Chapter 4 - Act II - Part 2


[07:44:43] GM: Okay, when last we left our intrepid heroes, they found themselves in an obvious Genesis Pit.
[07:44:44] Capt Kain Crockett eats.
[07:45:03] Capt Kain Crockett pushes Ay in.
[07:45:29] Capt Kain Crockett: ((sorry, should have OCC that.))
[07:47:48] GM: Okay, do you need a recap on the discription so far? or are you good?
[07:48:46] Capt Kain Crockett: ((hive in the top, pit in the bottom, hungry T Rexes all around.))
[07:48:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( the log can be checked if needed, Felucia was mentioned. ^_^ hehe ))
[07:49:03] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah, hive on top ))
[07:49:10] GM: ((more or less accurate))
[07:49:27] 2Lt. Sarah: (( Sarah had just sat down to recover from bringing everyone down from the cliff. ))
[07:51:48] GM: Now that you are dwon, you had seen from the higher vantage a few plateau's within, and there were invid structures seen there. Most likely specimen pens and or labs
[07:53:32] GM: The closest of wich is about half a klick away
[07:54:50] Capt Kain Crockett: "Check your gas, McGrergor, what is the possiblity of using local chemicals to replace the gas should we run out?"
[07:55:22] Lt. Melanie McGregor: "I believe the technical term is 'Earth-shattering kaboom' if you try that."
[07:57:29] GM: ((where do you go or do you go anywhere?))
[07:58:08] GM: ((work with me folks))
[07:59:25] Capt Kain Crockett directs the group to check out the structures, may as well know what the Invid are up to.
[07:59:25] 2Lt. Sarah blinks and checks. "I'm hoping we'll be fine." She looks around the pit for the structures. "We should probably go look at some of the stuff we saw up top if we're gonna recon it properly, though." She turns to head the half mile.
[07:59:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( heh ))
[08:01:16] GM: You make your way thru the mire, a few large lizards eye you and a small flock of small flying eel things flit around you, with a few nipping at you here and there. They relent after a few wellplaced swats and the realization that your shells are to strong.
[08:03:09] GM: Nearing the plateau, you see what appears to be a trash heap at the bootom of a sheer 80 foot cliff face.
[08:03:42] 2Lt. Sarah blinks a little at that, approaching the heap cautiously.
[08:04:37] GM: You appraoch and take note of a slight greenish glow from part of the refuse, and your life support system goes into closed loop mode.
[08:05:08] 2Lt. Sarah immediately backs up at that.
[08:05:23] Capt Kain Crockett: "I'd say do this silently, but we all know how well that will go. Everyone run and jump over it."
[08:05:54] GM: ((running and jumping over it will put you face first into a cliff face…))
[08:06:01] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:06:27] GM: ((at which point, you will bounce off, then fall into the thrash, and be covered in biowaste))
[08:08:20] GM: ((I take it you want to go up to the plateau?))
[08:08:44] 2Lt. Sarah looks for another way up to the plateau without going through the waste. [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10) perc
[08:08:55] Capt Kain Crockett: ((up the platau and around the bio waste))
[08:10:10] GM: ((okay, look, the biowaste isn't like, you know, the only thing around, it isnt even in your way, it's just there. Just becuase I mention it doesnt mean it's an obstacle…it's just a point of interest, after all, doesnt someone inthe group have biology, or is otherwise a scientist…))
[08:10:27] 2Lt. Sarah: +ooc oh. okah.
[08:10:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( oh, even ))
[08:12:48] WO Febrith Nyx looks at the biowaste to determine what created it [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 78 Biology
[08:13:45] Cpt. Aylanea peeks a tthe green glow stuff and offers a soft 'ew', giving it a wide berth in going around.
[08:15:42] GM: A cursory examination reveals three distinct types of waste, 1: Cast off bits of lab meterial, 2: humaniod remains 3: unidentifiable remains, but from what you can tell it's likely experiments, and it would seem that claws and teeth are the order of the day.
[08:17:00] GM: You can see a few wounds on one of the larger chunks, it was put down by 'blaster fire'
[08:18:04] WO Febrith Nyx: "YEah, experiments on humanoids, cut down by blaster fire. Moving one."
