Chapter 2 - Act III - Part 1


[07:39:00] GM: The Havoc hovers over the dumbstruck city for the better part of 24 hours. The only activity from her is a flurry some 18 hours after the 'box' was wiped out, of Cyclone riders to raid pirate holdouts that have been trying to radio a message out, or otherwise flee. Komi, you provide overwatch for a few of those raids as they search travlers on the roads leading up to the city. In the interim the ships crew with civil engineering expertise look over the damage to the neighborhood from their lofty pearch in order to move in and assist with repairs at a later time.
[07:40:36] GM: Beneath the ship in the arena, now empty the cities defenders have some guards and intell (sensors) detect that they must have at least 4 Bioroids within the palace. But, at this time they are being reserved and aside from their powerup, they have not moved.
[07:43:39] GM: Sarah, you are directed to pick an honor guard and will descend with them as escort to the city defenders in the arena to open talks. (also not that the various other factions delegations have not left the city (as most of them came by ship and they are to terrified to try and set sail. Also, messangers sent via mounted animal and rider have all been turned back by the Havocs marines. After a while they gave up trying.
[07:44:31] GM: Essentially, you all have locked down the entire city and surrounding countryside and have forces on the ground covering the area.
[07:47:11] GM: Also by this time, a sperate team has been sent up to the orbiting freighter to A: assess damage, B: secure it, C: use it as a massive spy sat, and D: get it ready to travel back to 'known space' as well as send out the first packets of status reports via it's comm systems.
[07:47:11] 2Lt. Sarah: (yeah, pick te honor guard. Lessee… hm, the PCs, to keep from splitting the group? hehe)
[07:47:43] GM: And go!
[07:48:05] GM: Free Rp if you wish, but for all intents and purposes. game on
[07:49:33] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "So, anyone up for sampling the local food?"
[07:50:22] GM: Until the situation down there is stabalized, and the talk bear fruti, the only forays to the surface will be of a military nature and in ground no less then squad size
[07:50:47] GM: ground = groups
[07:51:18] GM: Essentially Suki is being anal and is not going to lose any one becuase they wanted to sightsee
[07:52:16] 2Lt. Sarah gets ready to head down, and take her 'honor guard' with her, checking her hair and uniform to make sure they're all good, and nodding quickly, trying to scribble down notes on what all needs saying, making sure to have Silver for any translation she's needing.
[07:52:39] GM: That and there are apperances to keep, right now she wants them petrified of them, and seeing pretty faces sampling the local wares does a lot to dispell that image.
[07:54:31] GM: Sarah, you ready yourself for the decent (which has been timed for the middle of the night). The lower bay doors open up bathing the area below in a soft light as landing spotlights illuminate the area in which you will descend from on high (which also blinds those on the ground, covering your decent.
[07:54:40] LtJG Silver checks himself making sure to keep the safety on on his weasel " I hope whomever they have on the bridge doesnt mess my station up to bad, I hate having to adjust all the settings on my terminal " fixing his gigline and picking an iraq from his uniform
[07:55:15] GM: You'll be going down in battloid cyclones btw
[07:55:32] GM: consider it protection, and a show of force
[07:56:08] LtJG Silver: ( ah kk, figured it being an honor gaurd we'd be armed but in some form of dress or semi dress atire ~_^ ))
[07:56:28] GM: Since banners and herldry seem to be important, Anji (one of your translators) carries the ships guidon while an other Marine carries the flag of the Republic.
[07:56:44] 2Lt. Sarah glances over. "Hmm, should write your settings down, really. I have mine noted down so I can fix it easily if something is done to mess it up." She shrugs and smiles, making sure to check over her cyclone over.
[07:57:20] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Sorry, brain is a little fried right now from class work. Keeping a dog out of mischief doesn't help.))
[07:57:33] GM: ((box it! lolz))
[07:57:46] GM: ((send it to puppy prison))
[07:58:04] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah, having little skinny Sarah show up to talks unarmored would do tons to dispel any terror ))
[07:59:01] Capt Kain Crockett will take a flying patrol to keep an eye on things.
