:02] GM: Jaron, their markings are 104TR 104th UAV Squadron , Tiresia
[12:39:28] GM: The rest of yall dont notice much
[12:40:13] Lt. Jaron relays the info to the others and finally makes his way into cockpit to help Lurana
[12:40:56] Lt. Fallnya: "Alpha fighters this is Lt. Fallnya SVMF-224 Bengals of the UES Yukikaze"
[12:42:11] Alpha: We copy Lt Fallnya of the 224 Bangles…we are here to assit you.
[12:42:49] GM: The Alphas spread out.
[12:43:06] Lt. Fallnya: "We were getting ready to EVAC as much of the town as possible, unfortunatly wer enot gona have the space for every one"
[12:43:27] Alpha: Understood, we are here to assist you.
[12:43:32] Alpha: Please remain calm.
[12:44:02] Lt. Jaron readies the dropship for take off
[12:44:06] Lt. Fallnya shuts the comm of f and speaks to the others "Why do i get a bad feeling about this they sound like robots"
[12:44:37] GM: The alphas, as they make their way across the ground walk heedless of the civilians, and troopers about theri feet, and many have to scramble to avoid being trod underfoot
[12:45:06] Lt. Ishida: They are robotes, Shadow drones are unmanned.
[12:45:16] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9)
[12:46:31] Lt. Jaron comments "Like the old Ghost ships?"
[12:46:43] Lt. Ishida: Yup
[12:46:52] Lt. Fallnya: "Great… i feel so much safer…. " *she sais sarcasticly…(
[12:47:04] Lt. Jaron smirks "Well, lets get out of here"
[12:47:37] CWO Sarah: (( how much room is in the dropship, is it loaded to capacity now? ))
[12:47:39] Lt. Fallnya sits aboard wating on jaron and ishida to come aboard and help her run the dropship.*
[12:47:48] CWO Sarah: (( heh ))
[12:47:54] Lt. Jaron is there
[12:48:05] CWO Sarah: (( *is the only one not aboard, to her knowledge* ))
[12:48:36] GM: The two VA-Q's nearest the gate stop. Their shoulder lanchers flip open and then suddenly empty! All the missiles in theos elaunchers lance forth and impact the gate! Blowing it apart from the inside! As this happenes, there are explosions heard from the rear and two gun turrets are blown apart!
[12:49:23] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Yeah, there here to help the Haydonites."
[12:49:41] GM: The Alpha nearest the airfiled starts wading into the cvilinals firing with wanton disregard with its gun pod, and stoimping on any to slow to avoid it
[12:50:13] Lt. Fallnya Curses and starts to launch "Lets get outa here"
[12:50:34] CWO Sarah sighs, watching that and swearing. "Dammit…" She switches her radio on. ""Wonder how much the enemy 'helped' with the new drone model."
[12:50:47] Alpha: Please remain calm! We are here to assist you! BLAM BLAM BALM
[12:51:10] Lt. Jaron radios "Sra you onboard?"
[12:51:19] Lt. Jaron: (Sarah*
[12:51:29] CWO Sarah hurries aboard finally with a sigh.
[12:51:39] GM: hehe, you dont all get off that easy! roll HF yall
[12:51:46] CWO Sarah: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[12:51:53] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21)
[12:51:57] GM: cause what these alphas are doing…well, it's pretty fucking messe dup
[12:52:03] Lt. Fallnya: (incluing me? i cant see shit?)
[12:52:05] Lt. Ishida: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[12:52:10] CWO Sarah: (( *points to her radio message* ))
[12:52:11] 2 Lt. Komillia helps any civilains near her to a secure place.
[12:52:19] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[12:52:57] GM: Well, yall are some steely eyes hard core vets now! The sigh of civvies getting pulped doesnt even faze you, well, except for Komillia…
[12:53:40] GM: komillia, the wanton slaughter is just to much, you are frozen, unable to act (currently) as the Shadow Drones lay waste to anything tha moves.
[12:54:12] That's the Tab key, Dave
[12:54:16] Lt. Ishida: KOMILLA! MOVE YOUR ASS! WE are LEAVING!
[12:54:21] Lt. Fallnya: (do i have at least a way to make target aquisition with the one on the airfield?)
