Chapter 3 - Act 2 - Log 1


[07:38:30] GM: The new sun crests the ridgeline heralding a new day. Suki and Sarah return from their forward position, the rest of the night for them quiet. The team assembles in the town square of Tsien'va.
[07:40:12] Lt. Ishida walks up to the Lurana's Silverback and rests her helmet on the fender and plops down with a dull thunk a greapfruit sized drone. "We had a visitor."
[07:40:37] CWO Sarah frowns at the drone, sighing softly as she looks around the town slowly.
[07:41:16] Lt. Fallyna: "So did i, but the locals didnt let me get into their house to ferrit it out and possibly capture it…"
[07:41:23] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow as he prepares to leave with Komilila to head out to Legate's
[07:42:14] 2 Lt. Komillia: Well, this should be entertaining. I so enjoy watching local nobles trip over themselves trying to make me feel small.
[07:43:24] Lt. Ishida nods with a snort, agreeing with Komillia at the absurdity of it all, then looks at Jaron. "How are you planning to head on over?"
[07:44:12] Lt. Jaron: "The aid from the local head gave me direction and seemed simple enough"
[07:44:32] Lt. Ishida: I mean are you going to walk, skip, take a Silverback?
[07:45:05] Lt. Jaron: "We taking my bike, Komillia can drive or ride on the back"
[07:45:17] Lt. Ishida nods
[07:45:46] 2 Lt. Komillia: I'll just ride on back.
[07:46:04] 2 Lt. Komillia: Considering I don't really have the directions and hate backseat drivers.
[07:46:45] Lt. Jaron nods and places his survival packs on the silveback. "Ok, lets hope this doesnt take too long and you all have luck finding those flying boogers"
[07:48:25] Lt. Jaron mounts up and waits for Komillia.
[07:48:30] Lt. Ishida nods again. "Sarah and I will take the Light 'Back…" she says knocking on the hood. "…and return the favor, and do a little recon of our own." Lu I'd like you to reposition the Flack 'Back with John then see about rooting out that drone you said hid in town."
[07:49:26] 2 Lt. Komillia mounts the Cyclone and hangs on, grimacing again about the lack of armor.
[07:49:55] CWO Sarah nods quickly and straps her Cyclone onto the silverback in storage mode, settling into the seat afterwards.
[07:50:27] Lt. Jaron starts up and slowly heads out of town to the south
[07:51:04] Lt. Fallyna just shrugs out of her helmet for now and sits in the back and goes back to trying to repair the Sensors
[07:51:17] Lt. Ishida opens the door to the Silverback and then loks at Lurana. "Oh, and, can you yank the loads from the GR-107's off of the Flak, we'll shove em in here, since we are light." She says patting the missile launcher before she slides into the drivers seat.
[07:52:23] Lt. Jaron he comments to Komillia "I was thinking you could wear my armor while I chit chatted with the Legate but you might be bit too well endowed"
[07:52:32] Lt. Ishida looks at Komillia "use my cyclone. I wont be needing it in this."
[07:52:33] Lt. Fallyna: "I can try" *she is currently in the middle of trying to rewire the radar to get it working (basic electronics vs 42%)
[07:52:35] Lt. Fallyna: [1d100] => [74] = (74)
[07:52:43] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:52:53] Lt. Fallyna: (i think i just shock my self)
[07:53:14] Lt. Ishida then facepalsm as she ralizes Komillia would need CVR-3 to use her Cyc…
[07:54:00] Lt. Jaron rides off down the road.
[07:54:05] GM: Um…are you working on the radar of the Silverback that both Saran and Suki are now sitting in?
[07:54:12] GM: Sarah
[07:54:17] Lt. Fallyna: (the one i blew out yes)
[07:54:24] Lt. Fallyna: (wich would be the light
[07:54:30] GM: It's a tight fit, and they seem to be rpreparing to leave
[07:55:01] James (enter): 19:55
[07:55:14] 2 Lt. Komillia follows Lt. Jaron to the Legate.
[07:55:14] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(28460) James' from server… Removing dead client
[07:55:15] James (exit): 19:55
[07:55:52] GM: At anyrate there is a loud POP a poof of smoke and a wiff of ozone as you do indeed shock yourself, but the CVR absorbs the brunt of it, you only feel as much as if you had zapped your self off of a static charge froma shag carpet.
[07:56:32] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28464) James…
[07:56:47] Lt. Fallyna: "Arg sun of a bitch" *she flings the tools down* "Owwie my fucking finger" *hopeing no ones close enough other than sara and suki to hear her
[07:57:33] Lt. Ishida shakes her head. "We'll make due without, you can take a crack at it when we get back."
[07:58:04] Lt. Jaron he comments to Komillia "I was thinking you could wear my armor while I chit chatted with the Legate but you might be bit too well endowed"
[07:58:53] GM: Okie, moving on
[07:59:08] Lt. Jaron drives along
[07:59:14] James (enter): 19:59
[07:59:49] GM: The drive to the Legates Villa is picturesque and tranquil, if it wasn't for the fact you know better, you cwould scarcely believe a war was on.
[07:59:53] GM: (dt)
[08:00:38] Lt. Fallyna: Booting '(28464) James' from room…
[08:00:39] James (exit): 20:00
[08:01:53] GM: Approaching the Villa you see a low wall covered in vines. Two guards in Terminator Armor post watch outside while within the wall you see a pair of Mk.1 Nous'dohl Bioroids painted dark racing green.
[08:02:34] GM: One of the guards lowers his weapon at you while the other wputs his hand out for you to halt.
[08:03:09] 2 Lt. Komillia comes to a halt and waits on the Cyclone.
[08:03:18] CWO Sarah looks on with interest, even if she just leans back in her Cyclone seat.
[08:04:14] GM: This part is for Komillia and Jaron only
[08:04:19] GM: No one else is there.
[08:04:38] Lt. Jaron slowly comes to a stop.
[08:05:11] James (enter): 20:05
[08:05:16] Villa Guard: Identify yourself!
[08:06:11] 2 Lt. Komillia: "2nd Lt. Komillia Maeless, of the UEEF."
[08:06:37] Lt. Jaron: "Lt. Jaron Fairman of UEEF and was request by the Legate for a morning meeting"
[08:06:40] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28466) James…
[08:06:56] Villa Guard looks you over.
[08:07:08] Lt. Fallyna (enter): 20:07
[08:07:32] Lt. Fallyna: Booting '(28456) Lt. Fallyna' from room…
[08:07:33] Lt. Fallyna: (testing)
[08:07:33] Lt. Fallyna (exit): 20:07
[08:09:14] GM: The guard walks around behind you, taking your measure, then, waves you thru the gate. There is only one road leading up to the Villa itself, a stately affiar that would be the envy or Roman aristocracy. Off to your left you can see an expansive vinyard tended by Tirolian owokers, watched by Terminator guards. A few more Bioroids plod about the gournds, away from the buildings, but on watch regardless.
[08:10:03] Lt. Jaron strolls towards the villa and comments to Komillia "So far so good"
[08:10:03] Lt. Fallyna: (did i miss any thing important towards me?)
[08:10:10] GM: negative Jess
[08:11:05] 2 Lt. Komillia walks with John, "Then why does my skin crawl?"
[08:12:19] GM: Approaching the villa enterance an officious looking tirolian in the traditional toga-esque garb walks up to you. " Ah, you must be from the UEEF. Please, follow me, touch nothing, and speak only when spoken to."
[08:12:59] Lt. Jaron nods "Very well", ready to follow
[08:13:19] 2 Lt. Komillia raises an eyebrow and follows the officious Tirolian.
[08:14:13] GM: You enter a wwell apointed anteroom and, strangely enough, are allowed to retian your sidearms, although your cyclone must wait outside…the boots would scuff the marble so…
[08:15:30] GM: You are led down an open air path flanked in colums with a pool beside it of clear water, some fish within and a splendid fountain at the head.
[08:16:20] GM: All the while you see a few tirolian workers in native garb scurrying about their daily chores while mean looking guards stand idly by, maintaining order
[08:17:06] GM: The officious Tirolian finally leads you into a waiting room and has you sit. "The Legate will be with you shortly."
[08:17:29] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you"
[08:17:53] 2 Lt. Komillia tries to look impressed but whispers to John, "I think we've been seeing slaves on our way here."
[08:18:44] Lt. Jaron nods "Yea, some far they dont seem to mind you here unlike in An'versa"
[08:19:48] 2 Lt. Komillia sighs, "Here's hoping."
[08:20:05] GM: Suki and Sarah have left town now, rumbling down the mountain road. Suki hangs a left onto the Lentac'tal Road and proceedes north towards haydonite Country.
[08:21:38] GM: carrie?
[08:22:37] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(28465) James' from server… Removing dead client
[08:22:38] James (exit): 20:22
[08:23:03] CWO Sarah glances up and watches the road as it's driven down, frowning a little at it.
[08:23:05] CWO Sarah: (( epe ))
[08:24:08] GM: epe
[08:24:38] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(28466) James' from server… Removing dead client
[08:24:39] James (exit): 20:24
[08:24:45] James (enter): 20:24
[08:25:03] Lt. Fallyna: (doo too doo)
[08:26:13] GM: The road is as before, sturdy, level if not ancient. You travel for about three klicks (we're getting to you Lu) before you pass the body you had seen before, instead the tree is on it's side, blown in half, and some 5 corpses of Tirolian Wolves lay stren about, being gnawed upon and picked clean by a pack of 10 more.
