Chapter 2 - Act I - Part 3

[07:12:47] GM: Okay, when lst we left off you were about to board a derelict ship of Tiresian manufacture.
[07:13:13] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yup! ))
[07:13:19] 2Lt. Sarah: (( I do seem to recall that :) ))
[07:14:40] GM: and a silance fills the room
[07:15:13] GM: okay, who wants to do what?
[07:15:44] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Sorrry, my computer is arguing with OpenRPG…))
[07:16:04] GM: ((well…tell it to stop, and junk))
[07:16:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:18:48] LtJG Silver: lmao
[07:19:22] Capt Kain Crockett: "Alright, I want you all to take Cyclones, Devastators, or anything that will give you carrying space, portection and ordanance. This is probably a trap, so keep your eyes peeled. I want two teams. Ahmdahl, you will select the teams. You will maintain radio contact at all times, if for ANY reason radio contact fails, head back to the entry port and attempt to reestablish. Failing that, wait 15 minutes and then get back to tthe ship."
[07:20:09] 2Lt. Sarah: (( it's the size of a roil, isn't it? :p ))
[07:20:15] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:20:41] GM: roughly yes, slightly longer but more slender
[07:20:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( k ))
[07:21:00] 2Lt. Sarah: (( so not superbig or anything. ))
[07:21:05] GM: no
[07:21:11] 2Lt. Sarah nods quickly, and starts working on that. "Yes, sir."
[07:21:28] 2Lt. Sarah: (( an old adage comes to mind when splitting groups. ))
[07:21:39] 2Lt. Sarah: (( NEVER SPLIT THE PARTY. :p ))
[07:21:43] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[07:21:49] 2Lt. Sarah: (( *sends NPCs as secnod gruop* ))
[07:22:58] 2Lt. Sarah: (( anyway… hrm. ))
[07:23:00] GM: okay
[07:23:08] 2Lt. Sarah: (( unless that's a bad idea. :p ))
[07:23:18] 2Lt. Sarah: (( it never sounds like a bad idea until shit happens. :p ))
[07:23:47] GM: well, who's going etc?
[07:25:05] GM: Okay, you pile into the rear of one of your Skorpions and cross over to the otehr ship under escort. A recce flight of Delta's has already flown over and taken a first look and report that all seems quiet.
[07:25:48] 2Lt. Sarah: (( I assume all PCs are, cept Ay who's on bridge overwatch as the CAG. ;) ))
[07:26:02] LtJG Silver: (( you want hounds or me there in a cyclone? let me know ^_^ ))
[07:26:03] 2Lt. Sarah: (( it sucks to be her. ))
[07:26:28] 2Lt. Sarah: (( either, if you're wanting it live, probably a cyc ))
[07:26:35] Capt Kain Crockett: ((I let Sarah make that call, she's not been making it…))
[07:26:43] 2Lt. Sarah: (( … ))
[07:27:04] LtJG Silver: (( lol personally i think silver would much rather not puke in his helmet ^_^ ))
[07:27:10] 2Lt. Sarah: (( k. ))
[07:27:16] 2Lt. Sarah: (( if that's an issue, probably hounds then. ))
[07:27:25] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:29:44] GM: You cycle the airlock and enter the ship, there is still power, there is still gravity.
[07:31:10] 2Lt. Sarah blinks at that and frowns. "And that could be the first sign of the trap, right there."
[07:31:42] 2Lt. Sarah frowns and checks her M90c
[07:31:45] LtJG Silver: (( kk, hound with frag n smoke just for you ^_^ ))
[07:31:54] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yay *pets the dog* ))
[07:32:45] GM: as you proceed well, roll percs and stuff
[07:33:04] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d20+1] => [13,1] = (14) perc, [1d02+5] => [2,5] = (7) sence PC sig
[07:33:07] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ow ))
[07:33:11] 2Lt. Sarah: (( on rol l2 anyhow ))
[07:34:06] Capt Kain Crockett: [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18) PERC, [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs 70 RSI, [1d100] => [82] = (82) vs 71 Intelligence, [1d100] => [87] = (87) vs 70 Surveilance, [1d100] => [14] = (14) vs 60 Track People, [1d100] => [47] = (47) vs 65 Detect Ambush.
[07:35:19] Capt. Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [6] = (6) PERC, [1d100] => [23] = (23) vs 80 RSI, [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 80 Board Ships
[07:35:45] GM: the ship is cold inside, a layer of frost coats the deck and bulkheads. there are power signatures coming from foreard and aft.
[07:35:48] Silver's Hound takes point ahead of the unit making periodic scans and watching the radio frequencies ((perception [1d20] => [16] = (16) [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs 60% SE [1d100] => [55] = (55) vs 85% Radio [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 65% AEW ))
[07:36:21] WO Febrith Nyx: [1d20+1] => [10,1] = (11) PERC, [1d100] => [78] = (78) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [24] = (24) vs 53 RSI
[07:36:32] 2Lt. Sarah hmms. "Power signatures fore and aft."
