Chapter 3 - Act II - Part 3


[07:30:26] GM: Okay, so any questions before we begin?
[07:31:10] 2Lt. Sarah: hmm. ^_^ We boarded and stormed, now to search the joint, yes?
[07:31:30] GM: You can do that yes.
[07:31:47] 2Lt. Sarah: just curious and wondering :)
[07:31:51] 2Lt. Sarah: (( anyhows ))
[07:32:47] Capt Kain Crockett case the place high and low for TOYS. [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) PERC, [1d100] => [17] = (17) vs 71 Intelligence
[07:33:22] 2Lt. Sarah cases as well. [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) perc, [1d100] => [11] = (11) vs. 80% detect concealment
[07:34:30] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver helsp search the place [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) [1d100] => [86] = (86) vs 45% Detect Concealment
[07:34:49] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver puts the dice away for a while
[07:35:04] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: ^_^
[07:35:05] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:35:34] GM: Vittoria, after about 5 minues, the search teams just shake their heads and respectuffly suggest that maybe you could, you know, do something someplace else…like not here.
[07:35:44] Cpt. Aylanea peeks around for anything cool. [1d20] => [2] = (2) perc, [1d100] => [72] = (72) vs. 85% intel
[07:35:52] Cpt. Aylanea: (( gah ))
[07:35:54] Cpt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[07:36:04] GM: And, take Ay with you…
[07:36:08] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( ok ~_~ ))
[07:36:13] LV (exit): 19:36
[07:36:16] LV (enter): 19:36
[07:36:21] Cpt. Aylanea giggles and goes back to ship.
[07:36:24] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( j/k ^_^ ))
[07:36:27] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( lol ))
[07:36:38] Cpt. Aylanea: (( har har ^_^ ))
[07:36:46] Capt. Komillia Maeless takes her own peaks around. [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[07:36:48] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( ^_^ ))
[07:37:10] GM: And please for the love of good get Komi out of there,
[07:37:38] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( LOL come on komi we can wait in the lobby lol ))
[07:37:53] WO Febrith Nyx laughs at the doofuses as she does her own search. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) [1d100] => [68] = (68) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [54] = (54) vs 53 RSI
[07:37:57] 2Lt. Sarah: ooc *pours squirrels into Komi's pants*
[07:38:01] 2Lt. Sarah: (( *pours squirrels into Komi's pants* ))
[07:38:04] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:38:31] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Kain is the only one NOT a dunce…))
[07:38:52] GM: Nyx, you eat massive crow as seconds after your haughty laughter at your comrades, you to are shooed away for being underfoot …
[07:38:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( Sarah got the same perc and a better roll on detect concealment ))
[07:40:39] 2Lt. Sarah: (( only thing better is if she switches to energy form and starts flying through all the walls back and forth to in depth search. Assuming she isn't already :p ))
[07:40:46] GM: Kain, you are pretty underfoot, but get employed by the folks trying to identify the stuff thats being found, and Sarah, they are keeping you around, well, either becuase you can snif out PC easier then they can, or they know that you are boinking the captain, you aren't sure which…
[07:40:49] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ^_^ ))
[07:41:15] 2Lt. Sarah tries to snif for that if she's needed to as well. [1d20+5] => [8,5] = (13)
[07:42:18] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Unleash the bloodhounds! Unleash Sarah!))
[07:42:37] 2Lt. Sarah: (( arf arf ))
[07:42:37] GM: Face it, you are combat pilots…you arent really trained nor are you expected to act in the capacity of a 'customs inspector' or sweep team
[07:42:38] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:43:41] GM: About the one place they do let you poke about is the hanger areas where what little the enemy has left by way of functioning mecha (either abandonded, captured, or retrieved) is stored.
[07:44:06] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver pulls out a cigerette then changes her mind " we almost done here, i have a bottle of bourbon calling for me "
[07:44:49] WO1 Summerwind makes her way past with an armed sweep team and overhears Vitt.
