Chapter 15 - Act II - Part 6


[06:59:01] 1stLt.Fairman: so did anything happen last week?
[06:59:49] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol. yeah ))
[06:59:56] CWO3 Sarah: (( we crashed ))
[07:00:06] CWO3 Sarah: (( the ship is laying in a heap on an island on an unknown planet ))
[07:00:57] 1stLt.Fairman: ((the VM crashed?)
[07:01:18] GM: Yup, and since you were away last week, you got to ride it down the whole way
[07:02:23] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[07:02:24] GM: You awoke in sickbay, strapped to a a bunk with a few others in the same position, with Ahnel and the sick bay attendants strapped into their shock harnesses
[07:04:05] GM: Let us begin
[07:04:11] 1stLt.Fairman looks around a condition of sickbay and the staff (they awake?)
[07:05:37] GM: Yes, and look scared out of their minds, grapsing the hand holds with fear in their eyes, the entire ship is shaking and you can hear the groan of stressed metal and hull. You can feel the acidic taste of fear in the back of your throat.
[07:07:10] 1stLt.Fairman yells out "what has happened?"
[07:07:15] GM: Outside the VM the launched aircraft pace the decending ship as the PPB's are used to aid the landing, with the operators adjusting them during the decent to act in the capacity of a lifting body
[07:07:52] Ahnhel: B…ba aa aa aa lis t t t tic re ee entry!
[07:08:08] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:08:14] Ahnhel: Go oo oo ba aa aak to oo oo slee ee eep
[07:09:00] 1stLt.Fairman rolls his eyes and closes them as he grips the railing with his hands
[07:09:23] GM: ((if youve seen the aerobreaking scene in 2010 A space oddesy, you pretty much get the point
[07:09:56] 1stLt.Fairman: (k)
[07:11:21] GM: The VM does a lap and a half around the planet before hurtling towards a largish island and a lake near the center of it, high up on a plateau.
[07:12:25] GM: At the last possible moment the VM applies all the reverse thrust it can muster as well as using the PPB's as much as an airbrake as they can be.
[07:13:41] GM: There is a terrific impact as the VM impacts the water, the unmistakable wail of collision and hull breech alarms fill the ship as she rolls onto her side.
[07:14:51] GM: it taks almost the entire lakes length acting as a water break before the ship settles.
[07:15:34] GM: there are more groans of stressed frame and members as the ship roll back towards center
[07:16:34] GM: In the air the fighter craft see the impact and eventual landing as well as teh VM disappearing into a massive cloud of superheated steam.
[07:17:24] GM: nearby trees on the shore some 500 feet away are either splintered like matchsticks, blow over or have their canopies aflame.
[07:18:00] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Lake boiled starship anyone?"
[07:18:23] GM: the area is also raining now with the water displaced by the impact now returning to the surface.
[07:19:12] 1stLt.Fairman opens his eyes as the ships starts to roll from the water and asks "Can you release the straps now please?'
[07:19:45] CWO3 Sarah watches that with an expression that's nearly as wide-eyed as the initial hearing of 'ballistic re-entry', frowning and looking at the steam to see if she can see anything through it, then pauses and blinks at Crockett's comment. "Wonder what all the boiling might have cooked, in the lake."
[07:19:45] Ahnhel: I'm sorry, I can't do that, the captian hasn't turned off the fasten seatbelt sign.
[07:20:11] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:20:23] 1stLt.Fairman: "Oh geez"
[07:20:50] Ahnhel makes no attempt unfasten her restraints either.
[07:21:50] GM: You can feel teh ship bob then strighten out, then, the lighting goes out.
[07:22:58] GM: Eventaully, after about 20 minutes a midshipman appears at the hatch.
[07:23:26] Colonial Midshipman: You can unstrap now, captian has called all clear, report to your Damage Control stations.
[07:24:13] Colonial Midshipman leaves, and repeats the same message to the next berth down the corridor.
[07:24:36] Ahnhel: I hate this ship.
[07:24:57] 1stLt.Fairman smirks at the comment from Ahnhel
[07:25:16] Ahnhel unstraps and takes a swig from the madicinal spirits as the attendants unstrap Jaron.
[07:25:59] 1stLt.Fairman is glad to be free from the bunk "Dont drink too much Ahnhel" and prepares to leave (why was I in the sick bay anyways?)
[07:27:39] 1stLt.Fairman: (ok informed)
[07:27:53] GM: ((kk))
[07:28:00] 1stLt.Fairman heads to Damage Control station
[07:30:11] GM: The rest of you in the air are able to find landing area along the beach of the lake, the shores are littered in debris and dead fish, strange alien looking fish.
[07:31:36] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Might want to take some of that in, for a toxicity scan. We might be here a while and it'd be good to know what we can eat if we run low on ship food stores."
[07:32:02] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods her head, still wearing her helemt.
[07:32:27] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Stand by while the scanners read the atmosphere, if it's not safe to breath the fish issue is moot.
[07:33:03] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Roger on that."
[07:34:42] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [65] = (65) vs RSI
[07:35:10] 2LT Komillia Maeless scans the area for environmental hazards as well as locals.
