Chapter 13 - Act 3 - Part 7


[06:47:48] GM: Ishida takes Summerwind up to medical leaving the rest of you near the airlock on Deck 14. No torch and pitchfork bearing mob is reported by the lookouts as Carter and Gav dust themselves off. (Following the 'Order of Things' Sarah, then Ay, then Komi, then Kain, hold em of play em. )
[06:48:27] CWO3 Sarah looks over towards Carter and the others, frowning back at Summerwind's condition. "Something happen out there that we should be aware of before we start heading out?"
[06:48:53] Carter: Oh, just a little scuffle, nothing to be to worried about.
[06:49:02] Gav'leth: Heh!
[06:49:41] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little bit back in that direction, sighing and biting her lip. She nods a little about the scuffle. "So long as it isn't something that'll come back to bite us in the ass later on. We don't want a group spoiling for another fight after a 'scuffle'. Just the kind of place to have such groups, too." She raises her eyebrows at the 'heh'.
[06:50:19] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Somehow I get the feeling that a "little scuffle" was a major bar fight.
[06:51:18] GM: Kain?
[06:53:27] 2LT Kain Crokett says nothing.
[06:54:04] GM: Questions to GM?
[06:54:09] 2LT Kain Crokett merely gets his stuff together and tries to figure out how much to convert to local currency.
[06:54:43] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((do we have a clear mission objective, or are we in investigation mode?))
[06:54:57] GM: Both, it seems to me.
[06:55:52] GM: But, you certianly do have some looking around to do, in order to complete the clear mission.
[06:56:00] CWO3 Sarah: (( nodnodnods ))
[06:56:11] CWO3 Sarah: (( a lot of looking around. ))
[06:56:19] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((which is to track down the cargo that left that world.))
[06:56:26] GM: correct
[06:58:04] CWO3 Sarah: (( *nodnodnods* ))
[06:58:53] 2LT Kain Crokett changes into local clothing, a generic looking firearm, and brings 3000 creds with him to exchange.
[06:59:04] GM: Okay, not being queried further, Gav and Carter talk amongst themselves.
[06:59:49] CWO3 Sarah hmms at the two. "You happen to see the weapon prices there, by chance? I'm wondering if I need to convert more. I don't really have a weapon that's safe to use there. Guessing that might be a problem for some others as well."
[07:00:22] CWO3 Sarah: (( no more questions for the GM, questions for them still there, tho ;) ))
[07:01:20] 2LT Komillia Maeless changes into her clothing making them look as good as possible, and hides a pair of vibro knives and wraps her weapon chains to make them look like a fashion statement, and puts the spear on her back, grabbing her spear, to hopefully learn more about it. She also takes 6000 creds to convert. [1d100] => [80] = (80) vs 70 Wardrobe and Grooming.
[07:01:21] Gav'leth: Hrm, prices are pretty decent, for the Black Market, figure something that you tiny ones would fancy would run under 1000 Denari.
[07:01:54] GM: No cuts Komi! lolz
[07:02:27] GM: And Carrie, if Sarah has more then one question she can ask them, just that when she is done, then it's Ay's turn…
[07:02:32] GM: And so on, and so forth.
[07:02:42] CWO3 Sarah: (( nod, kk. ))
[07:03:29] CWO3 Sarah: (( did they bring armor back, or just clothes? ))
[07:03:48] GM: Note for James, the clothing you change into was picked up by Gav, Carter and Anji on their initial jaunt into town…
[07:03:57] GM: Clothing only, no armor.
[07:04:14] CWO3 Sarah nods just a little at that. "Weapons, clothes…" She ponders. "Armor is probably also something we'll need, in that environment. Got prices on that?"
d j
[07:04:23] CWO3 Sarah: (( *smacks typist* ))
[07:05:00] Carter: About the same, a little more of course.
[07:05:57] CWO3 Sarah nods just a little at that. "So as long as we can find it in our sizes or close, we should be fine then…" She makes note on how much more to exchange over. "Thanks."
[07:06:18] CWO3 Sarah heads to get more money exchanged.
[07:06:23] Carter: ((GM note, substitue Denari with Assis…or else the exchange rate is going to kill you…))
[07:07:03] Carter: ((By substitue, that is in what Gav said earlier…))
[07:07:57] H.U.GM (enter): 19:07
[07:08:04] 2Lt. Aylanea takes some notes and nods. "Right…" She makes notes of all that. "Good to hear. Now we just need to get that, and find a way to track down a crate…" She hmms. "There any way to get a map of the city, with some markings on where to avoid?"
[07:09:11] Gav'leth scrawls out a rough map (posted last session, let me dig it back up) and marks it up a bit with place names.