[07:45:39] WO1 Summerwind: Pilots are on standby, in case of a counter attack, but, heh, we pasted them pretty bad!
[07:46:21] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( oh nm thought we were still out ^_^ lol whatever works ^_^ ))
[07:46:44] WO Febrith Nyx looks over the mecha and their customizations. [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9) Perc, [1d100] => [28] = (28) vs 73 mecha engineer.
[07:47:04] 2Lt. Sarah: "wonder if we'll ever run into a station where the internal volume and map don't match up." She ponders.
[07:48:26] GM: Nyx, you note a rather staggering array of customization of what specimans you are left with. Most common are paint schemes and 'nose art'. Weapons are next with the piratical standard of melee weapons designed to A terrorize, and B be effective without terribly compromising the hull integrity of a traget ship.
[07:50:05] GM: You also note mismatches of mecha parts, mainly among the boiroids, with arms legs and chassis from different models cobbled together, either by necessity (lost an arm, have to put a new one on) or by design, hey, those legs have better knee actuators then what i was using…
[07:50:54] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( nifty ^_^ ))
[07:51:41] GM: The few Gnerls are notworty, most have what has been dubbed the "Praxian Option' whereby the zent sized cockpit has been removed and replaced with a two to three seat crew cabin with the Gnerl converted into a bomber of sorts. Some even have mounting lugs for strap on missile racks.
[07:52:05] LtJG Rain Silver is checking over what hounds returned from the last mission personnally taking the time to DL their data to be annalized
[07:52:46] GM: Some of the Hoversleds also have been modified with strap on weapon mounts, and some even have 'golfclub bag' style rigs to hold different weapons and or melee weapons.
[07:53:17] GM: These pirates may be scum, but, they sure are resourceful and clever.
[07:54:03] GM: From what you have read in intell briefs you have been cleared for, these mish-mashes are comperable and in some ases outpace the 'Stingers' of Earth.
[07:55:38] WO Febrith Nyx: "Well, we got some interesting mashups to keep stored when we start running out of fresh mecha and need to start kibashing stuff together. Hey, who wants to bet I can put a Gamma's shoulder gun on to the Delta?
[07:57:19] Cpt. Aylanea giggles at that. "Might be nice…"
[07:57:44] Cpt. Aylanea: "so long as it doesn't affect mode shifts…."
[08:00:05] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver smiles " i wouldn't mind being stuck in battloid mode if you managed something bigger " giving a wink
[08:00:33] WO Febrith Nyx: "That could be tricky, but if I mess with the wazoos enough. I still need to canabalize a gamma."
[08:02:18] Cpt. Aylanea: "Or at least spare parts requisitions, anyway. Probably easier than stripping a full Gamma."
[08:03:31] GM: (keep going)
[08:03:58] 2Lt. Sarah: "Just stay away from mine…" She grins a little at Nyx, and glances around.
[08:04:23] WO Febrith Nyx: "I wonder what other fun stingers can I whip up? Oh I wouldn't go for your Lt. I'd go for she who stays on the ship."
[08:04:44] WO Febrith Nyx sticks her tongue out.
[08:04:59] 2Lt. Sarah laughs a little at that.
[08:05:50] WO1 Summerwind: Or who can keep their bird in one piece!
[08:06:03] WO1 Summerwind playfully mocks as she and her team head on off into the base.
[08:08:57] Cpt. Aylanea laughs and shakes her head.
[08:10:20] WO1 Summerwind: ((and Carrie, I think she wants to modify Ishida's Delta…not yours))
[08:10:26] WO Febrith Nyx: "Hrmm, I wonder if I can fit together beam weapons that draw from the powerplant on to all the machines, give them something to shoot when all the ammo is gone if nothing else.
[08:11:32] WO Febrith Nyx: ((Yep, that way she can fix whatever causes the machine to blow up before doing it with hers.))