[08:26:37] Lt. Fallyna: (sorry just makeing sure im not booted)
[08:27:29] CWO Sarah blinks at the fallen tree, looking over it and glancing to Suki. "Look at that…" She frowns.
[08:29:00] Lt. Ishida sits back, and watches the carnage with dispassionate eyes. "So…you were in the resistance Sarah…what do you amke of it?"
[08:29:00] Lt. Ishida: make
[08:32:03] CWO Sarah sighs a little bit and frowns. "Looks like something hit it. And I don't recall any weather happening last night, so I'm going to guess it isn't lightning. Which means that it was either bumped down or blasted down by something."
[08:32:09] Lt. Fallyna: (brb 30 mins tops)
[08:32:40] Lt. Ishida: "Keep going."
[08:33:19] Lt. Ishida looks at Sarah, proding her to follow thru on her hypothisis.
[08:38:11] CWO Sarah nods just a little bit and sighs, peering at the tree and shaking her head. "I don't remember hearing anything, but something big would have had to bump it. I'd say we have an enemy unit sneaking around somewhere."
[08:38:14] CWO Sarah: (( arg parent ))
[08:38:25] GM: Fifteen minutes pass for Komillia and Jaron, and still, the Legate has not arrived.
[08:38:51] Lt. Ishida: What do you know about boobytraps?
[08:39:21] Lt. Fallyna: (Back)
[08:39:40] 2 Lt. Komillia starts counting the veins in the marble.
[08:39:51] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow and looks around "See if you notice anything." (perception [1d20+2] => [12,2] = (14), detect concealment [1d100] => [59] = (59) vs 55, detect ambush [1d100] => [83] = (83) vs 60)
[08:39:57] CWO Sarah flinches just a little bit. "Not as much as I probably should, but… you think it's a trap to snare us? Depending on what the setup is, it either missed, or that in itself is the setup…" She frowns then and starts looking around quickly.
[08:40:27] Lt. Ishida: I would say it missed. Looks like the wolves took the hit for us.
[08:41:38] GM: The artistry and trappings of the waiting room are impressive, obviously designed/selcted to that purpose. Aside from that, nothing seems out of place.
[08:42:50] CWO Sarah nods just a little bit then and sighs slightly. "Great. Which means we could be getting watched at any point, and the enemy is further in than we are."
[08:43:44] GM: Driving on, Sarah and Suki drive into a small hamlet of maybe 500 persons. Windows are boarded up, and you see at least 20 Tirolian militia. On you way in, you pass by an abadoned ox cart.
[08:43:45] Lt. Jaron: (waiting room have windows?)
[08:44:23] GM: Negative, just the door you came in thru, and a large double door leading, you presume, to the legates office, or maybe some dsort of conferance room
[08:45:41] 2 Lt. Komillia whispering, "Just like a bureaucrat to expect us to show up on time, but takes his time getting to us."
[08:46:23] Lt. Jaron nods "Indeed. But lets wait alittle longer"
[08:46:25] CWO Sarah frowns at the hamlet, lookiing around a bit. "Odd that so many militia people are around if traps are being set further in." She glances about trying to notice anything else if she can. (perc roll [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8))
[08:46:42] GM: There is moss on the rocks
[08:47:12] GM: You don't notice musch outside the obvious, the place is borded up, hunkerd down and scared.
[08:48:28] GM: As Suki drives further into town a few of the miltia make as if to walk towards us iuntil their seargent, or what ever passes for that in the milita scolds them and pushes them back into ranks, punching one in the head in the process.
[08:50:17] Lt. Jaron places helm on and gets chrono in HUD (what time is it?)
[08:50:20] CWO Sarah: (( lol. Moss on the rocks. ))
[08:50:22] Lt. Ishida sighs. "Conscripts."
[08:50:42] GM: Another agonizing 15 minutes have passed for the pair at the Villa.
[08:50:54] CWO Sarah frowns at the moves of the militia people, nodding just a little bit. "Conscripts…. that isn't good at all." She shivers a little.
[08:51:35] GM: Driving on you clear the town and Suki pulls off the main road. (Make rolls of thing isf you want to Carrie)
[08:51:50] Lt. Jaron knocks on the large office door.
[08:53:23] 2 Lt. Komillia tries to hide her amusement.
[08:53:25] GM: The door is solid, probobly the Tirolian equivilent of oak. There is no answer from the door, but, a few moments later the same officious Tirolian usher arrieves from the door you all entered from. "Ah, my apologies, the LEgate will be with you shortly." He bows submissivly, then leaves.
[08:54:08] GM: carrie?
[08:55:03] Lt. Jaron sighes and removes his helm "Our meeting here must not be too important." comments to Komillia
[08:55:18] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
[08:55:23] CWO Sarah: (( nother perc ))
[08:55:23] Lt. Fallyna (enter): 20:55
[08:55:35] Lt. Fallyna: Booting '(28467) Lt. Fallyna' from room…
[08:55:35] CWO Sarah keeps looking around and forwning, sighing softly and looking into the forest.
[08:55:35] Lt. Fallyna (exit): 20:55
[08:55:50] 2 Lt. Komillia chuckles, "Maybe we should have brought a house gift."
[08:55:54] Lt. Fallyna found the F10 macro key
[08:56:01] Lt. Fallyna: (back again)
[08:56:13] Lt. Fallyna (enter): 20:56
[08:56:21] Lt. Fallyna: Booting '(28477) Lt. Fallyna' from room…
[08:56:22] Lt. Fallyna (exit): 20:56
[08:56:31] Lt. Fallyna: (bleh*kicks comp!*)
[08:57:07] GM: As Jaron utters this a tall man, with chisled tirolian features walkes into the anteroom. He is dressed in Terminator armor, his helmet in his hand his cape flowing behind you. He walks towards teh double doors, pauses to regard you with deep hazel eyes, then proceeds on, opening the doors, closing them behind him.
[08:57:10] Lt. Jaron smiles to Komillia
[08:57:46] GM: Sarah roll a Perc
[08:57:57] Lt. Jaron looks to Komillia as he closes the door "Odd, but its something"
[08:58:13] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
[08:58:23] Lt. Fallyna (enter): 20:58
[08:58:29] CWO Sarah: (( wtf is with all these low rolls? ))
[08:58:31] Lt. Jaron: (squirrel!!)
[08:58:35] GM: Oh wow! The Silverback has fuzzy dice? No shit!?
[08:58:43] CWO Sarah: (( LOL ))
[08:58:44] Lt. Fallyna: Booting '(28478) Lt. Fallyna' from room…
[08:58:45] Lt. Fallyna (exit): 20:58
[08:58:49] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28480) Lt. Fallyna…
[08:59:44] GM: The Silverback halts to a crawl and suki points. "Check that out."
[09:00:33] CWO Sarah blinks and looks over towards where Suki points. "hm?"
[09:00:47] GM: Before you you see the crashed wreck of a Bioroid, it lies splayed out on the ground it's hoversled some 200 feet behind it, imbedded into the earth.
[09:01:10] Lt. Fallyna (enter): 21:01
[09:01:37] Lt. Fallyna: Booting '(28480) Lt. Fallyna' from room…
[09:01:38] Lt. Fallyna (exit): 21:01
[09:01:49] CWO Sarah frowns at that, looking to see where it got blasted, or its hoversled. "Ouch…"
[09:01:52] Lt. Fallyna: (now if i can stay in long enough x.x)
[09:01:57] GM: The foliage between the sled and 'roid are chewed up,. apparently shot down, the 'roid was thrown from the sled at teh moment of impact and ended up here, taking part of the forest with it..
[09:02:46] CWO Sarah sighs. "Wonder how long ago that happened. Can't have been too long, don't remember it before or anything…" She looks around again nervously.
[09:03:15] GM: It looks recent, the disturbed soil is still fresh
[09:04:32] GM: roll a perc please Sarah
[09:04:39] GM: and dont roll a 1
[09:06:20] GM: Back at the Villa, another 20 minutes pass before the Officious Usher re-emerges. "The Legate will see you now."
[09:06:39] Lt. Jaron: "Thank you"
[09:06:50] Lt. Jaron goes to open the the large door.
[09:07:04] 2 Lt. Komillia gets up, straightens her uniform and follows Jaron through the door.
[09:07:10] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
[09:07:31] CWO Sarah: (( *smacks* rolling a 1 wasn't my fault. ))
[09:08:48] GM: The usher does this for you, and you enter behind him. You see a hall of sorts, a long table with many chairs around it dominates the center of the room, a rank of windows occupies the far wall and you can see the tranquil vinyards beyond. elegant tapastries and fresco's adorn the room and you see 5 individuals at the far corner talking, on of which you recognize as the man that entered earlier
[09:09:48] Lt. Jaron follows the usher
[09:10:06] GM: The usher , well, ushers you towards and then, past, the men. The hazel eyes man looks at you as you pass. You are led thru another door, more elegant then the last into a sumptous office
[09:11:25] GM: Sarah, you notice the Bioroids gunpod in a tree, nearby.
[09:12:04] GM: Lurana, let 'er rip. What do you do?
[09:12:20] 2 Lt. Komillia looks over the sumptous office and looks at the legate.
