Chapter 14 - Act III - Part 8

(30770) Chris: When last we left, two planes were down with their pilots adrift, the bombers are behind the enemy CAP ship formation, and one damaged Alpha is in the middle. The Delta and Gamma flight has doubled back towards the VM to attend to the enemy alpha strike on your ship. Thats the basic lay of the land.
(30774) 2LT Kain Crokett drifts aimlessly. (30770) Chris: The last firendly comm chatter was to return to base.
(30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless will try to grab the two drifters and try to RTB. (30770) Chris: roll an RSI, -20%
(30777) 1LT.Fairman was on way to pick up Kain with his one good arm.
(30764) Cpl. Danae Oceon still flying behind the enemy CAP ships flying wingman for chief amdahl
(30770) GM: you too, roll an RSI
(30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100+20] => [63,20] = (83) => [25,20] => (25, 20) = (45) vs 70
(30770) GM: (Jaron, not Danae)
(30777) 1LT.Fairman: [1d100] => [89] = (89) => [88] => 88 = (88) vs 55
(30770) GM: Jaron you cannot see where the downed pilots are in this mess. Komi onthe other hand, do have an idea of their location.
(30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless will pilot through the area to pick them up. [1d100+10] => [47,10] = (57) => [10,10] => (10, 10) = (20) vs 95% Pilot Battloids.
(30770) GM: Komi, as you manuver into the area where your sesnsors note the friendlies, a trio of Wraiths roll in, your sensors tell you this too.
(30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless: I got incoming Bogeys.
(30770) GM: You avoid impacting debris and rocks on your way in
(30777) 1LT.Fairman comms "Im coming your way"
(30770) GM: init, Komi and Jaron
(30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+4] => [6,4] = (10) => [4,4] => (4, 4) = (8)
(30777) 1LT.Fairman: [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24) => [3,4] => (3, 4) = (7)
(30777) 1LT.Fairman: (geez)
(30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((stop trying to out-suck me…))
(30777) 1LT.Fairman: (hehe)
(30770) Haydonite Wraith: KK, head to carries room
[18:54:32]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((…))
[18:55:00]: Chris (enter): 18:55
[18:55:15]: Haydonite Wraith: (30777) 1LT.Fairman: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15) => [3,4] => (3, 4) = (7) (30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7) => [4,4] => (4, 4) = (8) (30777) 1LT.Fairman: (geez) (30774) 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((stop trying to out-suck me…)) (30777) 1LT.Fairman: (hehe)
[18:55:33]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
[18:55:33]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
[18:55:33]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+4] => [15,4] = (19)
[18:55:44]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((I'm going to be VERY angry if I just wasted my only nat 20 on a copy and paste job of what happened in the other room.))
[18:56:10]: Carrie: (( ack ))
[18:57:07]: GM: ((what was the 20 for…I'm cinfused now…))
[18:57:16]: Font is now Arial point size 9
[18:57:17]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): can you explain to me why I can't adjust the text window? I can't read anything that is going on
[18:57:47]: Carrie: (whispering): erk?
[18:57:51]: Carrie: (whispering): try turning scroll on
[18:57:53]: GM: anyway, your inits were a 3 and a 4
[18:57:53]: Carrie: (whispering): odd
[18:57:55]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((I aimed it over, I copied and pasted what happened in the other room, and on Jaron's Init, it rerolled and came up with a nat 20))
[18:58:04]: GM: oh, lol
[18:58:10]: Carrie: (( can you copy/paste to me, Komi? ))
[18:58:12]: GM: you two may act first
[18:58:20]: GM: (9I sent you the file…))
[18:58:31]: 1LT.Fairman: (do I have visual on wraiths?)
[18:58:58]: GM: With your RSI of suck, no
[18:59:29]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): not working
[18:59:57]: 1LT.Fairman manuevers to Komillia's location; looking for baddies (RSI again [1d100] => [74] = (74) vs 55)
[19:00:01]: 1LT.Fairman: (done)
[19:00:17]: GM: The lowball init Wraith attacks first and attacks [1d2] => [1] = (1) 1 Jaron, 2 Komi
[19:00:32]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24)
[19:00:32]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+7] => [3,7] = (10)
[19:00:32]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+7] => [6,7] = (13)
[19:01:11]: Carrie: (whispering): hrm
[19:01:15]: Carrie: (whispering): try page down?
[19:01:18]: Carrie: (whispering): that showing anything?
[19:02:11]: 1LT.Fairman tries to evade [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32) [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21) [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22)
[19:02:14]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): I don't what I did but somehow I separated the windows and now it's fine thank you
[19:02:28]: Haydonite Wraith: You evade the icoming fire
[19:03:04]: GM: Okay, Komi
[19:03:11]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[19:03:12]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): I don't know what I did but the windows are separated and I'll leave it this way for now Thank you for your help
[19:03:14]: Carrie: (whispering): oh. kk
[19:03:16]: Carrie: (whispering): cool
[19:03:37]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[19:03:47]: CWO3 Sarah: (( didn't we get ordered to pull back last week as well? :p ))
[19:03:57]: GM: Ay is [6d6*10] => 260 miles from Kain as they drift
[19:04:16]: GM: Make that 26…
[19:04:20]: 1LT.Fairman: (yes but got two pilots floating)
[19:05:01]: GM: Komi you are closest to [1d2] => [2] = (2) 1 ay, 2 kain
[19:05:31]: 2LT Komillia Maeless picks up Kain, and makes for Ay.
[19:05:44]: Haydonite Wraith: INT!
[19:06:03]: Haydonite Wraith inturrupts the grab and fires at the Boiroid. [1d20+7] => [11,7] = (18)
[19:06:45]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+13] => [13,13] = (26)
[19:07:00]: Haydonite Wraith: You evade the incoming fir, dodging in liue of grabbing
[19:07:25]: 2LT Komillia Maeless uses second attack to pick up, flipping the Wraith off while doing so.
[19:07:37]: GM: And the Wraith inturrupt the grab again [1d20+7] => [12,7] = (19)
[19:08:33]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Shouldn't the declared actions take place before interupts if there is no interupt declaration, expecially after the second time?))
[19:08:44]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+13] => [10,13] = (23)
[19:09:08]: GM: well, just figure on being inturrupted if you are grabbing for the pilots…
[19:09:18]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Really?
[19:09:28]: CWO3 Sarah switches her radio on. "Well, you heard the orders… pull back to ship." She sighs and maneuvers for that, waiting for her wingmate, to fly around the flak barrier.
[19:09:30]: GM: Think tactics for a second
[19:09:39]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((So much for player choice.))
[19:09:55]: GM: not really, the pilots make great bait…
[19:10:18]: GM: and you two are going after them, hook, line, and sinker
[19:10:35]: Cpl. Danae Oceon radio's Chief Amdahl "Ma'am should we help out the others?"
[19:11:07]: 2LT Komillia Maeless fires full guns on all three Wraiths. ((uses an action point to ENSURE at least one critical.)) [1d20+10] => [9,10] = (19) [1d20+10] => [10,10] = (20) [1d20+10] => [13,10] = (23)
[19:11:39]: GM: You only get one attack, since you've used to to try and grab
[19:11:45]: GM: to = two
[19:11:47]: CWO3 Sarah: (( cause our evil GM wants to kill off Kain and Ay. :p ))
[19:11:50]: CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[19:11:52]: CWO3 Sarah tease
[19:11:55]: CWO3 Sarah: (( er, ooc that ))
[19:12:00]: GM: no becuase it's viable tactic
[19:12:08]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((oh wait I was thinking of something of another system, +10 to the first roll.)
[19:12:17]: GM: I've done it before in a OPFOR excersize,
[19:12:23]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((so the Wraith has to roll vs 29 not 19.))