[07:59:11] LtJG Silver sighs " I have them memorized, it's just a hassle, the last one on duty left his geedunk garbage all over the station " mounting his cyclone " I'm ready mam " he says nervously
[07:59:39] 2Lt. Sarah: (( though having her port in with a Cyclone on and red eyes might terrorize them even further ;p ))
[08:01:21] 2Lt. Sarah nods, adjusts hair slightly in case, and snaps her helmet on, hopping onto her Cyc and flipping it to battloid. "Ah. sorry to hear." She keeps the visor up, shrugging and smiling from inside it.
[08:01:22] GM: ((up to you, I'm just the GM))
[08:02:39] Lt.Col Ishida: Amdahl.
[08:02:51] 2Lt. Sarah: "Yes, ma'am?"
[08:03:02] WO Febrith Nyx continues her work on the Fold Fault problem. [1d30] => [7] = (7) vs 23 IQ, [1d100] => [45] = (45) vs 84 Math: Advanced, [1d100] => [31] = (31) vs 83 Astrophysics, [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 78 Biology (for Invid gobbly goop),[1d100] => [46] = (46) vbs 78 Chemistry, [1d100] => [58] = (58) vs 73 Mecha Engineer, [1d100] => [12] = (12) vs 79 Comp Op, [1d100] => [79] = (79) vs 83 Research
[08:03:06] Lt.Col Ishida: Remember, you speak for me down there.
[08:03:41] Lt.Col Ishida says as she puts Sarahs helmet on, fastens the connections, and gives it a pat on the top.
[08:04:00] Lt.Col Ishida: Don't hesitate to bring the mean out if you feel it's necessary.
[08:05:18] 2Lt. Sarah: "Yes, ma'am…" She hmms. "Just how terrified do we want them to be? Was just thinking, if the honor guard stomps out and I port in in front of them it might scare these guys more… and I'm hoping the mean won't be necessary."
[08:05:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( digs through the last log for what all she's needing to get them to agree to outside of causing issues for the Pirates and turning against them ))
[08:07:21] Lt.Col Ishida: I leave it up to you. Remember our objectives are to eliminate the pirate holdouts on this world to be greatest extent possible and rescue the freighter crew. Do what you feel you must to bring those down there over to that set of priorities. You may offer aid if we are in a position to afford it.
[08:07:56] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "Understood, ma'am."
[08:08:10] Lt.Col Ishida gives Sarah a wan smile then flips her visors shut with a playful swat.
[08:08:25] Lt.Col Ishida: Just dont sell the ship for a bag od shiney rocks okay.
[08:08:39] 2Lt. Sarah eeks at that and laughs. "Never dream of it."
[08:10:11] LtJG Silver: (( hehe oooo shiney ^_^ ))
[08:10:16] GM: Okay, so, whats the call there Sarah
[08:10:49] GM: ((dont scrimp on the 'operatic flourish' now))
[08:12:43] 2Lt. Sarah has the Honor Guard march into position first, informing them of the plan beforehand, and once they're out and position, port right in, in front of them, and order them to 'at ease' should there not be bad reactions to anything. She keeps her visor down, and once she's popped in, looks over those she's meeting from behind the helmet.
[08:14:51] GM: The guards down on the ground see the first cyclones after they have decended becuase of teh spot lights glare, seeing the flags the put two and two together and scramble to form a greeting party of their own. Their 'representative' makes his way forward and then Sarah, letting him wiat a minute or so, blinks in.
[08:15:09] LtJG Silver stands ready with the rest of the honor guard awaiting his orders ( where are we standing by? )
[08:17:04] Tirolian Soldier backpeddles slightly as the Cyclone apprears directly in front of him out of thin air.
[08:22:38] 2Lt. Sarah maintains her cool, nodding to herself inside the Cyclone, visor down so she can't be seen doing it, glancing over the soldier interestedly, pausing for a moment. "I bring official greetings from the commander of the RES Havoc…" She tries to keep her tone of voice even and friendly, even if not understood before the translator gives the translation for it to them. ([1d100] => [92] = (92) trust/intimidate vs. 97%)
[08:22:45] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ow ))
[08:24:36] Tirolian Soldier: I…I see. I am the Sgt-at Arms for this city. Welcome.