[07:36:34] GM: ((more of the same for the other successes))
[07:36:40] 2Lt. Sarah: (( wow Komi ))
[07:38:53] GM: There are alos no lights, beyond that given off by the very few and far between instrument panels.
[07:39:13] GM: You can alos see signs of extensive jury rigging
[07:39:47] GM: In plaes it looks like 'inside of Russian Space Station!'
[07:39:56] Capt Kain Crockett: "So, we send the squad 2 aftward while we go forward."
[07:40:31] 2Lt. Sarah nods. at that. "Yes, sir…"
[07:40:35] LtJG Silver stops the hound awaiting orders as to which way to move out " It seems deserted… I'm picking up the same power signatures but in all honesty i'm hesitant to say one way or the other what they could be… I'll keep monitoring my screens as best i can and let you know if i come up with anything"
[07:41:28] GM: Outside the Havoc approaches and plays spotlights over the hull.
[07:42:41] Capt Kain Crockett keeps an eye out for any signs of booby traps as they move forward. [1d20+1] => [11,1] = (12) [1d100] => [90] = (90) vs 70 RSI
[07:42:50] LtJG Silver starts checking the Havoc's database to see if he can find a match to the power signatures they detected hoping to determine what they are [1d100] => [93] = (93) vs 91% computer operation [1d100] => [7] = (7) vs 59% intelegence
[07:43:39] GM: Silver, there is nothing in the Warbook regards this particular class.
[07:44:05] 2Lt. Sarah nods, watching quietly as the move fore, trying to scan and all. [1d20+1] => [16,1] = (17) perc, [1d100] => [37] = (37) rsi vs. 75%, [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12) watch to make sure the power sigs don't move
[07:47:16] GM: moving forward you enter the crew areas and see something you've read about, but never really seen in person. Stasis Tubes. (There are 14 tubes in two ranks of 7). that speghetti mess of cables (roooosian space station) leads to a few tubes.
[07:49:02] Capt. Komillia Maeless steps forward and wipes frost off the tubes and peers inside. [1d20] => [10] = (10) PERC
[07:49:51] 2Lt. Sarah blinks andc peeks at a tube as well, carefully moving frost slightly to peek in. [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5)
[07:49:56] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ow, bad perc ))
[07:49:59] GM: Of the three tubes with cables cobbled up to them only one has a live person in it, a middleaged Tiresian male.
[07:50:24] LtJG Silver makes sure to record and document everything as they go turning to Summerwind "that's interesting…"
[07:51:20] LtJG Silver: " what do you make of this?"
[07:53:24] GM: ((who are you asking?))
[07:53:48] 2Lt. Sarah: (( I'm guessing Summerwind,, pointing to the puppy monitor ;) ))
[07:53:54] Capt Kain Crockett: "We need to get this geuy to medical. call the ship and have our doc come over for a looksy."
[07:53:56] LtJG Silver: summer not on the bridge lol
[07:54:13] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:55:46] WO1 Summerwind: Looks like we have a live one to me.
[07:57:26] Capt Kain Crockett calls team 2, "Checking in on status, report." [1d100] => [70] = (70) vs 85 Radio: Basic.
[07:57:50] LtJG Silver: "Captain Crockett is requesting medical personell for a medivac of the Tiresian's in stasis… " blinking as he watches "It's odd though… why would they have someone in stasis… doesn't seem much like pirates… does it?"
[07:58:22] LtJG Silver: ( that was to summer ))
[07:58:40] LtJG Silver: (( just relaying to the bridge really :P ))
[07:59:09] WO1 Summerwind comas back over the comms.
[07:59:35] WO1 Summerwind: Med team is on it's way, proceed to the bridge and look for intell.
[08:00:22] 2Lt. Sarah: "At any rate, if there's one, there could be more ofthem somewhere or another."
[08:02:35] Capt Kain Crockett: "Alright, we move to the bridge, and try to gather intel. Komi, your a blunt instrument so take rear."
[08:03:17] WO1 Summerwind: You amke your way up to the bridge and note that panels and other instumentation has been cannabalized and juryrigged. Mainly around what is likely the communications systems. ((and yes, you want the blunt object in the rear…riiiiight))
[08:03:38] GM: You amke your way up to the bridge and note that panels and other instumentation has been cannabalized and juryrigged. Mainly around what is likely the communications systems. ((and yes, you want the blunt object in the rear…riiiiight)
[08:03:45] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[08:06:34] LtJG Silver: (( O.O ))
[08:07:20] GM: I gave you info…
[08:08:23] Capt Kain Crockett: ((ah innuendo… ))
[08:08:43] LtJG Silver: (( sounded more like in-your-end-oh :P ))
[08:09:18] Capt Kain Crockett: "Alright, everything seems to be cannibalized, probably to keep the stasis going. Anyone here good with Tiresian?"