[09:13:27] GM: Behind a thick wooden desk sits the Legate, a surprisingly young man in his early 40's to his left is an older man, with the scars of war on his face, literally. The two men are laughing, having apperntly finished a joke.
[09:13:27] Lt. Fallyna: (im at the villa right? the one i was at last night?)
[09:14:03] GM: no Lu, you are still in town, I want to get you caught up, but don't want to speak for you, so, let me know what you do after the others left.
[09:14:59] Lt. Fallyna she would grab any kind of scanner she has and tries to locate any omnious signals hopefully leading her to the lil ball thing that dissapeard into a house last night (would radio check work for this?)
[09:15:06] CWO Sarah blinks at the gunpod and points it out for Suki. "the pod is in the tree…" She looks to see if it's pointed in a particular direction like at them…
[09:15:10] Lt. Fallyna: (as well as a RSI)
[09:15:28] GM: Okay, so, you are doing this first, or after the task assigned to you?
[09:15:38] GM: Last comment @ Lu
[09:16:48] Lt. Ishida snorts with a smile then looks at you. "You think it still works?
[09:16:48] Lt. Fallyna: (After most likely parked the Flack back where her light was in town and left ober there with word to call her if he sighted any thing
[09:17:26] GM: You may make a radio basic roll Lu
[09:17:46] CWO Sarah shrugs just a little bit, considering it, and looking at the weapon again. "Well, I'm just keeping possible rigged traps in mind. Probably doesn't work though."
[09:17:59] Lt. Fallyna: (radio basic: vs 73% [1d100] => [19] = (19) )
[09:18:28] GM: The legate looks up at Komillia and Jaron and smiles affably. "Ah, our friend in the UEEF. Ah, but so few, I had been told there were, six of you."
[09:18:40] GM: You dont pick up dshit
[09:18:54] GM: wait
[09:18:56] GM: err
[09:18:58] GM: strike that
[09:19:01] GM: reverse it
[09:19:09] Lt. Fallyna: (lol 19 vs 73%
[09:19:11] GM: You pick up shit
[09:19:25] GM: yeah saw the 73 first and was like uh…fail…my bad
[09:19:48] Lt. Fallyna tunes in trying to play it over her helmet a moment if its vocal if its just noice she tracks it
[09:20:03] GM: As you flip thru the channels you hear a 'fffft fffft' on one of the high bands
[09:20:32] Lt. Fallyna: [1d100] => [96] = (96)
[09:20:38] Lt. Fallyna: (radio: basic again vs 73%)
[09:20:44] GM: You fail to localize it
[09:21:21] Lt. Fallyna she hmms a bit trying to retune the radio a bit again (radio: basic [1d100] => [15] = (15) vs 73%
[09:21:40] Lt. Jaron nods to the Legate "Yes sir but they stayed at their positions to keep watch"
[09:22:07] GM: You hear the same 'ffft' but, the frecuancy (i.e. time between) has lengthened
[09:22:51] Legate Gervase: Hmm, I had requested all of you, how…disappointing. I had so looked forward to meeting all of you.
[09:23:40] Lt. Fallyna tries to locate the direction its comeing from then follow it changing to cyclone if need be to keep up (radio basic: [1d100] => [8] = (8) vs 73%, RSI [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 58%)
[09:23:56] Legate Gervase: So…tell me, how does our humble province find you?
[09:24:24] GM: I kid lol
[09:24:27] GM: couldn't resist
[09:24:34] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[09:24:56] 2 Lt. Komillia gives a quick bow of the head, "The countryside is beautiful, sir. Though I must admit that some of the local customs are personally a bit off-putting."
[09:25:20] GM: It seems to be coming from the belfry of the towns bell tower, if it's the same on you saw last night, it's moved…
[09:25:41] Lt. Jaron shakes his head slightly "Sorry sir, we had a mission to perform as well and if something happened while we was away it would like bad." He looks to Komillia and replies to the question as well "the crash to the north, then we was order to guard An'versa incase the haydonite form a front"
[09:26:10] Lt. Jaron: (like=look)
[09:26:31] GM: then we was
[09:26:38] GM: you dona dew rag for that part?
[09:26:59] GM: I'm horribly, I know
[09:27:05] GM: horrible
[09:27:38] Lt. Fallyna she makes her way into the tower leading her way with her Valiant laser rifle this time, the Gallant held on a sholder as she makes her way towards it keeping locked on both sensory and radio signal as well (radio basic: [1d100] => [53] = (53) vs 73, RSI [1d100] => [22] = (22) vs 58
[09:28:29] Legate Gervase: I see. So, these Haydonites…you feel they will move thru the pass do you?
[09:28:49] 2 Lt. Komillia: "That is the UEEF
[09:28:56] 2 Lt. Komillia: "That is the UEEF's opinion, yes."
[09:29:30] Lt. Jaron nods
[09:32:17] Legate Gervase walks towards a map on the wall of his 'office' "You see this? Hand drawn, over six centuries old. Updated of course." He adds. "In our past, this pass was of vital stratigic value, it seperated the Warrior tribes of the Tettelia from the Ein'liba heartland." (dt)
[09:34:28] Legate Gervase: No doubt, you have seen that the town of Tsien'va is built upon the ruins of an old fortress monestary. Protected by Ein'liba warrior monks for a century. This of course, until the advent of flight, and the unique military options it allowed." (dt)
[09:36:22] Legate Gervase turns towards you and walks towards an ornate globe of Tirol. Placing a hand upon it he spins it until the continant you are on appears. "In time the Tiresians defeated the Ein'liba, using flight, bypassing the passes of the Lentac'tal compleatly." (dt)
[09:37:22] Legate Gervase: You see, the Tiresians decended from the Tittelia, bringing industry, and techology with them." (dt)
[09:38:01] Legate Gervase: "Yes, in the past, the pass was of great importance…but today, I fear, the UEEF has sent you on, how do you say, a wild duck chase?"
[09:38:34] GM: RP away
[09:39:17] 2 Lt. Komillia visibly considers the thought.
[09:40:44] 2 Lt. Komillia: "My only guess is they suspect a large number of ground troops with minimal air cover. Otherwise, I'm in complete agreement with you. However, orders are orders."
[09:41:17] Legate Gervase looks at Jaron
[09:41:42] Lt. Jaron: "I see Legate. UEEF noted many destroyed bioroids and contact sights on our recon of the area of the crash and made that decision to assist until defenses where back in place. But my comrade here is correct, orders are orders"
[09:43:04] Legate Gervase smiles as if he knew you were going to say just that. And points to the map he had referanced earlier. He presses a button on a data pad nearby and a holographic overlay projects ont the ancient work of art.
[09:43:13] Legate Gervase: “Come, let me show you my genius. You see…the Haydonites are advanced yes, but, are ultimately machines. Machines prefer harmony, and order. And react to the same. To defeat order, one must employ chaos. And I have done this! All throughout the Heptac Basin I have spread my forces. When the Haydonite aircraft come, they will be met by a layered air defense net that will sweep them from the skies!"
[09:44:08] GM: True to his claim, the overlaied icons show a quadruple redundant air defence net spread thruout the Heptec basin
[09:44:54] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Fighting them not with mere might and power, but with mind and spirit. Very Impressive. However, I doubt you would object to our cooperation with your defenses?"
[09:44:55] Lt. Jaron nods "Very well, Im glad you have things in hand Legate." (does the map show overlays in An'versa or the smaller villages?)
[09:45:53] GM: Sadly no, it seems that the Heptac basin is his primary concern, it would seem that the pass, and all the 15 hamlets within, are…secondary to the overall scheme of things.
[09:46:16] GM: (of the 15, three are south of the Haydonite wreck, Tsien'va and Anver'sa among them)
[09:47:05] GM: Lurana, you appraoch the bell tower, alone. The door is unlocked.
[09:47:08] Lt. Jaron: "No Legate but what of An'versa where we are positioned?"
[09:47:36] Legate Gervase: As you said, orders are orders, I will not hinder you in this, however, nor will I assist.
[09:49:06] Legate Gervase walks towards the map, and looks towards at the locations of Anver'sa on teh map. "The Haydonites, following order, will methodically clear the pass, yes, I fear that is teh fate of those hamlets, but, they will buy time, time for our defnce nets to be compleated. Such is war."'
[09:49:26] Lt. Fallyna she knocks trying to get any one inside while watching above her
[09:49:38] Lt. Jaron nods "Understood Legate, we just have to stay there until UEEF recalls us, might I ask only a small favorite for our stay?"
[09:50:02] Legate Gervase waves his hand dismissivly, indicating he allows you to ask.
[09:52:06] Lt. Jaron: "Thank you Legate. One of our troopers has lost his armor in battle, a suit of battle armor for their protection, a repair kit and rations. Sorry to have to ask but I worry."
[09:52:14] GM: The door to the office opens, and the hazel eyed man enters, the usher behind him trying, feebly, to halt his advance. He stops, seeing you, then steps forward and goes to a knee. "Milord. Is it true, that the pass settlements are to be forsaken?"
[09:52:51] Legate Gervase sighs and rolls his eyes. "Yes Tanis, we have been over this."
[09:53:56] High Centurion Tanis: Milord, we cannot leave them unsupported…please, let me…" (dt)
[09:54:21] Legate Gervase: ENOUGH! I have heard your position! I disapprove!
