Chapter 3 - Night 6


[07:52:15] GM: Only moments ago, the team witnessed via Sarah's recorders the razing of the hamlet some 8 klicks to the north of Anver'sa. Also, according to Sarah's observations, the Haydonites are making their way down the pass to wipe out the next town along the way, Tsien'va…which, just so happens to be your current location.
[07:55:45] CWO Sarah keeps watching in concern, trying to figure out which way the enemy might be trying to come in from, looking around quickly.
[07:57:25] GM: Sarah, as you maintain your overwatch, the two Wraith's cease their buzzard-like circling over the burning town and turn towards you. you lose sight of them as the smoke and darkness obscures them.
[08:00:09] CWO Sarah frowns at the turning, swearing and looking up. "Lost the Wraiths, inbound my way possibly…"
[08:00:21] Lt. Jaron fixes up the controls of the launcher to operate from palm comp
[08:00:54] GM: The missile box atop the Silverback swings around and cants upwards into the ready position
[08:01:28] GM: Sarah, seconds later you hear the Wraiths pass overhead, that is to say, have passed overhead…
[08:01:35] 2 Lt. Komillia positions flack cannon in the general direction of the wraiths.
[08:02:50] CWO Sarah swears. "They're overhead, just passed me. Not sure if I was seen, but…"
[08:03:26] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
[08:03:26] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
[08:04:09] Lt. Jaron gets radar for incoming
[08:04:28] Lt. Jaron: (rse [1d100] => [24] = (24) vs 55)
[08:04:32] GM: Roll sensory
[08:04:43] GM: Your radar picks up fuzz
[08:04:56] GM: nothing definite, nothing solid
[08:05:50] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Where's the Lidar when you need it?"
[08:06:26] GM: The first you see of the Wraiths are the red flashes of their cannons as the open up on the town as soon as they are in range. Blaster fire rakes the center of town obliterating buildings and structures as well as laying a well aimed burst of fire right into the town square and Tanis' CP'
[08:07:08] GM: [4d4+10] => [3,3,2,2,10] = (20)
[08:07:20] GM: [4d4*10] => 120
[08:07:21] Lt. Jaron tries to get off a missile, if possible
[08:07:24] GM: 240
[08:08:20] GM: Tanis' Bioroid is hit square and is obliterated! A defiant cry marks the High Centurions passing
[08:09:02] Lt. Jaron curses "Son of a bitch….."
[08:09:34] 2 Lt. Komillia: "For every one of us you strike down our resolve will only strengthen!"
[08:09:51] GM: Jaron you may make a snap shot -6
[08:10:05] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+4-6] => [8,4,-6] = (6)
[08:10:31] GM: The missile(s)? how many did you fire…?
[08:10:43] Lt. Jaron: (just 1)
[08:11:13] GM: The missile streaks into the air passing behind the Wraiths as they pass over town…
[08:11:27] GM: Komillia
[08:13:08] Lt. Jaron radios "Tirolian forces….dig in and hold your positions"
[08:13:13] 2 Lt. Komillia transforms into Battloid and aims the flak gun and fires a burst at the nearest Wraith.
[08:13:29] GM: Roll strike -6
[08:13:58] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8-6] => [9,8,-6] = (11)
[08:14:13] Wraith: [4d20+4] => [18,4,5,18,4] = (49)
[08:14:17] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
[08:14:21] Wraith: Roll damage
[08:14:39] GM: wait on that so i can give you the correct damage to roll
[08:14:43] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d6+10] => [4,3,10] = (17)
[08:15:17] GM: damage is 3D6x10
[08:15:30] 2 Lt. Komillia: [3d6*10] => 130
[08:16:39] GM: The AAC-11 chatters loudly! Tracer fire lances into the sky and you see the rounds connect!
[08:16:43] GM: dt
[08:19:10] GM: give me one second…
[08:20:07] GM: [1d12] => [5] = (5)
[08:21:03] GM: The hull of the Wraith take the brunt of the damage as small chunks of armor are blown off, both wraiths tear over town in formation and disappear into the ink black of night
[08:21:33] GM: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[08:21:57] GM: Jaron, you see your SRM hang a sharp left and tear off after the wraiths
[08:22:30] GM: [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20)
[08:22:45] GM: But the Wraith it locked onto is able to evade
[08:23:43] GM: Around you, the area is filled in blaster fire as Tani's men fire small arms and their Bioroid gunpods intot eh sky in an attempt to hit the offending aircraft
[08:24:28] GM: Lu, from under the barn you hear the unmistakable sounds of weapons fire, the battle has begun!
[08:24:53] Lt. Fallyna would continue work unless called?
[08:24:56] GM: Jaron and Komillia roll a perc please
[08:25:21] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[08:25:28] 2 Lt. Komillia: (no bonus)
[08:25:39] Lt. Jaron radios "Sarah, how fast are the ground forces moving?" (Perception [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3))
[08:25:45] Lt. Jaron: (squirrel!)
[08:25:52] GM: lol
[08:26:25] CWO Sarah tries to spot the ground forces, frowning quickly and looking around.
[08:26:47] GM: Komillia, you note the obvious, that radar is next to useless againt these targets in terms of tracking them, something else will have to take it's place.
[08:28:02] 2 Lt. Komillia: "I remember reading somewhere about some sort of laser-based radar, and these things are visible right? So why can't we just overhaul our systems to use that insteed?
[08:28:26] GM: Roll a second perc
[08:28:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[08:28:42] 2 Lt. Komillia: (Shiny!)
[08:28:44] Lt. Jaron radios "if someone can get it to work"
[08:29:20] CWO Sarah: (( should I be rolling a perc to spot the ground forces? ))
[08:29:33] GM: You realize that LiDAR will be next to useless, even if you were able to revamp the system, as the smoke and dust from the fires that are now starting to rage in Tsien'va would block the beam.
[08:29:39] GM: yes please Sarah
[08:30:46] GM: Suki gets to help with this if I roll like, unGODly high on this next roll so…
[08:31:03] Suki Ishida: [1d100] => [44] = (44)
[08:31:22] GM: Good enough if she were a player, but not as a NPC…sorry
[08:31:45] GM: Sarah your roll
[08:32:02] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17)
[08:32:18] Lt. Fallyna: (need any roll from me?)