[08:09:19] GM: That was a comment joke…the relevent stuff was ahead of that
[08:09:28] 2Lt. Sarah llooks around at all the instrumentation and jury rigging, and walks over to look at the comm system, peeking at it. [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18) perc "Yeah, was wondering that myself."
[08:09:36] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ hehe ))
[08:10:15] LtJG Silver: " um I am but im here… "
[08:11:02] Capt Kain Crockett: "Someone hook the dog up to the panel."
[08:11:18] GM: Sarah, looks like this spot of jerry rigging was to keep the comm systems up and running, it has since failed.
[08:12:38] LtJG Silver: (( lol ^_^ ))
[08:12:43] WO Febrith Nyx tries to figure a way to hook up the dog so it can read the instumentation. [1d100] => [10] = (10) vs 79 Comp Op, [1d100] => [81] = (81) vs 73 Mecha Engineer (you never know)
[08:13:52] GM: Anyone with skills related to communicatiosn systems…since thats what you are working on
[08:14:31] WO Febrith Nyx: [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 93 Radio Basic.
[08:14:47] GM: ((well, there we go))
[08:15:03] Capt. Komillia Maeless: (yeah())
[08:15:06] LtJG Silver: " just what exactly do you want me to do sir? "
[08:15:37] GM: Nyx, you hook the pooch up to the squawk box and it plays a pre recorded distress message in Tiresian.
[08:16:49] LtJG Silver listens to the distress message and translates it for the others as he does so (( Tiresian Language [1d100] => [13] = (13) vs 91% ))
[08:18:39] GM: We are adrift, lost, the engines have failed, they were old, like the ship, they , we, did our best. Remember us to our ancenstors, send noone to find us, the way is blocked.
[08:19:20] 2Lt. Sarah: "if they wanted no one sent to find them, though, why the stasis pods?" She ponders.
[08:20:03] LtJG Silver: " if you all kind find this ships memory banks maybe we can download its logs and i can decipher them… "
[08:20:12] LtJG Silver: (( kind = can* ))
[08:21:46] LtJG Silver: " that is of course… if they aren't wiped… and we can manage to get power to them… I may be able to try it from here though i doubt it if thats just a comm terminal… I'm not entirely sure "
[08:22:38] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "Lots of ifs,but…." She glances to Kain.
[08:23:19] LtJG Silver: " yeah… um sorry " frowns though not that they can see it
[08:23:55] 2Lt. Sarah: "Still worth it if we can do it."
[08:24:46] Capt Kain Crockett: "Give it a try, worst case scenario, we just get what info we can from the old guy."
[08:27:32] 2Lt. Sarah nods at that.
[08:27:50] GM: ((do it to it then))
[08:27:54] LtJG Silver attempts to access the ships memory banks from the comm terminal [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs 91 computer op [1d100] => [17] = (17) vs 85% radio basic [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs 55% crypto [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 55% laser comm [1d100] => [13] = (13) (to try to access and download the data to my terminal )
[08:28:43] LtJG Silver: last roll was intelegence 59%
[08:28:52] GM: The information begins to come across, lots of star charts, navigational infomration, logs, and other related fluff.
[08:29:10] GM: There is a LOT of data.
[08:29:59] LtJG Silver: "um… i hope we can store this much data on our memory banks…" as he starts sweating watching the download go
[08:30:11] GM: ((easily so,))
[08:30:21] Capt Kain Crockett: ((They say there are up to three people in the world with the same face at any given time. So maybe that has something to do with the Masters creating Triumvirates. Random thought.))
[08:31:22] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:31:54] LtJG Silver: (( lol makes sense ^_^ ))
[08:32:11] GM: The med team arrives and does tehir thing, and decide on just moving the entire pod to the ship rather then risk opening it here.
[08:33:09] 2Lt. Sarah: "If possible, check the late logs, if there are other pods than the ones we found, the the log might mention it."
[08:33:11] 2Lt. Sarah ponders.
[08:33:16] LtJG Silver tries to locate the most recent logs as the DL is going (if it's still going) and tries to view them [1d100] => [38] = (38) vs 91% comp op [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 55% crypto
[08:33:36] LtJG Silver: (( wow that crypto roll doesnt like me lol hopefully not needed :P ))
[08:34:04] GM: The most recent logs containe some more navigatioanl data, but little else.
[08:35:22] Capt. Komillia Maeless takes a look over the Cryptography. [1d100] => [29] = (29) vs 30 Cryptography.
[08:35:28] LtJG Silver: "may have to turn it over to the intelegence department on board and hope they can find something usefull… im afraid all im getting is navigational data
[08:35:31] LtJG Silver: "
[08:35:43] GM: There really is no crypto involved, since nothing in encrypted
[08:35:54] LtJG Silver: (( lol leave it to komi ^_^ ))
[08:36:31] LtJG Silver: (( squeezed that roll by a hair ^_^ ))
[08:37:29] GM: Once you have drained the computers of their contents you are told to RTB.
