Chapter 15 - Act III - Part 7


[07:06:01] GM: The items you brought back to the ship are decontaminated and then taken to Carter's 'lab' while the ships logs are taken to the IT and Astrogation folks for interrogation. On first blush the items tell of a rather robust space 'empire' if you will, exsisting in the 'local' area. One capable of space flight, obviously, and one advanced enough that at the very least, gravetics, faster then light travel, and energy weapon mastery is evidant, Balaa is able to illuminate the power source as crystal in origin, based off of the disection of one of the hand held weapons found aboard the ship.
[07:08:03] GM: The weapon , initially inert is recharged using a kit bashed version of a regular e-clip charger and balaa's peoples inherent abilities. Test firing of the weapon puts it output on par with early model ASC weaponry.
[07:08:43] GM: Although the suposition is, that the weapon may be a civilian model and not mil spec gear.
[07:10:25] GM: Astrogation continues to chew on the charts, and thus far the only thing that has been found that is helpful are locations of area pulsars, the intersteller lighthouses of the galaxy.
[07:12:26] GM: Ishida gathers the group again for another outing, this time to make contact with, or at the very least, put eyes on the local tribal populace in the vacinity. As, the sentries, in their lofty pearch atop the falls have noted, movement in the jungle below, as well as distant sensor readings of what appears to be huntin parties, that, or scouting patrols, it's hard to tell.
[07:13:13] GM: questions comments?
[07:14:03] CWO3 Sarah: (( coooool. :) ))
[07:14:05] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[07:14:13] CWO3 Sarah listens all quietlike
[07:14:51] 2LT Kain Crokett: Gee, if this things that old, and the weapon is that good and NOT milspec, I'd hate to run into the people that built it, as least if they are hostile. IF friendly, I'l love them.
[07:15:35] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Hrmm, could the crystal power source potentially be used to replace the dwindling supply of Protoculture?
[07:16:05] GM: Also, based on best estimate, of decomposition of the bodies, and growth of the fauna, the ship has been ground side for 10 to maybe 20 years.
[07:17:06] CWO3 Sarah nods just a little at Kain. "Yeah. Depending on who they are, and if they're still around. It would definitely be a problem if they're hostile…" She glances over as Komi asks that. "Unless they've all been mined by this other group already, it's a possibility. And if they're willing to share."
[07:19:48] Balaa shales her head. I don't know, It's possible, but the way the crystals are charged, they seem to have built a technology that is half sciance and half metaphysic.
[07:20:38] 2LT Komillia Maeless: So, it's possible, but it would be a long-term alliance where we need them more than they need us.
[07:20:39] Balaa shrugs,
[07:22:41] Carter: If their space capabilities are advnaced to the point thatcivilians are running around like the crew of that ship were, , I mean, IF they were, pardon the cliche, smugglers or black marketeers, they might not need us at all
[07:23:13] Carter: The Masters empire in it's heyday, had entities like that,
[07:24:14] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Great…
[07:24:16] Carter: So, wind the clock back a few centuries, and picture a massive intersteller empire with hundrads of worlds and trillions of people with the technology to sustain it…and well,
[07:24:51] Carter: I mean, they have cheetos wrappers and nudie calanders for cryin out loud!
[07:25:04] Carter holds up the 'trash' and calander in turn.
[07:25:32] CWO3 Sarah hmms. "Well, a way to charge them was figured out, without needing to contact them, but…" She glances over to Carter and nods a little. "One of the concerns I'd have. They might not 'need' us, but might offer a deal that's good to them, to get us latched onto their power source, making us essentially dependent." She sighs, then laughs at the calendar. "Cheetos and nudie calendars. Guess some things are universal constants, almost."
[07:25:45] 2LT Komillia Maeless: So, maybe a kinder, gentler version of the Masters' Empire isn't too much to hope for, but not something to count on.
[07:26:21] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Of course, prefaced with kinder and gentler than the Masters still leaves fasism on the map…))
[07:27:35] CWO3 Sarah glances over at Komi. "Just about anyone is 'kinder and gentler' than the Masters and their empire. Seriously."
[07:29:22] Carter: If you were a vassel state perhaps, or the enemy, but to their own citizens, well, prior to the…no, actually, they were pretty scummy.
[07:29:41] Carter: Sorry Anji.
[07:29:53] Sgt. Summerwind shrugs.
[07:30:16] Sgt. Summerwind: Is what it is. Just gald you all showed up, UEEF I mean.
[07:31:55] Sgt. Summerwind seems to hold onto a distant memory that doesnt, by her facial expression, seem pleasent. Then, goes back to doing whatever it was she was doing.
[07:32:40] GM: Okay, on patrol…
[07:32:53] CWO3 Sarah: (( poor lil Anji ))
[07:34:08] GM: You in your cyclone have decended the falls on wings of flame once again and are making your way thru the jungle, the sentries have pinpointed an area that had foot traffic and after some hacking and slashing your way thru the under, middle, and over brush, step onto a well worn footpath about 4 foot wide.
[07:36:26] GM: you follow the path in single file, and the travel is at a decent pace, the path is uneven, more geared for unencumbared travlers then heavily armored mecha units, however man sized they may be.
[07:36:47] GM: Percs, and RSI's please
[07:37:16] CWO3 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20) perc, [1d100] => [66] = (66) vs. 75% rsi
[07:37:40] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20] => [14] = (14) perc, [1d100] => [48] = (48) vs. 73% rsi
[07:38:26] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [14] = (14)
[07:38:45] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 70 RSI
[07:39:08] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13) [1d100] => [66] = (66) vs 60
[07:39:52] GM: Between the lot of you, and in no small part due to Sarah's eagle eye; you notice that you are being shadowed from deep withing the treeline.