[08:32:47] GM: Sarah, you can still see two of the Heavy four legged deals, and two of the bipedal one, but, you are one 'tank' and one 'tropper' short in your count.
[08:33:02] GM: Yeah, you can roll Lu
[08:33:21] Lt. Fallyna: (for mechanic or what?)
[08:33:24] CWO Sarah: (( can I see how fast they're moving in? ))
[08:33:41] GM: are you rolling to try and help with the 'tracking issue?'
[08:33:42] 2 Lt. Komillia: "And what we're using now isn't even more worthless, yes dust would make it more difficult to use, but at least Lidar stands a chance of detecting of the Haydonites, unlike current radar systems."
[08:34:31] Lt. Jaron radios "What of thermal?"
[08:34:31] GM: kk, no worries on the roll then, you are workign away
[08:36:33] Suki Ishida: Roger that! Setting Thermal to max gain!
[08:37:18] Lt. Jaron does as well
[08:37:19] 2 Lt. Komillia: afk
[08:37:19] GM: Sarah, they are moving at a casual pace
[08:37:51] GM: As if they are in total control, and in no hurry to kill you all.
[08:38:34] CWO Sarah sighs into her comm. "They're taking their time it seems. Seem to think they have control. Two aren't visible though, I'm not sure where they are, looking"
[08:39:00] GM: roll percs Suki, Sarah and Jaron, and Komillia
[08:39:52] Suki Ishida: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
[08:39:53] Lt. Jaron radios "Roger that…" switches to Legionnaire and Tirolian channel "You can target them with thermals." (perception [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9))
[08:40:06] Suki Ishida: [1d100] => [37] = (37)
[08:41:11] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13)
[08:41:52] GM: Over the channel you hear Tanis' squad leaders trying to settle the troops as word has started to filter out that their commander has just been slain. From Suki you can hear her on fire, keeping her contingent of Legionnairs in line and on task.
[08:42:16] GM: Note, she isn't being very pleasant
[08:42:31] 2 Lt. Komillia: (sorry, dog left a mess to clean)
[08:42:36] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[08:42:50] GM: Sarah, you fail to locate the missing enemy, but the one you do have eyes on are entering the plain's ahead of the trenchlines
[08:44:04] GM: Suki and Komillia, you both after switching to thermals see a ghostly arc of heat in the sky, diffuse at the end, but narrowing as you follow it, the arc turns and you realize that in seocnds the Wraiths will be firing upon you
[08:44:31] GM: well, not really 'plains' but level forested and shurbbed area…
[08:44:42] GM: shrubbed
[08:45:00] GM: init
[08:45:27] CWO Sarah sighs. "Looking for them still, they're headed for the trenchlines, the main groups."
[08:45:57] Lt. Ishida: They're heading back! Inbound angels 3 Bearing 170!!
[08:45:59] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
[08:46:32] GM: @ Carrie, yes
[08:47:02] CWO Sarah: (( eh? ))
[08:47:24] CWO Sarah: (( didn't ask you anything, was just giving situation update for others ))
[08:48:17] GM: ahhh, sorry, my bad
[08:49:15] GM: init rolls yall,
[08:49:26] Wraith: [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20)
[08:49:26] Wraith: [1d20+2] => [20,2] = (22)
[08:49:40] Lt. Fallyna: (me as well?)
[08:49:42] Lt. Jaron: (initiative [1d20+2] => [7,2] = (9)
[08:49:53] Lt. Jaron: (dang, GM die are hot)
[08:50:02] GM: no ma'am, unles syou want to race outside…
[08:50:09] GM: no shit! I call HAX
[08:50:21] GM: just be glad those werent strikes!
[08:50:28] Lt. Fallyna: (negatory unless you want a partially operational bioroid )
[08:50:28] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[08:50:59] CWO Sarah: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
[08:51:14] CWO Sarah: (( too busy watching to be getting combat ready ))
[08:53:54] GM: Around you the Searchlight drones struggle to illuminate the targets and sperodic ground fire lances into the sky as villagers now race to extinguish the fires set by the initial straffing run.
[08:54:35] GM: Komillia, you see pinpricks of red dead ahead of you. and they only seem to be getting larger!
[08:54:46] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[08:55:29] GM: The ground around you erupts into fire and dust as the rounds fired at you bracket your position, but fail to land any blows.
[08:55:44] GM: [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
[08:56:35] GM: Jaron, your threat warning system starts 'yelling' at you "Warning! Warning!"
[08:57:31] Lt. Jaron tries to skip out to his left (auto dodge [1d20+6] => [6,6] = (12))
[08:58:09] GM: The ground around YOU erupts into fire and dust as the rounds impact into the area you just vacated.
[08:58:47] GM: komi, roll off tween you and suki
[08:58:51] GM: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[08:58:58] GM: both of you had a 9
[08:59:37] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[09:00:12] Lt. Ishida fires her EP-37 into the sky along the path, she hopes, of the inbound Wraiths.
[09:00:17] Lt. Ishida: [1d20-9] => [3,-9] = (-6)
[09:00:37] GM: Suki adds to the ground fire but hits nothing.
[09:00:41] GM: Komillia, your turn
[09:01:07] 2 Lt. Komillia: (O.O that is one bad roll, so what happens when you get a negative score on a roll?)
[09:01:24] GM: the original roll was over a 1 so…nothing,
[09:01:40] 2 Lt. Komillia fires another burst with the flak cannon at the Wraiths.
[09:01:53] GM: just means that a wild fire, plus she cannot visually SEE the target made her miss
[09:02:01] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [1,8] = (9)
[09:02:06] 2 Lt. Komillia: …
[09:02:13] GM: that on the other hand…
[09:02:40] GM: The AAC-11 starts to fire then 3 rounds in stops with a loud BANG!
[09:03:33] GM: Komillia your computer systems register a misfire. and starts ina plesnt female voice "Clear Jam! Clear Jam!"
[09:04:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: "The spirit is willing, but the machinery is weak."
[09:04:45] GM: Sarah, your turn
[09:05:08] GM: Remember, your weapon was made by the lowest bidder…
[09:05:27] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:05:35] Lt. Jaron radios "Do we need Lurana up here to help get it clear Komillia?"
