Chapter 13 - Act II - Part 6


[06:43:59] GM: After the last scrape with the Zentreadi fighter pods and recon unit, the captain of the VM moves the ship to another location. It would seem that the Masters have themselves a decent stock of Zent warriors to use becuse they seem intent on scouring the system to make sure it is clear. This butting up against the CAG's order that no enemy fighter should be allowed within visual range of teh VM, and the necessity to remain in system until the homing becon can reply has created a situation where the VM is fast running out of places to hide.
[06:46:02] GM: On the bright side, sperodic combats have been noticed on long range sensors between Masters and Unidentified contacts (best intell pegs them as Haydonite) that, and the exsisting patrols that abound are very light, a single or duo of fighter pods.
[06:46:59] GM: [1800*8] => 14400
[06:47:12] CWO3 Sarah: (( o.o ))
[06:47:24] GM: That is the absolute minimum distance that enemy fighters can get to the VM…
[06:47:32] CWO3 Sarah: (( … oh :p ))
[06:47:48] GM: that is the maximum lethal range of Long Range missiles.
[06:50:53] GM: the CAG has, due to maintenance cycles and the need to put as many aircraft into the air as possible while keeping their pilots from falling asleep at the yoke, has pulled the Legioss apart. Sarah, you are put in your beta and the praxian is put into your Alpha, as it's the only other plane aboard she is rated on.
[06:51:57] CWO3 Sarah settles into her Beta easily, of course, she's most familiar with it after all.
[06:52:57] GM: The CAG's orders of engagement are simple, no enemy fighter can get any closer then 14,400 miles. Missiles are not to be used on anything smaller then a Cyclops. If you see a Cap ship, fade and report it.
[06:54:05] GM: Beyond that, do not let the enemy pull you from your patrol sector, and call for help early if you feel you are going to be swarmed under.
[06:56:47] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Keep your wits, no mistakes, and good hunting. Dismissed.
[06:58:11] GM: Sarah and Gally, your patrol rotation comes up. (or if you want you can RP a lil…up to you )
N[06:59:00] CWO3 Sarah: "Yes, ma'am!" She nods and heads for her fighter, hopping in for preflight quickly.
[06:59:28] WO1 Galaxia: "yes ma'am" hseh replies saluting then getting to her plain and strapped in.
[07:00:46] GM: plane
[07:01:07] GM: sorry, can't let you live life mispelling that lolz
[07:01:43] WO1 Galaxia: (well its kinda monotone so plain suits it better =P)
[07:02:05] GM: riiiiight
[07:02:10] GM: moving along
[07:02:23] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[07:02:26] CWO3 Sarah: (( anyway ))
[07:02:32] GM: indeed
[07:02:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( goofballs ))
[07:02:56] GM: you launch and reach your assigned patrol sector, some 25,000 miles fromt he ship.
[07:03:41] GM: Out here, it's empty…very very empty…
[07:05:31] WO1 Galaxia: (I think we wandered into carries head)
[07:05:34] CWO3 Sarah looks out at all the empty. "Hmm… lotta empty space…" She looks around at their patrol sector, maneuvering to start a standard patrol pattern for it. "Might be significant, might not."
[07:05:40] CWO3 Sarah: (( hey! *paddle* ))
[07:06:05] WO1 Galaxia follows sarah along in a loose formation.
[07:06:26] GM: I always new Gally was loose.
[07:06:30] GM: knew
[07:07:21] GM: so what do you do out there in teh deep black? hmm hmm
[07:07:43] WO1 Galaxia: (we get out of our planes and make out while the commander is away)
[07:08:44] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol. ))
[07:08:56] CWO3 Sarah: (( *shoots missiles at Gal.* ))
[07:09:26] GM: roll RSI's and whatnot
[07:12:18] CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [42] = (42) RSI vs. 75%, [1d20+1] => [9,1] = (10) perc
[07:13:48] WO1 Galaxia: ty but I prob wont fit in here sorry
[07:13:51] Lisa (exit): 19:13
[07:30:07] GM flicks a lint ball
[07:30:42] CWO3 Sarah: (( I passed my RSI anyway. :p ))
[07:30:46] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol :p ))
[07:30:52] CWO3 Sarah: (( Jaron's gonna get his ass on in a moment or two ))
[07:31:21] GM: well I only did the partol thing to keep folks busy…
[07:32:49] Arelius (enter): 19:32
[07:33:15] Attempting to assign the role of PLAYER to (5650) Arelius…
[07:33:20] CWO3 Sarah: And just as I mention that…
[07:33:26] CWO3 Sarah: there he is.