[07:40:35] CWO3 Sarah: (( *cheers* ))
[07:40:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:40:43] GM: RSI tracks, among the myriad animals, at least four or five humaniods.
[07:42:07] GM: With your sensors tuned you can monitor their progress and see them plain as day thru the foliage, even the last of the mohiccans would not be able to avoid modern state of the art mil spec detection gear so mounted by your Cyclones.
[07:42:17] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:43:32] GM: In fact as you shadow one another, you on the foot path and they in the trees, you can see one humanoid depart fom the others at a quick pace, heading away from you along your line of travel.
[07:46:05] CWO3 Sarah watches that curiously, looking to Kain, then pondering the locals' intentions as she looks ahead along the trail. [1d100] => [18] = (18) military tactics vs. 94%, [1d100] => [32] = (32) detect ambush vs. 80%, [1d100] => [69] = (69) detect concealment vs. 75%
[07:48:08] GM: Sarah, by the way they are moving, they are in a great position to ambush your, at least, they think they are. It's a good bet they have no idea they have been seen. As they are primatives, without modern ameneties, like, radio, the individual that left the main body is likely a runner, which tells you that, either A: there ar more humanoids nearby, or B: a settlement is nearby
[07:48:43] CWO3 Sarah makes note of all of that to Kain and the others.
[07:48:57] GM: Ishida nods, having come to the same conculsion.
[07:49:04] CWO3 Sarah: (( even if she's too much of a lazy bitch to type it again ;p ))
[07:49:23] CWO3 Sarah: (( :) ))
[07:50:00] GM: RSI
[07:50:23] 2LT Kain Crokett takes note fo the ambush, and plans to move around it. [1d30] => [9] = (9) vs 14 IQ, [1d100] => [87] = (87) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [35] = (35) vs 60 RSI, [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) PERC [1d100] => [81] = (81) vs55 Detect Ambush, [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 50 Tracking People.
[07:51:51] GM: Kain, you must have forgotten to crank up the AC or whatnot inside your machine asyour faceplate is fogged up, thats the only benign explanation I can conjour for that string of skill fail.
[07:52:13] CWO3 Sarah: (( he passed RSI. lol ))
[07:52:15] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[07:53:07] GM: right, but thats ina picture in picture on an EUD
[07:53:18] CWO3 Sarah: (( point ))
[07:53:19] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:53:33] GM: and that however tells you that you are approaching a clearing, and the humanoids are edging closer.
[07:53:43] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [8] = (8) PERC, [1d100] => [70] = (70) vs 70 RSI
[07:54:10] GM: Komi on the other hand is to busy watching a prerecorded Cosplay Podcast…
[07:54:28] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((lol))
[07:54:42] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20] => [15] = (15)
[07:54:42] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d100] => [41] = (41)
[07:55:06] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((oh please, it's not like this is Rifts of anything, stone tools aren't going to scratch Cyclone armor.))
[07:55:12] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) stops and puts her fist up in the hand sign of 'halt'. Then takes a knee.
[07:56:17] GM: I'll wait for your actions
[07:56:31] 2LT Komillia Maeless halts at Ishida's orders and looks around.
[07:56:48] 2LT Kain Crokett wonders what Ishida is seeign but takes a knee.
[07:57:37] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Carrie?))
[07:57:57] CWO3 Sarah takes a knee quickly, looking around.
[07:58:23] 2Lt. Aylanea stops and peeks around, shrugging and getting onto a knee as well.
[07:59:31] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Maeless, on me. Everyone else, on Kain. LT, wait here for 30 seconds, the follow me up.
[07:59:45] 2LT Kain Crokett: Roger.
[07:59:57] 2LT Komillia Maeless forms up with Ishida.
[08:00:00] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) gets up and moves up the footpath in a casual gait.
[08:00:14] 2Lt. Aylanea nods. "Right." She forms up with Kain.
[08:00:39] CWO3 Sarah quickly forms up with Kain a swell, watching Suki and Komi move ahead.
[08:00:46] CWO3 Sarah: (( as well ))
[08:01:31] GM: The humaniods froze once the lot of you stopped, likely figuring that they may have been heard, smelled or otherwise noticed by the odd carapace wearing things. As you split up, they split up, two groups of two per, and move a lot more cautiously.
[08:02:00] GM: Komi and Suki percs and RSI please
[08:02:08] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[08:02:08] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d100] => [1] = (1)
[08:02:20] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [16] = (16) [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 70
[08:02:25] CWO3 Sarah: (( o.o ))
[08:02:35] CWO3 Sarah: (( wow, critsuccess ))
[08:02:46] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) feeds the imagry she just got a line on from her sensors.
[08:05:59] GM: Ahead of her position, about 600 feet is a clearing and 100 feet beyond that, in a false color overlay is a walled settlement. The wall looks to be made of wood and earthworks butted up against more sturdy stone walls of the same architecture as the ruins you located on the lakeshore. The walls are lines with other humanoids and you can make out weapons, spearlike in nature, and some crossbow looking things. You also catch the one lone figure that had split away from the group running towards a gate of some sort waving her arms (it's clearly a female) and pointing towards your general loation.
[08:08:26] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Tangos ahead.
[08:09:09] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) makes a move out gesture to komi and moves to within 50 foot of the entrance to the clearing.
