Chapter 11 - Act III - Part 8

[07:18:13] CWO3 Sarah sits in the squad room quietly, peering over the initial translation of the stuff in the giant book she lost the leg over, scratching her head idly as she tries to figure it. "Zor'de is familar, Adoyn'de seems glaringly familiar…" She frowns, scribbling down the other terms, pondering them.
[07:20:29] Cpl Summerwind is upside down on the couch playing a video game in shorts and a tank top.
[07:21:06] CWO3 Sarah blinks at Anji a little bit, as she looks up. "So what game is exciting?"
[07:21:48] Cpl Summerwind: Some new fighting game. Pow pow, Haaaaaa!
[07:25:00] CWO3 Sarah laughs a little and nods. "Ah…" She rolls her eyes. "Fun…" She peers at the datapad again. "Still trying to figure out what the professor found, over here. Some of it didn't translate over entirely, proper names mostly. And… There's no way I'm gonna guess what some of them are." She sighs, ande looks around.
[07:25:19] Lt. Jaron is reading some Tirolian history trying to see if there is anything related to the big book
[07:27:13] Cpl Summerwind looks over at Sarah and snerks.
[07:27:43] Cpl Summerwind: So where's Spooki these days? Haven't seen her about.
[07:27:59] 2LT Komillia: Portal COMBAT!
[07:28:30] Cpl Summerwind: Yeah, and I'll whup your butt sir. The cake can't help you!
[07:28:34] 2LT Komillia: Have you mastered the brain kick.
[07:28:50] CWO3 Sarah: "She got promoted, and is busy. She's on the Reprisal now." She laughs at the game discussion then.
[07:28:55] Cpl Summerwind: Pff, I cracked that code yesterday.
[07:29:14] Cpl Summerwind: Well, Nova helped, but anyway.
[07:29:45] Cpl Summerwind: I know she go promoted, horrible thing to have happen to her too.
[07:29:47] 2LT Komillia: Er, I meant the move, not the code…
[07:30:05] Cpl Summerwind: Move, code, same thing, hotkey for the win.
[07:30:24] Cpl Summerwind looks over at Sarah with mock sadness.
[07:30:40] Cpl Summerwind: Terrible thing to be an officer, terrible.
[07:31:14] 2LT Komillia: But think of the abuse of power.
[07:31:24] Cpl Summerwind: Well there is that…
[07:31:35] Cpl Summerwind: You talking about that crap yall been doing the last few days?
[07:31:37] CWO3 Sarah laughs at the look, shaking her head a little at Anji a bit. "That reminds me of some of the things I keep hearing on my game, about people linking multiple instances of fire to a single button, and people wanting them kicked from the online server until they stop." She shakes her head. "And it's not like I never /see/ her, I can go over there during off hours."
[07:32:25] CWO3 Sarah nods at Summerwind. "And yes, that 'crap'."
[07:33:17] Cpl Summerwind: You're lucky Chief, you get toe power of the occifer and the chill of the enlisted folk, you know, the folks make all this shit work.
[07:33:33] 2LT Komillia: No, I was talking about rigging a room inspection for you. Hope you don't mind a white glove going across that pizza you left in the floor.
[07:34:33] Cpl Summerwind: Well lets hope they done find the assless chaps in your closet miss ma'am.
[07:35:07] CWO3 Sarah laughs at that. "Assless is good though, I'd think, for when it needs paddling."
[07:35:32] 2LT Komillia: Hon, if they find the assless chaps, they'll also find things that make them forget about them in half a second flat.
[07:35:33] Cpl Summerwind 's hand pops up from behind the couch and give Sarah the bird.
[07:35:56] Cpl Summerwind laughs at Komi.
[07:36:01] Cpl Summerwind: I knew I liked you for a reason.
[07:36:43] CWO3 Sarah hmphs at Anji and shakes her head, laughing and wandering over closer, strill looking at her pad.
[07:37:14] Cpl Summerwind backward somersaults off the couch and tosses the controller to Komi.
[07:37:42] Cpl Summerwind: All yours, I'm off to the maint bay. I hear they're pimpin my ride.
[07:37:55] 2LT Komillia: Oh try up, down, up, down, full circle fierce punch. Sexuality finisher.
[07:38:01] Cpl Summerwind staggers a lil after being upside down.