[07:33:27] CWO3 Sarah: lol
[07:33:45] 1LT.Fairman waves
[07:33:58] GM: And Jaron…my GM psychic powers were proven correct
[07:34:29] 1LT.Fairman: correct about what? :)
[07:34:39] GM: the longivity of the new player
[07:34:54] 1LT.Fairman: ahh
[07:35:32] 1LT.Fairman: should take off password and see want you might net here :) but finding a keeper is rare
[07:36:23] GM: a keeper is rare, but some of the riff raff that trails in…even worse
[07:36:35] 1LT.Fairman: hehehe true
[07:37:52] GM: so, tree damage great, moderate or minor?
[07:39:15] 1LT.Fairman: to vehicle moderate, porch/house minor
[07:40:20] GM: thats good I suppose…better if no damamge, but, better then total smooshage
[07:40:45] 1LT.Fairman: indeed.
[07:42:10] GM: carrie, are you with us here?
[07:42:40] GM: if you are still dealing with that head case, I'd just disengage…we can put a new PW on the room to if you want to
[07:44:05] CWO3 Sarah: I'm here.
[07:44:07] CWO3 Sarah: no worries
[07:44:14] CWO3 Sarah: *yawns*
[07:44:45] 2Lt. Aylanea gets her uniform back on since she won't have to scare away a capship. *gigglesnort*
[07:45:06] GM: Oh noes! Retreat it are the titty monster!
[07:45:37] 1LT.Fairman: (heheh)
[07:46:05] GM: She'll smother us all!
[07:46:36] 1LT.Fairman: I guess it would be a good way to be smothered to dead.
[07:46:42] 1LT.Fairman: ;-)
[07:46:46] GM: well if you have to die…
[07:47:00] GM: I'd kinda wanna go fast…I hear suffocation sucks
[07:47:14] 1LT.Fairman shrugs
[07:47:41] 1LT.Fairman: I've mention your game to my Heroes Unlimited players but sadly unavailable
[07:47:56] GM: nod
[07:48:05] GM: bummer
[07:48:17] GM: anyhow, I suppose we should press on
[07:48:23] GM: even without James…
[07:48:50] 2Lt. Aylanea lols
[07:48:54] 2Lt. Aylanea blushes
[07:49:11] GM: So I'll open it up to Free Rp for starters,
[07:50:14] CWO3 Sarah uses the time while they're waiting for the beacon in the weight room, per what's become normal, of course.
[07:50:19] 1LT.Fairman finishes up his workout and send message to Crokett for a sit down with him. After a short type of gets some gamma fighter sims planned.
[07:51:49] GM: that it?
[07:53:35] 2Lt. Aylanea stretches in her quarters, and goes to get something to eat, and see if she can't do something with the punching bag in the training room, singing crappy music to herself while she does, very quietly.
[07:54:12] 1LT.Fairman then heads off to find Aylanea and see if she has done the gamma sims yet as well
[07:55:07] GM: You locate one another…
[07:56:38] 1LT.Fairman waits for Madresa to finish a couple of swings then taps her on the shoulder
[08:00:01] 2Lt. Aylanea jumps slightly as she's tapped on, whirling around and smiling as Jaron is there. "Oh, hi there!" She smiles. "What you needing?"
[08:00:40] 1LT.Fairman smiles a little "Just making rounds to see if you got your gamma sims in"
[08:03:43] 2Lt. Aylanea shakes her head a little bit. ":Not quite yet, I'm planning on getting them in shortly. I'll wrap up here and can go to them."
[08:04:41] 1LT.Fairman nods "I dont mind when but Captain Suki kind of mentioned in a firm tone if you know what I mean. Just getting it in when you can."
[08:05:12] 2Lt. Aylanea nods a little. "I'm going to get them in now, no worries." She shrugs.
[08:06:15] 1LT.Fairman: "Excellent. Going there myself in a bit"
[08:08:16] 1LT.Fairman nods as he departs heading to the training sims
[08:09:24] 2Lt. Aylanea nods, cleaning up and heading for the sims as well, once she's had a shower.
[08:11:05] GM: I'll assume it was simtastic
[08:11:27] 1LT.Fairman: Likewise =)
[08:12:46] GM: hope she didn't drop the soap…
[08:12:53] 1LT.Fairman: (lol)
[08:15:03] 1LT.Fairman heads to find Summerwind after his sim to see if they have picked up on the signal that Sarah and Kain planted
[08:16:21] GM: ((Copy paste ftw)) After the last scrape with the Zentreadi fighter pods and recon unit, the captain of the VM moves the ship to another location. It would seem that the Masters have themselves a decent stock of Zent warriors to use becuse they seem intent on scouring the system to make sure it is clear. This butting up against the CAG's order that no enemy fighter should be allowed within visual range of the VM, and the necessity to remain in system until the homing becon can reply has created a situation where the VM is fast running out of places to hide.
[08:17:13] GM: Thus far the signal has not been forthcoming.
