Book II Prologue - Act 1 - Part 1


[08:17:41] GM: Okay, you ahve all, ove the last month arrived on Tirol and, or if already there, on to the newly refurbished Trinity Yards.
[08:20:31] GM: Your orders are to report to Trinity, and then make your way to the RNS Havoc NLT 1200hrs on the 5th (it's the 4th now)
[08:20:54] LtJG Silver: (( sry hey lol was fixin stuff :P ))
[08:21:09] LtJG Silver: (( greetings im LV ))
[08:21:18] LtJG Silver: (( er tony whichever works lol ))
[08:23:09] Capt Kain Crokett verifies his quarters situation and drops his stuff off before heading off to report to the duty officer for Trinity.
[08:24:29] 2Lt. Sarah boards Trinity, confirming her quarters on a pad along the way, and looking around at the station at large, making note of time, not wanting tobe late to the Havoc.
[08:25:34] GM: The shipyard is full of activity. outside you can see UEEF/REF ships undergoing refit, repair, and some are plain being built.
[08:26:23] 2Lt.Alvaro double checks his transfer orders on pad and goes about getting to his quarters.
[08:26:56] GM: this is a military only yard as well, but there is a large contingent of civvies abarod, mainly contractors, engineers their famalies and the staff that supports them (i.e hotel and shop owners etc)
[08:27:40] GM: You all check into Transient Quarters (military hotels used to bunk overnight or for shot amounts of time as you make your way from duty station to duty station)
[08:29:25] GM: Anything you wish to do once checked in?
[08:29:48] GM: Or do you want to head directly to your new posting, orders said No later then, not at 1200 exactly
[08:31:51] 2Lt. Sarah looks around at the station and facilities a bit, before heading to the Havoc.
[08:31:56] LtJG Silver drops his gear off at his quarters after checking in and heads down to the gee dunk to try and get something in his stomache (( please pardon any slow responce on my part im multi tasking think im getting sick ~_~ ))
[08:31:57] Capt Kain Crokett will check on an Lafiel (his wife) and chat with her for a while before reporting in. ((Unless this is assignment where she gets to tag along, then he'll make sure she's settled.))
[08:32:03] GM: Looking for anything in particular?
[08:32:40] GM: ((unless she is military then no, this isnt the USS Enterpirse
[08:33:03] Capt Komillia Maeless drops her gear and then reports in, she figures she'll have time later to go shopping for her otaku and cosplay stuff.
[08:34:35] CWO Febrith Nyx will look into the local watering holes and tries to get the skinny on the dirt that goes around here, never know when a criminal contact will come in handy. [1d100] => [65] = (65) vs 92 Charm (she won't go the extra mile of using all of her skills, yet.)
[08:35:35] GM: Komi as you go to pay for your goodies a lil alert pops up on your smart phone doohicky as the money transfer is made (all regards to whom you have watching over your finances) it lets you know how much you have left in your 'allowance' and a chibi face of Suki pops up and scolds you with a canned cliche saying of "Planning for your future begins in the present!"
[08:35:45] 2Lt.Alvaro drops his gear and heads to rec room to pass time with some pool and darts to relax
[08:35:54] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[08:36:27] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ ))
[08:38:12] GM: The watering hole is a wellappointed restaraunt, multi level affari with an eatery and bar on the lower levels with the entertainment of video games and pool and such on the second with tables to eat along the massive crystoplast window that offers a commanding view of the transient ship slips.
[08:39:02] GM: Outside you can see a pair of Garfish dwarfed by the massive hulk of a docked Liberator class battleship.
[08:40:27] 2Lt. Sarah looks around at the shops, mostly seeing what's available, not buying anything yet. She heads to pick up a speck of food as well, looking out at the battleship interestedly.
[08:40:29] Capt Komillia Maeless: ((rofl))
[08:42:19] GM: Nyx, you hear the skinny about the usual, pirates, political crap, rumors of Haydonite holdouts refusing to roll over like the whipped dogs they are.
[08:43:51] GM: Nyx, you also notice that you are semi the center of attention as your race is rather rare in these parts.
[08:44:13] GM: In fact the only other one that you can see is sitting next to a familier face.
[08:45:06] GM: Anything else there Sarah?
[08:45:11] GM: I mean, it's a battleship!
[08:45:38] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol. ))
[08:45:39] GM: Silver, you stop on by and grab youself noms
[08:45:58] 2Lt. Sarah turns back after a moment, to grab some noms, and settle into eating.
[08:46:02] CWO Febrith Nyx smiles and notes the battleship, wondering how many more people she's going to need to seduce and manipulate before getting one of her own.