[07:38:03] CWO3 Sarah hmphs. "Thought you were a comm tech. Should have you look at this thing, rather than trying to figure it out myself."
[07:38:09] Cpl Summerwind: Wow, everyting is so blue!
[07:38:37] 2LT Komillia: I told you Vaigra was not for women.
[07:39:12] CWO3 Sarah just blinks at that, shaking her head.
[07:39:22] Cpl Summerwind: Comm tech yes, dusty tome reader, no.
[07:39:47] Cpl Summerwind: If you need it jammed, just call, I'll be all over that shit.
[07:40:18] CWO3 Sarah laughs. "Well, they have most of it translated, just a few words that I don't understand. And it's not exactly in /my/ language…" She shrugs a bit. "Just thought maybe you'd know something if you looked."
[07:40:46] Cpl Summerwind pads over and looks.
[07:41:02] CWO3 Sarah offers over the pad, circling the proper names, and her guesses for the two scribbled on the side.
[07:41:13] CWO3 Sarah: (( well, for the few. Fantom and a couple others are obvious as well ))
[07:41:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( De'ver and P'tok would be among the circled ones ))
[07:41:53] CWO3 Sarah: (( and probably V'are. The others would have guesses ))
[07:41:54] Cpl Summerwind: Lit [1d100] => [25] = (25)
[07:42:06] Cpl Summerwind: Oh snap I know those guys!
[07:42:27] CWO3 Sarah glances over. "Really?"
[07:42:35] Cpl Summerwind: Yeah, V'are owes me money.
[07:42:40] 2LT Komillia: Your particularly debauched trysts don't count.
[07:43:10] Cpl Summerwind: Oh if you weren't a sir sir. I'd, front some more.
[07:43:34] Cpl Summerwind: Nah but for serious, those names, you should probobly find a cleric.
[07:44:06] Cpl Summerwind: Thats how you humies put it, real Old Testament stuff.
[07:44:08] 2LT Komillia: Do Tirolians even have a religion?
[07:44:23] CWO3 Sarah hmms at that and nods a little. "Well, that helps, anyway. Wondered if it might not be something like that, but… I'll find one. And note to Lt. Fairman that we should look for one…" She hrms. "Evidently they /did/ at least."
[07:44:57] Cpl Summerwind: Yes miss ma'am, we ARE only the most enlightened species in the sector. For all the good it did us. Least we got rap music out of it. BEEATCH!!!
[07:45:21] CWO3 Sarah rolls her eyes at that claim and laughs at the rap music comment.
[07:46:20] Cpl Summerwind: Anyway, we DID have religion till those Sciance Masters ended that noise.
[07:46:39] CWO3 Sarah: "I thought that "Dev'er" might be newer, since the mention was of their ancestors, not of them, being made chattel."
[07:47:00] Cpl Summerwind: Only folks that worship the old gods are crazy old, or crazy cult. Take your pick, barrel of pollinaters either way.
[07:47:53] Cpl Summerwind shrugs at Sarah
[07:47:56] Cpl Summerwind: Iono.
[07:48:03] CWO3 Sarah: "Crazy old probably is more sane and rational, I'd hope, than crazy cult."
[07:48:06] Cpl Summerwind: Whats chattle?
[07:49:13] CWO3 Sarah flips through for her dictionary to define it better. "Property. In this instance, basically slaves."
[07:49:41] Cpl Summerwind: Ahh, yeah, well. Pimped out ride! See ya!
[07:49:50] Cpl Summerwind makes her way out.
[07:50:48] GM: Okay, what is everyone doing etc, and what are they going to be doing?
[07:51:07] CWO3 Sarah: (( well, I'll be telling Jaron what Anji said, in preparation for what he might want to do about it ))
[07:51:14] Lt. Jaron is reading and trying to find anything related to the big book
[07:52:01] CWO3 Sarah goes to tell Jaron what she found out from Anji, and whatever guesses she has on some names, and whatnot. "think there /is/ a Cleric or someone who'd know clerical stuff, anywhere on Phoenix or the academy down on the surface?"
[07:53:31] Lt. Jaron thinks about that as he puts down the book "Yea, academy probably knows someone"
[07:53:34] 2LT Komillia will be in a gym training and practicing her kata
[07:53:59] CWO3 Sarah nods a little bit at that. "Should probably find out quickly, before too much comes up."
