Chapter 2 - Act I - Part 2


[06:27:59] Tana: Confucious say. "man who stand on toilet, high on pot."
[06:28:07] Carrie: getting the crap off the TV harder
[06:28:12] Carrie: rofl
[06:28:57] Carrie: more lovely hallmark channel since I'm stuck at super 8
[06:29:06] Carrie: with mom here
[06:29:07] Carrie: :)
[06:30:15] Tana: so what's the show about this time, down on her luck single mom trying to get her shitty teen to make the track team, with the only one who can reach the kid the disabled vet that lives next door?
[06:30:22] Carrie: rofl
[06:30:24] Carrie: not sure
[06:30:34] Carrie: someone set themselves on fire while grilling already though :p
[06:30:51] Tana: fantastic!
[06:32:10] Carrie: hehe
[06:32:49] Tana: reminds me of that Eddie Murphy skit, with Uncle Gus
[06:34:15] Tana: All right we need to put some wood on dat fire, Eddie, go chop down dat tree. And you, go get me the gasoline! FOOM! Now THATS a fire!!
[06:34:56] Tana: Okay so, anyway


[06:44:37] Capt. Komillia Maeless swaps out for a Devastator.
[06:45:04] Cpt. Aylanea checks her devo and gets ready for the next round.
[06:45:11] Cpt. Aylanea: (( er, her 057, not a devo ))
[06:45:30] 2Lt. Sarah checks her 057, nods, makes sure she has fresh clip in her M90c,.
[06:45:49] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "No flashbangs through doorways, and no friendly fire.
[06:45:51] GM: The Devo would be a tight fit, but okay
[06:46:17] GM: Komi you hang back to get a new ride as the others push forward.
[06:46:29] Capt Kain Crockett hops in his Super Cyc.
[06:47:12] GM: It is clear by now that the pirates momentum has been halted, their assult broken, and they are now on the back foot racing for thir point of entry.
[06:48:42] GM: In the corridor ahead of you with you on their heels are some six retreating pirates.
[06:49:28] LtJG Silver: (( where was I ? i forgot which group i was with or did you have me pulled away? ))
[06:49:31] GM: As you persue, you can hear the muffled sounds of the Havoc's energy batteries firing.
[06:51:21] 2Lt. Sarah frowns a little as she pursues, looking to the others.
[06:51:44] GM: The retreating pirates fire blindly behind them as they run.
[06:51:51] Capt Kain Crockett: "All hands, shoot them in the ass."
[06:51:53] 2Lt. Sarah mumbles into her radio. "If they get across, we have to fight them later likely."
[06:51:55] 2Lt. Sarah nods quickly.
[06:51:55] GM: [6d20] => [12,12,5,1,15,10] = (55) all at -10
[06:52:14] 2Lt. Sarah: (( one got a 5 ))
[06:52:21] GM: One just drops his weapon when it ceases to function.
[06:52:32] Capt Kain Crockett: ((-9! He shoots one of his friendlies!))
[06:53:05] GM: [1d8] => [5] = (5) for that 5 to dodge, 1 kain, 2 sarah, 3 silver, 4-8 other
[06:53:37] GM: well, 4 would have been nyx, but still
[06:53:42] LtJG Silver: (( hehe ))
[06:53:50] GM: actions?
[06:53:55] GM: or just let it play out?
[06:55:01] 2Lt. Sarah: (( inits? or… hehe. don't we need them? :) ))
[06:55:07] Capt Kain Crockett points a M-90C down the way and lets loose with burst. [1d20+10] => [8,10] = (18)
[06:55:34] LtJG Silver hits the deck at the random fire firing back at their legs with his M90 [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
[06:56:12] GM: [1d20+7] => [9,7] = (16) [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
[06:56:21] GM: Roll damage both of you
[06:56:25] WO Febrith Nyx aids in firing the M90. [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24)
[06:56:33] GM: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[06:56:36] GM: and yu too
[06:56:39] Capt Kain Crockett: [1d10*10+12] => 52
[06:57:05] GM: Kain, your shots rake the back of your target blowing his spine out his front.
[06:57:14] WO Febrith Nyx: [(2d4*10+10)*2] => 160
[06:57:31] 2Lt. Sarah fires at one as well. [1d20+12] => [14,12] = (26)
[06:57:55] LtJG Silver: [4d6] => [4,6,2,6] = (18)
[06:58:05] GM: Nyx, your shots shred the target and he must have had grenandes because something on him explodes and what was left is atomized.