[08:46:06] 2Lt. Sarah: (( :p ))
[08:46:07] LtJG Silver: (( kk sry lol ^_^ ))
[08:46:07] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rar ))
[08:46:24] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol @ Nyx ))
[08:46:30] GM: Nyx will become her own weather system, specifically, a Marine Layer
[08:47:36] LtJG Silver enters looking about the shopping outlits before something delisious grips hold of his sence of smell and with a gurgle of his stomach he decides to let it lead the way and get him some noms
[08:48:28] GM: the nose knows and you are seated and given a menu
[08:49:32] CWO Febrith Nyx hands out a few business cards, offering her services as a psychologist, with some suggestive winks to ones that look promising at getting her things she might need.
[08:50:05] GM: Febrith Nyx, PsyD Analrapist
[08:50:20] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[08:50:28] GM: ((for those of you that have seen Arrested Development, you will get that joke))
[08:50:48] Cpt. Aylanea finally gets to Trinity, and heads for her own noms after her checkin.,
[08:51:40] GM: I figure you all who are familier with the others recognize each other as you filter in in dribs and drabs
[08:52:01] Capt Kain Crokett has to deal with Lafiel fretting and threatening to kick in the teeth of the next bastard who tries taking him as a prisoner of war.
[08:52:53] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Hey, medal of honor-winning slugger, how's the world treating you?"
[08:52:56] Cpt. Aylanea looks around for the ones she knows, making sure to flock close to them.
[08:54:04] 2Lt. Sarah just shakes her head. "Politcs and more politics, that's all that was. Had to reject or I was afraid someone would try to shoot me. Still feel the love, really…" She looks worriedly at Komi. "you all right?"
[08:55:01] LtJG Silver reviews the menu befor ordering a salad and water feeling a bit out of place in the new surroundings, new kid syndrome setting in, he decides to keep quiet but observent to the others around the joint
[08:55:08] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Sorta. I kinda got into a "big kid" phase after the sterlization, but you just work through what life hands ya."
[08:55:56] 2Lt. Sarah sighs just a little at that and nods, drooping just a little. "Yeah, I've been worried about you especially since then."
[08:56:20] GM: Silver, you see one of those new races you've been hearng about, Trow or some such milling about in fleet colors hadning out business cards of all things.
[08:57:46] LtJG Silver cant help but stare a kind of eeyore quality to his general features
[08:59:08] GM: Nyx?
[08:59:18] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hehe ))
[09:00:22] CWO Febrith Nyx looks at the sad and mopy one and walks over to the sullen man, "You look like you need more therapy than the rest of the room, combined."
[09:02:12] Cpt. Aylanea blinks at Nyx going after the mopey one, raising her eyebrows and laughing just a little.
[09:02:27] LtJG Silver blinks staring blankly "oh, pardon? me no, sorry"
[09:02:40] 2Lt.Alvaro (enter): 21:02
[09:04:37] LtJG Silver stands his pale complexion and dark features an air of depression about him offers a smile holding a hand out to Nyx " Silver, i didnt mean to stare your just the first i've seen "
[09:04:38] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Yeah, the last time that someone said that to me… Well, let's just say it ended badly. So if nothing else I'll keep ya company. I'm er, Warrant Officer was it? Anyway, I'm Febrith Nyx, and I find your ranking system to be very odd."
[09:05:13] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ flip the two my post after his lol ))
[09:05:22] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I've no issues with staring, I get a lot of it. Even back home. Though that was for sort of different reason."
[09:05:32] 2Lt.Alvaro finishes up a game or two of pool; heads to get a good meal before its dried meals for awhile.
[09:06:12] GM: A few others thank you for a good game as you go off to eat.
[09:07:22] LtJG Silver nods taking a seat after shaking his hand (if he offered his ^_^ ) " i'm just a bit tired its been a long trip for me "
[09:08:44] Capt Komillia Maeless shrugs at the Invid, "I've not been worse, but the UEEF is pretty good about getting people to mental health proffessionals over such things.
[09:10:27] GM: Sarah, your smart phone ping with a reminder to be at a nearby docking slip, to say goodby to a two year old terror along with you know who
[09:11:33] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Uh-huh. I've been on these luxury liners you call military transports. I'd have traded my right arm for things as quiet, comfortable and relaxing as these compared to most of the air travel back on Mareel."
[09:11:44] 2Lt. Sarah sighs a little bit at that and nods, looking down slightly. "Well, I'm glad you've been able to get better, I'm glad to be seeing you again, as well…" She blinks at her phone and frowns. "Er…. damn."
[09:12:26] GM: Komi your phone pings as well
[09:12:52] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Oh my, Suki Jr. the terrible most be showing up."