[08:26:02] LtJG Silver: (( if im needed to translate i am doing so as it goes instead of retyping everythng lol ))
[08:26:04] Tirolian Soldier holds himself with bearing in his legionair (sp) armor with his face plate up.
[08:26:16] Tirolian Soldier: ((kk, figured))
[08:27:26] WO Febrith Nyx: ((dog finally taken off my hands.))
[08:27:59] Capt. Komillia Maeless practices her kata while remaining on standby.
[08:29:31] Capt Kain Crockett continues to patrol the skies. [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6) PERC, [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [63] = (63) vs 71 Intelligence
[08:33:28] 2Lt. Sarah nods at that. "My thanks." She pulls up her face plate, to seem more normal, even if her eyes aren't. "I'll try to keep this brief, we are not here to harass the local population, we are here because those who set themselves in control of your world took a freighter from us. Since the survivor of an early ship found within the faults did not make mention of said group, I only assume they came later and took your world. We want the crew of said freighter back. Should I assume most do not like the presence of those thugs here?"
[08:33:35] GM: Kain, you pick up a pair of low flying aircraft heading towards the city from over the ocean. Havoc CIC confirms this.
[08:35:02] Capt Kain Crockett radios the Havoc, "Do we have ID on the craft? I don't speak Tirolian."
[08:35:16] Tirolian Soldier: I see, yes, well, I do not know about the crew of your freighter, but, those brigands, no, they aren't welcome.
[08:36:23] Tirolian Soldier: If you would be amenable, mayhaps you would like to speak with the cities leaders. I believe they hold court with their neighboring counterparts, and, I think they would be most eager to hear from you.
[08:37:00] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "As you say." She nods and offers a smile. "Certainly."
[08:37:15] UEF PO2: Negative on IFF, clear to angles 5 and interrogate over.
[08:37:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rouge angles of satin? ))
[08:37:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:38:22] Tirolian Soldier nods, and then motiones for you and your retinue to follow.
[08:38:29] 2Lt. Sarah: (( and I'll shush with tv tropes jokes ))
[08:38:50] 2Lt. Sarah glances back to the honor guard, and heads to follow the soldier.
[08:39:40] Capt Kain Crockett moves to intercept the craft, "Unidentified craft, identify yourselves and your intent. This REF controlled airspace." [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) PERC, [1d100] => [79] = (79) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [70] = (70) vs 71 Intelligence, [1d100] => [98] = (98) vs 85 Radio: Basic.
[08:40:08] 2Lt. Sarah: (( wow the rolls ))
[08:40:35] GM: The honor guard takes the cue and falls in behind Sarah as you follow the Sgt-At-Arms, above you you here the low rumble of eninges as the Havoc keeps pace with Sarah's position, following her up the central boulovard towards the palace like a dutiful, albiet massive, dog.
[08:42:04] 2Lt. Sarah makes sure to keep a radio open to the Havoc, hers or another's, in case comment needs to be made through hers on what she's saying, and so they can hear the negotiation if desired.
[08:42:32] GM: Kain, you get nothing, either they aren't talking or they dont understand. They DO however turn away and split up, heading back the way they came at about mach 5.
[08:43:50] Capt Kain Crockett: "Command, targets have broken off and returned to their airspace. Recommend further patrols."
[08:44:36] Lt.Col Ishida: Kain, this is Havoc Actual. Splash those birds on my authority.
[08:45:51] Capt Kain Crockett: "Ma'am, do we know they are hostile or merely acting on the probability? I'd rather not shoot down potential non-hostiles."
[08:47:24] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Sorry, but attacking fleeing craft is just blood thirsty.))
[08:49:06] Capt Kain Crockett: ((And while the probability of them being civilian craft is LOW, it's still a possiblity. Especially at the tech level of the RT universe…))
[08:49:25] Lt.Col Ishida: My gut tells me someone missed a check in and they sent these two to look in on it. I'd rather not let the enemy know we are here just yet. If you can be sure they arent hostile then hold fire, otherwise, shoot or otherwise bring them down.
[08:49:47] 2Lt. Sarah: (( think of the planet situation though ))
[08:49:51] Capt Kain Crockett: "Understood."
