Chapter 3 - Night 7

With John...


[07:12:01] GM: kk, lets start…everyone roll Init
[07:12:24] Lt. Magna: [1d20+2] => [13,2] = (15)
[07:12:25] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
[07:12:33] James: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
[07:12:38] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
[07:12:41] 2 Lt. Komillia: …
[07:12:50] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
[07:12:51] CWO Sarah: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
[07:13:13] GM: Jess
[07:13:16] GM: you first
[07:13:40] Lt. Fallnya: ok remind me of the situation i think i remember but quick brief
[07:13:56] Lt. Fallnya: i remember being blown onto my back or front after trying to flee from a walker i just blew up and spewed with plasma flame fuel
[07:14:25] GM: You are still ablaze, and the Cyclones climate control is working overtime to keep you cool inside the inferno, even so, you are beginning to sweat badly and it is hard to see, the protective glaze over your visor is beginning to char over.
[07:15:22] Lt. Fallnya: (not sure its so much the cyclones climate control but my CBR-3's climate control but ok)
[07:15:28] GM: whatever
[07:15:40] GM: heh
[07:16:31] GM: the Enemy 'tank' rest ahead of you, snap crackle and popping as it burns.
[07:17:04] Lt. Fallnya disengages her cyclone letting it clamber to the ground as she rolls trying to get under some cover tho blinded she slips the visor up if its not totally melted if it is she just chucks the helmet off and drags her 2 rifles and tries to pull back to friendly positions.
[07:17:14] GM: Your action, you also recall that you had been shot at be another target in your general area, a target you have not yet been able to locate.
[07:17:48] GM: you can change your action if you wish since I was typing at the same time you were
[07:19:43] Lt. Fallnya: (ok same action just skip the fact shes gona drop her helmet and cyclone and just retreat back to a friendly position
[07:19:57] GM: roger that.
[07:20:04] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
[07:20:36] Haydonite: Your treat warning system (proximity sensors) Blare WARNING as you turn to head up the ridge.
[07:21:10] GM: Yuo may roll a dodge at -6
[07:21:35] Lt. Fallnya: (auto dodge [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15) )
[07:21:54] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (7) James…
[07:22:43] GM: [1d4*10+15] => 35
[07:23:25] GM: A flurry of cannon round impact the Cyclone's rear and left shoulder/wheel
[07:25:21] GM: Sarah your turn…(dt)
[07:26:39] GM: You have turned around and are now facing a single Haydonite Infantry unit. It has just sprayed the gun pit with cannon rounds killing two villagers, pitching two legionnaires over the wall and peppering the rest of you. (Although I think you got lucky and evaded…if memory serves)
[07:27:03] CWO Sarah: (( it was a surprise attack, I don't recall being allowed to evade. ))
[07:27:18] GM: Then you got hit.
[07:27:24] CWO Sarah: (( yes ))
[07:27:38] GM: was that damage dealt with last time?
[07:27:52] CWO Sarah: (( 30 damage ))
[07:28:00] GM: I think it was, I rolled something pathetic, which was good for yall
[07:28:19] Lt. Fallnya: (i was close on what i was about to say lol i was thinking 40)
[07:28:23] GM: Your action now, the target is about 25 feet away.
[07:28:38] CWO Sarah swears as she's hit with the spray from the infantry unit, pulling up her GR-97 arm quickly in response. "Get away from here…"
[07:29:11] CWO Sarah fires both missiles, promptly.
[07:29:11] GM: roll dem bones
[07:29:15] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
[07:29:29] GM: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21)
[07:30:03] GM: The enemy begins to evade but the missiles are just to fast and close the distance in an instant! Roll damage!
[07:30:06] CWO Sarah: [2d4*10] => 70
[07:31:25] GM: The missiles impact dead center pitching the enemy backwards, thru a brick and mortar wall and into the dwelling itself, dust and debris obscure the target.
[07:32:25] GM: Jaron, your action
[07:32:30] GM: Roll a perc please
[07:32:45] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[07:33:22] GM: OOooooom, You have gained enlightenment and leave the mortal coil as a newly inducted member of the Ascended…
[07:33:47] Lt. Jaron: (!!??)
[07:34:04] Lt. Fallnya: (i believe hes joking)
[07:34:25] GM: You see below you Lurana get pelted by cannon fire, her armor still ablaze. Off to your left, at the far end of town, near where the gun/cart Ishida had set up, you hear a loud BOOM!
[07:34:53] GM: Well,lets be fair, where Ishida Sarah and Komillia and villagers had set up…
[07:35:40] GM: villagers 12 and 38 to be exact, you know, the one that always laughed at your jokes
[07:36:15] Lt. Jaron: (is there suppose to be a map? just wondering, since its not loaded for me)
[07:36:25] GM: no ,map currently
[07:37:39] GM: map up
[07:38:04] CWO Sarah: (( lol. Boom ))
[07:38:39] Lt. Jaron moves towards Lurana and on com "Komillia, you there? Ishida; did you see what that explosion was?" He keeps an eye out for the sniper that is eluding them and moves quickly down the hill then goes coms again "Lurana, Im heading to your 20" (sensory equip [1d100] => [75] = (75) vs 55, Detect concealment [1d100] => [64] = (64) vs 55; perception [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20))
[07:39:03] 2 Lt. Komillia: "I'
[07:39:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: "I'm here. Need something?"
[07:39:18] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17)
[07:39:36] Lt. Ishida: Hai! It came from the Chiefs position!
[07:40:35] GM: As you make your way towards Lurana your sensor detect nothing, but a stacatto flurry of bright flashes catch your attention.
[07:41:21] GM: roll a dodge at -6 please
[07:41:29] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)
[07:42:04] Lt. Jaron takes a breath and replies to com "Just wondering what that explosion was Komillia, thanks Ishida. Im assisting Lurana" He noted the location of the flashes and curses (dodge [1d20+7-6] => [3,7,-6] = (4))
[07:42:34] GM: No sooner have to words left your mouth then the flashes rush right up and smack you!
[07:42:47] GM: [1d4*10] => 10
[07:42:50] GM: +15
[07:42:51] GM: 25
[07:43:21] Lt. Fallnya: (gona try something ignore this roll)
[07:43:24] Lt. Fallnya: [1d4*10+15] => 45
[07:43:32] Lt. Fallnya: (seems to work to me)
[07:43:40] GM: kk, right on
[07:43:55] Lt. Jaron curses and keeps moving.
[07:44:28] GM: Komillia, your action! Jaron has moved down the ridge and looked as if he had just taken some incoming.
[07:46:28] 2 Lt. Komillia grumbles, "I don't think this Vanq is cutting it. I'm gonna try to unjam the flak cannon." Tries to unjam the flak.
[07:47:51] Lt. Jaron replies "when did that happen?"
[07:48:23] GM: Hopping out and scrambling onto the back of the Silverback you are able to clear the jam and 'charge' teh weapon, you will be able to fire next turn.
[07:48:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: "During the fight with the Wraiths."
[07:49:03] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [4,10] = (14)
[07:49:04] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [11,10] = (21)
[07:49:21] Lt. Ishida: [1d6*10] => 60
[07:50:16] Lt. Ishida: (Tactics [1d100] => [98] = (98) vs 70%)
[07:50:30] Lt. Ishida: ((rats))
[07:50:35] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:50:42] CWO Sarah: (( *tickles Suki* ))
[07:51:03] Legionnaire: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
[07:51:03] Legionnaire: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
[07:52:20] GM: Sarah, the two legionnaires in the 'pit' with you turn and fire into teh dust cloud at teh enemy. You cannot tell if the connect, but you do see large chunks of masonry explode out the sides of the building and the sickly groan of failing timber groans from inside the structure.