[08:13:11] Cpt. Aylanea: (( Sarah is the one with a gamma, she was more worried about her gamma being stripped ;p ))
[08:13:16] Cpt. Aylanea: (( hehe ))
[08:13:22] GM: Suki regards her Delta
[08:13:32] GM: (():40))
[08:14:47] Cpt. Aylanea: lol
[08:14:51] Cpt. Aylanea: ooc roflroflrofl
[08:15:01] Cpt. Aylanea: (( *stabbs her / key* ))
[08:16:53] WO Febrith Nyx: "I know! I can wire some attack bits to a Skorpion, make some modifications and call it a FAST pack."
[08:18:34] Cpt. Aylanea raises her eyebrows. "hmm. Interesting."
[08:20:33] WO Febrith Nyx: "Of course, I also need to create a full armor variant for the Delta when we go slogging it out in cramped spaces."
[08:21:10] Cpt. Aylanea: "Deltas need to move, or they're dead. Extra armor won't save them from speed loss…"
[08:22:20] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver closes her eyes and lights up a cigerette standing there " I agree with both of you there, I'm liking mine more and more daily do to the mobility but would be nice to not be walking around in a glass cannon in a tight space "
[08:24:14] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: " Once i get a better handle on it, i plan on having another training session with that Ishida. My ass is still sore from the pounding she gave it. Anything you can do to help me out there would be great " winking at Nyx
[08:25:13] GM: ((snerk…so dirty))
[08:25:29] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( lol ))
[08:26:01] WO Febrith Nyx: "Well, there is this wonderful product you dirt humes have called vasoline…"
[08:26:23] WO Febrith Nyx: "I'll look into various upgrades I can work out. Anyone else have any requests?"
[08:26:35] 2Lt. Sarah gigglesnorts at the vasaline comment.
[08:26:46] GM: ((ewww, KY is formulated better…least you aren't putting what amounts to jellied petroleum on your skin…))
[08:26:59] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:27:05] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver smiles " real marines perfer the sandpaper condom when they get fucked " she laughs
[08:27:16] GM: ((Combat Jack!))
[08:27:38] Cpt. Aylanea makes a face at that and laughs.
[08:28:16] GM: And in following along the anime conventions, somewhere in the base, and somewhere aboard the Havoc, both Anji and Ishida, sneeze.
[08:28:23] Cpt. Aylanea: (( rofl ))
[08:28:34] 1st Lt. Vittoria Silver: (( LMAO ))
[08:30:26] GM: Among other oddities aboard the base that are discovered, are a working pair of Protoculture chambers. and on the rear backside of teh base…a seperate docking area that has a cantina and lodging areas for mercs, smugglers, and other scum and villiany, (as well as the camp followers, small business, etc to support a 'shadowport)
[08:31:01] GM: a lot of the S&V are of course, still present, to afraid, (rightly so) to risk blasting off from the base with us around and oh so trigger happy.
[08:31:56] Cpt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:34:40] GM: later, as you are doing whatever it is you are doing, you hear via scuttlebut that a pair of ships out of Kokiri have arrived.
[08:35:01] GM: and by later, I mean a week or so.
[08:35:22] LtJG Rain Silver: (and by a week or so he means we died of old age )
[08:35:25] LtJG Rain Silver: ( ^_^ )
[08:35:29] Cpt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:36:09] GM: by which time you have taken over the base well and good, have repuropsed the defence grid to our useage and shooed away the worst of teh S&V (the mercs we captured were released, Ishida figuring, they got the message, and now, so will anyone they talk to…)
[08:36:52] WO Febrith Nyx washes her hands, "Well, I've been having fun dissect-, I mean interrogating some of the prey animals." [1d100] => [99] = (99) vs. 68 Psych Warfare, [1d100] => [86] = (86) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [38] = (38) vs 68 Interrogation
[08:37:00] GM: regards the defese grid, you are able to account for, 1500, yes 1500 space mines (the asteroids stufed with bombs) along the cap ship sized approach
[08:37:14] Cpt. Aylanea: (( ouch ))
[08:37:18] Cpt. Aylanea: (( good thing we're out of combat ))
[08:38:00] GM: And no one is phased by Nyx when she fails to adequatly hide the bottle of katchup she's using to try and fake blood and guts…
[08:38:09] Cpt. Aylanea: (( LOL ))
[08:38:23] LtJG Rain Silver: (( lol ))
[08:39:59] WO Febrith Nyx: ((lol))
[08:40:16] WO Febrith Nyx: ((the interrogation itself succeeded))
[08:41:09] GM: Sarah, since you share 'pillow talk' with the Colonel (Lt) you are aware (the day after) that the ships from Kokiri are actually FROM the Kokiri Colony and that the two captured cap ships in the hanger are being turned over to them . You can probobly share that with anyone you please, since thats not classififed…
[08:42:21] 2Lt. Sarah makes sure the group is informed, ofcoruse, since it's safe info to share.