[07:10:12] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (4) 1lt.Fairman…
[07:10:28] 2Lt. Aylanea nods just a little at that, looking at it. "Good thing, very good thing, thanks. Now, if we can jsut figure out where the crate went to, and not stick out like sore thumbs…"
[07:10:32] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( eee, Jaron ))
[07:12:07] GM: Ay done? If so, Komi.
[07:12:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *nod, done* ))
[07:12:55] 2LT Komillia Maeless looks over the map. It seems as though the best place to start would be the market taverns, the markets seem to be close to the barracks, and let's face it, not everyone practices good opsec.
[07:13:21] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((gah, should be " at the beginning of It seems…))
[07:13:59] GM: Ahh, kk, so Komi said that outloud, that wasn't a thought bubble…although, cool RP if it was…
[07:14:13] 2LT Komillia Maeless tries to adjust her outfit. [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 70 Wardrobe
[07:14:38] GM: Komi done? If so then Kain.
[07:16:48] 2LT Kain Crokett: Agreed, I suggest we stick together, and we need localized gear, so we should hit the markets first. Hell, if we act like drifters, we may get less attention. Any tiresian specialist know how the Master's would respond to aimless drifters before I shove my leg down my throat.
[07:17:17] Carter: Well, your Tiresian expert is up in medical right now so…
[07:17:53] Carter: I could tell you how they'd treat a drifter… a thousand years ago…but… /shrugs with a wan grin.
[07:18:44] GM: ((wait for kain t finish carrie))
[07:18:59] GM: ((I see joo typin))
[07:19:02] CWO3 Sarah: (( I'm just typing ahead for when it's my turn, so I don't slow the game down ))
[07:19:11] GM: ((kk))
[07:19:16] GM: Kain, any follow up?
[07:20:07] GM: Kain done? If so, Jaron.
[07:20:34] 2LT Kain Crokett: Well, how would they treat them 1000 years ago? It's better than nothing to go on.
[07:21:55] Carter: Well, depends on where you were, on Tirol, you'd be looked at like a bum, as in, how dare you sully the capital with your whistful ways, that kind of thing. On the frontier, you'd be seen as a shiftless do nothing that the colonists would crap on cause you weren't pullin your weight.
[07:23:38] 1lt.Fairman lets Carter lead here "Carter this is your field or Gav's. So your call on how to handle it here"
[07:23:41] Carter: My suggestion would be to arm up as soon as you can so at the very least you'd look like Condottiero.
[07:24:03] 2LT Kain Crokett: Ah, better idea then.
[07:24:23] Carter: Better to look like a duelust then a drifter.
[07:24:27] Carter: ((zing!))
[07:25:20] Carter: Well, my first call is to wiat for miss ginzu and our Tiresian expert to get back. Then, shut yer yaps unless you can speak the lingo, well.
[07:25:46] Carter: You zents should be able to get away with your native tongue, just keep any UEEF slang out of it.
[07:25:57] 2LT Kain Crokett: I figured that went without saying.
[07:26:27] 1lt.Fairman nods
[07:26:40] GM: Questions for the GM?
[07:27:38] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((How long for medical to clear Anji's broken nose?))
[07:27:54] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:28:27] GM: Soon TM
[07:28:39] CWO3 Sarah: (( brb bio ))
[07:29:25] GM: ((and I goofed on the roder, we follow reverse init on that, out for Sarah since she's on bio…))
[07:31:55] GM: About 10 minutes later Anji and Ishida return to the airlock area on Deck 14 . Anji's face is cleaned up and has a bandaid over the bridge of her nose (bloodied =/= broken) as well as a few smaller bandies on her cheek. Ishida looks at Carter "You fill them in?" to which Carter nods "Yeah, pretty much, answered what they asked about at the very least."
[07:32:53] GM: Anji smiles sheepishly then dons some of the local attire they picked up earlier.
[07:32:56] GM: Jaron
[07:34:35] GM: If Jaron says nothing I need you to tell me, I will not assume a pause as a pass.
[07:36:35] GM: Others in the rotation can of curse int if they have 'trump init' which all do.
[07:36:50] GM: (curse = course)
[07:37:32] 1lt.Fairman: (dont have anything0
[07:37:39] GM: kain
[07:38:57] 2LT Kain Crokett: You seem less- enthusiastic- than normal. Something happen out there.
[07:38:59] 2LT Kain Crokett: ?
[07:39:16] GM: Who are you asking this to?
[07:39:59] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Anji))
[07:40:53] Sgt. Summerwind: Oh, ah, yeah. Well, when you shank a man, gotta stay on the downlow.
[07:41:15] GM: Gav and Carter snicker.
[07:41:25] 2LT Kain Crokett: He dead or do we have to finish the job?
