Chapter 1 - Act I - Part 2


[06:10:55] Chris: Okay then since we are all here, lettuce begin
[06:11:01] Chris: Any questions thus far?
[06:11:33] 2lt.Alvaro: not from I
[06:11:37] Carrie: neg
[06:12:08] Chris: while you are doing that, I'ma plop up the master Excel Calculator file I have so if yall can open your AIMS
[06:13:18] Chris: purpose of this is for you to see where any numbers I give you are coming from
[06:13:51] Chris: as well as to play with the numbers yourself as your character are expected to be planning operations and the like
[06:14:25] Chris: there are two pages to it so mind the tabs at the bottom
[06:15:26] 2lt.Alvaro: k
[06:15:39] Capt Kain Crokett: K.
[06:15:41] Chris: any questions and comments on the excel file?
[06:16:45] Capt Kain Crokett: Why is t upside down?
[06:16:56] Chris: becuase your screen is upsdie down
[06:17:09] Capt Kain Crokett: WRONG!
[06:17:24] Chris: you are standing on your head?
[06:17:27] Capt Kain Crokett: Because I am upside down, and my head is already retaliating.
[06:17:41] 2Lt. Sarah: lol
[06:19:00] Chris: Allright
[06:19:22] 2Lt. Sarah: (( oh god, mom's watching shitty movies on hallmark ))
[06:19:53] GM: The dinner portion of the event concludes, with your table a island of black uniforms ina sea of white (the only dark uniforms at the other tables are the Marine Det commanders for ships large enough to warrent them.
[06:19:53] Capt Kain Crokett: ((I think calling them Halmark movies is enough. No need to be redundant.))
[06:20:03] GM: ((LOL))
[06:21:37] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[06:21:38] GM: After the dinner there are a few more addresses wherupon you all applaud politly
[06:22:21] GM: After which the 'reception' portion of the gala begins.
[06:23:42] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((We asked 100 people what they thought was the most boring and unnecessary portion of any party or function and these are the top four answers…))
[06:23:53] GM: Your captain, kind as she is, allows the junior officers attending to return to the ship or 'hit the town' on the station (their choice) after an obligatory showing at minimum (30 to 45 minutes at least) the sesnior staff however is expected to remain.
[06:25:14] GM: (That means Nyx and Alvaro as well as Anji may leave, Sarah is a junior officer, but realizes that if she bails out, she's on the couch.)
[06:26:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rar ))
[06:26:19] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kay ))
[06:26:56] GM: ((being La Capitana's Arm Candy, you have certian obligations Sarah))
[06:26:56] 2lt.Alvaro is desperate to leave the party and decides to see what is special about the town on this station. He looks to see if any other depart over his shoulder
[06:27:29] CWO Febrith Nyx slips out gracefully. She then goes looking for a bookstore to get details on Garudan customs and politics. Knowing your oppoenents let you avoid embarassing gaffes.
[06:28:47] GM: Nyx, you find a bookstroe with ease with the tomes you seek, and the reading will make a good supplement to the already provided information forwarded to you by the Havoc's Intell section while you were enroute.
[06:29:20] GM: Alvaro, you see Nyx slip away…
[06:29:35] GM: Not all that hard, she's the only one with elf ears…
[06:29:46] GM: And white and pink hair…
[06:29:50] 2lt.Alvaro walks with Nyx as he is a lost puppy on this trip
[06:29:58] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((AT PB 30, it's hard not to spot her…))
[06:30:02] GM: Awww Nyx made a friend.
[06:30:14] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((any higher and she will literally be taking penalties to stealth…))
[06:30:16] GM: Well, yes, there is that.
[06:30:53] GM: Figure Nyx also got sick to death of the glut of human and Tiresian, as well as a few Garudan officers all hvering trying to curry favor.
[06:31:12] CWO Febrith Nyx looks at Alvaro, "Just looking to get away from the party or are you curious about these Ferals… ER, I mean Garudans too?"
[06:31:41] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((There is that…))
[06:31:50] 2lt.Alvaro comments "Just to get away. Big parties and what not arent my thing."
[06:32:34] GM: free RP
[06:34:03] CWO Febrith Nyx giggles, "Could be worse. You could have been used as a chess piece at the party."
