Book II Chapter I - Act 1 - Part One


[07:09:16] GM: The trip from Tirol will take 2 days in and out of foldspace. Ay, you have that long to deal with your personnel issue.
[07:09:19] 2Lt. Sarah: surprisingly, when I redid my playlists on switching music players on my phone, voice to text understood most of what I said when it was totally quiet
[07:10:21] 2Lt. Sarah: (( anyway ))
[07:10:46] GM: Sooo…
[07:11:06] Capt Komillia Maeless plays tiddlywinks in her room, waiting on Ay to show for the "discussion".
[07:11:57] 2lt.Alvaro thinks about his loss in the chess game
[07:12:33] Cpt. Aylanea grumbles softly as she gets off shift and heads for Komillia's room, tapping on the door once she gets there.
[07:13:03] Capt Komillia Maeless opens the door, "Yes, Captain?"
[07:16:46] Cpt. Aylanea steps in and sighs, grumbling. "Look, before we start, I want you to know, I /do/ remember before. And I did try to explain it, only to have it implied I was going to be landed hard on /worse/ for it, for saying so…"
[07:17:49] Capt Komillia Maeless shrugs her shoulders, "You think this is new to me? I've had more people ride on me for not using missiles than I care to count."
[07:22:04] Cpt. Aylanea sighs and nods. "I'm sure." She shakes hier head. "Wonder how many were doing it of their own accord. I'm actually not, I actually know you enough that I wasn't going to say anything. Then I damned near got burned at the stake for it. Obviously certain other people don't seem to care about 'before' anymore either. Because she was one of the ones glaring. Anyone ever mention this, that it wasn't only about you? I'm new enough i nmy job to get burned by it and removed from it as well."
[07:22:09] Capt Komillia Maeless: "So if your here to punish me for disobeying orders, get it over with, just know that I'm not changing my mind. My code of honor, tarnished though it may be, is the only legacy I can leave in this world."
[07:23:23] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Well, if we're talking about 'before'. I seem to remember having one of the highest kill counts in the squadron."
[07:23:37] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Never once using an abomination."
[07:27:28] Cpt. Aylanea sighs. "I know that." She looks down. "I was sorry to hear that happened, honestly I was." She looks down. "I'm gonna get roasted alive if I don't add it on your record at least, though. And yes, I /do/ know that." She sighs and shakes her head. "But again, I have to say something officially, and send on a repor to those above of the end results of the discussion."
[07:28:12] Capt Komillia Maeless: "I understand, not your fault."
[07:28:55] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Some guy Samurai Girl has working for her that has a ten foot pole up his butt."
[07:32:24] Cpt. Aylanea sighs and shakes her head. "She seemed upset with it as well. That's why I have to say so much." She looks down. "Anyway, I've said my piece, and just so it's on the record, will say again that officially you need to seriously reconsider it. Anyway, I've kept you confined to quarters, you probably nieed to go eat somethign or such though by now."
[07:35:19] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Thanks, I'll go grab somthing to eat. Need me to do some time doing KP or soemthing, just to keep your higher ups off you for a bit longer?"
[07:36:13] Cpt. Aylanea nods. "Suppose so, somethin like that." She nods. "I'll make note it's been done in the report."
[07:38:07] GM: ((Nothing more to add on tht?))
[07:38:18] Capt Komillia Maeless: ((not really…))
[07:38:20] Cpt. Aylanea: (( sigh. ))
[07:38:32] GM: Just checking, to see if I can move on
[07:38:41] GM: Dont wanna inturrupt
[07:38:43] Cpt. Aylanea: (( yes ))
[07:40:32] Cpt. Aylanea: (( she'll go write her report, saying she spoke to Komi, issued punishment for issue, end results and responses of discussion, consideration of future measures. And will start writing at least one of transfer papers, off record. ))
[07:42:08] GM: You figure it might have been 5 minutes after you finish tyrping that up when a yoeman knocks on the door informing you the Capn would like a word.
[07:43:33] Cpt. Aylanea frowns and nods. "Ah yes." She pauses what she was working on, to head up to speak to the captain.
[07:44:45] GM: You arrive etc and enter her Day Cabin, she montiones for you to sit after the formal etiquette is taken care of
[07:45:10] Lt.Col Ishida: So, how was your little chat?
[07:49:05] 2lt.Alvaro : .
[07:49:05] Cpt. Aylanea nods, and sits, sighing softly. "She's not going to budge on it. Her personal honor is everything to her, and she'll hold to it clean out of the service if it comes to it."