[07:54:13] GM: As if on que.
[07:55:06] GM: The shipboard PA system instructs all Department heads to report to the briefing room.
[07:55:33] Marcus: (( ::wakes up from a Roy Focker Drunken moment:: Fire your retro rockets Madonna! Your teeth are to far apart! :: passes back out:: ))
[07:55:57] GM: There is a lull, as the higher ups all meet but the ship seems to know somethings up.
[07:56:48] CWO3 Sarah offers a brief sigh at that.
[07:56:50] Lt. Jaron heads to the briefing room
[07:57:13] GM: ((Jaron isn't dept head, thats like Capn, XO, CMO, stuff like that
[07:57:29] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:57:39] Lt. Jaron: (oops0
[07:57:42] GM: Be like on star trek when the computer is all "All senior staff to the…."
[07:57:47] Mst.Sgt. Shadd: (( I take it neither is Shadd, even as a senior NCO ))
[07:58:10] CWO3 Sarah: (( you're under Sarah. So probably not ;) ))
[07:58:16] GM: ((correct, the ship has it's Master at Arms and senior NCO's
[07:58:49] GM: ((and you rank is based more on technical expertise then command responsibility.))
[07:58:56] Lt. Jaron: (just mark that out in edit =) )
[07:59:13] Drunken Roy Focker flies in to a drunk rage and passes out in the admirals quarters.
[07:59:24] CWO3 Sarah: (( *noogies Jaron and Marcus* ))
[07:59:24] Lt. Jaron looks to Sarah "Well lets like our free time investigation might be put on hold; which I doubt will help us"
[07:59:41] CWO3 Sarah sighs. "Won't help at all, no. Wonder what's up…"
[07:59:41] Lt. Jaron: (lets=looks)
[07:59:46] 2LT Komillia practices her chain and sword combos.
[08:00:45] Cpt. Utenaru pops her head into the dayroom.
[08:01:02] Cpt. Utenaru: Jaron, meeting on the Reprisal in 5 hours.
[08:01:18] Lt. Jaron nods "Noted ma'am"
[08:02:28] Lt. Jaron asks before she departs "if you don't mind ma'am; what is the meeting about?"
[08:02:36] Cpt. Utenaru shrugs
[08:02:54] Cpt. Utenaru: New op.
[08:03:25] CWO3 Sarah raises her eyebrows curiously at that.
[08:03:30] Cpt. Utenaru: Battalion will fill us in.
[08:04:04] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you ma'am."
[08:04:21] Drunken Roy Focker flirts with Komi and her chainsword… for the Emperor he belows in a drunk slur as he tries to goose her and passes out on the pommel horse!!
[08:04:40] GM: A challanger appears!
[08:04:58] Drunken Roy Focker vs Komi Jackson
[08:05:01] GM: Komi roll 3 d 20 with bonuses, you to Shadd.
[08:05:37] Drunken Roy Focker: (( Actually it's a Drunk Roy Focker immitator - he doesnt have any HtH skills, hes a level 1 Civillian NPC ))
[08:05:41] GM: ((bonuses = base PP bonus)
[08:06:28] 2LT Komillia: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
[08:06:28] 2LT Komillia: [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24)
[08:06:29] 2LT Komillia: [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
[08:06:30] GM: Shadd thats a +3
[08:06:48] Drunken Roy Focker: (( dont make him team combo Komi and call out his partner: Steak Stuffed Ben Dixon! ))
[08:07:05] GM: roll the bones Shadd
[08:07:16] Drunken Roy Focker: [1d20] => [10] = (10)
[08:07:31] Drunken Roy Focker: (( That'd be a dodge - he only has 4 HP ))
[08:07:42] GM: Two more d 20's
[08:08:02] Drunken Roy Focker: (( He's a base 10 on everything, and drink hes -2 on PP, PS and PE ))
[08:08:17] GM: you have a pp bonus of 3
[08:08:18] Drunken Roy Focker: (( He's only got 1 hth a round ))
[08:08:33] Drunken Roy Focker: [2d20] => [4,8] = (12)
[08:08:50] Drunken Roy Focker: (( so an auto-miss, and a 11 )
[08:09:04] GM: …okay Komi, Shadd gets teh goose, you get the two 'rounds' after that, just tell us what you do.