[07:35:20] GM: As you wait for the scanners to finish, the billow of steam begins to waft past in the wind, the VM is upright at a 5 degree list to port, her hull is scored from stem to stern and patches of hull plate are missing, torn away in the decent. steam lifts from her hull as a warm rain patters against her.
[07:36:17] CWO3 Sarah peeks at her own sensors as well, for anything not normal. [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs. 75% rsi
[07:36:21] 2LT Kain Crokett: Well, at least we know it cooked thoroughly, it's floating.
[07:36:39] GM: The air sampling comes back with the following good news, the overall atmo is breathable, and the bad news, the air here, in this local area is unsafe due to toxins released in the crash.
[07:38:34] GM: Komi, you can see the signs of stone structures along the coast to your south, half in and half out of the water.
[07:39:22] GM: Sarah, your roll dovetailed into the sampling return
[07:39:54] 2Lt. Aylanea gives a slight 'aww' to that. "So how long until the toxic cloud disperses, I wonder…"
[07:40:13] 2LT Komillia Maeless: "Well, at least there is basic civilization around here. Stone structures, partially submerged are to the south."
[07:40:38] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Dont be to eager to pull your helemt off, the outside temp is about 85 with 65% humidity.
[07:42:27] 2Lt. Aylanea awws at that. "Hot and sticky… hmm. Yeah, not without something a lot less covering and heavy as the flightsuit."
[07:42:44] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): CVR is climate controlled.
[07:44:40] GM: The VM is submereged up to her centerline, and the upper hanger bay doors are clear of the water by about 15 feet. The forward bay creaks open slowly then locks into place.
[07:46:19] 2Lt. Aylanea: "Y'know, I /am/ in fact aware of that. Suppose it's better to see locals in than a bikini top as well." She snickers slighitly.
[07:46:36] GM: You can see a few crewman in CVR walk out onto the lowered bay door with binoculars and once has a tactical radio set on his or her back.
[07:46:49] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hee hee ))
[07:46:55] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods at Ay.
[07:47:06] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Very well.
[07:48:58] GM: It takes a good 6 hours to get a handle on the situation, do a head check etc, there were a few fatalities in the crash, mosty from the impact tossing them against bulkheads as either their shocj harnesses failed, or other items dislodged and careened across the compartments.
[07:49:56] GM: main power is down, extended comms are down, lifesupport is moot, but, minimal, restriced to lighting currently.
[07:50:41] GM: All small craft of course are in working condition as they landed seperatly, there are leaks below the water line and deck 13 and 12 are flooded.
[07:51:46] GM: a survey informs you taht there is about 10 meteres of water below the keel
[07:51:54] GM: so she is floating freely
[07:52:45] 1stLt.Fairman gets geared up in his CVR after locating it.
[07:53:07] GM: night is approaching as all finish your tasks, and the tempurature drops to about 70 but the humidity remains about the same.
[07:53:23] GM: Questions?
[07:53:52] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((None to speak of.))
[07:54:37] 1stLt.Fairman: (none)
[07:54:44] CWO3 Sarah: (( none important ))
[07:54:49] GM: Really?
[07:54:53] GM: You're kidding me?
[07:55:16] GM: you crash on a brand new planet you've never been on before and you have NO questions…
[07:55:46] CWO3 Sarah: (( what ae the surroundings beyond the lake, other than the stone structures noted? It totally forested and stuff? ))
[07:56:04] CWO3 Sarah: (( and is it still buring in an uncontrollable forest fire from the trees that were set fire on landing? ))
[07:57:08] GM: The fires are all but burned out, the humidity not conusive to prolonged blazes,
[07:57:14] GM: condusive.
[07:57:25] GM: the area nearby is jungle
[07:57:26] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Most of my questions were answered by Komi's roll. What sort of environmental hazards there were and what civilization is like in the immediate area. Everything else is just scenery gravy.))
[07:57:40] GM: well what, you dont like gravy?
[07:57:54] GM: where is your sence of adventurism and awe
[07:59:22] GM: as for the scenery, here, a picture is worth a thousand words.
[07:59:27] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((I like gravy, but I prefer it to come out over the course of game play rather than forced into one expository dump.))
[07:59:47] You must be either a player or GM to use the miniature Layer
[07:59:48] You must be either a player or GM to use the miniature Layer
[07:59:55] GM: hmm, why no it show
[07:59:56] You must be either a player or GM to use the miniature Layer
[08:00:16] 2LT Kain Crokett: I had the same problem thursday before last.
[08:00:36] CWO3 Sarah: (( send to me in AIM, I'll see if I can convince it ))
[08:00:39] 1stLt.Fairman: (pic didnt load)
[08:00:41] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((gah parens…))
[08:00:45] 1stLt.Fairman: (atleast for me)
[08:02:02] GM:
[08:02:12] GM: here, use that, okay moving on
[08:02:25] 1stLt.Fairman: (cool)
[08:02:47] GM: you guys are over the lip 'behind' the falls.
[08:03:28] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((nice))
[08:04:12] GM: Free RP
[08:04:19] GM: it's getting dusk
[08:05:21] GM: The captian is give the crew some rest, with the promise of hard labor tmrw as work begins to repair the ship and secure the area
[08:05:46] GM: This is after Ishida takes the ships marine compliment to secure the area directly after landing.
[08:05:51] 2LT Kain Crokett: So who wants to bet on what civilization level may exist around here?