[08:19:45] 2Lt. Sarah flinches at that and sighs.
[08:20:00] 2Lt. Sarah watches for the moving of one, concerned as to what might be found.
[08:20:05] Capt Kain Crockett keeps leading the group to the lab stations.
[08:20:17] Capt Kain Crockett: ((or pens or whatever))
[08:20:18] GM: Making your way around, you find an area that will allow for a stealth….i mean, covered approach that will bring you up in a 'wooded' area.
[08:20:43] 2Lt. Sarah: +ooc lol
[08:20:47] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol even ))
[08:22:23] 2Lt. Sarah looks at the covered approach and nods just a little bit, getting ready to head up, thouh she watches back at what Nyx is doing as well, a little worriedly.
[08:24:06] WO Febrith Nyx: "I'd like to speak with their scientists if at all possible. Some of this work is fascinating. Could probably be repurposed thought."
[08:24:17] GM: Able now to look into the camp you can see a series of pens, some small, and a few large, these being little more then high walled pits ringed with barriers. A few cougar inorganics patrol while unarmored Invid scientist types with Soldier escorts move around hold the Invid equivilant of clipboards.
[08:25:14] WO Febrith Nyx: "Hey, Sarah, go play pretty pink princess and get them to roll over."
[08:26:12] 2Lt. Sarah almost, ALMOST breaks up laughing at that comment about the scientists. She shakes her head a little at Nyx, making a face at the suggestion. "Yeah, right. That will work soooo well." She shakes her head, looking to Crockett.
[08:29:49] 2Lt. Sarah glances back to Nyx then. "Even if I were in my old command battloid instead oof a Cyclone, they still probably wouldn't respond due to the division within the Invid. If these guys are the Regent's, well, they might shoot at me as well."
[08:30:24] Capt Kain Crockett surveys the area for an easy entrance in to gather information. [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) PERC, [1d100] => [43] = (43) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 71 Intelligence
[08:32:28] GM: There is a large-ish structure built into a hill that looks to have a sideway in,
[08:32:32] 2Lt. Sarah: "That also tips off that I'm here, and how we destroyed all the sensor hands from the inorganics…" She looks around quickly at the setup. [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10) perc, [1d100] => [57] = (57) lore invid vs. 86%, [1d100] => [63] = (63) rsi vs. 75%, [1d100] => [64] = (64) detect concealment vs. 80%, [1d100] => [44] = (44) detect ambush vs. 85%
[08:33:31] Capt Kain Crockett directs the group toward the larger structure and once there, takes a peek in the door. [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20) PERC
[08:34:54] GM: Sarah, the building that Kain is keen on fits the profile for speciman evaluation.
[08:35:43] 2Lt. Sarah whispers that to him, and tries to sense for where all the invid and their 'pets' might be if she can do so without being noticed too much.
[08:36:50] GM: Sarah, there is a lot of PC activity here, but right now a lot of it seems to be in 'idle' mode.
[08:37:41] 2Lt. Sarah: (( shes more worried about the invids themselves than the PC, really. lol. ))
[08:37:51] 2Lt. Sarah: (( like, unarmored ones who might spot them and shit. ))
[08:38:37] 2Lt. Sarah: (( so she can warn when they're getting close to spotting them. ))
[08:39:49] GM: (9ahh))
[08:41:18] GM: Kain, your peek reveals that there are a few Invid scientists inside, and as you observe them an odd chime isheard and they seem like they are closing out what they were working on and then head towards the front door.
[08:42:17] Capt Kain Crockett whispers to the group, "Looks like a shift change. We may be able to sneak in and take a look around, possibly find some means of getting out of here.
[08:43:46] 2Lt. Sarah: "i f we aren't spotted. Thought I was your means of getting out of here."
[08:45:06] GM: The scientists leave and the interior lights within the building dim,
[08:45:07] Capt Kain Crockett: "You are, but I'd rather not play that card if need be. We need to know what is going on here and get out without beign noticed."
[08:45:29] Capt Kain Crockett moves into the building and has Mel and Nyx look over the crap in the room.