[19:12:32]: GM: [1d20+9] => [10,9] = (19)
[19:12:43]: CWO3 Sarah nods and looks over to Danae's plane. "We might need to."
[19:12:44]: GM: and you hit the one wraith with full guns, damage por favor
[19:13:36]: Cpl. Danae Oceon "Lead the way. I got your 6."
[19:13:38]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [(4d6*10)+(3d10*10)+(3d10*10)] => 350
[19:13:46]: GM: and the wraith explodifies
[19:13:50]: GM: Jaron
[19:13:55]: GM: your actions
[19:14:44]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[19:14:53]: GM: And any attempt to grab a dude will be inturrupted
[19:14:58]: GM: just sayin
[19:15:02]: GM: well in advance
[19:16:39]: 1LT.Fairman flips over and fires his EU gun at the wraith on him; before checking sensors [1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28); dmg [(3d8+2)*10] => 120; sensors [1d100] => [88] = (88) vs 55
[19:17:01]: 1LT.Fairman: [120*2] => 240
[19:17:04]: GM: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
[19:17:15]: GM: Kk, had to see if it rolled a 20, got close,
[19:17:28]: 1LT.Fairman coms "I cant locate them Komillia"
[19:17:31]: 1LT.Fairman: (done)
[19:17:44]: GM: Even with the crit, the Wraith is still in the air.
[19:18:16]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Then keep them off me. I know where they are, they just won't let me grab them.
[19:18:32]: GM: The damaged Wraith fires twice at Jaron, and once at Komi [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) , [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15) and [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) (komi is the last strike attmpt)
[19:18:50]: 1LT.Fairman goes evasive [1d20+12] => [8,12] = (20) [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
[19:19:04]: GM: You are missed
[19:19:08]: GM: Komi roll a adodge
[19:19:17]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+13] => [6,13] = (19)
[19:19:46]: Cpl. Danae Oceon "Chief do you see the rest of the squad?"
[19:19:51]: GM: and the round recycles, as the low ball wraith fires at Komi, since it's apparent the bioroid knowns where the piddy's are. [1d20+7] => [7,7] = (14) [1d20+7] => [5,7] = (12), and [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26)
[19:20:24]: GM: Sarah and Danae, you guys will have to make a series of piloting rolls, on your way back to the others.
[19:20:47]: GM: Lomi, need some dodges.
[19:21:11]: GM: Komi…jezz, I made the L typo, cleared it, and made it again…
[19:21:13]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+13] => [11,13] = (24) [1d20+13] => [4,13] = (17) [1d20+13] => [9,13] = (22)
[19:21:24]: CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [40] = (40) vs 90%
[19:21:32]: GM: One hit [4d4*10] => 50 to the [1d100] => [39] = (39)
[19:21:36]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [32] = (32) vs 76% (piloting)
[19:22:01]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((I didn't bounce off an asteroid! Yeah!))
[19:22:34]: GM: Forearm Komi, for 50 Left Forearm
[19:23:00]: GM: blowing the arm off
[19:23:07]: GM: you had taken 90 to it last session
[19:23:42]: GM: Komi, your turn
[19:23:52]: GM: and any grab will be inturrupted by the remaining Wraith
[19:25:04]: GM: Kain meanwhile is likely getting rather ancy as a bioroid keeps trying to grab him, and red hot energy blasts keep getting between him and the rescue
[19:25:41]: GM: Kain, …might wanna make a command decision here..
[19:25:44]: 2LT Komillia Maeless will kill the remaining two remaining Wraiths. [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (30) [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28)
[19:25:51]: GM: well
[19:26:00]: GM: [1d20] => [15] = (15) and [1d20+9] => [11,9] = (20)
[19:26:09]: GM: roll that damage
[19:26:21]: GM: then a piloting -30%
[19:26:51]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [((4d6*10)+(3d10*10))*2] => 700 [(4d6*10)+(3d10*10)] => 240 [1d100+30] => [15,30] = (45) vs 95
[19:27:37]: GM: ka blorc, and ka blammo, and you dont over shoot, roll strike to pick up your prize, -6 small target, dont fumble
[19:27:49]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+10-6] => [14,10,-6] = (18)
[19:28:10]: GM: gleam, and Komi holds Kain above her head like the Sword of Hyrule!
[19:28:32]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[19:29:14]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): All craft, flash picture, Victor Mike is outbound, all craft go to ground, expedite.
[19:29:30]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Repeat, all craft scatter and go to ground.
[19:30:06]: Cpl. Danae Oceon to CWO3 Amdahl "What does that mean Slugger?"
[19:30:36]: GM: All players make a free RSI roll.
[19:30:52]: CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [32] = (32) vs. 75%
[19:31:03]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((RSI??))
[19:31:13]: GM: ((Read Sensory Instruent)
[19:31:17]: CWO3 Sarah: (( sensory equipment ))
[19:31:24]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((thank you))
[19:31:26]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [65] = (65) vs 70
[19:31:32]: 1LT.Fairman: [1d100] => [4] = (4)
[19:31:51]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [41] = (41) vs 55%
[19:32:08]: 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d00] => [1] = (1) vs 60
[19:32:18]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((not that he really has any.))
[19:32:22]: : (( rotfl ))
[19:32:31]: CWO3 Sarah: (( woops ))
[19:32:34]: CWO3 Sarah: (( rotfl, yea ))
[19:33:06]: GM: All of you notice that the VM winks off the scopes. Presently the IFF and sensor uplink from the Delta and Gamma craft likewise, blink out in singletons and doubles.
[19:34:25]: 1LT.Fairman coms "Need to get clear of the field"
[19:34:57]: 1LT.Fairman: (was there a planet nearby?)
[19:35:02]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Someone grab Ay and have find us a place to hide out.
[19:35:17]: GM: no planet nearby
[19:35:31]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Hide in the Master Mothership.
[19:35:41]: GM: which is a long way away
[19:35:42]: 1LT.Fairman: "Agreed"
[19:35:54]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((You're not giving us other options.))
[19:36:14]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((and hiding on or in an asteroid is SUICIDE. PERIOD.))
[19:36:14]: GM: really, you are in the middle of an asteroid belt and you are asking about hiding places?
[19:36:16]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: head behind a big asteroid!
[19:36:30]: CWO3 Sarah: (( fly down onto one of the asteroids and power down, I assume he means. Yeah. :p ))
[19:36:31]: 1LT.Fairman scans for a larger asteroid; somewhat stable
[19:36:39]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Especially because we are clearly dealing with an asteroid thicket.))
[19:36:50]: GM: This is Robotech, not real life, and You've seen enough Macross Frontier to know what I'm talking about
[19:36:51]: 1LT.Fairman: perception [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6) Sensory [1d100] => [19] = (19) vs 75
[19:37:24]: CWO3 Sarah scans for an asteroid with any craters or deep holes in them. [1d20+1] => [8,1] = (9) perc, [1d100] => [17] = (17) vs. 75%
[19:37:32]: CWO3 Sarah: (( rsi 2nd ))
[19:37:38]: GM: Jaron, noting visual but your sensors pick out a few candidates
[19:37:54]: GM: Same for you Sarah
[19:37:54]: 1LT.Fairman coordinates his info with XO's to let her decie
[19:37:56]: 1LT.Fairman: decide*
[19:37:56]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Actually IRL, asteroids would be so far apart that we wouldn't have to make piloting rolls to avoid them in the first place…))
[19:38:21]: Font is now Arial point size 9
[19:38:21]: 1LT.Fairman: (whispering): you call XO ;-)
[19:38:22]: GM: That is liekly true, but where is the drama in that
[19:38:26]: CWO3 Sarah: (( this is based on tv/movie stuff though. Go watch ESB again. ))
[19:38:31]: Carrie: (whispering): lol
[19:38:49]: GM: never tell me the odds.