[09:06:13] GM: Jaron, you don't know wxactly what happened yet
[09:06:19] CWO Sarah: (( are any actually close to me? ))
[09:06:29] GM: Lu was less then specific in his radio message
[09:06:36] GM: I mean Komillia
[09:06:40] GM: and her
[09:06:49] Lt. Jaron: (nvm)
[09:07:16] GM: Sarah, they will pass nearby as they move over town
[09:07:20] CWO Sarah: (( right ))
[09:07:40] 2 Lt. Komillia: (As a former contracting specialist I take offense to that lowest bidder BS, we use the Best Value these days.)
[09:07:41] CWO Sarah swears into her radio. "Orders, anyone? Should I open fire now? Or keep my position as concealed as it either is or isn't right now?"
[09:08:08] GM: Just quoting Murpy's Laws no offence meant
[09:08:37] Lt. Ishida: You are all alone out there! What do you think!?
[09:09:10] Lt. Jaron radios "Head back to town"
[09:10:34] GM: Jaron your turn since you didn't roll init
[09:11:31] Lt. Jaron: (I did….was a 9 but anyways)
[09:11:32] CWO Sarah shifts the Cyclone to Cycle mode. "Acknowledged, heading back then. I didn't think I was supposed to fire, really, no."
[09:11:34] Lt. Jaron checks thermals for wraiths to pick one and fires two missiles at it (1d20+5)
[09:11:43] GM: Oh, I'm sorry…
[09:11:44] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
[09:12:08] GM: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
[09:12:13] GM: Roll damage
[09:12:30] GM: Odd = damaged one…
[09:12:35] GM: [1d10] => [1] = (1)
[09:13:01] Lt. Jaron: [2d6*10] => 70
[09:13:02] Lt. Jaron: [2d6*10] => 50
[09:13:54] GM: The two missiles clear their rails and lance into the sky. The Wraith banks hard left but the missiles match the maneuver and close the distance impacting the hull and wing, blowing the Wraith out of the air!
[09:15:14] Lt. Ishida: YATA!!!!
[09:15:25] Lt. Jaron raises his fist slightly in celebration
[09:16:14] GM: A cheer from those that witnessed the Wraith demise erupts from Tanis' men.
[09:16:37] GM: RSE rolls
[09:16:46] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [19] = (19)
[09:16:55] CWO Sarah: [1d100] => [3] = (3)
[09:16:57] Lt. Jaron: [1d100] => [47] = (47) vs 55
[09:17:43] GM: Komillia?
[09:18:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d100] => [63] = (63)
[09:18:15] 2 Lt. Komillia: vs 50
[09:18:50] GM: The wraith begins turns about for another run and fires at the SAM
[09:19:01] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22)
[09:19:33] Lt. Jaron fires a missile as a reaction seeing it come (sim attack?)
[09:19:34] GM: Jaron your threat system again starts yelling at you "Warning! Warning!"
[09:20:31] Lt. Jaron: (is it at me or the silver?)
[09:20:37] GM: the silver
[09:21:00] Lt. Jaron fires the missile (since I'm not in it, [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22))
[09:21:14] GM: Simo attack, how many missiles?
[09:21:42] Lt. Jaron: (jsut 1)
[09:21:48] GM: roll damage
[09:21:51] Lt. Jaron: [2d6*10] => 40
[09:21:59] GM: [4d4*10] => 110
[09:23:06] GM: Your missile lances out as the Silverback gets peppered! Armor chunks fly off the stricken vehicle blowing out the windshield and shearing the left front wheel from the chassis
[09:23:58] Lt. Ishida tries to hit the passing Wraith with another burst from her EP-37
[09:24:32] Lt. Ishida: [1d20-8+10] => [15,-8,10] = (17)
[09:25:03] GM: Hitting it as your missile does the same
[09:25:32] GM: [2d4*10] => 60
[09:26:10] Lt. Fallyna just continues working wile the battle wages doing her damnedest to ignore her Zentraedi Instincts
[09:26:15] GM: The Wraith passes over you, hit, but still in the fight, Komillia, your turn, Sarah, you are almost back to town, Roll a perc.
[09:26:57] GM: Lurana, roll a Saving throw, target number 12
[09:27:02] 2 Lt. Komillia fires a burst from the vanquisher at the wraith.
[09:27:11] GM: roll them bones
[09:27:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [11,8] = (19)
[09:27:14] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[09:27:52] GM: Roll damamge Komillia, Lurana, you are able to resist the urge to KEEEEEELL!
[09:28:07] GM: 2D4x10 Kommie
[09:28:12] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d4*10] => 30
[09:28:46] GM: The Wraiths hull looks like shit, but it's still hanging together, Sarah, perc please
[09:29:49] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
[09:29:58] CWO Sarah: (( … ))
[09:30:00] CWO Sarah: (( arg ))
[09:30:20] CWO Sarah: (( at that perc, I probably run into a tree with the Cyclone ))
[09:30:25] GM: Turning about for another pass, the Wraith lines up and fires. Sarah….wow. Squirrels, lots and lots of squirrels.
[09:30:31] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[09:30:50] Wraith: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
[09:30:58] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
[09:31:24] GM: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[09:32:01] GM: Jaron, the incoming fire looks like it might hit the SAM again, but the rounds sail past and impact the nearby Searchlight drone
[09:32:09] GM: [4d4*10] => 100
[09:32:16] GM: Blowing it apart.
[09:32:42] GM: Komillia, then Jaron, then Suki, then Sarah, go!
[09:32:52] Lt. Jaron checks his palm comp to see if it stills operational and glances over the ridge to the lone decoy side of the hill (perception [1d20+2] => [16,2] = (18), detect concealment [1d100] => [35] = (35) vs 55, RSE [1d100] => [71] = (71) vs 55)
[09:33:42] 2 Lt. Komillia fires another burst from the Vanquisher at the badly beath wraith.
[09:34:00] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
[09:34:20] GM: [4d20+3] => [16,11,20,16,3] = (66)
[09:34:23] GM: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5)
[09:34:28] GM: Roll damage
[09:34:38] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d4*10] => 50
[09:34:57] GM: [1d10] => [2] = (2)
[09:36:00] GM: Your fire lances out and impacts the Wraith, you see a secondary detonation and see the left most pulse laser separate from the craft and plummet. The Wraith banks, and dives for the deck at high speed. Jaron, your attack
[09:36:41] GM: Sarah, where exactly in town do you go?