[08:09:48] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Ell Tee, collapse on our position, and take up overwatch, call out once you are set.
[08:09:53] 2LT Komillia Maeless matches Ishida's movements, trying to figure out what the waving person is doing. [1d30] => [10] = (10) vs 15 IQ
[08:10:31] CWO3 Sarah: (( probably screaming about monsters ;p ))
[08:10:34] CWO3 Sarah: (( lolol ))
[08:10:42] GM: Waving person is likely all Ooga booga "Hey! look out, wierd creatures are approaching our home! Protect the children!"
[08:11:39] GM: ((which reminds me of a great character name I saw on Voss, this guy's name was Kave-Man, and his legasy name was Unga Bunga
[08:11:44] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Roger," Kain then signals the rest of the group to move into the designated by Ishida and looks out over the area. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) PERC, [1d100] => [74] = (74) vs 60 RSI, [1d100] => [27] = (27) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d100] => [77] = (77) vs 50 Track People
[08:12:10] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((the hell?))
[08:13:49] GM: Intell tells you that you likely have nothing to fear from the locals crude weaponry, but the Cap is doing her duty by her by the book appraoach.
[08:15:06] GM: Ishida moves out into the clearing and takes a kneeling position to the left of the pathway, her weapon up and ready. Komi, you figure you are ment to take up a similer position on the right side.
[08:15:19] CWO3 Sarah: (( *groans* ))
[08:15:25] CWO3 Sarah: (( har har. Kave-Man ))
[08:15:26] CWO3 Sarah: (( cute ))
[08:16:05] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Delta Actual is in the open, Ell Tee, if those four decide they want to pounce, take them down, try not to inflict permenant damage.
[08:16:26] 2LT Kain Crokett: Copy and acknowledged.
[08:17:12] 2LT Komillia Maeless keeps her sabers ready.
[08:18:15] GM: After a tense moment you get a great vid feed from Komi and ishida, the folks atop the walls are defiantly armed with spears, and polearms, as well as shields and swords with polished black blades. The gate is coming closed as well.
[08:18:58] GM: Behind Kain's position, the four humanoids enter the foot path in a decent showing of archaic combat spacing, and are armed with spears and crossbows.
[08:20:12] GM: The one in the back tentatily approach, but stop about 40 feet away, so as not to provoke the strange creatures with wagon wheels on theie back…
[08:20:37] GM: Yes, you do notice they have mastered the concept of the wheel as evidanced by carts and such outside the gate.
[08:21:31] GM: They also seem to have mastered teh art of the winch and pully as part of the wooden wall has a rudiemntary A fram crane with a few logs hanging from a pully block.
[08:21:39] GM: frame
[08:23:41] CWO3 Sarah glances to Kain. "Looks like a definite 'go away'. Thought they said 1900s tech level, pretty sure this isn't it… Hmm."
[08:23:54] GM: Back at the ship Carter and the command staff watch thru a streaming live feed, a voice on the bridge snorts and comments "Well, these guys are about 200 years more advanced then the Na'vi…" a few snickers are heard in reply.
[08:24:49] GM: 1900's tech on the other continents hin
[08:24:52] GM: hon
[08:25:09] CWO3 Sarah: (( yeah, I know. I'm mostly jokoing. ))
[08:25:10] CWO3 Sarah: (( :p ))
[08:25:16] CWO3 Sarah: (( anyway… ))
[08:25:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol at the Avatar reference ))
[08:25:41] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Mealess, overwatch on me.
[08:26:25] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) lets her rifle hang on it's one-point harness and raises her arms out and walks into the clearing.
[08:27:14] 2LT Komillia Maeless keeps watch, ready to pounce at the first sign of resistance.
[08:27:32] GM: RSI komi, and a perc
[08:27:43] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [19] = (19) [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 70
[08:30:18] GM: You see the folks atop the walls are also armored, as well as armed, and, if you didn't know any better, it looks like plate armor, of some sort. They are also pointing and look agitated, but you perc tells you taht while some are focused on Suki, a few others, the more vocal ones, are point at something beyond her, turning to look, your RSI detects two massive quadrapeds at the edge of the treeline to Suki's side (about 100 foot away) and they are about five times larger then a kodiak.
[08:31:51] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Captain! Large animals at the edge of the treeline, it seems they are more worried about that than you.
[08:32:21] GM: As Suki turns to look the pair pounce out of teh jungle at the easy prey in the open.
[08:32:27] GM: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
[08:32:28] GM: [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
[08:32:44] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20+13] => [7,13] = (20)
[08:32:44] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20+13] => [11,13] = (24)
[08:33:03] GM: Inits.
[08:33:30] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6)
[08:34:03] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
[08:34:30] CWO3 Sarah: [1d20+6] => [11,6] = (17)
[08:34:40] GM: Animal 1 [1d20+6] => [13,6] = (19), Animal 2 [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16) Ishida (animal 3 lol) [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21)
[08:34:50] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20)
[08:35:17] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehe ))
[08:35:35] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yep. Ishida is an animal. shouldn't Anji be along for this, as communication specialist? :) ))
[08:36:16] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Unless she is a universal translator, Balaa would be better than Anji))
[08:36:18] GM: Komi, you're go
[08:36:27] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( point ))
[08:36:36] GM: (9and as GM, I didnt want to have to deal with two other folks rolls right now…
[08:36:54] 2LT Komillia Maeless moves and triple swings at Animal 1. [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24) [1d20+9] => [20,9] = (29) [1d20+9] => [19,9] = (28)
[08:36:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( okay ))
[08:36:58] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehe ))
[08:37:03] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow komi! ))
[08:37:34] GM: negate the first attck as a move action, but your two swings, will likly land [2d20] => [1,9] = (10) (+10)
[08:37:40] GM: Quad damage on the one
[08:37:50] GM: and a hit with the second
[08:39:17] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [(3d6+14)*4] => 108 [3d6+14] => [5,5,1,14] = (25)
[08:39:27] GM: Manwhile, a flurry of arrows are loosed from the walls at the massive creatures…and they dont seem toworried if they hit to wierd creature either
[08:40:26] GM: Your slices tears off the head of the beast as well as it's facing shoulder. Your follow thru almost bisects the creature, the only reason it didnt is becuase it is wider then your blade was long.