[06:58:15] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d10*10+12] => 112
[06:58:49] GM: Silver, you hit the targets leg, and pitch him backwards as Sarah shots cut her target un half.
[06:58:55] Cpt. Aylanea takes a shot at the last one. [1d20+13] => [11,13] = (24)
[06:59:00] Cpt. Aylanea: [1d10*10+12] => 112
[06:59:03] GM: [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14)
[06:59:04] Cpt. Aylanea: (( geebus ))
[06:59:09] Capt. Komillia Maeless sends a HEAT round down the way from the recoiless. [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28)
[06:59:16] LtJG Silver: (( O.O ))
[06:59:20] GM: [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
[06:59:29] Capt. Komillia Maeless: [2d4*10] => 70
[06:59:34] LtJG Silver gets wide eyed at the sight
[06:59:44] GM: You shot blows your target apart.
[07:00:36] WO Febrith Nyx: "And now I need an orgy."
[07:00:36] LtJG Silver feels his stomach jump into his throat at that sight and nearly vomets
[07:00:42] GM: Shortly thereafter there is a calm asian voice on the radio. "Who ever it is that thinks it's a good idea to be using heavy artillery inside my ship, stop it."
[07:01:43] GM: A few nearby marines look back at Komi and shake their heads amisdt groans and laughter, a few even make the 'shame shame' motion with their fingers.
[07:01:58] LtJG Silver gives a sigh of relief at the request answering with a pitiful "thank you"
[07:02:00] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "I thought we were using small arms? I mean my Recoiless is just a gunpod."
[07:02:20] 2Lt. Sarah blushes slightly green at that, glad it wasn't her this time, though thinking about the flight deck.
[07:02:39] GM: A nearby Marine holds up his rifle next to the gunpod, the size different is striking, he just shakes his head.
[07:03:13] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "Fine, next time I use the beam cannon."
[07:03:55] GM: A moment later you link up with the other unit lead by the Capitan that had pushed aft.
[07:04:07] Cpt. Aylanea gigglesnorts at the comparison from the nearby marine.
[07:04:45] GM: She is in her 38Lite with a Katana in one hand and the other sticking a (dead) pirate to the bulkhead.
[07:05:35] Capt. Komillia Maeless has the devo wave, "I was prepping to storm the enemy ship. My saber got melted in part thanks to friendly fire."
[07:07:00] Cpt. Aylanea blushes hard then.
[07:07:22] Lt.Col Ishida raises her outer visor, she give Komi a look of 'Uh uh, right.'
[07:07:30] Lt.Col Ishida: Kain!
[07:09:54] Capt Kain Crockett: "Yes?"
[07:10:07] Lt.Col Ishida: Status aft?
[07:11:13] Capt Kain Crockett: "We just killed the last of boarders aft. I pity those on janitorial duty."
[07:11:47] Lt.Col Ishida nods and with a swift jerk pulls her blade out of the bulkhead letting the pirate crumple to the deck.
[07:12:23] Lt.Col Ishida: Any priosners?
[07:13:58] Capt Kain Crockett: "None."
[07:14:38] Lt.Col Ishida: Casualties?
[07:15:58] Capt Kain Crockett: "One saber cyclone on our side, the entire boarding party for the pirates."
[07:16:10] Lt.Col Ishida: Very good.
[07:16:12] Lt.Col Ishida deadpans.
[07:16:28] Lt.Col Ishida: Hold a perimeter here, and…
[07:16:42] Lt.Col Ishida she pauses with a devlish smirk.
[07:16:54] Lt.Col Ishida: …let slip the dogs of war.
[07:17:16] Lt.Col Ishida: Send over 20 Vanquish to clean that ship out.
[07:17:36] Capt Kain Crockett: "The hell
hounds will have much to feast on tonight."
[07:17:37] LtJG Silver frowns " i think they already met them… " eyes fixated on the bloody mess
[07:18:04] Capt Kain Crockett: ((AFK again, but at least this was forewarned…))
[07:18:06] LtJG Silver: (( referring to the hungery devil dogs carrying the guns ^_^ ))
[07:18:49] Lt.Col Ishida: ((no worries))
[07:20:33] GM: The hounds are released at first there is a lot of shouting and shooting, then, screaming and growling. Three Vanquish are totaled but the rest rbing back a pair of prisoners.