[08:47:34] Lt. Melanie McGregor checks over some stuff [1d20] => [16] = (16) PERC, [1d100] => [82] = (82) vs 84 RSI, [1s100] => 1s100 vs 89 Protoculture Engineer, [1d100] => [2] = (2) vs 74 Mechanical Engineer [1d100] => [92] = (92) vs 69 robotechnology engineer, [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 64 Reflex System Mechanics
[08:47:50] Lt. Melanie McGregor: [1d100] => [48] = (48) vs 89 Protoculture Engineer
[08:49:20] WO Febrith Nyx looks over the more sciency aspects, [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17) Perc, [1d100] => [23] = (23) vs 53 RSI, [1d100] => [6] = (6) vs 78 Biology, [1d100] => [95] = (95) vs 78 Chemistry, [1d30] => [6] = (6) vs 23 IQ
[08:49:55] 2Lt. Sarah looks over some of the things as well, frowning,. [1d100] => [60] = (60) lore invid, [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) perc
[08:50:09] 2Lt. Sarah: (( vs. 86% on lore invid ))
[08:50:32] GM: Most of the stuff is run of the mill, speicimen beds, statis tubes bubbling with liquid with odd creatures within. Some contain the off tiresian with bizzare and in a few cases horrific mutations. There are alos pieces of equipment that, you recognize in so much as your training says "no touchie, call for an expert" (yes, dispite Mel's training and expertise, this stuff is for those rareified folks that taught your teachers what they know.)
[08:52:46] GM: The readouts are bearly legible to you as well Mel, but you can make out the more obvious readouts, and best guess is that it's stuff like blood pressure, etc, the other stuff isn't your field, but rather that of a medical geneticist.
[08:54:43] GM: Nyx, you fare better with the biological readouts and such, and can piece together a decent understanding of whats going on, and you feel flush with superiority at that…until you come across their methodology and formula equations, at which point reality slams you firmly in the kisser with the realization that, there are still things out there that you just dont have a clue about.
[08:55:22] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehhehheh ))
[08:56:07] GM: Sarah, your lore tells you what everyone already knows, this is a bio lab, where the Invid conduct complex yet moral repugnant experimants on creatures large and small.
[08:56:18] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah. lol ))
[08:56:22] GM: ((morally))
[08:56:34] GM: ((not really sure what you were looking for out of that roll…))
[08:57:35] WO Febrith Nyx: "I feel the suggen urge to nuke this place."
[08:57:53] Lt. Melanie McGregor: "I think I can touch this wire over here and arrange that."
[08:58:15] GM: However, a spike of PC from an Invid engine and the muted sounds of a craft taking off does clue you into one piece of information. If what you felt and heard is what you think it is, this facility is shutting down for the 'night' and the science staff are retireing to the hive,
[08:58:15] 2Lt. Sarah: "That would be nice… Just make sure I have enough time to get everyone out."
[08:59:48] 2Lt. Sarah blinks, and lets the group know this, looking around at them and shrugging.
[09:00:53] Capt Kain Crockett: "We're all going to get eatan by Allosarauses aren't we? Not even teh Tyranosarus Rex, just its shorter, weaker predecessor."
[09:01:47] 2Lt. Sarah: "Yeah, it's just like Jurassic Park, all the scientists get on the boat for the tropical storm, then the holding pens all get out." She actually giggles then.
[09:02:20] 2Lt. Sarah: "Although more technically this is closer to site b from the second movie…"
[09:03:20] GM: So what do?
[09:04:51] Capt Kain Crockett waits until they leave and then looks around more for specific intelligence. [1d20+1] => [20,1] = (21) PERC, [1d100] => [8] = (8) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [78] = (78) vs 71 Intelligence
[09:04:53] 2Lt. Sarah: "Just watch any standing water for impact tremors if you hear loud low thumps."
[09:05:34] GM: Kain, you find something that looks odd, you cant read it, but, it looks more 'official' then the othe documents you see (data pads rather)
[09:06:11] 2Lt. Sarah looks around further as well, trying to read and translate whatever she can of it, and generally watching. [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) perc., [1d100] => [92] = (92) vs. 75% RSI, [1d100] => [73] = (73) vs. well, 107% literacy Opteran
[09:08:28] 2Lt. Sarah glances over to Kain. "Find anything?"