[07:53:07] GM: Sarah, and Komillia roll a perc
[07:53:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[07:53:43] GM: Sarah you get a +2
[07:53:46] CWO Sarah: [2d20+1] => [4,20,1] = (25)
[07:53:47] GM: for proximity
[07:53:54] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3)
[07:53:55] GM: HAXQ!
[07:54:04] GM: Wow….a squirrel
[07:54:04] CWO Sarah: (( well, 5 with the +2 ))
[07:54:07] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:54:45] GM: Komillia, you see a large Fireball from down the ridge on the flats that rises some 50 feet into the air.
[07:55:26] GM: Sarah, you just notice it got real bright for a second…
[07:55:45] GM: Lurana, your action
[07:56:17] 2 Lt. Komillia: "What is going on with all these explosions?
[07:57:18] CWO Sarah: (( okie ))
[07:57:38] Lt. Fallnya pushes back up and tries to make for friendly positions again zigging and zagging.
[07:58:17] CWO Sarah notices the brightness, but doesn't pay much attention, busy trying to find the enemy she was firing on, holding her RL-6 and its last missile at ready.
[07:58:48] Haydonite: Odd Lu, Even Jaron…either way, I like to kill! NYAHAHA….
[07:58:49] Haydonite: [1d10] => [5] = (5)
[07:58:56] Haydonite: Die Lu!
[07:59:01] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7)
[07:59:10] Haydonite: ((FRAK!))
[07:59:39] GM: As you zig and zag your way up the ridge your are chased by cannon fire, but you manage to keep ahead of it.
[08:01:16] CWO Sarah: (( okie ))
[08:01:23] GM: Sarah, your action
[08:02:23] CWO Sarah once again looks for the Haydonite trooper she was just shooting at. She pulls up her Gallant, not wanting the blast damage since the Haydonite was crashing into a building. She doesn't want to damage anything more than absolutely necessary. She holds the rifle barrel up as she starts lookiing into the rubble, ready to press the trigger quickly.
[08:03:02] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [9,5] = (14)
[08:03:38] No Name (enter): 20:03
[08:04:32] GM: Sarah, you hear cannon fire from within the structure followed by a sickening snap of timber. The structure begins to collapse in on itself and for a moment you think you heard screams from inside before they are cut short as the two story building collapses…roll perc
[08:05:40] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
[08:05:49] CWO Sarah: (( *facepalm* ))
[08:06:08] 2 Lt. Komillia: (look how shiny…)
[08:06:10] CWO Sarah: (( this is not my dice night ))
[08:06:36] GM: The horror of what you think just happened blinds you to everything else…
[08:07:27] GM: Your action
[08:08:15] CWO Sarah tries to rush into the collapsing building, and dig through it, frantically, in case there's anyone surviving in there. She's frantic about it, and being blinded to everything else, well…
[08:08:32] GM: Jaron you turn
[08:09:04] Lt. Jaron keeps moving towards Lurana and fires at the location where the blast that hit him came from (to strike [1d20+6] => [16,6] = (22), perception [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20); detect concealment [1d100] => [80] = (80) vs 55) Radios "Lurana, I'm towards your 10 o'clock"
[08:10:40] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
[08:10:53] GM: Roll damage Jaron
[08:11:20] Lt. Jaron: [2d4*10] => 50
[08:12:41] GM: As you slid down towards Lurana you loose a burst, not expecting to really hit but within the tree line you see the flashes of your rounds impacting something other then wood and dirt.
[08:12:47] GM: slid=slide
[08:13:49] GM: Komillia
[08:14:37] GM: You have cleared the jam and have hopped back into the Silverback, you are greeted by a nice warm fuzzy green indicator light on the weapons console telling you the AAC-11 is good to go
[08:14:50] 2 Lt. Komillia tries to find the nearest Haydonite I can spot. *Perception [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[08:15:56] GM: The only Haydonite unit you can see is a Tank on the flats, that has twin blaster cannons on top which are blazing away at the trenchlines.
[08:16:18] 2 Lt. Komillia fires the Flak at the Haydonite tank.
[08:16:30] GM: Roll steerike
[08:16:30] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
[08:16:45] GM: [1d20-6] => [12,-6] = (6)
[08:16:51] GM: Roll damage
[08:17:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: [3d6*10] => 120
[08:17:23] No Name (exit): 20:17
[08:17:28] No Name (enter): 20:17
[08:19:22] GM: Your round impact the tank and churn up a slew of dirt as well as tear some neat chunks off of it's hide. The tank recoils from the impact, it's four legs easily keeping it standing. One of the turrets swings towards you, pauses, then swings back towards the trench line and fires as the tank starts to back off.
[08:19:38] GM: round=rounds
[08:20:46] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Alllriiiight!"
[08:20:55] Lt. Ishida: (Tactics [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 70%)
[08:22:00] Lt. Ishida: Hitman 3-2 to Hitman team! Flame tank KIA, Cannon tank is withdrawing. I still ahve two, repeat two dismounts in area, location unavail!
[08:22:35] GM: Lurana, your turn, you see Jaron skidding closer to you, he is maybe 20 to 30 feet away…
[08:23:35] Lt. Fallnya continues moving dragging he 2 rifles on the ground without an idea where to shoot unless he points it to her at this moment.
[08:24:23] GM: roll a percentile please and 1d4
[08:25:04] Lt. Fallnya: (1d4? or a d100?)
[08:25:09] GM: both
[08:25:27] Lt. Fallnya: [1d4] => [1] = (1)
[08:25:27] Lt. Fallnya: [1d100] => [1] = (1)
[08:25:31] GM: the sd4 is for burn damage and the d100 is to see if one of your hand weapons doesn't cook off cause of the fire
[08:25:44] GM: Little damage, and you left gun blows up
[08:25:54] GM: oh wait, nm
[08:26:02] Lt. Fallnya: (uhh it isn't good if the d100 rolls low?)
[08:26:06] GM: a 1 is good with the d100 LOL
[08:26:07] Lt. Magna: brb
[08:26:40] GM: it seems that your side arms were spared the napalm…damn…I mean awesome
[08:26:49] GM: hee hee hee
[08:26:53] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[08:27:35] GM: Sarah, your action
[08:27:51] Haydonite: [1d100] => [86] = (86)
[08:31:41] CWO Sarah keeps digging through the debris looking for survivors, though she 's looking up more now for potential activity of the enemy as well.
[08:32:16] GM: You dig and dig but find no survivors, alive anyway. Although you do find a family buried under the wreckage.
[08:33:04] GM: it seems that they were huddled in a corner when the roof came down…
[08:38:22] CWO Sarah sighs softly, and looks around for the enemy, leaving the family uncovered for proper burial later. She moves on to see where the enemy went to.
[08:38:34] GM: roll perc
[08:40:15] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6)
[08:40:31] GM: You are unable to locate the enemy at this time
[08:40:43] GM: Jaron, your turn
[08:41:26] Lt. Jaron looks to Lurana and asks "Are you injured or has your armor held up?" He fires a burst into the cover where he fired before or general area (to strike [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18), dmg [2d4*10] => 30 MD, perception [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14), detect concealment [1d100] => [77] = (77) vs 55)
[08:42:30] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [10,5] = (15)
[08:43:17] Lt. Fallnya: "Only the Cyclone and my helmet damaged…" (as a reply)
[08:43:20] GM: You round impact the area but this time you cannot be sure if you hit or not. Your Thermal sensors are going nuts what with Lurana, this close…and on fire…
[08:44:52] GM: Komillia, you turn
[08:45:42] 2 Lt. Komillia looks to see if she can spot any live tin cans to crush. *per [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[08:46:56] GM: no smaller targets, but you think you might be able to get one more shot off -3 at the withdrawing tank (almost out of range…)
[08:48:15] 2 Lt. Komillia fires on the withdrawing tank.
