Chapter 11 - Act III - Part 7


[06:57:22] GM: Jaron, Komi, Suki and Ay have returned to the Yukikaze, sped thru flight ops due to military passes. Aboard the Yuki, Sarah, is in sick bay.
[06:57:58] GM: The book, all 50 pounds of it has been stuffed into a corner of the medical bay, out of the way for now.
[06:58:35] 2LT Komillia looks over the injured Invid.
[06:58:49] 2LT Komillia: What is with this squad and losing body parts?
[06:59:21] Lt. Jaron comments "Luckily I guess Komillia." and moves to the book
[06:59:44] Cpt. Ishida puts a hand on Sarah shoulder and looks att the doc, who gives her a nod signifying that she will be fine.
[06:59:57] CWO3 Sarah makes a face. "I'll get better, it just takes a while." She sighs, looking down at the leg. "At least we got the book…" She smiles at Suki, leaning into the hand slightly.
[07:00:43] Cpt. Ishida places a boot with charred cuff on a nearby stand.
[07:00:48] Cpt. Ishida: You dropped this Chief.
[07:01:18] Dr. Stravinsky blinks at the boot/foot and shakes his head.
[07:01:42] Dr. Stravinsky: You are very vierd, kaptian.
[07:02:40] CWO3 Sarah just looks at the boot, making a face. "Gee, thanks. You clean it out before you brought it here, or leave body parts in it?" She shivers slightly and laughs a little.
[07:03:54] 2LT Komillia: So, do we have any idea how to read this book or are we going to scratching our heads over it while we try to find out own vault to put it in?
[07:04:16] 2LT Komillia: [4d6*10+(3d8*10+35)+(3d8*10+35)] => 570
[07:04:37] 2LT Komillia tries to read the thing, maybe it was the basis for Zentraedi. [1d100] => [11] = (11) vs 92
[07:04:56] GM: The Dr. shoos you all out of the bay as the off duty surgeon arrives in tank top and sweats.
[07:05:25] GM: Komi, you are positive that the script has nothing to do with the Zentraedi language.
[07:05:41] CWO3 Sarah just lays there trying to regenerate, quieting down when everyone is shooed out.
[07:06:02] Lt. Jaron takes the book with him "Komillia, see if Rezal might know something"
[07:06:20] 2LT Komillia looks over the markings for any sort of pattern, or reference that would make sense to her. [1d30] => [2] = (2) vs15 IQ
[07:07:32] GM: Sarah, you become something of a medical curio as (not skipping time here, but just letting yall know) the CMO's from the Reprisal, Phoenix, and a few other nearby UEEF cap ships all come by to 'look at the crazy Invid flipper regenerating into a foot."
[07:08:58] CWO3 Sarah muttergrumbles at that, but otherwise stays quiet, burying herself under the covers mostly whenever she can.
[07:10:11] GM: Komi, the patterns are rather rectangular. Not at all like the rounded Zent script. It does bear a passing resemblance to Tiresian, pardon the pun, but, it's all Greek to you.
[07:10:51] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehe ))
[07:11:25] PO2 McTabe: [1d100] => [61] = (61) vs 55%
[07:11:43] 2Lt. Aylanea stays back and watches, letting the people who actually know anything look at the book, since she's fairly sure it's well past her.
[07:11:46] ENS Rezal: [1d30] => [19] = (19) vs 16
[07:12:25] GM: Neither of your two Tirol wonks are able to gather anything useful either.
[07:13:38] Lt. Jaron: "Well if we cant find someone, the old owner is only chance"
[07:14:38] GM: So whats the plan stan?
[07:15:32] Lt. Jaron looks to Komillia "what about your boyfriend?"
[07:16:49] GM: Komi?
[07:17:30] 2LT Komillia: We can ask. But I'm not sure he would know anything.
[07:17:50] Lt. Jaron nods "very well"
[07:17:53] 2LT Komillia: Though I suppose we could run the text through a computer.
[07:18:10] Lt. Jaron: "agreed"
[07:19:11] 2LT Komillia makes the call ahead to make sure he knows we are coming.
[07:19:15] GM: Okay, so who is doing what?