[07:49:10] Cpt. Aylanea: (( . . ))
[07:49:22] Cpt. Aylanea: (( thinking about my line. Sorry. ))
[07:49:54] Cpt. Aylanea: (( my method of censoring potentially bad lines, and trying to avert typos somewhat ))
[07:49:59] Lt.Col Ishida nods as she sits, leaning back slightly in her chair, her fingers steepled in front of her face, forfingers touching her nose.
[07:50:48] Lt.Col Ishida: And have you arrived at any solutions to your problem?
[07:52:40] Cpt. Aylanea frowns. "I am certainly looking into solutions. The wrong solution is as bad as no solution, after all."
[07:53:14] Lt.Col Ishida: That much is obvious.
[07:54:05] Lt.Col Ishida sits forward.
[07:57:52] Cpt. Aylanea: (( I sees a lot of typing being done ))
[07:59:44] Lt.Col Ishida: The issue the XO and myself have on this issue CAG, is rather stright forward. Regardless of Captains Maeless' personal code of ethics, there are times in war where one simply cannot hold true to them and still do their job. In one on one combat there would be no issue. hoever, in this case, a friendly ship, one we massacred a ship's worth of crewman to protect over, was in danger of being herself, sunk. Would a missile from Maeless's Skorpion mattered in the long run? Who is to say. However, all means at our disposal need to be employed when defending others in our care; and those corvettes where a clear and present danger. Now, so that we are clear. As to my pique. You know her history, and if you wish to help her along with her beliefs that is commendable, that being said, it is incumbant upon you to ensure that, shall we say, the tool fits the task.
[08:08:33] Cpt. Aylanea sighs. "Then I suggest you be prepared to remove her from her position. Her ship can be loaded with missiles, she has openly indicated once again that she is unwilling to bend, and will not fire them. Again. She is not going to change that. It has been utterly refused. And will be refused all the way up the chain until the one who boots her from the service for it. If that makes me responsible for not being able to convince her, well, there is little that can be done from my position about it."
[08:08:39] GM: While Carrrie is in edit mode, is there anything the others would like to do?
[08:11:26] Lt.Col Ishida raises an eyebrow and looks at Ay as if to say. "Really?"
[08:12:14] Lt.Col Ishida: Well, it would seem that there it is. I'm sure you will figure something out. If that is all, you are dismissed.
[08:12:31] Cpt. Aylanea: "She was highly effective in the previous squad without them, I do not see that effectiveness diminishing either." She nods. "Understood."
[08:12:34] Cpt. Aylanea turns and departs.
[08:12:47] Lt.Col Ishida: Oh, one question Ay.
[08:13:02] 2lt.Alvaro is in the gym
[08:13:50] Cpt. Aylanea stops. "Yes?"
[08:13:55] CWO Febrith Nyx goes to the gym and works out and sees Alvaro, "So what's good strength training I keep getting harassed for poor physical strength in the fitness exams?"
[08:14:14] Lt.Col Ishida: Refresh my memory. How many crew are aboard a Skorpion?
[08:16:46] 2lt.Alvaro puts down his dumbells and looks to Nyx "Depends. There are different types of being strong. What part of the exam are you having problem with?"
[08:16:53] Cpt. Aylanea pauses just a moment, blinks, and ooohs. "Assign someone else with her. Understood." She almost facepalms. "Must write a reminder to myself to look less far afield when trying to figure things. I will examine the roster for someone to back seat her."
[08:17:17] Lt.Col Ishida winks then turns back to her work.
[08:17:22] Lt.Col Ishida: That will be all Captian.
[08:17:54] Cpt. Aylanea nods, blushing heavily. "Yes, ma'am."
[08:18:03] Cpt. Aylanea slips out, and really does facepalm in the hallway.
[08:19:10] GM: And now you are left wondering if she enjoyed that torture she just put you thru…
[08:19:22] Cpt. Aylanea slips off and cancels the KP duty for Komi as well, informing her of the discussion that went on. Before downing a bottle of pepto bismol, and banging her head on her desk idly.
[08:19:26] Cpt. Aylanea: (( oh, no doubt of that ;) ))
[08:20:56] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Fine, I guess. If someone else wants to fire the souless abominations fine. But they stay off my guns, and I'm not bending over backwards to give them a shot."
[08:21:58] Cpt. Aylanea also deletes the transfer papers on the pad for herself, shaking her head, and respodning no the comm. "They'll probably be firing before you're in gun range, so no worries. That's the whole thing, those get fired off before you get into gun range. Softens the target so your guns will get you more kills. When they're not chaffed and flared to hell. Which is… most o fthe time anyway."