[08:48:18] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8-3] => [9,8,-3] = (14)
[08:48:21] GM: roll it
[08:48:54] GM: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[08:49:00] GM: roll damage
[08:49:22] 2 Lt. Komillia: [3d6*10] => 100
[08:49:59] Lt. Jaron comments to Lurana as he looks for his target "Roll in the dirt, it might help"
[08:51:01] GM: Your rounds tear visible chunks off the tanks hull, and you swear, knowing that if that bastard had stayed in range you would have nailed it with your next burst for sure!!!
[08:52:22] GM: Lurana, your action
[08:52:51] Lt. Fallnya tries rolling in the dirt even knowing better that dirt prolly wont affect a plasma flame
[08:54:21] GM: Rolling on the dirt does help alleviate the flames, while it does not extinguish the persistent fire it does scrape it off of your cyclone, and body armor.
[08:55:36] GM: roll one more final D4 for damage, and you will have cleared the flame form you
[08:56:00] Lt. Fallnya: [1d4] => [2] = (2)
[08:56:24] GM: Sarah
[08:57:39] CWO Sarah keeps looking for the enemy, trrying to look for any enemies still alive and possibly in the city now.
[08:58:18] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
[08:58:27] CWO Sarah: (( and another crap perc roll ))
[09:00:05] GM: Sarah, you are unable to locate the enemy, and all around in an almost daze as you take in the devastation around you. Fire litter the town, wounded are being dealt with and the mournful cries of family members over their fallen loved ones all form a cacophony of destruction.
[09:00:47] GM: Jaron
[09:02:23] Lt. Jaron fires another burst into area of enemy, supposedly (to strike [1d20+6] => [18,6] = (24), dmg [2d4*10] => 50 md; perception [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17); detect concealment [1d100] => [59] = (59) vs 55) "It worked a little bit Lurana, the Silverback is still operational but damaged; you can pilot it once we get up there"
[09:04:13] GM: You rounds again impact with indeterminate results. You figure at this point that, fromthe lack of return fire, that the enemy has withdrawn, OR, more sinister..has repositioned, and is watching you…
[09:04:53] GM: Komillia
[09:05:24] Lt. Ishida: (Tactics [1d100] => [75] = (75) vs 70%)
[09:06:21] Lt. Ishida: Hitman 3-2 returning to previous position. The trench lines are under light suppressing fire, but the lines seem to have held.
[09:09:00] Lt. Ishida: Komillia
[09:09:02] Lt. Ishida: ?
[09:09:12] GM: Whoops, wasn't Suki saying that, lol
[09:09:29] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Anyone need any fire support?"
[09:10:02] Lt. Ishida: (Tactics [1d100] => [76] = (76) vs 70%)
[09:10:16] Lt. Ishida: All good on my end, check with Fairman.
[09:10:19] Lt. Fallnya: (are we out of combat rounds for now?)
[09:10:34] GM: Right now you are in a lull,
[09:10:49] Lt. Jaron reports "The ground force on this side has retreated or repositioned. We'll be falling back to the SAM silverback shortly"
[09:11:00] GM: You and Jaron make it back up to town and now see with your own eyes the destruction…
[09:11:14] 2 Lt. Komillia reserves further actions, primarily to dodge with.
[09:11:20] GM: Roger that
[09:11:51] Lt. Ishida makes her way back to the gun pit to check up on things.
[09:12:05] GM: Free RP
[09:12:10] Lt. Fallnya disengages the cyclone letting it collapse and goes to her knees popping her helmet off. "Damit…. never again will i take on a flame unit…"
[09:12:54] GM: Your armor is no longer UEEF blue, but is now a mishmash of scorched black, stainless steel and bubbled and charred laminate
[09:13:14] Lt. Fallnya: (i would have tough the cyclone would have kept it from that?)
[09:13:21] 2 Lt. Komillia: Did anyone ever get confirmation on what those explosions were?
[09:13:23] GM: Along with dents dings and bullet holes
[09:13:23] Lt. Fallnya: (Sept on the arms)
[09:13:46] Lt. Ishida: Which one?
[09:14:23] CWO Sarah frowns around and starts hunting for the enemy again, sighing. "There's one in the city somewhere… It crashed through a building and I lost track of it a moment…" She starts wandering through the town again, sighing softly. "Maybe it retreated with the others, but I didn't see it, so can't be sure."
[09:14:41] Lt. Jaron replies "Afraid not…how are the legionnairres holding and their troopers?" he then radios John "Hey John, ETA on repairs?"
[09:14:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: There was the one near you and the one near Lt. Amdahl.
[09:16:18] Lt. Ishida: Troops are fine, their section leaders have them under control now…we lost about 6 of them. they tried to flank the cannon tank, but got wiped out…
[09:16:55] Lt. Ishida: Hmm, the big fireball?
[09:17:36] Lt. Jaron shakes head "Was busy covering Lurana"
[09:17:57] Lt. Ishida: The fireball was mine. I finished off the flame tank…Sarah and her team made it easy though…
[09:18:15] Lt. Fallnya: (i thoght i took th tank down?)
[09:18:18] Lt. Fallnya: (the flame one)
[09:18:28] GM: there were two
[09:18:33] 2 Lt. Komillia: Very good, any idea what happened near Sarah.
[09:18:35] GM: one on each side of teh ridge
[09:18:50] Lt. Ishida: Checking on her now…
[09:19:44] Lt. Ishida approaches you Sarah, her armor nicked and dinged having taken some hits. "Sarah-chan? Ststus." She says as she looks around the shot up pit.
[09:21:07] Lt. Jaron tries John again "John….ets on that bioroid?"
[09:23:05] CWO Sarah shakes her head. "Still looking around for that vanished one. The house…" She gestures at it. "Has bodies in it unfortunately, died when it collapsed." She sighs.
[09:23:57] Lt. Ishida walks over to Sarah, and looks her over, and, satisfied she hasn't been wounded, nods. "Lets get this area secured."
[09:25:10] Lt. Jaron looks Lurana over, somewhat concerned from the flame damage
[09:25:51] CWO Sarah nods quickly. "Yes, ma'am."
[09:25:52] Lt. Fallnya: "Why are you looking at me like that?" *she looks at him a bit quirky like.* "Lover boy?"
[09:27:26] 2 Lt. Komillia transforms the Silverback back to dune buggy mode and gets out and stretches.
[09:29:09] Lt. Jaron glances away "Just making sure you was ok; flame damage can mess people up"
[09:30:12] GM: As you stretch, talk, and secure areas the sound of intermittent gunfire can be heard through the flats as Legionnairs and enemy holdouts exchange fire.
[09:30:51] Lt. Fallnya: *she moves over closer and swats him on his armored rumpus just enough to nudge him "Sure, may want to put the other thoughts you have away for now." *she grins*
[09:32:01] GM: Komillia as you strecth you hear a SPANG BONG SMAK as a few rounds from afar pepper the silver back…
[09:32:36] GM: more dirt then silver back is hit however
[09:33:50] 2 Lt. Komillia gets on the comm. "I'm under fire. Repeat I am under fire!"