[08:06:04] 2LT Kain Crokett: I'm thinking stone age.
[08:06:18] 1stLt.Fairman: "No clue but I doubt stone age"
[08:06:20] Carter: And you would be wrong.
[08:06:22] CWO3 Sarah looks around just a little bit, raising her eyebrows. "At least it led to somewhere habitable, not bombed out by a war or anything else." She considers it. "Think we'll be doing recon in the morning, at all?" She hms at the idea. "No telling. If they're stone age, we should proably avoid much contact, if any."
[08:06:40] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Oh why do you say that?
[08:07:02] CWO3 Sarah looks over Carter's way intrerestedly. "hm?"
[08:07:14] Carter: Those ruins you found on the shore, the pictographs and construction techniques , well, they indicate at least a bronze age level of tech.
[08:07:52] Carter: of course, given their state of disrepair and age, well, they were abandoned long ago.
[08:08:19] 2LT Komillia Maeless: So Medieval maybe? Dark Ages?
[08:08:38] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) enters the area and sets her helmet down.
[08:08:57] CWO3 Sarah: "If they're still there, and that isn't the abandoned remains of a lost culture. Which I'm hoping not…"
[08:09:06] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Likely higher then that. I'll take Delta out tommorrow to do a sweep of the planet.
[08:10:05] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Meanwhile, the sentries I posted near the cliffs report seeing firelight in the jungle below, looks tribal, central lighting with a compound around it.
[08:10:17] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Any chance we can get someone we can trade for raw materials that could be used to fix the ship?
[08:10:25] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) shrugs.
[08:10:37] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Depends on the level of tech.
[08:10:54] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): If it's bronze age as Carter says, not much htye have will help other then manpower.
[08:12:32] Gav'leth: Well, thats all fine and well, but, we dont even know where here is.
[08:12:39] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods
[08:13:14] 2LT Kain Crokett: We'll just have to do recon and sentry duty until that time comes. Come on, lets get some rest while we still can.
[08:13:15] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): I agree, which means during my sweep tommorrow I will be heading into LEO to gather some steller cartography.
[08:14:39] CWO3 Sarah nods. "The only thing we know for sure is that the thing we found sent us here. Which, unless something went wrong, would seem to indicate that the next thing we need to find is also here."
[08:14:41] GM: The next day yall unload the missiles from the recon birds, and start clearing some of the land near the shore, and begin work on a pier from the shore to the ship.
[08:15:08] CWO3 Sarah: (( there's one of my initial questions answered :) ))
[08:15:10] GM: Luckily for you, there is a LOT of downed trees about…
[08:15:44] CWO3 Sarah: (( yes, and how many who know woodworking enough to build a pier properly? ;) ))
[08:16:07] GM: Well, I'm sure you can figure it out
[08:16:13] GM: I have faith
[08:16:15] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:16:56] GM: if not, you guys get to be manual labor as the ships engineers direct you in it's construction, I'm pretty sure you will have no problem cutting and moving logs.
[08:17:37] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((The mecha are probably just doing the "heavy lifting" at the direction of an engineer.))
[08:17:39] GM: Ever seen bridge over the River Kwai
[08:18:19] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((A long time ago.))
[08:18:54] GM: the CAG flaty refuses that option, the sand and water would give the maintainers more work then they need right now, plus they need to be ready for defence, remember, three other things went with you down the rabbit hole,
[08:19:35] GM: Cyclones on the other hand, would be perfect
[08:20:36] GM: Over the next week Delta does their recon flights as the rest of your start going all gilligans island.
[08:21:26] GM: Delta reports that, the tech level on this world is higher then anticipated, there are population centers across the globe that show tehnology at or around 1900's
[08:21:51] GM: Also, there seems to be a war on, between three or four nation states.
[08:22:47] 2LT Kain Crokett: Well, that's a quagmire…
[08:22:50] GM: Oddly enough, Delta also reports that there are no signs that ANY nation state has sent any surface or airship to investigate the crash of teh VM.
[08:24:09] GM: Nyx, on your end, you , via your network of contemporaries in the scientific field, hear reports of UFO sightings across the planet over the last week.
[08:24:44] GM: Along with the rumblings from each natin state blaming the other for the incursions over their territory
[08:26:22] Febrith Nyx: ((Quick question, does Nyx know of anyone with aircraft abilities?))
[08:27:02] GM: Yes, your aircraft are Biplane sopwith Camle types, nowhere near the legs to get to teh Dark Isle unless launched from a ship
[08:27:31] GM: Not even your 'Handly Page-esque' bombers have the range.
[08:29:16] Febrith Nyx: "My guess is that we are genuinely no longer alone in this universe."
[08:30:17] Febrith Nyx digs through her things to gather enough gear for a camping trip and reaches out to contacts for a boat to get in visual range of the Dark Island without actually getting close. Probably, through the less legal contacts.
[08:31:36] GM: roll some skills
[08:32:09] GM: there are also, other ways…
[08:33:44] GM: just gotta think outside the box
[08:33:56] Febrith Nyx: [1d100] => [53] = (53) vs 92 Charm Impress (to get where she needs), [1d30] => [27] = (27) vs 23 IQ for other means, [1d100] => [88] = (88) vs 78 Mil Ettiquette, [1d100] => [84] = (84) vs 68 Navigation
[08:34:58] Febrith Nyx: ((It helps to think outside the box, when you know what the box is. There is a lot about this world I can only guess at…))
[08:35:30] GM: Your charm only goes so far, and most ship captains dont want to go near the Dark Isle, A becuase it's forbidden, and B, there are the tales of dangerous creatures taht feast on man all over there, and cannibles, and other assorted nastiness.