[07:23:05] GM: Beyond that the ship is secured, and a small pack of Vanquish patrol inside.
[07:24:45] GM: Open RP
[07:25:05] GM: (starting at the point the dogs 'return'
[07:27:18] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ puppies! ^_^ *rubs the Vanquish's belly* ))
[07:27:37] Cpt. Aylanea: (( hehehee ))
[07:27:45] WO Febrith Nyx looks up and down at the pair of prisoners, "I do believe we need ot have a talk. Someone tie them to some chairs in the interrogation room, and bring some towels."
[07:27:58] Cpt. Aylanea smiles as the dogs come back. "Good puppies." She pats one idly, giggling.
[07:28:46] 2Lt. Sarah flinches just a lil as Ay does that, shivering softly and sighing, blushing slightly grreenish again, and shaking her head at herself.
[07:29:45] GM: Meanwhile the poor cleanup and repair teams sets about cleaning up the mess.
[07:30:03] LtJG Silver studdies the vanquish drones and kneels down infront of one " i wish they built them with some form of personality… hmm…" smiles "theres a thought…" which faids when he notices the dried blood on the mechanical beasts
[07:30:35] LtJG Silver: (( assuming they got pretty nasty in there givin what the marines have done the vanquishers must have been even more grusome lol ))
[07:30:39] WO1 Summerwind: Actually, they do, although it's an optional program.
[07:30:49] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lo. ))
[07:30:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol too ))
[07:31:09] WO1 Summerwind: I believe the Colonel has a pair programed to act like dogs, or did anyway.
[07:31:28] 2Lt. Sarah blushes a little, heads to check on the hangar bay repairs, and seeing if she can help with any of the repiars to it, though doubting she can.
[07:32:01] WO1 Summerwind: Hell, if you really want a mind fuck, you can even set em up to reply to your commands, in english.
[07:32:22] LtJG Silver: " maybe I can see what i can do for one of the Bloodhounds… would be nice to have someone intelegent to talk to that wont talk back " he laughs standing up to greet summerwind " now theres a thought… "
[07:32:54] WO1 Summerwind: You're an odd man.
[07:33:07] WO1 Summerwind shakes her head with a wry snort.
[07:33:09] Cpt. Aylanea giggles at that. "we should add both programs to all of them, be funny as heck for everyone involved."
[07:33:38] WO1 Summerwind: Oh no, no way in hell. Been there done that.
[07:34:06] WO1 Summerwind: Although i do like the personality program, thats okay, them talking, well, thats just too odd.
[07:34:30] 2Lt. Sarah pokes her head back in. "Too much Scooby Doo with that?" She snickers.
[07:34:52] WO1 Summerwind: Scooby what?
[07:35:53] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "I suddenly have assist-a-roid vision from Cat Planet Cuties, the dog versions. And I see them keep coming and coming until they get the job done or are completely disassembled."
[07:35:56] 2Lt. Sarah: "Old TV show on Earth with a talking dog." She grins a little. "Sad that I know some of that stuff, I know."
[07:37:10] WO1 Summerwind shrugs.
[07:37:43] WO1 Summerwind: Not nearly as odd as some of the stuff we came up with on Tirol, back before it went to hell.
[07:38:00] LtJG Silver offers a half smile "wonder what they did with that bloodhound i wrecked, would be nice to get it up and running again and have around. I always wanted a dog but who has time to feed and water and walk a pooch these days"
[07:38:09] WO1 Summerwind: I guess every culture has it , whats the word you use…dorky? Shows.
[07:38:36] WO1 Summerwind shurgs at Silvers question.
[07:38:44] WO1 Summerwind: Check with the folks in maintenance.
[07:39:06] 2Lt. Sarah: "Every culture with television or something similar, anyway." She shrugs.
[07:40:22] LtJG Silver: " I may if i find time… " he shrugs " anything to take my mind off this mess, I dont know if i can manage the stomach for this " he frowns
[07:40:59] WO1 Summerwind nods.
[07:41:05] WO1 Summerwind: Yeah, I hear ya.
[07:41:32] WO1 Summerwind: Try to keep it light tho, it helps.
[07:41:33] Capt Kain Crockett: "Uh, I didn't like the look on Febrith's face when she drug those prisoners away, are we sure what she'll do to them is legal?"
[07:41:52] WO1 Summerwind: Frontier law is what we make it.