[08:40:49] GM: Suki is covered in arterial spray
[08:41:03] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((rofl))
[08:41:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ew! ))
[08:41:22] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lmao ))
[08:41:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( poor suki ))
[08:41:28] GM: A2 attacks Suki with it's claws and bites [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22) [1d20+9] => [2,9] = (11) [1d20+9] => [5,9] = (14)
[08:41:35] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( but then, knowing Suki, she probably likes that ))
[08:41:38] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe ))
[08:41:41] GM: [1d100+13] => [17,13] = (30)
[08:41:42] GM: [1d100+13] => [35,13] = (48)
[08:41:50] GM: oops sorry
[08:41:52] GM: [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26)
[08:41:52] GM: [1d20+13] => [1,13] = (14)
[08:41:52] GM: [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26)
[08:42:28] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( the 1 was against an attack that missed anyway ))
[08:42:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( I'd think ))
[08:42:51] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((That'd be a pathetic fighter in Anima, those first rolls…))
[08:42:52] GM: Luckily for Suki her one was atacked by a 2, so the claw whiffs but she ducks under the first one, and catches the jaws of the bith and is now being pushed backwwards, her feet digging in creating ruts like plowshares.
[08:43:27] GM: Sarah and Kain, I trust you move up, that will take 2 moves to get into melee, or one to get into ranged.
[08:43:36] GM: Sarah, your atack
[08:43:47] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((will use ranged…))
[08:44:07] GM: Note that Suki is like, right there so any misses will likely hit her.
[08:44:23] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((I know))
[08:44:29] GM: kk, Sarah
[08:45:55] CWO3 Sarah hits the jets for ground skimming, to get up as much speed as possible, before trying to body block the big animal off Suki. [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8)
[08:45:59] CWO3 Sarah: (( wiff ))
[08:46:27] CWO3 Sarah: (( now to hope it doesn't pounce Suki ))
[08:46:29] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:47:10] GM: No, more embaressing, you hit the thing making a dull WHUMPF sound and due to bad aim, clothsline yourself and slam onto your back and skid and roll under the creature and come out the other side.
[08:47:26] CWO3 Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[08:48:11] GM: Suki will int, and use two attacks, holding her third.
[08:48:39] GM: Action 1, engage her Cyc's thrusters to keep from being pushed back. [1d100] => [96] = (96) control roll
[08:48:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol! ))
[08:49:03] GM: (make it by 2 oercent))
[08:49:11] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehe ))
[08:49:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ah ))
[08:49:20] GM: so, there is no push back, only a stalemate.
[08:50:05] GM: Attack two, Suki tries to twist the creature onto it's back [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
[08:50:14] GM: vs [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
[08:51:00] GM: The creaturs legs claw at the ground but is turned onto it's back in a massive flail of claw and dirt. Kain, your attacks, it's belley is exposed
[08:52:04] 2LT Kain Crokett will target with the rail cannon then the HRG-70. [1d20+9] => [17,9] = (26) [1d20+9] => [5,9] = (14)
[08:52:23] GM: roll damage, it's on it's back and cannot dodge
[08:53:11] 2LT Kain Crokett: [6d6] => [1,3,6,3,4,3] = (20) [3d4*10] => 60
[08:54:42] GM: There is a deafening (not to you with your helmets) roar as hypervelocity darts shred the creature, the shockwave of the rounds obliterating the midsection of the creature shwoing Suki is more blood and meaty chunks.
[08:55:33] GM: A fine red mist lingers in the air as for the next 5 to 8 seconds there is the plop plop sound of the rest of the beast raining out of the sky.
[08:56:05] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs a little at the sight of Suki getting showered in blood twice, along with the show of Sarah getting clotheslined, and probably getting showered with the beast as well. "Nice…"
[08:56:35] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Sarah probably got showered and chunked wit hthat one both ))
[08:56:43] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( since she was on the ground frmo the clotheslining herself. ))
[08:56:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[08:56:52] GM: A sickly crimson steam wafts off of Suki's thruster ports as the superheated metal evaporates off the blood and gore.
[08:57:42] GM: Suki just stands there for a few second, in her braced position, still holding onto the beasts head…
[08:58:15] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Sorry, but I guess this is what a real Samurai would have had to deal with right?
[08:58:20] CWO3 Sarah gets up, notices all the blood adn guts, and makes a face, visibly shivering inside the Cyclone.
[08:59:02] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) lets the head drop , making a sicky and wet crunch as it does so.
[08:59:55] CWO3 Sarah ews again at that. "Should probably wash our Cyclones off to see the locals now. I'm sure they'll love seeing the blood and gore, even if some know where we got it."