[08:44:20] GM: Sarah, you also get the feeling that Suki is playing a political game in the background, although she does not mention it as such, you do know her modds and mannerisms…
[08:45:04] 2Lt. Sarah stays quiet about that and makes note to try and keep track of it.
[08:46:54] WO Febrith Nyx: "So we just armed a colony? I feel so used. Oh wait, I'm a Trow, I'm always used."
[08:47:42] WO1 Summerwind in the wardroom kinda snickers at that.
[08:49:51] Capt Kain Crockett reviews the AARs to figure how to make future operations better, without the option to carpet bomb the area with nukes.
[08:49:58] LtJG Rain Silver is messing with his guitar, " not what i thought we would have done with them, hopefully they make good use of them "
[08:50:44] 2Lt. Sarah: "So long as the colonies are getting along well enough to not start being their own problem."
[08:50:54] WO1 Summerwind: I think they will, they have a very marine mindset, getting the shit gear, and making best of it, in this case, they just got handed some primo tech.
[08:52:04] WO1 Summerwind shurgs.
[08:52:09] WO1 Summerwind: (shrugs))
[08:52:47] WO1 Summerwind sips her drink, uncharacteristically quiet.
[08:54:10] Cpt. Aylanea stretches. "Wonder where we'll get sent to next."
[08:54:21] LtJG Rain Silver pics a few cords befor stopping " I can't help but wonder what the political ramifacations of this would be though. I mean, like you said Ma'am it's "Primo Tech"
[08:55:00] WO1 Summerwind sets her drink down, and makes a 'come close' motion with her hand and scoots her seat in a bit, leaning forward.
[08:55:40] LtJG Rain Silver raises a brow unsure if he really want's to know but leans in
[08:56:49] Cpt. Aylanea leans in, interestedly.
[08:57:06] Cpt. Aylanea: (( depending on who it was meant for ))
[08:57:26] WO1 Summerwind: Have you even wondered why were sent off on this run? Especailly after Sala?
[08:57:45] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "So we give all the good loot to another colony, that colony owes us a favor later."
[08:57:58] WO1 Summerwind: To linier Komi, way to linier.
[08:58:13] WO1 Summerwind: But there is truth to that.
[08:58:36] WO1 Summerwind shakes her head.
[08:58:52] WO1 Summerwind: Really, no one has given any thought to this?
[09:00:02] LtJG Rain Silver nods " actually yes, though i know it's not my place "
[09:00:18] WO1 Summerwind: Okay, well, what do you think is going down?
[09:00:41] WO1 Summerwind asks, genuianly curious as to how close he will get.
[09:02:45] 2Lt. Sarah: "Among other things, plenty looked down the snout at the marines getting a ship. And depending on outside view of Sala, if it made us look at all good, I'm sure that ruffled fleet, to want to shuffle us all off further away from anything that will be heard about"
[09:03:01] WO1 Summerwind nods
[09:03:15] WO1 Summerwind: Thats only the tip of the iceberg.
[09:03:49] WO1 Summerwind: But yeah, on that vain, we have been making fleet…
[09:04:03] WO1 Summerwind looks around, then back at Rain.