[09:55:30] High Centurion Tanis pauses, notes the UEEF in his midst, and tries a different tack. "I understand, however, woul dit not be priudant to allow at least a token force, to monitor the situation, so that you may be aware of all UEEF actions in your most august domain?"
[09:57:14] Legate Gervase smiles and laughs then walks towards Tanis. "HA! You will make a fine Tribuni somday.
[09:58:17] Legate Gervase: You may go Tanis, but I give you a cohort, no more. Go now, while I am in a generous mood.
[09:58:59] High Centurion Tanis bows, then looks at the UEEF pair, nods to them, then withdraws from the room.
[09:59:14] Legate Gervase: You may leave as well.
[09:59:53] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank Legate and the items?"
[10:00:32] Legate Gervase looks to his usher. "And see that the female get s asuit of armor…I think the UEEF issues us some or their …armor (he says the word as if it was a curse).
[10:01:09] GM: There is no answer at the door to the belltower Lu
[10:01:17] Lt. Jaron turns to leave
[10:01:37] 2 Lt. Komillia smiles politely then leaves.
[10:02:13] 2 Lt. Komillia: "Wouldn't be such a bad guy if he wasn't a typical tirolian."
[10:02:32] 2 Lt. Komillia: Er, sorry some old prejudices tend to slip sometimes.
[10:03:01] GM: Jess?
[10:04:05] Lt. Fallyna: (sorry)
[10:04:09] Lt. Fallyna: (just got that)O
[10:04:14] GM: np, take yer time
[10:04:45] Lt. Fallyna she sighs and hates to do this but backs up and then goes to plant her foot into the door to open it the hard way sence no one answerd*
[10:06:02] Lt. Fallyna: (strike and damage nessassary?)
[10:07:13] GM: The door flys open as you kick it! Dust creates pillers of light as the interior is unlit.
[10:07:33] GM: You do realize you are going it alone here.
[10:08:14] Lt. Fallyna: (yes i know)
[10:08:18] GM: kk
[10:08:21] GM: proceed
[10:08:42] Lt. Fallyna she goes in then prodceeds to the bell tower looking for her quarry trying to move as silent as she possibly can in the clunky armor
[10:08:55] GM: roll a prowl
[10:09:29] GM: Suki looks at Sarah and smiles most deviously. "Out! Scoot." She pushes you from the Silverback.
[10:09:37] Lt. Fallyna: [1d100] => [31] = (31)
[10:09:49] Lt. Fallyna: vs 38]
[10:10:19] Lt. Fallyna: (and of course what ever her armor deucts)
[10:10:30] GM: You make your way up the circular stairway. It is stone, not wooden as you woud expect in a bell tower, apparently, this tower had served another puropse in it's past.
[10:11:15] GM: carrie?
[10:11:22] CWO Sarah: (( eek? ))
[10:11:29] CWO Sarah gets out of the silverback quickly and nods.
[10:11:37] CWO Sarah: (( sorry ))
[10:11:40] GM: sorry, didn't mean to wake you lol
[10:11:40] Lt. Fallyna creeps up slowly and carefully her gun swaying infront of her as she keeps looking for the lil grapefruit she shot at last night or one like it
[10:13:04] GM: The stair way is narrow, bearly able to accomodate your Cyclone, (roll a perc) at least you don't have to worry about wood creaking…
[10:13:56] GM: Suki transforms the Silverback into it's Battloid mode and grabs at the overly large gunpod that is two times to big and tugs at it.
[10:14:29] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[10:14:41] GM: A squirrel!
[10:15:04] 2 Lt. Komillia: (I hate squirrels)
[10:15:05] Lt. Jaron: (lol)
[10:15:12] Lt. Fallyna keeps going but immages of her and jaron doing naughty things
[10:15:31] GM: I love em…mainly cuase we dont have any of em where I live.
[10:15:53] GM: Jaron, your ears start to ring
[10:16:00] 2 Lt. Komillia: (I was making a comment from that movie.)
[10:16:15] Lt. Ishida: [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[10:16:33] Lt. Ishida keeps tugging, the tree seems to have an iorn clad grip on the gun pod.
[10:17:11] Lt. Fallyna she keeps going up sweeping the rifle around till shes at the top then takes a nother look then checks to see if her radio is still picking up the signal (perc [1d20] => [1] = (1) radio: basic [1d100] => [18] = (18) vs 73%)
[10:17:17] Lt. Fallyna: [1d4] => [3] = (3)
[10:17:23] Lt. Fallyna: (bleh ignore the 4)
[10:17:43] CWO Sarah p;ulls her Cyclone off the Silverback and tries to tug at it with the Cyc battloid as well.
[10:17:49] GM: You continue on up, noticing nothing out of the ordinary, but you can still hear the 'fffft fffft' sounds,
[10:18:22] Lt. Fallyna sighs unable to get jaron out of her mind and their date then looks around some more [1d20] => [8] = (8)
[10:18:51] GM: Still nothing…you are about 30 or so feet from the belfry
[10:19:01] GM: roll a 'strike' sarah
[10:19:07] Lt. Ishida: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[10:20:00] Lt. Fallyna goes on up then takes a look around and then finally down at the town around [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[10:20:29] GM: There doesnt seem to be anything in here, well, except for a large bell, nothing
[10:20:56] GM: rolla perc
[10:21:01] GM: Jess
[10:21:04] Lt. Fallyna she taps the bell and starts to leave hopeing who ever owns the place wont be to mad [1d20
[10:21:11] CWO Sarah: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[10:21:16] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[10:21:22] GM: as you tap the bell, the Ffft ffft ceases
[10:21:23] Lt. Fallyna: (can i take sarahs? )
[10:21:39] GM: oh carp…yes, the fish
[10:22:04] Lt. Fallyna she looks to her radio to make sure it didnt break then under the bell and up around inside
[10:23:07] GM: As you look under and into the bell, you plainly see three red glowing points of light….
[10:23:16] Haydonite Drone: [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[10:23:43] Haydonite Drone: A cascade of red light passes over your head….
[10:23:57] GM: A cascade of red light passes over your head
[10:24:58] GM: Meanwhile in the forest, the terrible twosome manage to pull from a tree a Bioroid TPBGp-Mk.1 Pulse Beam Pod
[10:25:49] GM: Init rolls please
[10:25:56] Haydonite Drone: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
[10:26:36] Lt. Fallyna curses and falls down a moment raising her rifle thinking it just shot at her prolly and fires back praying not to damage it to badly if she strikes it ( init [1d20+9] => [6,9] = (15))
[10:26:50] GM: roll strike
[10:29:11] Lt. Fallyna she pulls the trigger takeing carefull aimed strike praying she hits it where it wont cause to much damage to it internally and leave enough to study [1d20+18] => [1,18] = (19)
[10:29:19] GM: As the gun pod breaks free from the tree the pair, Silver abck and Cuclone alike fall back on their collective butts as teh pod thuds to the ground.
[10:29:22] Lt. Fallyna: (well shit and a 1 trumps it)
[10:30:36] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[10:30:51] GM: You shot punches a hole thru the top of the bell, and on thru the top of the tower. There is a sickly groan of wood and rope snapping and the Bell falls abruptly a foot (rool dodge) The drone make s a warbling "uh-oh" sound as the bell breaks free of it;s mount…
[10:31:41] Lt. Fallyna she rolls out of the way cursing in zentradi (auto dodge?)
[10:31:43] GM: Roooool!
[10:31:54] Lt. Fallyna: [1d20+18] => [11,18] = (29)
[10:33:28] GM: You are able to roll, out of the way as the bell continues on down the tower… BONG BLANG BOOOONNNNGGG BA-BONG KRASH! BLANG!!! BOOM! KA-BAM!!! Until it finally hits the bottom and blows out the enitre door and wall as it careens intot he courtyard.
[10:34:04] Lt. Jaron: (damn girl…you're nothing but trouble)
[10:34:16] GM: I love my job!
[10:34:26] Lt. Fallyna looks down the hole in the floor. "Fuck…"
[10:35:07] CWO Sarah: (( rofl ))
[10:35:09] Lt. Fallyna: "well now the owner needs a prof renovator…" *she drops down using the thrusters to guide her down the hole to catch said bell hopeing the drone was in it still and isnt crushed
[10:35:42] Lt. Magna (enter): 22:35
[10:36:03] Lt. Magna: hello all
[10:36:24] Lt. Fallyna: (team spanking on magna for being late!)
[10:37:08] Lt. Magna: sorry
[10:37:34] GM: As Lurana jets to the ground the Drone within the bell staggers from within as if drunk , wobbling to the left, skittering to the right as the townsfolk, having gatheres at the sound of a 400 year old bell crashing to the deck brings them running. A few towns folk notice the stunned drone and start wacking at it with brooms and pitchforks, one industrious man covers it in a wicker basets and is now being dragged across the ground as the drone tries to escape.
[10:37:40] Lt. Magna: better late then never.