[08:59:57] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) shakes her hands as if trying to dry them, and makes as if to wipe them off on her leg but stops when she notices that doing that would likely make more of a mess.
[09:01:29] GM: You look at the settlement and the walls are empty but for a few folks covering their elfin ears. The wall nearby is soaked and dripping, with a smoldering scorch mark in the wood from Suki's thruster flare.
[09:02:03] GM: The ground looks like a porcupine with all the arroes that were loosed before all MOTHER FUCKIGN HELL broke loose.
[09:03:42] 2LT Kain Crokett looks to see the locals' reactions. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) PERC, [1d100] => [75] = (75) vs 60 RSI
[09:03:42] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) wipes her visor clear of blood and starts to pick meat from her armor,
[09:03:50] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((…))
[09:04:01] 2Lt. Aylanea looks around. "If the animals scared them, kinda wonder how badly we just scared them now." She looks up to see the reactions of any locals. [1d20] => [10] = (10) perc
[09:04:58] GM: Kain, it's rather easy to nitice the obvious, between the jet blast and rail gun burst you have prbobly given the entire village tinitus.
[09:05:26] GM: Ay, you are just now noticing the braver of the villagers poking their heads out from behind cover.
[09:06:01] 2Lt. Aylanea offers what she hopes is seen as a friendly wave to the ones peeking out from behind cover.
[09:06:11] GM: The four that were behind you are standing slack jawed , their weapons on the ground next to them
[09:06:56] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Aaaaand, now we are going to be revered as gods, or devils.
[09:07:58] 2Lt. Aylanea: "I'd hope not. We already proved we're not." She gestures in Sarah's direction. "Neither would probably lay themselves out flat like she did."
[09:08:56] GM: After some akward exchanges of pointy grunty talky the villagers understand that you arent there to consume them.
[09:09:21] 2LT Kain Crokett: That just means we're not all hunters. From their perspective we've displayed god-like omniscience via our sensors, and we just killed two of their beasts like it was nothing.
[09:10:08] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Well, beasts anyway, they were shooting at them.
[09:11:23] GM: Balaa is flown out a bit later and helarity ensues as a Rabbit touches down.
[09:12:13] GM: With her as a translator you come to an accord.
[09:12:34] GM: They actually seem more frighteren of balaa, looking as she does, lmost deamonic,
[09:13:07] GM: and they of course are quite amazed to see your faces once you finally do flip up your face masks and or remove your helmets.
[09:13:36] GM: some of the more curious reach out to touch your stubby, obviously hidiously deformed ears.
[09:14:07] 2LT Kain Crokett lets them touch him.
[09:15:00] GM: You notice that it is a matriarchal society, and, they also are versed in agriculture as within the walls , nestled near the sturdier stone ruin portions are well tended and irrigated gardens.
[09:15:09] CWO3 Sarah lets them touch her as well, if they show interest. If anyone shows interest in coming up to the one with red eyes. She offers a gentle smile though.
[09:15:58] GM: The red eyes are regarded as a curiosity. the word taint is used.
[09:17:07] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:17:18] 2LT Kain Crokett: I think they may like you.
[09:17:33] GM: That evening, meat from the fresh kills are offered in thanks, and food, wine and women, or men if that is your fetish are offered to the 'Creatures of Fire and Thunder"
[09:18:52] GM: Komi, you also note that the plate armor you nitcied is really polished hardwood
[09:19:11] GM: very sturdy, for the meterial, and fire hardened, which explains it's color.
[09:19:47] GM: The swords you saw are similierly constructed
[09:20:30] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((AFK bio…))
[09:20:50] GM: Balaa is also able to determine that the spoken language here, and the one from the ship recording is nearly identicle, although the accents are different.
[09:21:09] 2Lt. Aylanea takes note of the armor and swords as well, raising her eyebrows slightly and smiling.
[09:21:40] CWO3 Sarah blinks a little at Balaa, considering that. "Hmm… Interesting."
[09:22:22] GM: Maenwhile Nyx and her party make their way across the ocean towards the island and in time finally see the Dark Isle ahead of them.
[09:22:40] GM: On the dark isle a month passes
[09:23:12] GM: there is regular contact between the local village and the VM crew
[09:24:13] GM: Suki does her level best to begin learning the language, , reading it is harder as there are only so much can be found in the logs.
[09:27:54] CWO3 Sarah tries to keep up being good, doing all she's supposed to, and going to the ship gym if she can get to it. (read: if it's not in a flooded section). She takes note of Suki learning the language, watching some to see if she can learn any of it as well.
[09:28:14] GM: Astrogation data has been compiled as well and it seems that you are all a fair deal away from home
[09:30:09] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((back))
[09:32:48] GM: It would seem that you are some 6000 light years or so away from where you entered the Gate, which puts you somewhere in the Norma Arm of the Milky Way Galaxy
[09:35:11] 2LT Kain Crokett: And how long would it take for us to get home using normal Space Fold?
[09:35:33] GM: Almost half a year
[09:35:57] GM: maybe longer to get past the 'Dark Rivers' of intersteller medium between galactic arms
[09:36:20] GM: (gonna go with the LoGH aspect here, where you need safe corridors))
[09:36:49] GM: That would be half a year WITH a charted route
[09:37:27] GM: ((now, if you were in a larger more powerful ship, less time, the VM doesnt have the legs that most UEEF Ships of teh Wall have
[09:37:46] GM: ((since the VM was designed to be a local system cutter))
[09:40:09] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((*nod*))
[09:41:31] GM: One one of the Recon patrols a probobly planet fall is identified, but a follow on sweep detects no ship, so, it is classified as a meteor that, or a chunk of the VM left in orbit finally came down and burned up.