[09:13:35] LtJG Silver closes his eyes saying a quiet prayer to himself befor tending to his meal pauses from taking a bit looks up at nyx " whats Mareel? "
[09:14:40] 2Lt. Sarah laughs a little a tthat. "Yep… Sounds that way. Guess we'd better go see the little terror, and the big terror as well." She grins a little more.
[09:15:04] Capt Kain Crokett is now getting an earful about little ones, and is waving for a check and a chance to check back into quarters (assuming that Lafiel is basically housed on a military base like a military wife who's husband is out at see, and that base is Trinity.)
[09:15:27] CWO Febrith Nyx: "
[09:15:54] GM: Liefel is likely housed on Tirol, safer then on a station
[09:16:04] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Mareel is my homeworld. I believe you would say it was of a 1920s level of technology by Earth standards. Or was that 1820?"
[09:16:29] Capt Kain Crokett: ((Then odds are she's here to see him off.))
[09:16:40] GM: ((correct))
[09:16:43] 2Lt.Alvaro arrives at the nice restraurant and waits to be seated.
[09:17:00] GM: You are seated forthwith
[09:17:29] Capt Komillia Maeless: "Tiny terrors, I'm not bringing that child another toy to dismantle in three minutes."
[09:17:54] GM: ((bio brb, Sarah & Komi, I'll figure that terror stuff will be off camera))
[09:18:08] 2Lt. Sarah: (( kk ))
[09:18:10] 2Lt. Sarah: (( hee hee ))
[09:18:52] LtJG Silver blinks "sounds very interesting, i havent seen much outside of earth until recent years. So i imagine your still adjusting to alot of the technology then?"
[09:19:05] Capt Komillia Maeless: ((kk))
[09:19:09] 2Lt. Sarah grins a little bit at that and shrugs. "Guess I'll need to do it then." She laughs and nods.
[09:19:13] LtJG Silver: (( Tyrol not earth :P ))
[09:19:18] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ ))
[09:20:28] GM: ((back))
[09:20:36] 2Lt.Alvaro orders a steak and various side disks.
[09:20:42] 2Lt.Alvaro: (dishes)
[09:20:53] LtJG Silver: (( wb ))
[09:20:56] CWO Febrith Nyx: "The technology is easy enough to adapt to, part of my job was finding remnants of old technology from before the memory wipe, analyzing and reverse engineering. It's this down right puritan culture of stuffed shirts that is aggravating."
[09:21:00] GM: ((oh noes, not steak, that and pinapple salad are death sentances))
[09:21:50] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((or pineapple pizza….))
[09:22:03] Cpt. Aylanea stretches out, listening to the others and just relaxing with a swmile, waving to Sarah and Komi when they head to see the tiny terror, then settling back in.
[09:22:04] Cpt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:22:07] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((pineapple equals death in anything Kawamori touches.))
[09:22:31] LtJG Silver: " i dont quite follow im afraid "
[09:22:39] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((Yeah, Orgasmitron the sequel has someone dying off the episode after he eats a pizza with pineapple.))
[09:23:31] LtJG Silver: (( lol ))
[09:24:09] LtJG Silver: (( well if pineapple equalls death someone build me a box lol ))
[09:24:27] Cpt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:24:46] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I'll make this simple: My world has tech buried that is more advanced than what we used. Part of my job was to study and make availible that tech again. The people of my world were constantly being set back to a pre-spaceflight era of tech, because some of my own kind basically wanted us as slaves mining out a power source."
[09:26:38] GM: Okay
[09:26:43] GM: Time and a half goes by
[09:27:07] GM: and you make your way to the departure gate for your shuttle hop to your ship
[09:27:07] LtJG Silver takes a bite of his salad his eating mannerisms a complet contradiction of his dress and piercings offering a nod to nyx "i see"
[09:27:09] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((assuming everyone does the requisite reporting…))
[09:27:12] LtJG Silver: (o kk ^_^ ))
[09:28:05] LtJG Silver: (( my spelling is attrotious at times but not always :P ))
[09:28:12] 2Lt. Sarah: (( of course. lol ))
[09:28:23] GM: The shuttle takes you over that pair of Garfish, and a few folks in the shuttle breat a sigh of relief when they arent taken to those ships…the shuttle nears the Liberator class
[09:28:25] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((no worse than the GM's in days past.))
[09:28:36] GM: ((hush you!))
[09:28:44] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ ))
[09:29:09] CWO Febrith Nyx: ((You've gotten better.))
[09:29:25] GM: ((dam rite I hav))
[09:30:22] LtJG Silver: (( whats funny is allot of what i miss spell i know how to spell just either brain fart or my fingers move faster then my mind :P ))
[09:30:32] GM: As the shuttle nears the big honking battleship the sounds of hopeful banter from some of the other ratings increase.