[08:35:55] GM: Well, picture the tensions during WWI
[08:36:38] GM: and you are a scientist, which puts you with access to those rarified circles well above the rank and file
[08:37:01] GM: you just have to push the right buttons
[08:37:46] GM: You also do have colleagues in other nations, contemporaies that you knew before teh Great War began
[08:38:12] Febrith Nyx: ((Not much of a history buff during that era, but I think I can guess what your getting at.))
[08:39:35] GM: ((as a GM, I want to get you there, but, I am gonna make you sing for your supper))
[08:43:28] Febrith Nyx reaches out to her associates for known information about the dark isle that isn't religious hyperbole. Also, tries to get info on what potential means of getting to the dark isle there may be that she wouldn't normally know about. Also, she petitions some of the higher ups, resorting to less than scrupulous persuasion methods when necessary, to thre right to inspect what is going on with that island and the fallen celestial object.
[08:43:50] Febrith Nyx: [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 92 Charm Impress (to get where she needs), [1d30] => [8] = (8) vs 23 IQ for other means, [1d100] => [58] = (58) vs 78 Mil Ettiquette, [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 68 Navigation, [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs 63 Psychological Warfare.
[08:44:01] Febrith Nyx: ((grr…))
[08:48:03] GM: Okay, you are on the right track with Psyche warfare,
[08:48:09] GM: very mush so
[08:48:11] GM: much so
[08:48:31] GM: Navigation , well, you know where you need to go, so thats locked in
[08:48:51] GM: And with Mil Etiquette, you have folks willing to listen
[08:49:09] GM: same with Charm
[08:49:27] GM: IQ is on it, just roll a Psych Warfare roll and succeed
[08:53:01] CWO3 Sarah: (( *peeks* ))
[08:53:13] Febrith Nyx build up her case, "You see these UFOs are just fact finding right now, probably deciding if we are good enough to eat. They landed on the Dark Isle no doubt knowing we would not send people there to investigate and potentially stop them before it is too late. All I am asking is that you send me to ascertain and potentially sabotage their operations before it gets to late. If some manner of sanitization happens, I will submit to it after I return. However, I have no doubt our technology will prevail. So I say again, it is better to send one person there now before our enemies and these unknowns send whatever plague the Dark Isle has is brought outside its quarantine." [1d100] => [19] = (19) vs Psychological Warfare.
[08:54:37] GM: You are allmost laughed out of the conferance room, but for your last sentance.
[08:54:53] GM: specifically, 'our enemies'
[08:55:52] GM: The ministers and generals talk, 'she has a point, if we do not send an expidition, our enemies might, and, what if they find whatever it is and use it against us…"
[08:57:23] GM: and other thoughts like 'if we get there first, we might be able to claim whatever fell from the sky for ourselves, and bring ruin on our enemies, why, even if it is nothing, we can lie and tell them it is a great weapon, as long as we can keep the others away, no one will know our bluff…"
[08:59:10] GM: It will take time, but they eventually agree to dispatch an Airship to the Island, perperation will take a month, as well as transit time, which will be three weeks, an elongated protracted course to keep the other nations from determining the arships actual destination
[08:59:37] GM: (cue the Indiana Jones tavel lines from dot to dot))
[09:00:02] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:00:04] CWO3 Sarah: (( :) ))
[09:00:33] GM: On the island, the pier is finished as are a series of huts on the shoreline and earhen and wood fortifications around the peremiter, even watch towers have been constructed , one camoflauged and overlooking the jungle below the falls.
[09:00:37] Febrith Nyx tries not to get too bored and plays a bit of a vamp with some of the functionaries that no doubt were sent to oversee the mess.
[09:01:40] GM: ishida being the ranking Marine is in charge of the ground operations, etc, and it is determined that a visit to the locals is in order (this after two weeks (we are catching up to Myx))
[09:01:44] GM: Nyx
[09:02:29] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) in her CVR pokes her head into one of the hooches.
[09:03:16] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): I need four volunteers for an expidition, you you, you and you are it.
[09:03:24] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) points to Ay, Komi, Kian, and Sarah
[09:03:46] GM: You have just been voluntold
[09:03:50] 2LT Kain Crokett: Okay? Is there something going on?
[09:03:54] CWO3 Sarah smiles at that and nods quickly. "Yes, ma'am."
[09:04:34] 2Lt. Aylanea bounces up (some parts quite literally) to get ready quickly.
[09:04:46] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): No urgancy, just a look around, it would be nice to meet the natives.
[09:05:22] GM: Balaa and Carter are also part of the party.
[09:05:43] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww, not Gav? ;) lol. ;p ))
[09:06:26] GM: And what, scare the bejesus out of the loclas?
[09:06:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lols ))
[09:06:49] GM: Plus, we dont want to risk both Archeologists if we donthave to
[09:07:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( point. ))
[09:07:02] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe ))
[09:07:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( the first part was more the idea ;) ))
[09:08:00] 2LT Kain Crokett: Sounds fun. Better than watching engineers fix the ship and tell me to stop helping them.