[19:38:51]: CWO3 Sarah sighs into her comm. "Looking for one with a deep hole to hide in, look for hiding places on any of them."
[19:38:52]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[19:38:55]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [79] = (79) vs 55 (RSI)
[19:39:05]: CWO3 Sarah: (( naw, more the asteroids bumping the ISD ))
[19:39:06]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((I actually did just watch ESB 2 days ago.))
[19:39:09]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[19:39:10]: 1LT.Fairman goes grab Ay since no one confirmed
[19:39:38]: GM: Roll an RSi to see if you can locate her, remember that RSI roll you made was epic fail.
[19:39:57]: 1LT.Fairman: [1d100] => [54] = (54) vs 75 or 55?
[19:40:03]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((More to the point, there is something to DO on the Mothership, on an Asteroid, barring bizarre alien biology, there really shouldn't be anything.))
[19:40:10]: GM: and there are still enemy fighters about, and with the VM and the other fighters gone, you guyas are the only piddy's left…
[19:40:29]: CWO3 Sarah: (( anything frmo my RSI? ))
[19:40:31]: CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[19:40:44]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [18] = (18) vs 70 RSI
[19:40:45]: GM: Not saying the motheship is a bad idea, but, lets not make an end run until the heat dies down is all
[19:40:47]: 1LT.Fairman makes his way to AY and slows down to scoop her in his one good hand. "XO; decision quickly"
[19:41:19]: GM: Basic premise behind hiding is to wait for the enemy to leave…
[19:41:28]: CWO3 Sarah: "Find an asteroid for now, we need to wait until the enemy moves off."
[19:41:43]: CWO3 Sarah: (( arg, stop saying things as I type them, makes me think you're watching my screen ))
[19:41:44]: CWO3 Sarah: (( :) ))
[19:41:59]: 1LT.Fairman goes to one of the ones he noticed to hide in.
[19:42:11]: GM: Ima roll a percentile here, there is a 75% chance that Jaron is about to make some new friends.[1d100] => [58] = (58) 1-75 = friends ahoy
[19:42:30]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Friends!))
[19:42:55]: GM: Jaron, as you move towards Ay, a pair of Wraiths jump you
[19:43:11]: GM: inits
[19:43:22]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+4.] => [8,4.0] = (12.0)
[19:43:25]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+4] => [19,4] = (23)
[19:43:25]: Haydonite Wraith: [1d20+4] => [2,4] = (6)
[19:43:40]: CWO3 Sarah: (( how close are Danae and I by this point? ))
[19:43:42]: 1LT.Fairman: [1d20+4] => [1,4] = (5)
[19:43:45]: 1LT.Fairman: (geez)
[19:43:45]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
[19:44:15]: GM: You two are probobly in the best position of all, since you started off some 500 miles behind the enemy ships
[19:44:30]: CWO3 Sarah: (( so not near the others quite yet? ))
[19:44:32]: CWO3 Sarah: (( kk ))
[19:45:18]: GM: One wraith inturrupts outright and attacks Jaron (the one with the 6) [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24), [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20), and [1d20+7] => [2,7] = (9)
[19:45:31]: GM: Sarah, roll a tactics..
[19:45:37]: 1LT.Fairman grumbles to tries to dodge [1d20+12] => [20,12] = (32) [1d20+12] => [11,12] = (23)
[19:45:59]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: !
[19:46:18]: 2LT Komillia Maeless interupts and shoots the offending Wraith. [1d20+10] => [12,10] = (22)
[19:46:19]: GM: Komi wants to int
[19:46:26]: CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [37] = (37) vs. 94% military tactics, [1d100] => [4] = (4) vs. 64% fleet tactics
[19:46:26]: GM: [1d20+9] => [8,9] = (17)
[19:46:29]: GM: You hit
[19:46:42]: GM: Sarah, hide out where you are,
[19:46:47]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [4d6*10] => 170 (With Kain in hand I can't fire the gunpod.)
[19:47:02]: GM: The Writh is still intact
[19:47:18]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((still should make the Wraith think about further interupts…))
[19:47:59]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Komi will interupt the next two Wraith interupts.))
[19:48:20]: GM: Jaron, your attacks, and the other wraith reserves the right to be an asshole
[19:48:38]: GM: thta one you cant Komi, it has a higher trump then you
[19:48:43]: 1LT.Fairman flips about and fires his EU gun and Nose guns in unison at the wraith Komillia hit EU-[1d20+8] => [20,8] = (28); Nose [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15) before thrusting to grab Ay, hoping.
[19:48:49]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((ah))
[19:49:14]: GM: [1d20] => [2] = (2)
[19:49:20]: GM: you hit, unison means one roll
[19:49:39]: GM: you know, the whole firelink thing everyone else has been doing
[19:50:14]: CWO3 Sarah looks over to Danae. "we should stay at least close to where we are, since we're so far away." She looks for a close asteroid to land on. [1d20+1] => [2,1] = (3) perc
[19:50:16]: CWO3 Sarah: (( ow ))
[19:50:17]: 1LT.Fairman: [(6d8+4)*20] => 540 [8d8*4] => 144
[19:50:24]: CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [56] = (56) vs. 75% rsi too
[19:50:37]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Roger chief
[19:50:47]: 1LT.Fairman: (thats probably isnt right)
[19:50:56]: GM: The writh erupts, as the second one fires on Jaron twice and Komi once. [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17) , [1d20+7] => [1,7] = (8) and [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17) at Komi
[19:50:59]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [50] = (50) vs 55 (RSI)
[19:51:17]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20+13] => [2,13] = (15)
[19:51:22]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Frack.))
[19:51:30]: GM: [4d4*10] => 60 at [1d100] => [91] = (91)
[19:51:31]: 1LT.Fairman tries to evade [1d20+12] => [7,12] = (19)
[19:51:41]: GM: Jaron evades
[19:52:06]: GM: [1d5] => [2] = (2)
[19:52:24]: GM: other forearm for 60
[19:52:39]: GM: Kain, your armor takes half from splash damage
[19:53:32]: GM: Sarah and Danae, you set your Beta's down and…
[19:54:12]: GM: round recycles, and the low ball wraith fires on [1d2] => [1] = (1) 1 Jaron, 2 komi
[19:54:24]: GM: well, rather, remaining wraith
[19:54:41]: 1LT.Fairman watches one go boom then sees the other "Grab Ay if you can"
[19:54:49]: GM: [1d20+7] => [8,7] = (15) [1d20+7] => [19,7] = (26) and [1d20+7] => [10,7] = (17)
[19:55:16]: 1LT.Fairman rolls and dives to try to avoid [1d20+12] => [13,12] = (25) [1d20+12] => [9,12] = (21) [1d20+12] => [8,12] = (20)
[19:55:19]: GM: Komi and Jaron, roll an RSI as well.
[19:55:32]: 1LT.Fairman: [1d100] => [26] = (26) vs 75 or 55
[19:55:37]: GM: [4d4*10] => 60 [1d100] => [27] = (27)
[19:56:51]: 1LT.Fairman: .
[19:57:11]: GM: 60 to your good shoulder
[19:57:18]: 2Lt. Aylanea: ._.
[19:57:52]: GM: and your sensors tell you you have another four wraiths inbound at high speed from behind you, and three from above
[19:58:16]: 1LT.Fairman curses "Damn got 7 inbound."
[20:00:05]: GM: I believe it's komis turn.
[20:00:19]: GM: and you already have your hand full
[20:00:53]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [27] = (27) vs 70
[20:01:06]: GM: yur scanners say the same thing 7 inbound
[20:01:24]: GM: kinda like they are being … drwan towards something…
[20:01:59]: 2Lt. Aylanea floats there, not able to do much else except be very still and 'play dead'
[20:02:03]: GM: actually, your sensor wsweep was better tuned, of the 7, 3 are shades.