[10:37:47] GM: John, you see this by the way
[10:38:02] Lt. Magna: k
[10:38:04] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (28486) Lt. Magna…
[10:38:10] GM: basket
[10:38:56] GM: John you may act now if you wish
[10:39:07] GM: Lurana will take a few seconds to decend from up on high
[10:40:20] Lt. Magna: I'll wait for more info
[10:40:30] Lt. Magna: please continue
[10:41:46] Lt. Fallyna: (err we were orderd to catch said drone lol)
[10:41:46] GM: Basically, this is waht happened. Lurana went up into teh bell tower, alone, after the drone you had see earlier, she found it inside the bell, shot at it, missed and the bell crashed to the ground…loudly. You say the bell blow out the wall to teh tower as it hit the deck, and the drone staggered out of it…
[10:42:06] GM: say =saw
[10:42:16] GM: and you read the rest
[10:42:40] GM: so, now you have a drone in a basket with a tirolian holding onto it, being dragged across the courtyard…
[10:43:04] Lt. Magna: lol
[10:43:13] GM: erratically I might add
[10:43:31] GM: so, your action
[10:43:50] Lt. Magna: hmmm
[10:43:59] Lt. Magna: just sec
[10:44:07] GM: nod
[10:44:23] Lt. Jaron looks to the usher and waits to follow
[10:44:54] Lt. Magna: ok. John will run up to the man with the basket. He will attempt to take hold of it.
[10:45:02] GM: The Usher leads you out…High Centurion Tanis regards you as you three leave and part ways. "I will see you in Anver'sa."
[10:45:15] GM: roll strike
[10:45:32] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[10:45:33] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[10:45:48] Lt. Fallyna: (he has my luck tonight to x.x)
[10:45:54] Lt. Magna:
[10:46:01] GM: You try to dive for the basket but the damn thing zigs when you thought it would zag and you grab a face full of dirt…
[10:46:11] Lt. Jaron nods to Tanis and hopes they have a suit to fit Komillia
[10:46:35] GM: Meanwhile the tirolian hanging on to it is babbling in rapid fire tirolian and a few other villagers try to assist
[10:47:02] Villager: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[10:47:03] Villager: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[10:48:00] Villager: Two jump for it, one misses badly the other lands on the basket, and helps pin it, the drone insdie tries to skitter away but cant. Jhon, your action, Lu, you are next, having just landed
[10:48:50] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(28471) James' from server… Removing dead client
[10:48:51] James (exit): 22:48
[10:49:24] Lt. Magna: Will grab for it agsin
[10:49:26] Lt. Fallyna: (we lost james again x.x)
[10:49:36] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [10] = (10)
[10:49:41] Villager: roll strike Ober
[10:49:48] Villager: nm
[10:50:00] Villager: [1d20-6] => [11,-6] = (5)
[10:50:38] Villager: You hit! the Basket, under your wight and the weight of your armor halts it's movement, you can feel the drone inside skittering about.
[10:51:06] Villager: Lu, your action
[10:51:25] Lt. Fallyna comes up gun at the ready. trying to relate to every one. "Good now that its alive and not toasted mabie the Techs will have some fun with it…"
[10:51:32] Lt. Magna: Jonh on comm: I"I got it! I got Iit!"
[10:51:50] Lt. Fallyna: (umm im right here no need for comm lol)
[10:52:17] GM: Everyone on the TacNEt hears "I got it! I got it!"
[10:52:45] Lt. Jaron looks to his helmet but keeps it under his arm for now
[10:52:46] Lt. Magna: helmet is closed
[10:53:35] Lt. Ishida regards the exlimation. "He got what? Laid?"
[10:53:44] Lt. Fallyna then tries to radio fleet about a new grapefruit sized drone the techs may wana take a look at.
[10:53:57] Lt. Fallyna: [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs 73%
[10:54:05] CWO Sarah blinks a little at the tacnet and laughs a little at Suki.
[10:54:29] GM: Rememebr you are in a radio dead zone, possibly the proximity of the crashed haydonite ship, but you were jsut bearly able to get a call out, and that was witha silverback…
[10:54:44] GM: no chance in a cyclone
[10:56:07] GM: Well, you have a drone ina basket? What do you do with it?
[10:56:44] Lt. Fallyna: "Well crap……" *she sais to her self then looks to the villagers. "Any one got something stronger we can put that thing under and pick up and move easally?" (hopeing any of them understand her)
[10:56:50] Lt. Magna: "We should put it in the silver backs storage compartment"
[10:57:32] Lt. Fallyna: "actually…" *she uncouples one of the saddlebags (the larger of the set) "This might hold it?"
[10:57:53] Haydonite Drone: Suddenly Explodes.
[10:57:53] Haydonite Drone: [1d4*10] => 10
[10:58:13] GM: Everything within 10 feet takes 10 MD
[10:58:21] Lt. Magna: o-0
[10:58:26] Lt. Fallyna: (well the 2 townsfolk are toasted)
[10:58:35] GM: yes
[10:58:42] Lt. Fallyna flies back on her shiny metal ass.
[10:58:47] Lt. Jaron: (gosh…..definitely getting a bad rep here)
[10:58:48] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[10:59:15] Lt. Fallyna: "Ahh fuck i hate machines now.,.."
[10:59:36] Lt. Magna: "We should have known it would self destruct." John says as he gets back to his feet.
[11:00:15] GM: Suddenly Flint From GI Joe Appears "And Knoing is Half the battle"
[11:00:18] Lt. Fallyna: "Jee and how were we now we do…"
[11:00:28] GM: j/k
[11:00:50] Lt. Fallyna: "Dam lil fucker singed my cyclone…"
[11:01:07] GM: Townsfolk wail as the remains of their kin rain back down, sobbing relatives tend to their fallen
[11:01:27] Lt. Fallyna she moves over to where it was and if any is left she kicks the rubble of whats left obvously fustrated
[11:01:42] Lt. Jaron feels a great disturbances in the force
[11:01:54] GM: An old crone waggles a crooked finger at the two cyclone clad individules muttering in her native tongue.
[11:02:14] Lt. Fallyna: (i think magna was in just body armor?)
[11:02:27] GM: Two others, younger, pull the crone away as she continues to 'curse' the UEEF
[11:03:34] GM: meanwhile, in the forest, Suki transforms the Silverback into Vehicle mode and setps out, looking over at the honking big gunpod…"
[11:03:46] Lt. Ishida: You think we could strap it to the hood?
[11:03:54] Lt. Magna: Last I remember I was in battl mode
[11:04:56] GM: carrie/
[11:04:58] GM: ?
[11:05:04] CWO Sarah: (( yes, lemmne type ))
[11:05:30] Lt. Fallyna she grumbles and floats off using the suits thrusters to keep from walking and heads back to the heavy back.
[11:05:50] CWO Sarah looks at the gun pod and considers just a little bit. "How much charge is in it though? We don't have a clip, and not sure how to jack it into the silverback's system. But if it's got juice, it might be good to try it…"
[11:06:26] CWO Sarah: (( I'd started typing when you asked, didn't you see my status change? ))
[11:06:42] GM: actually no… sorry
[11:07:33] Lt. Ishida shrugs. "Maybe. At anyrate, might come in useful."
[11:08:19] Lt. Fallyna also tries to get a limne to ishida
[11:08:42] Lt. Fallyna: (radio: basic [1d100] => [13] = (13) vs 73%
[11:10:05] Lt. Ishida: Ishida here. Go.
[11:12:13] Lt. Ishida pulls the rope from the Silverbacks storage and motions the Sarah. "Well don't jsut stand there…"
[11:12:28] Lt. Jaron yawns slightly following the usher
[11:12:40] CWO Sarah nods and starts trying to pull the weapon onto the hood, laughing just a little. "yes, ma'am…"
[11:13:13] GM: The USher as ordered leads you back to your vehicle. a few minutes later a man in Terminaotr armor arrives with a set of mismatched ACVR-3
[11:13:18] GM: CVR-3
[11:14:12] Lt. Jaron nods "I guess Legate didnt approve of the repair kit or rations?"
[11:14:32] GM: It fits, but the arms and legs are the VR-050 light blue, while the head, chest, and left arm, are the new UEEF dark blue
[11:15:42] GM: After a few minutes teh gunpod is lashed tothe Silverback. Suki, sitting inside sighs. "Iguess we didn't think this trhu, I can hardly see…"
[11:15:47] Lt. Fallyna: "We caught that thing we saw last night unfortunatly it had a self destruct… it blew up 2 villagers.."
[11:15:59] Lt. Ishida: …
[11:16:04] Lt. Ishida: Roger that.
[11:17:03] Lt. Ishida leans her head out the window as she starts the Silverback back to the road.
[11:17:18] GM: Perc roll Sarah
[11:18:06] Lt. Fallyna grumbles and settles back at the heavy back poping off her helmet and pulling out some rations from the cargo compartment on the heavy back.*
[11:18:09] Lt. Jaron smirks at Komillia's new armor "Atleast we'll know who you are in a group"
[11:18:34] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11)
[11:18:58] Lt. Komillia: Damn Tirolians, bet they did this on purpose.
[11:19:05] CWO Sarah tries to stand up a little bit in the Silverback to see, sighing just a little bit.
[11:19:42] GM: As you approach the outlying town, a shadow…dun dun DUN…flits over the Silverback.
[11:20:30] Lt. Fallyna: (did magna follow me or did he stay with the blown up thing?)
[11:20:43] GM: Thats up to John
[11:21:33] Lt. Magna: ok sure
[11:21:34] GM: Ober? You fllow Lu?
[11:21:39] GM: kk
[11:21:48] GM: carrie?