[09:36:47] Lt. Jaron: (I did part of my action above)
[09:37:10] GM: that decoy?
[09:37:45] CWO Sarah: (( probably back to where someone else is. Near the makeshift cannon since it's close to the front. ))
[09:37:47] GM: or that decoy?
[09:38:29] Lt. Jaron: (yes, checking that side for the lost forces)
[09:38:40] GM: D2 then
[09:39:15] GM: Suki takes her parting shot at the fleeing Wraith.
[09:39:34] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
[09:39:57] GM: But hitting nothing.
[09:41:15] GM: Jaron, the force is with you! As you glance down at Decoy 2, you see the a four legged tank behind it. There is smaller movement nearby, but you cannot pin down Exactly were.
[09:41:46] Legionnaire: Contact Front! Contact Front!
[09:42:27] GM: From the other side of the ridge, the Legionnaires in the trenches call out that they have made visial contact with the enemy.
[09:43:13] GM: Lu, you hear all of this on the radio , just letting you know
[09:43:31] Lt. Fallyna tries to focus fixing it
[09:43:59] Lt. Jaron radios "Ground forces on decoy two's side that went missing…..we have incoming fast"
[09:44:45] Lt. Ishida: Roger that! I have contact left! Two Heavies! Can not, repeat can NOT! see the dismounts!.
[09:45:28] Legionnaire: Incoming!
[09:45:58] GM: Below along the plan the 'heavies' open fire at the trench lines
[09:46:05] GM: plan = plain
[09:46:27] Lt. Jaron radios "Lurana….we need you. Come up from the valley, you'll get behind the enemy"
[09:46:43] GM: Jaron, you see the Heavy nearby the decoy go hull down and open fire with it's turret into the town.
[09:47:12] Lt. Jaron: (nice effect )
[09:47:35] GM: pew pew pew
[09:47:42] Lt. Jaron: (haha)
[09:48:13] John: Get out of here! If they roll over us it wont matter if we fix it!
[09:48:47] Lt. Fallyna sighs and throws the tools onto the ground and grabs her CVR set and starts to put it on.
[09:49:05] GM: Init everyone
[09:49:17] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9)
[09:49:56] Lt. Fallyna: (including me and with or without my VR-040?
[09:50:34] Haydonite: yes you
[09:50:41] GM: yes you too
[09:50:48] GM: shush Haydonite scum, I"m the GM
[09:50:57] Haydonite: yeah yeah
[09:50:58] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[09:50:59] Lt. Fallyna: with or without the VR-040 since its near?)
[09:51:03] Lt. Jaron: (initiative [1d20+2] => [18,2] = (20))
[09:51:07] CWO Sarah: [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
[09:52:09] Lt. Fallyna: ( initiative with VR-040 [1d20] => [13] = (13)+10
[09:52:11] GM: without for now Lu, one you are in will will adjust your number up
[09:52:17] Lt. Fallyna: (err 23)
[09:52:35] GM: +10
[09:52:37] GM: wow
[09:52:39] GM: okay
[09:52:42] GM: you first
[09:52:46] Lt. Fallyna: (aye +10 with the VR-040)
[09:52:54] Lt. Fallyna: (without +5)
[09:52:54] GM: what is it without?
[09:53:10] Lt. Fallyna: e(err 4 my bad)
[09:53:22] GM: giggity
[09:53:33] GM: Sarah you first,
[09:53:49] Lt. Fallyna: (so 16 without)
[09:54:03] GM: once you get into your 040 you will get the full init and skip ahead, but for now, you are moving to your mecha, Sarah goes first
[09:54:06] Lt. Fallyna: (17 x.x gawd my math is bad on those last 2)
[09:55:07] GM: Sarah, within the trees of the plain you can see two of the large 4 legged Infiltrators one has the Flame thrower turret, the other has cannons
[09:56:08] CWO Sarah: (( is the haycart gun manned? ))
[09:56:11] GM: Nearby Suki tosses you her EP-37 and points to the enemy as she elbows a Legionnair from the HRG-70 and readies herself.
[09:56:24] GM: Yes, by legionnaires
[09:57:30] CWO Sarah swears at the sight of the flamethrower one, sighting in the RL-6. "Can't let this town be razed like the last one…"
[09:57:55] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
[09:58:52] GM: [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
[09:58:57] GM: Roll damage
[09:59:48] GM: As your missiles streaks forth the ball cannon on it's left foreleg opens fore in an attempt to swat the incoming missile from the air, but the rounds come shot.
[09:59:56] CWO Sarah: [1d4*10] => 40
[10:00:07] CWO Sarah: (( rockin ))
[10:00:51] GM: You round impacts the hull! The Heavy rocks to the right, but maintains it's footing. You see the top turret swivel in your direction.
[10:00:55] GM: Jaron
[10:01:53] GM: your action
[10:02:04] Lt. Jaron fires two missiles at the four legged enemy in D2 area (to hit [1d20+5] => [2,5] = (7))
[10:02:10] Lt. Jaron: (ugg)
[10:02:19] GM: Your missiles go stupid the second they leave the tube
[10:02:34] GM: impacting at the X's
[10:03:08] GM: methinks you have 1 shot left in the launcher
[10:03:43] GM: The Heavy you just fired on Jaron returns fire at the SAM
[10:03:47] GM: [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
[10:04:15] GM: Hitting (you fired, and with remote control it has no AD)
[10:04:21] GM: [1d4*10] => 40
[10:04:42] GM: The SAM is hit hard, but is still operational.
[10:04:55] GM: Komillia
[10:05:29] GM: The Cannon Heavy on the plain keeps laying fire on the trenches.
[10:06:08] GM: Komillia, your turn
[10:06:31] 2 Lt. Komillia: (any wraiths left?)
[10:06:44] GM: No, the last one hightailed it out
[10:07:06] 2 Lt. Komillia fires upon the nearest heavy with a burst from the vanquisher.