[09:04:22] WO1 Summerwind: …/and/ some folks on Garuda, look like right asses.
[09:05:19] WO1 Summerwind: Skipper isn't sure why the folks on Garuda are skagged, but, it doesnt take a psychic to tell that a few of the cats are majorly pissed.
[09:06:46] LtJG Rain Silver blinks at the thought " If anything i would think Fleet would be impressed and want to show boat us. Treat us like a prize for our feats. I know I would have been "
[09:06:59] WO1 Summerwind: So, it goes like this, we pull Sala off, we get paraded thru the polinator and jannal show, award here, speech there, yall skipped most of it cuase you hate those things, but, I' on hand see?
[09:06:59] 2Lt. Sarah: "Probably a few quietly paying off some of the mercs and pirates to eliminate people and ships they want rid of."
[09:07:28] WO1 Summerwind looks at Sarah.
[09:07:44] WO1 Summerwind: You might be onto something there. Anyway…
[09:09:06] WO1 Summerwind: those cats, the folks from the mercatile guild, they are jazzed. Think the Havoc is the fifth coming of D'ver. But a few of those cats, clan elders, they put on a good show, but, you can tell they aren't happy.
[09:10:13] WO1 Summerwind: So, CO TF181, our direct report, he gets a summon, pretty standard after a major op in his AO goes down, no big right? Well, right after that meeting, we get orders cut out here to purgatory.
[09:11:03] WO1 Summerwind: Why take us off a major trunk line and stick us on an ancillery run usually transited by UEEF resupply into the Scarp?
[09:12:23] WO1 Summerwind: Something isn't fitting, not sure what, but something is off round these parts.
[09:12:46] Capt. Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[09:12:54] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((AFK, bio))
[09:13:14] WO1 Summerwind: ((carrie, being the WF is not a good idea right now)
[09:13:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ? ))
[09:13:41] 2Lt. Sarah: (( … ))
[09:13:42] WO1 Summerwind: (9wall flower))
[09:14:06] LtJG Rain Silver frowns at that " I felt something was off for a while, but im not seeing it, im not seeing whatever this magic eye is suppose to be showing us "
[09:14:23] 2Lt. Sarah frowns a little at that and nods.
[09:17:56] WO1 Summerwind nods
[09:18:40] WO1 Summerwind: We arent sure either, but, what we just did here. Well, you saw the 'fang' when the skipper came back after Farine told her about this place.
[09:18:53] WO1 Summerwind looks at Sarah.
[09:19:13] 2Lt. Sarah nods just a bit at that.
[09:19:14] Capt Kain Crockett shakes his head, "Nothing ever fits, but unless you have evidence that can be used in courts, all you can do is bust your chops doing whatever it is you are assigned to look good. And if they give us a suicide mission, we just need to survive."
[09:19:16] WO1 Summerwind: Not for nothing, I think that cat's 'in heat' for your skippy-poo.
[09:19:47] WO1 Summerwind gives Kain a 'really?' look
[09:20:29] WO1 Summerwind: Sorry Cap'n, you want to run off like a good soldier fine, I can go back to my chow, no sweat off my tits.
[09:20:43] 2Lt. Sarah blinks at that and frowns severely, eyes narrowing. "Cute. Really cute." She stretches. "That makes me at least the competition, yes?"
[09:21:44] 2Lt. Sarah: "Along with the whole ship. But if the ship isn't doing anything, they'll replace her as the commander, and try to get her transferred off."
[09:22:09] 2Lt. Sarah: "and likely all of us, elsewhere."
[09:22:15] WO1 Summerwind: Oh that'll never happen and you know it, she's to damn popular.
[09:22:31] WO1 Summerwind: No other ship in teh fleet on Pirate interdiction has our record.
[09:24:01] WO1 Summerwind: Hell..
[09:24:04] WO1 Summerwind snorts
[09:24:21] WO1 Summerwind: Our record wipes the floor with some ships during combat ops in the last war!