[08:09:43] GM: Jaron, 5 hours later you are on the COD with Utenaru her XO, 1st Sgt and the other 4 platoon leaders.
[08:10:18] 2LT Komillia just uses the chain to pound him unconscious.
[08:10:51] Lt. Jaron takes a seat and awaits for the briefing to start
[08:12:46] GM: The briefing area is a large conference room using a slightly different layout. There is a central table upon with are a slew of star maps, planet maps and intel photos, some grainy, some high def. Roll a perc.
[08:13:24] GM: There are no chairs and the table is large enough that the gathered occifers can all belly up.
[08:13:34] Lt. Jaron: [1d20+4] => [16,4] = (20)
[08:14:06] Lt. Jaron is sad there is no seats for his relaxed demeanor
[08:14:29] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[08:15:11] GM: Jaron, you see the captain XO and CAG of the Yuki and the other ships in the Flotilla (4 Shimikaze and the Reprisal) you also not the Captain and XO of 8 Garfish and 12 Hayes Class destroyers.
[08:15:35] GM: The 33rd command staff is there to include e Capt Ishida.
[08:15:40] GM: include
[08:16:39] Lt. Jaron thinks this might be something big and going to make Noble team busy
[08:17:48] GM: You also see Thundering Thaddeus Wilder in attendance (DESRON 14 Commander, I.e the dude in charge of the Reprisal and all four Shimikaze. You may call him god.)
[08:18:53] Lt. Jaron: (pfft but ok)
[08:19:43] Prinny spars with Komi… explodes every time he is defeated. D00d!
[08:19:46] GM: There is also the 33rd Battalion Commander, Colonel Gregory Fisk
[08:20:39] GM: Well 33rd MEU commander sorry.
[08:20:52] Prinny is a PrinTRONICS model 229 Training Robot that looks like a giant, demon winged peg legged penguine. D00d!
[08:20:59] GM: marcus…
[08:21:23] Marcus: ( Si senior? )
[08:21:47] GM: With your perc Jaron, you also note that the pics on the table are of terrain, Haydonite shiping and haydonite installations, one space based, one ground based.
[08:22:02] GM: (be chill my brotha)
[08:23:09] Lt. Jaron: (can I tell how strong the defenses are on those locations?)
[08:24:45] GM: Roll any relevant skills.
[08:27:18] Lt. Jaron: intelligence [1d100] => [43] = (43) vs 73, mil tactics [1d100] => [59] = (59) vs 90; naval tactics [1d100] => [2] = (2) vs 30
[08:28:05] GM: kk, hold on while I compile that
[08:28:23] CWO3 Sarah: (( awesome third roll :) ))
[08:28:34] Lt. Jaron: (yea cause you know why?)
[08:28:44] CWO3 Sarah: (( hm? ))
[08:28:47] Lt. Jaron: (Im awesome! :) )
[08:28:50] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[08:29:30] Marcus: (( >.< ))>
[08:29:39] Marcus: (( aww, it ate my face ))
[08:30:30] CWO3 Sarah: (( it eats those as html code ))
[08:31:35] GM: Intell tells you that the targets occupy one of those grey areas between backwater and vital. You have a few ideas in your head on how to attack the ground target. But the space based target is a pip.

[08:34:06] Lt. Jaron: (pip?)
[08:34:16] Lt. Jaron: (lol mass effect)
[08:34:17] GM: A doozy
[08:34:30] GM: ((yeah well it looked Haydonity))
[08:35:30] Marcus: (( you know… it does look haydonity ))
[08:36:04] Marcus: (( Its probably the neon red trim and the 2 40's in the back ))
[08:36:15] GM: ((hehe))
[08:36:16] Lt. Jaron studies the image for a moment and thinks it probably full of synchros or worse
[08:37:03] GM: You can also see a few Haydonite ships, some coming, some going, including two Fantoma Class
[08:37:15] GM: A few are obviously cargo ships.
[08:38:25] GM: You also see with a tinge of pride a Torpedo Destroyer with a missing secondary hull being towed
[08:38:38] GM: Torpedo Frigate, sorry
[08:40:52] GM: The ground installation looks built into a mountain side. Comm array's are viable (shot was taken from orbit, max zoom) and there looks to be an airfield nearby (100km away) the planet is recovering terrestrial (i.e old planeet of the Masters empire whats ecology is recovering from some sort of holocaust, either Invid or self (civil war) inflicted.)