[12:54:29] CWO Sarah just swears softly. "That clinches it. They're Haydonite controlled almost certainly."
[12:54:44] GM: You will ahve to lift off to turn the Drop ship towards it…
[12:55:07] GM: roll a save there Komilla
[12:55:15] GM: see if the yell at you snapped you out of it
[12:55:39] 2 Lt. Komillia: I'm on board already!
[12:55:45] GM: oh, then nm
[12:55:55] GM: shut my mouth and call me spanky
[12:56:06] CWO Sarah: (( or just spank him. I might ))
[12:56:13] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[12:56:21] GM: From within you are forzen in horror (and suki says nothing, aside from pulling you back fromt eh closing door.
[12:56:27] Lt. Fallnya: Jaron Ishida do as i do again just like were there triad pilots!"
[12:56:56] Lt. Jaron: "So we heading to Tiresia or what?"
[12:57:20] Lt. Ishida lets loose a gutteral sting of Japanese, the tone tells you she's probobly not saying anything nice…as she takes her seat.
[12:57:30] Lt. Fallnya begins makeing motion s to launch the ship and turn the nose towards the closest one and slide sideways "First things lets see if we can clear these alphas a bit!"
[12:58:12] Lt. Fallnya: (pilot check [1d100] => [71] = (71) vs 78%)
[12:58:21] GM: roll it, currently the drones seem more interested in killing those unfortuante souls that havent made it aboard a transport and who are scurrying and running for cover.
[12:58:50] Alpha: Do not run! We are here to assist you! BUDDA BUDDA SQUISH
[12:58:51] Lt. Jaron: "Lets not draw attention to us in the big thing"
[12:59:23] Lt. Fallnya fireing the nose cannon and the 4 CIWAS guns and begins programming the underbelly that the alpas are its current target
[12:59:34] GM: roll
[12:59:40] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8)
[12:59:52] GM: Your weapons go off line, permentaly
[01:00:12] GM: From this point on, this drop ship is UNARMED
[01:00:15] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl. ))
[01:00:15] Lt. Fallnya: "Well shit nvm Set course away
[01:00:28] Lt. Jaron comments "Way to listen to me."
[01:00:50] GM: well, technically she did, since no fire burst forth from her shi lol
[01:00:56] GM: ship
[01:01:13] GM: you have no way to know that the weapons went out…
[01:01:38] Lt. Jaron nods (Yea it was a compliment)
[01:01:43] GM: lol
[01:01:55] GM: roll tehm piloting rolls yall
[01:02:02] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[01:02:23] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [53] = (53) vs 78
[01:02:31] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [15] = (15)
[01:04:50] GM: Your drop ships lift off!
[01:07:06] GM: As do the rest! Titolina civilians that hadn't made it aboard leap to grab onto the landing struts, clinging to them but fall away to their death, two transports are felled as they lift off downed by missiel fire for teh drones, and a final one is blow form the air by a beam weapon, the hull splitting in tween spilling it's cicilian cargo into the air at 3000 feet.
[01:07:54] Lt. Fallnya: "Fuck… I dont think that town you mentioned would be safer"
[01:08:39] GM: as you move away from the city you can see two of those fourlegged massive 'walking shynchro cannons' flanking a massive mobile structure
[01:08:43] GM: http /
[01:09:25] CWO Sarah shrinks a little at the sight of that, shivering.
[01:09:47] Lt. Jaron: "Maybe we shoudl try to get to space and make contact."
[01:10:09] CWO Sarah nods a little at that. "If that thing's as big as it looks, it's gonna need an orbital bombardment to stop."
[01:11:43] GM: The frontal 'lobe' glows and a massive beam of energy lances forth punching thru the albielty weakened shiels and into the fortress, travelling past in impactiong a hill face some 25 miles away
[01:12:31] Lt. Jaron: "Anyone object?"
[01:13:24] Lt. Ishida: Stay LOW! Dont give that thing a clear shot!
[01:13:29] Lt. Fallnya: "Sure i think we will be followed at least"
[01:13:42] Lt. Fallnya: "But first we need to get outa range"
[01:13:45] Lt. Ishida loweres her Dropship to treetop altitude.
[01:14:01] Lt. Fallnya: (arent we piloting them to gether?)