[09:30:32] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(10) 2Lt.Alvaro' from server… Removing dead client
[09:30:33] 2Lt.Alvaro (exit): 21:30
[09:30:43] LtJG Silver: (( also the cause of getting half through a post and having to hit backspace 20 damn times on the same word lol ))
[09:30:59] LtJG Silver: (( sry back to the show :P ))
[09:31:05] GM: Only to be replaced by mourfull sounds of sadness as the shuttle nears, and then clears the massive ship.
[09:31:35] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:31:52] GM: The shuttle leaves the stations immediate area and heads towards one of the dispersed yards a good half million kilcks away
[09:32:55] GM: a few smaller ships are under work here, but towards the end you see an odd duck of a ship, and one of the ratings aboard destined for her utters a plaintive "What the fuck is that?"
[09:34:24] 2Lt. Sarah blinks a little at that, raising her eyebrows at the appearance of the ship.
[09:34:42] 2Lt.Alvaro (enter): 21:34
[09:35:07] GM: Your shuttle approaches the vessel which turns out to be a bit bigger then she looks, roughly 1,100 feet long.
[09:37:43] 2Lt.Alvaro eyes the vessel on approach
[09:37:51] GM: The shuttle pulls alongside and then dips underneath to an open hanger bay and slowly comes to a halt as it passes thru a forcefield.
[09:38:17] Cpt. Aylanea blinks. "Neat."
[09:38:52] GM: Like all vessels you have been on, the hanger bay is a null grav area. Inside you can see Delta's and Gamma's as well as a pair of Skorpion's.
[09:39:41] GM: You see among the marine and navy deck hands folsk wearing the CVR coloration of contractors as well as some ADF personel.
[09:39:48] 2Lt.Alvaro comments "definitely interesting here"
[09:40:08] LtJG Silver examines the vessel as the approach noting the state of it to himself but showing no visible sign one way or the other of approval " Havoc class destroyer correct?" he says to no one really noting it from memory of his fleet manuals (unless i shouldnt know that :P ))
[09:40:33] CWO Febrith Nyx notes the top of the line machinery and smiles.
[09:40:46] GM: You are whisked off the hanger bay into a pressurized area ((you are aware of the Havoc, but last you had seen anything about it it was nothing but a proof of concept design))
[09:41:41] GM: As you enter the 'Side Party' greeting area you can see the ships insignia as the Havoc herself
[09:42:17] GM: You are piped aboard , slaute the flag to the aft, and are given permission to come aboard.
[09:43:10] Capt Kain Crokett adjusts his gear as he looks about the new ship.
[09:43:34] GM: ((Carrie and James are aware, but Ted and Tony, just to give you some sense of scale, the USS Voyager from Star Trek, is about the exat same size, with the Voyager being oh, 30 feet or so longer.))
[09:44:13] 2Lt.Alvaro quirks a brow as he looks around before doing the salute and stepping aboard. (ok)
[09:44:38] Cpt. Aylanea: (( Robotech-wise, pretty small anyway, considering stuff like the Zentraedi Flagship ;) ))
[09:45:11] GM: You are greeted by a Marine WO1 which may be odd to some.
[09:45:19] LtJG Silver: (( hehesalutes Quarter Deck Watch** "Respectfully request permission to cross the quartdeck" —- really comes out "permission to cross the patio daddio" ^_^ i miss port calls … :P sry ))
[09:46:14] LtJG Silver: (( no doubt but the earth ships minus the flagships were rather small in comparison to the zentraedi and masters ships :P ))
[09:46:20] WO1 Summerwind snerks as she returns the salute.
[09:46:22] WO1 Summerwind: Squids.
[09:46:53] WO1 Summerwind: Welcome aboard the Havoc,
[09:47:04] WO1 Summerwind looks past Silver and see's familier faces.
[09:47:19] Cpt. Aylanea blinksblinks at seeing Anji, and stifles a laugh.
[09:47:27] WO1 Summerwind is halfway tempted to have the Marine guards rough up those she knows best, but, refrains.
[09:47:51] WO1 Summerwind: Yeah, and I suppose welcome aboard to you all too, I guess.
[09:47:51] 2Lt.Alvaro looks down at the the Warrant Officer "Thank you"
[09:48:00] WO1 Summerwind snerks.
[09:48:23] WO1 Summerwind: Damn good to see you gals again, whats it been, four years now, jeez, dont you bitches know how to write?
[09:49:02] WO1 Summerwind looks at Silver.
[09:49:16] LtJG Silver slings his small duffle over his shoulder looking about exprssionless removing his orders from his pocket to review them
[09:49:17] WO1 Summerwind: Stand by one Ell Tee, I'll be taking you up to your duty station in a minute.
[09:50:15] LtJG Silver looks up at summerwind " aye "
[09:50:15] Capt Kain Crokett: "Writings hard when you are in and out of a POW camp just because you single handedly down a cruiser."