[09:25:08] Capt Kain Crockett: "I'm saying all this speculation is doing is just going to make you stir-crazy. If we had something we can point this energy toward, great, let's do it. Even if it's REF high command. But until then, it's just a stressor."
[09:25:40] WO1 Summerwind: Well, along those line, here's the deal.
[09:26:36] WO1 Summerwind: So, Farine, and didn't mean to stress ya Slugger, she might just be jazzed cuase for the first time in a long time her Colony has gotten help beyond lip service.
[09:27:37] WO1 Summerwind: So, Farine lays the local, suspected of this joint. We do our thing. Not exactly on our list of things to do out here, if you catch my drift. At least, nothing that command expected us to do.
[09:30:52] WO1 Summerwind: So, we fold in, confirm the package and intell is good. Well, skipper could have sent a signal direct. Could have. To shake things loose this is what we do, we send our report in to command via Kokiri, message flagged urgent, need to know only, well, Farine is on the NTN list, since she is head of state, so that makes it, by my math, she getting wind of what went down, oh, a week ahead of command. And, lo and behold, here are two of her ships here a week before any REF ship.
[09:31:00] Capt Kain Crockett: "And our very own Ishida gets to become a shogun building alliances for us to follow."
[09:31:51] WO1 Summerwind: I wouldn't know about that Cap'm.
[09:32:35] WO1 Summerwind: Either way, command is gonna be inwarldy pissed we got this target, but, outwardly, they are gonna have to suck it up and give us a pat ont he back.
[09:33:14] Capt Kain Crockett: "That's what it's smelling like though, we're all getting tied up political machinations that are only letting us protect our own more by proxy than by direct. The more labrinthine this becomes, the less I like it."
[09:33:50] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "And we keep getting shittier assignments so they can watch us fry, eventually."
[09:33:52] WO1 Summerwind: Add onto that, Kokiri gets two capital ships to do with as they please. This after they've been nigh begging Garuda to do something, anything about the piracy issue.
[09:35:01] WO1 Summerwind: On that Cap'n I agree, this stinks to high heaven.
[09:35:29] WO1 Summerwind: And, when the final string gets pulled on this, head are prolly gonna roll.
[09:36:00] WO1 Summerwind: But, as one underdog to another, I kinda like where we are now.
[09:36:07] WO1 Summerwind: And what we're doing.
[09:39:16] Cpt. Aylanea: "So long as our heads aren't the ones rolling."
[09:39:28] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "It's nice helping people, but I kinda wish politics would go into a corner and just cut its wrists like the emo kid it is. Let us do the right thing because its the right thing dammit. Stop worrying how it makes you look."
[09:40:00] WO1 Summerwind: And we arent?
[09:40:21] WO1 Summerwind: C'mon Mealess, you've been witht he skipper longer then I have…
[09:40:59] WO1 Summerwind: You think she gives fuck all about how we look right now?
[09:41:55] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "She doesn't and she is letting us. I'm talking about the people plotting our downfall."
[09:43:13] LtJG Rain Silver: " she should, at least to enough of an extent to keep us from ending up like ceaser. If she is going to play the political game she needs to put on the best of poker faces, and care even if she doesn't, or it won't be a shitty assaignment that does us in "
[09:43:25] 2Lt. Sarah: "If she's playing politics in the background herself, it's likely to make sure that whoever is plotting our downfall gets stuck into a trap from several sides. Those ships sit Kokiri firmly on 'our side' if something goes down."
[09:45:20] 2Lt. Sarah: "It would be the most likely to ensure that such an attempt fails, and makes someone on the plotting side get left with ther behind exposed to the wind."
[09:45:56] WO1 Summerwind nods
[09:47:12] WO1 Summerwind: I'm hoping so, I'm not all that versed in politcs, I'm a street thug by nature…which means I'm versed in politics…damn!
[09:48:08] WO1 Summerwind snickers.
[09:48:20] 2Lt. Sarah shakes her head and laughs.