[10:07:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20)
[10:08:51] GM: [1d20+3] => [8,3] = (11)
[10:08:55] GM: Roll damage
[10:09:37] GM: The Heavy behind the Decoy tries to scrunch down further as Komillia open up on it, but the Bioroid isn't that big…
[10:09:53] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d4*10] => 70
[10:10:43] GM: The Heavy rocks as it is hit but is still in one piece.
[10:11:17] GM: Lu, you have reached your VR-041, and will go first next attack
[10:11:29] Lt. Fallyna: (k)
[10:11:55] Lt. Fallyna stays on the motorcycle form and heads the direction told
[10:12:29] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26)
[10:12:34] Haydonite: Ouch, Sarah
[10:13:34] Haydonite: From about 20 feet in front of the Heavy, under vegetation cover a hail of fire crosses the distance between it and Sarah
[10:13:44] GM: Roll a AD Sarah
[10:14:00] CWO Sarah: [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32)
[10:14:06] GM: LOL
[10:14:19] Lt. Jaron: (nice)
[10:14:53] GM: The rounds miss you by millimeters, but the wall you were behind is dusted.
[10:15:16] Lt. Fallyna: (HAX)
[10:16:36] CWO Sarah: (( was that the flamer or the cannon one? ))
[10:16:37] GM: Fire from the right side of the ridge lances out towards Komillia
[10:16:43] GM: Neither
[10:16:48] CWO Sarah: (( oh ))
[10:16:53] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[10:17:49] 2 Lt. Komillia attempts to dodge the attack.
[10:17:53] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
[10:18:42] GM: The rounds go wide! Roll a perc
[10:19:19] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20] => [8] = (8)
[10:19:46] GM: that last attack came from somewhere in that circle
[10:20:23] GM: Suki your attack
[10:20:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: "We got fire from the valley."
[10:20:46] Lt. Ishida opens fire on the Flame Heavy with her HRG-70
[10:20:59] 2 Lt. Komillia transmits what info she can.
[10:21:03] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+10] => [16,10] = (26)
[10:21:35] GM: The flame heavy had tried to dodge Sarah's earlier attack, roll damage.
[10:21:53] GM: [2d4*10] => 30
[10:22:03] GM: The rounds impact but do little
[10:22:32] GM: The Flame Heavy, fires at Sarah now, it's reaction time…so-so
[10:22:40] GM: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[10:23:01] CWO Sarah: [1d20+12] => [13,12] = (25)
[10:23:13] GM: And it misses!
[10:23:20] GM: Lurana your turn
[10:24:04] Lt. Fallyna: (distance and can i see any thing yet?)
[10:24:15] GM: It will take you 1 attack to get to the Trench lines, 2 attacks to get to the right sode of the ridge.
[10:24:54] Lt. Fallyna: (so nothing within a mile huh that i can radar lock and fire unguided mini-missiles at huh?
[10:25:11] GM: nothing within a mile that you can see due to ground clutter
[10:25:52] Lt. Fallyna continues moving at best speed she can muster to where she was told
[10:26:24] GM: kk, next attack you will be in position to fire, or at the very least, be in position to be shot at…
[10:30:18] Lt. Jaron targets the four legs again and hope the rack doesnt glitch this time; firing the last two missiles at it (to hit [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)) then tries to get a sitrep from the Legionnaire side of the hill.
[10:30:29] Lt. Fallyna (enter): 22:30
[10:30:36] GM: [1d20+4] => [13,4] = (17)
[10:30:57] GM: Your missiles fly true even as the haydonite tried to shot them down! Roll damage
[10:31:02] Lt. Jaron: [2d6*10] => 60 [2d6*10] => 70
[10:31:38] GM: As the smoke a flame clear from teh impacts you see that the Haydonite 'tank' is still with you.
[10:32:47] GM: what do you say to the Legionniars
[10:33:17] GM: kk, Jaron, dialouge it up, Sarah, your action
[10:34:03] Lt. Jaron tosses palm controller into seat "Legionnaires, how are your forces holding up over there. We have engaged forces in the valley"
[10:34:29] CWO Sarah swears as she gets fired on twice, trying to look around for what shot at her from the bushes. In the meantime, she fires another rocket towards the flamethrower heavy, glancing to the makeshift turret to see who they're shooting at.
[10:34:33] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
[10:34:51] Legionnaire: Not well UEEF! Enemy units are outside of range of our weapons, we sent a squad out to flank them but they are getting cut to ribbons!
[10:35:29] GM: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10)
[10:35:34] GM: Roll damage
[10:36:02] GM: Again your missile flies true and againt he Haydonite tries to knock it down but fails.
[10:36:09] CWO Sarah: [1d4*10] => 10
[10:37:03] GM: Your missile hits and there is a lound BLANG as the missile skips off the armor and detoantes 10 feet way, leaving only a dent
[10:37:05] CWO Sarah: (( next time I put a room password on it ))
[10:38:57] Lt. Jaron replies to radio "Ok, understood. Sarah or Suki, can you give then some help?"
[10:39:18] Lt. Ishida: Hai!
[10:39:41] GM: As the words escape your lips the Heavy down below opens fire again at the Silverback
[10:39:45] GM: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
[10:41:47] Lt. Jaron instinctively covers his eyes as it impacts
[10:41:54] GM: okay, anyway, Jaron, you are being shot at
[10:42:27] GM: [1d4*10] => 10
[10:42:53] GM: The Silver back take the hit, and you can see it's like a death by a 1000 cuts, the poor machine will never be the same, but it still is with you
[10:43:38] GM: Suki
[10:44:16] Lt. Ishida hands the HRG-70 back over to the nearby legionnair and recovers her EP-37 then heads down to the trenchline
[10:44:56] GM: As Suki displaces, the same unseen enemy tht fired at Sarah opens fire at her.
[10:45:04] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
[10:45:32] GM: [1d20+17] => [17,17] = (34)
[10:45:42] GM: And her twinkness neatly dodges.
[10:46:17] GM: The Flametank fires back up at the gun nest.
[10:46:25] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
[10:46:37] GM: Hitting nothing but keeping heads down
[10:47:00] Haydonite: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
[10:47:04] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19)
[10:47:48] GM: From below the unssen foe fires on the Searchlight drone that had just illuminated the Haydonie behind the decoy
[10:47:56] GM: [2d4*10] => 40
[10:48:07] GM: Knocking it on it's ass, but not killing it
[10:48:29] GM: Lurana
[10:48:32] GM: your turn
[10:49:20] GM: Jess?