[08:23:09] GM: So, in the gym…
[08:24:01] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Pushups, weight lifting and the like. I'm fine with actual endurance, I jsut have trouble lifting more than 1/4 my own weight."
[08:25:16] 2Lt. Sarah slips into the gym as well, mostly toying with a punching bag, with fists and legs, for her workout. She waves to the other two, quickly, as well.
[08:25:54] 2lt.Alvaro nods to Nyx "Alright, I suggest some light weight bench pressing; probably 75 pounds to start or so. I can spot you if you want"
[08:26:21] 2lt.Alvaro notices Sarah and gives her a wave
[08:26:42] CWO Febrith Nyx: "That would be good."
[08:28:24] 2lt.Alvaro motions to a neabyr bench for Nyx "If you wish to start or we can figure out a personal regiment"
[08:28:26] CWO Febrith Nyx sets up some light weights and tries to work out. It's not bad, but she is struggling against the weight.
[08:30:15] GM: ((continue on with the gym?))
[08:30:29] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:30:33] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((if the others want to, yes.))
[08:30:54] GM: ((thats why I'm asking, was a long pause since last post there …))
[08:31:03] 2lt.Alvaro spots Nyx for the remaining of the time
[08:31:11] 2lt.Alvaro : (yes we can continue)
[08:31:43] 2Lt. Sarah keeps her toying with the bag, watching the others and still toying with the thing, not entirely serious, or more accurately, working on trying improve on quickness of delivery, rather than increasing the mipact.
[08:32:17] GM: As you two spot, and Sarah does whatever it is she does a gaggle of marines already in, working on their martial arts proceed to beat the crap out of each other on the mat.
[08:33:50] 2lt.Alvaro asks Nyx "Do you want to try more weigh or work on your arms some?"
[08:34:05] 2lt.Alvaro : weight*
[08:34:28] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Yeah, sure. Just enough to get less harassment at the tests would be good."
[08:35:58] 2lt.Alvaro adds 15 more pounds for 90. Watches her carefully
[08:36:07] GM: (I bet!)
[08:36:19] 2lt.Alvaro : (hehe not into aliens, yet)
[08:36:41] GM: (Her dark quavering sweat drenched skin, heaving chest as she strains under the weight…plays some barry White)
[08:37:02] GM: (Not into her…yet…giggity
[08:37:06] 2lt.Alvaro : ;-)
[08:37:08] CWO Febrith Nyx is now struggling against the weights hard and is clearly at her limit. "Sharess's tits, I've had less strenuous orgies."
[08:38:11] 2lt.Alvaro aids her if needed and is abit surprised by the outburst. "More info than I needed to know but curious, who is Sharess?"
[08:40:17] GM: Nyx?
[08:41:28] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Sharess is our creator goddess. To put into terms you humans might understand, she's our Christ figure."
[08:42:58] 2Lt. Sarah tries to bounce around the bag, watchinghte other Marines beating the crap out of one another, pondering whether to join that or not.
[08:43:58] 2lt.Alvaro nods "Gotcha. Anyways, you did good. Just need to do this strength workout about every other day follow by some arm reps"
[08:44:43] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Thanks, I'll do that."
[08:45:21] 2lt.Alvaro : "Glad I could help. If you need help or just want someone to workout with; just ask."
[08:46:51] CWO Febrith Nyx: "If you ever need help unwinding just ask. Or to play chess with. My brain is almost as good as my looks."
[08:47:52] 2lt.Alvaro smiles and nods to Nyx "Thanks and will keep that in mind, especially about the chess." He takes a drink from his water bottle and asks Sarah "Do you think you can take any of them?"
[08:47:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:48:17] 2Lt. Sarah blinks a little at that question and laughs justa bit, shaking her head. "Somehow, I don't think I'm quite big enough, to be honest." She smiles.
[08:48:25] GM: ((them? she IS a them! Marine that is.))
[08:48:58] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lo; ))
[08:49:01] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol too ))
[08:49:05] 2lt.Alvaro : (shhhh)
[08:49:25] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((AFK, bio))
[08:49:42] 2lt.Alvaro : "I never really seen that size is a matter; if you have the heart and toughnes it can be done"
[08:52:19] 2Lt. Sarah laughs a bit at that and shrugs. "Well, my job is to fly planes. So I figure I shouldn't get all smacked up on a mat before I might have to go flying, if I get crunched too much, they sometimes don't let me go back in until they think I'm okay. Even if I'm better by the time I'd have to do it."