[08:42:44] GM: The gathered officers have cliqued themselves by group, i.e the Reprisals folks over here, the Miyuki's folks over there… etc. And then the command staff with the Commodore, Colonel the Battalion and ship commanders.
[08:43:08] Commodore Wilder: All right, are we all here?
[08:43:21] UEMC MSgt.: Roger that sir.
[08:43:22] Lt. Jaron feels like the outsider in high school
[08:43:34] Commodore Wilder: All right, lock it down.
[08:44:20] GM: The MP's secure the room (there is a food buffet off to the side, nearby some seats and tables)
[08:44:46] Commodore Wilder: All right, before we begin, take a look at whats on the table.
[08:45:37] GM: Almost as one, the various officers that had been 'shmoozing' make their way to the table and start perusing the contents.
[08:46:50] GM: About 10 or so minutes later after the Commodore is satisfied that the 'intel' has gone around the table at least once clears his throat. The room immediately quiets to a hush.
[08:47:21] Commodore Wilder: Okay, I'll not mince words, since we have work to do.
[08:48:17] Commodore Wilder: Based on the information we captured at the 'Chaffa Cache' we've been able to acertain the location of a fair amount of Haydonite infrastructure.
[08:48:52] Commodore Wilder: We've already plucked the low hanging fruit, now it's time to move up tree.
[08:49:14] Commodore Wilder: These two installations are our next target.
[08:50:11] Commodore Wilder: The station, based on best intel looks to be a repair and resupply facility, the dirtside hovel, a comm center, possibly a regional control center.
[08:51:34] Commodore Wilder: Now, we know the toasters are aware that we took Chaffa, and have sent a few half hearted attempts to retake it.
[08:52:13] Commodore Wilder: But, what intel believes, is that the toasters are not aware that we hit the jack pot by capturing their computer core mostly intact.
[08:53:23] Commodore Wilder: Based on that, if we want to continue taking advantage of the 'Cache' we have to restrict our response.
[08:53:33] Commodore Wilder: Make it look like we got lucky.
[08:54:13] Commodore Wilder: As much as I like to charge in guns-a-blazin, we're gonna have to use a little restraint.
[08:54:44] Commodore Wilder: That being said. Listen up to the Colonel.
[08:54:50] Col. Fisk: Thank you sir.
[08:55:34] Col. Fisk: Command wants these targets taken out, but the trick is, we have to do in such a manner that fools the toasters into thinking we didn't get squat out of the 'cache'
[08:55:47] Col. Fisk: To that end, hell bent for leather assults with maximum force are out.
[08:56:06] Col. Fisk: So, we are going to 'stumble upon' these installations.
[08:56:38] Col. Fisk: That means that the attacking force will be bare bones, comprised of what we would nominally send out as a screening or reconnaissance force.
[08:57:18] Col. Fisk: Now you know why we have been working to stand up our new raider units.
[08:57:49] Col. Fisk: I'd like to take a second to thank Major Kavashera and his staff on doing a fine job of that.
[08:58:18] Lt. Jaron raises a hand
[08:58:36] Maj. Kavashera nods in thanks but remains silent.
[08:59:05] Col. Fisk looks at the lieutenant.
[08:59:26] Col. Fisk: Go ahead son.
[09:00:47] Cpt. Utenaru gives Jaron a look of 'doooood let the man at least ASK for questions…'
[09:01:45] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:02:53] Lt. Jaron: "Sirs, I believe the enemy probably knows we got a hold of vital intel. They have been adapting at fast pace to our tactics and machines. This is from personal experience in the field with the Raiders unit."
[09:03:24] Col. Fisk puffs his chest and harrumphs.
[09:04:05] Col. Fisk: Well then, before I waste everyone’s time, care to speak your piece?
[09:04:55] Col. Fisk gives you this 'benefit of the doubt' look, as if to say, if you have the skinny, bring it, if I've heard this intel before, y'all on the KP
[09:05:37] Cpt. Ishida shifts uneasily.
[09:05:57] Cpt. Utenaru takes a step or two away from Jaron.