[09:50:26] 2Lt. Sarah awws a little at the comment, and looks at the floor.
[09:50:30] WO1 Summerwind: No excuses colony boy!
[09:50:56] WO1 Summerwind says with a wild smile, then her face becomes serious and she nods with understanding.
[09:51:12] 2Lt.Alvaro wonders about the ones here that he might be working with
[09:51:47] WO1 Summerwind looks over as the Duty Officer walks over trying to hide a grin, he to is a Marine.
[09:52:07] UEMC Lt.: Okay Summerwind, can I have my watch back?
[09:52:23] Cpt. Aylanea awws at Anji, giving the puppy dog eyes to her, at not writing.
[09:52:25] WO1 Summerwind nods
[09:52:35] WO1 Summerwind: All yours Ell Tee, thanks for the indulgance.
[09:52:52] UEMC Lt.: Anytime. Now git you!
[09:53:11] UEMC Lt. turns to Alvaro.
[09:53:17] Cpt. Aylanea laughs at the Lt's attitude towards Anji.
[09:53:49] UEMC Lt.: Alvero, you're on deck three, berth 5A, report to…Capt Madresa once you are settled in.
[09:54:03] UEMC Lt. points to the tall Captain behind you.
[09:54:46] 2Lt.Alvaro turns to look at her, only a few inches short and nods to her "Ma'am"
[09:55:07] UEMC Lt.: Capt Madresa, you are also on Deck 3, berth (insert number here) Report to the bridge once you are settled in, And, Weclome aboard CAG.
[09:55:25] Cpt. Aylanea nods. "Understood."
[09:56:14] UEMC Lt.: Capt Crockett, welcome aboard sir, Deck 3, (insert number here) You have also been requested to report to the bridge once settled.
[09:56:52] Cpt. Aylanea smiles to Alvero and the Lt., then heads for her quarters, to get her stuff put away.
[09:56:59] GM: The Lt, greets the rest of you in turn, Nyx Deck 2, report to the bridge. Sarah, Deck 2 report to the bridge etc,
[09:57:42] GM: Silver, to spunky WO1 leads on after the DDO does his stuff and checks you al lin by the numbers.
[09:57:59] GM: She shows you to your berth on deck 2 so you can dump your seabag
[09:58:45] WO1 Summerwind: Okie dokie fleet, your billet aboard is EWO.
[09:59:05] WO1 Summerwind: You'll be reporting to the Signals Officer.
[09:59:07] 2Lt. Sarah heads up to drop her bag off, and get checked in to the bridge when she's supposed to be.
[09:59:12] WO1 Summerwind: Watch out for her, she's a nutcase.
[10:00:34] 2Lt.Alvaro walks with Madresa to Deck 3 "Ma'am, I'm no pilot."
[10:01:04] GM: ((go with the RP, but all will be revealed))
[10:01:05] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(12) 2Lt.Alvaro' from server… Removing dead client
[10:01:05] 2Lt.Alvaro (exit): 22:01
[10:01:20] Cpt. Aylanea hmms at that. "Well, you were told to report to me, so…" She scratches her head. "What do you do, exactly?"
[10:01:23] LtJG Silver drops his gear off " thank you, i'll do so promptly "
[10:01:47] James (enter): 22:01
[10:02:11] WO1 Summerwind takes Silver to the bridge, and the first thing he notices is that there are Marines everywhere, in fact there are only three fleet uniforms on the bridge and you are wearing one of em.
[10:02:39] Capt Kain Crokett: ((Sorry, had a BSOD, and had to reboot. Last thing I saw was Anji telling Kain there was no excuses.))
[10:03:11] 2Lt.Alvaro replies to Aylanea "Marine; driver and ground pounder. CQB expert"
[10:03:30] WO1 Summerwind: ((carrie can you copy paste to him, my AIM is being a congress))
[10:03:49] Cpt. Aylanea hmms a little bit at that and nods slightly. "Interesting…" She shrugs. "Guess we'll find out why."
[10:03:55] Cpt. Aylanea: (( done ))
[10:04:00] WO1 Summerwind: ((danke))
[10:04:19] 2Lt. Sarah drops her stuff off meanwhile, and heads Bridgeward to check in.
[10:04:39] WO1 Summerwind: ((waiting for tony to post))
[10:05:41] LtJG Silver bites his lip it's going to be a long voyage he thinks for a moment looking to summerwind " who exactly am i reporting to? "
[10:06:09] WO1 Summerwind looks around, her finger out like a tracer dart, then, points to herself.
[10:06:14] 2Lt.Alvaro nods as he heads to his quarters
[10:06:16] WO1 Summerwind: Told you she was a nutcase.