[08:53:20] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Back))
[08:53:33] 2lt.Alvaro nods "alright but I would be rooting for ya"
[08:54:02] Capt Komillia Maeless walks in on the "heart" line, "That almost sounds like soemthing I would say."
[08:54:37] 2Lt. Sarah laughs. "I'll think about it then. Some people don't liik eseeing me bleed either. I'm one of them." she grins.
[08:56:11] 2lt.Alvaro a quirk a brow "ummm ok." he looks to Komillia "just something I've learned"
[08:56:52] Cpt. Aylanea bounds into the gym a little bit after, looking around quickly, looking for a full bag and trying to do a kick-off and backflip from it. [1d20+9] => [1,9] = (10) (to make sure I don't fail kickoff), and [1d100] => [35] = (35) vs. 88% (backflip)
[08:57:10] Cpt. Aylanea misses the bag, and plants butt first on the floor. Yep! And giggles.
[08:57:29] Cpt. Aylanea: (( or whatever else evil the GM wants to do fro someone bounding in, trying to kick off a bag, and critfailing ))
[08:57:32] GM: And with that 1…that CAG hits the number two wire, with her butt.
[08:58:09] Cpt. Aylanea giggles and hops back up, looking around.
[08:58:14] GM: followed by the bag swinging wildly and bonking her on the backswing
[08:58:42] Cpt. Aylanea eeks at that and gets bonked back down to the ground. "Ooof"
[08:58:45] 2lt.Alvaro looks to Ay "you ok Captain?"
[08:59:07] Cpt. Aylanea glances up and laughs, laying back on the mat. "I'm fine…"
[08:59:36] GM: Those in there that saw, howl in laughter.
[08:59:52] 2lt.Alvaro does a slow nod and turns to take a drink
[09:00:13] Capt Komillia Maeless: "CAG, I thought you were more coordinated me."
[09:00:42] Cpt. Aylanea giggles as well, anyway. glancing to Komi. "Well, I usually am. But not when I'm trying to do something funny. Oh well."
[09:01:29] GM: A day later the ship defolds over Garuda.
[09:03:42] Capt Komillia Maeless: ((Garudamon….))
[09:04:10] GM: The planet has a respectable orbital infrastructure and defense net. Most of the seen traffic are frighters with a few garfish here and there. As you approach a large space station you notice the Hin'taka the GDF flagship, a Sian Macross Class gunboat.
[09:07:21] GM: The Havoc is cleared for approach and you can now see some of the other ships of TF181, mainly Hayes and Garfish class. You can see at least two Ikazuchis and one Shimikaze class ship as well.
[09:07:33] 2Lt. Sarah watches the view, smiling a little.
[09:07:59] Capt Komillia Maeless: ((Beware the Reflex Cannon! She's more effective than the Synchro…))
[09:08:26] GM: Garauda system Controllers welcome you to orbit and slot you into a paraking orbit some 5000km from the station.
[09:08:39] Capt Kain Crokett stands in awe of the Macross-class, nodding approvingly.
[09:08:47] 2lt.Alvaro doesnt watch, just sits waiting incase anything happens
[09:11:41] Cpt. Aylanea smiles at the view, looking out at all of it.
[09:12:06] GM: The captian of the Havoc heads with her XO over to the TF181 flagship to formally report on station. Once the Havoc has been settled she is put on condition SQ4. The captian takes the 1MC before departing. "Station Pass is authroized during off duty hours. Welcome to Garuda. Splice the Mainbrace. Havoc Actual clear."
[09:13:46] 2lt.Alvaro (enter): 21:13
[09:14:15] GM: The space station is about half the size of SSl in her heyday, and the construction is decidedly alien, almost reminisint to a tree, with a trunk forming the station core, the canopy the admin and crew areas, and the roots the docking clusters.
[09:15:43] GM: Okay then.
[09:16:44] Cpt. Aylanea blinks at the station design.
[09:17:19] Capt Kain Crokett: "I think I've seen this before, but shouldn't there be a garden and a snake?"
[09:17:44] 2Lt. Sarah grins. "Be cooler to have the ships in the dome, and not have the roots. Look like the starbases on Trek then."
[09:19:44] Capt Kain Crokett: "What's Trek?"
[09:20:33] GM: The Captian returns and informs her senior staff that there will be a welcome gala hosted by the Garudan Government aboard the station that night and that the captians and senior staffs of the ships of TF18 are invited.