[09:08:59] Capt Kain Crockett: "Some datapds I can't read, I assume you can."
[09:09:30] 2Lt. Sarah: :nods at that. "Want me to look then?"
[09:09:37] WO Febrith Nyx waits until the scientists are gone and go exploring to see what the Invid are up to, [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16) Perc, [1d100] => [96] = (96) vs 53 RSI, [1d100] => [33] = (33) vs 78 Biology, [1d100] => [59] = (59) vs 78 Chemistry, [1d30] => [10] = (10) vs 23 IQ
[09:09:44] GM: Sarah, it will take more time to gain more from the document but right now, what you pick out is a passage stating that "…while generally insufficiant against armored foes in ones and twos, the (crocosleen) may well make up for this difficiancy with further upgrades or sheer numbers. In their current form however the (crocosleen) are more then adaquet to set upon civilian populations…
[09:10:28] GM: …or other lightly armored infantry…"
[09:10:41] 2Lt. Sarah snarls a little as she notices that, quoting it off exactly and looking around a little. "That's just sick." She sighs.
[09:11:50] Lt. Melanie McGregor looks about to set any Reflex Furnaces onto an overload cycle as to nuke the place within a certain timeframe. [1d100] => [91] = (91) vs 64 Reflex Systems, [1d100] => [73] = (73) vs 89 Protoculture Engineer
[09:12:57] GM: Mel, this aint your moms old reflex furnace…you are pretty sure there is one, but damned if you can figure out where it is, or how to get at it.
[09:13:50] GM: Of course, you arent in an area that would lend access to that particualr piece of machinery…
[09:14:00] GM: You are in a bio lab…not base ops, or engineering.
[09:14:29] GM: follow the [> on the map
[09:15:32] GM: or rather [< hehehe>
[09:15:43] GM: well, face the arrow the other way, paint it green…
[09:17:04] GM: afk quick bio
[09:19:02] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Nyx got ignored..))
[09:20:23] Capt Kain Crockett follows the green arrows on the map.
[09:21:48] 2Lt. Sarah tries to guide them towards it if she can, and is wanted to.
[09:22:57] Capt Kain Crockett: ((and in other news, my network is acting crazy. May lose signal tonight.))
[09:23:11] GM: nyx…sorry, hold on
[09:23:56] GM: Nyx, quite simply put…weapons testing
[09:26:29] 2Lt. Sarah: (( eep ))
[09:27:20] GM: You head out of the Bio Lab and are able to scurry your way to what is likely the ops building. A pair of Odeon guard the front entrance.
[09:27:36] 2Lt. Sarah mumbles "Oh shit."
[09:28:26] Cpt. Aylanea speaks very softly as well. "Yeah, they don't look too friendly."
[09:28:55] Capt Kain Crockett: "Odeons, who brought the hammerspace with the Gamma in it?"
[09:29:05] WO Febrith Nyx: "Hammerspace?"
[09:30:20] Capt Kain Crockett: "Suggestions?"
[09:31:17] 2Lt. Sarah: "Yeah, if I could do that, I'd keep one handy at all times. Or at least my old mech for a disguise down here. Not that it would work, but meh."
[09:31:23] 2Lt. Sarah laughs just a tiny bit
[09:32:09] GM: ((you can roll skills if stuck…))
[09:32:20] GM: ((just not the full litney of em))
[09:32:41] 2Lt. Sarah: (( how many invid are inside the building? ))
[09:32:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( since Sarah is supposed to be able to sense that automatically ^_^ ))
[09:33:54] Capt Kain Crockett: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16) PERC, [1d100] => [9] = (9) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [84] = (84) vs 71 Intelligence, [1d100] => [26] = (26) vs 65 Detect Ambush
[09:34:08] GM: ((just the Odean's guarding it, and about a dozen Cougars throught the 'camp'))
[09:37:03] GM: Kain, three options come immediatly to mind "kill the Odean, file that under Bad Things." find another way in, or, distraction.