[09:07:18] Lt. Jaron: "Sir. I have no doubt these are key assets but I feel if we go bare bones, it will be a slaughter. The new fighters we have encountered, the snipers and humanoid size forces are just a few adaptations the enemy have used. "
[09:08:57] GM: The Colonel and the Commodore exchange a look. The Commodore nods as if to say, can't fault the concern. The Col nods back.
[09:09:10] Col. Fisk: Thank you Lieutenant.
[09:09:26] Lt. Jaron nods "Welcome sir"
[09:09:46] Col. Fisk: Moving on.
[09:11:01] Col. Fisk: We will be hitting both of these facilities in staggered fashion, as mentioned before 'stumbling upon them' , the comm station first, and after a pause of up to 15 hours, the station.
[09:11:58] Col. Fisk: The contact units will each consist of four Garfish cruisers, carrying MARDET forces, escorted by two Hayes class destroyers.
[09:12:52] Col. Fisk: The plan is this. The ground based target will be hit first, and attacked in 'standard raider fashion' rape and pillage, all of that.
[09:13:48] Col. Fisk: Once enemy units move to repel the that Raider forces will retreat into the hinterlands and engage in a holding action while the space based forces harass enemy shipping.
[09:14:28] Col. Fisk: Once the enemy engages our ground forces the assault unit on the station will begin their attack.
[09:15:03] Col. Fisk: The belief is that the stations relief will be engaged with the attack forces attacking the comm array.
[09:16:07] Col. Fisk: Meanwhile, waiting in the wings will be DESRON 14 , the Reprisal and the eight uncommitted destroyers.
[09:16:45] Col. Fisk: This battlegroup will then fold in to relieve the ground units and their orbital assets.
[09:17:30] Col. Fisk: If the Station assault is free and clear of enemy reinforcements they will continue on mission and effect as much damage as possible before linking up with the Reprisal group.
[09:19:18] Col. Fisk: If the station assault is opposed by enemy re enforcements they are to cause as much damage as they can then, based on when they must withdraw, either link up with the Reprisal over the planet, or at their laagar.
[09:20:04] Col. Fisk: The goal is to reduce these two targets, and make it look like we got damned lucky.
[09:21:04] Col. Fisk: Now this is not set in stone and we will be working on contingency plans to deal with unforeseen enemy actions.
[09:21:19] Col. Fisk: That is of course, why we are all here.
[09:22:14] UEF Lt Cmdr. steps forward.
[09:22:34] UEF Lt Cmdr.: I request the honor of being part of the Station assault.
[09:22:58] GM: The Colonel looks over at the Destroyer captain that stood forward.
[09:24:05] Col. Fisk: So be it.
[09:25:51] UEF Cmdr.: My pilots are great on ground attack sir. The UES Spikefish requests the pleasure of the planetary assault.
[09:26:04] Col. Fisk: Good man.
[09:26:12] Col. Fisk nods approvingly.
[09:27:38] GM: Im'a let YALL decide where you wanna go, and Utenaru will make the 'honor' known.
[09:27:44] GM: Talk amongst yourselves
[09:28:58] GM: seriously,
[09:29:04] CWO3 Sarah: (( *ponders* ))
[09:29:06] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[09:29:14] GM: talk amongst yourself OOC and pick
[09:29:24] Lt. Jaron informs the others
[09:29:27] 2LT Komillia: ((wakes up. huh what?))
[09:29:30] 2LT Komillia: (()ducks)
[09:29:43] Lt. Jaron: (what do we know about the two the volunteered)
[09:29:53] GM: ((no worries Jaron on that, Jaron can nudge the Utenatru, but I wnat you as Players to chose your poison))
[09:30:27] GM: You don't kow anything about them, first time you have seen them
[09:30:40] 2LT Komillia: ((I say the comm station, more likely to stumble on a communique that will blow our minds.))
[09:30:49] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[09:30:53] CWO3 Sarah: (( heh ))
[09:30:54] CWO3 Sarah: (( aww ))
[09:31:01] CWO3 Sarah: (( whichever everyone else wants ))
[09:31:13] CWO3 Sarah: (( be cool to capture something at the depot, but… ))
[09:31:40] Haydonite Proctor: "To whom it may concern, I would like to be delievered to this base, 18 pairs of rabbit ears and 30 pounds of butter."
[09:31:45] 2LT Komillia: ((ooh, I didn't think about looting, but then I never do.))