[07:42:14] WO1 Summerwind: Legally we didn't have to take them alive to begin with.
[07:43:05] WO1 Summerwind shrugs.
[07:43:57] WO1 Summerwind: At anyrate, she talks a mess of shit, but she wont go beyond what the Col. okay's. No pulling fingernails out or anything like that.
[07:44:30] 2Lt. Sarah winces and makes a face at the thought of such a thing, noddinga little though. "Good to hear."
[07:44:48] Capt Kain Crockett: "What about rape?"
[07:45:04] WO1 Summerwind: Prisoners we took were male…so, lucky them?
[07:45:38] WO1 Summerwind: Not sure having that spitfire riding your ock could be considered torture…
[07:46:02] 2Lt. Sarah eyerolls at that, and shakes her head.
[07:47:36] LtJG Silver laughs a little at that "well… if that was standard procedure we should put that out there maybe all of them will surrender next time"
[07:47:51] WO1 Summerwind: Hehe, yeah line up!
[07:48:11] Cpt. Aylanea gigglesnorts. "could just see that happening, yeah."
[07:52:32] Capt Kain Crockett: "And then on the way out Komi makes sure it's the last thing those tools ever feel."
[07:54:48] LtJG Silver feels a shiver run up his spine " well i hope its a good one at least… "
[07:55:29] GM: the enemy ship having been decured is cast adrift after the patrolling Vanquish are retieved along with the ships stor of weapons, food, and other items of military value. At which point the enemy ship becomes slag as the Havoc uses her for live fire drill for the gunnery crew.
[07:56:47] GM: Sarah, you are given her charts to look over. Nyx, you have priosners to deal with, and the rest of you can persue your own hobbies, projects
[07:58:03] 2Lt. Sarah starts sifting through the charts dilligently. [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs. 85% Nav Space
[07:58:08] LtJG Silver heads down to the maintenance bay to inquire about the wrecked bloodhound
[07:59:07] GM: Silver, the bloodhound you are looking for has been for the most part scrounged for parts, the computer core however is intact and on a rack somewhere in the back.
[07:59:49] LtJG Silver tries to find a maintenance tech
[08:00:35] GM: Not to hard, they area is staffed as they work on the dogs damaged erlier.
[08:01:05] WO Febrith Nyx interrogates the prisoners. [1d100] => [22] = (22) vs 68 Psych Warfare, [1d100] => [58] = (58) vs 68 Psych, [1d100] => [77] = (77) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [57] = (57) vs 68 Interrogation, [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 47 Seduction, [1d100] => [89] = (89) vs 92 Charm/Impress.
[08:01:15] 2Lt. Sarah keeps perusing the charts, looking for anything useful in terms of bases, things marked, or things not on their own charts. [1d100] => [56] = (56) vs. 85%
[08:01:36] LtJG Silver walks up to one of them and clears his throat "excuse me, perhaps you can help me…"
[08:02:03] GM: Nyx, you interrogate them, and enjoy yourself…I guess. but retrieve nothing of significant military value.
[08:02:36] Capt Kain Crockett works on AARs and paperwork.
[08:04:33] GM: Sarah, you are able to pick out a single course that had been somehow saved in a misc file. It seems that over all, the courses used by these pirates follow along the lines of an oral tradition, nothing put on the 'puters
[08:05:35] GM: However, you do note a number of waypoints are mentioned, with nicknames. Like, "Hard Left' and 'Dont forget to duck"
[08:06:00] GM: But you dont have locations, or anything that wuld tell you where those waypoints are.
[08:06:50] GM: the one course yu DO have however, leads further into the fold fault
[08:07:19] GM: you can also tell the course is intended to be used FTL (odd)
[08:07:23] 2Lt. Sarah frowns a little at that, trying to bring up a 3D map and see if she can plot that to anything within the fold faults. [1d100] => [55] = (55) vs. 85%
[08:07:30] GM: Silver, one of the techs looks up.
[08:07:49] UEMC LCpl.: What can I do you for Ell Tee?
[08:08:26] LtJG Silver: "I was wondering about the pooch that was wrecked several days ago i see you all parted it out , is the core computer still functioning?"
[08:09:01] 2Lt. Sarah makes notes on all of it though, making sure to keep everyone relevant informed of the situation., and keeps trying to study and chart possibilities. [1d100] => [63] = (63) s. 85
[08:09:06] 2Lt. Sarah: (( arg, fail rolls ))
[08:10:06] GM: Sarah you are able to 'plot' that course. beyond that, the charts have been now mined for all they were good for.