[08:38:24] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "Alright, everyone back to base. Go get some food in your bellies. This can't be that easy, and it's best to fight on a full stomach."
[08:38:46] Capt Kain Crockett: ((er, that was supposed to be Kain, but it makes sense coming from Komi.))
[08:38:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rofl ))
[08:39:04] GM: ((oooo, it's a power struggle…))
[08:39:23] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:39:34] Capt Kain Crockett: ((dammit, where are my meds, the multiple personality syndrome is starting to get out of hand.))
[08:39:44] GM: ((to which Kain would be all, 'Dont mess with me Komi, or my wife wil kick your ass.'))
[08:40:07] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lols ))
[08:40:31] Capt Kain Crockett: ((yeah, probably…))
[08:40:49] GM: ((kains wife goes all peurto rican "Hold my choclate while I cut dis bitch!"))
[08:41:29] GM: Okay,
[08:41:47] LtJG Silver: (( LMAO ))
[08:41:48] 2Lt. Sarah: (( so home we go… hehe ))
[08:42:00] LtJG Silver: (( sry went to kitchen came back to see the "power struggle" ^_^ ))
[08:43:01] GM: After looking over the massive amount of data, you are able to find a trail of breadcrumbs, nav points leading from here, deeper into the fault to a inhabited planet known as Sala.
[08:43:37] GM: Further information tells you taht this ship has been out here for upwards of 150 years
[08:44:49] 2Lt. Sarah blinks. "Well, that explains where the pirates have been coming from and going to, if it's still up and running." She ponders. "Pretty cut off from the unvierse, in the faults, though."
[08:45:40] LtJG Silver: " think their really that far in?"
[08:46:04] GM: Actaully, based on the nav data, as the crow flies, 16 light years, tops
[08:46:13] Capt Kain Crockett: "Do we want to make first contact, maybe they got there before the fold faults?"
[08:46:54] GM: however, the nav points lay out an incredibly disjointed path, up down, left right, back tracking in and out
[08:47:48] 2Lt. Sarah blinks at the nav points, trying to plot them quickly. [1d100] => [98] = (98) nav space vs. 85%
[08:47:50] GM: plugging the nav data into a simulator, you time lapse the path of the ship and it's heart breaking to watch as it's obvious that they were trying to find a way out of the fault.
[08:47:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ow ))
[08:48:59] LtJG Silver: " how old are these fault points… you figure she was 150 years old at least… that would mean this fault point is vastly older… i cant believe they could navigate it in such a fassion"
[08:50:52] Capt Kain Crockett: "Actually, it means they were around for 150 years or more, but not significantly more. They settled a planet and then had to look for a way out. There may not have even been fold faults known before the ship we rescued was launched."
[08:51:38] GM: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[08:51:55] GM: The stasis tube is fianlly opened a few days later
[08:52:19] LtJG Silver frowns " that sounds horrific… "
[08:54:19] GM: koff, I says, the tube is opened a few days later…
[08:54:38] 2Lt. Sarah: (( parent invasion, will say something in moment ))
[08:56:33] Capt Kain Crockett is in the room watching, makes sure people who can speak Tiresian are there. He's just the muscle for now. "Somebody want to talk to him, tell him he's safe and it's been 150 years?"
[08:57:00] 2Lt. Sarah comes into the room to see as well.
[08:57:53] GM: The Captian greets him using Summerwind as translator, she welcomes him abaord, lays out the ground rules, lets him know that if he needs anything he has only to ask and informs him of the situation regards his ship. Then she leaves him in the hands of medical and the 'interrogation' staff.
[08:59:07] Capt Kain Crockett: "Alright, can we please have your name? I'm Captain Kain Crockett of the Havoc."
[08:59:38] LtJG Silver watches from observation out of curiosity (if there is one)
[09:01:20] Malicus: I am Malicus, Astrogator 3rd Class of the Pathfinder (closest literal translation of the ships name)
[09:02:39] GM: A more flowery, romanitc translation of the ships name would be "Seeker of the Way"
[09:03:56] GM: Summerwind also lets you know that the accent is a really old derivitive of Ci'va
[09:04:58] GM: Which in turn is a derivitive on the Old Tirol Rilican dialect
[09:05:10] Capt Kain Crockett: "May I ask the mission of the Pathfinder? You've been asleep for 150 years."
[09:05:53] Malicus: To find away out of the Fold Fault Sala is trapped within.
[09:06:48] Capt Kain Crockett: "How long has Sala been trapped in the Fold Fault?"
[09:06:58] Malicus: Tell me, are we within the fault still, did your havoc get lost as well?
[09:08:18] Malicus: I do not know since I don't kow what the date is. But, the fault had trapped us for nearly two centuries prior to our departure.
[09:08:51] Capt Kain Crockett: "The faults still exist, but we have ways of navigating around them so we aren't lost."
[09:09:21] Malicus: So you entered the fault from outside?