[09:34:18] Lt. Fallnya: (dosent hear as her helmet is off tho…)
[09:34:27] 2 Lt. Komillia gets in close to the Silverback for cover before checking to see if it is safe to board.
[09:34:31] GM: A few rounds impact the dirt near Suki and Sarah, but otherwise hit nothing, the low wall takes the brunt of the fire.
[09:34:50] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow as it seems Lurana has certain things always on her mind "Umm sure" then goes to radio "another wave coming?"
[09:35:22] Lt. Ishida: Moves to the wall and hunkers down, and flips her sensor boom of her OSS-44 up and take a look.
[09:35:45] Lt. Ishida: (RSE [1d100] => [31] = (31) vs 60%)
[09:36:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Unknown, it has only hit the 'Back."
[09:36:23] Lt. Ishida: Nothing on my scopes. Nothing large that is…probably harassing fire. Letting us know they're out there…"
[09:37:18] Lurker (enter): 21:37
[09:37:19] Lt. Ishida: Ha! Guess we're going to have to low crawl and bolt form position to position now." She laughs
[09:37:48] Lurker: Disconnecting from server…
[09:37:48] Lurker (exit): 21:37
[09:38:18] CWO Sarah sighs and nods just a little, moving towards the wall a bit as well.'
[09:38:45] Legionnaire hustles on up to Jaron, in a mad dash, then skids up next to you. "Sir."
[09:39:16] Lt. Jaron looks the the Legionnaire "Yes?"
[09:39:28] Legionnaire: My Centurion wishes to know your thoughts.
[09:41:54] Lt. Jaron: "Just have them hold and keep down in trenches for now as the the Haydonites have lefted a few behind also, incase of second wave."
[09:42:13] Lt. Ishida: looks over at Sarah and smiles gleefully and then shrugs, then litfts her EP-37 over her head and fires a blind burst up the hill.
[09:43:47] CWO Sarah laughs a little bit at that, looking up at the hill, raising her eyebrows. She pulls the near-empty RL-6 cartridge and starts putting a fresh one in for the moment. "One left in that canister, should probably get it full before any more show up."
[09:44:00] Lt. Magna: brb
[09:44:23] Legionnaire nods and then moving to his feet, take s a few deep breaths before moving out then bolts for the next bit over cover. As he moves out a spattering of fire peppers the area. The Legionaair is struck and is spun to the ground. Scrambling to the cover , pushing himself backwards with his legs he gets behind a wall, looks at you gives a thumbs up then low crawls out of view.
[09:44:27] 2 Lt. Komillia crawls inside the silverback and tries to get a sensory read on any nearby hostiles. *Sensory Equipment [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs. 50
[09:46:10] GM: You think you pick up a faint heat trace from the pass, it might be an animal, it might not …
[09:46:10] Lt. Jaron: (is komillia still to the south alone?)
[09:46:16] GM: yes
[09:46:18] Lt. Jaron: (did John ever reply?)
[09:46:22] GM: no
[09:46:52] Lt. Fallnya: (just messaged him on aim…)
[09:47:01] Lt. Fallnya: (seeing if he went to sleep)
[09:47:06] Lt. Jaron frowns "Lurana, can you get to the SAM silverback and go battloid? it will give you some more protection"
[09:47:09] GM: he's here
[09:47:11] GM: trust me
[09:48:30] Lt. Fallnya: "fine…" *she puts her helmet back on tho charred and prolly less than functional than the rest of her armor she clambers into the back if its here and shuts the door starting it up…*
[09:48:37] Lt. Ishida: Fairman, whats the call here, I have the sneaking suspicion that we're going to get hit by a larger force. My gut tells me we just fended off a skirmish line, nothing more.
[09:49:56] Lt. Ishida: That and we have a lot of civilians here…
[09:50:49] Lt. Magna: bk
[09:50:58] Lt. Ishida: wb
[09:51:56] Lt. Jaron looks about as Lurana runs to the Silverback "We can try to get the people to evac to An'versia (sp?), its the only options for them"
[09:52:28] GM: Komillia that trace you have occupies that yellow circle..i.e. it's in there somwhere
[09:54:09] Lt. Ishida: Sounds like a plan.
[09:54:32] GM: Komillia, roll a perc and or a tactics
[09:55:00] 2 Lt. Komillia: Perception
[09:55:05] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[09:56:15] GM: Based of of what you have heard over the comm, about evacuation, you realize that the target that is fireing at you, from within that yellow circle, will have to be eliminated, because in order to get the civilian populace down, they will have to take that switch back and that target would have that entire span of road…dead to rights…
[09:58:08] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Sorry to interrupt, but we've got bandits in the area /gives coordinates/, I'll try to eliminate, postpone evac until then or we will have a LOT of dead civilians."
[09:58:56] Lt. Jaron nods to Ishida then comments Lurana "Any weapons operational on the Silverback? If not, maybe the bioroid weapon Ishida & Sarah picked up can be used"
[09:59:09] 2 Lt. Komillia fires into the zone with the Vanquisher to see if she can hit anything.
[09:59:17] Lt. Jaron: "Roger that Komillia"
[09:59:18] Lt. Ishida pats Sarah's shoulder. "Go help. It'll make you feel better. I'll hold here." She looks as if she might lean in, but stops, instead smiles and flips your visor down playfully.
[09:59:36] GM: Roll da bones
[09:59:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
[09:59:51] GM: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
[10:00:01] CWO Sarah smiles softly and nods a little. "Thanks. I'll go help with it." She looks up towards the area. "How close should I get to fire? Maybe I can draw it out…"
[10:01:02] GM: The relitive silance of the night is broken by the ripping sound of a 10 round burst from the AAC-11. The round churn up a heap of foliage, a tree trucnk is splintered and eventaully topples, but no tell tale sparks of rounds impacting upon metal are seen.
[10:01:51] 2 Lt. Komillia: I fired the H-340 Vanq, but eh.
[10:02:10] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((^er outta character comment.))
[10:02:15] GM: you are correct, pardon me, replace AC-11 with Vanq
[10:02:29] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11)
[10:03:40] GM: As if to say F U, a burst of rounds impact nearby the Silverback you are in Komillia, they do not hit, but for a few chunks of rock and stone that are tossed up to ricochet harmlessly off your Silverbacks armored hide.
[10:03:53] Kage (exit): 22:03
[10:03:59] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:04:15] Lt. Jaron moves to ridge and watches Komillia rain down some pain and any signs of the enemy (perception [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9), detect concealment [1d100] => [76] = (76) vs 55, sensory equip [1d100] => [48] = (48) vs 55)
[10:05:20] GM: You pick up some faint heat in the area in which Komilli is raining down hate and discontent, but nothig solid…you fear…that you will hve to take a more…personal…approach.
[10:05:56] GM: Note, Sarah is joining the fight and asked a question…
[10:06:48] CWO Sarah: (( She kinda asked Suki first actually ))
[10:07:06] Lt. Jaron hops over to Sarah "Can to accompany me?"
[10:07:10] CWO Sarah: (( since Suki suggested it. ))
[10:07:49] CWO Sarah glances to Jaron. "Sure. Was considering trying to head right into the bushes to try chasing it out, initially."
[10:08:22] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Maybe we could set up a controlled blaze and roast the clankers?"
[10:08:28] Lt. Jaron nods "Sounds fine, you want to lead this?"