[07:41:51] Sgt. Summerwind: Oh, he's dead. If not this place has zombies.
[07:42:15] 2LT Kain Crokett: Alright.
[07:42:18] Sgt. Summerwind: Is he dead…shit, like i'm some punk ass scrub…
[07:43:13] 2LT Komillia Maeless: I'm sure he didn't mean anything by that. Anyway, so how good at you looking like the spokeswoman for a bunch of duelists.
[07:43:14] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ?
[07:43:20] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((again anji.))
[07:44:29] Sgt. Summerwind adopts a proper Tiresian accent. "Well as I have had the pleasure of listning to your Earth based rap, and hip, hop. I believe I am emminantly qualified to, front, as it were.
[07:44:55] Sgt. Summerwind ends her statement with a very snooty condecending laugh
[07:46:44] GM: Komi done? If so then Suki
[07:47:29] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((yep))
[07:48:40] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) finishes dressing. Then turns to Sarah.
[07:48:48] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Chief, you will remain aboard.
[07:49:18] CWO3 Sarah blinks at that. "er? Yes, ma'am…"
[07:49:51] 1lt.Fairman quirks a brow
[07:50:05] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): You can monitor our progress from the bridge if you wish, otherwise, consider yourself on standby.
[07:50:36] GM: Suki is done, Ay.
[07:51:28] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks as Sarah is told to keep back, looking to Suki and raising her eyebrows as well.
[07:52:08] GM: That all for Ay?
[07:52:14] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( yes ))
[07:52:21] GM: Then Sarah
[07:52:48] GM: ((quicker yall say 'done, or thats it, or some such, the faster I can move))
[07:53:05] CWO3 Sarah just shrugs. "If I'm not going out, then permission to be dismissed, so I can head to the bridge to monitor?"
[07:53:31] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Granted.
[07:54:20] CWO3 Sarah nods quickly. "Thank you, ma'am." She heads off, shrugging, avoiding dragging her feet.
[07:55:01] GM: As Sarah moves off Suki asks without looking up.. "is there anything you want me to pick up if I see it?"
[07:56:17] GM: Sarah?
[07:56:47] CWO3 Sarah glances over and shrugs slightly. "Nothing that I can think of at the moment, ma'am, no." She shakes her head.
[07:57:01] GM: Questions for theGM?
[07:57:23] Sgt. Summerwind: N
[07:57:28] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): N
[07:57:36] CWO3 Sarah: n
[07:57:45] 1lt.Fairman: (n)
[07:58:10] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((n)
[08:00:51] 1lt.Fairman: (whos turn?)
[08:01:05] GM: The VM crewman undog the hatch and you all exit unto a roll up scaffold lift. Once aboard the lot of you are lowered to the ground and debark. The weather outside is brisk, maybe about 40 degrees F with a slight wind and snow flurry.
[08:01:12] GM: ((My turn))
[08:01:59] GM: There is activity on the field, but none nearby your ship as the day laborers have found out to their chagrin that there is nothing needing unloading.
[08:04:00] GM: The road (single lane…but zentraedi sized) leading to the 'city' is uneven and damp with snow drifts/slush piled up along the sides. A few smaller vehicles race back and forth bearing cargo and passagners. As you make your way to the road a few 'cabbies' race over blabbering away while pointing to what passes for transportation.
[08:04:28] 1lt.Fairman looks to Suki as they walk along and comments "I know she is your girlfriend and is there a real reason for not wanting Sarah to go?"
[08:04:33] GM: Carter snickers, but says nothing.
[08:04:56] GM: As Anji deal with the locals Suki answers.
[08:05:47] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Uneccesary risk. Anji was ambushed. If that happens to one of us fine, red blood, to her, we have a city of mercenaries and Masters to deal with.
[08:06:20] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) then puts her finger to her lips as they are nearing earshot of the cabbie frenzy.
[08:06:48] GM: Jaron done? If so, then kain.
[08:06:56] 1lt.Fairman: (yea)
[08:07:54] 2LT Kain Crokett: Does anyone have local currency yet? If so I'd opt to ride in a cab than walk in this frigid hell.
[08:08:49] GM: ((the others and I will include you and Komi already exchanged their creds for coin last session))
[08:09:11] GM: So we can nix that last. Just tell me how much you wanted to exchange
[08:09:48] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((3000))
[08:09:59] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((Komi for 6000))
[08:10:39] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hrm. never specified for Ay, probably 6000 for her as well. ))
[08:10:41] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d100] => [46] = (46) vs 40% Streetwise
[08:10:45] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( anyhows. hehe. ))
[08:11:28] GM: Kain done? if so Komi
[08:12:24] 2LT Komillia Maeless asks one of the cabbies "how much?" in Zentraedi (which is her NATIVE language).