[09:37:11] Lt. Melanie McGregor: [1d20] => [10] = (10) PERC, [1d00] => [1] = (1) vs 84 RSI, [1d100] => [7] = (7) vs 69 Robotechnology Engineering, [1d100] => [48] = (48) vs 64 Reflex, [1d100] => [35] = (35) vs 89 Protoculture Engineer, [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 84 Weapon Engineer
[09:38:05] 2Lt. Sarah hmms. "There's only the two guards, and the dozen cougars in camp… I could get everyone in and out on foot, a couple in with cyclones in… but I'd need to recover before evacuating us then, as well." She frowns.,
[09:38:43] Capt Kain Crockett: "Teleporting is a last resort, what if they detect you doing it?"
[09:40:13] Capt Kain Crockett goes about trying to find another way in. [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2) PERC, [1d100 vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => 1d100 vs 70 RSI, [1d100 vs 71 Intelligence
[09:40:34] Capt Kain Crockett: [1d100] => [44] = (44) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [54] = (54) vs 71 Intelligence
[09:40:42] 2Lt. Sarah: (( *unloads a squirrel into Kain's drawers* ))
[09:40:44] GM: ((sorry, I'm laughing right now, in past missions Sarah all but needed to be whacked with a clue bat to T-Port, now, when it would be problomatic, thats all Shara wants to do))
[09:41:07] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah, cause I was trying to pay more attention to when it might be useful ))
[09:41:15] 2Lt. Sarah: (( scuse me ))
[09:41:25] GM: ((I bet she T-ports from her bedroom to the chowhall…
[09:41:36] GM: ((walking is for suckers))
[09:44:05] 2Lt. Sarah looks for another way in, and tries to remember the general layout of the base, and any possible other ways to sneak into a reactor room. [1d20+1] => [20,1] = (21) perc, [1d100] => [55] = (55) vs. 75% RSI, [1d100] => [27] = (27) vs. 80% Detect Concealment, [1d100] => [26] = (26) lore invid vs. 86 (The base layout and possible ways not immediately visible)
[09:44:15] Capt Kain Crockett: (("Scotty, beam me to the Bridge." "You're in your room Jim." "Just do it Scotty."))
[09:44:45] 2Lt. Sarah: (( she's trying to figure out how to get them past odeons without getting fragged ))
[09:44:50] GM: ((esxactly!))
[09:45:12] 2Lt. Sarah: (( that and otherwise insurmountable cliffs cause the ports, otherwise she won't mention doing it unless prodded. ))
[09:45:21] 2Lt. Sarah: (( generally ))
[09:45:31] Capt Kain Crockett: ((WEll, if these were 1E Odeons, I'd actually say take them. +2 strike bonus, no dodge bonus, two attacks…))
[09:45:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( thbbbbt. The 2ed ones are more dangerous for dodge and strike, ))
[09:45:53] Capt Kain Crockett: ((It's take an hour of whittling, but we could kill it.))
[09:45:55] GM: ((and a nice big ole call for HALP!))
[09:46:09] 2Lt. Sarah: (( +4 strike/parry +2 dodge, 5 attacks… ))
[09:46:19] 2Lt. Sarah: (( +4 PC target bonus… ))
[09:47:24] Capt Kain Crockett: ((What's the worse that could happen? We get captured and used in the Arena of Sport.))
[09:47:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:48:09] 2Lt. Sarah: (( You been watching GI Joe, or who else uses that? :p ))
[09:48:14] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rofl ))
[09:48:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( of course, with the new movie out ))
[09:48:27] GM: ((Hmm, I could unleash my tentacle monsters on the females))
[09:48:58] 2Lt. Sarah: (( eek ))
[09:50:15] 2Lt. Sarah: (( anyway, Irolled some skills, so… anyresult? ))
[09:50:22] 2Lt. Sarah: (( holy hell, a crit on perc ))
[09:50:47] 2Lt. Sarah: (( after Kain's 1 ))
[09:51:26] GM: Sarah, you think you might have a way into the structure. But it might be best to go solo…(it will require the ole Invid energy conversion trick)
[09:51:57] 2Lt. Sarah: (( through the bottom then? hehe. ))
[09:52:30] GM: a yup
[09:53:52] 2Lt. Sarah frowns and thinks. "I may be able to get in solo, but it means going in through the bottom…" She thinks. "And we brought no bio emulators like we probably should have, to divert attention."