[10:08:57] 2 Lt. Komillia: "With pleasure"
[10:09:27] Lt. Jaron: (that was to sarah, sorry)
[10:09:40] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Solly.))
[10:10:04] CWO Sarah laughs a little. "I'll charge in, be ready to back up then? Hopefully I can get him to come out to us." She switches down into bike mode for the initial approach.
[10:10:20] GM: Cue Robotech action music
[10:10:54] GM: Sarah, roll a piloting…and then…a DODGE
[10:11:02] Haydonite: [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
[10:11:08] Lt. Magna: Da da da da dada
[10:11:21] GM: Exactly!
[10:11:26] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [66] = (66)
[10:11:54] CWO Sarah: (( vs 89% ))
[10:11:59] GM: woot
[10:12:15] CWO Sarah: [1d20+12] => [3,12] = (15)
[10:12:20] CWO Sarah: (( to dodge. ))
[10:12:22] GM: Komillia and Jaron and LU, rolla perc
[10:12:28] Lt. Jaron follows Sarah but still in battloid, ready to fire
[10:12:30] GM: joo hit baybe
[10:12:31] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9)
[10:12:36] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [13] = (13) perc
[10:12:38] CWO Sarah: (( no shit. epic autofail ))
[10:12:43] GM: [1d4*10+15] => 25
[10:12:57] CWO Sarah: (( 55 damage now on a Cyc that only has 125 total. eep. ))
[10:12:58] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[10:13:55] GM: You three see the outgoing fire leveled at Sarah, would you like to …suppress that area?
[10:14:20] Lt. Fallnya: (me?
[10:14:22] 2 Lt. Komillia suppresses the area with the Vanq.
[10:14:45] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15)
[10:15:21] GM: Jaron, Lu?
[10:16:10] Lt. Fallnya: i guess ill assist firing the hand weapons of the
[10:16:15] Lt. Fallnya: back
[10:17:04] GM: Jaron
[10:17:07] Lt. Fallnya: (need i make an attack roll?)
[10:17:18] GM: no, just state you are suppressing
[10:17:27] Lt. Jaron will continue to move to Sarah for now, in case she is down
[10:18:11] GM: okay, as Jaron and Sarah move down, the units resident Zentraedi level fire onto the offending area.
[10:18:33] GM: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[10:18:56] GM: Well, the Haydonite decides he wishes to brave the fire and suffers for it
[10:19:01] GM: [1d6] => [2] = (2)
[10:19:12] GM: roll damage from ONE round Komi and ONE round Lu
[10:19:22] GM: not a burst, but a SINGLE round
[10:19:30] 2 Lt. Komillia: [4d6] => [1,6,1,4] = (12)
[10:19:43] Lt. Fallnya: [4d6] => [5,2,4,6] = (17)
[10:19:56] GM: Sarah and Jaron percs
[10:20:06] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
[10:20:30] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
[10:20:49] GM: Sarah, you can see the tell tale impact of rounds on metal
[10:20:58] GM: in that area
[10:21:25] CWO Sarah offers a nasty little smile, and aims her RL-6 towards where she saw the impact, letting off a missile into it.
[10:21:30] GM: thats where yall are right now
[10:21:34] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((brb))
[10:21:52] GM: roll strike, -4
[10:22:31] CWO Sarah: Strike [1d20+3] => [14,3] = (17) (instead of +7)
[10:22:37] Haydonite: [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)
[10:22:42] Haydonite: Roll damage
[10:22:51] CWO Sarah: [1d4*10] => 30
[10:23:31] GM: There is a loud bang and the area lights up, trees are shredded but in the midst of it all you can plainly see a haydonite Infantry unit
[10:23:49] Haydonite: odd sarah, even Jaron
[10:23:50] Haydonite: [1d10] => [5] = (5)
[10:23:56] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[10:24:11] GM: Return fire is leveled at you, but goes way wide
[10:24:18] GM: Jaron
[10:24:21] GM: you may fire
[10:24:43] GM: Komillia and Lu, you may choose to continue suppressing, or go for a more direct approach
[10:24:55] Lt. Jaron fires a burst into the target area (to strike [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21), [2d4*10] => 40 MD)
[10:25:00] Lt. Fallnya: (continue)
[10:25:12] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
[10:25:31] Haydonite: Your fire is right on, but the Haydonite is able to skip out of the way…
[10:25:53] GM: Komillia?
[10:26:35] GM: Sarah, your RL-6 is empty
[10:26:46] Lt. Fallnya: (she changed clips for it)
[10:26:52] GM: then it isnt
[10:26:57] Lt. Fallnya: (*points up*)
[10:27:31] 2 Lt. Komillia: (()back)
[10:27:48] 2 Lt. Komillia continues suppressing fire.
[10:28:01] CWO Sarah: (( basic combat tactics. You reload it when it's a combat lull, even if there's one round left. ))
[10:28:37] Haydonite: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[10:28:58] GM: Your suppressive fire hits nothing but the Haydonite is on the move plain as day
[10:29:00] GM: Jaron
[10:29:07] GM: Imean Sarah
[10:29:20] Lt. Jaron moves up and tries to take a pop shot at the haydonite opponent (single shot [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21), dmg [4d4] => [4,1,2,4] = (11) MD)
[10:29:54] Lt. Fallnya: (if he survives is he within 1 mile?)
[10:30:15] CWO Sarah growls just a little as she sees the Haydonite on the move, trying to sight back in and fire another rocket at the thing, wanting to get a piece of it. [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) for [1d4*10] => 40 MD (if a hit)
[10:30:22] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
[10:30:22] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[10:30:31] Lt. Fallnya: (err make that 5 miles)
[10:31:06] GM: Jaron your sticke missies by a mile, but Sarah, you catch the bastard after he skips away from Jarons attack
[10:31:58] GM: Komillia and Lu, you can see the Haydoinite break the tree line and apparnetly it has thrusters becuase it engages them and is running…
[10:32:21] 2 Lt. Komillia fires directly upon the offending haydonite.
[10:32:27] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21)
[10:32:28] Lt. Fallnya: *launches a SRM from one of the GR-107's (least i belive the sam back had 2 sets)
[10:32:34] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
[10:32:36] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[10:32:37] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
[10:32:48] Lt. Fallnya: [2d6*10] => 30
[10:32:53] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d4*10] => 40
[10:34:10] GM: As the Haydonite breaks cover, the turret of the AAC-11 swivles into positon and the chatter of the 10 round burst shackes the vehicle, Komillia can hear the clang clang clang of the caseings pranging againt the hull. Lurana pick another weapon, you removed those missiles to relaod the Top launcer…
[10:35:05] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((Err, I'm using the Vanq, saving the big gun for bigger targets.))
[10:35:15] GM: reroll damage
[10:35:34] Lt. Fallnya: (oh didnt remember that sorry, ill fire it from the backpack then just 1 missile)
[10:35:43] GM: and Lu, choose a weapon…the Silver is OUT of missiles, has been for a while now
[10:35:44] Lt. Fallnya: (that is unless it cannot be fired in battloid?)
[10:36:00] Lt. Fallnya: (fine the vanquisher)
[10:36:06] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((reroll anyway, even though I rolled the accurate damage the first time? Just wanting to know.))
[10:36:11] Lt. Fallnya: [2d4*10] => 50
[10:36:52] GM: As Lurana get tone she dpresses the firing stud but is rewarded with a "ALL MISSILE EXPENDED" warning across her screen, swaring furiously she switches to guns, and is able to snap a burst off just in time.