[09:20:53] GM: ((TF181))
[09:22:00] 2Lt. Sarah smiles. "old tv show." She shushes when the captain returns though, blinking at the announcement.
[09:23:11] GM: Later that evening you take the Havocs pair of Rabbits over to the station wearing your military finery
[09:24:15] 2lt.Alvaro finds the dress attire uncomfortable.
[09:24:37] 2Lt. Sarah shifts just a little hin her dress uniform, nervously.
[09:24:58] Cpt. Aylanea squirms outright in hers, sighing softly.
[09:26:14] GM: The stations interior is fastooned with plant life looking more like a botanical garden in places thena space station. Areas are clearly marked as requiring air filters and masks for non garudan's while you are shown towards the visitors center's main hall. as you arrive you can see suits and tails (punny! but seriously, thank you Tcats 2011 for a nie restyling)
[09:26:22] GM: (nice restyling)
[09:26:47] CWO Febrith Nyx is dressed to impress, expecting quite a few people to stand at attentions.."
[09:26:58] GM: giggity
[09:28:02] GM: For those 'new' to the crew, the senior staff's fruit salads by and large dwarf those of virtually 90% of the other REF officers present.
[09:28:22] Capt Kain Crokett wonders what all the hub-bub is for, bub.
[09:28:53] GM: Nyx, these Garudan's look a LOT like the ferals of old Sheran lore
[09:30:05] CWO Febrith Nyx tries not to grin."
[09:30:16] GM: The Cpatian is inher mess dress with her Diasho and all her glitz and glitter.
[09:30:24] 2lt.Alvaro shifts alilttle as he feels out of place
[09:32:23] GM: A Garudan female approaches the group and rasises both hands palm forward and says "Gheths'par dravio Hin shann. Fvidrro d'elrach."
[09:33:11] GM: She then smiles and translates her own words for you "I have glimpsed Unity. May we forever share breath."
[09:33:55] GM: The captain replies in the proper garudan pharse memorized for just such an occurance.
[09:35:04] GM: The Garudan nods and smiles again. (by the way, she isn't wearing a breath mask) "Welcome to Garuda, please enjoy yourselves and partake of the refreshments."
[09:35:31] GM: Free RP
[09:36:28] GM: Meanwhile in the background a chamber orchastra plays classica music that is preffered by their human visitors
[09:37:14] 2lt.Alvaro definitely out of place and heads quietly to the food
[09:38:13] Cpt. Aylanea blinks just a little at the chamber orchestra, glancing around a little at everything, staying with the group as a matter of security. She glances to the food as well, smiling just a little and slipping to get something small.
[09:38:21] Capt Komillia Maeless looks around at the refreshments, "I was half expecting to need a rebreather."
[09:39:53] 2Lt. Sarah nods a little to Komi. "Yeah…" She scratches her head slightly. "Kinda thought something would be required by someone on that front, really." She shrugs. "Can't complain really about itnot being the case, of course…"
[09:40:51] 2lt.Alvaro gets a few finger foods and a drink he then asks the group "What are we doing here exactly?"
[09:42:12] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(4) 2lt.Alvaro ' from server… Removing dead client
[09:42:13] 2lt.Alvaro (exit): 21:42
[09:42:51] Cpt. Aylanea: "schmoozing with people that early in some of our careers we would have probably ttried to keep some distance from, mostly." She grins.
[09:43:26] Capt Kain Crokett: "So I guess everyone is here to see the new ship?"
[09:44:13] 2lt.Alvaro nods to both "I think I remember reading something about conflict with some cat people"
[09:44:45] GM: After some minutes there is a chime and you can see the TF181 CO alongside a male Garudan in senatorial garb atop a staircase as the gahtering comes to a hush and turns towards the pair. The garudan Male clears his throat and then presents a toast, welcoming TF181 to the region. He speaks about mutual partnership, and how grateful he is for the task forces presence in the interest of mutual security and cooperation. Once finished, he the TF181 CO with far less eloquance, seconds that emotion and thanks the garudan Clan council for their hospitality etc etc etc
[09:46:00] GM: There is polite applause, and then the Garudan Senator bid the gathering relax, and enjoy themselves, until the meal is served (in about a half hour)
[09:47:13] GM: As you all stand around like a cadet review, your captain mingles and shmoozes with the locals and other ship captians and their staffs, like a fish to water.