[09:54:03] Capt Kain Crockett lets Sarah do her thing, considers going back to set up an explosion in the labs that'll look like an accident. [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs 98 Demolitions ((if needed, also AFK, BIO))
[09:54:37] 2Lt. Sarah: (( actually, can't energy conversion take people with? ))
[09:55:09] 2Lt. Sarah: (( or is that only iif it's for a port? ))
[09:55:28] 2Lt. Sarah: (( *checks site and book* ))
[09:55:43] GM: Kain's idea is a good distraction, and Sarah (HINT!) is shall we say, versed in Invid system interfaces.
[09:56:01] 2Lt. Sarah: (( oh fine ^_^ ))
[09:56:06] GM: (dont bother with that Carrie, we are already to far down into the weeds as it is))
[09:56:59] 2Lt. Sarah steps from her Cyc and quickly switches to energy form, flying down into the ground and tring to come up inside the reactor room.
[09:57:04] 2Lt. Sarah: (( trying ))
[09:57:05] GM: ((I'm slowly…and it's hard at times, learning to just STFU and let stuff slide for sake of expediancy, both in my game play as a player, and as a GM))
[09:57:12] 2Lt. Sarah: (( sorry if we dragged it into the weeds. ))
[09:57:57] 2Lt. Sarah: (( I try to let myself get led around easily, but… ))
[09:58:14] GM: ((no, worries, there was a few times in the last few SW sessions I was all…hnnnnnggg thats not …then I was all, meh, screw it, it would just waste time for little if any reward (was all semantic crapola anyway))
[09:58:26] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol oh ))
[09:58:59] 2Lt. Sarah: (( I need to roll like Pipestone, or is this a gimme since I know where it is? ))
[09:59:06] GM: ((pick your battles…lol, if it effects player survivability, then yeah, I'll cite chapter and verse, otherwise…let the good times roll))
[09:59:20] GM: ((just make a d100 roll))
[09:59:29] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d100] => [97] = (97)
[09:59:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( visible location though, so that's 99% success ))
[10:00:55] 2Lt. Sarah: (( I keep thinking that with the fail chart on the site, I'm gonna roll 100 twice someday and lose Sarah for it ))
[10:00:56] GM: ((jeez talk about your shit rolls lol))
[10:01:55] Capt Kain Crockett: ((with what I just did, that should have gone down the toilet.))
[10:02:20] GM: yes, bio usually does go in the toilet…))
[10:02:44] 2Lt. Sarah: (( she'll port into an object and turn into a little puddle of goo. ))
[10:02:48] 2Lt. Sarah: (( swniffle. ))
[10:03:07] 2Lt. Sarah: (( anyhows ))
[10:03:45] GM: You pop in naked (but you knew this already since you left your armor behind) and in this case, upside down, five feet off the deck. Roll punch fall and 6d6
[10:05:16] GM: ((Carrie?))
[10:05:22] 2Lt. Sarah: (( roll with punch? k ))
[10:05:45] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26)
[10:05:58] GM: fuck that 6D6 dont roll
[10:06:48] 2Lt. Sarah looks around and laughs to herself, muttering. "too many ninja movies. Wonder how I'd look in a kabuki theatre stagehand outfit."
[10:06:57] GM: you land upsaide down and then, with catlike grace (you've been hanging around Suki FAR to long, she likes to flip you all ove the place in sparring) you twist and roll and come down on all fours landing in a naked terminator pose.
[10:07:48] GM: you smile and then sigh…of course when you pull stuff like that no one is around to see it…
[10:08:02] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehehe ^_^ ))
[10:08:34] Capt Kain Crockett: ((just sparring?))