[09:08:43] GM: You gear up, in cyclone, in battloid mode, as there are no open roads, there ar ebeasties out there so, weapons are your choice.
[09:10:23] 2LT Kain Crokett dons full Super cyclone gear. No telling how tough the local beasties are.
[09:11:30] CWO3 Sarah dons her full super and CVR-3M as well, checking it over quickly and nodding.
[09:11:32] GM: You make your way over the falls, an 885 foot drop to a lake and another pair or 340 foot falls,
[09:11:42] Carrie: (( eep ))
[09:11:56] 2LT Komillia Maeless takes a standard Saber. No need to look to heavily armed, not with Kain already filling that role. Plus, the sword can help cut the foiliage if need be.
[09:11:59] CWO3 Sarah: (( oops ))
[09:11:59] GM: you land at the foothills and see a dense jungle ahead of you
[09:12:02] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[09:12:14] CWO3 Sarah: (( 800 foot drop. yay. d ))
[09:12:40] 2Lt. Aylanea brought her Super for sure, and 3M. Losing an arm is still very fresh in her mind.
[09:12:41] GM: between the Sabre cyclone and Suki vibro katana, you make short work of the underbrush as you make your way into the jungle
[09:12:59] 2LT Komillia Maeless is having a giggle fit at the bottom. "Pure adreneiline."
[09:13:14] GM: Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee whee whee wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
[09:14:05] CWO3 Sarah: (( rofl ))
[09:15:00] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Gecko's ad team must be on crack, BTW.))
[09:15:10] CWO3 Sarah: (( yeah :p ))
[09:15:10] GM: ((and thank god for them))
[09:15:13] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:15:29] GM: roll rolls
[09:17:11] Balaa: Wilderness Survival v60 [1d100] => [60] = (60) , ID plants and such v55 [1d100] => [96] = (96)
[09:17:25] Balaa: Ooo, pretty!
[09:17:26] CWO3 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6) perc, [1d100] => [23] = (23) vs. 84% Navigation, [1d100] => [15] = (15) Detect concealment vs. 75%, [1d100] => [55] = (55) Detect Ambush vs. 80%
[09:17:44] Plant: SNAP!
[09:17:51] Balaa: OW!
[09:17:52] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rofl ))
[09:18:03] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [10] = (10) PERC, [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs 85 Navigation, [1d100] => [57] = (57) vs 70 sensory equipment
[09:18:27] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Careful of the Perytonian eaters, you probably look extra tasty to them.
[09:18:35] Balaa: Not funny…
[09:19:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20] => [7] = (7) perc, [1d100] => [60] = (60) wilderness survival vs. 68%, [1d10] => [2] = (2) RSI vs. 73%, [1d100] => [17] = (17) land navigation vs. 69%
[09:19:28] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow ))
[09:19:40] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( nm, see why ))
[09:19:47] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [47] = (47) rsi vs., 73%
[09:19:59] GM: Ay, you are able to keep the others clear from obvious carnivourus plants
[09:20:03] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( missed a 0. ))
[09:20:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe ))
[09:20:14] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yay ))
[09:20:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( unless Kain does better ))
[09:20:36] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15) Perc, [1d100] => [90] = (90) vs 60 RSI, [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs 60 Prowl (to look less conspicuous), [1d100] => [26] = (26) vs 50 Trackin (People) for signs of local life, [1d100] => [74] = (74) vs 55 Detect Ambushes.
[09:21:05] GM: [1d100] => [35] = (35) Suki RSI vs78
[09:22:15] GM: Kain, you are able to notice an oddity on the ground.
[09:22:48] 2LT Kain Crokett investigates the oddity, after making sure everyone knows where it is and that he's checking it out.
[09:23:05] GM: it's mettalic, crinkly, and old old old
[09:23:51] GM: if you didnt know any better you would think it was a discarded empty bag of chips or something, it's faded and again, old
[09:24:33] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d100] => [56] = (56) vs 63 Intelligence
[09:24:53] GM: it's trash, discarded a while ago,
[09:25:12] 2LT Kain Crokett: This, is trash. Like a bag of chips kind of trash.
[09:25:20] GM: And Suki's RSI…
[09:25:36] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Hmmm…this is curious.
[09:25:55] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): I am getting a return, a klick and ahalf away,
[09:26:01] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): it's not vegitation
[09:26:12] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) points.
[09:27:44] GM: Komi and Ay, you are able to confirm the return
[09:28:29] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Something is coming.
[09:28:51] 2LT Kain Crokett: Well Captain, you formed this little detail. What are your orders?
[09:29:25] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Move out. Combat spacing.
[09:29:46] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) brings her M-90 up slams a round home and moves forward towards the return
[09:30:55] GM: You move deeper in and eventually come to a clearing of sorts. as you step into it, you feel something solid under your feet.
[09:31:19] 2LT Kain Crokett checks what's under foot.
[09:31:23] GM: Metal
[09:31:29] GM: rusted and overgrown
[09:31:42] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d100] => [29] = (29) vs 60 RSI
[09:32:12] CWO3 Sarah blinks at that, and looks at it curiously. "Hmm…" [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) perc, [1d100] => [40] = (40) (75% RSI)
[09:32:14] 2LT Kain Crokett: Uh, I think these people may be recovering from a dark age, if something like this is hidden here.