[09:09:28] Malicus he looks hopeful
[09:11:16] Capt Kain Crockett: "Yes, we have, we actually patrol the area looking for ships sometimes."
[09:11:18] GM: ((kain doesnt have to be the only one talking here, if you have questions ask…))
[09:11:51] Malicus sighs in relief
[09:11:57] Malicus: Then, we did not fail…
[09:12:53] Capt Kain Crockett: ((This guy is Malicious! I need your help!))
[09:13:55] Capt Kain Crockett: "Does your planet need aid? Was it under attack?"
[09:15:36] Malicus: In aid, well, beyond finding a way back to the Republic, no. We have been trapped in the fault since the Schism.
[09:17:26] 2Lt. Sarah glances to Kain and Anji, scratching her head.
[09:20:19] LtJG Silver watches from observation not really paying attention to the observation room as he watches the interigation on the monitors (or through the traditional mirror window lol)" i'll have to check to see if they have anything documented on any of this in the tiresian hystory logs later " - says to himself as he watches everything taking notes
[09:21:09] Capt Kain Crockett: "The schism? I'm sorry, I'm not particularly up to date with my Tiresian history, that was when the Robotech Masters took over correct?"
[09:21:16] Malicus: Sala was colonized in Year 83 of the Uraus Era (330 or so years ago) some 20 years before the Schism between the Republic and the Ci'va. We were a long way from the Cadastrea Pretoria so, the Ci'va used Sala as safe harbor. The Republic found this out and sent an entire Border Fleet. A great battle occured, with battlecraft folding in a never ending dance to gain advantage. By the end of the battle, this localized and intense use of the fold drives tore asunder the fabric of space time. The ships had sensors to detect the impending doom, we did not.
[09:22:17] Malicus: This is the history taught to us.
[09:22:18] 2Lt. Sarah stares just a little. "this was caused by heavy use of fold drives?" She blinks. "er, yikes."
[09:24:21] Capt Kain Crockett: "That actually proves useful, I'm sure. Thank your for your time, I have no further questions, I need to talk to my superiors before we can make any promises or decisions on Sala. I'm sorry about that. Some of my compatriots may still have more questions."
[09:25:14] WO Febrith Nyx questions him about what he knows of the fold faults."
[09:25:24] Malicus: ((ret con, Border should be Branch))
[09:26:36] Malicus passes along what he knows. he is well versed, in the theory. (the Seeker of the Way was crewed by the best and brightest specilists that could be sent)
[09:27:47] GM: If there is some thing specific you are looking for that doesnt require me to get a degree at MIT, let me know
[09:27:58] WO Febrith Nyx: "Hrmm, I'm working on a way to best these fold faults once and for all, this info should help greatly."
[09:28:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lols ))
[09:28:22] LtJG Silver: (( LMAO ))
[09:28:28] WO Febrith Nyx: ((Nope just making an excuse to do her "Let's erase the faults!" roll.))
[09:28:31] GM: ((my solution to this would be…more cowbell))
[09:29:35] GM: This
[09:29:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( heehee ))
[09:30:06] WO Febrith Nyx: [1d30] => [7] = (7) vs 23 IQ, [1d100] => [83] = (83) vs 84 Math Advanced, [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 83 AStrophysics, [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs 83 Research, [1d100] => [10] = (10) vs 78 Chemistry, [1d100] => [80] = (80) vs 78 Biology (after all the Invid seems to be able to deal with it)
[09:30:27] GM: You are making progress.
[09:30:50] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[09:31:17] GM: You are stymied by the biology as your initial desire to reveal the invid's secret is the fuck it, would end badly.
[09:32:10] GM: If anyone ELSE has questions, now is the time
[09:32:55] GM: no?
[09:32:57] GM: okay
[09:34:01] GM: You sit tight for a few days as Malicus rests up and is then allowed near a computer terminal to assist Sarah in further astrogation. The Captain intends to appraoch Sala, as that seems to be the likely location of the missing frighter.
[09:34:46] GM: And, if not, Sala would make a good port of call, that and dropping off her wayard son would be good RP for the New Republic.
[09:34:55] GM: err PR
[09:35:44] GM: Anything? Buller?
[09:36:13] GM: okie dokie then
[09:37:04] GM: After those few days you set out, and with the Seeker's nav data you are able to navigate the Fault Corridors without running into the 'walls'
[09:37:40] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((Nope sounds good to me.))
[09:38:43] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((distracts people))
[09:38:56] GM: A few jumps in, as the Havoc readjusts her heading a pirate vessle jumps in almost on top of us. A knife fight occures with the Havoc the victor, prisoners are taken and it is revealed that the pirate had no idea we were 'in the lane' and was headed outbound. The poor sap…
[09:40:19] 2Lt. Sarah frowns deeply at that. "Outbound. Damn. That confirms more what I was worried about. We might not be delivering him back to his own people. If the pirates were able to find Sala itself, and were the ones with ships, well…" She sighs.
[09:41:02] Lt.Col Ishida: I agree. I think it best we ready ourselves for ground assault.