[20:02:19]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [16] = (16) PERC to look for something that might be drawing them in.
[20:02:40]: GM: You look in the cockpits rear view mirror and facepalm
[20:03:16]: GM: The call is coming from inside the house?
[20:03:49]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Stop trying to be cryptic.))
[20:04:49]: GM: You two joes flitting around Ay, who hadn't been seen prior (since they had used Kain, 26 miles away from Ay as their bait) are drawing all the heat in the area to you. SInce you unlike the rest of the wing, has found a hole, and gone cold.
[20:05:41]: GM: so your shoice is simple, beat feet and hope you lose em, or stick around and risk getting all three of you , well four, poor kain is along for the ride, dead
[20:05:48]: 2LT Komillia Maeless takes Kain and finds a place to hide.
[20:05:58]: GM: roll an RIS, and a piloting
[20:06:01]: GM: RSI
[20:06:21]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 70
[20:06:28]: GM: and a prowl of anyother sneaky skills you might have as well
[20:06:54]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( RIS sounds more like something from the saturday night game we're in ;) ))
[20:07:17]: GM: ((wait, wut?))
[20:07:28]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[20:07:38]: Carrie: (whispering to GM) Republic Intelligence Service
[20:07:44]: GM: kay, you locate a good sized roid with some hiding spots, with the RSI
[20:07:49]: Chris: (GM Whisper:) oh
[20:07:51]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[20:07:54]: Carrie: (whispering to GM) hehehe
[20:07:56]: Carrie: (whispering to GM) :)
[20:08:24]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [4] = (4) vs 25
[20:08:49]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( wow Komi! ))
[20:08:54]: GM: give me three piloting rolls, and I will roll for the enemy, best 2 out of three wins, (your 4 counts, so) [3d100] => [38,9,19] = (66)
[20:09:22]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( think the 4 was for prowl, actually, yes? ))
[20:09:29]: GM: oh…
[20:09:40]: GM: okay, hold on [1d100] => [81] = (81) Detect conceal
[20:09:45]: GM: You lose em
[20:10:00]: GM: Jaron, your turn
[20:10:08]: GM: Now it's just you alone out there….
[20:10:21]: GM: with 7 inbound, and 1 on top of you
[20:10:59]: 1LT.Fairman does the same and goes to leave the area but does another unison burst [1d20+8] => [12,8] = (20) before going to a hole
[20:11:09]: GM: [1d20+9] => [15,9] = (24)
[20:11:16]: GM: your parting shot misses
[20:11:48]: GM: roll three pilotings or a prowl [3d100] => [17,13,94] = (124) those are the numbers to beat
[20:11:59]: 1LT.Fairman: [3d100] => [74,26,61] = (161) vs 92
[20:12:35]: GM: the enemy is able to keep with you. [1d4] => [4] = (4) of them
[20:12:48]: GM: [1d4] => [2] = (2) can shot once
[20:13:02]: GM: [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20) [1d20+7] => [4,7] = (11) dodges and anothe 3 piloting
[20:13:10]: GM: [3d100] => [9,35,34] = (78)
[20:13:16]: 1LT.Fairman: [1d20+12] => [10,12] = (22) [3d100] => [80,39,11] = (130)
[20:13:33]: GM: [1d2] => [2] = (2)
[20:13:45]: GM: [1d20+7] => [17,7] = (24) and [1d20+7] => [15,7] = (22) [3d100] => [80,85,18] = (183)
[20:13:57]: GM: ((okay, you should be able to lose them this time…))
[20:14:02]: 1LT.Fairman: [1d20+12] => [13,12] = (25) [1d20+12] => [3,12] = (15) [1d100] => [11] = (11) [1d100] => [4] = (4) [1d100] => [79] = (79)
[20:14:32]: GM: you take one hit and then zig and zag and lose them [4d4*10] => 70 to the [1d100] => [30] = (30)
[20:15:10]: GM: the last shot blows the other shoulder clean off
[20:15:23]: GM: you have been … disarmed… get it…disarmed
[20:16:25]: 2Lt. Aylanea floats where she was, limply.
[20:16:42]: 1LT.Fairman (enter): 20:16
[20:16:55]: Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (7) 1LT.Fairman…
[20:17:37]: GM: Ay, the shades will [1d100] => [55] = (55) 1-25 do horrible things, 26-45 capture you, 46-75 crack your visor, 76-100 fly on by
[20:18:20]: 2LT Komillia Maeless facepalm.
[20:19:19]: GM: your 6 hour O2 will last 3 hours
[20:19:27]: 1LT.Fairman: (I thought Komi grab her)
[20:19:44]: GM: Meanwhile for the next [1d30] => [23] = (23) minutes the bat you around
[20:19:59]: GM: (no, he had his hand full of Kain
[20:20:22]: 1LT.Fairman: (did he get on blown off?)
[20:20:26]: GM: yes
[20:20:34]: 1LT.Fairman: (k)
[20:21:07]: GM: After 23 minutes of you being used as a hacky sack the Shades depart leaving you to suffocate.
[20:23:15]: 1LT.Fairman: (do we heard anything from her com?)
[20:23:29]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [9] = (9) vs 70 to see if they are truly gone
[20:23:43]: 2Lt. Aylanea floats there sniffling. "Visor cracked. Losing air."
[20:23:44]: GM: time passes as teh Haydonites search the field, but come up short of actually finding any one, they salvage what they can from their destroyed frigate
[20:24:25]: GM: roll a space survival Ay, as teh three hour mark approches
[20:24:51]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [20] = (20) vs. 58%
[20:25:08]: 1LT.Fairman coms "use Oxygen conservation techniques"
[20:25:22]: Cpl. Danae Oceon to Chief Amdahl, "Ma'am you think we should go check on the rest of the squad?"
[20:25:56]: GM: Ay, you put yourself into an advanced state of Kel No Reem
[20:26:01]: GM: err, wait, wrong show
[20:26:22]: GM: [1d100] => [90] = (90)
[20:26:25]: 2Lt. Aylanea tries to stick her hands over the visor, knowing it won't seal it, but figuring it better than nothing.
[20:26:35]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((AFK bio))
[20:26:51]: GM: Ay eventually you pass out.
[20:27:02]: 2Lt. Aylanea also tries to blow snot out her nose, to be pulled to the crack by the leak, and any other thing theoretically she can do before she passes out. :p
[20:27:11]: GM: it takes four hours for the haydonites to eventually pack up and leave.
[20:27:54]: GM: some 20 minutes after that…
[20:28:15]: CWO3 Sarah: (( not gonna see if someone launches up to check her once they leave? :p ))
[20:28:21]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Delta Actual radio check, all craft report status.
[20:29:37]: Cpl. Danae Oceon "Nobel 1-2 damaged but operational"
[20:29:55]: CWO3 Sarah: Noble 2-1 checking in, some light damage, but still operational.
[20:30:09]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *peers* ))
[20:30:38]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Noble Actual, craft lost, armor damaged.
[20:30:52]: 1LT.Fairman: (alright have to leave)
[20:31:13]: 1LT.Fairman coms "Noble 3 here; damaged)
[20:31:20]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): ((hasta dude))
[20:31:30]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( aww, cya ))
[20:31:35]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Noble 3-2 Craft damaged but operational, recovered Actual.
[20:32:26]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Nobel 1-2?
[20:32:37]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): ((Danae, you are 4-2 and Sarah is 4-1
[20:33:05]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((just going by what was said last week))
[20:33:10]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( oh. Thought Kain had painted us as 1-2 and 2-1, with the flights. Yeah. ))
[20:33:12]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): ((nod…))
[20:33:25]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( er, Sarah as 2-1, as the exec ))
[20:33:46]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((ok that leaves me with who?))