[08:17:28] GM: [1d20] => [13] = (13)
[08:17:33] GM: And it's been 13 days
[08:18:11] GM: Depending on the distance … the becon might still be 'getting there'
[08:18:40] GM: or as gotten there, and it's taking time for the transmission to return, etc.
[08:19:09] 1LT.Fairman: how many planets are in this system?
[08:19:24] GM: a few,
[08:19:32] GM: even has a few gas gients
[08:19:35] GM: giants
[08:19:44] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( you don't know its destination is /in/ this system :p ))
[08:19:57] GM: ((it's destination isn't))
[08:20:21] GM: ((you'd be able to fold from on end of a solar system in seconds…))
[08:20:56] 1LT.Fairman: Could the VM land on one of the planets or hide in the atmosphere of one of the giants?
[08:20:58] GM: Besides, all the hiding you've been doing, you've pretty much mapped out this entire system for future generations…
[08:23:31] GM: For sake of simplicity (not bad ideas) but I'm assuming that the captian and yall have run towards the end of your bag of tricks. The enemy might be spread thin, but they are blanketing the entire system, and it will be covered in a day or two. Leaving you two options, fold away, and miss the signal, or stand and fight, and then deal with the rest of the enemy in system converging on your location, as well as getting a nice good look at you.
[08:24:54] 1LT.Fairman: hhhmmm
[08:26:29] GM: a few things have made it a bit easier, one, some skillful stratigic manuvering to skirt between enemy patrols when some spread to far apart creating gaps, and, the fact that in their searching, the enemy has actually found Haydonites lurking, and that sets them off and diverts their attention
[08:27:46] GM: and no, the dice god gets to either deliver you from evil, or usher it upon you…
[08:28:36] 1LT.Fairman: how long does it take for the VM to fold; like prep time and actual fold
[08:28:52] GM: [1d100] => [37] = (37) 1-33 Signal arrives 34-66 Signal + arrives, 67-99 Aww hell…
[08:29:35] GM: It has a SNAP fold so, a fraction of the time it takes a regualr fold to spin up.
[08:31:22] GM: Round about the 15th day (you thought I was gonna make it an even 14 didn'tcha!) the Ship goes from Action Stations to Combat Stations (god, I am loath to use a ST referance, but, basically Yellow to Red Alert.)
[08:32:15] 1LT.Fairman heads to the bridge to see what is up
[08:32:33] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Alert craft launch, Ready 5 on deck!
[08:33:25] GM: You arrive on the bridge to hear that call from teh CAG ans the rest of the bridge hustles and bustles in red combat lighting.
[08:33:33] GM: (ans = as)
[08:33:33] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( Ithought action stations was the high alert. Isn't it 'action stations, action stations, set condition 1 throughout the ship'? :) ))
[08:34:24] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( anyhows ))
[08:34:25] GM: ((correct, so it is, so, I figure then the next step down is , shit, I really dont know what it's called in the real military I was Air force not a squid…
[08:35:38] 1LT.Fairman: (we the alert craft or that someone else this time?)
[08:35:58] GM: No
[08:36:05] GM: someone else
[08:37:02] 1LT.Fairman move sto ask the Captain "Captain. Whats the situation"
[08:37:16] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks a little at hearing the action stations call, looking for Jaron, to follow him up if so allowed, and find out what's going on.
[08:38:45] GM: The Captain is busy at the moment so a nearby midshipman answers instead, pulling you and Ay out of the flow of foot traffic.
[08:39:35] 1LT.Fairman listens to the midshipman
[08:39:38] 2Lt. Aylanea keeps to the side, being directed out willingly and quietly.
[08:40:30] Colonial Midshipman: About a minute ago we detected a defold near the fifth planet. (Where you guys had your farm fun)
[08:41:39] 1LT.Fairman nods "what defolded?"
[08:42:32] Colonial Midshipman: Not sure, thats what we're trying to figure out. Problem is, we unmask, and we risk being seen.
[08:43:34] 1LT.Fairman: (whats VM location current compared to the 5th planet?)
[08:45:06] GM: You are skirting the outer fringe of the system, hiding behind a 'trojan asteroid'
[08:45:36] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks at that and frowns. "Was its defold location well out of view, like one would use to hide their arrival? Or somewhere like it was an expected arrival?"
[08:46:05] Colonial Midshipman: No, they defolded in full view of the planet.
[08:46:28] Colonial Midshipman: Again, still trying to nail down specifics.
[08:46:37] Colonial Officer: [1d100] => [54] = (54)
[08:46:37] Colonial Officer: [1d100] => [23] = (23)
[08:47:22] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Captain, all our birds are manned and ready, Alert and Alert 5 aircraft are airborne.
[08:48:38] Colonial Ship Captain: Very good. Keep them close in for now.