[09:32:22] CWO3 Sarah: (( ow at that perc :p ))
[09:32:50] GM: the metal is oval in general outline, and the trees gorw up around it.
[09:33:30] GM: the clearng is about 300 by 100 foot
[09:34:32] GM: you putter about for a few minutes investigating before you note an opening in the trees that creates a hole of sorts
[09:34:42] 2LT Kain Crokett: An oval shaped metal structure of this size. Doc, is there any chance that this could be the remnant of something like a starship? Or is my imagination running away with me?
[09:35:05] Carter: Might just be.
[09:35:20] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Ay, cover me.
[09:35:29] 2LT Kain Crokett: That could answer either question.
[09:35:33] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) jumps down into the hole.
[09:35:52] 2Lt. Aylanea moves to covering position quickly.
[09:36:07] 2LT Kain Crokett directs Komi down the hole as well and takes up a guard position near the hole.
[09:36:17] GM: Suki rumages around down there for a bit.
[09:36:21] 2LT Komillia Maeless: "Room enough down there for more?"
[09:36:50] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Affermative, bring the others down as well, we have a find.
[09:37:24] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Roger that, every down the rabbit hole.
[09:37:30] GM: You all make your way down and see Suki with her weapon stowed looking around a hand on what looks to be a landing strut.
[09:37:35] 2LT Komillia Maeless hops down.
[09:37:52] CWO3 Sarah blinks at that and raises her eyebrows.
[09:38:11] GM: there are four in total, hopelessly intertwined in jungle vines, and there is a gangway in the open position leading into the belly of a landed ship.
[09:39:07] GM: There is a bit of trash about, looks like boxes and other equipment, and a few skeletons of humaniods, roughly 5 to 6 foot tall
[09:39:13] Server Administrator-> Kicking '(1) 1stLt.Fairman' from server… Removing dead client
[09:39:14] 1stLt.Fairman (exit): 21:39
[09:40:40] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) raises her rifle again at the gangway, and switches on the flashlight. She motiones with her hand for Ay to advance.
[09:41:11] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) moves to the base of the gangway
[09:41:45] 2LT Komillia Maeless examines the area and what may be covered on the vines. [1d20] => [10] = (10) PERC, [1d100] => [45] = (45) vs 70 RSI
[09:42:21] 2Lt. Aylanea nods quickly and advances, peering up the gangway, watching carefully as she advances. [1d20] => [3] = (3) perc
[09:42:28] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs. 73% rsi
[09:42:32] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( grr ))
[09:42:50] CWO3 Sarah: (( guess she's not looking enough :p ))
[09:42:59] GM: There area bout 10 boxes neatly stacked near one of the struts, all teh same size with odd writing on them
[09:43:34] CWO3 Sarah keeps watching the area, and scanning as well. [1d20+1] => [5,1] = (6) perc, [1d100] => [63] = (63) vs. 75% RSI
[09:43:36] GM: Ay, as you advance there is a flurry of movment [1d20+5] => [18,5] = (23)
[09:44:11] GM: And you are knocked onto your back by a large and muscled six legged animal with yellow eyes and long fangs.
[09:44:44] GM: Inits
[09:44:53] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20+11] => [15,11] = (26)
[09:45:17] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20+9] => [19,9] = (28)
[09:45:20] GM: Creature [1d20+8] => [4,8] = (12)
[09:45:30] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
[09:45:41] CWO3 Sarah: [1d20+6] => [12,6] = (18)
[09:45:46] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d20+5] => [12,5] = (17)
[09:45:53] CWO3 Sarah: (( what a waste of a 20 ;) ))
[09:45:58] Balaa: [1d20] => [18] = (18)
[09:46:17] Carter: [1d20] => [1] = (1)
[09:46:24] Carter: Fffff!
[09:46:34] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((ROFL))
[09:46:42] GM: Reverse init,
[09:47:01] CWO3 Sarah: (( lmao ))
[09:47:11] GM: Carter races behind a landing strut and shakily pulls a pistol
[09:47:15] GM: What the FUCK is that!!!
[09:47:42] GM: Creature swats at Ay [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23)
[09:47:58] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Alien insect of some kind. Not enough legs for a spider."
[09:48:03] GM: [1d20+10] => [7,10] = (17)
[09:48:05] 2Lt. Aylanea: (!)
[09:48:08] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( interrupt ))
[09:48:10] GM: [1d20+10] => [6,10] = (16)
[09:48:44] GM: You can int the 2nd and thrird but not the first since Kain posted prior to your int
[09:49:18] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((He was just tlaking, not an action.))