[06:34:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[06:34:33] 2lt.Alvaro smiles slightly and replies "So true." He peaks at the collection of books Nyx has gotten "Those for pleasure or knowledge?"
[06:36:50] GM: James, there is an article on the URRG site about Garuda besides the taxonomy, consider that canon
[06:37:16] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Yosha.))
[06:38:40] GM: Shortly thereafter, Anji leaves the party, throwing a 'ha ha sucker' look to Ay, who has to stay behind.
[06:39:40] Cpt. Aylanea snorts and makes a face at Anji, shaking her head slightly at the girl.
[06:40:21] GM: Anythin in particular your characters doin Carrie?
[06:41:13] Capt Kain Crokett mingles and tries his best to NOT watch the clock.
[06:41:35] Cpt. Aylanea tries to keep herself unnoticed around the party circle, mostly trying to make sure she's seen as 'being there', without havging to do much.
[06:42:14] 2Lt. Sarah tries ot be a good little girlfriend if that's what suki is wanting, otherwise tries to be cheerful and persnoable to all those at the reception.
[06:42:40] GM: Wanting isn't really a part of it…
[06:43:17] 2Lt. Sarah: (( :p ))
[06:43:28] 2Lt. Sarah: (( well, I mean, if she's wanting Sarah on her arm and shitt] ))
[06:43:39] GM: Just consider how you would feel if your SIGO (significant other) bounced out on you at a party.
[06:43:51] 2Lt. Sarah: (( sigh. ))
[06:44:37] GM: the on the arm was more fugurative then literal anyway, since the military has rules regards PDA (public Displays of Affection)
[06:44:57] 2Lt. Sarah: (( s'what I thought., Moving on then, please. ))
[06:45:09] GM: (although, I would imagine far more relaxed then what folks are used to today, I mean hell, Rick and Lisa…etc etc
[06:46:16] GM: okay then…
[06:47:27] GM: as the reception drag on (for some) you here and there can catch glimpses of Garudan society, and much like humans, they have their cliques
[06:48:32] GM: the Garudan cliques follow along some of the more obvious forms, military, non military, elder, younger, but clan also factors heavy
[06:48:55] 2Lt. Sarah watches that interestedly, making note of it.
[06:50:00] GM: there are a few, actually a fair number of those that buck that convention and move from cluster to cluster, mainly political types adept at the art of Shmooze and Sarah, your captain among a few other more gregarious REF officers.
[06:50:15] Capt Kain Crokett tries not to be disappointed in how human the furries are.
[06:51:26] 2lt.Alvaro walks with Nyx for the most part; not having much else to do
[06:51:37] 2Lt. Sarah smiles as she watches, trying to be friendly to everyone if possible herself.
[06:53:28] CWO Febrith Nyx looks Alvaro, "So want to go play chess?"
[06:54:59] 2lt.Alvaro nods "Sounds like a plan"
[06:55:50] GM: Okay, so chess you play!
[06:56:10] GM: Who gets to Castle who?
[06:57:10] CWO Febrith Nyx: [1d30] => [5] = (5) vs 23.
[06:57:20] GM: Oh snap
[06:57:48] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[06:58:11] 2lt.Alvaro: [1d100] => [95] = (95) vs 35
[06:58:15] 2lt.Alvaro: (dang)
[06:58:24] GM: You got school in 5 moves
[06:58:33] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Mated in you in 6 moves."
[06:58:39] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I was going easy."
[06:59:04] GM: heheh she said mated…
[06:59:07] 2lt.Alvaro quirks a brow "I dont know how I didn't see that. No one has done that to me in awhile"
[06:59:18] GM: That to was sexual
[06:59:29] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[06:59:37] 2lt.Alvaro: "Again?"
[06:59:47] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I get aroung in the right circles. Sure."
[06:59:50] CWO Febrith Nyx: [1d30] => [2] = (2) vs 23.
[06:59:57] 2lt.Alvaro: (damn)
[07:00:02] 2lt.Alvaro: (dang)
[07:00:06] 2lt.Alvaro: [1d100] => [85] = (85) vs 35
[07:00:20] GM: ((wait a minute..30 vs 100 thats not fair)
[07:00:59] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((I'm pretty sure Nyx doesn't have the right skill. So for her it would be an IQ check.))