[07:20:09] Lt. Jaron is carrying book as follows Komillia
[07:20:49] 2LT Komillia escorts Jaron and anyone else who wants to over to the lab.
[07:21:38] GM: Sutherland lets Komi know that he'll be 'un-busy' in a few hours. Jaron, you get odd looks as you lug the very large and very heavy tome behind Komi.
[07:22:34] 2LT Komillia: He'll be available in a while. I'm not sure what to do with out carry-on until then.
[07:23:47] 2Lt. Aylanea follows along, looking around quietly. "We probably shouldn't have it out of our sights, or go anywhere that we might be risking a second firefight, is my guess."
[07:24:52] GM: Some hours later. Aboard the Reprisal. Sutherland looks at the big book.
[07:25:16] Sutherland: Wow, nice light reading there huh?
[07:25:24] Lt. Jaron nods and plans to get a duffel bag for it
[07:25:49] Sutherland: [1d100] => [59] = (59)
[07:25:56] Lt. Jaron nods
[07:26:06] 2LT Komillia: Just enough to put someone to sleep, or a coma if hit with it right…
[07:26:24] 2LT Komillia: We were hoping for some computer analysis.
[07:26:44] Sutherland runs the script thru the computer and get a possible match (75% probability)
[07:27:10] Sutherland: Hmmm, database says it's likely something called Rylacan Temple Script.
[07:27:41] Lt. Jaron: Tirolean history [1d100] => [16] = (16) vs 46
[07:27:56] Sutherland: Talk about your dead languages! That abay was long gone while Sanskrit was all the rage.
[07:28:22] Lt. Jaron: (rylacan temple?)
[07:28:28] 2LT Komillia: That's old right?
[07:28:36] Sutherland: Very.
[07:29:06] GM: Jaron, the Rylac River Valley was to Tirol what the Fertile Cresent was to Earth.
[07:29:25] 2LT Komillia: So precursor civilization?
[07:30:08] Sutherland: I dunno babe, you'd prolly wanna talk to an archeologist or linguist.
[07:30:40] Sutherland: I'm sure a few folks on the Science council would love to ge their grubby paws on that.
[07:30:41] 2LT Komillia: I can't imagine people building ancient bronze or even iron age level civs being able to make a book like this to last this long. Even with constant maintenance.
[07:31:40] 2LT Komillia: I thought you WERE the science division.
[07:31:45] Sutherland: Well, on first glance the pages are metal as well, I could do a materials analysis easily enough. Lemme see, where's I put that hole punch…
[07:33:07] Sutherland: I'm not on the council, and while I am a genius babe, Archeology and old books aren't exactly my bread an butter.
[07:34:23] Lt. Jaron: "Who is our local archeologist?"
[07:34:54] Sutherland: [1d100] => [17] = (17)
[07:35:09] Sutherland does a data search.
[07:37:37] Sutherland: Well, lesse here. There's a few on Karbarra, UEEF has a guy on a fringe world named Carter, ex egyptologist turned xeno-archeologist. Hmm. That's a mouth full. Um, Karberrans have a few folks , but most of them are rooting around some place called Urt Balor. Besides that, the best bet is right here.
[07:37:46] Sutherland points to the screen
[07:38:26] Lt. Jaron looks at the screen
[07:38:43] Sutherland: Seems like the Tiresians were able to get a good chunk of their knick knacks off world during the fall. Looks like the Science Academy has a few staff on Karberra, kinda a University in Exile.
[07:38:46] 2LT Komillia looks at the screen.
[07:39:27] 2LT Komillia: I think we may need to go armed, considering the trouble we had just getting the book…
[07:39:35] Lt. Jaron: "Indeed"
[07:39:39] Sutherland: [1d100] => [34] = (34)
[07:40:16] Sutherland: You know, you really are a hand full Kom-doll.
[07:40:45] Sutherland: My suggestion, sneaky is your friend.
[07:41:13] 2LT Komillia: My kinda sneaky involves air drops…
[07:41:19] Sutherland: Now, you want me to snip off a chunk of a page and test it or no?
[07:41:21] Lt. Jaron: "We arent too sneaky Mr. Sutherland"
[07:41:30] Lt. Jaron: "Negative"
[07:41:30] Sutherland: Clearly!