[08:14:05] GM: Komi see's Anji already in 'negotiations' but when she asks, a few of them peel away to barter with her.
[08:15:49] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((I didn't see anywhere that it was said Anji was in negotiations, just a random roll.))
[08:16:06] GM: There is a gaggle of numbers tossed out at Komi, "45 Assis! Cab just for you! No no, For only 60 I drive you around all day! 35! 40!"
[08:16:14] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((well. deal with locals))
[08:16:18] GM: (3) GM: As Anji deal with the locals Suki answers.
[08:17:41] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Ah, and what of my friends?
[08:18:27] GM: The numbers increase. "100 to take you all in! I take only 300 all day all of you!"
[08:18:55] 2Lt. Aylanea offers her warmest smile as Komi mentiones her 'friends', but says nothing otherwise. (brief int)
[08:19:20] 2LT Komillia Maeless: 100 it is, unless Anji is getting a better offer?
[08:19:20] 1lt.Fairman looks around as the other try to talk the talk to get a ride
[08:19:30] 2LT Komillia Maeless looks over to the girl that failed her roll…
[08:20:05] GM: Anji seems to have made her choice of cabbie, then motions to the others to follow.
[08:20:22] 1lt.Fairman moves to follow
[08:20:28] GM: Ay?
[08:22:01] 2Lt. Aylanea follows along at Anji's motion, nodding quickly and glancing to Komi briefly.
[08:22:16] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( done ;) ))
[08:22:21] GM: Thank you
[08:22:26] GM: Questions?
[08:23:09] 1lt.Fairman: (done)
[08:23:11] CWO3 Sarah meanwhile plops her butt into a spare bridge chair, and looks out the computer monitors.
[08:23:13] CWO3 Sarah: (no questions
[08:23:49] GM: James?
[08:24:46] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((nope))
[08:28:18] GM: Anji shells out 165 or so Assis, and the lot of you pile into a hover truck with a roll up top. The vehicle is colorfully and ethnically decorated. You make the trip into town past a few zentraedi (full sized) manned checkpoints with Legionnair guards. The cabbie just zips on past the disinterested guards. You pass thru a tunnle under the berm (Zent vehicle sized) past another guard post and down into the city. You pass between two cleared and paved areas that are obviously landing fields for…preffered customers on the one side (N) and the military of this place (S) You can see row after row of Gnerl and Roil as well as about 40 to 50 battle pods. A pair of Crusiers rest on the far end.
[08:30:41] GM: As you continue on, you pass warehouses (N) then you are funneled into a 'canyon' of concrete. Holographic bill boards whiz past advertising sex sex sex, guns guns guns among other messages that those fluent in the language can rad as police state warnings to essentially 'dont fuck around with or piss off the fuzz, it would be bad if you did this."
[08:32:34] GM: After 10 minute ride you arrive at the market place, which, to those history buffs realize is a mix of a bazaar and the Bakara marketplace of old earth somolia, with the high tech aspects of 'robotechnology' mixed in for good measure.
[08:34:48] GM: Anji points off to the left and has the cabbie drop you all off there. The area you are let off at is in front of the barracks, on a rise, neaerest the barrecks you can see a few cafes for full sized zents as well as a brothel for the same.
[08:35:34] GM: ((For those of you that have seen Macross Frontier, you should have an idea what I am talking about))
[08:35:47] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((I do))
[08:36:15] GM: The rise is at the center, while a walkway below allows foot traffic for full size zents to make their way towards the Merc Quarter.
[08:37:25] GM: Okay, now remember when it is your turn, use what ever skills you want to as well…as well as dialogue and actions stated…
[08:37:28] GM: Jaron
[08:39:02] 1lt.Fairman looks around, feeling that he could be squished even though out of the giants way. (perception [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20) detect concealment [1d100] => [15] = (15) vs 80
[08:39:57] GM: ((You have no reisk of being squished.))
[08:40:24] 1lt.Fairman: (i know but its a feeling)
[08:41:33] GM: and the rolls, what is it you are looking for
[08:42:23] 1lt.Fairman: anyone watching us with any true interest
[08:44:21] GM: You are, by folks looking at the new comers. You think a few others are probobly ISF types
[08:44:49] 1lt.Fairman notes them for now (done)
[08:45:54] GM: Kain
[08:48:15] 2LT Kain Crokett peruses the vendors looking for people that seem to have a good selection of arms and armor. [1d20+1] => [12,1] = (13) PERC, [1d100] => [46] = (46) vs 63 Intell (for what he might have been briefed on Masters armaments), [1d100] => [67] = (67) vs 65 Undercover Ops (for what would effect the duelist look)
[08:50:59] GM: You fail on the dualist look, but nor do you strike the drifter either. The weaponry is likely sold closer towards the merc quarter, given the sounds of weapons fire. The folks you see around are a mix of serf and warrior. It's very easy to see who has social standing, those with armor and weapons. Above them, the Legionnairs, whom the serfs readily scatter before as they patrol.