[08:10:25] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[08:10:35] UEMC LCpl.: Lemme see,
[08:10:54] UEMC LCpl. checks records, etc etc, and then finds the item on his screen.
[08:11:02] UEMC LCpl.: Yeah, right here, why?
[08:11:04] 2Lt. Sarah makes more notes, her final report on the 'plot', and the chartes themselves, relaxing some once she's done.
[08:13:06] LtJG Silver: " I was wondering if it would be possible to Put the old computer in a stripped down frame, i'm a little sentimental. I'd like to use one of the base bloodhound frames and the computer and add the personality program if possible, if it is possible what would i need to
do to go about approving the requisition… Like i said I'm a little sentimental. I'd also like to download it's combat data so i can use it for training "
[08:17:22] UEMC LCpl.: Hmm, I guess, thats okay, sign here for it, but the frames that we have we need. Tell you what. Those three what got blasted yesterday, strip them yourself and you can have em. Will save us from having to do it.
[08:17:41] LtJG Silver: (( lol would be bad ass to have a stripped down bloodhound to follow me around in the field that i could go "sick em boy" lol ))
[08:20:14] LtJG Silver: "wow thanks, could you make sure their set aside for me? " as he signs the forms " also if anyone has time i'd appreciate some help in the maintenance actions i'm willing to slide a few creds here and there for the help in their off time"
[08:20:51] UEMC LCpl.: Sorry sir, if we have some off time maybe.
[08:23:17] LtJG Silver smiles " no problem i appreciate it, you have a great day Corperal if you need anything let me know i'll be glad to return the favor and if your looking for a few extra creds in your down time well i have work for you "
[08:23:43] UEMC LCpl.: Okay, the two prisoners are locked up and the ship sets off on the course plotted by Sarah.
[08:23:47] UEMC LCpl.: ((oops,,,))
[08:24:02] GM: Not gonna retype that lol
[08:24:07] GM: but yeah
[08:24:58] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((hit the up button.))
[08:25:06] GM: Suprisingly the ship enters fold, but is then dropped out some 2.5 lightyears later (seconds to you all)
[08:26:47] GM: Anyone want to make rolls here/
[08:27:10] GM: It's pretty quiet in room, and by now someone should have asked me some questions…
[08:30:09] Capt. Komillia Maeless: ((sorry, busy with stomach issues.))
[08:30:56] GM: ((I know, but there are others in room as well ^_^ ))
[08:32:41] WO Febrith Nyx tries working out the fold situation. [1d30] => [26] = (26) vs 23 IQ, [1d100] => [31] = (31) vs 84 Math Advanced, [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 53 RSI, [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 83 Astrophysics, [1d100] => [99] = (99) vs 78 Chemistry ((you never know)), [1d100] => [93] = (93) vs 83 Research
[08:33:16] Capt. Komillia Maeless: "So what do we do if are local invid can find a work around?"
[08:33:48] That's the Tab key, Dave
[08:35:04] GM: While no closer to solving the issue, although you have iorned out a few equations, you are able to determine that this fold fault is dissapating ( a process that will ikely take centuries if not millinia to occur fully.)
[08:35:32] No match found
[08:35:33] No match found
[08:35:42] 2Lt. Sarah works on trying to find her way around, frowning as it's dropped out and trying to compensate, and plot around it. [1d100] => [45] = (45) vs. Navigation: Space, [1d30] => [14] = (14) vs. 18 IQ, [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs. 75% RSI
[08:35:48] GM: However, it is becuase of this dissapation that passageways within it have formed. Passageways it would seem, that these pirates are aware of.
[08:35:55] 2Lt. Sarah: (( navigagion space vs. 85% ))
[08:36:23] GM: Sarah, your observations seem to confirm Nyx's theory
[08:37:03] 2Lt. Sarah tries to plot her eswaythrough it, and find a way back into the passageway. [1d100] => [49] = (49) vs. 85%, [1d100] => [26] = (26) rsi vs. 75%
[08:38:56] GM: You are able to bring the ship back into the passageway, it takes a bit of time, a day or so at sublight.
[08:39:47] 2Lt. Sarah sighs and aplogizes for the delay, too.