[09:32:41] Lt. Jaron: (sgt?)
[09:32:50] 2LT Komillia: ((I change my vote, looks go to the depot.))
[09:33:07] Lt. Jaron: (how many of the new radiers do we can to use as cannon fodder?)
[09:33:09] CWO3 Sarah: (( rotfl ))
[09:33:14] CWO3 Sarah: (( rabbit ears and butter ))
[09:33:39] CWO3 Sarah: (( cool. :) ))
[09:33:47] CWO3 Sarah: (( :D ))
[09:35:41] 2LT Komillia: ((These haydonites won't know what hit them when I get a wave motion gun. Of course, they don't stand a chance now, I'm just Saiyan…))
[09:35:55] 2LT Komillia: ((hides from nuclear response to the bad joke.))
[09:35:58] GM: (( I C wut U did Thar!))
[09:36:14] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:36:29] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *paddles Komi* ))
[09:37:40] GM: so I still don't have a consensus, and haven't heard from the Sgt.
[09:38:00] 2LT Komillia: ((So we got two votes for Depot and two non answers…))
[09:38:25] 2LT Komillia: ((or is my count off?))
[09:38:53] Lt. Jaron: (thats right just waiting for sgt)
[09:39:19] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( the only thing with the comm station is that if it's on a bombarded planet that was Tirolian, the other plot might be connected, and we might find a second book there, in theory. But that's not a 'for sure' :p ))
[09:42:11] GM: Correct james
[09:42:11] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( and thats a lotta ifs ))
[09:42:18] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( so… hehehe ))
[09:44:08] Marcus: (( sorry, wasd doing the dishes ))
[09:44:23] GM: (read up a bit and add your comments)
[09:44:31] Marcus: (( which way did James vote? ))
[09:45:56] 2LT Komillia: ((depot))
[09:46:08] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *patpats* ))
[09:46:32] Marcus: (( nevermind. I agree - Commstation. Tactically and strategically its a windfall if we can achive suprise and capture it intact. Being able to intercept or even interprept enemy comms traffic would be the biggest coup since they recovered an ENIGMA machine ))
[09:46:56] Marcus: (( DUDE!
[09:46:58] Marcus: pause game
[09:47:02] Marcus: the killed Osama!
[09:47:10] Marcus: its all over the news
[09:48:05] Lt. Jaron: (yea comm station here as well)
[09:48:33] GM: so 2 to 2
[09:49:13] GM: Okay so vote now
[09:49:48] 2LT Komillia: ((even depot, odd comm satiaon)) [1d4] => [4] = (4)
[09:51:55] Lt. Jaron: (negative)
[09:51:59] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *listens to the news* ))
[09:54:41] GM: Well, score one for the good guys.
[09:54:55] 2Lt. Aylanea: Now wait and see how many martyrs there are to his cause. :p
[09:54:58] 2Lt. Aylanea: anyway
[09:55:20] 2Lt. Aylanea: whichever people want to do, I guess. I said Depot myself, but I'm not important
[09:55:57] GM: 2 for depot, 2 for comm
[09:56:46] GM: okay, maybe not, okay, I just need 1 post each, Comm or Station, and…. go
[09:57:37] 2LT Komillia: ((Osama has been dead a week, it's been this long verifying it was actually him.))
[09:58:04] GM: ((mmm hmm, US bomb killed him took a week to confirm DNA))
[09:58:42] Marcus: (( Good! Hell! Take a month if you need too - as long as they are SURE the fucker is dead! ))
[09:58:52] GM: now your call, we can cut game early to relish in the news, or we can continue?
[09:59:00] Lt. Jaron: comm
[09:59:09] Marcus: Comm
[09:59:36] Marcus: I need to book anyone, someone needs the phone and they say that openRPG is eating bandwidth and causing static
[09:59:56] Marcus: anyway*
[10:00:29] 2LT Komillia: Okay, on the Depot side: we'll be taking out a major weapons supply for the Haydonites, limiting their ability to strike at UEEF forces, and possibly even taking down some of the ability to defend the comm station. More to the point their is the possibility of capturing Haydonite weapons that will give us a clue on how to bring Shadow Tech back online for UEEF forces, or even better, allowing us to exploit its weaknesses and blowin them up just as much as they blew the UEEF up in the opening acts of the war.