[09:49:27] GM: What does Ay do
[09:49:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( I have interrupt over the animal :p ))
[09:49:46] GM: And not insectiod, more feline
[09:50:07] GM: picture a streamlined version of those Hoth cats, with black fur, and six legs
[09:51:15] 2Lt. Aylanea interrupts the animal quickly to try and give it a big kick, trying to get it off her, and discourage it. [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32)
[09:51:53] GM: damage
[09:52:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: [2d6*2] => 16 (SDC), more a scare away/get it off than a power kick
[09:54:01] GM: You kick a leg out from under it, but with 5 more, it doesnt lose its footing. it makes its swipe that you cant really dodge. The force of teh blow knocks you off the gnaway and into the neastly stacked boxes [1d10] => [5] = (5)
[09:54:29] GM: None of the other claw strikes do much but chip the paint
[09:55:20] GM: Balaa calls out for everyone to shield their eyes,
[09:55:47] GM: waits an attack until you do, then pops off a Blinding flash into the creatures face [1d20] => [19] = (19) vs save
[09:56:23] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:56:48] GM: The creture back peddles but doesnt seem all that phased. Suki unloads into it. [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
[09:56:54] GM: [1d20+10] => [2,10] = (12)
[09:57:01] GM: [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13)
[09:57:50] GM: The creature, doesnt known enough to evade the odd stick of fire and is hit and perfrated as the MD shells rake the creatures flanks.
[09:58:32] GM: [6d4*10] => 230
[09:58:42] GM: And that is [230-6] => 224
[09:58:47] GM: 224 overkill
[09:59:14] GM: The Gangway on the other hand is shredded.
[09:59:50] 2LT Kain Crokett: Wow, that was rather anti-climactic.
[10:00:07] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) shifts her aim up, then back down at the bloody heap.
[10:00:09] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Clear.
[10:00:20] 2LT Kain Crokett: Whoever built is clearly not built it to our weapons standards.
[10:00:41] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Most wild animals arent meant to withstand heavy weapons…
[10:01:28] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): You okay Ell tee?
[10:01:36] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) looks over at Ay
[10:02:12] 2Lt. Aylanea looks at the gangway. "That or it's just too old to withstand it anymore." She sighs. "Anyway, looks like I'm not walking the plank now, especially not with a Cyc."She glances up. "I'm fine. I was mostly going to try and scare it away, I'm not even scratched really."
[10:02:26] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods.
[10:03:11] GM: You eventually search the ship, and the area under the ship, the skeletons appear to have been killed by a ranged weapon, as both have been brained.
[10:04:06] GM: Inside the ship are three more skeletons, on was clearly decapitated, one cleaved in two lengthwise, the other in two crosswise.
[10:04:51] GM: there are some pockmarks on the walls, and weapons in the hands of the three skellies inside the ship
[10:05:21] GM: there is also the sound of mewling from the cargo hold.
[10:06:04] CWO3 Sarah blinks at that, making a face at the condition of the skeletons in terms of what happened to them. "Looks like they tried to fight whatever made the attacks, but failed…" She turns at the mewling from the hold. "Uhoh…"
[10:07:09] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Carter, Balaa, see what you can do with the ship, maybe there are logs still aboard.
[10:07:31] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Yeah, we just killed a mama protecting her babies. These things happen, but…
[10:07:44] Carter nods and moves past the beheaded skelli that appears to be hunched over a console
[10:08:05] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) whips he head at Komi;s statement and moves to see.
[10:08:11] CWO3 Sarah moves to check on the cargo hold, to confirm what Komi said. [1d20+1] => [6,1] = (7) perc
[10:08:15] CWO3 Sarah: (( o2w ))
[10:08:17] CWO3 Sarah: (( ow ))
[10:08:22] CWO3 Sarah: (( wtf, gonna fail percs all night ))
[10:08:54] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [12] = (12) Actually looks, mostly assuming by the mewling.
[10:09:31] GM: not like it mattered, you flick on a flash light and you see off in a corner of the cargo hold a pair of kits, walking like kittens do when young, all ungainly, but less so with six legs. there is a LOT of bones around from other animals.
[10:10:06] GM: Sarah, you feel a wave of guilt and remorse from Suki
[10:11:22] 2LT Komillia Maeless: So what now?
[10:11:23] CWO3 Sarah frowns, giving Suki a sympathetic look, then looking at the animals. "question becomes, what can we do for them, to make sure they survive?"
[10:11:29] CWO3 Sarah: "if anything."
[10:13:22] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): We, I, cant leave them to starve.
[10:13:42] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) kneels down and extends a hand.
[10:13:57] GM: one of the kits backs off and mews
[10:14:41] Carter: Hey guys! We got something here
[10:14:47] CWO3 Sarah nods to that, kneeling down to offer a gentle hand to the kittens. "It's okay, honey. I won't hurt you…" [1d100] => [33] = (33) vs. 97% trust
[10:15:07] GM: The kittens seem to accept that
[10:15:15] 2LT Komillia Maeless tries to convince a kitty to come over. [1d100] => [100] = (100) vs 40 Charm
[10:15:22] CWO3 Sarah: (( nice one Komi ))
[10:15:23] GM: HISSSS FFFFFT!
[10:15:25] CWO3 Sarah: (( roflroflrofl ))
[10:15:36] 2LT Kain Crokett walks over to Carter, "What'd you find?
[10:15:59] Carter: Ships log…
[10:16:10] Carter: Last few records too.
[10:16:45] Balaa: Captain, please come in here.
[10:17:23] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) will try a quick trust vs 55% [1d100] => [21] = (21)
[10:17:34] CWO3 Sarah blinks at the reaction to Komi. "Er…" She looks to the kittens. "Don't worry. I'll protect you. [1d100] => [87] = (87) vs. 97%
[10:17:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( ow ))
[10:18:01] GM: Still a success, and it seems they are trusting of mom killer as well.