[08:52:33] GM: As for weaponry and armor, the Legionnairs are in standard fare, albiet with their , I dont want to say clan, more like city-state, marking. Some of them carry blades. This from first blush.
[08:52:33] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((pass on to Komi))
[08:52:41] GM: And Komi
[08:54:27] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Wow, do you think they made a special kind of Zent to fill those brothels, or are they using standard stock that doesn't perform welll in combat? I really don't know if they treat their Zents better or worse than most Masters. ((all said in Zent, before looking around and wondering if anyone else in the group actually understood her.))
[08:55:17] 1lt.Fairman looks at Komi oddly (doesnt know zent)
[08:55:30] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks at Komi and scratches her head slightly.
[08:55:46] GM: Anji shrugs.
[08:56:16] 2LT Komillia Maeless looks around at the local fashions. [1d20] => [11] = (11) PERC, [1d100] => [3] = (3) vs 70 Wardrobe
[08:57:45] GM: The general fashion worn by the locals is pretty simple fare. Although you can see an upper tier, accessable from the South only with Tiresians in far more glamourous garb.
[09:00:00] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((done))
[09:00:01] GM: Komi done?
[09:00:38] 1lt.Fairman: (afk)
[09:01:23] GM: Suki after motioning with her head towards teh sounds of weapons fire, , and a touch to Anji's shoulder, suggests, wordlessly, that going there would be a good start.
[09:01:36] GM: Ay
[09:02:54] 2Lt. Aylanea watches the others, just staying quiet for the moment, glancing over at the sound of the weapon fire, and looking to Suki and Anji quickly, and trying to look down towards the firing, to see if anything is noticable that way. [1d20] => [8] = (8) perc
[09:03:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hmm, guess not. done. ;) ))
[09:03:52] GM: The firing is on your level, and a aways away…
[09:04:54] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks slightly at that, but says nothing until they're away from prying ears, at least. (done)
[09:05:42] GM: Questions, and are all going to move in that general direction?
[09:06:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( soon as Anji motions us to for sure follow. ))
[09:06:42] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((so the markets here are mostly clothes, food, and "household" type things.))
[09:08:19] GM: The market you note has zones, food, milk, clothing, drugs, sex, weapons, armor, and everything in between
[09:09:11] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((so we're moving to the "weapon" zone, because what Kain was asking about was weapons and armor as WARES.))
[09:09:23] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((you know to keep them properly equipped.))
[09:09:33] GM: In so much as the general themes go, the types of kiosks and other establishments are not near as varied as what one would find in a contemporary, read 'colony ship' concourse
[09:09:40] 1lt.Fairman: (sorry afk for 15 mins)
[09:09:42] GM: correct
[09:10:31] GM: to keep it simple, figure this as a cross between a D&D style marketplace and the bakara marketplace.
[09:11:19] GM: so you might have your butcher off with shanks of meat hanging , and then a few stores down, some curio shop next to the whore house and drug den
[09:12:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( cool :) ))
[09:12:50] GM: As you make your way towards the gunz you can see the regualr serf types thin out, as they have no need nor means to shop in that area.
[09:14:18] GM: You can see open air market style stands with guns, ammo, and all manner of war making meterials on display. (If you've seen Blackhawk down, you should know what I am talking about. Folks purchasing weapons are free to haul off a burst into the air, or the shop keep does to prove the weapon functions.
[09:17:01] GM: Some seedy looking folks eye you, but safety in numbers keep them at bay for the most part.
[09:17:35] GM: Questions?
[09:17:40] GM: If not, then Jaron
[09:19:19] GM: Actually, if you want to move a little forward we can, just let me know what you are looking for, mark off the bread and let me know what else you do.
[09:20:24] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((is the items availible the same as on the site?))
[09:20:50] GM: more or less in terms of damage equivilant…
[09:21:02] GM: maybe not in terms of asthetic
[09:21:16] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((that's what I meant.))
[09:22:01] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *nod* ' ))
[09:23:19] 2LT Kain Crokett picks up the equivalent of CHR-1 armor (the best he can afford on 3000), and the best pistol he can get for 350, to leave him 150 for pocket money.
[09:23:57] GM: Dont forget skill rolls…
[09:24:12] GM: if you want to blast thru this, we can, but do your due diligance
[09:25:18] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((Kain doesn't have anything spectacular.))