[10:06:17] Capt Kain Crokett goes to deck 3 and drops his stuff off, and adjusts his uniform before going to the bridge.
[10:06:25] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lols ))
[10:06:46] WO1 Summerwind motiones over to a bridge station.
[10:06:55] WO1 Summerwind: Here is your happy home away from home.
[10:06:58] Capt Komillia Maeless sets her stuff on her bed and makes sure the lock is secure before heading up the bridge.
[10:07:25] UEF Lt Cmdr. walks over to you two.
[10:07:35] UEF Lt Cmdr.: Everything squared away Summerwind?
[10:07:51] CWO Febrith Nyx puts her bag in a seemingly careless position but sets the booby trap to active, and then saunters off to the bridge.
[10:08:04] WO1 Summerwind: Roger that sir, this is Lieutenant Silver, our new EW Officer.
[10:08:06] LtJG Silver blinks "oh well " offers a smile that seems half empty "ill try to keep up, so i'm to tend to bridge duties then?"
[10:08:25] Cpt. Aylanea tosses her bag onto her bed, and stretches out, glancing out and walking back out to head to the bridge. "Suppose I should go see the commander and stuff now." She says to no one in particular, and heads for the lift to do so.
[10:08:25] UEF Lt Cmdr.: Ap leasuer to meet you LT, welcome aboard.
[10:10:08] UEF Lt Cmdr.: Among other things, Miss Summerwind will fill you into the 'other duties as assigned' portion during your in brief.
[10:10:35] LtJG Silver pops to attention gitters of a new possition and all that " thank you, and it is nice to meet you as well "
[10:10:49] 2Lt.Alvaro sets at his desk in his room and pulls out a deck of cards. He starts to do some shuffling tricks before playing some solitare
[10:10:56] UEF Lt Cmdr. smiles.
[10:10:59] UEF Lt Cmdr.: As you were.
[10:11:32] 2Lt. Sarah steps off the lift finally and looks around the bridge quickly, to see who she's supposed to report to.
[10:11:36] GM: Ay you and Sarah arrive on teh bridge at about this time.
[10:11:50] GM: Same with Kain
[10:11:52] 2Lt. Sarah: (( ack oh. ))
[10:11:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( k ))
[10:12:20] LtJG Silver nods relaxing his nervousness probibly the first real expression shown all day
[10:12:49] GM: The bridge is spacious, but not overly so, and you also notice that it is cojoined with the CIC which is a bulkhead away, also you note that based on the path you took to get here, the bridge is not that pointy thing out front you saw when you flew in, but is instead nesteled deep within the ships armor plate.
[10:13:53] 2Lt. Sarah: (( lols ))
[10:13:56] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ the ships a boy! ^_^ ))
[10:13:56] 2Lt. Sarah: (( :D ))
[10:14:12] Capt Kain Crokett: "Someone decided to not put the bridge in the most obvious target? Wow how much of a political shitstorm was it to change that tradition?"
[10:14:32] 2Lt. Sarah laughs a little at Kain. "Good question."
[10:14:49] Cpt. Aylanea gigglesnorts.
[10:14:52] UEF Lt Cmdr.: Quite a big one I'm afraid, in fact, no offence Captian, but, the majority of it came from your own ADF.
[10:16:14] UEF Lt Cmdr.: As a bit of trivia however, the traditional bridge you saw from the outside, IS functional, but only for dockside manuvering and ground operations.
[10:17:08] Capt Kain Crokett: "I kind of figured, a bunch of staunch traditionalists at the top of the ADF."
[10:17:10] UEF Lt Cmdr.: During space operations however, it serves as a nasty lure for enemy fighter craft, should they survive our point defences
[10:17:32] Cpt. Aylanea snickers at the idea of using it as bait.
[10:17:33] LtJG Silver nods "much like the secondary control station of old world carriers of the 20th century" looking over at the others "i appologize i didnt mean to listen in"
[10:18:00] UEF Lt Cmdr.: Quite right LT, and no, it's your JOB to listen in.
[10:18:57] Capt Kain Crokett: "I'd almost be tempted to turn the old bridge tower into a hidden gun to surprise the idiot that went for it. But I have no interest in getting eyeballs deep in the most useless profession: politics."
[10:19:38] UEF Lt Cmdr.: A wise choice.
[10:19:46] UEF Lt Cmdr. notices Sarah
[10:20:09] UEF Lt Cmdr.: And you must be Chief, I mean Lieutenant Amdahl, I've heard a lot about you, all good I assure you.
[10:20:29] UEF Lt Cmdr. extends his hand in greeting
[10:21:12] 2Lt. Sarah straightens up quickly. "Yes, sir. Thank you" She takes the hand, smiling as well. "Anyway, reporting in."