[08:50:29] 2Lt. Aylanea nods a little "In full view seems more likely to be someone they're expecting. Not good.""
[08:50:34] Colonial Officer: Mass sensors have them sir. Carrier size, two tracks.
[08:50:49] Colonial Ship Captain: Location?
[08:51:30] Colonial Officer: Estimate 2K klicks off their outer markers.
[08:51:46] Colonial Ship Captain: Well well well, looks like their cavlery has arrived.
[08:52:25] Colonial Ship Captain: Can you ID the tracks?
[08:52:54] Colonial Officer: Negative sir, type unknown. Configuration unknown.
[08:53:49] Colonial Midshipman looks at Ay and nods.
[08:54:20] Colonial Midshipman: Sounds like it. Sounds like the came in right on their presets.
[08:54:56] 1LT.Fairman nods
[08:55:11] Colonial Officer: [1d100] => [41] = (41)
[08:55:55] Colonial Officer: Sir, new data, they are splitting up.
[08:56:26] 2Lt. Aylanea nods and frowns.
[08:56:29] Colonial Ship Captain: Well it wont be long now.
[08:56:41] Colonial Ship Captain looks at the 'newbs' on his bridge.
[08:57:31] Colonial Ship Captain: Right now hugging this rock they can get a good bead on our mass signature. But, if the get close enough, they will be able to pick up our thermal signature.
[08:57:41] Colonial Ship Captain: (can = can't)
[08:59:18] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks and nods, frowning. "Damn."
[08:59:44] Colonial Ship Captain: Sensors, based on predicted course, how long until we are in detection range?
[09:00:01] Colonial Officer: [1d6] => [5] = (5) hours
[09:00:13] Colonial Officer: Five hours , give or take.
[09:00:31] GM: [1d5] => [3] = (3)
[09:00:42] GM: [1d3] => [3] = (3)
[09:01:43] GM: A few minutes go past then the sensors operator amends his estimate based on current track, down to 3 hours.
[09:01:56] 2Lt. Aylanea swears slightly at that, sighing.
[09:02:48] Colonial Ship Captain: That means they've seen us.
[09:02:59] Colonial Ship Captain: It'll take them three hours to get to us.
[09:03:23] Colonial Officer: Confirmed sir. second ship is turning towards as well.
[09:04:15] Sgt. Summerwind: Seems about right.
[09:04:20] Sgt. Summerwind mutters.
[09:04:45] 1LT.Fairman ponders the information "I dont think we have a chance here Captain."
[09:04:59] Colonial Ship Captain: Very astute.
[09:05:37] Colonial Ship Captain: But, we'll give miss Summerwinds toy as much time as wel can.
[09:05:51] 1LT.Fairman nods
[09:06:20] 1LT.Fairman: (we behind a planet?)
[09:06:39] GM: Scroll up! doooood
[09:06:55] GM: You are behind a Trojan Asteroid
[09:07:21] 2Lt. Aylanea nods just a bit at that.
[09:08:43] GM: Actions, ideas, ?
[09:09:55] 1LT.Fairman: "Could move VM to another location but leave a hidden group of fighters with torpedoes or longe range missiles to hit the ships from behind. Divert their action some"
[09:10:15] Colonial Ship Captain looks at the CAG.
[09:11:51] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): If you are volunteerng to be left behind. Then yes. Once those ships are within 200,000 miles we fold out, or we die.
[09:12:11] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): Any craft on such a diversion would not be able to be recovered.
[09:13:08] 2Lt. Aylanea frowns a little at that and nods. "Don't suppose we have a Ghost or anything that would be able to do it in an automated manner, either…" She hmms.
[09:13:52] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): No, we have no umanned aircraft aboard.
[09:14:22] Colonial Ship Captain: And I daresay not enough time to rig a manned craft to the task either.
[09:14:32] 2Lt. Aylanea nods
[09:14:54] Colonial Ship Captain: Then we wait.
[09:15:14] Colonial Ship Captain looks at Ay and Jaron with a hint of mania in his eyes.
[09:15:55] Colonial Ship Captain: Scary isn't it. Knowing that you have a few million tons of enemy shipping bearing down on you?
[09:17:36] 1LT.Fairman: "not that bad"
[09:18:07] Colonial Ship Captain: HA! hahaha! Good man.
[09:18:16] 2Lt. Aylanea shrugs slightly. "Not really. I'm sure you bridge staf is awesome enough to pull off a last second fold-out before they get in range." She glances around and smiles at all of them. "right?"
[09:20:06] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe ))
[09:20:38] GM: The Cag and a few others groan at Ay's comment. A few others look at each other with wry grins. Off near the gunnery pit you hear an ensign comment. "Are you awesome?" to a nearby bridge crew, the other guy replies. "I think so, what about you?"