[09:41:25] Lt.Col Ishida: This will be a fine test of the Havoc's ground attack and support abilities.
[09:41:49] LtJG Silver: " Honestly do you think the pirates could navigate that mess? the Tiresian's had their best trying to navigate that mess…"
[09:42:20] WO1 Summerwind: Lemme ask you sumthin Silver.
[09:42:58] WO1 Summerwind: Do you think I'm smart?
[09:43:06] WO1 Summerwind asks innocently.
[09:43:34] LtJG Silver frowns as he thinks about it unsure of their odds (yeah probably spot on but yeah i'm pesamistic) " um… mam?.. yes … "
[09:43:50] WO1 Summerwind: Um, do you think I'm clever too?
[09:43:51] LtJG Silver: (( our odds as far as leaving lol ))
[09:44:56] LtJG Silver looks at her a bit puzzled "yes mam… very…"
[09:45:02] WO1 Summerwind nods
[09:45:56] WO1 Summerwind: First, thank you. hehe. Second, I dont like to talk about my past, and I'm not going to here, but, I'll just say this, before I put on the uniform, I wasn't exactly the poster girl for the law abiding.
[09:46:24] WO1 Summerwind: Pirates may be scum, but they aren't stupid.
[09:46:48] WO1 Summerwind: And, while the fleet might look down their nose at em, those bastards know how to crew a ship.
[09:47:04] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((She was ever the poster child for law abiding?))
[09:47:30] WO1 Summerwind: ((she's also sarcastic))
[09:47:50] 2Lt. Sarah nods to hte Captain, and peers at her console, watching and listening to the others. Then snickers at Anji's pronouncement of 'not being a poster child'.
[09:48:05] LtJG Silver nos " My appologies mam… yes i do see your point… I'll do well to try not to underestimate them "
[09:48:17] WO1 Summerwind pats Silver on the back
[09:48:24] LtJG Silver: (( nos = nods ))
[09:48:27] WO1 Summerwind: Good…I'd hate to have to shank you in your sleep.
[09:48:40] WO1 Summerwind gives him a wild eyed grin
[09:48:55] Cpt. Aylanea glances over at Anji a little at that.
[09:49:26] WO1 Summerwind noteice that (ay) and snickers
[09:49:28] WO1 Summerwind: Cuddles!
[09:49:50] WO1 Summerwind then turns back to her panel as if nothing at all occured.
[09:50:34] Cpt. Aylanea blushes and laughs just a little.
[09:50:50] GM: A few more way points along the path and there is another incident, this time aboard the havoc.
[09:51:02] 2Lt. Sarah: (( eep ))
[09:51:05] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ? ))
[09:51:15] LtJG Silver: (( O.O ))
[09:51:18] GM: Someone got shanked in the brig.
[09:51:30] GM: No, I'm NOT kidding.
[09:52:02] 2Lt. Sarah glances over to make sure Anji is at her post
[09:52:06] WO Febrith Nyx looks in to see who got shanked.
[09:52:24] GM: A pirate is the victim of the shanking.
[09:53:19] LtJG Silver: (( O.O ))
[09:53:51] LtJG Silver gulps at the comment summer made prior to this ( sry i got up i didnt notice the post but that was my response to it earlier lol )
[09:54:01] WO Febrith Nyx ingores it.
[09:54:03] LtJG Silver: (( someone shanked on the bridge huh… :P ))
[09:54:31] LtJG Silver: (( oh nm brig… ))
[09:54:34] LtJG Silver: (( :P ))
[09:54:46] 2Lt. Sarah: (( skeryAnji is shankin people ))
[09:54:49] 2Lt. Sarah: (( badAnji! ))
[09:55:24] Capt Kain Crockett tries to look into the matter. [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10) PERC, [1d100] => [28] = (28) vs 71 Intelligence, [1d10] => [3] = (3) vs 75 Interogation, [1d100] => [92] = (92) vs 70 Pcik Pockets, [1d100] => [11] = (11) vs 75 Undercover Ops, [1d100] => [63] = (63) vs 60 Track People.
[09:56:36] GM: Kain you learn. A: There had been an argument prior, the victim had words with some of th other pirates, and according to security wanted to speak to on of the MP's, Before this could occur, the shanking happened.
[09:56:59] GM: B: the MP's report that the guys seemed afraid.
[09:57:18] GM: C: the other pirates aint talking
[09:57:29] GM: D: they aren't talking cuase they dont wanna get hanked
[09:59:57] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Yes, because Hank doesn't allow for reach arounds when he's hanking people.))
[10:00:10] GM: ((Oh Tom, you bad boy…))
[10:00:29] GM: ((so yeah, thats what you know at this point in time))
[10:00:39] GM: ((Ruh roh raggy!))
[10:01:09] Capt Kain Crockett: "So anybody have actual police experience?"
[10:01:27] Capt Kain Crockett relays what he knows.