[09:25:51] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( nor do I, in fact, Anji and Komi would have to be doing the talking anyway. ))
[09:25:57] GM: he has his eyes…
[09:26:41] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) PERC
[09:27:47] 1lt.Fairman looks at the weas nearby with only 2000 (I think thats what I decided on) looks for armor first before weapons
[09:29:20] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8) Perc
[09:29:46] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13) Perc
[09:29:49] 2LT Kain Crokett uses her natural charms and knowledge of weapons to get the best deal she can. ((to determine what sort of deal she can get first, and what's the price adjustment on MD versions of the melee weapons?)) [1d30] => [3] = (3) vs 19 PB, [1d100] => [27] = (27) vs 70 Recognize Weapon Quality, [1d100] => [1] = (1) vs 31 Seduction.
[09:30:07] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((that was supposed to be Komi))
[09:30:07] 1lt.Fairman: Perception [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11)
[09:30:10] GM: Does he cross dress as well?
[09:30:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( rofl! ))
[09:30:15] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [4] = (4) PERC
[09:30:41] GM: Well, Komi does the bat the eyelashes thing and gets a smoking deal.
[09:31:22] GM: Of course the price will drop even further if…barter…a trade of serices for goods takes place…
[09:31:28] GM: services
[09:31:59] 2LT Komillia Maeless does what it takes to get the best deal possible.
[09:32:11] GM: Fade to black in the back room…
[09:32:26] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:32:57] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((what sort of discount, and what are the prices for MD Melee weapons, we have SD melee weapon prices on the "mall" section of the site…))
[09:33:46] GM: Well, depending on 'what it takes' you could walk away with a free firearm…
[09:34:28] GM: Hold on your portion, while I deal with the other rolls.
[09:38:02] GM: Summerwind and Fairman notice the same thing at around the same time. It would seem that reality on the ground contridicts the original assessment of shall we say, familier weapons. A weapons and armor merchant has CVR-3 as well as H-90's and other common energy based UEEF weapons for sale. They sit atop crates, some carbon scored. The labels reads UES Gibralter and UES Derringer
[09:39:05] GM: Anji also notes a few stalls down, some guy dealing in Haydonite weapons…with mosty Karberran, Praxian, and other large and hardy folks as his customers.
[09:39:53] GM: Okay, back to order of things.
[09:40:47] GM: Anji points this fact, the haydonite and UEEF weapons, out to the others. (komi will be skipped as she is making her deal and that shop keep has put out the ole "Back in 15 minutes" sign.
[09:41:54] GM: Jaron is next
[09:42:58] 1lt.Fairman points the the CVR and H90, and tries to get a number of cost
[09:44:56] GM: ((I dun wanna go rifts prices cause…thats just crazy expensive…but, MD weapons are a bit out of the reach of your 'allowance'))
[09:46:31] GM: I'll go with 4500 for the CVR and the H-90 at around 6k
[09:47:01] 1lt.Fairman nods and skips them but looks for armor in his range (ok)
[09:47:11] 2Lt. Aylanea looks over the pointed out stuff, hmming slightly and glancing over what kinds of weapons they have from the UEEF ships, wondering if they have anything outside the H-90s, like an M-90C or such. She also glances over to see what kinds of weapons the other dealer has, curiously. [1d20] => [17] = (17)
[09:47:32] GM: There are no slug throwers Ay.
[09:47:32] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( the one 'a few stalls down' selling the other guys' crap ;) ))
[09:47:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kkk ))
[09:47:40] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kk even ))
[09:47:42] GM: racist
[09:47:43] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( damned keyboard ))
[09:48:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *breaks it for racism* ))
[09:48:05] GM: You see, FAL-2's and stuff like that, real common weaponry
[09:48:17] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( and for the other dealer? Or want a separate roll for that? ))
[09:49:00] GM: oh, sorry, yeah, assault rifles, carbines, the more common Haydonite weapons, (the pistols are really hot items it seems as the Karberran is haggling like a mo-fo for a pair of them…)
[09:49:22] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ah. No SAW then. ;p lol. kk ))
[09:50:18] GM: ((you guys kill me, you wont pick one up off a dead enemy, and boy did you have the oppurtunity…(you came back with a ship full of dead haydonites), but, you'll drop all your pennies to buy one off the black market…)
[09:50:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol, was just curious. :p ))
[09:50:32] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( gahg. ))
[09:50:36] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( gah, too ))
[09:50:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hmph ))
[09:50:56] GM: [1d100] => [54] = (54) if 35% or under yes
[09:51:00] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( anyhow. ))
[09:51:04] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehe. ))
[09:51:33] 2Lt. Aylanea glances around for a place where she might be able to whisper to someone and not be noticed, then. [1d20] => [6] = (6)
[09:51:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ow, guess not. ))
[09:51:55] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehe. ))
[09:52:22] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) realizes that a MD weapon is out of her price range, so instead buys a pair of well crafted swords (kopis style curved blade)
[09:53:19] 1lt.Fairman looks for light armor
[09:53:46] GM: There are suits of half plate, low MD, in the 3K range
[09:55:50] GM: You also see , something that Suki is eyeing, the undersuits for Terminator armor (just the undersuit) next to some of the (crappy by compairson) Legionnaire flight suit and combat armor knock offs (essentially the same stats, but not in the same imperial styling)
[09:59:23] GM: The Skinsuit is about 2K, the others 2.5 to 3K
[10:00:58] GM: Okay, Komi, you finish your 'deal' and can select a low to mid range MD weapon in trade for your services…
[10:02:54] GM: Okay, so final selections on your good, then we can move on
[10:03:33] GM: Ishida end up getting the skinsuit.