[01:14:07] Lt. Fallnya: (or we each on separate ones
[01:14:17] GM: I would figure so
[01:14:31] GM: unless specified otherwise…
[01:14:35] CWO Sarah: (( eep, ah ))
[01:14:53] GM: It semed to me that we all took our own…
[01:14:57] Lt. Fallnya: (ok lol i hope they put extra pilots on these aor they will be hard to pilot)
[01:15:04] GM: well, those that could pilot them rather
[01:15:37] GM: Yes, there were crew enough for them…since those hadn't lifted off, their pilots would still be there
[01:16:22] CWO Sarah: (( oh ))
[01:16:25] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[01:16:48] GM: As you fly away from Heptac'va you can see teh ominous forms of low flying , well, half the sixe of, Fantoma Class ships, like the zeppilins of WWI laying waste to the Basin in your wake…
[01:17:12] Lt. Jaron goes low as well, guiding the large tub, then radios "So once out of range, head up towards? Cause at this rate, we'll be retreating to the haydonites backside before too long"
[01:18:24] CWO Sarah takes hers low as well, listening quietly to the chatter. "Dammit.." She sighs and shakes her head. "We'll have to head up, I hope something is still there of ours to get us out to longer range."
[01:18:45] Lt. Fallnya: "Sounds about right." *keeps low behind ishida*
[01:20:21] GM: You fly fast and low for what seems like years, but in realilty is mearly a half hour. Abruptly you hear (all of you) over your comms. "Unidentified flight bearing 175 angles 2 (i.e. You) Identify yourself or be fired upon!"
[01:21:45] Lt. Jaron radios "Lt. Fairman of the UEEF, transporting refugees."
[01:24:05] GM: You hear the reply. "Roger that, you are instructed to land 15 miles north north west of you currect location, there will be a clearing, if you do not comply you will be shot down, how copy over?"
[01:24:28] Lt. Fallnya: ""We coppy"
[01:24:44] Lt. Ishida: I copy all.
[01:24:45] CWO Sarah: (( log note, to remind myself to delete first part of my last remark on further information ))
[01:24:49] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[01:25:03] CWO Sarah glances out for the clearing, quietly.
[01:26:05] Lt. Ishida: In the distnace soime scant seconds (at your speed) later, you see the clearing in question, you notice immediatly taht only two transpots out of the 5 can fit
[01:26:08] Lt. Fallnya turns that direction looking for the clearing on scopes
[01:26:16] Lt. Jaron confirms and heads that way
[01:27:00] CWO Sarah glances at the clearing and rolls her eyes.
[01:27:13] Lt. Fallnya: "JAron Suki unload your transports first and relaunch unless you see a spot to hover taxi it once you get down there…"
[01:27:32] GM: ((sorry carrie, my bad, that last should have been a GM post))
[01:28:19] Lt. Fallnya: "Who evers in the other 2 transports you two next, ill land last"
[01:28:20] CWO Sarah: (( mkay ))
[01:29:05] Lt. Ishida: Copy taht, I'll land, but not unload…
[01:29:17] Lt. Fallnya after transmitting those orders she begins to make a circle and opens up the sensor array to begin scanning for any unfriendlies"
[01:29:44] GM: Suki and Jaron land their transports cleanly in the clearing.
[01:30:31] GM: There is a pause and you hear "Okay, didn't expect that manyh of you, those that are airborne back off 5 miles and hold there.
[01:30:49] Lt. Fallnya: (RSE: [1d100] => [13] = (13) vs 55%)
[01:31:22] Lt. Jaron radios "Care to ID yourself?"
[01:31:29] Lt. Magna: John remains quiet, his rage against Gervase boiling deep within.
[01:31:38] GM: You can pick up mulitple 'bogies' i.e. unknowns in the wood, at least 15, maybe more
[01:32:33] UEEF: Easy now chief, we;re asking the questions here, you just sit tight and we'll be with you directly.
[01:34:01] GM: On the ground, vulurable, exposed, Jaron and Suki see from teh wood ahead of them a pair of SPARTAS hover tanks in Battloid mode in UEA (United Earth Army) woodland camo walk towards you, their weapons at the ready.