[09:48:48] WO1 Summerwind: But yeah, I'd be trying to connect the zats here.
[09:50:29] WO1 Summerwind: Just some food for thought.
[09:50:38] WO1 Summerwind gathers her food tray and then leaves.
[09:52:42] 2Lt. Sarah just shakes her head and sighs, settling into her seat.
[09:54:32] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "That made my head hurt."
[09:56:27] 2Lt. Sarah nods at that. "unpleasant thoughts, certainly."
[09:59:41] GM: Again, meant to show that there is a bigger picture unfolding
[10:00:11] GM: and that from here on, yall should be trying to question whats going on
[10:00:36] GM: that being said, I am keenly aware of the players playstyle so…
[10:02:13] GM: this is mainly for RP,
[10:02:39] LtJG Rain Silver: (( sry just exhausted :P ))
[10:02:42] 2Lt. Sarah: k
[10:02:47] GM: no worries, you and me both
[10:04:45] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((honestly, I got nothing, in terms of questions.))
[10:04:59] GM: no worries, thats all been factored
[10:05:10] GM: events will continue apace as planned
[10:05:21] 2Lt. Sarah: kk
[10:05:33] WO Febrith Nyx so I came across something called a pin point barrier, I think it's possible to rig soemthing like that to a mecha, but it's gonna eat protoculture like a bitch.
[10:05:46] GM: just now, you should have the niggling little feeling that what happenes from here on, well, do you take it at face value? or not?
[10:07:09] 2Lt. Sarah shows up in the far background somewhere as Nyx says that, drinking from a protoculture canister.
[10:07:21] GM: …
[10:07:28] 2Lt. Sarah: (( j/k ))
[10:07:30] WO Febrith Nyx: ((Another good question: do the characters even care enough to keep it in mind for later? Some of them, at the very least, the answer will be "no".))
[10:07:36] 2Lt. Sarah: (( sorry, I'm in a silly mood ))
[10:08:07] GM: I know, James, I know, but, at least I can say I've done my 'due diligence' and presented everything
[10:08:37] 2Lt. Sarah: (( anyway, I won't try to be entertaining again :p lol ))
[10:09:06] GM: again, I've planned this all out such that the political side is not needed for yall to get invoved in, in any way shape or form beyond what you desire to do.
[10:09:13] 2Lt. Sarah: k
[10:10:00] GM: my issue is, how many times can I say 'all fighters to the launch bay' and swoop you out into a space battle before it gets boring…
[10:10:14] GM: at least, boring to me…
[10:10:33] WO Febrith Nyx: ((it's a valid concern.))
[10:11:00] WO Febrith Nyx: ((because, it does get boring after a while))
[10:11:38] GM: and lord knows, you've seen me skip thru some stuff that by all rights could have taken hours to play out…just becuase of that very issue
[10:12:46] WO Febrith Nyx: ((but the flip side is that when you add something to the game to make us go beyond that, is it going to be interesting to the players? You can't just do one or the other, you have to do both. Which is the interesting question.))
[10:16:06] GM: nod, which I'm wrestling with, because I'm increasingly finding myself looking over my ideas and finding them wanting. if I go by the straight forward stuff, it gets boring fast, if I try for the intrigue, it goes no where wothout massive NPC involvment, and the stuff I've tried to do as pure player driven, fell flat
[10:16:55] WO Febrith Nyx continues to play around with the PPB thingy. [1d30] => [20] = (20) vs 23 IQ, [1d100] => [40] = (40) vs 84 Math Advanced, [1d100] => [46] = (46) vs 83 Research, [1d100] => [42] = (42) vs 73 Mecha Engineer.
[10:19:18] LtJG Rain Silver: ( wow i completely dozed off sry, i have to call it a night lol )
[10:19:26] GM: nod, I'll call it here as well
[10:20:23] GM: god how depressing, even the stuff I have planned for later on…I dunno…
[10:20:29] 2Lt. Sarah: :(


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