[10:08:54] GM: ((so far I think the only acrobatic 20 like that that was witnessed was Suki's running vault and flip over a truck bed where she stole one of the occupants guns as she sailed over them))
[10:09:18] GM: ((well, I was trying to keep it PG, besides, Suki likes it rough, but not that rough…))
[10:09:26] 2Lt. Sarah heads for where the control panel should normally be, hoping to set it up for a nice, big, overload explosion that will take just long enough that she can get them out of there.
[10:09:46] GM: You find said terminal.
[10:10:12] GM: roll some dice
[10:11:16] GM: ((Pick up that stereo and synch it deep within your body…))
[10:11:16] Capt Kain Crockett: [2d3549] => [2000,3200] = (5200)
[10:12:23] GM: ((intersting that with that number spread, you rolled twin 00
[10:13:28] Capt Kain Crockett: ((00 TRANS-AM RAISER! RAISER SWORD!))
[10:13:57] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d100] => [3] = (3) lore invid (86%), [1d100] => [25] = (25) Literacy Opteran (107%), [1d100] => [65] = (65) computer operation (74%, even if a not 'standard' one, familiar to her)
[10:14:09] 2Lt. Sarah: (( any other things you want rolled? ))
[10:14:26] GM: takka takka takka go the sound effects as Sarah makes the system her bitch.
[10:14:38] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yay ^_^ ))
[10:14:47] GM: ((what do you want it to do?))
[10:15:50] 2Lt. Sarah: (( how long will recovery from exfil take? Assuming not long, overload it quickly so they can't come shut it down on detecting, while evacuating everyone. ))
[10:16:41] 2Lt. Sarah: (( at the outside, 15 minute buildup to full scale overload explosion. And that's running it potentially long ))
[10:17:00] GM: if they start moving now, they can be off the plateau well before anything goes boom, and you can make your own way out.
[10:17:07] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[10:17:51] 2Lt. Sarah sets it to overload in a couple of minutes then, and hurries to get back to them.
[10:18:00] 2Lt. Sarah: (( well, however long it takes for it to go boom. ))
[10:18:03] 2Lt. Sarah: (( and build up ))
[10:18:12] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d100] => [56] = (56) exfil
[10:18:37] GM: Kain did you plant your charges as well?
[10:19:07] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Yes, need a new roll))
[10:19:13] GM: ((yes pleae))
[10:20:34] Capt Kain Crockett: [1d100] => [88] = (88) vs 98
[10:25:27] GM: Kain, your charges go first, tearing the inside of the lab apart. The two Odean on guard duty take note and one plods over at the ready as the other one stays on watch. The cougars converge and begin to snif the ground and air. You slide down the rise from whense you came and get under cover. Presently a very naked Sarah reappears nearby. Scouts and a shuttle of sorts dispatch from the cieling hive as ruby beams of light illuminate the threatened area. Sarah has just enough time to dress and don her armor when the reactor goes critical. There is a bright flash and the cavern shakes. Were it not for your armor you'd likly be deaf.
[10:26:13] 2Lt. Sarah scurries away in the armor, to the others.
[10:28:53] GM: The cavern nearby you is soon filled with dust and debris as a large part of the facility rains down around you.
[10:30:24] GM: You realize that making yourself scarce would be in order as well, you've more then stired up a hornets nest with that little stunt.
[10:30:27] 2Lt. Sarah looks around. "That should piss them off nicely."
[10:30:28] Capt Kain Crockett: "I think it's time to get out of here. The place is collapsing.
[10:30:40] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "Yeah…"
[10:30:51] Capt Kain Crockett: "Teleport!"
[10:31:06] 2Lt. Sarah sets about evacuating everyone as quick as possible to a safe location near the planes they left topsside.
[10:31:21] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d100] => [12] = (12)
[10:31:23] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d100] => [52] = (52)
[10:31:27] 2Lt. Sarah: (( good enough' ))
[10:32:02] GM: You try to teleport and after the inital flash you are flung backwards with tremendous force. When your vision clears you find yourself still within the cavern.
[10:32:48] 2Lt. Sarah: "Oh shit… They're blocking the port… Dammit. They know I'm here now."