[07:02:02] 2lt.Alvaro: (doesnt matter with my rolls)
[07:02:26] CWO Febrith Nyx: "So does that make a record of some kind?"
[07:03:33] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Besides, the relative rolls for Nyx would be 7 and 17 anyway…))
[07:03:33] 2lt.Alvaro smirks "Afraid not, people lose all the time. Your moves seems to be beyond me for some reason"
[07:04:37] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I'm an alien mind, I just think vastly differently. So reading me would prove difficult."
[07:05:03] 2lt.Alvaro nods "Well that say third times a charge, again?"
[07:05:56] GM: Good thing you aren't playing Strip Chess
[07:06:13] CWO Febrith Nyx: Sure.
[07:06:19] CWO Febrith Nyx: [1d30] => [30] = (30) vs 23.
[07:06:24] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((FFF….))
[07:06:30] GM: Ell
[07:06:31] GM: Oh
[07:06:33] GM: Ell
[07:06:43] GM: Dont roll Alvaro, you win
[07:06:59] 2lt.Alvaro: (yay!)
[07:07:13] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Wait, that' was three illegal moves…"
[07:07:15] GM: I think Nyx should make a Save vs Stun
[07:07:37] CWO Febrith Nyx: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[07:08:47] 2lt.Alvaro shakes his head "Afraid not, thanks for the game. I think that I'm starting to see your strategies"
[07:09:29] GM: And she is stunnd
[07:10:30] GM: Inside the party, the event begins to wind down, heralded by the big wigs leaving since their time is important.
[07:10:49] 2lt.Alvaro smiles and lets Nyx study the board
[07:11:17] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Just 1 out of 3 boya, don't get cocky."[07:11:18] GM: those still in the party can roll a perc
[07:11:28] Capt Kain Crokett: [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18)
[07:11:31] Capt Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [3] = (3)
[07:11:58] GM: Komi is to busy trying to figure out how to cosplay as a garduan catgirl
[07:13:01] 2lt.Alvaro nods "Anyways, thanks I hope your books are good reads" he begins to depart
[07:13:47] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rofl ))
[07:13:54] 2Lt. Sarah: [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20)
[07:14:05] Cpt. Aylanea: [1d20] => [11] = (11)
[07:14:33] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I'll be studying this. I'll get you back."
[07:15:51] Cpt. Aylanea: (( marg, parent wants kleenexes. :p lol ))
[07:15:58] 2lt.Alvaro smiles and waves as he leaves
[07:16:35] GM: Ay you dont notice anything in particular, at least, nothing stand out to you as odd. Kain, you note the govoner you had met earlier seems to only have one clique of solace in the party, and that of her clanmates, , Sarah you notice that, as well as later on, she and a large male are talking and by the body language you surmise their relationship is father and daughter, and at one point the both look over in your direction, but arent looking at you (Sarah)
[07:17:08] GM: ((either parent is crying at a sad part in the Hallmark movie, or has realized how bad it really is…))
[07:17:29] 2Lt. Sarah blinks up at the body language, and makes note of that as well.
[07:17:37] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((or was laughing so hard she hit her eye…))
[07:17:37] 2Lt. Sarah: (( she foinally stopped watching ))
[07:17:43] 2Lt. Sarah: (( finally ))
[07:20:06] GM: The party ends, and the rest of you are allowed on town pass, let me know what if anything you wish to do etc, before I move on
[07:21:12] 2lt.Alvaro: (not I)
[07:21:18] 2Lt. Sarah: (( meh ))
[07:21:26] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:22:07] Capt Kain Crokett: ((can't really think of anything…))
[07:24:06] GM: A week passes and you are given more detailed information about the going ons in the sector. Based on your stated missions, that of commerce protection, root out haydonite holdovers, and other duties as assigned, you recive the following noteworthy pieces of intell.