[09:41:57] GM: notes a possible
[09:43:18] 2LT Kain Crokett: So how soon until it's safe for us to get off this rock?
[09:43:43] GM: With your reflex furnace burned out, well…
[09:44:00] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:44:00] GM: You still have reactant mass, but…
[09:44:02] CWO3 Sarah: (( :p ))
[09:44:48] CWO3 Sarah: (( in other words, gonna be here a while. :) ))
[09:46:12] GM: Nyx, your zeppilan, rather the zeppilin you are one approaches the island (this zeppilin IS noticed by the VM's recon sweeps, actaully was noticed about 150 miles offshore.
[09:48:29] Febrith Nyx rolls out her looking glasses, and checks where the impact should have happened. [1d20] => [17] = (17) PERC, [1d100] => [49] = (49) vs 85 Math Advanced, [1d100] => [58] = (58) vs 68 Navigation
[09:49:15] GM: You can see at the very edge of your vision a rasied escarpment enshrouded in clouds.
[09:49:31] GM: beneath which is a vast jungle.
[09:49:57] GM: You also notice a tendril of black smoke north by north west along the coastline.
[09:51:18] Febrith Nyx directs the zeplin to make a landing where it safefly can and gathers her gear so that she can disembark.
[09:52:51] GM: The tendril of smoke is coming from the wreck of a what was once a might steam warship. From the nation yous is at war with.
[09:53:34] GM: mighty
[09:53:44] Febrith Nyx: "Oh captain, you wouldn't have any lifeboats aboard?
[09:54:44] GM: The captain looks over the wreck and shakes her head. "It doesn't look like it would do any good."
[09:55:01] Febrith Nyx: Not for them, for me.
[09:55:59] GM: The captain looks at you quizzically. "If you mean to scout the area the Military Council has made the aircraft we hold avaialble to you"
[09:56:37] Febrith Nyx: I do mean to scout the area, but you are right the aircraft would be more practicable.
[09:58:54] GM:
[09:58:59] Febrith Nyx: I will be launching in one of the aircraft. If you would be so kind as to check out the enemy wreck, while I scout the air/
[09:59:41] Febrith Nyx: ((yes, she does have pilot airplane.))
[10:00:23] GM: Perc
[10:00:29] Febrith Nyx: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[10:00:56] Attempting to assign the role of Player to (1) Carrie…
[10:01:19] GM: You launch from your mother ship and head inland as the zeppilin moves to hover over the wreck.
[10:01:52] GM: Lines are dropped and crew are lowered down to investigate.
[10:02:38] CWO3 Sarah: (( *smacks openrpg and sighs* ))
[10:03:22] GM: You were typing something James?
[10:03:41] Febrith Nyx: ((no.))
[10:04:04] Febrith Nyx: ((Just waiting on the result of the PREC, unless you already covered that))
[10:04:10] GM: Okay, as you fly away from the zep there is a hollow boom, and a orange flash in your rear view
[10:05:28] Febrith Nyx looks over her shoulder to see the expected: the zep going up in flames. Febrith draws a wry face but makes her recon over the island, just keeping an eye out for whatever caused the explosion. [1d20] => [3] = (3) PERC
[10:05:33] Febrith Nyx: ((…))
[10:05:40] GM: Oh the humanity
[10:05:52] GM: and going down, not up
[10:06:07] GM: [1d20+11] => [17,11] = (28)
[10:06:32] GM: As you make your recon you head towards the escarpment, and notice a waterfall.
[10:06:36] CWO3 Sarah: (( that got it! ))
[10:06:38] CWO3 Sarah: (( yay ))
[10:07:01] CWO3 Sarah: (( … or did it just get it for me? ))
[10:07:04] CWO3 Sarah: (( :/ ))
[10:08:10] GM: from the top of your planes engine there is a flash of red and the plane heaves upwards as the engine grinds. There is a loud bang and black smoke and orange flame billow out of teh manifold as oil streams back across the cowling and onto the windscreen, and you.
[10:08:20] Febrith Nyx does a flyby of the waterfall area, trying to fly in a way as to not get smacked with it. [1d20] => [17] = (17) PERC, [1d100] => [37] = (37) vs 79 Pilot Airplane
[10:09:01] Febrith Nyx: ((okay, so I should eject? Is that what I'm reading?))
[10:09:06] GM: I'll let you keep those rolls as they are releveant
[10:09:17] GM: whats an ejection seat?
[10:09:30] Febrith Nyx: ((controlled crash then.))
[10:09:55] GM: the red flash based on perc had to have been some sort of ground fire, the piloting means you dont roll or immedialty crash but your engine is pretty much, pardon the pun, shot
[10:10:14] GM: you are also heading towards the escarpment and need to pull up
[10:10:30] GM: or bail out…
[10:11:12] Febrith Nyx opts to bail out and hope the plane is sufficient distraction. ((what do you want me to roll?))
[10:11:29] GM: Meanwhile the sentries at the waterfall report in "Eagle Eye to nest, that zeppilin just went nova, and…we've got a …this cant be right.. a biplane headed towards us…"
[10:11:57] GM: roll a percentile
[10:12:00] GM: and a twenty
[10:12:41] Febrith Nyx: [1d100] => [21] = (21)
[10:12:42] Febrith Nyx: [1d20] => [16] = (16)
[10:13:58] GM: You roll out of the plane and pull the rip cord
[10:14:11] GM: you see the plane continue on and plow right into the cliff face
[10:14:58] GM: You float silently towards the trees and then right thru the canopy, snapping brances along the way until you are jerked to a stop some 50 foot off the ground.