[08:49:54] 2Lt. Sarah: (( who is gonna have access to that tech level? ))
[08:49:57] 2Lt. Sarah: (( on this world? ))
[08:50:22] Capt Kain Crockett: ((I have, resistance can steal and hide a lot of things. Especially if the enemy isn't actively looking for it.))
[08:51:08] LtJG Silver: ((sry distracted by pain in the ass pup now :P ))
[08:51:16] 2Lt. Sarah: (( when they''re bombarding cities for potentially smaller offenses than that? ))
[08:51:58] Capt Kain Crockett pursues the enemy craft at full throttle, keeping an eye out to determine the identity before opening fire. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) PERC [1d100] => [87] = (87) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [49] = (49) vs 71 Intelligence.
[08:52:56] GM: Sarah, you are led up to and inside the palace. As you are led into what must be the 'court' you can see nobles and such milling about. The room goes quiet as you enter and dispite the presence of the escorting Sgt at arms and his men, the council rooms guards and guards for individual nobles get tense.
[08:53:07] Capt Kain Crockett: ((yeah. If people want to fight back, they can. Civilians can also keep some assets out of sight so it isn't confiscated. People may be stupid, but that doesn't mean they can't get crafty when they are protecting what's their's.))
[08:53:12] GM: Intell Kain, the craft you are persuing is a Gnerl.
[08:53:30] LtJG Silver: (( hehe ))
[08:53:42] Capt Kain Crockett warms up some MRMs and prepares for lock-on.
[08:53:59] LtJG Silver: (( quietly cheers on the gnerl till someone notices then starts cheering on kain ))
[08:55:22] GM: Kain as you near missile range the Gnerl starts to go evasive.
[08:57:09] Tirolian Soldier: My lords! The representative from the RNS Havoc, the mighty ship that hovers over our glorious city!
[08:57:16] 2Lt. Sarah sighs inwardly at the tension, looking around to all of them, visor up this time from the start, and reiterates the first things she said outside to the Sgt at Arms, trying to sound calm, cool, and confident as much as possible. ([1d100] => [56] = (56) trust/intimidate)
[08:58:23] 2Lt. Sarah: (( er, once the soldier is done rather ))
[08:58:29] Capt Kain Crockett does the dogfight routine to keep a lock. [1d100] => [94] = (94) vs 79 Pilot VT.
[08:58:34] Tirolian Soldier: ((I figured that))
[08:58:50] Capt Kain Crockett: ((I need a big hammer… Mjolnir out to work…))
[08:58:51] 2Lt. Sarah: (( *also tries to avoid retyping things* ;) ))
[08:59:10] GM: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[08:59:47] GM: The Gnerl poilot is good, he faints then pulls up into a cobra manuver forcing you to fly past him. He drops his nose and opens fire.
[08:59:56] GM: [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
[09:00:04] GM: ((good pilot, crappy shot))
[09:00:08] Capt Kain Crockett: [1d20+15] => [18,15] = (33)
[09:00:40] GM: As you dodge, the Gnerl turns away and heads for the deck at best speed.
[09:00:48] LtJG Silver leans over to sarah " Hard to believe these are the same folks that cheered and watched the spectical earlier, they seem more refined " (refering to the competition the other day)
[09:01:15] Capt Kain Crockett switches to guardian to pull the airbrakes and fires a set of 5 MRMs as the bastard shoots past. [1d100] => [78] = (78) vs 79 pilot, [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) missile strike
[09:01:35] LtJG Silver: (( well more sophisticated :P ))
[09:01:36] GM: The Gnerl pops countermeasures [1d100] => [46] = (46)
[09:03:10] GM: Sad when I have to bust out the Triax II book to find chaff rules… missiles are spoofed
[09:04:44] Tiresian Lord nods and moves towards the REF delegation.
[09:05:07] GM: Kain you missed.
[09:06:01] Capt Kain Crockett kicks back into fighter and tries to gun the bastard down. [1d20+15] => [14,15] = (29)
[09:06:18] Tiresian Lord: Welcome delegation of the Havoc. Please, if you would be so kind, tell us of your intentions here on Sala.