[07:27:13] GM: There is one well known and well armed pirate band that is know to operate in the area, they are the T'sien Mirab. They are known to possess a few capital ships' mainly old Taul Detrals, and a few Tou Redir's among other vessles. There are other, smaller bands, with their own fold capable ship as well, but the Mirab are the one with the largest notoriety in these parts.
[07:28:22] Capt Kain Crokett: ((AFK))
[07:28:25] GM: Not much is known about the Haydonite holdovers, intell suspectes there are two factions, one that acts overtly that engages in raiding, while the other likes to blow things up.
[07:30:22] GM: On the domestic front, there are clashes between two recent factions within Garudan society, the Unmasked, those that have been trying to wean themselves off of their poisonous atmosphere, and the betrothed of Gaia, who see the unmasked as committing a great herasy against the Hin.
[07:32:15] GM: Also should take note that, a growing number of garudans that deal with outsiders, live on worlds and ship other then gardua(n) have begun to turn to lung implants rather then masks for their atmosphereic needs.
[07:34:17] GM: Regards the piracy aspect, the Rules of Engagment state that 'No oath of Faith is to be kept' with pirates and that summary exacution is legal for pirates captured in combat.
[07:34:50] GM: ((sorry, "Neither Faith nor Oath is to be kept."
[07:36:29] GM: Pirates cpatured outside of combat are to be turned over to local law enforcement when possible, but their fate is largely left up to the discretion of the captain of the ship that captured them.
[07:37:31] Capt Kain Crokett: ((back…))
[07:38:01] GM: regards local law enforcement, the common punishment outside of exacution for pirates is Empathic Impressment. Wherein the Garudans use their empathic powers to modify the individuals behavior so that they may be used for labor projects.
[07:38:44] 2lt.Alvaro: (ok)
[07:39:24] GM: As for semantics, Piracy also includes, robery from space stations, and transhipment facilities in space or planetside.
[07:40:14] GM: (robbery as in kidnapping and grand theft, i.e. stealing a ship, or cargo, not a pocket watch etc, )
[07:41:58] GM: ((it's largely determined by the value of the item as well, I'm not gonna pigeon hole myself into an exact amount, but codes, or money, or a small but high priced item may carry the piracy tag ))
[07:43:10] 2Lt. Sarah: (( nod ))
[07:43:31] GM: Note that, if a pirate is captured on 'shore' they should be turned over to local law enforcement, as that is their jurisdiction, on the 'high seas' then it's up to the captain of the capturing vessle.
[07:43:53] Capt Kain Crokett: ((okay…))
[07:43:55] GM: are there any questions or requests for clarification?
[07:44:34] 2Lt. Sarah: (( neg ))
[07:44:42] 2lt.Alvaro: (nope)
[07:45:09] Capt Kain Crokett: ((Exactly how many systems are we covering and how much free reign in our patrols do we have? I'm asking about the Havoc, not the squad.))
[07:46:36] GM: Getting to that part now
[07:48:10] GM: After a visit by the captain to the Task Force flagship the XO calls a staff meeting.
[07:50:19] GM: At that meeting you are given intellpackages on Kokiri, the Kokiri Shoals, as well as Kokiri / Garuda trade run.
[07:51:46] GM: Also the Kokiri / Setisar route
[07:52:55] 2Lt. Sarah makes sure to skim that very quickly.
[07:53:17] GM: For note, the Kokiri / Garuda route is 315 ly and has two transit point (where ships drop out of fold, criuse in nSpace then continue the rest of teh trip in fold.
[07:53:43] GM: the Kokiri / Setisar route has 4 transit points,
[07:55:38] Capt Kain Crokett nods at the info.
[07:56:00] GM: I'll scan and clean up a map for you later
[07:56:48] Capt Kain Crokett: ((kk))
[08:00:12] GM: no questions?
[08:00:38] GM: I mean, i did just toss an aweful lot of info out…
[08:00:48] 2Lt. Sarah: (( how many LY is Kokiri Setisar? ))
[08:01:15] GM: 380
[08:01:23] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[08:03:02] GM: For note, the Havoc has a limit of 326 ly (Class IV) before having to drop out of fold to recharge (which will take 1 day)
[08:03:12] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol :p nice ))
[08:04:18] GM: again, all in the calculators that I sent over
[08:04:40] Capt Kain Crokett: ((kk))
[08:05:05] Capt Kain Crokett: ((not thinking of any questions, but with my head feeling the way it does, I reserve the right to ask them later.))