[10:37:23] GM: komillia damage pweese
[10:38:22] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d4*10] => 70
[10:38:29] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:38:35] CWO Sarah: (( cool, got a better roll that time ))
[10:39:36] GM: Both Silverbacks rounds rach out and crush somebody, 20 rounds of railgun ammunition shred the fleeing haydonite (44 points of overkill) and the Haydonite disitigrates, , it's remains toppling across the roadway fora good 50 feet
[10:41:11] Lt. Jaron radios "Ishida, contact the legionnaires and have them help evac the town, then make defensive position in the town." He moves slowly to the dead haydonite
[10:41:42] Lt. Ishida: Roger that!
[10:42:52] Lt. Fallnya: "I think ill make a check on Lt. Magna unless yu perfer me to remain here with this half loaded missile back?"
[10:42:53] GM: The Legionaairs move to evacuate the civilians, it is a laborius process, but the civilians are numb in shock, horror and grief and comply easily enough…
[10:44:37] Lt. Jaron replies to Lurana "Go ahead, I've tried the radio, he hasnt answered"
[10:45:21] GM: Lurana, you arrive at the barn. Roll a perc
[10:45:34] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[10:46:27] GM: Nothing seems out of place, you trudge down the stairs and before you can lambaste John for his radio silance, you notice he, Bria, andher Father, are…not there
[10:48:05] Lt. Fallnya: "Hm…" *she looks around for the big thing
[10:48:15] GM: The Bioroid is still there…
[10:48:40] GM: the lantern form teh nearby workbench, flickers sedatly
[10:48:45] Lt. Fallnya: *she perks up the radio in her helmet hopeing it reaches* "there not here…"
[10:49:07] Lt. Ishida her voice pitching up two octaves says" He's WHAT?"
[10:49:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: "I hope for his sake, this is a kidnapping…"
[10:49:55] Lt. Jaron frowns abit
[10:51:17] Lt. Fallnya: *she looks around for a sign of a struggle then moves closer to the bioroid and climes inside to check it for operation capacity*
[10:51:36] CWO Sarah blinks a little and frowns, moving back to the others and shaking her head a little bit.
[10:51:41] GM: You see scuff marks on the floor and a few tools strewn about the ground
[10:52:12] GM: The Bioroid doesnt seem to be any more operational then when you last saw it
[10:53:19] GM: Johns armor and side arms are still where he left them
[10:55:06] Lt. Fallnya: "I cant tell but by the scuff marks they could have been taken posisibly by force depending on how old thes scuffs are… the mechs not in any better shape than i left…" *she tries to continue the work if she can figure out where she was last at on it…
[10:55:39] GM: Somehow working on the mecha seems…trivial next to teh fact that you are a man down and have no idea where he is…
[10:56:09] Lt. Jaron radios "Check the home."
[10:56:59] Lt. Fallnya nods and moves to the house to check it…
[10:57:03] GM: As you approach the farm house you can see that the door has been kicked open, a soft weeping can be heard from inside.
[10:57:38] Lt. Fallnya moves in lifting her face visor
[10:57:54] GM: All the while, as these events transpire, the crack crack crack of weapons fire can still be heard for the trenchline
[10:58:31] GM: Inside the kitchen you find the mother, sobbing, her clothes tatted. rocking back and forth
[10:59:05] Lt. Fallnya moves close and kneels down placing as gentle a possible hand on the womans shoulder. "What happend?"
[10:59:25] Lt. Magna: brb
[10:59:43] Bria's Mother: They took them! They took them /sob
[11:00:14] Lt. Fallnya: "Who did?"
[11:00:26] Lt. Jaron looks over to the trench area; checking to see what happening.
[11:01:20] Bria's Mother: "They did." She points north. "They called him a thief!" She wails. "He is a loyal subject!"
[11:01:51] GM: The legionaair and some Haydonite rearguard forces are exchaning pot shots at one another.
[11:03:43] Lt. Fallnya taps her commlink* "is there any positions north of the farmhouse?"
[11:04:05] Lt. Magna: hehe
[11:04:29] Lt. Magna: giggle
[11:04:41] Lt. Ishida: (Land Nav [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 68%)
[11:05:00] Lt. Ishida: Heptac'va! The regional Capital!
[11:05:58] Lt. Jaron sighes
[11:06:09] Lt. Fallnya: "Ill be right back then… im going to get our man…" *she stomps out obvious anger and climes into the back again and starts it planning to roll in alone unless any one decides to break formation to come with.*
[11:07:22] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Take a male with you, they maybe as scared of women of the locals."
[11:07:51] Lt. Jaron radios "Yea, I will be there is a minute"
[11:07:53] Lt. Ishida moves to assist but a burst of fire from an unseen position atop the hill forces her back under cover. Sighing, she returns fire laying a line of strafe across the hillside. "I can't budge, if I move i leave my sector exposed."
[11:08:46] Lt. Jaron he goes into cycle mode "Ishida, have some of the legionnaire fix some position in town to fall back too." Then prepares to go down to Lurana
[11:09:00] Lt. Ishida: Roger that!
[11:09:06] Lt. Fallnya: "They will be scared of women when i get through with them…"
[11:09:15] Lt. Jaron drives to lurana
[11:09:31] Lt. Ishida: You tell em Miss Thang.
[11:09:57] Lt. Fallnya drives off in the general direction tho the cyclone prolly can catch up either way tho
[11:10:12] GM: AS Jaron leaves town a few pot shots impact nearby, but nothing concentrated, or in any way accurate
[11:10:47] GM: Meeting up with Lurana at the edge of town, the road ahead lies before you.
[11:11:11] GM: nm, Reaching the edge of town, Jaron can see Luranans taillights ahead of him
[11:11:24] Lt. Jaron flashes his lights and follows her
[11:11:25] GM: Go, chase that tail HJaron!
[11:12:18] GM: what, no LOL, that was funny
[11:12:37] Lt. Jaron: (hehe)
[11:12:55] Lt. Fallnya grumbles angrily and floors it to go as fast as possible not stopping for any check stations if any
[11:13:09] GM: Catching up with Lurana you both proceed north like a militirized version of CHiPS
[11:13:20] Lt. Magna: lol
[11:13:28] Lt. Fallnya: (im in a silverback so lol
[11:13:43] Lt. Fallnya: (not CHiPS per say)
[11:13:53] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[11:13:57] GM: The SAM back had one wheel blown out if I recall…best bet would be the CYc…
[11:14:20] GM: actually, 'shered off' was teh term I used
[11:14:22] Lt. Fallnya: (…. not that i recall)
[11:14:26] GM: sheared
[11:14:44] Lt. Fallnya: (my cyclone was damaged in the same way to)
[11:14:55] GM: yes, but it still has it's 'legs'
[11:15:07] Lt. Fallnya: (fine)
[11:15:15] Lt. Fallnya: *she just continues running then
[11:15:24] GM: you are in your cyc, the Silverback is unable to move outside of battloid mode…moving on
[11:15:25] Lt. Fallnya: (so does the silverback)
[11:15:53] GM: okay…lol, ka plod kaplod it is lol
[11:16:32] GM: you are plodding along at a agonizing 60mph
[11:17:16] Lt. Fallnya might bne agonizing but it makes her blood boil even more…
[11:17:29] GM: PASSION!
[11:17:40] GM: Komillia must love this!
[11:17:45] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[11:18:05] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((lol))
[11:18:23] GM: Roll a perc yall plodders you
[11:18:36] Lt. Jaron catces up with Lurana and nods to her but is worried about the rednessof her face. (perception [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20))
[11:19:15] GM: Lurana?