[10:49:30] Lt. Fallyna: (let me think jeese)
[10:49:37] GM: never!
[10:50:17] Lt. Fallyna as she comes riding over she makes a jump switching modes pulling out both the valiant laser rifle and her gallant and opens up on the nearest foe, wraith devastator, or big walker she don't care no more!
[10:50:48] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20+15] => [9,15] = (24)
[10:52:10] GM: Pick a weapon and roll damage for it
[10:52:22] Lt. Fallyna: (she fired both?)
[10:52:32] GM: cant fire two weapons at the same time
[10:52:39] GM: that would be cheating
[10:53:06] Lt. Fallyna: (uhhh whats the point in having paired weapons then?)
[10:53:21] CWO Sarah: (( that's for melee weapons ))
[10:53:25] GM: hold on, let me look, maybe I'm full of it
[10:53:45] Lt. Fallyna: (its supposedly good for rifles to with a penalty)
[10:53:49] Lt. Fallyna: (-4 to the strike)
[10:54:37] GM: it states not for guns
[10:54:57] GM: oh wait
[10:55:00] GM: I are wrong
[10:55:32] Lt. Fallyna: (and the verdict is?)
[10:55:32] GM: roll damage for both
[10:55:41] GM: hmm, learn something new every day
[10:56:00] GM: -2 for main hand -6 for off hand, but your roll was high enough to hit with both
[10:56:32] CWO Sarah: (( wow, didn't know that ))
[10:56:51] CWO Sarah: (( *learned something as well* ))
[10:57:14] Lt. Fallyna: [6d6] => [1,2,4,1,3,2] = (13)
[10:57:19] Lt. Fallyna: (laser rifle)
[10:57:35] Lt. Fallyna: [1d4+10+20] => [3,10,20] = (33)
[10:57:42] Lt. Fallyna: (gallant)
[10:57:52] GM: yeah, time for Suki to whip out that offhander!
[10:57:54] Lt. Fallyna: err
[10:58:02] Lt. Fallyna: [1d4*10+20] => 60
[10:58:28] CWO Sarah: (( Valiant is 2d6/6d6 for single/burst in house rules ))
[10:58:43] GM: Your rounds impact the Heavy, shearing armor off, but the enemy mecha is still operational, and now, very pissed off, at you
[10:59:18] GM: Sarah
[10:59:21] GM: your turn
[10:59:50] CWO Sarah peeks around and grumps at the unseen mech firing on
[10:59:53] CWO Sarah: (( arg ))
[11:00:15] CWO Sarah peeks around and grumps at the unseen mech firing on Suki, but keeps her aim on the mech in sight for now, firing on the flamer with the 3rd round from her RL-6 quickly.
[11:00:21] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
[11:00:54] GM: roll damage
[11:02:10] GM: carrie?
[11:02:42] CWO Sarah: [1d4*10] => 10
[11:02:47] CWO Sarah: (( sry ))
[11:02:59] GM: Again the rounds seem to 'bounce' off
[11:03:16] GM: Jaron
[11:03:19] GM: Your turn
[11:04:55] GM: Jaron?
[11:05:23] Lt. Jaron moves up and strafes the area below where the unknown fire is coming from. (spray fire, just to remove foilage or make them move)
[11:05:32] GM: with what?
[11:06:50] GM: whatcha using?
[11:07:08] Lt. Jaron: ep rifle
[11:07:15] Lt. Magna (enter): 23:07
[11:07:21] GM: roll teh bones
[11:07:26] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (14) Lt. Magna…
[11:07:30] Lt. Magna: hello
[11:07:31] GM: omg
[11:07:40] GM: hee hee hee, oh, time for the FUn to start lol
[11:07:44] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
[11:08:14] GM: Your fire lances into the foligae, but you do not know what effect, if any, it had
[11:08:52] GM: The Squad of Legionnairs that had been sent to flank continue to get chewed on
[11:08:59] Haydonite: [d20+4] => d20+4
[11:09:03] Haydonite: [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20)
[11:09:05] Haydonite: badly
[11:10:08] GM: Lurnana, your shots at the Flame Heavy have indeed pissed it off, and your entire world turns read hot as a massive gout of lame erupts from the turret of the Haydonite mecha.
[11:10:11] GM: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
[11:10:25] GM: yes, gouts of LAME
[11:10:32] GM: take THAT
[11:10:39] GM: I menat flame of course
[11:10:44] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[11:10:50] Lt. Magna: lol
[11:11:19] GM: try to be dramatic, and spelling ruins it…/sigh…anyway, roll dodge there Lu
[11:11:47] Lt. Fallyna: *she tip toes and fire sthe thrustrers to bounce out of the path of the flamer (auto dodge [1d20+22] => [4,22] = (26))
[11:11:54] GM: ahhh, a 4
[11:11:58] GM: so sad
[11:12:31] Lt. Fallyna: (meh the 4 should only apply to attacks )
[11:13:59] GM: You try to escape but the flame weapons area of effect is to great and you are engufled in buring hot plasma
[11:14:03] Lt. Fallyna: (Technically does to but i belive you re houserulled it applies to all d20 based roll)
[11:14:20] GM: I did? Really?
[11:14:29] Lt. Fallyna: (i think so?)
[11:14:32] GM: If I did show me fast before I roll damamge here lol
[11:14:47] Lt. Jaron: (I think its balances out the high bonuses, its good)
[11:14:56] GM: * Dodge is handled the same way as attack. 1-4 is an auto-failure regardless of bonus. Also: Natural 1 on dodge combined with natural 20 on attack is x4 damage.
[11:15:09] GM: sorry lu
[11:15:21] Lt. Fallyna: hmm i was taught wrong then
[11:15:26] Lt. Fallyna: 1-4 was only for attacks
[11:15:34] GM: [1d4*10] => 10
[11:15:37] Lt. Fallyna: least in all the books including shadow cronicals i read
[11:15:39] GM: 20 pernts
[11:15:46] Lt. Fallyna: err 20?