[09:21:25] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d100] => [40] = (40)
[09:22:56] GM: As the enemy ships cross past the 425,000 mile mark Anji's console pings, nearly casuing her to jump out of her skin (as the bridge is in near silence as everyone watches 'clock' tick down.
[09:23:18] 1LT.Fairman: military tactics for the hell of it [1d100] => [81] = (81) vs 90
[09:23:27] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d100] => [37] = (37)
[09:23:35] 1LT.Fairman looks to Summerwind
[09:23:37] Sgt. Summerwind: I'm awesome!
[09:23:53] Sgt. Summerwind sticks her tongue out at Ay.
[09:23:55] Sgt. Summerwind: Mleeeh!
[09:24:13] 1LT.Fairman: "so how awesome are you?"
[09:24:49] Sgt. Summerwind: I have a my signal! Should be all in in 30 seconds. Captian, I'd spin up the FTL's.
[09:25:39] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): All craft return to the ship, you have thirty seconds to either get inside of attach yourselves to the hull.
[09:25:45] 2Lt. Aylanea snickers at the groaning still smiling warmly to the crew. though she doesn't turn to smile at Suki anymore. She perks up at that.
[09:25:47] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): (of = or)
[09:27:03] 1LT.Fairman: "nice job Summerwind"
[09:28:07] 2Lt. Aylanea smiles brightly at Anji. "Yeah, nice. Good work."
[09:28:48] GM: The fighter craft clamber aboard, (easy when you go into battloid and just step on in.) as the last of the transmission downloads. The ships fold drives build up their head of steam just as the top half of the asteroid is blown away. A few more energy blasts sial above and below, tearing more chunks of cover away.
[09:29:10] GM: [1d100] => [38] = (38)
[09:29:11] GM: [1d100] => [47] = (47)
[09:30:09] GM: The ship goes into fold just as the asteroid is blown apart (ole BSG style) and a pair of energy beams pass right thru the spot the VM had occupied a second ago.
[09:30:54] GM: [1d6] => [4] = (4)
[09:31:02] GM: 4 minutes later you defold.
[09:31:23] Colonial Ship Captain: Sensors, do a sweep!
[09:31:34] Colonial Officer: Aye Aye! [1d100] => [10] = (10)
[09:31:50] 1LT.Fairman thinks they in unknown space if he had to guess
[09:32:14] Colonial Officer: Scope is clear, no close contacts. Mass sensor is clear no distant contacts. No sign of persuit.
[09:32:58] Colonial Ship Captain: Set condition 2. Damage control parties to the outer hull, we took a few dings, lets see how bad we were hit.
[09:33:39] GM: Nope, captian and navigation kow exactly where you are, hell, they've had 15 days to plot and perfect the course.
[09:34:06] GM: All they needed to do was 'push button make ship go now'
[09:34:31] 1LT.Fairman: "What system we in Captain?'
[09:37:46] Colonial Ship Captain: We aren't in one, we're about 300 light years away, off the beaten path if you will. Deep space.
[09:38:25] 2Lt. Aylanea blinks and nods just a little, looking around.
[09:38:56] Colonial Ship Captain: How long until you can decipher your message Miss Summerwind?
[09:39:20] Sgt. Summerwind: About an hour, then I can hand it over to navigation.
[09:39:35] Colonial Ship Captain: Very good. Carry on.
[09:40:32] Colonial Ship Captain: Status of your fighters Miss Ishida?
[09:41:06] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): All craft and pilots accounted for, One Gamma took some damage from debris, waiting for specifics from the deck chief.
[09:41:19] Colonial Ship Captain: Very good.
[09:44:10] GM: Some time later, the gaggle of yall including Carter are asked to the conferance table to go over teh findings.
[09:45:01] 1LT.Fairman goes there
[09:46:58] 2Lt. Aylanea follows in after Jaron.
[09:47:17] CWO3 Sarah follows in as well, from her spot, settling in to listen.
[09:48:39] GM: The first portion of the meeting has the department heads reporting the status of their sections.
[09:48:51] GM: Bla bla bal, we aren't dead.
[09:49:47] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:49:55] GM: By the time the relevent portion of the meeting occures, Gav'leth and Carters eyes have glazed over and a thin line of drool is running down their cheek (I kid, but they are board)
[09:49:57] 1LT.Fairman: (hhehe)
[09:51:06] GM: The signal came from near the Tratessos cluster
[09:51:10] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol. ))
[09:51:43] Carter: [1d100] => [81] = (81)
[09:51:58] Gav'leth: [1d100] => [88] = (88)
[09:52:34] GM: Both the archeologists shrug at one another, obviously the name holds no significanceto them.
[09:53:19] 1LT.Fairman: tirolian history?