[10:21:24] UEF Lt Cmdr. nods.
[10:21:33] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(8) James' from server… Removing dead client
[10:21:34] James (exit): 22:21
[10:22:36] UEF Lt Cmdr.: I believe you are to be assigned to the Air Group when needed, but, will otherwise be asked to abscond to the bridge from time to time. We'd like you to work with Astrogation, I hear your inherent talents may come in useful when it comes to navigation in three dimensions.
[10:23:35] UEF Lt Cmdr. turns to Nyx next.
[10:23:49] UEF Lt Cmdr.: And you will be wearing a few hats yourself.
[10:24:27] 2Lt. Sarah nods quickly
[10:24:49] UEF Lt Cmdr.: When needed you will be loand out to medcial, but more often you will be needed on the bridge or with the GCE to augment their PSYOP capabilities.
[10:25:25] CWO Febrith Nyx cocks her eyebrow, "Oh now that sounds like fun."
[10:25:36] UEF Lt Cmdr.: We thought as much.
[10:27:30] GM: Behind you a bulkhead away you hear a rating call out "Captain in CIC!"
[10:28:00] Cpt. Aylanea blinks over at that, looking in that direction.
[10:28:50] GM: As you look you see Ishida enter the bridge from the CIC and Summerwind stands all calls out to the Bridge "Colonel in the Bridge!"
[10:29:38] GM: And just when Silver and the rest thought the nice Lt.Cmdr was in charge, he strightens up and nods to the Short Asian Chick
[10:29:47] UEF Lt Cmdr.: Ma'am.
[10:29:56] CWO Febrith Nyx stands at attention, but the traces of her usual smirk is still on her face.
[10:31:06] Cpt. Aylanea offers an overanimated intentionally humorous version of an 'oh no' shock look, then comes to attention, stifling a giggle.
[10:31:10] LtJG Silver pops to attention with the call facing her standing at his full hight for once of 5'5" which is rather unempressive by all means, but he tries to appear tall ^_^
[10:31:32] 2Lt. Sarah straightens up to attention quickly, to her full 5'4" height.
[10:31:59] GM: Ishida notes Silver and shows no outward signs of what she is thinking which is "Finally, someone shorter then me!"
[10:32:27] GM: Then she notices Sarah and adds "Oh yeah, right"
[10:32:33] 2Lt. Sarah: (( rofl ))
[10:32:38] GM: To her thoughts
[10:32:39] LtJG Silver: (( lol ))
[10:32:43] Capt Komillia Maeless looks about and sees this, "Looks like everyone is back together again."
[10:32:50] Lt.Col Ishida: Indeed
[10:33:00] Lt.Col Ishida: Good to see you all, please, if you will follow me.
[10:33:25] Lt.Col Ishida leads you all to the conferance / ward room
[10:34:09] Capt Komillia Maeless follows after.
[10:34:17] 2Lt. Sarah follows along quickly.
[10:34:20] Lt.Col Ishida turns to the Lt.Cmdr.
[10:34:26] Lt.Col Ishida: The bridge is yours.
[10:34:28] Cpt. Aylanea follows, looking around at stuff.
[10:34:32] CWO Febrith Nyx walks into the conference room.
[10:34:43] UEF Lt Cmdr. nods
[10:34:52] Capt Kain Crokett tries not to smile as he goes into the conference room.
[10:34:59] LtJG Silver bli/me quietly takes up the rear
[10:35:09] LtJG Silver quietly takes up the rear*
[10:35:14] Lt.Col Ishida sits at the head of the table and watches and waits as everyone takes a seat.
[10:36:05] Lt.Col Ishida: Most of you I know, and there are a few new faces here.
[10:36:36] GM: Ima assume that Alvaro is present as well as a few other officers that will go nameless at thispoint
[10:36:56] 2Lt.Alvaro: (sure :) )
[10:37:31] Lt.Col Ishida: I think by now you have all noticed that this is not your run of the mill posting.
[10:37:52] GM: The room fills with some murmered laughter.
[10:39:19] Cpt. Aylanea laughs just a little.
[10:39:35] LtJG Silver blinks not getting it, this actually being the first real ship assignment for him, his previous assignment being a shore based command
[10:40:26] Lt.Col Ishida: The Havoc here is a new class, and first of that class. She is also the first ship in our fleet to be under the command of the Marines.
[10:40:32] Capt Kain Crokett: "If this were run of the mill, I'd be looking at half-dead Lightning IIIs in the hangar.
[10:41:14] Lt.Col Ishida: As such, you are all her keelplate owners, and that, in and of itself is a great honor.
[10:41:29] Lt.Col Ishida nods at Kain and smiles knowingly.