[09:06:31] GM: [1d20+7] => [16,7] = (23)
[09:06:36] GM: Damage
[09:08:39] Capt Kain Crockett: [2d4*10+3d4*10+30] => 140
[09:08:56] GM: Sarah you can also at this range detect the powercore of four Bioroids, (you would have to make rolls to get more then that)
[09:09:18] GM: The craft is aflame and the crew ejects, two chutes are seen.
[09:09:37] GM: The burning Gnerl then lawndarts into the drink.
[09:10:08] UEF PO2: Spalsh 1! Good kill, sencond target bearng … insert direction and distance here
[09:10:49] Capt Kain Crockett: "On it."
[09:10:50] 2Lt. Sarah: (( [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11) sense PC for ID of types, and better locations, [1d100] => [19] = (19) vs. 80% Detect Concealment for their way in. ))
[09:11:02] Capt Kain Crockett makes the adjustments and kicks in the afterburners…
[09:12:47] GM: Sarah the ID on them are the Blue Bioroids, and you can tell by the 'taste' of the PC, they are old (i'm not sure if I woudl call significanly ages PC a fine wine or sour milk, but anyway, they are old)
[09:13:03] GM: afk bio brb
[09:14:36] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[09:15:10] LtJG Silver: (( sry back, had to clean up after my dog ~_~ ))
[09:15:22] LtJG Silver: (( think he's sick going to take him to vet tomorrow
[09:18:09] GM: ((back))
[09:18:50] GM: Sarah, as for their location, you have no idea as to the floorplan, but you figure they can get in and out somwhere from within the courtyard.
[09:19:38] GM: Kain, you start to catch up to the fleeing Gnerl, and he's chatternig away
[09:20:27] Capt Kain Crockett fires a volley of 6 MRMs at him. [1d20+3] => [12,3] = (15)
[09:22:37] GM: [1d100] => [39] = (39)
[09:22:56] 2Lt. Sarah closes her eyes, and opens them again, as she senses for something. "Our intentions are quite simple really. I'm sure you've noticed the lack of orbital bombardment from recent events? The ability of those who stole your world from the houses has been removed. They also took a freighter of ours, and have been slipping through the fold faults to attack other freighter traffic. We are here to end that issue. We started by cleaning their ships from orbit."
[09:23:20] GM: The missile are spoofed, , it will take an attack or so to get in gun range
[09:24:32] Capt Kain Crockett begins to think Komi has a point about missiles, and tries to gain ground.
[09:25:51] GM: As you gain ground the Gnerl flips end over end and looses a slavo of missiles at you [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20) 6 missiles.
[09:26:57] 2Lt. Sarah also leans to Silver then, whispering for him and the radio. "Four bioroids powering up, really old blue ones."
[09:27:27] Tiresian Lord sighs and rubs his chin
[09:27:44] Tiresian Lord: Yes, we have noticed the lack of retribution, thus far.
[09:28:19] Capt Kain Crockett drops his own counter measures and rolls out of the way. [1d100] => [70] = (70) countermeasures, [1d100] => [49] = (49) vs 79 Pilot.
[09:29:52] Tiresian Lord II: That means nothing! So they have not attacked so soon after, but they surely will, and with this Havoc overhead stopping our messangers, who knows if they havent attacked OUR lands instead?
[09:30:24] GM: The missile bearing down on you veer off at the last minute following your counter measures.
[09:32:29] Capt Kain Crockett guns the bastard down. [1d20+11] => [16,11] = (27)
[09:33:06] Tireisan Lord III: He is right, our holding may be cinders as we speak!
[09:33:19] Tireisan Lord III stpes forward.
[09:34:26] Tireisan Lord III: I do not doubt your intent outlander! But you may have doomed us all!
[09:34:27] LtJG Silver smirks " oh? not the best of gear though i dont know if i want to go against one in this cyclone " frowns
[09:34:29] Tireisan Lord III pauses at Silvers rebuke and scowls.