[11:15:51] Lt. Fallyna: i see a 10
[11:16:58] GM: of immediate damage, you will continue to take 1D4 per melee attack for the next 2D4 minutes
[11:17:06] GM: the damage was 1D4x10=10
[11:17:11] GM: +10
[11:17:21] Lt. Fallyna: ok now im confused
[11:17:34] GM: everytime I try to enter the x10+10 string it messes up so, I just rolled the d4 seperate
[11:17:35] Lt. Fallyna: as far as ive seen no weapon deals Damage over time as its to complicated
[11:18:03] GM: well, none in Robotech used a flamethrower before
[11:18:19] GM: dont worry, the math is on me as the Gm…
[11:18:33] GM: [2d4] => [3,1] = (4)
[11:18:38] GM: 4 minutes
[11:18:55] GM: which will equate to f full melee rounds
[11:19:01] GM: four full
[11:19:25] Lt. Fallyna: (isnt it 4 rounds =1 min?)
[11:19:36] 2 Lt. Komillia: (4 minutes should equal 16 rounds.)
[11:19:44] GM: ahh, kk, you are right
[11:19:44] Lt. Fallyna: (correct)
[11:19:53] Lt. Fallyna: (see the problem balancing this?)
[11:20:11] Lt. Fallyna: (damage over time weapons in this environment would be to powerfull)
[11:20:17] GM: Call you the Scotty! Cause your on FIRE!
[11:20:55] GM: Jaron, adn Komillia, you see Lu right now very well, since your thermal scopes are set to high gain
[11:21:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: (They could work you just have to keep the damage very low per round, as in no more than 5 MD per round.
[11:22:15] Lt. Jaron radios "fall back Lurana, I will try to give you some cover fire"
[11:22:17] GM: yeah, the damage per additioanl round is only D4
[11:22:24] 2 Lt. Komillia: She's looking like she's on fire.
[11:23:26] GM: okay, Lu brought upa point and I double checked and here is the verdict, 1d4 per melee ROUND
[11:23:34] GM: burns for 2d4 minutes
[11:23:42] Lt. Jaron: (is the H the flamer or the four legs?)
[11:24:08] GM: both, the Flameris on four legs
[11:24:12] GM: flamer is
[11:24:25] Lt. Jaron: (kk)
[11:24:55] Lt. Fallyna: (ok)
[11:26:37] GM: While Lurnana is so hot it hurts…the enemy mecha in the plains continue to wreak havoc with the Legionnairs, thinning ther number.
[11:27:31] GM: Suki arrives at the trench line and finds the situation beginning to degenerate
[11:28:02] GM: [1d100] => [21] = (21)
[11:28:45] Lt. Fallyna: (btw plasma flame wouldent be felt through the armor till its gone)
[11:28:55] Lt. Magna: brb
[11:29:03] GM: Suki has to roll the hard six and maintain order in ways that her upbringing dictates and the Legionnairs with their autocratic traditions understand
[11:30:00] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18)
[11:30:17] Haydonite: [2d4*10] => 60
[11:30:45] GM: Sarah, roll a perc and then Lu, take your next action
[11:30:59] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
[11:31:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: (afk)
[11:31:27] GM: You hear the distinct Vrrrrrrrrrr of a minigun behind you followed by a loud bang.
[11:32:40] GM: Lu your action
[11:32:43] 2 Lt. Komillia: (back)
[11:32:47] GM: wb
[11:32:58] Lt. Fallyna: (water or hydrant near by?)
[11:33:11] GM: it's plasma, water wont cut it
[11:33:41] Lt. Fallyna: (water can cool plasma fire down enough to normal fire thus rendering it unefective to the body armor and bike armor)
[11:33:49] Lt. Fallyna: (if doused with enough)
[11:33:53] GM: Stop drop and roll lu! Stop drop and ROLL!
[11:34:49] Lt. Fallyna dosent do that and just gets angry and charges the unit that just dared spout flame on her planning to make it go book by ignighting its fuel if possible.*
[11:34:57] Lt. Fallyna: boom not book)
[11:35:10] GM: Insane!
[11:35:16] GM: Roll your strike
[11:35:21] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20+22] => [12,22] = (34)
[11:35:23] Lt. Magna: bk
[11:35:27] GM: wb
[11:35:34] Lt. Magna:
[11:36:43] GM: okay, so, what are you shooting with? or attacking with?
[11:36:44] GM: Lu
[11:36:52] GM: kinda need to know
[11:36:54] Lt. Fallyna: (i rolled it)
[11:37:03] Lt. Fallyna: (im body blocking it)
[11:37:05] GM: yes, you rolled, but I still dont know what you are using
[11:37:09] GM: oh, okay
[11:37:19] Lt. Fallyna: (ie tackling it)
[11:37:31] GM: [d20+2] => d20+2
[11:37:34] GM: [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)
[11:37:47] GM: You impact it as it tries to swat you away
[11:38:13] Lt. Fallyna: (crap i forgot what the body/block damage is
[11:38:30] Lt. Fallyna: (for cyclones)
[11:38:50] GM: Well as you only weigh at max 400 pounds in armor, and the object you hit weighs 6.5 tons…you, well, you bounce.
[11:39:16] GM: basically, it is as if you hit a solid object,
[11:39:28] GM: ran intoa wall, hit the gorund, take your pick
[11:40:19] Lt. Fallyna: (done)
[11:40:59] GM: alos, a body block ram ina cyclone does…your gonna hate this…2D6 SDC
[11:41:16] Lt. Fallyna: (was afraid of that)
[11:41:27] GM: so, you visually, just fly up to it and bounce right off
[11:42:24] Lt. Fallyna: (i forgot they lowerd cyclones down to augmented str)
[11:42:31] GM: Sarah your attack
[11:44:20] GM: Carrie?
[11:44:23] CWO Sarah: (( yes ))
[11:44:28] GM: your attack
[11:44:34] CWO Sarah: (( that flamer still there, yes? ))
[11:44:40] GM: yes
[11:44:49] GM: and his little dog toto to
[11:45:10] CWO Sarah: (( is the turret crew still there anid firing or anyhthing? ))
[11:45:37] GM: The gun crew is, but the enemy is out of range
[11:49:55] CWO Sarah looks back around to see what that noise was quickly, keeping her weapon up and pointed to the flamer. She looks quickly to see if another target needs handling, immediately, even as she lets the round fly for the flamer.