[11:21:50] Lt. Magna: wouldn't want to tstick around anyway
[11:22:09] Lt. Jaron takes the rations and repair kit handed to him, securing them to his bike "I think we are ready to head back Komillia. Control yourself Komillia, I dont wish to tempt them"
[11:22:36] CWO Sarah blinks at the shadow. "something just flew past us…"
[11:22:48] Lt. Ishida: What?
[11:22:56] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
[11:23:08] Lt. Ishida: I don't see it!
[11:23:23] Wraith: [1d20+2] => [17,2] = (19)
[11:23:51] GM: There is a flash of bright light and the Sivlerback shudders as it is hit
[11:24:13] CWO Sarah sighs and shakes her head. "I saw a shadow dangit.." She switches on the controls fror any available weapons promptly. "If it saw us, we…" She's cut off by the attack. "shit!"
[11:24:18] GM: [2d4*10] => 50
[11:24:34] Lt. Ishida speeds up
[11:25:02] GM: Init
[11:25:09] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
[11:25:15] Wraith: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
[11:25:26] Lt. Fallyna: (TIE BREAKER!)
[11:25:31] GM: roll off 1st roll suki, 2nd roll Wraith
[11:25:33] GM: [1d20] => [5] = (5)
[11:25:33] GM: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[11:25:36] Lt. Magna: [1d20+2] => [15,2] = (17)
[11:25:41] GM: Sarah your turn
[11:25:44] Lt. Fallyna: (not us magna)
[11:25:50] Lt. Magna: oh
[11:26:01] CWO Sarah: (( what weaps are available for the light Silverback? ))
[11:26:24] Lt. Fallyna: (should be 8 mrm's left in the backpack fireable from the passanger seat)
[11:26:34] GM: You have a missile rack with 4 missiles left
[11:26:44] GM: 2 GR-107's with 2 mssiles apiece
[11:26:44] Lt. Fallyna: (i though there were 8?)
[11:26:50] CWO Sarah: (( need to init anyway? or… ))
[11:26:55] GM: those are the only weapons that can hit the wraith
[11:27:03] GM: you used 8 our of 12
[11:27:05] GM: out
[11:27:18] Lt. Fallyna: (ohj thouhgt it was a 16 packer)
[11:27:22] GM: I has it writ down I do
[11:27:47] CWO Sarah fires off two of the GR-107 missiles, swearing softly as she pulls for a lock on, and sighting it in. "Dammit…"
[11:27:49] CWO Sarah: [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12)
[11:27:57] Wraith: [1d100] => [48] = (48)
[11:28:01] Wraith: disregard
[11:28:10] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[11:28:49] GM: The missiles slip their tubes and jet off into the air, but the Wraith banks deftly to the side and the missiles fly on past
[11:29:42] GM: The wraith slides back into attack posture and fires
[11:29:47] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
[11:30:07] Lt. Ishida: Is it firing!?"
[11:31:03] CWO Sarah sighs. "Yes! Evade!"
[11:31:48] Lt. Ishida: [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9)
[11:31:54] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[11:32:05] GM: The Silverback is rocked with blaster fire yet again
[11:32:43] Lt. Ishida: Hitman 2 to Hitman team! We are under fire! repeat under fire! heading back to town on the road! Please assist!
[11:32:52] Lt. Ishida: [2d4*10] => 70
[11:33:13] CWO Sarah: (( eep, 120 total ))
[11:33:57] GM: Jaron you hear this just as you are approaching Anver'sa, you can see the town approaching maybe a half a klick away
[11:35:16] Lt. Jaron speeds up to to 80mph "We are receiving and on our way."
[11:36:05] Lt. Ishida: Roger that! We are 3 kilcks from Tsien'va, just about to pass thru a nearby town…"
[11:36:15] Lt. Ishida: sarah your tune
[11:36:18] CWO Sarah swears as the vehicle is hit again, trying to aim the missiles one more time. She locks up the other GR-107 and opens fire quickly, sighting upwards for the Wraith and letting the small missiles fly..
[11:36:21] CWO Sarah: [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13)
[11:36:23] GM: turn
[11:36:53] GM: [1d20+4] => [12,4] = (16)
[11:37:07] GM: The wraith yet again evades teh attack
[11:37:17] Wraith: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[11:37:29] GM: And fires, missing
[11:37:49] GM: The town you just drove thru is ahead and SUki guns it, barreling right thru the center of it
[11:37:58] Lt. Ishida: [1d100] => [4] = (4)
[11:38:41] GM: Suddenly finding herself, Suki Tokyo Drifts thru town evading everything as she cleanly rushes thru the town square
[11:38:53] CWO Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[11:39:06] GM: on a roll of a 4, gotta give it to her
[11:39:46] GM: The Tirolian militia are baffled, and only a few open fire at the passing aircraft
[11:39:48] GM: [1d20] => [7] = (7)
[11:39:49] GM: [1d20] => [12] = (12)
[11:39:49] GM: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
[11:40:04] GM: The Wraith is peppered with small arms fire, but no real damamge is done
[11:40:24] GM: Sarah, your actiomn
[11:40:27] GM: action
[11:40:29] CWO Sarah: (( how many missiles in the other launcher? ))
[11:40:34] GM: 4
[11:40:42] GM: then you are Winchester
[11:41:05] CWO Sarah locks two missiles from the big launcher in, trying to hit the Wraith once more. "We're in trouble here… we may need to try using that big gun on the hood soon. Only four missiles left…"
[11:41:07] CWO Sarah: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
[11:41:24] Lt. Ishida: Should have taken the Flak Back…should have taken the flak back…" she mutters
[11:41:48] CWO Sarah nods quickly. "Seems that way."
[11:41:49] GM: roll damage
[11:41:57] CWO Sarah: (( heap? ))
[11:42:06] GM: the Wraith used an attack to evade the Tirolian ground fire
[11:42:25] GM: standard rounds, no one specified
[11:42:41] GM: so HEAP 2D6x10
[11:43:07] CWO Sarah: [(2d6*10)*2] => 200
[11:44:02] GM: The Wriath takes the hit square and breaks off as parts of its hull flake off, you can almost hear it 'yipe yipe yipe" as it turns on it's heel and flees
[11:45:17] Lt. Ishida hasn't noticed the Wraith break off and is still barreling down the road as fast as the Silverback can go…
[11:45:32] CWO Sarah phews. "It broke… I hit it hard…:"
[11:45:54] Lt. Ishida sighs and lets off on the accelerator…
[11:46:28] GM: Jaron, you approach at jsut this time to see the Silverback, pretty chewed up with a Bioroid Gun pod strapped to teh hood approaching you
[11:47:37] GM: Jaron?
[11:48:36] Lt. Jaron skips to a stop and unties the supplies quickly "Komillia, help then out…be there in a sec"
[11:49:11] GM: The Silverback skids to a halt as well, you end up 'door to door' with the driver side.
[11:49:47] Lt. Ishida: .me looks at Jaron with a silly grin on her face
[11:50:18] CWO Sarah laughs just a little bit and settles back in her seat.
[11:50:52] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(28481) Lt. Fallyna' from server… Removing dead client
[11:50:53] Lt. Fallyna (exit): 23:50
[11:51:09] Lt. Jaron smirks at Ishida "been busy have you?"
[11:51:31] Lt. Ishida: You know…a lil.
[11:51:49] Lt. Ishida: Brought back a present.
[11:53:17] Lt. Jaron nods "As well as I…repair kit and some food" he quickly places items to the side of the road and gets back to bike to transform
[11:53:22] GM: Back in town. Suki and Sarah exit a smoking Silverback.
[11:54:06] GM: Lurana approaches and motiones with her head towards a small crater with dried blood around it in the town squre.
[11:54:37] CWO Sarah crawls out of the Silverback and froowns at it, shaking her head at the damage.
[11:55:10] GM: John, a familier face approaches you and smiles, it's Bria
[11:56:23] Lt. Jaron quirks a brow "What happned in town?"
[11:56:42] Lt. Magna: "Hello Bria."
[11:56:51] Lurana: Found the drone…we had it, then it exploded…
[11:57:03] Bria: Hi!
[11:57:07] Bria smiles
[11:58:03] Lt. Magna: "You shouldn't be here right now little girl." John says
[11:58:13] Lt. Jaron questions "the blood and bits?"
[11:58:16] Bria blushes.
[11:58:27] Bria: Show you somehting, come, you follow.
[11:58:49] Lurana: Yeah…
[11:59:00] Lt. Magna: "Very well then. But promise me you will go home after."
[11:59:19] Lurana: Two townsfolk got the thing under a basket, Johon too, then it detonated…
[11:59:44] GM: As it so happened, Bria leads you towards her home…
[11:59:59] Lt. Jaron sighes (all of us or just john?)
[12:00:30] GM: just john, but, you are all present it's not hard to see a pretty tirolian leading John off by the hand
[12:01:50] Lt. Jaron shakes head at the image of the detonation "Well, I brought a repair kit if needed and some rations. The Legate isnt putting any defenses here, holding a defensive lines in next province."
[12:02:26] Lt. Ishida laughs slightly. "Why I joined the Marines…I love a challange.