[09:34:29] 2Lt. Sarah shakes her head at the second lord. "Please. Knowing the Havoc is there? They'd move all their ships out of position immediately.. You know that. And the comm blackout is to prevent word getting back to cause a conventional attack on this city." She glances around. "Also, we're aware of whoever is powering up bioroids, already." [1d100] => [37] = (37) Trust/Intimidate
[09:34:54] Tiresian Lord blinks and steps back.
[09:35:07] Tiresian Lord II looks at the lord of the city.
[09:35:20] Tiresian Lord II: HA! Holding out on us are you!
[09:35:20] LtJG Silver looks at the tireisan lord " my appologies i didnt mean any dis respect but compaired to technological leaps they are outdated "
[09:35:27] LtJG Silver: (III )
[09:35:54] Tireisan Lord III: Oh stuff it Ravvak, we ALL have our own Palace Elite.
[09:36:05] Tireisan Lord III turns on the palace lord anyway.
[09:36:09] LtJG Silver whispers to sarah "sorry i didnt think i was talking that loud " frowns
[09:36:21] Tireisan Lord III: But four, oh ho ho, you /have/ been holding out.
[09:36:41] 2Lt. Sarah shakes her head at Silver, whispering. "No worries, I mentioned it myself already."
[09:36:42] Tiresian Lord harumphs.
[09:37:55] Tiresian Lord IV: Yes yes, so droll…maybe we can get back to the issue at hand.
[09:38:08] Tiresian Lord IV yawns as he sips some ine served to him by a topless female.
[09:38:16] Tiresian Lord IV: ((ine = wine))
[09:39:06] Tiresian Lord IV: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15)
[09:39:07] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Any word on my attack?))
[09:39:15] GM: Damage
[09:40:00] 2Lt. Sarah laughs softly at the bickering. "Calm yourselves. I'm just letting you be aware so an incident isn't caused. Having bioroids is good. It especially will be once the major strongholds of the pirates are neutralized. Which we intend to do in short order. And as civil as I'm attempting to keep this, well, houses and cities assisting them in holding their slave yoke over this world may find the Havoc quite unfriendly as well." [1d100] => [34] = (34) trust/intimmidate
[09:40:39] Tireisan Lord III snorts.
[09:41:18] Tireisan Lord III: Well, that will make House Kivn'ar shit themselves no doubt.
[09:41:39] Capt Kain Crockett: [2d4*10+3d4*10+30] => 140
[09:42:01] Tiresian Lord II: Phaa, those psycophats would need permission from their masters to.
[09:42:20] GM: The plane explodes one chute is seen.
[09:43:05] Tiresian Lord clears his throat.
[09:43:19] Tiresian Lord: Just what are you suggestnig then?
[09:43:51] LtJG Silver frowns as he watches and in tiresian lords and perks up a little as one clears his throat
[09:44:06] LtJG Silver: ( watches the tiresian lords* )
[09:44:16] UEF PO2: Splash two, but i think that one got some traffic out before he went down.
[09:44:37] UEF PO2: RTB, your relief will meet you at the inner marker.
[09:45:17] Capt Kain Crockett: "Roger, RTB."
[09:46:19] Capt Kain Crockett turns back and heads to the Havoc.
[09:50:25] 2Lt. Sarah snickers at that as well. "Yeah, an order that won't come. They only want easy prey. The Havoc showing up under the banner of the Tirolian Republic Expeditionary Force suddenly becomes not easy prey. Their highest leaders ran far away in a frigate before the military shows up in large force." She smiles. "At any rate… We have every intention of removing their major strongholds, as I mentioned. With that done, and their leadership long gone, their organization will be suffering severely. And with the orbital equipment gone… well… They /stole/ your world. Some of us know what it's like to have that happen. While we hit the major points, well, the retribution would have been here by now. But it isn't. They can't hold your cities in terror anymore. And they can't stop uprisings everywhere at once, the orbital ships were their way of doing that." [1d100] => [78] = (78) trust/intimidate
[09:51:40] Tiresian Lord IV yans again, and absently fondles his serving girls breast.
[09:52:11] Tiresian Lord IV: Hmm, the little tart does have a point.
[09:52:14] Tiresian Lord II settles into a nearby seat decorated in animal furs.
[09:52:37] Tiresian Lord II: She does…and if it bodes true, then….