[11:19:31] Lt. Fallnya: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[11:19:35] GM: Perc you hot blooded Zent you
[11:19:41] GM: wow, all you see is red
[11:19:55] GM: Jaron on the other hand hear a voice from behind him
[11:20:26] GM: note at this point you are 8 miles away from Tsien'va
[11:20:41] GM: Komillia, roll a perc
[11:20:50] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[11:20:51] GM: you too sarah
[11:20:55] GM: and Suki
[11:21:04] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
[11:21:06] Lt. Fallnya: (brb)
[11:21:30] Lt. Jaron glances behind him
[11:21:32] Lt. Fallnya: gota go out to the truck and check for any msgs)
[11:21:42] GM: kk
[11:21:44] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [20,1] = (21)
[11:21:48] GM: Jaron…you heard a voice…
[11:22:33] GM: Sarah, your Invidy Senses Tingle…you see the moonlight caress the frame of an aircraft inbound your position.
[11:22:45] Lt. Jaron glances about…..then radios "Lurana, hold up.."
[11:23:08] GM: Since Lu is away right now, I will assume she does so, and holds up…
[11:23:12] CWO Sarah blinks up and frowns, switching radio on and looking to Suki. "Aircraft inbound to our position…" She gestures towards the shape in the moonlight. "Unknown origin."
[11:23:24] Lt. Fallnya: *holds up
[11:23:33] GM: see, am I good or waht?
[11:24:26] Lt. Ishida: (RSE [1d100] => [49] = (49) vs 60%)
[11:24:44] Lt. Ishida: I see it! Fast mover!
[11:24:45] 2 Lt. Komillia sees if she can ID the craft.
[11:24:54] GM: roll
[11:25:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: *perc: [1d20] => [20] = (20), sensory instruments vs 50 [1d100] => [18] = (18)
[11:26:04] GM: BING! Your systems track onto the target with accuracy and the Silverbacks warbook lfags it as definate hostile.
[11:26:24] GM: init
[11:26:28] 2 Lt. Komillia: "It's a hostile, do I have permission to fire?"
[11:26:31] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[11:26:37] CWO Sarah: [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[11:26:37] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[11:26:54] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
[11:27:55] Lt. Ishida takes a deep breath and, sitting back against the wall, keeping under cover, fires two missiles upwards, hopeing like mad that the enemy aircraft will pass into them.
[11:28:06] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12)
[11:28:39] GM: Sadly the Wraith does not and the missiles fly upwards and explode harmlessly in the air, like miniature flak bursts.
[11:29:01] Lt. Ishida: Dont ask! SHOOT!
[11:29:25] 2 Lt. Komillia fires the flak cannon at the wraith.
[11:29:35] GM: roll em
[11:29:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
[11:30:03] GM: Lurana and Jaron, you stop and a haggard 'look what the cat dragged in' John staggers up to you
[11:30:11] GM: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[11:30:14] GM: roll damamge
[11:30:43] 2 Lt. Komillia: [3d6*10] => 60
[11:30:50] 2 Lt. Komillia: …
[11:30:56] GM: His arms are bound by cuffs and his legs teh same but the chain has been cut
[11:31:05] Lt. Magna: John looks ragged. He is breathing heavily and his face and cloths are covered in dirt. "Thank god your here!"
[11:31:13] GM: The Wraith takes the hit but keeps on keeping on…sarah
[11:31:17] CWO Sarah shifts the Cyc into Battloid mode, then waits to see if the Wraith will get close enough, then if so, tries to fire a round from the RL-6 to see if she can reach enough into the air to make a dent in it.
[11:31:27] GM: rollit
[11:31:28] CWO Sarah: (( isn't that hit a x2 for being a 1 on the dodge? ))
[11:31:45] Lt. Fallnya: *she moves over and gently cuts the chain around his arms.* "What happend?"
[11:31:48] CWO Sarah: (( a natural 1 ))
[11:31:58] GM: only if the strike is a 20 is it a x4,
[11:32:10] Lt. Jaron glances to John "What the hell happened?"
[11:32:18] GM: if the strike is a 20 and the dodge a 1 it's x4 otherwise it's damage as susal
[11:32:21] GM: usual
[11:32:23] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8)
[11:32:31] CWO Sarah: (( oh ))
[11:32:37] Lt. Magna: We were taken prisoner by Vendris.
[11:32:58] GM: bigg wiffah, in fact, you mini missiles doesnt even make it 3 feet, it kinda FOOMPS' fromt eh tube and lands at your feet…it's sizzling
[11:32:59] Lt. Magna: h"he claimed we were thieves"
[11:33:04] Lt. Fallnya: "And you escaped? or did he let you go?"
[11:33:23] Lt. Jaron dismounts and looks John over as he undoes the cuffs with cutters. "What of the father and daughter?"
[11:33:41] Lt. Magna: "I escaped!. I jumped of the transport and ran over here"
[11:33:51] CWO Sarah erms at that, looking to Suki and gesturing to move back. "Ordinance failure."
[11:34:07] GM: [1d6*10] => 40
[11:34:13] GM: The round cooks off
[11:34:15] GM: 40 points
[11:34:25] Lt. Magna: They still have them I think. He may have killed them though"
[11:34:25] GM: o damamge Sarah dear, and you are kocked on your ass
[11:34:45] CWO Sarah: (( would hope only 40 since it's a 1d4*10 missile rather than a 1d6 one ))
[11:34:53] GM: [1d4*10] => 20
[11:34:58] GM: 20 then
[11:34:59] CWO Sarah: (( and I'm not directly being hit, so it's only 1/2 damage isn't it? ))
[11:35:11] GM: fair enough
[11:35:19] Lt. Magna: "I think I broke a few ribs in the fall."
[11:35:21] Lt. Fallnya: "Then he will die…" *she turns and begins to move on towards the fortifications*
[11:35:23] GM: but you are on your ass
[11:35:43] CWO Sarah oofs as she drops on her ass, shaking her head and sighing. "Well, that was useful…"
[11:35:59] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
[11:36:26] Lt. Magna: He looks up at Lurana and says. "He's mine! That fucker is mine!"
[11:36:29] GM: guess I shold called a target before hand huh….sigh, okay I wont be a dick…
[11:36:42] GM: [4d4*10] => 110
[11:36:52] CWO Sarah: (( oh, be a dick, it's your job ))
[11:36:56] GM: One of the Bioroids on the trenchline is hit, and hit hard
[11:37:01] Lt. Magna: First somone get me out of theses shackles"
[11:37:22] Lt. Fallnya: (done did i cut the chain between them)
[11:37:27] Lt. Fallnya: (with my CADS)
[11:37:44] GM: done and done, John, you still have bracelets and anklets, but you are free to amnuver
[11:37:51] Lt. Magna: John hops in yhe cab of the silver back]
[11:37:53] Lt. Fallnya: "Jaron take him back make sur ehe gets medical attention, your in no shape"
[11:37:54] GM: manuver
[11:38:11] Lt. Fallnya: (no silver)
[11:38:37] Lt. Jaron calls out "Stop! You want there to be a war before UEEF and them?"
[11:38:48] Lt. Ishida: lifts up her EP-37 at the returning Wraith, her missiles gone andfires.
[11:38:52] Lt. Magna: "No! I have to take him out."