[09:47:42] Cpt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:48:07] GM: that was a not so subtle hint you know…
[09:48:41] 2lt.Alvaro wishes to depart to this crap heap but decides to lean against the wall with his feww snacks and drink
[09:50:00] 2Lt. Sarah looks around a little, and tries to be friendly to anyone approaching her at least. She's hesitant, but breaks away from the tight grouping eventually, to see if anyone or anything else interesting is about, near the refreshments especially.
[09:50:56] GM: Sarah you note a Garudan and a human civilian speaking near the punch bowl
[09:51:40] GM: The nod politly at you as you approach and the Garudan notices your ship patch.
[09:52:26] Garudan: Ah, greetings!
[09:53:17] Garudan then notices the rather impressive ribbon rack.
[09:53:22] Garudan: My my!
[09:54:16] 2Lt. Sarah blinks up a little and smiles softly. "Hello there." She blinks at the notice of that, bluishing softly.
[09:55:48] Garudan: My apologies, where are my manners. I am Delath, Clan Ki. And this is my good friend. Bernard Donaldson.
[09:56:22] Bernard: A pleasure, um, Lieutenant is it?
[09:57:09] 2Lt. Sarah smiles a little at that and nods. "Sarah Amdahl, and yes, Second Lieutenant. A pleasure to meet both of you."
[09:57:48] GM: The pair both nod in stately fashion. And Delath continues.
[09:58:33] 2lt.Alvaro finishes his snacks and decides to take a stroll in the nearby hallway away from the crowd
[09:58:48] Delath: I must say, it is fortuitious of your arrival. Your task force that is.
[09:59:43] 2Lt. Sarah smiles a little at that, raising her eyebrows slightly. "Oh? Something going on, or seeming likely to shortly?"
[09:59:57] Bernard: Oh, just the usual.
[09:59:59] Bernard laughs
[10:00:28] Capt Kain Crokett goes about mingling.
[10:00:48] Bernard: Piracy mainly. Ever since the war ended, we've had more and more incidents. But, now that you are here, well, here's hoping that will change.
[10:00:52] Bernard raises his drink.
[10:00:55] CWO Febrith Nyx goes forth trying to pick the biggest politico she can attach herself to.
[10:02:35] GM: Nyx, you find a barrel chested Male engaged in converstaion with a few other Garudans, obviously in the same social strata, but by the body language, junior to him.
[10:03:10] GM: One notices you appraoch and motiones towards you with his chin, and the large male turns to take a look.
[10:03:58] 2Lt. Sarah blinks and frowns a tthat, nodding just slightly. "Hopefully so. The presence of the fleet in system should curtail it partly, as soon as a few are caught."
[10:04:32] Delath: Caught? Ha ha ha!
[10:05:02] Bernard: Delath my old friend, I believe she is being diplomatic.
[10:05:24] Delath: Ah yes, I apologize, but cuaght, yes, quite funny.
[10:05:25] CWO Febrith Nyx swaggers up to the barrel-chested male, "Hello, I'm Febrith Nyx and may I have the pleasure of your name?"
[10:06:06] Garudan smiles toothily
[10:06:34] 2lt.Alvaro enjoys the less noisy hallway
[10:07:12] Garudan: Virwath Kahin, Eldar Senator. And you are?
[10:08:13] 2Lt. Sarah takes note of that, and hmms slightly, offering a smile. "Well, may need to see about that." She makes note to mention it to someone later.
[10:08:30] Bernard notes the confusion and smiles.
[10:08:59] Bernard: Sorry, to a Garudan, our concept of caught is well, like their concept of 'to eat'.
[10:09:25] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Eldar? As in Warhammer 40K?))
[10:09:39] Bernard: I believe that harkens back to the Chaos, where you would have to catch your food.
[10:09:46] Delath nods
[10:10:11] GM: ((Elder, so I cant spell, sue me))
[10:11:31] Delath: Indeed Bernie, indeed.
[10:11:31] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Warrant Officer on the Havoc. I serve as resident psychologist and pilot. I have nearly 100 years experience in both fields. Tell me, what comittees and legislation are you currently working on?"
[10:11:47] Virwath blinks.
[10:11:47] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Ask about his invid wife…))
[10:11:49] 2Lt. Sarah blinks a little bit at that and makes a very tiny face, smiling after. "Er…. oh. Yeah, no. Send them to whatever punishment the government is wanting for it, yes, but… Despite what anyone might have said, I don't eat people."
[10:12:11] GM: ((wrong bernard))
[10:12:28] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I am of a very long lived species, for us 100 years is not as much as it could be."
[10:12:52] Virwath: I see, well, might I presume to say, that you age well.