[09:52:56] Tiresian Lord: We may well be able to take Sala back.
[09:53:21] 2Lt. Sarah smiles at the first lord. "Exactly."
[09:53:34] WO1 Summerwind: Well, good to know they at least sound like a triumverate….
[09:53:52] WO1 Summerwind mutters under her breath
[09:54:00] LtJG Silver frowns at sarah being refered to as a tart " you should watch how you refer to her that is very disrespectfull sir "
[09:54:02] WO Febrith Nyx comes out of her lab, "Anybody know where I can find historical records of Tirolian pre-Protoculture FTL drives? I have a hunch their may be soemthing there."
[09:54:04] 2Lt. Sarah tries to keep from making a face at being called a 'tart' however.
[09:54:32] Tiresian Lord IV ignores the comment from 'the help'
[09:56:06] LtJG Silver frowns but doesnt persist
[09:56:38] WO1 Summerwind secure comms Silver
[09:56:55] WO1 Summerwind: Wait till lover boy gets a load of the Colonel, that tart has bite.
[09:57:06] 2Lt. Sarah: (( aww
[09:57:18] 2Lt. Sarah: (( should secure comm the group, I'm sure everyone would laugh at that ))
[09:57:52] GM: A: Sarah is the tarts tartette, and B: cant have you breaking stride int he middle of talks.
[09:58:29] LtJG Silver crosses his hands behind his back minding himself
[09:58:56] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:59:57] GM: The talks proceed and come to an initial accord. Later, after some good faith reciprocation, the Havoc unleashing her CE team to rebuild the collatoral damage, and the City lord rounding up and exacuting the known pirate symps in town further higher level talks take place aboard the Havoc with Ishida presiding.
[10:00:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( sorry if I'm taking too long, necessitating the push ahead))
[10:01:36] 2Lt. Sarah: (( it's just that diplomacy requires choosing one's words very carefully. and I was trying to do so ;) ))
[10:02:12] GM: Intell and history is shared, the Salans being told about the state of the rest of known space, with the Col suggesting that the disparate factions band together as the larger powers in the universe look upon planets with multiple nations as backwards… sets that course in motion. The first test of this alliance being a massive global uprising to remove the pirate threat once and for all.
[10:02:31] GM: ((no, you did just great, it was a logical point to push ahead.))
[10:02:40] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk thanks :) ))
[10:03:32] GM: ((otherwise we would just be wasting time telling each other stuff we already know just to hear ourselves speak, plus that type of stuff makes for great montage and or off camera stuff that takes place over a week or so.
[10:04:03] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol kk ))
[10:04:10] GM: Unless you WANT to have Sarah use her +3 Pickax and +5 Shovel…
[10:04:36] Capt Kain Crockett: ((we break those out, I''m going to bed.))
[10:04:55] GM: And use your +10 Pillow of Softness?
[10:05:15] LtJG Silver: (( LOL ))
[10:05:20] Capt Kain Crockett: ((+15))
[10:05:28] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[10:05:28] GM: leet!
[10:05:30] 2Lt. Sarah: (( zzzz ))
[10:05:36] GM: Me, I have a Vorpal Pillow
[10:06:02] GM: Okay, movin on
[10:06:19] GM: Gawd I miss 2nd Ed AD&D…
[10:06:47] GM: You know you are an old school gamer when you know what THAC0 is
[10:06:57] 2Lt. Sarah: (( heh ))
[10:07:30] LtJG Silver: (( hehe ^_^ ))
[10:07:44] LtJG Silver: (( Advanced not old ~_^ ))
[10:08:04] GM: Okay, the lords agree to band together to assault and obliterate the combined armies of the collaborators, leaving the Black Keep to you.
[10:08:38] GM: The Havoc will support the Lords, (at least in Plan A) while Kains suggestion of a small strike team getting in to drop the House Shields seems the best idea.
[10:08:46] Capt Kain Crockett: ((To hit armor class 0…))
[10:10:07] GM: The Lords can offer assistance to get into the Black Keep as well. They may be able to get you inside disguised as part of a tithe caravan.