[11:38:58] Lt. Ishida: [4d20+10] => [8,4,9,16,10] = (47)
[11:39:02] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23)
[11:39:09] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[11:39:32] Lt. Fallnya: "Hes taken some one that was working under our direction, so it is a UEEF problem allready"
[11:39:35] Lt. Ishida: [2d4*10] => 40
[11:39:40] Lt. Magna: "They have an inocent young girl and an innocent man in custody. They have no right!"
[11:39:40] Lt. Ishida: Sarah
[11:39:47] GM: sarah
[11:40:42] Lt. Jaron ponders a moment "I will go to him, atleast I've talked to him. You two can come, but nothing rash until its clear he is insane or worse"
[11:41:04] CWO Sarah gets up off her ass, basically, using a thruster boost. She aims the RL-6 back up as she does, and tries to blast again, hoping it'll go a little further this time.
[11:41:08] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
[11:41:09] Lt. Jaron radios "Ishida, we have a problem and both John & Lurana are abit on edge here"
[11:41:18] Lt. Fallnya: "Fine…" But they will not disarm me"
[11:41:27] Lt. Fallnya: "Ill shoot the first one that tries"
[11:41:33] Lt. Ishida: A Little busy here!
[11:41:50] Lt. Magna: "I need a weapon"
[11:41:53] GM: roll damage
[11:42:05] Lt. Fallnya tosses magna her gallant in rifle form
[11:42:08] CWO Sarah: [1d4*10] => 20
[11:42:13] Lt. Fallnya: "Take care of it or ill have your head"
[11:42:24] GM: komillia
[11:42:41] 2 Lt. Komillia continues to fire flak at the wraith.
[11:42:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [14,8] = (22)
[11:42:54] GM: roll damamge
[11:43:15] 2 Lt. Komillia: [3d6*10] => 90
[11:43:27] Lt. Magna: "Thanks. You'll get it back" He releases the safety.
[11:43:34] Haydonite: Damn Flak unit…die!
[11:43:41] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12)
[11:43:54] Lt. Fallnya: *he relizes the saftey was allready off…*
[11:44:03] Lt. Jaron curses "Our team is getting hit hard you two. Make your decisions now, our teammates or natives in political crapper"
[11:44:08] GM: [4d4*10] => 70
[11:44:14] Lt. Magna: John hops on the back of Jarons cyc
[11:44:33] GM: The Wriath level fire upon the Silverback and hit it, the front window is blown out and the passanger side door is shorn off
[11:44:55] Lt. Fallnya: "You two take care of the natives… unless you want me to blow the place up…" *she then heads back to the front lines.*
[11:45:00] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Damn!"
[11:45:28] Lt. Ishida fires again at the Wraith.
[11:45:35] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [14,10] = (24)
[11:45:36] Lt. Jaron nods to Lurana "Good luck." then turns slightly to John "How will do you know the laws here?"
[11:45:43] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[11:45:52] Lt. Ishida: [2d4*10] => 40
[11:47:25] GM: The wraith flying low is hit square by Ishida's fire scant milliseconds after Komillias round tear into ti, the combined assault is to much and the Wraith pitches over and with a sickning whine crashes into the middile of the town, eviscerating three buildings as it impacts the ground.
[11:48:18] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Glad the call to evac was made."
[11:48:30] Lt. Ishida: Agreed!
[11:48:46] Lt. Magna: To Jaron, "I know a few things, but not much. We will have to negotiate with them"
[11:49:06] Lt. Magna: "They may want to take me into custody again "
[11:49:24] Lt. Ishida: (Tactics [1d100] => [25] = (25) vs 70%]
[11:49:43] Lt. Ishida: (Tactics [1d100] => [84] = (84) vs 70%)
[11:49:54] Lt. Jaron: "Is this is a lose lose, then there is no reason to try"
[11:50:01] GM: oh wait…the first roll worked…
[11:50:11] Lt. Fallnya: *heads back to the barn to take her mind off it and works on the Bioroid valiant laser rifle at her side checking what last few things that would get the thing operating again at least at a basic level
[11:50:31] Lt. Jaron: (could still john's cyclone )
[11:51:03] Lt. Jaron starts down the road slowly "So the only charge was stealing?"
[11:51:34] Lt. Fallnya: (she could depending on what type he had?)
[11:51:41] Lt. Fallnya: (but i presume john had a basic battler)
[11:52:11] Lt. Ishida: Guys, be advised, I think we're gonna get rolled here pretty soon…
[11:53:09] GM: (dt)
[11:54:06] Lt. Magna: "Yes, that was the claim. Vendris said we stole the bioroid."
[11:58:22] Custscene: Whisky Niner Two Five, say your status over?" The controllers voice was calm, but had the edge of urgency to it. "Roger that Pinnacle, beginning my pass." The Conbat fighter pilot pused his HOTAS forward, increasing his thrust, firewalling the afterburners. Soon he was well past mach 2 and into enemy territory. "Beginning photorecon run now!" The craft buffeted in the turbulant air as the Conbat approached the HEptac basin. Beneath him lay the shattered remains of no less then three Garfish Monitors and their Roil-Tiluvo escorts. Fodder for teh haydonites. "Dam, I see the remains of the 13th, no life signs, moving into teh basin now." the pilot swore, his throat dry. (dt)
[12:02:19] Custscene: "negative Whisky 925, RTB repeat RTB, no friendly forces are East of you, get out of there now before you get knocked down." The pilot cursed, something didn't feel right, the Haydonites had already pushed far west, but were being held up by the UEEF's 15th Division, where were their follow on forces? He huffed into his mask "Roger taht Whisky Niner Two Five, I am RTB, repeat RTB.
[12:04:06] Custscene: free rp
[12:05:06] Lt. Fallnya: (any update on the mech for me?)
[12:05:12] 2 Lt. Komillia: So how long do you think we're gonnat have to hold here until the UEEF reinforces us?
[12:05:22] GM: LOL
[12:05:55] CWO Sarah: (( how far away is that cutscene from us? ))
[12:06:05] Lt. Magna: After cooling down a bit Johnrealizes that going there like they are isn't the best idea.
[12:06:08] GM: As for the mecha, without Dad and John working on it…it's as good as scrap…you can try, but even your Zentraedi bravado is not match for the cold hard realism…
[12:06:16] GM: Cutscene is current
[12:06:25] CWO Sarah: (( I mean in miles ))
[12:06:28] Lt. Magna: "Take me back to the barn" He says to Jaron
[12:06:49] GM: maybe 30 miles out…but…you dont know that
[12:06:54] Lt. Jaron nods and does so, quickly
[12:06:56] CWO Sarah: (( in terms of sensing a protoculture signature Okay. ))
[12:07:07] GM: so yes, you re 30 miles BEHIND enemy lines
[12:07:29] GM: but of course…you dont know this
[12:07:31] Lt. Magna: brb
[12:07:46] Lt. Fallnya: "Fuck i need to study my mechanics more…"
[12:07:57] Lt. Fallnya stands there slightly dumbfounded by the mech
[12:08:16] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((I'm sorry, but I'm turning in, it's late here and I'm falling asleep.))
[12:08:17] Lt. Jaron increases speed (piloting [1d100] => [95] = (95) vs 78)
[12:08:23] Lt. Jaron: (oh noes)
[12:08:33] 2 Lt. Komillia: ((lol))
[12:08:44] Lt. Ishida: We need to find support and in a hurry. Anyone know where any 'freindly' forces are?
[12:08:49] CWO Sarah: (( wasn't really asking, figured we were. Just wondered for the attempted PC check to try flagging them down if their engines could be sensed. ))
[12:09:14] GM: nod nod…Suki's question is very valid…and we will cut it off here


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