[12:03:07] GM: John, Bria leads you back down the rige to her farm, and then towards the barn
[12:03:11] GM: smiling all teh way
[12:04:35] CWO Sarah settles into her spot and sighs softly, looking at the mess where it exploded, frowning and sighing. She blinks as she hears the 'defense' condition. "Wonderful…"
[12:05:23] Lt. Ishida looks at Sarah and smiles softly. "Duty is as weighty as a mountian…death, as light as a feather."
[12:06:15] Lt. Jaron nods "There is one centurion that wish to aid the area but only him. Tanis was his name, I dont know what he could do really"
[12:07:14] Lt. Ishida nods. "Any help is welcome.'
[12:07:26] GM: john?
[12:07:42] GM: Bria is leading you back home….to the Barn!!!…what do you do?
[12:07:43] CWO Sarah shrugs at Suki and rolls her eyes. "I'm just annoyed at their arrogance in the matter. Not like I haven't faced worse in the resistance anyway." She shrugs.
[12:08:19] Lt. Ishida: Really, I figured the resistance would have been , I do not know, more….pragmatic."
[12:08:59] GM: John?
[12:09:04] GM: there we go
[12:09:05] Lt. Jaron: "Its probably something political in mind from Legate"
[12:09:39] Lt. Ishida nods
[12:09:54] Lt. Magna: "Can you tell me what you have in that barn? I shouldn't be here unless it is very important. Do you understand?"
[12:10:09] Bria: Come, you see, you like!
[12:11:10] Lt. Jaron passes out the rations he got as well "I guess we just hold here until command comes and gets us"
[12:12:12] Lt. Ishida: Ummm, anyone see where Magna went? Sware to the Kami, he has a cloaking device…
[12:12:12] Lt. Magna: "Ok. I will go and look." On comm. "I'm going to check out something that may be important LT. I will be right back."
[12:12:59] GM: Bria leads you to the Barn, skipping along, holding your had the entire way, giggiling and smiling
[12:13:08] GM: had = hand
[12:14:07] Lt. Jaron replies to Ishida "That girl took him somewhere…"
[12:14:17] GM: At the barn she opens the door and leads you inside. It is pretty typical, form what you have read and seen in the vids. Lots of hey, stables, and work equipment.
[12:14:42] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[12:15:14] GM: Towards teh back she drags you, until she stops. She kicks some dirt and hey from the ground and you see a metal loop, tha looks to lead to a trap door.
[12:15:50] Bria: Open! You like!
[12:15:57] Bria giggiles agina, hugging onto you
[12:16:28] Lt. Magna: John grabs the loop and pulles it open.
[12:17:03] GM: The door comes open, and you can see a staircase leading down into pitch balck
[12:17:06] GM: black
[12:17:34] Lt. Magna: "Where does this go Bria?"
[12:17:44] Bria: Secret!
[12:17:59] Bria smiles
[12:18:20] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[12:20:53] Lt. Magna: On comm: "There is an underground tunnel here. I'm going ton check it out. I may loose radio contact with you for a few minutes."
[12:21:07] Lt. Ishida: Oh for gods sake…
[12:21:18] Lt. Magna: "Ok Bria. Stay here."
[12:21:44] Lt. Magna: John decends down the stairs.
[12:22:20] Lt. Jaron sighes and transforms out of battloid. He gets some of the rations to eat
[12:22:50] GM: As you make your way down, feeling for the stairs in teh adarkness, Bria disregards your words and follows down next to you . At the bse of the staires, some twenty or so feet down, Bria lights a lantern that she obviously knew was hanging from a support beam.
[12:24:00] Lt. Magna: Read sensory instruments. John scans the area with gallant ready
[12:24:09] Lt. Magna: [1d100] => [32] = (32)
[12:24:16] GM: As your eyes adjust, you see, reclining aginst a crudly fashioned framework of wood, a Nous'dohl.
[12:24:49] Lt. Magna: Nous'dohl.???
[12:25:00] GM: A blue Bioroid
[12:25:15] Lt. Magna: oh
[12:25:58] Lt. Magna: John smiles at Bria. "Thank you for bringing this to my attention."
[12:26:16] Lt. Magna: On comm: I think you guys should see this.
[12:26:42] Bria giggles
[12:27:29] Lt. Ishida: What do you think? should we go see their prize goat?
[12:28:14] Lt. Magna: From the scan can John tell anything about it's condition?
[12:28:16] CWO Sarah laughs a little bit and shrugs. "Might as well, I suppose…"
[12:28:30] Lt. Magna: Does it look beat up or anything
[12:28:30] GM: No, your scans show the mecha as idle
[12:28:31] Lt. Magna: ?
[12:28:59] GM: You would have to physically chesck it, but from where you are standing, the thing looks intanct, if not ancient
[12:29:21] Lt. Magna: John takes a closer look
[12:29:24] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[12:30:13] GM: The mecha looks functional, some parts are missing, an oxidizer miodule, a control suite, and firecontrol panel among the major pieces missing, other then that, it looks good to go
[12:30:37] Lt. Jaron munchs on the food, then takes a drink from canteen "Lets see how he handles this but I would like to get to An'versa as Tanis might be able to help us in tactics of locations or other secrets this area holds"
[12:31:03] Lt. Ishida: Isn't Johns girlfiends farm in Anver'sa?
[12:31:25] Lt. Magna: On comm: LT. I think you will want to look at this. There is a Bioroid here in relitively good condition."
[12:31:39] Lt. Ishida perks up
[12:32:41] CWO Sarah blinks at that. "Define 'relatively good'?"
[12:33:14] Lt. Jaron smiles "outside of An'versa but anyways. If Lurana & Komillia dont mind watch duties"
[12:33:59] GM: Lurana and Komillia will remain behind, and comiserate in Zentreadi ways, bashing the hoomans at will…
[12:34:16] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[12:34:28] Lt. Magna: Yon comm: You should send someone down here to look at this. We may be able to use it. it's missing afew things but tlooks operational
[12:35:12] Lt. Jaron stores what remains of his meal and mounts up to head into An'versa. He replies to com "We heading your way John."
[12:35:22] Lt. Magna: What else is in this room? Tools?
[12:35:27] Lt. Ishida follows suite
[12:35:45] GM: There does appear to be a crude workshop present
[12:36:27] Lt. Magna: "Briaa, is this your fathers?
[12:36:38] Bria nods
[12:36:55] Lt. Jaron plans to head to prefects office while the others check on John
[12:36:59] Lt. Magna: Go and fetch him for me please"
[12:37:44] Bria hems and haws, and doesnt seem to want to comply
[12:38:38] Lt. Magna: "Go get your father. I need to speak to him. I will go get him myself if you don't."
[12:39:30] Bria whines "no no, look at this." she points at a odd looking decice that lights up when a button is pressed "You like?"
[12:40:35] GM: the object is clearly a flashlight
[12:40:36] Lt. Magna: [1d20] => [2] = (2)
[12:40:46] Lt. Magna: hehe
[12:40:51] CWO Sarah: (( lol ))
[12:41:27] GM: The others break off as you head to the Maginstrates Jaron
[12:41:48] Lt. Magna: "Hmmm…..Very interesting. Will you get in trouble for showing me this?"
[12:42:31] GM: The door is open, as it is still midday, and there are a few people in the hall there to adress local disputes, with the magistrate acting as arbiter
[12:43:17] GM: the rest of the group arrives at the barn, it is open, and towards teh back you can see lantern light from underneath the floor boards
[12:43:28] Bria nods
[12:44:09] Lt. Magna: "I see. Go then and I won't say you showed me."
[12:44:41] Lt. Jaron approaches the magistrate or aid, which ever he comes to first
[12:45:01] GM: Sarah?
[12:45:20] GM: Jaron, the aide approaches and bows slightly "How assitance may I be?
[12:45:42] Lt. Magna: brb
[12:45:45] GM: kk
[12:46:22] CWO Sarah: (( what? ))
[12:46:36] GM: you are att eh barn, what do you do?
[12:47:04] CWO Sarah looks at the barn, and looks to Suki, shrugging and looking atg the back. "We go in?"
[12:47:24] Lt. Jaron bows slightly as well "Im here to mean a Centurion named Tanis, has he arrived yet?"
[12:47:32] Lt. Jaron: (mean=meet)
[12:47:53] Lt. Ishida shrugs, pulls her M-37, chambers a round and moves in.
[12:48:15] CWO Sarah cocks her head at that as she moves in behind. "Not sure we'll need that…" She frowns.
[12:49:47] GM: The Aide shakes his head. "No, Tanis is not hear…" The aide looks around, then back at you with hopeful eyes. " He is coming here?
[12:50:28] GM: Proceeding into the barn you see the open trap door and the light from down below
[12:51:00] CWO Sarah looks down the trap door, and hops down the steps, glancing around.
[12:51:15] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes, he was planning on it this morning while at the Legate's villa"
[12:51:43] GM: Sarah see's Bria and John naked …kidding…see's Bria and John standing near a work bench and beyond them a Big Blue Biorid.
[12:51:59] CWO Sarah: (( rar ))
[12:52:49] CWO Sarah wanders over, peeking up at the Bioroid and considering it. "Depending on how much is missing, we passed a few fallen ones before… And depending on who knows how to replace the components…"
[12:52:58] GM: John, you see Sarah and then Suki make their way down the stairs Suki has her pistol out and at the ready.
[12:54:17] GM: The aide seems almost relived. "Ah…no, Tanis is not hear, but, I will let you kow when he is…he is a good man."