[08:05:34] GM: ((duely noted))
[08:06:14] GM: Oh, by the way, the name of the TF181 CO is Hiram Barnette
[08:06:42] GM: Commadore Barnette to you
[08:08:01] GM: the trip to Kokiri takes about 31 to 32 minutes in fold, 5 days in nSpace.
[08:08:24] GM: (You are travelling at 2.5 Lyph
[08:08:27] Capt Kain Crokett: ((I he related to a green-haired misandronist, pilot lesbian on the Nirvana?))
[08:08:45] GM: No, he is far less cool
[08:10:04] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:10:53] GM: Upon defolding you find yourself in deep space, near a pair of navigation beacons and a modest sized space station / maritime patrol dock
[08:12:21] Garudan: RNS Havoc, you are right on schedule. Please come to course x.y.z and prepare to take on your pilot. Welcome to Corridor Point.
[08:13:25] GM: The ship goes where it is told and a Garudan pilot comes aboard and is escorted to the bridge where he takes over at Astrogation
[08:14:29] 2lt.Alvaro waits patiently
[08:14:44] CWO Febrith Nyx begins working on bolstering the agility of her Delta with verniers and control enhancements. [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 73 mecha engineer.
[08:14:56] GM: Very nice roll
[08:14:58] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((YAHOOOHOOOO!))
[08:16:49] GM: That will take some additional time to accomplish, ceritanly not all done within 30 minutes, but…
[08:17:02] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Yeah, that's going to be a boost, I'll leave it to the GM exactly what all that means, I can't find it on the site, and my head hurtls.))
[08:17:47] GM: nod, only have speed increase listed so yeah, there will be trade off somewhere (the Rifts version's trade off was money, since yall dont worry about that, there has to be some give and take involved)
[08:20:18] GM: anyhoo, for the next fifteen to twenty minutes the Garudan pilot navigates you thru the Shoals, a series of micro fold faults that surround the area out to 45 to 50 ly away from Kokiri, (give or take) consider it an archipalago of fold faults, some tiny, some not, (on average 10 ly across)
[08:21:54] GM: The pilot provides you with up to date charts and imparts a few pointers to the navigator on duty and then departs, being dropped off at a orbital facility over Kokiri, a forested world with vast and craggy mountian ranges and deep blue seas.
[08:25:35] GM: The captain decides to mix business with pleasure and has the helm take the ship in to land. On the one hand bringing the shock and awe of a ship the size of an old earth Enterprise class carrier into atmo, and on the other, field testing the ship atmospheric handling as well as it's landing struts.
[08:26:38] 2lt.Alvaro glad to see an earth like planet
[08:26:47] 2Lt. Sarah blinks at that and watches interestedly, a speck nervous.
[08:26:51] GM: Although, the struts arent necessary as the space port is nearby a lake, which is used to land large spacegoing vessles.
[08:27:25] Lt.Col Ishida: Well I'll be. She floats.
[08:27:31] Capt Komillia Maeless watches the decent on whatever venue availible and smiles as she waits for touch down, one way or the other.
[08:27:40] Lt.Col Ishida remarks in a spot of dry humor.
[08:28:18] Capt Kain Crokett: ((WE got leaks in sections 4, 5 and 13. She cannot take the water!))
[08:28:36] GM: ((better grab a bucket and start bailing!))
[08:28:39] 2Lt. Sarah grins.
[08:28:58] GM: ((Or, you could try shooting holes in the hull to let the water out…))
[08:29:21] Capt Kain Crokett: ((Don't give me ideas…))
[08:30:59] GM: You dock, and the ships hangerbay doors taht are above the water line are opened to the crisp air.
[08:32:25] GM: A shore party awaits yall on the pier as the Govorner waits by what looks to be a old Tiresian Hover van
[08:32:31] Capt Kain Crokett breathes in the fresh air. "You know, this almost makes it worth being on a boat with a bunch of UEEFers."