[10:02:34] 2Lt. Sarah: +Stats
[10:02:40] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ack, nm ))
[10:02:44] 2Lt. Sarah: (( wow, brain not here at moment ))
[10:03:36] WO Febrith Nyx tries her luck. [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2) PErce, [1d100] => [65] = (65) vs 92 Charm Impress, [1d100] => [69] = (69) vs 68 Psych Warfare, [1d100] => [17] = (17) vs 68 Psychology, [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [2] = (2) vs 68 Interogation, [1d100] => [32] = (32) vs 47 Seduction.
[10:03:43] 2Lt. Sarah: (( no, dingbat, this is not one of your perpetual rpgs, it does not support sheet view that way *smacks self( ))
[10:04:42] GM: Mixed bag there
[10:05:00] GM: lets see
[10:05:43] GM: You are able to determine that the victim was a mamber of the recently fought ships bridge crew.
[10:07:38] GM: Psyche tells you that one pirate is a cool cutomer, the others are kinda oblivious as to why the guy got shanked, but are keeping their lips shut (i.e they arent gonna rat the guy or guys that did it, but they do tell you taht they have no idea why he got it other then the wanted to shut him up before he talked to teh MP's)
[10:10:28] GM: well…so much for CSI in space lol
[10:11:41] LtJG Silver: (( quickly creates a detective and names him Hercule Poirite** ill get to the bottom of this lol j/k ))
[10:11:47] WO Febrith Nyx: ((Meh, give me a couple levels and Nyx WILL have CSI…))
[10:12:15] GM: ((well…))
[10:12:46] GM: ((why dont you discuss it, in room either in character or not…might help))
[10:13:27] LtJG Silver: (( decides its best not to make anymore Agatha Christie refrences… :P ))
[10:14:30] 2Lt. Sarah frowns at the situation and sighs. "Suppose I could drag one out into space and back, and offer to do it again if they don't talk, but it's not exactly something I'd want to be doing, doubt it'd even work."
[10:15:11] LtJG Silver: " why not ask them about Sala… it's to coensidental for this not to be related to recent events… though i could be wrong "
[10:16:04] WO Febrith Nyx: "So we have one pirate who thinks he's a cool customer. A bunch of pissants too scared to even say who MIGHT know something. And one of the most recent prisoners wanting to talk to MPs. We're likely heading toward a pirate planet. ANd, oh yeah, we have a random guy on board. Any thoughts on which of the scurvy dogs did it?"
[10:16:19] LtJG Silver: "figure they hear more from our guards passing then we think i guarantee that much… that is if any talk has been going on in earshot… i honestly dont know"
[10:16:44] LtJG Silver: (( sry :P could be way off just a thought :P ))
[10:18:41] GM: ((hw do you want to go about this?))
[10:19:40] LtJG Silver: (( i say interigate them all individually, give them a reason to flip and they may :P though more so the peons then the higher ups… who knows :P ))
[10:19:59] LtJG Silver: (( and if there is a ringleader i'd definatly seperate him ^_^ ))
[10:20:48] LtJG Silver: (( in fact i'd seperate them all… and make them think one talked :D ))
[10:21:17] LtJG Silver: (( srry this is all OOC and useless i dont have any investigative skills pertaining to the situation :P ))
[10:21:50] WO Febrith Nyx: ((?Don't we have, I don't know, surveilance cameras that aer out of the reach of the prisoners?))
[10:22:08] GM: Yeah, you can do that
[10:22:28] 2Lt. Sarah sighs a little. "Just great." She shaksher head. "Need to have a brig with individual smaller cells. Less comfort for creeps, and crap like this doesn't happen." she sighs.
[10:24:19] 2Lt. Sarah: (( if we figure out one who might know something, separate him for alonger time, and let him watch as people 'accidentally' discuss new classified info gleaned from one of the prisoners. ))
[10:24:20] LtJG Silver: "if it helps i once read a book where the lead detective in the novel pitted the suspects against one another… making them each believe that one flipped… from there they gave themselves away…"
[10:25:07] LtJG Silver: " it was a way to draw out the real culperate in the consperacy granted all were guilty but it was just a means to find the gunman… it was a rather good read"
[10:25:15] WO Febrith Nyx: "And how many criminals have seen that before?"
[10:25:48] LtJG Silver: " i dont immagine it would matter if they have or not… so long as it is convincing enough "
[10:25:59] 2Lt. Sarah: (( then tell him that if he doesn't talk, we'll put him back to get shanked. (/my idea) ))
[10:26:07] LtJG Silver: " granted you couldnt tell them directly that we have a prime suspect "
[10:26:26] LtJG Silver: "but mearly instead have them overhear that we have a hot tip after interigating each of them individually"
[10:26:50] LtJG Silver: (( hehe i like sarah's idead ^_^ ))
[10:27:30] GM: All right so, what do you do?