[10:15:42] Febrith Nyx takes a look for a gentle way down. [1d20] => [8] = (8) PERC
[10:16:23] GM: Doesnt look good based on your initial look
[10:17:17] GM: the folks near the VM head a loud bang then see a fireball boil into a ascending black cloud fromnear the waterfall.
[10:17:52] Colonial Soldier: Aww carp! that biplane just augered in! There was a chute.
[10:17:58] Colonial Soldier: (9carp yes, CARp…crap))
[10:18:08] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:18:28] Febrith Nyx takes a swing to try and goes for a rolling landing. [1d30] => [18] = (18) vs 16 PP, [1d30] => [26] = (26) vs 18 PE
[10:18:35] Febrith Nyx: ((This is gonna hurt.))
[10:18:52] CWO3 Sarah blinks at the reports, glancing around. "Wonder if the pilot's okay."
[10:19:02] GM: Remember that scene in Rambo First blood, when he went into the trees….yeah, thats you
[10:19:11] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:20:30] Colonial Marine: Looks like he went right into the jungle. Looks like it might have taken fire…
[10:21:01] GM: Nyx, you lose and regain consiousness a few times on the way down,
[10:21:22] GM: finally coming to a hard landing on your side.
[10:21:34] GM: you taste blood and ache all over
[10:22:01] GM: more over you seem to have twisted your ankle and broken an arm,
[10:23:04] Febrith Nyx: I know I should have taken the field self-aid course…
[10:23:24] GM: you fade to black, and slip in and out of lucidity, you hear voices, then dark, then find yourself moving, but cant move, then dark, then the inside of a hut..then black
[10:24:04] GM: then a loud roar, and black, a bright white light and more disjointed voices, a pair of red eyes, then black
[10:24:52] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:25:09] GM: You finally awaken, in massive pain all over, on your back,
[10:25:41] Febrith Nyx wonders if the leaves had halucenegens. What is that albino doing over there? And what happened to her ears?
[10:26:49] GM: As you lkook around, you dont see any albino, but you do see an armored figure holding a gun, has to be, but like none you've ever seen (M-90) you cant see the face behind a mirrored visor,
[10:27:51] GM: the room you are in is grey and white, you have to your horror wires sticking out of your arms and nose, you are bound to a bed of sorts, you are sans your cloting, under a cover and the room is cold.
[10:28:29] Febrith Nyx: "It's official, I'm in hell. Hey you why don't you get me some water?" [1d100] => [93] = (93) vs 92 Charm.
[10:28:40] GM: the armored person shits as you moe and you can hear a masculine voice muffled.
[10:28:49] GM: (shifts
[10:28:54] GM: one little letter..))
[10:28:56] Febrith Nyx: ((Excuse me, clearly the RNG didn't learn it's lesson the last time…))
[10:28:59] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:29:06] GM: and move, not moe, although your attempt at Moe fails
[10:29:16] CWO3 Sarah: (( was gonna say, not good to shit if someone moves, for a guard ))
[10:29:20] CWO3 Sarah: (( :) ))
[10:30:45] GM: The person does not respond to you, well not in any noticible fashion. The door slids open with a whispered hiss and an shorter armored , must be female, with a gold tinted visor enteres followed by…OH MY GOD! DEMONS! DO EXSIST!!!! (balaa)
[10:31:46] Febrith Nyx tries to strike up a conversation and analyze the language. "So is guarding the half-dead and naked standard procedure?" [1d30] => [8] = (8) vs 23 IQ.
[10:32:23] GM: I'll let you react to the newcomers
[10:33:05] GM: Since the 'gaurd' doesnt respond, although you do note before the DEMON appears, the deferential motion the guard makes as the shorter female enters
[10:33:15] Febrith Nyx: [1d20] => [4] = (4) save vs Horror Factor.
[10:33:22] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol! ))
[10:33:49] Febrith Nyx is freaking out. "Oh Sharress, I am in hell! Get me outta here!"
[10:34:17] GM: In the hall, out of ear shot Anhel is laghing her ass off along with some of the crew.
[10:34:27] CWO3 Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[10:34:33] CWO3 Sarah: (( bad lil Ahnhel ))
[10:34:38] Ahnhel: I love my job sometimes, I really do.
[10:35:44] GM: A modulated female voice comes from the short gold visored one "Rest, worry not, not hurt."
[10:36:40] Febrith Nyx: "Okay, I expected more intelligent conversation from a demon and it's familiar, and how the hell am I supposed to rest when you have WIRES sticking into me?"
[10:37:10] GM: The demon mutters and there is a soft glow from an item she holds. and the gold visor speaks again, more clearly. "Relax, do not worry, we aren't going to hurt you."
[10:38:13] GM: The gold visor approaches and turns a panel to the side that has glowing runs upon it.
[10:38:45] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) says words alien to you.
[10:39:10] Ahnhel enters, recovering from laughter, and rubs here eyes.
[10:39:33] Ahnhel is not wearng armor, but rather a medical smock and the UEEF medico uniform
[10:40:02] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) removes her helmet and hooks it to the back of her armor (gundam space suit style))
[10:41:49] Febrith Nyx: "Well, at least you aren't talking like a cave dweller now. A demon, two albinos with deformed ears, and glowing runes. You really aren't helping your cause of getting me to trust you. So maybe a little information? Like who are you? Where am I? And why is their an encampment on the Dark Isle?"