[09:53:29] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d100] => [63] = (63)
[09:53:52] GM: I'm gonna go with the 'if the pros and natives dont know…'
[09:54:34] Carter: Name isn't familier, I'll have to do some digging.
[09:54:39] Gav'leth: HA!
[09:54:46] CWO3 Sarah: [1d100] => [39] = (39) vs 81% (in case the Invid might know)
[09:54:57] Carter: Hahaha yes, archeology humor!
[09:55:33] GM: The Invid have no record of teh place.
[09:55:55] GM: (there is a reason fro that…I'm not being arbitrary, but, well, you'll find out later…maybe)
[09:57:41] CWO3 Sarah groans idly at the archeology joke, shaking her head and smiling a little.
[09:57:53] GM: The target system is about 150 or so light years back the way you came.
[09:58:40] GM: You figure due to time lag, by the time you arrive, the heat should have blown over…
[09:59:49] GM: the archeology types and local will make another roll (after which they will just nose into their books…)
[09:59:53] Carter: [1d100] => [95] = (95)
[09:59:56] Gav'leth: [1d100] => [62] = (62)
[10:00:06] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d100] => [10] = (10)
[10:02:01] Sgt. Summerwind: Hmm, you know what, I think I know about this area.
[10:03:00] Sgt. Summerwind: Hehe, if what I heard is true, heh, you guys are gonna love this place.
[10:03:28] 1LT.Fairman quirks a brow at Anji
[10:03:28] CWO3 Sarah blinks at Anji. "And what, exactly, is that?"
[10:03:52] Sgt. Summerwind: Place is called Shinkasa, as in city.
[10:04:18] Gav'leth: [1d100] => [85] = (85)
[10:04:24] Carter: [1d100] => [46] = (46)
[10:04:39] GM: The poor pros are still clueless.
[10:05:03] Sgt. Summerwind: Aww, dont feel bad.
[10:05:11] Sgt. Summerwind says to teh lost archeologists.
[10:05:30] CWO3 Sarah glances over at the archeologists, and over to Anji again.
[10:06:16] CWO3 Sarah: "So what is it we're going to 'love' about it?"
[10:06:20] Sgt. Summerwind: I wuoldn't have expected you guys to know about it. Lets just say that, fine upstanding folks like you would have no reason to go there.
[10:06:32] CWO3 Sarah blinks a little at that.
[10:07:05] Sgt. Summerwind: Okay, so, and, this is all rumor, a friend of a friend type thing.
[10:07:26] CWO3 Sarah uh-huhs…
[10:07:31] Sgt. Summerwind: It's defiantly a Masters world, one of the old major houses.
[10:08:11] Sgt. Summerwind: But the place got pretty tore up, anyway, Shinkasa, it's a bit of a free port.
[10:08:50] Sgt. Summerwind: Kinda like Tortuga, you know, from that Pirates of the Carbieean vid you human girls all squee to.
[10:09:17] Colonial Officer: Jhonny Depp is so hot!
[10:09:25] Colonial Ship Captain coughs.
[10:09:34] Colonial Officer: Sorry…
[10:09:50] Colonial Ship Captain: Yes, well then, I think we get the idea.
[10:09:50] CWO3 Sarah blinks at that.
[10:10:10] Sgt. Summerwind nods.
[10:10:41] 1LT.Fairman nods
[10:10:50] GM: Talk amongst yourselves.
[10:12:31] 1LT.Fairman: "So a place for a lot of scum and villainy?"
[10:14:25] Sgt. Summerwind: Oh yeah, eat you for lunch.
[10:15:26] CWO3 Sarah sighs a little at that. "So expect to have them try and rob us blind, try selling us on the slave market, or worse, potentially?" she shakes her head.
[10:16:42] Sgt. Summerwind: kinda sorta yeah.
[10:18:37] 1LT.Fairman: "ok. so anyone can come and go there though?"
[10:19:24] Sgt. Summerwind: Well it is a Masters world, so I wuld go prancing about in your UEEF dress greens if I were you.
[10:19:34] Sgt. Summerwind: ((wouldn't))
[10:21:57] 1LT.Fairman nods
[10:22:17] CWO3 Sarah nods just a little bit and smiles.
[10:22:39] Carter: Should be interesting
[10:22:48] Gav'leth nods
[10:23:04] Gav'leth: I shoul dhave no problems…fittin in.
[10:26:54] CWO3 Sarah bites her lip at that, pondering it, closing her eyes and turning them back to blue to get used to it again. She settles into her seat slightly.
[10:27:01] 1LT.Fairman: "How long will it take to get there? Also do we have any other armor then UEEF?"
[10:28:04] Colonial Ship Captain: Travel time for us, 2 minutes in fold.
[10:28:46] Colonial Ship Captain: Square yourselves away, then we can jump.
[10:30:03] Colonial Ship Captain: And no, we have no mufti.