[07:41:36] Sutherland laughs
[07:42:02] Sutherland pulls back the pair of metal shears he has from near the book.
[07:42:09] Sutherland: Okay okay, your book, your call.
[07:42:59] Lt. Jaron: "So what the name of the person we need"
[07:43:24] Sutherland: [1d100] => [29] = (29)
[07:44:14] Sutherland: Some guy named Visari Koto…hmm, yeah, defiantly the guy, Director of Antiquities.
[07:44:27] Sutherland: God that guy must be a walking bore.
[07:45:04] Lt. Jaron smirks
[07:45:08] Sutherland: Oo, have fun, Science master caste, boring AND arrogant.
[07:45:14] 2LT Komillia: Or he could be one of those people that bring history to life. I believe they are called necromancers.
[07:45:31] Sutherland: You've been playing table top games to much hon.
[07:45:46] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs, looking to Komi.
[07:45:51] That's the Tab key, Dave
[07:45:52] That's the Tab key, Dave
[07:46:18] 2LT Komillia: Nah, reading actually.
[07:46:20] Sutherland: And yes…I you don't need to lecture me, we ALL know I play a Half-Elf in the office AD&D game…so hush.
[07:46:46] 2LT Komillia laughs.
[07:47:02] 2Lt. Aylanea laughs and shakes her head softly, glancing to Jaron.
[07:47:22] Sutherland: I still think you should join the game, we need a cleric and folks still don't believe Zents roleplay.
[07:48:21] 2LT Komillia: I'll think about it.
[07:48:36] GM: After a few more minutes of chit and chat Sutherland has to get back to work.
[07:49:31] Lt. Jaron grabs the book "Well I dont wish to go light again after our other venture. CVR at least"
[07:50:23] 2Lt. Aylanea nods. "at very least."
[07:50:23] 2LT Komillia: Perhaps some recon is in order.
[07:50:28] GM: Who is going, who is staying etc.
[07:50:55] 2LT Komillia: ((I'll go.))
[07:51:27] Lt. Jaron: (recon?)
[07:51:38] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( think everyone plans on going to take the book donw. ))
[07:51:41] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( everyone mobile anyway. ))
[07:51:43] No match found
[07:51:46] GM: Just let me know what you intend to do.
[07:51:54] GM: And how you intend to do it.
[07:52:01] 2LT Komillia: We should send someone into to gauge the need to show up in actual body armor.
[07:52:29] 2LT Komillia: We might just get thrown out barging in wearing CVR-3 and fielding enough weaponry to level the building.
[07:52:31] Lt. Jaron: "Those who wish to recon, Komillia have leads it. Im going to head to hospital with book to check on old man"
[07:53:54] 2Lt. Aylanea: /me glances to Jaron worriedly at that. "Maybe I'd better go along for that. Just in case. I assume you plan on hiding the book somehow, for this, to make sure another attack doesn't happen…"
[07:53:56] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( arg ))
[07:54:02] 2Lt. Aylanea glances to Jaron worriedly at that. "Maybe I'd better go along for that. Just in case. I assume you plan on hiding the book somehow, for this, to make sure another attack doesn't happen…
[07:54:04] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( there ))
[07:54:07] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( *smacks her typist* ))
[07:54:10] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( fix for the log ))
[07:54:46] 2LT Komillia: Alright.
[07:54:49] Lt. Jaron nods to Ay "Very well"
[07:55:35] GM: Komi, lemme know what you are plotting, meanwhile Ay and Jaron visit the old man, and like before he is still in his coma.
[07:56:52] GM: The pleasant nurse informs you that he is stable, but the medically induced coma is still needed until the head trauma heals up more.
[07:58:08] 2LT Komillia will go into the academy and try to schedule an appointment with Dr. Koto, mentioning a weird metal with Rylacan Temple Script on it and sees who reacts. If she can get an immediate audience with the guy try to gauge his willingness to go to them rather than trying to bring the book to the Academy.
[07:58:15] GM: ((If you've been keeping up on the news regards that incident at Dodgers Stadium in LA, you get the idea.))