[10:13:10] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Excuse me, my mastery of languages is not yet up to par, I mean as much as it should be for another species."
[10:13:24] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Thank you very much."
[10:13:39] Virwath nods with a slight bow to the head.
[10:15:05] WO1 Summerwind passes behind Sarah…
[10:15:08] WO1 Summerwind: yes you do…
[10:15:15] CWO Febrith Nyx smiles and tries to get a beed on the way the Garudan thinks, while being as charming as possible. [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 92 Charm/Impress, [1d100] => [99] = (99) vs 68 Psychology
[10:15:23] WO1 Summerwind then disappears into teh crowd as stealthily as she had appeared
[10:15:24] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((FRAK!))
[10:15:58] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((crit success on the charm, guy may as well be putty…))
[10:16:21] GM: Well, let us say that he is impressed
[10:16:33] GM: Never know, this furry might not be into dark elves
[10:16:44] GM: Either way, it's favorable
[10:17:19] GM: On the psych front however, you get nothing.
[10:18:05] Virwath: So tell me Warrent Office on the Havoc. I take it that this is your first visit to Garuda.
[10:18:45] Virwath says, turning towards you now, as one of the two folks he was talking to nod politley and mingles with others as the second Garudan remains to listen in.
[10:19:18] GM: And I think Carrie missed the joke
[10:20:09] 2Lt. Sarah blinks up as she's passed behind and has that claimed ,whirling around and looking back for the voice, turning back and blushing very hard.
[10:20:43] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Indeed it is. I have stories of similar beings to yourselves in my neck of the galaxy, but they would not be well to speak of in polite company. Therefore, I am curious to know what a real beign of your nature is like."
[10:20:58] Bernard blinks, then HE gets it and blushes as well and faceplams.
[10:21:00] Bernard: Oy…
[10:21:46] GM: ((beign?))
[10:22:16] Delath looks at bernard quizzically.
[10:22:48] 2Lt. Sarah sighs just a little at that. "Sorry about that. Just a long time friend who thinks she's really funny. And /is/ very silly."
[10:22:58] Bernard: Nothing Del, it's nothing. Let us just say that military folk have…odd and unusual ways.
[10:23:54] GM: ((james, beign?, not sure what you mean there)
[10:24:02] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((being))
[10:24:04] 2lt.Alvaro finishes his drink and sits it down somewhere and continues to walk.
[10:24:47] Virwath: Hmm, well, normally I would suggest you read a book, but, for you I can spare some time.
[10:25:03] Virwath replies, and you figure, for a pompous ass, he's trying to be polite
[10:25:37] Virwath: We are ones of the Hin, of the sacred breath.
[10:25:55] CWO Febrith Nyx grins slyly, "Perhaps we should find time later to discuss it more privately?"
[10:26:23] Virwath: As you can see by this station, we strive to live close to nature, and not mold it unecessarily.
[10:27:16] GM: The person next to Virwath clears his throat slightly and Virwath snorts slightly witha smile.
[10:27:36] Virwath: A tempting offer but one I will respectfully decline.
[10:28:55] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I see, I shall look forward to what you can share. So you rely heavily on biotech or is it you simply keep your footprint small?"
[10:28:57] GM: The Garudan looks up at Virwath. "Sir, I do believe I see Senatress Kiva…
[10:29:23] Virwath: Ah, yes yes, thank you. It was a pleasure Warrent officer on the Havoc.
[10:29:34] CWO Febrith Nyx: "A pleasure."
[10:29:45] Virwath is escorted away and what is now obviously a personal aide glares reprovingly at Nyx.
[10:30:22] 2Lt. Sarah hrmphs just a little and blushes still, sighing. "Must remember to tell Captain Madresa about that. If the voice is who I thought it was, well… I'm sure she'll be more entertained dealing with them than I would." She smiles a tiny bit then.
[10:30:59] Bernard: I'm sure on some level I'd like to hear more, but, I imagine that is not for polite company.
[10:33:28] 2Lt. Sarah smiles and shakes her head. "Nope, not at all…" She rubs her hands. "At any rate, a pleasure to speak to both of you. I'll make certain the captain of the ship is aware of the piracy issues, at any rate."
[10:33:40] Bernard nods
[10:34:06] Bernard: Thank you yes, a few bands out there are particualry obnoxious.
[10:34:47] 2Lt. Sarah nods at that.
[10:34:58] Mara: Obnoxious! Obnoxious!? Gah, you have a gift for understatement Bernard. Why wont you and your trade commissions admit that we have a real problem!