[10:30:29] 1LT.Fairman: (mufti?)
[10:30:30] Colonial Ship Captain: Beyond what you brought with you.
[10:31:00] Colonial Ship Captain: Mufti, or civies/civvies (slang for "civilian attire"),[1] => 1 refers to ordinary clothes, especially when worn by one who normally wears, or has long worn, a military or other uniform.
[10:32:33] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) 'who read the reports' looks at Sarah and gives her a shrug and a look that says 'damn…sucks huh, about that…'
[10:34:46] CWO3 Sarah glances over to Suki and shrugs, sighing softly. She also podners her own civvie outfits, and what to wear.
[10:35:03] Sgt. Summerwind: Well, I'm sure you could pick up some local atire there. Course, even wearing your jeans and tee's you'll still stick out.
[10:35:37] Carter: Well, Gav and I have sufficiantly fucked up clothing
[10:36:08] Carter: spiify or not, years on a dig sight will tear up anything.
[10:36:15] 1LT.Fairman: "What currency do they use ther Anji?"
[10:36:47] Sgt. Summerwind: Coin of the realm, sir, wont take your creds.
[10:37:01] Sgt. Summerwind: Think you earthers have a saying…cash is king.
[10:37:25] 1LT.Fairman: "Do we have any coin of the realm?"
[10:37:38] Colonial Ship Captain: We do
[10:37:55] CWO3 Sarah blinks at that. "Sounds like we'll need to be doing a little currency exchanging then."
[10:38:11] Colonial Ship Captain: All ships are required to have 'COR' on them in the event they must provision in a foreign port.
[10:39:02] Colonial Ship Captain: At least, we Colonials do, can't always rely on the next conveniant shuttle run from the nearest Robotech Factory.
[10:39:55] Colonial Ship Captain looks at Sarah.
[10:39:59] Colonial Ship Captain: Yes, yes you will.
[10:40:27] Colonial Ship Captain: You can get with the ships purser to exchange your credits for coin.
[10:41:47] Carter: If you need a crash course in monetary worth, I'm sure Anji and I can fill you in.
[10:42:04] 1LT.Fairman nods to Carter
[10:42:49] Carter smiles as he digs into a pocket and withdaws a money pouch.
[10:43:03] Carter: UEEF cred aint worth spit on the fringe boyo.
[10:43:29] Carter: Course, I have an expence account with the Institue…
[10:43:31] Carter: hahahaha
[10:45:55] 1LT.Fairman pulls out cred stick/card "So whats the current exchange?"
[10:46:21] Carter: Well it's one to one, coin is what gives our credit it's value.
[10:47:39] 1LT.Fairman nods and plans for a 1000
[10:47:40] Carter: artiles tab, last entry
[10:47:58] CWO3 Sarah blinks a little bit at that, nodding just slightly. "Oh. Okay." She nods and ponders her own account, and how much to exchange.
[10:50:47] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) will exchange a months pay worth plus 100
[10:52:20] 1LT.Fairman exchanges another 100 "Thats for what you'll have to buy for me."
[10:52:21] CWO3 Sarah glances around a bit. "From the way it's described, make sure not to take more than can be concealed easily, I'm guessing. If it's anything like criminal towns on Earth, well, it's pretty much open season on being mugged or pickpocketed , or anything else."
[10:52:52] Sgt. Summerwind: Dog eat dog yo!
[10:53:05] Sgt. Summerwind: I'd keep away from UEEF issue too.
[10:53:45] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nods.
[10:54:43] Sgt. Summerwind: You'll have to leave your ginsu blade to Ca'n, those are definatly 'not from around here'
[10:54:59] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual) nod again.
[10:56:22] Cpt Ishida (Delta Actual): I suggest then, you Carter and Gav do a recce, return with some garb for all of us, then we can debark and procure what else we need.
[10:57:31] Colonial Ship Captain: As much as my pride pains me to say this, I think that you should also act as captian and master of this ship, in dealings with any port staff.
[10:57:34] Colonial Ship Captain says to Carter.
[10:58:00] Carter nods.
[10:58:07] Carter: Always wanted to be a smuggler.
[10:58:14] Carter: Of antiquities, that is.
[10:59:00] Carter: [1d100] => [62] = (62)
[10:59:03] Gav'leth: [1d100] => [61] = (61)
[10:59:08] Sgt. Summerwind: [1d100] => [100] = (100)
[10:59:21] GM: Whoopsie!
[11:00:16] CWO3 Sarah nods a little at that.
[11:00:17] CWO3 Sarah: (( uhoh ))
[11:01:15] GM: Well lets see how this plays out…I'm make ten rolls, first five for Anji, second five for the situation, Anji wnats to be lower .