[10:27:32] LtJG Silver: (( grr idea my spelling is horrid tonight :P ))
[10:27:40] GM: ((I know that feel bro))
[10:28:51] WO Febrith Nyx: ((go with Sarah's idea, I guess.))
[10:29:22] LtJG Silver: " the individual interigations wouldnt even mater then… though effort in it would go a long way to increasing your chances of getting lucky and someone spilling the beans… but please remember they are prisoners and do have rights as prisoners "
[10:29:38] LtJG Silver: (( thats right my name is captain buzz kill lol
[10:29:58] 2Lt. Sarah: (( the issue with that plan is figuring out which one actually knows something. ))
[10:30:03] GM: Enhanced Interrogation Techniques FTW
[10:30:50] LtJG Silver: (( na your not trying to learn anything with my plann you just plant the idea that you've learned what you needed to know and wile they lay in weight they'll self destruct and try to get the taddle tail lol ))
[10:30:55] LtJG Silver: (( if you went with it :P ))
[10:31:37] LtJG Silver: (( grr while they lay in wait… i give up on the english language lol ))
[10:31:40] Capt. Komillia Maeless looks at any tapes while the others are being interrogated. [1d20] => [6] = (6) PERC
[10:31:46] LtJG Silver: (( reverts to jibberish ^_^ ))
[10:32:54] GM: You put into place the plan and pretending you have the intell has some odd results. The majority that profess ignorace, no change. Among those you have flagged as higher up, they seem relieved.
[10:33:30] GM: That is until later in the day the ship folds to it's next waypoint, at which point they looks confused and worried.
[10:36:33] GM: All except cool mo dee, he just seem resigned and at peace
[10:36:57] GM: smirking slightly as the ship goes to fold
[10:38:58] WO Febrith Nyx looks to mister cool customer, "I'm going to try a live dissection on you. Hold on one moment, I need to go get the restraints."
[10:39:46] GM: He blows her off with a snort and rolled eyes.
[10:40:56] GM: skill rolls?
[10:42:47] WO Febrith Nyx: [1d100] => [87] = (87) vs 68 Psych warfare, [i1d100] => i1d100 vs 78 Biology ((knowing all the high concentrations of pain receptors)), [1d100] => [26] = (26) vs 68 Interrodation.
[10:43:00] WO Febrith Nyx: [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs 78 Biology
[10:43:27] GM: he will make a save vs pain [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12) vs 16
[10:43:47] GM: and a save vs insantiy vs 12 [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)
[10:43:53] GM: well, then
[10:44:12] GM: as you work on him the ship preps to go to fold
[10:45:03] GM: you are able to weed out a single word … 'Monitor'
[10:46:24] GM: This is were I get to see if you know your lore
[10:46:41] WO Febrith Nyx spreads the word around."
[10:46:58] Capt Kain Crockett: "Captain! They have a Reflex Cannon!"
[10:47:31] GM: excellent! for those that arent aware. The Rineunadou Lojmeuean Class Monitor was built as a mobile platform for one of the most powerful Reflex Cannons built by the Tirolians. Although the cannon is not as powerful as the later Tirolian ships, it is one of the most powerful cannons on a ship of its size.
[10:47:41] LtJG Silver: (( yes ^_^ ))
[10:47:51] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah, though tthat the moment I heard 'monitor' lol ))
[10:48:03] GM: ((yeah, but you didnt say nuthin…))
[10:48:13] LtJG Silver: (( dont know IC ^_^ ))
[10:48:22] GM: LV has an exuse then
[10:48:26] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah, knowing OOC and knowing IC? different stuff ))
[10:48:38] Capt Kain Crockett: ((I was double checking to make sure I was right on URRG, before sticking my foot down my mouth.))
[10:49:15] GM: Lerts see, you have Fleet tactics Sarah, I would thing a great part of that would be knowing the various tyupes class and capabilites of all navies you would be likely to face, or support
[10:49:29] LtJG Silver: (( lol i dont have lore and am kicking myself for not taking tiresian history ^_^ ci'va is a baren wastland that had its atmosphere boiled away if i'm thinking correctly… at least i think my momory serves me ^_^ ))
[10:49:49] GM: Thats more optera, but only kinda sorta
[10:50:09] GM: although Civona itself did get totaled
[10:50:51] GM: Okay, so Kain calls this up to the bridge and the Captain aborts the fold jump with [1d20] => [11] = (11) seconds to spare.
[10:50:56] WO Febrith Nyx: "Someone space this garbage. He's not worth the effort to sew back together."
[10:51:29] LtJG Silver: (( hehe I LOVE THE ZENTRAEDI ! especially all the different stuff and fan fic out there of the old Masters Empire and Zentraedi ^_^ ))
[10:52:14] LtJG Silver: (( sry side tracked :P ))
[10:52:29] GM: Muhahaha
[10:53:01] GM: Okay, I'll cliff it here tonight
[10:53:17] WO Febrith Nyx: ((yeah, kinda fading here.))
[10:53:30] 2Lt. Sarah: kk


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