[10:41:58] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) looks at the guard.
[10:42:12] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): You can go, let the captain know the patient is awake.
[10:42:25] Colonial Marine: Ma'am!
[10:42:28] Colonial Marine departs.
[10:43:31] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Which nation state are you from? Shad'nara? Korothabbe?
[10:44:26] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) waits to see if she answers.
[10:44:38] Febrith Nyx gives the correct answer, along with her name rank and serial number.
[10:44:46] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods.
[10:45:10] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): I am Captian Ishida, UEMC. You are in our care.
[10:45:21] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): This…
[10:45:26] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) motions to Balaa.
[10:45:49] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Is Balaa Arashul, she will be assisting you with communication.
[10:46:42] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): She…
[10:46:46] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) motions to Anhel.
[10:46:57] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Is Anhel, our surgeon.
[10:47:36] Ahnhel: yeah yeah, okay, stop fidgiting space pixie.
[10:48:35] Febrith Nyx nods. "Pixie? I am Trow not some middling pixie."
[10:49:02] Ahnhel: Well, that would explain your graceless plumet from the sky…
[10:49:43] Ahnhel pushes your head back onto the rest athen removes the oxygen tubes from your nose.
[10:50:18] CWO3 Sarah: (( loll ))
[10:50:47] Ahnhel tehn unwraps teh bandages from your arm and removes the IV (and I can just imagine the horror of seeing that needle coming out (it horrifies me and I'm USED to that tech ))
[10:51:09] CWO3 Sarah: (( yeah, needles bad ))
[10:51:13] CWO3 Sarah: (( I try to avoid them ))
[10:51:33] Febrith Nyx: [1d20] => [5] = (5) vs HF
[10:51:40] Febrith Nyx has a panic attack.
[10:51:47] Ahnhel: Oh there she goes, out like a light
[10:52:24] CWO3 Sarah: (( lols ))
[10:53:09] Febrith Nyx: ((any more of this and she's going to need a save vs. insanity))
[10:53:27] CWO3 Sarah: (( lmao ))
[10:54:40] GM: When you regain consiousness you can hear voices male voices as well as female. The room is warmer and you are in a hospital gown (i.e no ass) and not in the same bed, the one you are in is bit more fluffy and adjustable, so you are in a semi sitting position
[10:55:23] GM: And you no longer have wires sticking out of you
[10:55:30] Febrith Nyx: "this is the most comfortable prison I've ever been in. And I've broken into several prisons."
[10:56:56] GM: Carrie, you can have one or the other cahracter arrive your choice
[10:57:37] GM: In the room is Anhel Balaa, the little asien girl, carter and the captain.
[10:58:49] GM: You also note that their uniforms have places where patches would go, but they are blank (velcro, removed for OPSEC)
[10:58:50] CWO3 Sarah peeks in quickly, looking around. "Everything okay?"
[10:59:23] GM: None of the folks are amroed now, but the Suki is in BDU's in the same general camo scheme as the armor
[10:59:54] GM: The others are wearing ship jumpers (like Stargate flight suits… Carter is wearing civvies.
[11:00:03] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[11:00:21] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) notes Sarah poke her head in and waves her in.
[11:00:29] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Hai, she's awake…again.
[11:00:47] Febrith Nyx: "So is this my official interrogation now? Or do I need to freak out some more?"
[11:01:16] CWO3 Sarah slips in totally, blinking her own red eyes, and glancing to Suki. "er… again?" She hmms a little bit."Problems earlier?" She offers Nyx a smile.
[11:01:22] Carter: Certianly is the paranoid type.
[11:01:39] Colonial Ship Captain: Interrogation, no.
[11:02:01] Colonial Ship Captain: You are our guest until such time you prove yourself unworthy of that designation.
[11:02:40] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods at Sarah
[11:02:46] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Anhel pulled out the IV and she fainted.
[11:02:56] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): You should have heard her reaction to Balaa.
[11:03:10] Balaa sighs
[11:03:31] Balaa: Anyone on the deck probobly did…
[11:03:49] Febrith Nyx: You bring a demon before me and i'm not supposed to freak out? And in my line of work paranoia is synonomous with survival instinct."
[11:03:55] CWO3 Sarah looks to Carter. "Well, how would you feel waking up somewhere totally alien, after falling unconscious somewhere completely else?" She blinks towards Suki and raises eyebrows. "Oh dear…" She laughs just a little, and peeks at Ahnhel. "And how non-gentle were you about pulling the IV out?"
[11:04:10] Balaa taps her hoof with a slight pout as the tip of her tail flips to and fro
[11:04:40] Ahnhel: I didnt take any meat with it if thts what you mean.
[11:05:34] Balaa: I'll have you know I'm not a demon…although I can understand why you would think so…
[11:05:53] CWO3 Sarah laughs a little at Ahnhel. "Well, that's always good." She offers an 'aww' to Balaa, and a sympathetic look. Then giggles.
[11:06:14] Colonial Ship Captain: And what exactly IS, your line of work?
[11:08:39] Febrith Nyx: I'm a Scientist Commando, I specifically steal, analyze and do front-line testing of any bits of lost tech that we find."
[11:09:12] Colonial Ship Captain: Hmm, then we will have to keep special eye on you.
[11:09:18] Colonial Ship Captain smiles a toothy grin.
[11:09:28] CWO3 Sarah snickers at the Captain's response.


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