[08:33:56] GM: The dock facility is modern, and relitivly new in terms of construction, but, it is nothing like the state of the art facilities you have seen on Tirol or Aquila.
[08:34:41] Mara greets you as you debark.
[08:34:55] Mara: Welcome to Kokiri! I'm so glad you came.
[08:35:23] Mara gives you the penny tour on the way to Governemnt House.
[08:36:51] 2Lt. Sarah watches and listens attentively
[08:37:02] GM: The colony is very frontier in almost all respects. The majority of structures are prefab, and the roads away from the city center are unpaved.
[08:37:54] 2lt.Alvaro follows the governor quietly through the tour
[08:38:33] GM: Those of you that are history buffs think this place a slightly more modern and built up version of Stanely on the Pre Rain earth Falkland Islands.
[08:39:41] GM: Although the buildings here make more use of trees.
[08:41:28] GM: At Govt house you are introduced to Aerhina Kahi, Colonel, Kokiri Colonial Contabulary, and Barivet Ki, the govoners Trade Commissioner.
[08:42:47] Aerhina: Nice to meet you, welcome to Kokiri.
[08:43:44] Capt Kain Crokett: "Pleasure to meet you, this is a nice planet you have here."
[08:43:49] 2lt.Alvaro bows slightly to Aerhina
[08:44:07] Aerhina: We like to think so, thank you.
[08:44:54] Barivet: So, just the one ship?
[08:45:17] Lt.Col Ishida: For now yes.
[08:45:26] Capt Komillia Maeless: "One ship filled with Marine Raiders. It's all you need."
[08:45:38] Barivet: I see, well, I will admit she is rather impressive.
[08:46:06] Lt.Col Ishida bows her head slightly by way of saying thank you .
[08:47:06] Aerhina: Pardon my, bluntness. But, how much experiance have you on commerce protection?
[08:47:23] Lt.Col Ishida smiles
[08:47:40] Lt.Col Ishida: Our training covers all manner of space borne operations, commerce protection included.
[08:47:57] Aerhina smiles back thinly.
[08:48:01] Aerhina: I see.
[08:48:32] Mara: Ahri, hush now.
[08:48:54] Mara bats the Colonels shoulder with the back of her hand playfully.
[08:49:23] Mara: I'm sure they know what they are doing, or their Commadore wouldnt have sent them all this way.
[08:49:39] Aerhina snorts with a wry smile.
[08:49:48] Aerhina: Of course ma'am.
[08:50:28] Barivet: Regardless mum, you certianlly managed a coup this time.
[08:50:42] Barivet raises his glass to the Govoner.
[08:50:58] Mara sips her drink
[08:51:07] Mara: I'm sure I have no idea what you are talking about Barivet.
[08:51:12] CWO Febrith Nyx smiles at Aerhina, "I assure you, we have the experience in combat needed to wipe out any pirate threat. We're not your worst case scenario of getting green newbs fresh from the academy." [1d100] => [3] = (3) vs 92 Charm/Impress.
[08:51:46] Barivet: I'm sure you dont mum.
[08:52:08] Aerhina nods at Nyx.
[08:52:22] Aerhina: You look rather odd. What species are you?
[08:52:34] Aerhina remarks with no sence of tact.
[08:52:52] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I am Trow, I'm not from this Galactic Arm."
[08:53:23] Aerhina: Would seem the UEEF, sorry, REF now, has ranged further then we had thought.
[08:54:22] 2lt.Alvaro stands and listens to them, glad Nyx has a way with words
[08:56:10] GM: Note that every so often Barivet takes a breath of air from a small mask he has at hand, Aerhina and Mara seem to be doing quite fine without.
[08:57:33] CWO Febrith Nyx: "You find all sorts of interesting things in space."
[08:59:06] Mara: Well here is hopeing that those interesting things happen to be pirates and other nefarious sorts for you to pounce upon and rend to pieces.
[08:59:14] Aerhina: Hear hear!
[09:00:07] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I look forward to dissecting them."
[09:00:24] Lt.Col Ishida coughs slightly.
[09:00:38] 2lt.Alvaro smiles abit
[09:01:25] 2Lt. Sarah ehems a little and looks at Nyx in a concerned manner.