[10:33:29] 2Lt. Sarah tries to think of what would be blocking the port. The forcefield r something else. [1d100] => [92] = (92) lore invid vs. 86%
[10:33:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( or not ))
[10:33:34] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:34:05] GM: Ooo…it's a mystery! Terribly mysterious!
[10:35:01] GM: what do?
[10:36:02] 2Lt. Sarah looks to the others. "At very least, we n eed to get as far away from here as possible. I'll try to sense for any coming this way, but we have to get going to the perimeter…" She sighs.
[10:36:38] Capt Kain Crockett: "Go back the way we came, we can take the field out again if push comes to shove.
[10:37:19] GM: how do you head that way?
[10:37:29] GM: quiet like, or do you go loud?
[10:38:09] Capt Kain Crockett: ((loud))
[10:39:06] 2Lt. Sarah: "Right.
[10:40:10] GM: You thrust your way to where you entered and come to the shield. The first thing you notice is that the control panel is blacked out. The second thing you notice is that beyond the shield are a quartet of duel wielding Odeon, a phalanx of Cougar, and a squad of Soldiers backed up by two Shock troopers.
[10:40:23] GM: They are all facing you.
[10:40:45] Capt Kain Crockett: "Run!"
[10:40:56] GM: Back the way you came.
[10:40:57] GM: ?
[10:41:59] Capt Kain Crockett: ((yes. this time lets head up and everyone fire their missiiles in the same general location, see if we can't poke a hole to the surface.))
[10:43:34] GM: As you exit the tunnel back into the Pit you see a series of 100 foot long tentacels decend around the hive and begin swaying to and fro. Any and all flying fauna within range are struck by them sending bloody chunks to the cavern floor.
[10:44:55] GM: Curiously, there are no scouts to greet you.
[10:45:23] 2Lt. Sarah: "This is very bad…" she sighs and hurries along with Kain, looking for any possible alternatives to get out, and watching the tentacles descending and swaying. [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) perc, [1d100] => [14] = (14) rsi vs. 75%, [1d100] => [89] = (89) detect concealment vs. 80%…
[10:46:30] GM: As it stands now, you are trapped. Firing your missiles at the cieling at this point may, or may not work. You really dont know how thick it is, or how well armored/shielded.
[10:47:02] GM: The tentacles seem however, to defend the hive itself. To prevent approach.
[10:47:08] WO Febrith Nyx examines the tenactiles as possible means of dealing with the invid. [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) Perc, [1d100] => [25] = (25) vs 53 RSI, [1d100] => [98] = (98) vs 78 Biology, [1d100] => [43] = (43) vs 78 Chemistry, [1d30] => [9] = (9) vs 23 IQ
[10:47:39] GM: Essentially a biorganic form of point defense.
[10:48:06] GM: any thing gets to close and 'whip-SNAP' and chunks
[10:49:57] GM: Then of course would be the scouts that weave in and among them like Clown Fish
[10:50:35] GM: what do?
[10:51:07] WO Febrith Nyx: ((commit seppuku))
[10:51:17] GM: ((unacceptable!))
[10:51:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:51:24] 2Lt. Sarah: (( we're thinking :p ))
[10:51:35] WO Febrith Nyx goes about trying to find another way out. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) PERC, [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [78] = (78) vs 71 Intelligence
[10:51:53] GM: Methinks that Nyx is actually afraid…given her rolls.
[10:53:28] 2Lt. Sarah: "Trapped to be hunted down. Probably releasing the experiment animals even now to see how well they hunt and kill little cyclone troopers.
[10:53:43] 2Lt. Sarah grumbles.
[10:53:58] Capt Kain Crockett goes about trying to find another way out. [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14) PERC, [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [100] = (100) vs 71 Intelligence
[10:55:10] Cpt. Aylanea looks for a way out as well. [1d20] => [7] = (7) perc, [1d100] => [15] = (15) vs. 88% RSI, [1d100] => [33] = (33) vs. 84% Intelligence
[10:56:40] GM: You think there may be another way out, since light has to be coming from somewhere above you. But, you know that, especially at this point, you would be swarmed if the enemy thought you had a chance of escaping.
[10:58:06] GM: ((we'll call it here. There will prolly be game this coming sunday after me camping trip))


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