[10:04:33] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((any Praxian MD Melee weapons?))
[10:04:38] 2Lt. Aylanea looks around at what she can afford as well, making sure to look at some of the things others are looking at, raising her eyebrows slightly at some of it. She pauses seeing the one for 2k, since it's cheap and since Ishida seems to think it worth it. She also gets as good a firearm as she can get for the other 3k, not wanting to spend more.
[10:04:53] GM: Gonna service the merchent there too?
[10:05:02] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lmfao ))
[10:05:33] 1lt.Fairman decides on getting clothes that would help conceal his armor idea; along with native looking utility with holster for his berreta
[10:06:40] GM: okie dokie, mark off your assis, and yes, there is a merchant that sells praxian weapons, it's the same person that Ishida got her swrods from.
[10:07:20] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((nah, I'll just take the local equivalent of a FAL-2, a suit of armor for 3000, a tirolian shortsword, and a whip))
[10:07:57] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((well then drop the shortsword and whip, pick up a Praxian axe.))
[10:09:01] GM: okay, you have thus shopped, and are pretty much all out of pennies
[10:09:21] GM: some have a few hundrad left…but not much more then that
[10:10:03] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( about what damage level SDC weapon for the 3k? *digs and looks* hrm. ))
[10:10:05] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehe ))
[10:10:20] GM: 3K is submachine gun or thereabouts
[10:10:23] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( kk ))
[10:10:34] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Ay tried to save 1000, in case something came up, basically ))
[10:11:36] GM: Okay, what do you do next?
[10:11:51] GM: Anji (pass as an NPC)
[10:11:53] GM: Jaron?
[10:14:09] 1lt.Fairman: (items or action? If action; anji and carter have to reigns)
[10:15:09] GM: Items, as well as actions, yes Anji and Carter are the linguists, but I'm not going to use them to lead the rest of the PC's around by the nose.
[10:19:32] 1lt.Fairman decides on getting clothes that would help conceal his armor idea; along with native looking utility with holster for his berreta. Has all to gether to see ther results of their shopping.
[10:19:52] GM: Right, I saw that
[10:20:13] GM: Kain?
[10:22:39] 2LT Kain Crokett: We first need to find out where our package is. I suggest we go "mingle" somewhere.
[10:23:34] 2LT Komillia Maeless: We should go to a tavern or cantina nearest the barracks, they are most likely to have people there that would know something, and opsec isn't always greatest where people are drunk.
[10:24:08] 2LT Komillia Maeless looks for a good tavern in the right location. [1d20] => [5] = (5) PERC
[10:25:07] GM: Ishida agrees, but suggests a tavern nearby the warehouses, given the neature of the good that had been transported off Ancyra.
[10:25:20] GM: Ay?
[10:26:19] 2Lt. Aylanea nods about the Tavern idea, looking around and back towards the warehouse area, hming at it.
[10:26:29] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( done. ))
[10:26:59] GM: You guys all meander your way over to the dock/warehous taverns, Komi a lil bowlegged, but otherwise fine.
[10:27:15] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *snickers* ))
[10:27:39] GM: roll skills please,
[10:28:26] GM: Well, those that can speak the language…
[10:28:31] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol. ))
[10:28:38] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( that's Komi and Anji ))
[10:29:33] GM: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13) perc [1d30] => [25] = (25) vs hrr durr 10 IQ
[10:29:58] GM: Carter [1d20+4] => [5,4] = (9) perc
[10:30:09] GM: Gav [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22) perc
[10:30:16] 2LT Komillia Maeless: [1d20] => [12] = (12) PERC, [1d30] => [9] = (9) vs 15 IQ
[10:31:54] GM: Komi, you hear tell of some workers blowing off money, with bar wenches on their knees that waht a great haul it was to be on dock duty a month or so back. as that shipment was massive and the overtime pay was great.