[20:34:00]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Kain had you with him, for the moment, I thought ))
[20:34:03]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): ((well the first flight would be Kain, Nobe 1-1 (Actual) Ay, 1-2, Komi 1-3 and Jaron 1-4. Sarah then would be 2-1 and Danae 2-2
[20:34:27]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): ((but meh, not really a big deal))
[20:34:29]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( he had it split into two person flights. ))
[20:34:53]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((we had three groups of 2))
[20:35:05]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (9then it would be 1-1 , 2-1 , 3-1 for swcrion leads, adn 1-2, 2-2, 3-2 for wingman
[20:35:10]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yes. ))
[20:35:25]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((That's what the number system was…))
[20:35:30]: 2Lt. Aylanea: 1-1 Kain, 1-2 Danae, 2-1 Sarah, 2-2 Komi, 3-1 Jaron, 3-2 Ay
[20:35:34]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((that's why I was 2-2))
[20:35:45]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((sorry 1-2))
[20:35:53]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): ((okay, better, now I"M on tarcks))
[20:36:07]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Nobel 3-2?
[20:36:14]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((yeah and I mistyped before Komie was 2-2))
[20:36:31]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Unknown, we had to go to ground before recovering her.
[20:36:54]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Anyone known her last?
[20:37:02]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Roger that, recover her ASAP.
[20:37:13]: 2LT Komillia Maeless reports aproximate coordinates .
[20:37:19]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [23] = (23) vs 55 (RSI)
[20:37:56]: GM: That set of coords is about 500 to 600 miles from you and Sarah Danae.
[20:38:34]: 2LT Komillia Maeless has Kain join her in the cockpit and goes after Ay.
[20:38:49]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Chief permission to recover the LT?
[20:39:04]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d100] => [52] = (52) vs 70
[20:39:18]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( I'd say Morichro, but that's wrong universe too. :p ))
[20:39:25]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe ))
[20:39:26]: GM: Kinky in that cockpit…since Kain would have to be indian style with Komi in his lap alld sceunched up like they are.
[20:41:34]: GM: that was an RSI Komi?
[20:41:48]: CWO3 Sarah: "ASAP probably means one of the people closer, Miss Oceon. Though I would like to move closer to the others…"
[20:42:18]: Cpl. Danae Oceon takes off and heads for the LT full burn
[20:42:27]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((yes))
[20:42:38]: GM: muhahahah roll a piloting Danae
[20:43:01]: Cpl. Danae Oceon radio's Komi, "Ma'am enroute to your location!"
[20:43:12]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs 76
[20:43:17]: GM: Bonk!
[20:43:25]: GM: [3d4*10] => 80 [1d100] => [99] = (99)
[20:43:31]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((bounced off another asteroid DANG))
[20:43:43]: GM: 80 to the pilots compartment
[20:44:18]: CWO3 Sarah takes off and flies to form with Danae. "careful dear. They're getting her, we shouldn't be doing things to get more damage to our mechs. The techs will be upset enough with what we have."
[20:44:21]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Understood.
[20:44:30]: Cpl. Danae Oceon thinks 'I have alot of work ahead of me'
[20:44:46]: CWO3 Sarah pauses. "Unless they need an open Beta to stuff her in, with air."
[20:45:07]: 1LT.Fairman (exit): 20:45
[20:45:07]: GM: you eventually recover Ay
[20:45:12]: Cpl. Danae Oceon radio's Amdahl "The tech is me ma'am"
[20:45:37]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [15] = (15) for condition and RTB.
[20:45:41]: GM: Ay, Ima need a few Save vs Coma Death rolls
[20:47:43]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [80] = (80)
[20:47:43]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [55] = (55)
[20:47:44]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [4] = (4)
[20:47:45]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [63] = (63)
[20:47:47]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [18] = (18)
[20:47:48]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [39] = (39)
[20:47:49]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [82] = (82)
[20:47:49]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [98] = (98)
[20:48:10]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [91] = (91)
[20:49:19]: GM: okay, hold the rolls there for now.
[20:49:51]: GM: Komi, you get her and her face plate is all gunked up, and looks rather foul.
[20:50:33]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d30] => [2] = (2) vs 15 IQ if getting Ay in her cockpit is a workable situation.
[20:50:46]: GM: Nope, there is no room
[20:51:37]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: I need someone with a funcational cockpit and space to meet me ASAP. Noble 3-2's visor is cracked.
[20:51:51]: CWO3 Sarah: "Acknowledged."
[20:51:56]: GM: The CAG sends out orders to recover to the Mothership
[20:52:01]: CWO3 Sarah pushes to full burn. [1d100] => [36] = (36) vs. 90% piloting
[20:52:03]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: I'm enroute to your location!
[20:52:14]: GM: sarah roll piloting
[20:52:19]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs 76
[20:52:21]: GM: oh, you did, nm
[20:52:26]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[20:52:33]: 2LT Komillia Maeless RTBs. [1d100] => [60] = (60) vs 95 piloting
[20:52:36]: GM: you folks arrive.
[20:52:52]: GM: [1d100] => [36] = (36)
[20:53:12]: GM: As you round the bend you see a Rabbit shuttle headnig towards you.
[20:53:21]: GM: Escorted by two Gamma's
[20:53:39]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Is Ay ok?
[20:54:06]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Unknown.
[20:54:17]: CWO3 Sarah moves up quickly for Ay as she arrives. "Can't tell yet." She blinks at the rabbit. "You guys here for the pickup?"
[20:54:31]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Let's get her into the Rabbit I'm a paramedic!
[20:55:00]: Colonial Pilot: Roger that!
[20:55:13]: Colonial Pilot: We have a med team aboard.
[20:55:41]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Chief I'm heading for the Rabbit!
[20:56:18]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Roger I'll follow you guys in!
[20:56:36]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: With your permission Chief!
[20:56:53]: GM: Long and the short of it, you all follow the rabbit down the … rabbit hole into the Mothership where you see a damaged VM nesteled up in the rafters.
[20:57:36]: GM: The only light in the 'cavern' is from the veritechs spotlights and running lights.
[20:57:52]: CWO3 Sarah blinks at the VM's condition, wincing slightly.
[20:58:22]: GM: okay, Ay, you have 15 sets of Save vs CD to make.
[20:58:30]: GM: you blew your first three
[20:58:38]: GM: sorry 14 sets
[20:58:50]: GM: this is how many PE points you have
[20:58:57]: GM: total of 17, three go bye bye, 14 left
[20:58:58]: Cpl. Danae Oceon radio's the Rabbit, "Status of Lt. Maeless, please!"
[20:59:25]: GM: each set your target to beat at two out of three is a 61%
[20:59:44]: GM: roll untill you make it, or you die.
[20:59:48]: CWO3 Sarah: "Lt. Maeless is fine, Lt. Madresa is the one just recovered."
[21:00:01]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [62] = (62)
[21:00:02]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [48] = (48)
[21:00:03]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [87] = (87)
[21:00:09]: 2Lt. Aylanea: fail
[21:00:11]: 2Lt. Aylanea: fail
[21:00:16]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Status of Lt. Madresa
[21:00:18]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [34] = (34)
[21:00:19]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [67] = (67)
[21:00:20]: 2Lt. Aylanea: [1d100] => [42] = (42)
[21:00:40]: Cpl. Danae Oceon radios entire squad, "Anyone else hurt?"
[21:01:04]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) enters the squad ready room 2 hours later, where you all are waiting for word.
[21:01:22]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Aylanea is resting, but alive.
[21:02:45]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) sets the rest of the unit to tasks to keep them occupied.
[21:03:47]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Permission to attend to the mechas, ma'am?
[21:03:52]: CWO3 Sarah relaxes some as she hears that, and just goes to doing whaver she's set to doing to keep occupied, or her reports and paperwork. Or both.