[10:35:14] Delath groans
[10:35:21] Bernard sighs
[10:35:42] Bernard: And a good evening to you too Govoner ferine.
[10:35:52] Mara: Humph!
[10:36:19] Delath tugs on Bernards elbow and both make their 'escape'
[10:36:50] Mara growls slightly as the other two retreat then wheels on Sarah and points a finger at her collor bone.
[10:37:15] Mara: Those pirates out there!…
[10:37:21] Mara pauses and sighs
[10:37:29] Mara: Sorry, sorry, didnt mean to snap.
[10:38:03] Capt Kain Crokett tries to intervene, "Ma'am, I'm sure they are, and if we can find them and dispatch them, then we shall."
[10:39:43] Mara: Well, I hope so…again, sorry for acting like a rabid Valk. I'm Mara, Mara Ferine, Governor General of the Kokiri colony.
[10:40:20] Mara: It's just infuriating!
[10:40:27] Mara snarl snorts
[10:41:25] Mara: I mean, thank you for being here, but, pardon my cynacysim, but I really dont expect to see any of you out Kokiri way…
[10:42:09] Capt Kain Crokett: "I understand, my own colony has had issues with pirates. We learned we had to rely on ourselves to vanguish them. Hopefully, the Havoc will be able to avert that situation from occuring with your colony."
[10:42:12] 2lt.Alvaro decides to stop and watch out a window quietly at all the ships and such.
[10:42:14] Mara: They'll have you prancing about here or along the major trade routes showing the flag, but never where the real trouble is.
[10:42:42] Mara slumps and blows an errent strand of hair from her face.
[10:43:08] Mara ears perk up slightly.
[10:43:10] Mara: havoc?
[10:43:33] Mara: You mean that fat…I mean beautiful ship out there with the whiskers?
[10:44:17] 2lt.Alvaro : (hehe)
[10:44:23] Capt Kain Crokett laughs, "Yes, I prefer more streamlined designs myself. The one thing they got right was not have the command section exposed."
[10:45:00] Mara: Then whats that thing poking out front then?
[10:45:00] 2Lt. Sarah makes note of the colony name, and snickers at Kain's comment. "Yeah…"
[10:45:13] Mara hold a finger out like a hook.
[10:46:28] Capt Kain Crokett puts his finger out like hook as well, "I'm sorry for not being more familiar with your customs. Is this some sort of greeting?"
[10:46:57] Mara: Um, no, it's…oh never mind.
[10:47:45] Mara: So what kind of ship is it anyway, I've never seen one like it before.
[10:48:38] Mara: I mean, it sure is bigger then those Garfish out there,
[10:49:40] Mara: [1d100] => [80] = (80)
[10:50:11] Mara unceramonioulsy ladels out a cup of punch and drinks it
[10:50:43] 2lt.Alvaro continues he walk about
[10:50:50] 2lt.Alvaro : his*
[10:51:29] 2lt.Alvaro : (afk)
[10:51:34] Capt Kain Crokett: "It's a new kind of ship. It's meant to be a "multi-theater assault and support ship" basically it goes anywhere and does anything that isn't hazardous terrain, like lava or a black hole."
[10:52:02] Mara ears flit in thought.
[10:52:05] Mara: Really?
[10:52:53] Capt Kain Crokett: "Pretty much, it's new enough that hasn't actually done any of it, but that's the basic idea. Beyond that, I'm pretty sure would be a bad idea to talk about."
[10:53:11] Mara: Oh, right, sorry.
[10:54:01] GM: There is another chime nd the ushers appear as if conjoured to bring the folks into the dining hall.
[10:54:25] Mara: Ah, feeding time for the…err, sorry…
[10:54:44] 2Lt. Sarah laughs a little a tthat.
[10:54:57] 2lt.Alvaro heads to check the chime
[10:55:04] Mara: Well, it was nice meeting you all, I really hope I see you all again.
[10:55:31] Capt Kain Crokett: "Pleasure meeting you, Governor."
[10:57:02] 2Lt. Sarah nods. "Very much a pleasure meeting you, madam governor." She offers a smile.
[10:57:34] GM: You are ushered in and are taken to your tables, as in all functions, the higher in the pecking order the closer to the head table you are. The REF folks being the guests of honor are naturally towards the front based on rank and seniority, interspersed with similar rank and seniority of the garudan delegation for that feeling of mutuality, then the rank and file, and then the social outcasts taht had to be invited, (the section in which Miss Ferine is sat)


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