[11:01:25] GM: [5d100] => [3,55,96,44,93] = (291)
[11:01:25] GM: [5d100] => [56,47,98,47,44] = (292)
[11:01:52] GM: Well, lower by 1…is stilllower…
[11:02:41] GM: A few hours later the trio return , moving at a brisk pace.
[11:03:11] GM: They have some goods with them, clothing et al, but Anji looks like shw was in a fight.
[11:03:14] GM: she
[11:03:54] GM: Hmm, you know
[11:04:16] GM: we'll keep that, but I never …fluff text incoming, talk about a time skip…. jesus
[11:04:30] GM: okay, so yeah, You fold out…and arrive.
[11:04:35] CWO3 Sarah: (( eep ))
[11:05:55] GM: you are above a brown white orb of a world with a smattering of green, (but not a lot) the planet looks bombed out (not recently)
[11:06:38] GM: you are hailed by the local authroities and Carter in Tiresian gets landing instructions.
[11:07:24] GM: as you land you can see the area you are heading towards is covered in a light snow, there are craters about, and inside an oblong one is a city.
[11:08:00] GM: outside the crater, is a large flat field, upon which you can see a myriad of ships of differing size and make.
[11:09:41] 1LT.Fairman: (I assume its cold or the snow from something else?)
[11:10:20] GM: The VM is on the smallish side compared to some, the largest being a Salan Scout and a Karberann Kabaku that has seen better days.
[11:11:05] GM: Yes
[11:11:15] GM: it's pretty brisk out
[11:12:24] GM: You ship, not being desinged for terrestiral landing outside a body of water or dedicated landing bay must 'tie up' zepplin style to a mooring mast (your ship is not the only one that has to dock in this manner)
[11:13:04] GM: Full sized Zentraedi workers act as flight line staff and direct your ship to it's mooring.
[11:13:37] GM: There are a few small building along a road that leads toward the city (via a tunnle thru the berm of the crater)
[11:14:33] 1LT.Fairman asks Carter, Anji "Did you all pick up any customes while there? Open carry?"
[11:15:12] GM: (wait on that, I skipped ahead, I'm trying to catch back up to myself)
[11:15:57] 1LT.Fairman: (K)
[11:17:16] GM: some 50 klicks away on a mountaintop is a citidal.
[11:18:51] GM:
[11:19:47] GM: Okay, thats a general map of teh area.
[11:20:53] GM: The L shaped building in the open fielded area, thats the Dock Masters office. he's the man
[11:21:24] GM: The road ways and fields are all slushy and muddy.
[11:22:06] GM: some areas have that metal matting , and there are lots of pallets around, as well as lounging zentraedi's that look like day laborores waiting for work
[11:22:50] GM: Okay, that catches me back up
[11:22:56] GM: to answer Jarons question
[11:23:16] Sgt. Summerwind laughs nerveously
[11:23:33] Sgt. Summerwind: Open carry? It's open everything.
[11:23:53] Sgt. Summerwind says as she rubs her bloodies nose.
[11:24:34] 1LT.Fairman nods gets his berreta with a should holster for under jacket
[11:25:06] GM: I love how no one bothers to take a second or sloser look.
[11:25:10] GM: closer
[11:25:37] GM: Again, I'm jsut the GM, I'll give you as much…or as little as you want…
[11:25:40] CWO3 Sarah looks around at the meal matting on the ground, to see if it's on the surface, or something buried or anything.
[11:25:44] CWO3 Sarah: (( metal ))
[11:25:56] CWO3 Sarah: [1d20+1] => [7,1] = (8) perc
[11:26:00] CWO3 Sarah: (( eep, sux ))
[11:26:09] GM: The metal is there to keep vehicles from getting stuck in the mud…
[11:26:29] GM: probobly to keep to much dust from being kicked up during the dry season
[11:26:52] CWO3 Sarah also looks around curiously at all the buildings, after looking at that, and all the ships.
[11:26:55] CWO3 Sarah: (( hrm. ))
[11:26:56] CWO3 Sarah: (( oh. ))
[11:27:51] GM: meanshile as you look at the scenery, Ishida makes her way over to Anji and see's about her wellbeing. man yall are some cold fish
[11:28:27] CWO3 Sarah: (( :p ))
[11:28:45] GM: I can't beleive you already spaced all that already…
[11:28:51] GM: thats just not possible
[11:28:56] GM: but moving on
[11:29:18] CWO3 Sarah blinks as she sees Suki heading that way, moving over to fix as much as she can of it.
[11:29:19] GM: You guys get your duds. And look positivly…bounty hunter…sorta
[11:29:29] GM: To late…sahwee
[11:30:19] GM: Your outfits are all earth tones, nothing flashy
[11:31:00] CWO3 Sarah: (( whatev. ))
[11:31:04] GM: and some over cloaks to cover bulky items, or armor

END LOG (To be continued)

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