[10:11:09] GM: Free RP aboard ship, reagrds the plan(s) etc or about whatever
[10:12:11] Capt Kain Crockett: ((AFK Bio))
[10:14:29] 2Lt. Sarah of course tries to aid in diplomacy since she's the 'nice' one, though mostly she hopes to see what Suki will do if that one lord calls her a 'tart'.
[10:15:15] GM: ((lets leave that in the past…we have moved on from that, as it will have taken place aweek or so ago, FREE RP should be relegated to the plan at hand, or other interpersonal convos
[10:15:24] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[10:15:26] 2Lt. Sarah: (( aww ))
[10:15:30] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[10:15:47] GM: ((I dont want to step backwards unless there is a real need, ))
[10:16:23] 2Lt. Sarah stretches and checks over her mecha, making sure it's nice and ready for what's at hand.
[10:20:28] WO Febrith Nyx: "So have fun chatting up the diplomats? I know how that would end with the Trow, but you seem like the type that wouldn't go for it."
[10:21:07] WO1 Summerwind leans in.
[10:21:26] WO1 Summerwind: Would it involve Seeeeeeeeex?
[10:23:01] 2Lt. Sarah ughs and shakes her head. "Yeah, such 'fun', onworld, trying to be nice to them when one decadent creep fondled his servant girl the whole time. Decadance like that spawned a lot of problems before…"
[10:24:05] WO1 Summerwind: Hey, your people turned folks into bio genetic mutations and cyborgs…
[10:24:12] WO1 Summerwind: :P
[10:24:52] 2Lt. Sarah: "Gee, never wonder why I was shooting at them at Reflex Point all day?"
[10:25:34] WO1 Summerwind: Oh shit! That was you?
[10:25:39] WO1 Summerwind snickers
[10:25:42] LtJG Silver frowns " saddly some people dont deserve their status, sorry about that creep "
[10:26:26] 2Lt. Sarah laughs at Anji and shakes her head at Sliver. "Not your fault. I just hope there are more not like that, to keep it in check."
[10:28:00] 2Lt. Sarah smiles a little then. "The cyclone ride I'll never forget was that day though, little 38 light got melted off completely by an enforcer's heat cannons. I got the bomb in position, but it kinda cut off my escape route doing that."
[10:28:06] WO1 Summerwind: Meh, best we ignore that and leave that to a dedicated Confederation team.
[10:30:27] LtJG Silver nods " what happens after we regain the lost freighter? I mean with the people here "
[10:31:02] 2Lt. Sarah: "Hopefully enough dismantled that they can do as they intend, and take the world back."
[10:31:37] WO1 Summerwind: Well, the freighter is operational, cargo was all stolen, but the ship works.
[10:31:46] WO1 Summerwind: Just gotta get her crew back.
[10:33:32] WO Febrith Nyx: ((Sorry, scroll was off.))
[10:34:22] Capt Kain Crockett: "Preferably alive. Do we have any movement on the pirates from our new spy satelite?"
[10:35:46] WO1 Summerwind: They seem to be hold up on the other continent. Their Roils are stationary, looks like they are digging in. After you pasted those two Gnerls, then havent been to keen on sending out anything they might need en masse later.
[10:38:46] LtJG Silver: (( lol i click it on accedent sometimes ^_^ ))
[10:41:10] WO1 Summerwind: We ahve been intercepting and jamming their calls to their ships that bailed on em. Fat lot of good that's gonna do em, but, it is funny to watch em squirm.
[10:41:46] 2Lt. Sarah snickers at that and nods. "I'm sure."
[10:42:45] GM: kk, lets call it here, plan accordingly for next session GG
[10:42:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk :) ))
[10:44:44] Capt. Komillia Maeless: G'night all…
[10:44:48] Capt. Komillia Maeless: Disconnecting from server…
[10:44:49] James (exit): 22:44
[10:44:55] GM: Disconnecting from server…
[10:44:55] Tana (exit): 22:44
[10:47:38] 2Lt. Sarah: Disconnecting from server…
[10:47:38] Carrie (exit): 22:47
[10:48:01] LtJG Silver: Disconnecting from server…
[10:48:01] LV (exit): 22:48


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