[01:34:36] GM: rollperc
[01:34:45] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[01:34:50] GM: suki and Jaron and those aboard their ships only
[01:34:58] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [16,3] = (19)
[01:35:23] Lt. Ishida: Oh wow! They're with the 15th!
[01:35:50] CWO Sarah blinks a little bit . "The 15th?"
[01:35:58] GM: Jaron you not that as well, since, wow, they have a large subdued 15 on their hulls.
[01:36:04] GM: not = note
[01:36:32] GM: So basically Suki just stated teh obvious lol
[01:36:47] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((My spider-sense is going off.))
[01:37:08] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow "Indeed Suki but what are they here"
[01:37:15] Lt. Jaron: (what=why)
[01:37:23] Lt. Ishida: Heck if I know
[01:37:47] UEEF: Okay, who ever is in command , debark nice and slow.
[01:38:13] Lt. Ishida grumbles
[01:38:17] Lt. Ishida: Guess thats me
[01:38:34] Lt. Ishida debarks teh craft, leaving her comms open to the rest of you.
[01:38:43] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Gee I don't know i run a Southern Cross campaign with some of the main NPCs being from the 15th?))
[01:38:55] CWO Sarah: (( *deletes what she was gonna say& ))
[01:39:02] GM: (( looks innocent))
[01:39:23] GM: Suki debarks and walks into the clearing and stands in her battered CVR.
[01:39:25] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((lol))
[01:40:11] CWO Sarah starts to try to talk to Suki, BEFORE she leaves (not that I had chance while I was typing it). "I could come out with you, if I keep at ready I could have you out quickly…"
[01:40:35] GM: The two SPARTAS hold their position as a lone man in CVR walks towards her. Lifting his flce plate a middle aged black male looks at Suki. "Name and Unit?"
[01:41:10] Lt. Ishida: Ishida Suki, serial number 229-77-9989, curently assigned to the UES Yukikaze.
[01:41:21] CWO Sarah: (( or just delete that line ))
[01:41:37] GM: The man waits, obvioulsy for confirmation.
[01:41:50] UEEF: Your dead.
[01:41:58] Lt. Ishida: Excuse me?
[01:42:06] UEEF: No, really, your dead.
[01:42:19] Lt. Ishida: I dont folllow.
[01:42:39] UEEF: Command has you listed as MIA, might as well be KIA out here.
[01:42:51] Lt. Ishida: Well, I dont feel dead.
[01:43:04] UEEF laughs
[01:43:07] UEEF: No shit
[01:43:35] Lt. Ishida coughs.
[01:44:09] Lt. Ishida: Um, we have civilian refugees aboard those transports and the kami only know how many Haydonites behind us, so…
[01:44:57] UEEF: Okay okay, who else is with you, on the UEEF side. I nknow you have an open comm, so, make with the names.
[01:45:12] Lt. Fallnya would be keeping her sensors open tryin to give some pre warning as she circils at a decent altitude for a clear sight line'
[01:45:47] GM: Lu, you note you are lit the fuck up by so many laser disignators the yeah, you so much as twicth,,,
[01:46:34] UEEF: Come on now! Don't be shy! name and unit, we havent got all day.
[01:47:45] Lt. Jaron radios "Like I said. Lt. Fairman. 010311975 of the UES Yukikaze""
[01:47:56] CWO Sarah snickers just a little bit into the comm. "Command doesn't know us very well, obviously. Chief Warrant Officer Sarah Amdahl, also assigned to the Yukikaze."
[01:48:03] UEEF: Mmm hmm, okay, next?
[01:48:12] 2 Lt. Komillia: 2nd Lt. Komillia Maeless, 135-48-6572, currently in transit to Tiresia for reassignment.
[01:48:59] GM: There is a pause and softly the middle aged mans eyes blink and go wide as if saying'no effing way'
[01:49:01] Lt. Fallnya: "Lt. Fallnya, Cerial number ss33-446, im the one in the Air, the one your pointing at Currently assigned to the SVMF-224 Bengals, Aboard the UES Yukikaze"
[01:49:08] GM: softly = sortly
[01:50:39] Major Grant: Well son of a bitch! Command told us it was clankers all the way last here! I'm Major Grant, 15th Armored. Look, we gotta get you outta here. COLLINS!