[12:55:25] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you."
[12:55:33] Lt. Jaron bows and turns to leave
[12:55:49] GM: The aide motiones towards teh Magistrate. "Do uyou wish to speak to the elder?
[12:55:50] GM: "
[12:57:14] GM: brb
[12:57:56] Lt. Jaron stops and ponders "After second thought, yes"
[01:02:08] GM: back
[01:02:39] GM: The aide has you sit,m and presently the Magistrate approaches, using the oppurtuinity to parlay with you as a break from his duties
[01:03:35] Lt. Jaron stands and bows slightly "good day magistrate"
[01:04:00] Magistrate: Good day to you…I have heard about the unfortunante happeneing in Tsien'va.
[01:04:48] Lt. Magna: bk
[01:05:11] Lt. Ishida: Appoaches teh Bioroid and holsters her weapon. She purses her lips. "Looks preety good. Not my field, but…"
[01:05:31] GM: wb
[01:05:54] Lt. Jaron nods "Yes, sad indeed. I wonder if you know how much aid you will get in defense from the Legate"
[01:06:19] Magistrate: I was under the impression that it would be…none.
[01:06:43] GM: john react if you ant to the stuff posted above…the crew sorta, have arrived
[01:07:44] Lt. Jaron is abit shocked that the magistrate actually knows "Didnt know if you knew or not as it a concern for the defense of An'versa and Tsien'va"
[01:08:26] Lt. Magna: "Ok Bria. Thank you again. Run along now."
[01:09:03] Magistrate sighs. "We appreciate your assitance, even 6 against a storm is better then none."
[01:09:47] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you but how many are in your militia here?"
[01:09:52] High Centurion Tanis: There will be far more then six Magistrate!
[01:10:08] High Centurion Tanis enters the building in full battle regalia.
[01:10:08] Lt. Jaron turns to see who is talking
[01:11:02] Lt. Jaron thinks to himself atleast they dress well for battle
[01:11:34] High Centurion Tanis: Magistrate, you will gather your able bodies males, they are henceofrth conscripted to the defence of the pass!
[01:12:24] High Centurion Tanis: They will report to my Master Centurions for assignement.
[01:12:34] Magistrate: Y…yes milord!
[01:13:06] High Centurion Tanis: You…UEEF, walk with me
[01:13:33] Lt. Jaron nods and heads to follows
[01:13:50] Bria nods and moves to leave but pauses at the threshold of the stairs.
[01:13:57] CWO Sarah nods just a little to Suki and looks it over as well. "Question s till is, if we have the parts…" She looks to John. "You can fix it?"
[01:14:11] Bria's Dad: BRIA"VANA!!!! YAKNAL NOK TA VAN YAK LON!
[01:14:28] Lt. Jaron: (oh sh!t)
[01:14:42] Bria: eep
[01:15:15] Bria: Tavanlakton al! Nee, sakmat ya noffta lok! Neef tal lok.
[01:15:25] Lt. Magna: "Hide Bria!"
[01:15:44] Bria's Dad walks down the stiaris and 'sees'.
[01:16:34] Bria's Dad sighs. Jorarman lok nal…. My daughter….she does NOT know her palce." her fathers eyes bore thru yher daughter
[01:17:08] High Centurion Tanis: The UEEF has sent just you, to defend this pass?
[01:17:18] CWO Sarah flinches a little and shies back.
[01:18:40] Bria: shrinks back and tries to hide behind John
[01:19:03] Lt. Ishida watches the event unfold with bemusment
[01:19:04] Lt. Jaron: "Recon was our first orders to check the crash site but orders were changed to defend the area after we saw live haydonites"
[01:19:37] High Centurion Tanis: I see, and, in your military opinion. What do you make of the situation?
[01:20:27] Lt. Magna: "Please excuse our intrusion. I detected your mech and came to investigate. Do not blame your daughter as she just arrived."
[01:20:58] Bria's Dad: Bah!" he waves his hand "She showed you….try not to protect."
[01:21:19] Bria's Dad: But glad you did." he sighs
[01:22:01] Bria's Dad walks up to the Bioroid, past the group and lays a loving hand upon it. and speaks soothingly towards it.
[01:22:23] Lt. Jaron takes a deep breath "Marginal success rate. We've only seen spy drones and some fly overs. The damage though is plentiful from fighing tirolian forces before we arrived"
[01:23:04] Bria's Dad turns towards you. "Mine, long ago. Many campaigns against the Praxian, the Karbarran, the Invid." he sighs, "so long ago."
[01:23:31] High Centurion Tanis huffs and nods
[01:24:01] High Centurion Tanis: And you think there will be more? Ground units?
[01:25:07] CWO Sarah listens quietly to that.
[01:26:05] Bria's Dad: It does not work now…parts gone…broken." he motiones towards a pile of discarded parts.
[01:26:08] Lt. Jaron shakes head "I dont think so, atleast not from UEEF for now. The haydonites were jamming communications. I was going to get some militia to help as you arrived, to make a defense line to atleast stop the spy drones."
[01:26:37] Lt. Magna: "Well sir, with your permission we could use this mech. We're short handed right now."
[01:26:45] High Centurion Tanis: I mean UEEF, do you think the Haydonites possess ground units?
[01:27:54] High Centurion Tanis looks at you, his eyes piercing you, demanding you to think your answer out.
[01:28:19] Lt. Jaron: "from what I've seen no, mostly aerial units but I wouldn't put it past them to have a new mecha we havent seen"
[01:28:40] High Centurion Tanis slaps you on the back.
[01:28:44] High Centurion Tanis: HA!
[01:28:51] High Centurion Tanis: Good!
[01:29:24] Lt. Jaron gives a cautious smile, looking at Tanis
[01:29:29] Bria's Dad steps towards John.
[01:29:36] Bria's Dad: No one can know!
[01:29:55] Bria's Dad: Until it is time…no one!
[01:30:29] High Centurion Tanis: You are cautious, you know what you see but still question it, this is a good trait for a soldier.
[01:31:22] Lt. Jaron nods "Does An'versa have any air defensives?"
[01:32:12] High Centurion Tanis: Your ADA unit, and I have three Bioroids. Plus small arms. Do you still want to stay? he asks, his grin wide.
[01:33:28] Lt. Jaron smiles "I dont have anything better to do."
[01:33:46] High Centurion Tanis: Excellent! Then we will die together!
[01:34:44] Lt. Ishida nods
[01:36:05] GM: john, carrie?
[01:36:13] GM: poke
[01:37:04] GM: hehe reminds me of the tabletop allnighters when you ahd to nudge the player next to you when his turn came up cause he had fallen sasleep
[01:37:21] Lt. Magna: sory
[01:37:28] GM: no prob lol
[01:37:34] CWO Sarah: (( rar ))
[01:37:38] GM: it's late…if folks need to go, I can dig it
[01:37:43] Lt. Magna: I asked him a question earlier?
[01:37:46] CWO Sarah: (( just listens quietly still, smilng and nodding. ))
[01:37:53] GM: he answered you
[01:37:55] CWO Sarah just listens quietly still, smilng and nodding.
[01:37:59] CWO Sarah: (( oops ))
[01:38:16] CWO Sarah: (( <— just bein a quiet spectator ))>
[01:38:25] CWO Sarah: (( — just bein a quiet spectator ))
[01:38:39] GM: (28448) Bria's Dad steps towards John. (28448) Bria's Dad: No one can know! (28448) Bria's Dad: Until it is time…no one!
[01:38:57] Lt. Magna: oh
[01:39:23] Lt. Magna: "So we can repair it and use it?"
[01:39:35] Bria's Dad nods
[01:40:02] GM: roll a prec sarah
[01:40:10] GM: please make it
[01:40:32] Lt. Magna: "Thank you sir. We will be quite discreat, I asure you."
[01:40:41] CWO Sarah: [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
[01:40:45] CWO Sarah: (( arg ))
[01:41:29] Bria's Dad nods, his expression seems to indicate that his families life depends on that claim
[01:41:46] GM: resefrekkin rabbit….
[01:41:48] GM: ah well
[01:42:00] GM: you'll have to come up with it on your own lol
[01:42:13] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[01:42:17] CWO Sarah: (( rar ))
[01:42:29] GM: just remember, you were within spitting distance of it
[01:42:32] GM: thats all I can say
[01:42:50] Lt. Jaron replies to Tanis "Well, we need some men to get a picket going to stop those spy drones to start."
[01:42:56] CWO Sarah: (( should that have been a +5 roll then? Or not that kind of spitting distance? ))
[01:43:03] CWO Sarah: (( ))
[01:43:12] GM: were, not are
[01:43:15] CWO Sarah: (( oh ))
[01:43:18] CWO Sarah: (( arg ))
[01:43:37] High Centurion Tanis nods "Where do you have your units?
[01:46:10] Lt. Jaron: "we have one at the peak above An'versa and the other just south of Tsien'va"
[01:46:33] High Centurion Tanis nods
[01:47:27] High Centurion Tanis: I know that the UEEF are stewards of Tirol now, but, allow me the command of my own men in this." he asks, you figure he will have command anyway, but is asking all the same.
[01:48:49] Lt. Jaron nods "I see no problem with this, I just ask for a few to help us at our locations"
[01:48:58] High Centurion Tanis nods again

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