[10:00:41] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( … ))
[10:00:44] Marcus: James you better say Comm or I am going to Cylon Disney before you get there!!
[10:00:47] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( openrpg eats THAT much bandwidth? :p ))
[10:01:02] GM: I want the debate
[10:01:12] Marcus: I dunno honestly, but its only a 7mg connection - its just barely the lowest end DSL
[10:01:17] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( looks to Komi. Hrm. ))
[10:01:26] GM: This is you choosing, not jsut an arbitrary GM says 'we go here'
[10:01:28] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( ah. ))
[10:01:32] Marcus: I'll post my "argument" ont he forum
[10:01:37] Marcus: im getting evil eyed
[10:01:46] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( forget what mine is, even when it was the horrible rural DSL, it didn't do that ))
[10:01:54] GM: Punch that dragon in thaaa face!
[10:01:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( when it was way slower than that ))
[10:02:05] Marcus: I wish
[10:02:05] GM: ((in dwarf accent))
[10:02:08] Marcus: Disconnecting from server…
[10:02:08] Marcus (exit): 22:02
[10:02:58] GM: so sarah, up to you tie or…what
[10:04:13] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( there are advantages to both. I'd rather not be the one deciding ))
[10:04:27] GM: well to bad, all others have voted, you have not
[10:04:41] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( obviously Depot isn't popular with two others, so… ))
[10:04:56] GM: ((i dont CARE whats popular, what do YOU want to do?))
[10:05:04] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *sighs* ))
[10:05:53] CWO3 Sarah: (( I'd wanted the Depot. That's a hung jury though. So… *shrug* ))
[10:06:04] GM: that mean I rolla tie breaker
[10:06:31] CWO3 Sarah: (( *asks jaron something first* ))
[10:06:46] GM: go ahead
[10:07:46] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[10:07:59] CWO3 Sarah: (( Depot for me, his arguement wasn't compelling ;) ))
[10:08:12] GM: lol
[10:09:02] GM: odd depot, even Comm I will roll a 100 sided [1d100] => [99] = (99)
[10:09:39] GM: I'd rather have had it a consensus, but seems debate has petered out
[10:09:43] GM: thus the roll
[10:09:49] GM: Depot has the majority
[10:11:28] Lt. Jaron: aww we cant use the new doggie
[10:12:22] GM: really?
[10:13:17] GM: I dont see why you can't….
[10:15:38] Lt. Jaron: doggie is for ground play but oh well
[10:15:42] GM: As the meeting goes on, units vie for their choice and MARDET 1 asks for and is assigned to the Space Station assault.
[10:17:00] CWO3 Sarah: (( doggie work fine in station corridors ))
[10:17:27] GM: So it will be up to you to figure out what you want your mission focus to be.
[10:17:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( nowhere for other guys to run ))
[10:19:03] CWO3 Sarah: (( Re: Bin Laden: Pakistan should be sweating right now. ))
[10:19:48] Lt. Jaron: I doubt entering the station is an act of stumbling onto the locations
[10:20:23] CWO3 Sarah: It's an act of sending it to do the same thing the cougars did, and clear corridors
[10:20:26] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[10:20:58] Lt. Jaron: well that action might hinder the operation as the rest of the forces will just be blasting away
[10:21:08] Cpt. Utenaru: Target of oppurtunity?
[10:21:14] Cpt. Utenaru shurgs.
[10:22:25] GM: okay, we'll knock off early, watch the news, and I'll plan up for the Station
[10:22:43] GM: focus seems to be lost and I'd rather not fight to get it back for 30 more minutes
[10:23:00] CWO3 Sarah: (( sorry ))
[10:23:03] CWO3 Sarah: (( *hugs* ))
[10:23:08] GM: it is what it is
[10:23:17] Lt. Jaron: yea I was hoping to get to the action 2night
[10:23:24] CWO3 Sarah: (( sorry :( ))
[10:23:33] CWO3 Sarah: (( was just making minor note while listening in background ))
[10:23:33] GM: no worries, everyone enjoy the early night
[10:23:41] GM: next session, with bells on
[10:24:24] CWO3 Sarah: (( kk ))
[10:24:30] 2LT Komillia: kk
[10:25:55] GM: All righty then, till next week
[10:25:58] GM: Disconnecting from server…
[10:25:58] Chris (exit): 22:25


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