[10:18:48] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Actually, a funnier version would have been the kitty coming over all nice and sweet, onyl to bite her hand. And to do so at every oppritunity.))
[10:18:48] GM: Suki makes her way to the bridge, as Carter begins the playback, the language is greek to you until balaa touched Kain and Suki's forheads and suddenly the language is understandable.
[10:19:39] CWO3 Sarah: (( lols yeah ))
[10:20:09] GM: …found a good spot to land, this trip out, all that deca ada stuff from Chel will make great trade for the abo's dumb tiki's have no idea what they have.
[10:21:06] GM: a few more logs of what apparently is a smuggler of sorts bilking the local aborigines (abo's) of some sort of crystals by trading useless curios.
[10:21:23] GM: the last log is a bit more frantic
[10:22:19] GM: …Shrarass' tits! not sure how found us, damn Naal assassians…(turns over his shoulder) we're loading the rest of the cargo now, already lost half my crew…
[10:22:52] GM: the last recording is just the sounds of battle, some odd high pitched energy discharges screams, then silance.
[10:23:51] GM: a follow up seasrch shows a few boxes of junk curios, but not one single crystal
[10:23:57] GM: search
[10:25:48] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Wow, um, that's, yeah."
[10:25:58] GM: You also find on the wall of one of the cabins a calander of sorts. with naked illio's of dark skinned white haired beauties as well as a few grey skinned beauties, with elfin ears
[10:26:26] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:26:43] GM: the darker skinned 'elfs?' have red within pruple eyes while the grey skins have either amber or other lighter eye colors
[10:27:12] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): I suppose there are universal constants.
[10:27:24] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) takes the calander thing off the wall.
[10:27:52] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Carter, please gather some of the remains, particularly around the cuts, I'm sure medical would like to take a look.
[10:28:21] CWO3 Sarah: (( lols ))
[10:28:31] Carter: Roger that, Balaa, can you go below and grab one of those empty cargo containers.
[10:28:44] Balaa nods and gets a box
[10:29:14] 2LT Kain Crokett: "Wow, so we found dark elves? What is this Tolkien?"
[10:29:19] GM: The bones, calander, logs and a few items from the cabins and curio collection are tossed into the container.
[10:29:40] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Exotically erotic, I will admit
[10:30:24] Carter: Heh, well, be interesting to see if some cultures have pastyfaced stubby eared human looking things as their creatures of myth and lore.
[10:30:40] Balaa snickers
[10:32:15] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) finds another smaller box and uses her field knife to poke holes into it, then lines it with the tattered rags, left over cloting from the cabins
[10:32:25] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Chief, here, kitty carrier.
[10:32:52] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Things are going to eat us out of hose and home when they get grown…
[10:32:59] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) mutters with a wry smile.
[10:33:22] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Anyone know a good zoo?
[10:34:10] Carter: Actually, Karberra has a pretty extensive manageri in the capital.
[10:34:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( menagerie ;) ))
[10:34:57] Balaa: Thats right, of course, Astogation and I are still trying to find constellation matches to figure out our location…
[10:35:12] GM: Thank you miss spell check
[10:35:28] CWO3 Sarah: (( Just teasin ya ))
[10:35:30] CWO3 Sarah: (( :D ))
[10:35:40] GM: well, least you knew what I was trying to say
[10:36:32] CWO3 Sarah blinks over at Balaa and Carter, raising her eyebrows.
[10:36:52] Balaa rubs her hooves together
[10:37:00] Balaa: We dont even know how far we travelled…
[10:37:07] Balaa: Or in what direction
[10:37:17] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Wiat a tick
[10:37:29] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): This is a ship, it should have charts.
[10:37:49] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Look for maps people.
[10:37:49] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Nyx might be able to sorta help… Basically, you're not looking for constelation matches, but nueutron star matches. You'll never find constellations that are even remotle similar, but neutron stars give a unique pulse that makes them identifiable anywhere in the universe.))
[10:38:03] 2LT Komillia Maeless goes looking for a map. [1d20] => [6] = (6) PERC
[10:38:04] GM: That too
[10:38:21] GM: Well, Balaa is the astrophysiscist, not the GM
[10:38:36] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20+3] => [7,3] = (10)
[10:38:40] 2LT Kain Crokett takes his own looking around. [1d20+1] => [19,1] = (20) perc
[10:38:45] Balaa: [1d20] => [4] = (4)
[10:38:59] Carter: [1d20] => [9] = (9)
[10:39:07] CWO3 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [15,1] = (16) perc
[10:39:18] 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d20] => [5] = (5) perc
[10:39:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ow ))
[10:39:42] GM: Kain hits paydirt, and finds a few disks inside what must have been the pilots cabin.
[10:40:07] GM: After a quick look over they are indeed charts, of some sort, and are added to teh box of goodies.
[10:40:52] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Okay, lets head back to the ship, we can find the locals tommorrow.
[10:41:17] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) says, checking her chrono
[10:42:04] CWO3 Sarah nods at that. "Yes, ma'am."
[10:42:17] GM: And I will call it here since there is not time enough to start anything new, and I dont wanna leave off in the middle


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