[09:02:15] Barivet: Well, I would love to stay and chat, but I need to get back to the office. By your leave ma'am?
[09:02:15] Cpt. Aylanea blinks at Nyx, wide-eyed.
[09:02:23] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:02:42] Mara: Of course, thank you for stopping by on such short notice narivet, I'll see you tommorrow at the council meeting.
[09:03:12] Barivet: Until then, Aerhina, Colonel Ishida, a pleasure.
[09:03:26] Barivet bows and leaves.
[09:04:34] Aerhina: I should depart as well ma'am.
[09:04:42] Aerhina looks at Ishida.
[09:05:15] Aerhina: I'll have a dossier on our operations and our local threats forwarded to your ship by tommorrow after noon.
[09:05:25] Lt.Col Ishida: I appreicate it.
[09:05:42] Lt.Col Ishida stands and the two exchange military respects.
[09:06:09] Mara: Two harder working people you would be hard pressed to find.
[09:06:37] Mara: Well, not so hard.
[09:06:41] Mara looks at Ishida.
[09:06:52] Mara: If your record is any indication that is.
[09:07:13] Lt.Col Ishida nods graciously
[09:07:29] Mara: So…
[09:07:33] Mara looks at the others.
[09:07:49] Mara: Have you any questions of me?
[09:09:22] Capt Kain Crokett: "How long have these attacks been going on?"
[09:11:41] Mara: About three years,
[09:12:36] Mara: Our colony was only founded four years ago however, so, it took a year we figure for them to figure it out.
[09:13:08] Capt Kain Crokett: "That actually answered my next question."
[09:13:34] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Has pirate activity always been bad in this area of the galaxy?"
[09:14:51] Mara: From what I know, yes, there are of course peaks and lulls, a lot of the piracy around Garuda dried up durng the war, but resurfaced shortly after major combat ended.
[09:15:13] Mara: I guess even pirates have sence enough to go to ground with warships aabout.
[09:15:31] 2Lt. Sarah hmms a little and scratches her head. "Indeed. If it isn't rude to ask, how much of the colony is unmasked? All, or significant percentage? I notice the attempt being made to wean off in one case, and two already in the clear." [1d100] => [68] = (68) trust vs. 97%
[09:16:46] Mara: A fair amount, over 80% I would imagine, which is why most of them are here. We have a few domes for those that aren't of course.
[09:16:49] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:18:55] 2Lt. Sarah nods just a little bit at that. "Hmm." She considers her words. "How much, if any, of the incidents might be coverup for the group calling that a heresy, is what I'm really wondering."
[09:19:46] Mara: I would wager none.
[09:19:54] Mara: Pirates dont care one whit about religion
[09:21:06] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "But those who do could easily disguise themselves with the known markings and such of the pirates, if they wanted to disrupt the colony."
[09:21:28] Mara: Besides, beyond a few incursions planetside, the pirates are only interested in shipping, where they can get in and out easily.
[09:24:10] Mara: Also, the Betrohed's focus is furthest away from commerce. And their presence here is rather small.
[09:25:10] 2Lt. Sarah hmms and nods. "I was more concerned of the group overall having members from elsewhere trying to cut the colony off under the guise of pirate attacks."
[09:25:22] Mara: Of course, since we are the only colony with such a large unmasked population that could all change, but our customes charter managers has done a good job at weeding them out before they can even board transport to Kokiri.
[09:26:08] Mara: That would seem to me to be self defeating. if the colony is undercut and fails, there wold be no more shipping to and from.
[09:26:22] Mara: Then the pirates get noting.
[09:29:34] Capt Kain Crokett: "What I believe the Lieutenant is getting at is that some small terrorism would be a side-benefit for any fanatics who are within the pirates. Not that they pirates as a whole are looking to kill you for being unmasked. It is a concern that we will be cautious of, but I hope there is no need to be."
[09:31:14] Mara: Ahh, I see, that would be more of a concern but for the demographics of the pirate factions.
[09:31:43] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Then most of the pirates are non-Garudan or unmasked themselves?"
[09:31:51] Mara: Most pirates are Tiresian and micronized zentraedi.
[09:32:07] 2Lt. Sarah hmms at that then, and nods.