[21:04:01]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Granted.
[21:04:42]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Capt. Ishida what is the situation?
[21:04:47]: Cpl. Danae Oceon leaves and goes to the mecha area to begin repairing as much damage as she can.
[21:05:21]: GM: The mecha, all around, are in miserable condition, your team has the worst of it, but the Gamma's have their share of damage as well, The more nimble Delta's have some light to moderate scoring, and all mecha have had the paint stripped from their leading edges by dust and microfragments.
[21:05:49]: GM: One Gamma however did not make it back.
[21:05:59]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:06:41]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [63] = (63) vs 55 (biomechanical maint.)
[21:07:02]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): All pilots but one accounted for. Once we are clear of this system, there will be a memorial service in port obs deck, dress uniform.
[21:08:18]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [100] = (100) vs 60 (reflex systems)
[21:08:39]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): The VM has sustained hull damage but the fold system is operational, we should be fold capable by the end of the day. Beyond that, you'd have to get with the Damage Control parties for specifics.
[21:08:58]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [56] = (56) vs 50 (vehicle armorer)
[21:09:01]: GM: Ooo a crit fail on … a reactor…
[21:09:26]: CWO3 Sarah: (( eeeeeeeep ))
[21:09:37]: GM: Who's mecha was that I wonder ehehehehe [1d4] => [4] = (4) 1 Sarah, 2 Danae, 3 Komi, 4 Jaron.
[21:09:40]: Cpl. Danae Oceon "Damn better have a more experienced mechanic look at that.'
[21:10:11]: 2LT Kain Crokett: ((NUCLEAR EXPLOSION! We all die…))
[21:10:16]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:10:20]: GM: well, we'll just have to wait and see what the lingering effects of that will be…by they way, you think you did a PERFECT job on that reactor. Best work you've ever done, and you got it done in half the time.
[21:10:22]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((do I need to roll again to try and stop that?))
[21:10:31]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[21:11:45]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [13] = (13) vs 60 (reflex systems)
[21:12:03]: GM: Well whoevers mecha that was, shouldn't have any issues…
[21:12:25]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d4] => [2] = (2)
[21:12:36]: GM: Well, makes sence
[21:13:15]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [14] = (14) vs 50 (vehicle armorer)
[21:13:36]: GM: Danae, you work in your new post with the other maintainers in their Zero Gee environs, and the learning curve is steep.
[21:13:47]: GM: (no more rolls for now)
[21:14:33]: Chris: (GM Whisper:) Side RP if you wish
[21:14:39]: Chris: (GM Whisper:) shower fan service
[21:15:27]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((do I know about the ceremony?))
[21:15:36]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:15:39]: GM: yes
[21:15:47]: Carrie: (whispering to GM) woo!
[21:16:01]: GM: Free Rp
[21:16:46]: 2LT Kain Crokett: So has anyone gone looking through the Mothership yet?
[21:16:53]: Chris: (GM Whisper:) as you and Suki hit the showers, you note the the shower is occupied.
[21:17:05]: Colonial Officer: Negative.
[21:17:17]: CWO3 Sarah finishes what she's doing before the service, stripping down once she gets into the bathroom and relaxing into the spray after.
[21:17:23]: Carrie: (whispering to GM) hehehe.
[21:17:28]: Colonial Officer: But, we are nesteled up near where one of the engine's used to be.
[21:17:53]: CWO3 Sarah blinks at the occupied shower, looking to Suki.
[21:18:26]: Chris: (GM Whisper:) inside a stall, in her clothing is Balaa, with the water doucing her head, she appears to be crying.
[21:18:35]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Roger that.
[21:18:49]: Cpl. Danae Oceon heads to quarters and goes to change into dress uniform
[21:19:07]: Carter: Jesus, you guys sure know how put a mans life in jeprody.
[21:19:12]: CWO3 Sarah blinks again at that, looking over to Suki and drooping slightly, looking down at the floor.
[21:19:33]: 2LT Kain Crokett files a report with the Captain and requests to take some Cyclones to scout around the Mothership for nasty surprises. [1d100] => [69] = (69) vs 65 Mil Ettiquette
[21:19:42]: GM: Danae, memorial service wont be held until afteryou've folded away, to a safe location
[21:19:49]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[21:20:05]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((sorry lol))
[21:20:06]: CWO3 Sarah: (( drop the 'before the service' in mine as welll, oops ))
[21:20:08]: GM: Denied.
[21:20:20]: GM: All hands are needed aboard to assist with repair work etc.
[21:20:22]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: If we don't do that at least once a day, you'll get soft.
[21:21:02]: Cpl. Danae Oceon goes to check on Lt Maeless
[21:21:22]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((You're thinking Madressa probably.))
[21:21:23]:Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) naked, walkes over and pokes Balaa's shoulder.
[21:21:41]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) Umm, Miss Arashul? Are you okay?
[21:21:42]: 2Lt. Aylanea lays in sickbay, from her exposure, and from whatever bruising or internal damage being batted around by shades caused.
[21:21:51]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((No Maeless))
[21:21:58]: GM: (or not! she might have a thing for zent women.)
[21:22:21]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( gee Komi, you have a loyal follower :) ))
[21:22:34]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) sniffs
[21:22:40]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) Huh, wha…?
[21:22:44]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((no wants to make sure every one is ok))
[21:22:55]: GM: ((riiiiight))
[21:23:00]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((No broken bones and such))
[21:23:05]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) Are you okay?
[21:23:15]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) shakes her head.
[21:23:17]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) No.
[21:23:44]:Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) nods, figuring out what it must be.
[21:24:01]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) We all lose people sometimes. I…I am sure he meant a lot to you.
[21:24:26]: CWO3 Sarah slips over slowly, to offer a spot to cry on or anything else needed, nodding at that. Her expression is pained.
[21:24:29]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) clutches her tail as her lower lip quavers.
[21:24:31]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: I'm alright no, big issues here.
[21:25:05]: Cpl. Danae Oceon "OK I'll go check on the others then"
[21:25:51]: Cpl. Danae Oceon leaves to check on LT Madresa
[21:26:02]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) I heard you did well in, hiding the ship. Good work, and, thank you. I know it must have been hard.
[21:26:22]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) snifs
[21:26:24]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) Really?
[21:26:56]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) Yes, really. To soldier on dispite the hurt, that says a lot about ones character.
[21:27:23]: CWO3 Sarah nods at that. "Really well." She offers an arm gently around the shoulders, to offer support more.
[21:27:31]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) snifs again with a small smile.
[21:27:45]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) ((sh'es 7 foot toall, you cant reach that high …)
[21:28:12]: 2Lt. Aylanea lays there, all injured, probably having been operated on for the internal stuff as well as exposure recovery.
[21:28:43]: CWO3 Sarah: (whispering to GM) (( oh, scratch then. :p Sarah too small :p ))
[21:28:59]: Ahnhel looks up from her desk in sickbay
[21:29:06]: Cpl. Danae Oceon walks over to see if she's awake
[21:29:09]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:29:09]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:29:16]: Ahnhel: Ahhk! You arent hurt, go away!
[21:29:31]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( oh no, Ahnhel. Hadn't even thought about that. rofl. ))
[21:29:44]: Ahnhel shoos Danae out of sick bay, squirting her with a water bottle.
[21:30:07]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Sorry was just seeing how the L T is doing
[21:30:41]: Ahnhel: Out out out damn spot!
[21:30:44]: Cpl. Danae Oceon leaves to find Lt. Fairman
[21:31:00]: Ahnhel squirts Danae more with the water bottle.
[21:31:19]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:31:19]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: hey stop that I'm leaving already
[21:31:27]: Carrie: (whispering): *breaks up laughing*
[21:31:49]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) chirrups slightly seeming to feel a little better.