[10:42:29] Lt.Col Ishida: For some of you fleet officers, you might think that beig assigned to a ship cpatined by a knuckledragger is some sort of sick joke.
[10:42:31] Lt.Col Ishida pauses.
[10:42:42] CWO Febrith Nyx: "
[10:43:00] Lt.Col Ishida: Maybe, I do not pretend to know what lurks in the mind of Fleet Personnel.
[10:43:19] CWO Febrith Nyx: "I'm sure if my species encountered your species sooner, I'd probably think your entire species to be knuckledraggers."
[10:43:27] 2Lt. Sarah laughs.
[10:43:54] Lt.Col Ishida: I'm hurt most deeply my dear Febrith. For shame. Woe and lamentations.
[10:44:19] Lt.Col Ishida allows herself a smile.
[10:44:20] LtJG Silver looks around the room but remains silent i did say it would be a long one he thinks
[10:44:41] 2Lt.Alvaro listens for now
[10:44:56] CWO Febrith Nyx: "Just noting my species proclivity towards arrogance."
[10:45:17] Lt.Col Ishida: Regardless of why you are here, we have a job to do, and, pardon the cliche, but, we do have something to prove.
[10:46:23] Lt.Col Ishida: I fully expect the Fleet as a whole not to have a good idea on how to best use us. This is something that we will have to learn, ourselves, then refine that doctrine, and in turn teach it to our fleet.
[10:47:09] Lt.Col Ishida: How we perform will determine how that doctine is accepted and adopted.
[10:48:22] Capt Komillia Maeless: "And here I thought Kain wanted to avoid poltics."
[10:48:30] Capt Kain Crokett: "Shaddup."
[10:48:48] 2Lt. Sarah laughs.
[10:50:03] Lt.Col Ishida: So, what I expect out of all of you is your best, and then some. Long hours, and harsh training. In turn, I will give you my best, and then some, my support when you need it, and if needed a swift kick in the posterior.
[10:50:47] GM: There is some more murmered laughter, and knowing nods
[10:51:11] LtJG Silver: "if i may… how much experience does the crew have with commanding and opperating a vessel?"
[10:51:36] Lt.Col Ishida: So, before I ask Miss Summerwind to give us a briefing on the Havoc's capabilities, are there any questions for me?
[10:52:01] GM: ((flip the order on that and poof it works))
[10:52:08] LtJG Silver: (( ^_^ ))
[10:52:18] Lt.Col Ishida: Of this class, none.
[10:52:37] Lt.Col Ishida: On other classes, a varying amount.
[10:53:28] 2Lt.Alvaro: "Just curious, how was it decided to give us jarheads their own vessel?"
[10:53:45] Lt.Col Ishida: I would hazard to guess, our most experianced officer has at least 10 years on ships, the least, on the order of three months.
[10:54:38] LtJG Silver nods but doesnt seemed shakin by the thought of it and pulls a small memo pad from his pocket to take notes for the briefing feeling at home among amitures in a way
[10:54:39] Lt.Col Ishida: It was the next logical step, in the past we had been given tanks, then our own airwings, then mecha. It was only natrual to allow us our own ships. It just took some doing to educate them.
[10:55:26] Lt.Col Ishida: Well, I'll not mince words, a fair amount of beg borrow and steal along with lots of arm twisting played a part.
[10:55:36] Capt Kain Crokett: "Must not make acronym joke…"
[10:57:06] Cpt. Aylanea glances over to Silver and grins, semi-whispering rather jokingly, "don't worry, anything we don't knw we can make up and just say it's to differentiate us from fleet." She winks.
[10:57:17] 2Lt. Sarah blinks over at Kain. "hm?"
[10:58:07] Lt.Col Ishida smiles and nods at Ay's comment.
[10:58:15] Lt.Col Ishida: I'm sure we will be doing a lot of that as well.
[10:58:45] LtJG Silver blinks looking over at Aylanea whispers "actually i find it refreshing, i hope to learn alot, truethfully im just along for the ride although i hope to do my part and learn alot"
[10:59:03] Capt Kain Crokett leans over to whisper to Sarah, "M.A.R.I.N.E.: Muscles Are Required, Intelligence Not Existant."
[10:59:29] Lt.Col Ishida supresses a snicker.
[10:59:36] 2Lt. Sarah groans at Kain, rolling her eyes and smiling.
[11:00:15] Lt.Col Ishida: Well, on this ship, we can dispense with the other acronym "My ehem, rear, Rides In Navy Equipment"
[11:01:05] GM: There is murmered laughter at both jokes.
[11:01:53] GM: Okay, this is a good point to call it, the 13th is off, so see you all on teh 26th is it?
[11:02:03] 2Lt.Alvaro: ok
[11:02:05] LtJG Silver smiles at the acronyms finding them mildly humorous


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