[09:32:13] CWO Febrith Nyx chuckles a bit, "That does make some sense then."
[09:32:31] Mara: With a few Karberran and humans mixed in, moslty disaffected ex military sorts.
[09:33:19] 2Lt. Sarah hmms and nods, shushing up.
[09:33:33] Mara: Most pirate bands shun Garudans, becuase of our abilities and limitations, That isn't to say that there are no Garudan pirates, just that they arent very common.
[09:36:04] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((I got no more questions.))
[09:37:20] 2Lt. Sarah frowns slightly at people being shunned, but nods again.
[09:41:26] GM: You chit chat and engage in small talk for a little while more and then return to the ship. The captain has Kain, his #2 and the CAG and the XO report some time later for a staff meeting.
[09:43:38] 2Lt. Sarah: (( uhoh. ))
[09:43:51] GM: She aks that you prep plans for boarding contingencies, hostage rescue, ground assault, station assault, as well as the more run of the mill escort, recon, and picket duties.
[09:45:43] GM: Sarah is asked to go over all the charts tunred over by kokiri traffic control.
[09:46:22] Capt Kain Crokett nods, and makes notes of interior layouts.
[09:46:48] Cpt. Aylanea nods and peeks over the plans.
[09:47:17] 2Lt. Sarah nods quickly, calling up the charts to go over quickly, and analyze any patterns and whatnot within them.
[09:48:55] Lt.Col Ishida: Once their Constubal delivers her intell to us we will weigh anchor and break orbit. Until we have parced the data we will be given I intend to patrol the run's transition points, followed by usig us as a convoy escort when feasible.
[09:50:30] Lt.Col Ishida: Ay, once we arrive at the respective tranition points, first on the Kilo Golf run, then the Kilo Sierra run, I want you and sensors to team up and use our Ghosts and our Delta's to scout the area, get a baseline of whats out there, and whats supposed to be out there.
[09:51:25] Cpt. Aylanea nods at that. "Acknowledged, ma'am."
[09:51:26] That's the Tab key, Dave
[09:51:36] Lt.Col Ishida: Each transition point is roughly a sphere a light year across, so, you wil have a lot of ground to cover.
[09:52:18] Lt.Col Ishida: Hopefully with your assets we can extend our sensor range so we can complete the sweep in as few passes as we can.,
[09:52:31] Cpt. Aylanea nods at that.
[09:53:19] Lt.Col Ishida: I also wnat you and Kain to make sure that the men are well versed in Tirolian and Zent tractics and mecha capabilities, there /will/ be quizzes later.
[09:53:55] Cpt. Aylanea nods quickly at that. "Understood, ma'am." She glances to Kain quickly.
[09:55:19] Lt.Col Ishida: Kain, once this meeting breaks, I want you to get with Nyx, let her know that I'll be sendig her what personel information the Kokiri papers have on the various pirates out there. I want her to start dossiers, on all of them.
[09:55:23] Capt Kain Crokett nods.
[09:56:12] Lt.Col Ishida: Also have yourself and her go over your interrogation SOP's I'll want any captured pirate milked of all he or she knows before we space them.
[09:56:31] Lt.Col Ishida: Or, turnthem ove, as the case may be.
[09:56:40] Lt.Col Ishida allows that concession with Sarah sitting right there
[09:56:44] Capt Kain Crokett: "Oh I'm sure we won't have an issue with that."
[09:57:19] 2Lt. Sarah smiles just a little.
[09:57:29] Lt.Col Ishida sighs
[09:58:34] 2lt.Alvaro plays tiddlywinks
[09:59:13] Lt.Col Ishida: That being said, I want you to have your boarding parties get with medical before and after any operation. They will likely be seeing the leaving of incredibly cruelty and callousness. I want to make sure that it doesnt become a burdan, however, on the other hand, since we know it will be seen, let us make use of it to steel them men's resolve.
[09:59:43] GM: Kains number 2 should not be playing tiddlywink ina meetng, bad form old bean
[09:59:50] 2Lt. Sarah glances over to Kain, smiling just a little more, a little more of a naughty smile at that point. She nods then at Suki's comment, wincing at the thought.


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