[01:50:47] Lt. Fallnya: "By the way would you stop pointing those big guns at me?"
[01:50:49] Lt. Magna: "Err…2nd LT John magna 345-47-34534
[01:51:00] Capt. Collins: Sir
[01:51:29] Major Grant: You get lucky asshat, you get to escort these wayward sould back to base.
[01:51:43] Capt. Collins: I'm devestaed sir.
[01:51:55] Major Grant: Yeah I bet you are
[01:52:32] GM: An AJAX, also in woodland camo walks in battloid mode fromthe forest.
[01:52:43] Lt. Jaron moves to entrances the dropship; looking at the major and captain.
[01:53:11] Capt. Collins: Allright you turkey's, I'm your escort, keep on my ass and follow me, you hear?
[01:53:34] Lt. Ishida salutes "Yes SIR!"
[01:54:19] GM: The AJAX waits for Suki and Jaron to get abck aboard the vultsint othe air and switched to helicopter mode.
[01:54:35] GM: vaults into*
[01:54:38] Lt. Jaron hops inside after a short jog
[01:55:54] Lt. Fallnya moves to follow shifting as easally as the helicopter ddoes with its prop flight mode with the anti-grav systems seeming to get used to them.
[01:56:22] GM: Once the drop ships are airborne the SPARTAS retreat back into the forest and the AJAX takes point, over the comm, over the WHUP WHUP WHUP of the rotors you can hear faint music. (Fortunate Son: Credance Clearwater)
[01:57:42] Lt. Jaron: (hehe)
[01:57:43] GM: You travel west, and pass over the detritus of UEEF and Haydonite mecha, more UEEF then Haydonite. Seven Garfish lay collpased upon the ground a few clicks later.
[01:58:12] Capt. Collins: If you are who you say you are, those poor basttards were your relief…
[01:58:47] Lt. Jaron comments "We were out of contact almost since touchdown. Jamming was heavy"
[01:59:08] Capt. Collins: Yeah, most of our comms are by runner these days
[02:00:23] Capt. Collins loweres the altitude and picks up speed a few clicks later "Okay, heres the fun part, haydonite lines are thin here. We can slip past into Tiresia. low and fast, and we punch thru. Got it?
[02:00:46] Lt. Jaron replies "Roger that"
[02:01:58] CWO Sarah listens quietly and sighs softly at the Garfish transports onthe ground, watching and frowning about the lines being thin. She bites her lip slightly and watches close for any trouble.
[02:02:23] GM: As you follow him, to the right and more to the left you can see lines upon lines of enemy mecha squared off against lines of UEA forces, it almost looks like the old Siegfried Line of WWI. Friendly and enemy artillery trade blows and a 2 klick 'No mans Land' seperates the forces.
[02:02:53] Lt. Fallnya stays on his ass.
[02:03:47] GM: Some AA from teh enemy, and some also from the UEEF side targetyou, but aside from teh off flak air burst nothing comes to close. Capt Collins, apparently very well versed with his navigation.
[02:05:35] GM: In the distance you can see Tiresia, parts of her are on fire, and you note no less then 5 lines of defences, SPARTAS and Hoplite tanks dug into pits, Bioroids, UEEF and Tirolian in massive trenches backed up by human sized trenches holding tropps in CVR.
[02:06:30] Lt. Jaron radios "How long has everyone knewn a haydonite force was coming?"
[02:06:37] GM: You can see the off GMU likewise dug in, obviously serving as a regimental command post, it's main cannon firing into the distance as return Haydonite fire pelts the UEEF lines.
[02:07:58] Capt. Collins: Thought we had them licked when we threw them back from Trinity, then, they just started folding in en masse. Started landing forces to the east of here, but, we were able to hold them off long enough for Col. Sterling to get our lines in order.
[02:09:27] GM: The AJAX leads you into UEEF territory and to Tiresia InterGalactic Spaceport.
[02:10:17] Capt. Collins: Okay you crazy cats, I'm outy! Try not to piss of the locals you hear, they've been a bit paranoid of late!
[02:10:41] GM: With that he turns his helo about and makes back for the lines.
[02:10:48] Lt. Fallnya manuvers the transport for landing and just leans back letting the doors open to spill out the survivng passangers


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