[10:33:22] 2LT Komillia Maeless repeats the information to others, and asks around about who these workers were. [1d30] => [29] = (29) PB, [1d100] => [34] = (34) vs 31 Seduction, [1d30] => [2] = (2) vs 11 MA
[10:33:25] GM: Gav hears much the same, but the reverse, by disgruntaled karberrans NOT a member of the Docking Guild…
[10:33:38] 2LT Komillia Maeless: ((vs 19 BPB, so fail there))
[10:33:53] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[10:34:52] GM: A few folks look at Komi and clam up as she asks, getting their drinks and moving away. (You might have made your MA, but…)
[10:35:53] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol :) ))
[10:36:01] GM: One or two linger, as the seduction attempt wasn't super fail, but their cohorts drag them away from the jumblies.
[10:36:27] GM: Carter snickers slightly.
[10:36:45] 2LT Komillia Maeless: Better than doing nothing.
[10:37:16] Carter says in Zent. "Folks I figure don't know you, so, asking about fellow guildies…will likely get you avoided.
[10:38:02] Carter: Merchants, well, they tend to be less discriminating.
[10:39:02] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d100] => [85] = (85) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d30] => [10] = (10) vs 14 IQ, [1d100] => [81] = (81) vs 60 Surveillance, [1d100] => [62] = (62) vs 50 Tracking (people), [1d20+1] => [4,1] = (5) PERC, ((for ANYTHING remotely useful on the identities of the dock workers))
[10:39:28] GM: Wow…
[10:39:28] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((oh come on, my best roll is going to be a seduction roll?))
[10:39:59] GM: got you a few gun…and some interesting stroies for you to tell the grandkids, and for others to tell about you, the whore of babylon
[10:40:07] GM: few = free
[10:40:37] 2LT Kain Crokett: ((I'm joiking around.))
[10:41:33] GM: Ishida scrawls something on a pad of paper, and slides it to the others. "If the ship(s) that those workers are talking about were the ones from Ancyra, they aren't here, at least not in this city. Maybe we should see if we can find where they went."
[10:42:03] GM: Ay?
[10:44:27] 2Lt. Aylanea glances to the pad of paper, glances to the ones who speak the native language, and to Jaron, hmming and nodding, trying to think on where they'd find that out best without getting dock worker interference. [1d30] => [20] = (20) IQ vs. 17, [1d100] => [20] = (20) Intelligence vs. 72%
[10:45:39] GM: Manifests Ay, paper trail.
[10:46:39] GM: that or ingratiating your way with people that know…
[10:48:03] 2Lt. Aylanea scribbles down those ideas and hands the shet to Jaron, but says nothing. (done)
[10:50:54] GM: I will assume Jaron reads that. After Suki is reasonably sure that he has, she takes the paper and, motioning to the exit, crumples it up and chucks it into the hearth (fireplace)
[10:51:54] GM: Anji nods, and will endevour to get another 'taxi'
[10:51:58] GM: Jaron?
[10:52:13] GM: (one last round of actions then I'm knocing it on the head for the evening)
[10:52:47] 1lt.Fairman nods (agreeing and done)
[10:52:57] GM: kain
[10:54:03] 2LT Kain Crokett: [1d100] => [66] = (66) vs 63 Intelligence, [1d30] => [10] = (10) vs 14 IQ, [1d100] => [32] = (32) vs 60 Surveillance, [1d100] => [97] = (97) vs 50 Tracking (people), [1d20+1] => [17,1] = (18) PERC, ((for other possible leads))
[10:54:16] 2LT Kain Crokett: (((almost move on worthy…))
[10:54:57] GM: You note a few folks eyeing us, mostly patrons. They seem mostly annoyed with us.
[10:55:40] GM: Like, who are these dualists (we are all armed, openly) that think they are so special that they come up into our guild tavern…
[10:55:58] GM: the ole class warfare angle
[10:56:18] GM: well, not really daulaist, but..merc..
[10:56:20] GM: anyway
[10:56:23] GM: Komi?
[10:57:52] 2LT Komillia Maeless nods in agreement but says nothing.
[10:58:14] GM: Suki makes her way out
[10:58:15] GM: Ay
[10:59:32] 2Lt. Aylanea nods quickly and follows along behind, keeping close to the others.
[10:59:51] GM: You guys all leave the tavern and….
[10:59:58] GM: I'll leave it at that for this week
[11:00:07] GM: same bat time, same bat channel.
[11:00:41] GM: night all
[11:01:05] GM: hit me with feedback on the social init, I think it worked well
[11:01:10] GM: till next time


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