[21:31:57]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): like that one did ya
[21:32:01]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) Thanks, I mean it still hurts, but, thanks.
[21:32:12]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) hugs the pair of you into marshmellow hell.
[21:32:27]: Cpl. Danae Oceon heads to the pilots lounge hoping to find Lt. Fairman
[21:32:28]: CWO3 Sarah offers a gentle and on the back in support, then gets hugged into that.
[21:32:34]: Carrie: (whispering): hehehehehe
[21:32:56]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) tail hugs [1d2] => [1] = (1) 1 sarah, 2 suki

[21:33:04]: Carrie: (whispering): Ahnhel is a riot as much as Anji, in her own little way
[21:33:15]: Carrie: (whispering): the other invid invader aboard. lol
[21:33:20]: GM: Jaron's player had to bounce early.
[21:33:28]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *nodnods* ))
[21:33:44]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): oh ok so this is a reoccuring character then got it
[21:33:45]: 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yea, so he misses the critfail on his reactor ;) ))
[21:33:51]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:33:51]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:33:57]: GM: shhh thats a secret
[21:34:00]: Carrie: (whispering): She's the doctor for the mission, on ship
[21:34:02]: 2LT Komillia Maeless goes to check on the XO. So how are you holding up.
[21:34:03]: Carrie: (whispering): :)
[21:34:21]: GM: Komi gets the squirt bottle
[21:34:31]: CWO3 Sarah: (( Sarah is the XO now, not Ay, remember? :p ))
[21:34:34]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[21:34:44]: CWO3 Sarah: (( checking on Ay, well, yeah, squirt bottle away ))
[21:34:47]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lolol ))
[21:35:01]: GM: Well, XO can be either, so,
[21:35:05]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:35:16]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Sarah.))
[21:35:55]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: ((is anyone in the pilot's lounge?))
[21:36:17]: GM: Um, not at the moment, beyond a few of teh Gamma drivers.
[21:36:41]: CWO3 Sarah glances up to Komi. "hi there. I'll deal. I'm just glad we didn't lose a pilot. You okay?"
[21:36:50]: No match found
[21:36:59]: CWO3 Sarah reaches down to gently stroke the tail with her free hand.
[21:37:43]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) hugs tighter and shudders with a soft moan.
[21:37:45]: Cpl. Danae Oceon heads out to find Lt. Crockett
[21:38:10]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) Mmmpfhhh, Sahwah, wah dee ooo doo?
[21:38:19]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: Not much, just figured I'd see to our new XO and how she's holding up.
[21:38:37]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Hey, Corporal, Can I help you with something?
[21:39:09]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Just checking to see if you need any type of medical attention, sir?
[21:39:24]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) [1d100] => [64] = (64)
[21:39:32]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: No broken bones, headaches, or anything like that.
[21:39:33]: CWO3 Sarah smiles. "Thanks. I'm just worried about whether we'll be finding anything inside that ship, for the moment. And looking for whatever needs doing shipboard to get us in position to get over there. I'd like to get out of this system, especially since it's already known hot."
[21:39:54]: 2LT Kain Crokett: You can check, but apart from some soaked shorts, I never really had any damage out there.
[21:41:43]: CWO3 Sarah blinks at that a little, blushing very softly as she hears the moan. "Mph. wah huued frm hin wit tail."
[21:41:55]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:42:24]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: It'd suck if we get here, only to have to leave a prize behind because of the toasters.
[21:42:47]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Ok then if you don't need anything I'll head to check on the XO.
[21:42:55]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) breathes a little hot and heavy
[21:43:02]: Cpl. Danae Oceon leaves to find Chief Amdahl
[21:43:31]:Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) pinches Balaa's ass to snap her out if it.

[21:43:39]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) EEP!
[21:43:54]: CWO3 Sarah blinks at the eep, jumping from what she was doing now. "Er?"
[21:43:54]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) looks down and then, lets go and back up a step.
[21:44:18]: Balaa: (GM Whisper:) Oh sorry! Sorry sorry sorry! I oh…by the void!
[21:44:33]:Balaa: (GM Whisper:) runs from the showers in embaressment.

[21:44:54]: CWO3 Sarah sighs. "Well, they don't know we're in the ship, so… hopefully we'll be able to get it. And now we know for our next supply drop, one of the things to request if they'll authorize it."
[21:45:06]:Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) pants and wheezes
[21:45:58]: CWO3 Sarah blinks at that. "Er…" She wheezes a little as well, glancing to Suki. "She wrapped her tail around, so I gently stroked it as an offer of sympathy. Evidently it had a different effect…"
[21:46:00]: CWO3 Sarah blushes hard
[21:46:13]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) I'll say!
[21:47:08]:Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) gives Sarah a 'performace evaluation'

[21:47:40]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): I'm looking for you
[21:48:37]: GM: Danae, you find Sarah some time later,
[21:48:50]: CWO3 Sarah enjoys it happily.
[21:48:52]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:48:58]: CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe. ))
[21:49:07]: CWO3 Sarah: (( I'm in a public area likely with Komi :) ))
[21:49:18]: Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (GM Whisper:) like maybe 20 minutes after having cperfomed admirably in her personel eval with Suki…so, you can play that as you will
[21:49:32]: GM: ((kk))
[21:49:47]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Chief, I know we were together the whole time but I was wondering if you need any medical attention?
[21:49:52]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[21:50:25]: Sgt. Summerwind: Hehe, easy now Coperal, only two folks on this ship get to play doctor with the Chief.
[21:50:56]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Oh sorry didn't know Sgt.
[21:51:06]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: May I ask who that is?
[21:51:12]: CWO3 Sarah shakes her head a little. "Nope. I never really need that much medical attention. So don't worry yourself too much with it…" She peers at Anji and laughs a little, blushing. "Doncha mean one? I try to stay away from sickbay mostly if I can avoid it."
[21:51:22]: Sgt. Summerwind: Isn't me!
[21:51:41]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Got it.
[21:51:54]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Oh Chief may I speak freely?
[21:52:05]: CWO3 Sarah laughs. "Yeah, I'd just paddle your behind if you tried, naughty girl." She smiles to Danae. "Sure."
[21:52:39]: Sgt. Summerwind: Well scuttlebutt has us folding out of here soon, question is, to where.
[21:53:09]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Thank you for watching out for me out there. If you ever need anything just say it I'll be there no matter what!
[21:53:38]: GM: (GM Whisper:) BTW, the tail is gonna be my homage to 'Bottom Lefty' so, suki and Sarah should be ready for more of that
[21:53:51]: CWO3 Sarah smiles to Danae. "No problem. Watching out for you is part of what I do. You did well out there, honestly, didn't need to do too much watching."
[21:54:21]: Cpl. Danae Oceon comes to attention and salutes
[21:54:35]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Permission to be excused!
[21:55:16]: CWO3 Sarah smiles and tries to be formal about it. "Er, granted. Relax, there's really not any need for formalities around here. Have a good one."
[21:55:20]: Sorry I don't know what /ooc is!
[21:55:23]: CWO3 Sarah: (whispering to GM) lolol
[21:55:25]: CWO3 Sarah: (whispering to GM) :)
[21:55:41]: CWO3 Sarah: "at least for me there isn't."
[21:56:44]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: Yes ma'am I mean Slugger, that is your call sign right.
[21:56:54]: GM: The Captain eventually allows a search tem to board the massive vessle, but like the previous one, there is no book aboard in the usual locations.
[21:57:48]: CWO3 Sarah rolls eyes. "Not that I ever use it. I'm just Sarah to most everyone." She smiles.
[21:57:51]: CWO3 Sarah: (( aww ))
[21:58:32]: Cpl. Danae Oceon heads back to the maintenace area to continue working. She locates a better grease monkey than herself and asks if they will double check her work on the mechas.