[11:46:01] CWO Sarah: [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
[11:51:13] GM: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
[11:51:27] GM: kk, roll damage
[11:51:31] CWO Sarah: [1d4*10] => 40
[11:51:46] GM: There is a loud boom as the round impacts the hull
[11:52:10] GM: The Haydonite mecha doesn't look like it can take much more and starts to back off
[11:52:20] GM: Jaron your attack
[11:53:44] Lt. Jaron fires a burst at the flame weapon on the four legs (to hit [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20), dmg [1d6*10] => 20 MD) Then radios "That was crazy Lurana, but be wary there is more ground forces below on foot, they keep taking pop shots. Komillia, how you holding up?"
[11:55:46] GM: The flame heavy in front of Lurana fires both it's leg cannons at her
[11:55:52] GM: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
[11:57:16] GM: Jess? dodge?
[11:57:24] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20+22] => [7,22] = (29)
[11:58:09] GM: You are able to skip out of harms way, trailing fire as you go.
[11:58:33] GM: Komillia, your turn
[11:58:39] 2 Lt. Komillia: Just fine.
[11:59:07] 2 Lt. Komillia fires a burst from the vanquisher at the nearest Haydonite.
[11:59:12] 2 Lt. Komillia: [1d20+8] => [18,8] = (26)
[11:59:22] GM: Roll damage
[11:59:42] 2 Lt. Komillia: [2d4*10] => 60
[12:00:35] GM: That hit took a large chunk out of it, but the damnable thing is still in one piece
[12:00:49] GM: Lu, suprise attack on you
[12:01:07] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[12:01:15] Haydonite: [1d4*10] => 40
[12:01:38] Lt. Fallyna: (if it has any sort of locking system it woucl call for a dodge in the armor)
[12:02:00] Lt. Fallyna: (or well in the cyclone that is)
[12:02:06] GM: From the circled area a hail of railgun fire impacts your right side pitching you into the trees.
[12:02:58] GM: Lu rolla perc
[12:03:11] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[12:04:28] GM: You are on fire, in front of an enemy that has inditerminate armor left and heavy wepaonry, you have an assailant of in left field that you cannot see, you are alone, and have no back up save from cover fire from up on the ridge, you are in military parlance, Up shit creek
[12:05:15] Lt. Fallyna grins in zentraedi fire "Just the way i like it"
[12:06:11] GM: Moving on, Suki does whatever it is she does, Lu, your turn
[12:07:12] Lt. Fallyna rolls onto her back fireing her thrusters and bringing up her targeting display feeling safer to get rid of these befor the heat andmelting of her armor gets to them opening her chest units and fireing a full volley directed at the heavy while makeing a highly mobile retreat
[12:07:38] GM: roll strike and tell me how many you rfire (note you only have 6 missiels left)
[12:07:54] Lt. Fallyna: (err i never fired any from my cyclone?)
[12:08:14] GM: Hmm, correct, that was John
[12:08:33] GM: roll
[12:08:33] Lt. Magna: lol
[12:08:33] Lt. Fallyna: (how many can i fire?)
[12:08:38] GM: 1 2 4 6 or all 12
[12:08:54] GM: fire em all! I dare ya!
[12:09:00] GM: muhahahaha
[12:09:03] Lt. Fallyna: *she lobs all 12 out at the heavy all 12 are plasma missiles "Fuck you!!!!!!"
[12:09:05] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20+3] => [19,3] = (22)
[12:09:27] Lt. Fallyna: (oooo allmost got a crit)
[12:09:30] GM: The haydonie willtry to parry them
[12:09:39] GM: [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8)
[12:09:43] GM: and wont
[12:09:45] GM: roll damamge
[12:09:57] Lt. Fallyna: [12d6*10] => 430
[12:11:02] GM: The Haydonie flame tank detonates speying burning plasma a good 50 feet in all directions, a massive fireball turns night into day! you take some more spalsh damage hon
[12:11:10] GM: [1d4*10] => 10
[12:11:13] GM: 20 more pernts
[12:11:26] Lt. Fallyna: (i belive i flew back at the same time so i would be out of 50 ft i belive lemme check)
[12:11:41] GM: nope
[12:12:01] Lt. Fallyna: (what is the speed of a cyclone with boosters?)
[12:12:02] GM: you flew back, but not far enough
[12:12:08] GM: Lu, you get hit,
[12:12:32] GM: you played with fire…literally…and are going to get burned…but, the upshot is, you royally waxed the shit out of the enemy
[12:13:30] Lt. Jaron calls over radio "Lurana!! Speak up girl"
[12:13:42] Lt. Magna: brb
[12:15:07] GM: Sarah, perc
[12:15:16] Haydonite: [1d20+6] => [19,6] = (25)
[12:15:37] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
[12:16:19] GM: You hear a thump from behind you, sounds like a cyclone walking towards you.
[12:17:00] CWO Sarah: (( my action? ))
[12:17:08] GM: yes
[12:17:13] GM: well, reaction
[12:17:48] CWO Sarah watches the one mech move back, then whirls around as she hears something behind her. She's been listening to radio chatter and such, so can't be sure what it is, just that it isn't likely a friend. She spins around to face that direction, weapon still held up.
[12:18:31] GM: As you spin around, you see a haydonite Reaver with both of it's gun arms up, you see the barrels spin up and it opens fire on the gun emplacemnt, you included
[12:18:44] Lt. Magna: bk
[12:19:14] Lt. Jaron uses com again "Komillia, help out the Legionnaires. I will check on Lurana unless you have medical training"
[12:19:25] CWO Sarah: (( surprise attack? ))
[12:19:41] 2 Lt. Komillia: Roger.
[12:19:44] CWO Sarah: (( since I'm seeing it, I'm guessing not, but… ))
[12:20:15] GM: yes
[12:20:22] GM: seeing it is for drama
[12:20:31] GM: [2d4*10] => 30
[12:20:36] GM: wow, lucky SOB
[12:20:44] GM: everyone inthe gun 'pit' takes 30 md
[12:21:06] CWO Sarah: (( heh ))
[12:21:41] GM: three villagers are immedialty vaporized and two legionnairs are piched forward and thrown over the wall
[12:22:21] GM: We will leave it here as a cliff hanger


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