[08:40:04] LtJG Silver: ((sry had a phone call :P ))
[08:40:23] GM: ((no no sarah, it takes a day of travel to get out of the mire and back into teh clear))
[08:40:30] GM: ((day or so etc))
[08:41:24] 2Lt. Sarah: (( yeah, that delay ))
[08:41:27] GM: The amount of time you figure would be reduced by taking the jumps at lower FTL speeds so you limit the overshoots as you crash dive.
[08:41:29] Capt Kain Crockett: "any indication that there were more pirates in the area?"
[08:41:30] 2Lt. Sarah: (( having to go sublight for a day or so ))
[08:41:31] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:42:05] GM: Sesnors are only so so, the ship doesnt have the large snazzy arrays to pick up Fold Travel.
[08:42:10] 2Lt. Sarah offers the solution of shorter slower jumps to the upper staff, with her figuring on them.
[08:43:54] GM: After a few jumps, each with their own 'crash' and then turn around and move into clear space, you defold and sesnors pick up a unknown target some 40 million km away.
[08:45:18] 2Lt. Sarah blinks at that, raising her eyebrows just a little at it. "Hmm."
[08:45:57] 2Lt. Sarah peers and tries to read the sensors better. [1d100] => [32] = (32) RSI vs. 75%
[08:46:23] GM: Yup, there is a ship out there, it is stationary.
[08:46:40] 2Lt. Sarah: "A ship…"
[08:46:49] 2Lt. Sarah frowns.
[08:48:05] Capt Kain Crockett looks out into the void, "I say we check it out, if it's another trap, better that we spring it than a freighter."
[08:49:01] Cpt. Aylanea tries to glean sensor data and her own knowledge to figureout what it might be. [1d100] => [86] = (86) RSI vs. 73%, [1d100] => [39] = (39) intelligence vs. 72%
[08:49:08] Cpt. Aylanea: (( ow on rsi ))
[08:49:19] Lt.Col Ishida: Agreed, of course, my guess would that any frighter this deep in would be captianed by a prizecrew.
[08:50:33] GM: You head over to the target ship thenn?
[08:51:05] 2Lt. Sarah nods at that. "Without the instrtuctions we found, and plotting them to the map, a freighter wouldn't make it in."
[08:51:19] Capt Kain Crockett: ((That's my vote.))
[08:51:24] 2Lt. Sarah: (( *peeks at James* ))
[08:51:39] 2Lt. Sarah: (( well, Kain's da boss, so, if suki allows… ))
[08:52:36] Lt.Col Ishida: Proceed, the Havoc will provide overwatch.
[08:52:40] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:52:44] Capt Kain Crockett: "Off we go to check out the mystery ship. My squad, I want you ready to launch the moment the shit hits the fan."
[08:53:00] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "Yes, sir."
[08:53:19] Cpt. Aylanea gets ready to handle CAP and any other situational issues needed.
[08:54:37] GM: A pair of Ghosts are sent over first and you thru their 'eyes' see a Tirisian Ship, it looks civilian, small, maybe the size of a Roil, but configured for FTL.
[08:55:13] Cpt. Aylanea blinks at that.
[08:56:01] LtJG Silver: (( Sry lol getting distracted :P ooo shiny :P ))
[08:57:57] GM: The ship is drifting, and by all appearances appears to be an abadnoned derelict.
[09:00:18] LtJG Silver reports in for his shift to see everyone gathered watching the screens "whats going on?"
[09:00:52] WO1 Summerwind: Looks like we have a derelict off the bow.
[09:01:00] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:01:00] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:01:30] WO1 Summerwind: Ghosts don't see anything nasty, search team will prolyl head over in a bit.
[09:02:36] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:03:08] GM: ((if we want to just knock off here early, thats fine with me, since everyone seems to have something or other going on))
[09:03:34] GM: ((don't wanna force it, if that makes any sense))
[09:03:39] Cpt. Aylanea: (( I'm okay ))
[09:05:12] LtJG Silver nods " do we have any Aegis alphas on board? i wouldnt mind getting some flight time in, I am qualified, after all it doesnt seem that frightening and anything to get away from that console "
[09:05:48] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Thanks, I was wanting to call it and try taking something then going to bed.))
[09:06:01] GM: ((no owrries, get better))
[09:06:19] Capt Kain Crockett: ((Thanks.))
[09:06:25] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ ))
[09:06:26] GM: ((okay, we'll pick up where we left off next week))
[09:06:31] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[09:06:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ni ))
[09:06:38] GM: nini


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