[21:58:50]: GM: ooo, no meta gaming !lol
[21:58:51]: 2LT Kain Crokett ponders unusaul locations. [1d100] => [74] = (74) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d30] => [12] = (12) vs 14 IQ, [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13) PERC
[21:59:38]: GM: [1d100] => [70] = (70)
[21:59:45]: GM: Nothing comes to mind.
[22:00:28]: 2LT Komillia Maeless considers debris that may haven been smacked away from the ship. [1d30] => [18] = (18) vs 15 IQ, [1d20] => [13] = (13) PERC.
[22:00:30]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): what does he mean by meta gaming?
[22:00:34]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((nrm))
[22:01:07]: CWO3 Sarah tries to recall if there might be anywhere hidden that anyone found on her side of things at any point in the past, that might be for something like that., [1d100] => [68] = (68) Lore Invid (81%), [1d30] => [5] = (5) vs. 18 (int) [1d20+1] => [3,1] = (4) perc
[22:01:25]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[22:01:41]: GM: Not her side, but the other side may have.
[22:01:54]: Carrie: (whispering): means that you don't get to have someone double check just cause you know outside of it that you rolled a critfail ;)
[22:02:13]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: (whispering): got it
[22:04:11]: GM: …
[22:04:12]: GM: Carrie/
[22:04:42]: CWO3 Sarah: (( hm? ))
[22:04:49]: GM: I gave you an answer
[22:05:05]: GM: didnt think it was THAT cryptic…
[22:05:11]: CWO3 Sarah: (( yes, it was ))
[22:05:26]: GM: well there is two sides to teh Invid right
[22:05:35]: CWO3 Sarah: (( ooooh. oh. hehehe ))
[22:05:35]: GM: her side is the Regess side right?
[22:05:43]: CWO3 Sarah: (( meant the Invid i ngeneral, but… ))
[22:05:57]: CWO3 Sarah: (( all the Regent's side is gone aside from that one hive. ))
[22:06:02]: CWO3 Sarah: (( well, most all ))
[22:06:18]: GM: ((try not to get bogged down in the Yuna Canon, kay ^_^))
[22:06:26]: GM: ((Yune))
[22:06:57]: CWO3 Sarah tries to sift the racial memory further for anything the regent's guys may have seen, that she might be able t oget. [1d100] => [69] = (69) vs. 81%
[22:07:09]: GM: Sexy success
[22:07:36]: CWO3 Sarah: (( *strips to beg for a good answer then* :) ))
[22:07:57]: GM: As she sits there Sarah goes into deep thought, and…seems like she's really…really enjoying it…
[22:09:10]: GM: Sarah, there were a few Regent strongholds, most noteably Optera, which as per the start charts, DEEP within Haydonite controlled space.
[22:10:22]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((AFK, again… :/))
[22:10:37]: CWO3 Sarah: (whispering to GM) er, meaning they have to go there? or what?
[22:10:47]: That's the Tab key, Dave
[22:11:41]: GM: (GM Whisper:) still typing
[22:11:51]: CWO3 Sarah: (whispering to GM) kay
[22:13:18]: GM: However, there were strongholds on most vassel worlds, Praxis, a hive you were familier with, among others. However, one area that might bear fruit is within the Volox Sysla
[22:13:58]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Back))
[22:14:34]: CWO3 Sarah makes note of the name, nodding a little bit.
[22:15:16]: Sgt. Summerwind: What was THAT all about?
[22:15:48]: CWO3 Sarah glances over at Anji. "hm?"
[22:16:11]: Sgt. Summerwind: That! You were jsut sitting there, moaning like a pollinator in heat.
[22:16:49]: CWO3 Sarah: "Trying to figure out more places to look for clues or books, sorry. Not sure why I'd moan like that while doing it…" She hmms.
[22:17:10]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [44] = (44) vs 55 (biomechanical maintenace) sarah's beta
[22:17:34]: 2LT Komillia Maeless: It was wierd.
[22:18:01]: CWO3 Sarah tries to search for anything in terms of hidden places aboard Tirolian motherships that the Invid might have found while trying to rip into them, as well. [1d100] => [44] = (44)
[22:18:45]: CWO3 Sarah: (( like, y'know, a not normal place they've found that we haven't while bookhunting ;) ))
[22:19:15]: CWO3 Sarah: (( not that they'd be able to identify such probably, worth a shot tho ))
[22:19:22]: GM: The Invid only really targetd the reflex furnaces and Protoculture matrix's once the ships were secured. Beyond that, they dug into everything to root out the enemy,
[22:20:01]: GM: books, and the like, at least to the Regess, were human and tirolian trappings and were discarded and avoided.
[22:20:25]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [19] = (19) vs 50 (vehicle armorer) sarah's beta
[22:20:46]: CWO3 Sarah: (( heh, figured. :) ))
[22:20:48]: CWO3 Sarah: (( ehwell ))
[22:21:05]: CWO3 Sarah shakes her head and laughs. "Sorry." She hms.
[22:21:14]: GM: …
[22:21:22]: GM: come on carrie,
[22:21:29]: GM: shame on you
[22:21:53]: GM: oh well, moving on.
[22:23:17]: GM: anything else before I move on
[22:23:46]: CWO3 Sarah: (( sorry ))
[22:24:02]: CWO3 Sarah: (( sorry, I'm trying to meet parent demand along with doing this ))
[22:24:08]: GM: ahhh
[22:24:13]: GM: well, you were given info
[22:24:25]: GM: and, it does you no good to keep it to yourself
[22:24:31]: CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[22:24:58]: GM: And, I'm sure the others would love to hear what your erotic moaning of a meditiation revealed
[22:25:18]: CWO3 Sarah looks over. "I may know another place to look, but it's iffy. Still might have something though. Just gotta pick through an old scary place, and find the trophy case and stuff."
[22:26:20]: CWO3 Sarah hms. "Anyone else heard of Volox Sysla?"
[22:27:20]: 2LT Kain Crokett: Can't say I have. Any idea what sort of welcoming party we should expect there? Or is that self-writhing some sort of orgasmic search through genetic memory?
[22:27:41]: Sgt. Summerwind: [1d30] => [9] = (9) vs10
[22:28:32]: Sgt. Summerwind: Actaully, yeah, that name does sound familier.
[22:29:07]: CWO3 Sarah coughs. "Well, usually isn't that way, but it was a search. One of the Regent's strongholds was there, and you know how he liked collecting trophies. If there's any activity, I should pick up on it from orbit, in theory. If so, I'll scout alone in my old mecha first, if needed. If not, just a matter of getting in and finding where all they might have been storing any pilfered loot."
[22:30:12]: CWO3 Sarah: "I'm 1-1 with former Regent forces so far, so if we're /lucky/, either they'll listen, or it'll be empty with everything dead or in stasis. If not…" She hmms.
[22:30:26]: Sgt. Summerwind: Might wanna get Carter up there to, but yeah, it's an old word, volox means shame.
[22:30:49]: CWO3 Sarah hmms.
[22:31:16]: Sgt. Summerwind: Well in Tiresian, it does, even though the word isn't of Tiresian origin
[22:31:28]: CWO3 Sarah hmms at that and nods. "Ah."
[22:32:08]: CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [44] = (44) language Opteran vs…. well, to see if I critfail (otherwise it's 100%)
[22:32:29]: CWO3 Sarah: (( though probably not originated there either. ))
[22:32:40]: CWO3 Sarah: (( still, regent stronghold, so worth a shot in the dark ))
[22:32:42]: CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[22:32:53]: GM: In Opteran there is no meaning for teh word Volox, it's just a place name.
[22:33:15]: Cpl. Danae Oceon: [1d100] => [80] = (80) vs 60 (reflex system mechanics) sarah's beta
[22:33:31]: GM: another failure on a reactor…


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