Hold An'versa

Your orders have come from Major Keveshera himself. You are to hold the Lantac'tal Pass until relieved by UEEF forces, or ordered otherwise. How you accomplish this task is up to you.

  • Terrain overview:

The area is mountainous, beset with ridges and valleys. The Lantac'Tal Pass runs North-East to South-West along the Lantac Mountains, occupying the lowest valley. The largest break in the ridge occurs near An'versa, where the Forasi Road swings West into the Haptek Basin, a lowland agricultural region akin to the old American 'Breadbasket'. The Basin's largest city, Haptek'va lies within a wreath of cropland and is the administrative locus of the surrounding area. Beyond that is the Gold Road, which leads into the heart of the Tsivar continent and Tiresia herself.

Hedgerows and modest forests of the fast growing Jihn'al tree dot the area along the mountains, offering decent timber reserves and plenty of cover.

  • Legend:
    • The Red area is the location of the crashed Haydonite ship.
    • The Smaller Blue area long the ridge is a small satellite hamlet of An'versa, a town called T'sienva
    • The Larger Blue are in the foreground is An'versa.
  • T'sienva Closeup.
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