[07:58:38] Lt. Jaron thanks the nurse and sits for awhile "Ay, I'm still torn about this whole ordeal. Plus Utenaru not already down my throat"
[07:58:57] Lt. Jaron: "Worries me"
[08:00:03] 2Lt. Aylanea sighs a little and considers it, nodding slightly. "It is concerning… And worse, we may have to consider that with the head trauma, he might not remember anything when he wakes up. At least what we need to know."
[08:01:47] Lt. Jaron nods
[08:02:31] GM: Komi, you land at a nearby Karberran space port (now infested by the military) and have to take land conveyance to the 'Academy'. The 'Academy' as it is, is on the coast, and consists of a gaggle of Horizon pods, a few dozen Zent Reentry pods (which look as if they are being used as administration facilities.) A pair of landed (in the water) Cruisers rest off shore, connected to the mainland by a long pier.
[08:02:54] GM: ((Those things))
[08:03:18] 2LT Komillia: ((okay))
[08:03:53] GM: The security at the gate is tight, but nowhere near the level of paranoia seen at a military facility.
[08:04:40] GM: There is a mix of Tirolian security and UEMC MP's in Cyclone armor
[08:04:53] GM: More Tirolian then UEMC however.
[08:05:34] 2LT Komillia approaches the UEMC and flashes a smile and her military ID, "So what do I have to do to get in here?"
[08:06:38] UEMC LCpl.: Easy sweetness, state your business.
[08:06:47] UEMC LCpl. looks up.
[08:06:56] UEMC LCpl.: Oh shit, I mean Lieutenant. Sorry sir.
[08:07:37] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol :) ))
[08:07:41] 2LT Komillia: I need to make an appointment with a Dr. Koto. Evidently a family heirloom has something called Rylacan Temple Script on it and figured he'd be the best bet at finding out what it really is.
[08:07:58] 2LT Komillia: Not a problem.
[08:08:11] UEMC LCpl.: Umm, just a moment Ell Tee.
[08:09:05] GM: The MP returns to the guard shack and then comes back out a few minutes later.
[08:10:13] UEMC LCpl.: We don't make appointments here, but your ID checks out. That Pod over there is the main Admin building, you can see if those civvies will let you talk to Mr. Koto there.
[08:10:41] UEMC LCpl. opens the gate.
[08:11:04] UEMC LCpl.: Try to keep it under 35, civvies get pisses with military vehicles tear assing across base…
[08:11:25] UEMC LCpl. salutes as Komi enters the facility.
[08:11:29] 2LT Komillia: Will do.
[08:13:08] 2LT Komillia proceeds to an admin building and parks her ride outside.
[08:13:45] GM: You enter the facility and drive up to and park in front of a Zent reentry pod. Funny, these things are far bigger then you remember. Of course, last time you were in one, you were looking at it from the cocpit of a Boiroid.
[08:14:53] GM: The main door is down and it looks like a prefab 'front' office has been erected at the top of the ramp. That same prefab construction fills up the rest of the large opening.
[08:15:47] GM: At the top is a security/reception post guarded by a pair of Legionairs and manned by a half dozen civvies.
[08:16:18] 2LT Komillia: Heavy security for such a place huh.
[08:17:11] Tiresian Civvy: Well, there IS a war on.
[08:17:35] Tiresian Civvy: Welcome to the Tiresian Science Academy. May I ask as to the purpose of your visit?
[08:17:41] 2LT Komillia proceeds to the front desk and makes her inquiry, "Excuse me, I recently got a family heirloom that has rylacan temple script on it, and was told a Dr. Koto would be the best person to ask what it actually is. Can you help?
[08:18:17] Tiresian Civvy: And you are? Miss?
[08:18:20] 2LT Komillia looks about to see if that caught some unwanted attention. [1d20] => [19] = (19) perc
[08:18:26] 2LT Komillia: Komillia Maeless.
[08:19:11] GM: Komi, the guards seemed to shift, but you aren't sure if that because of what you siad, or how you said it. Or that they have realized you are a Zent…
[08:19:46] Tiresian Civvy: Well Miss Maeless, Dr. Koto is a very busy person.
[08:19:56] Tiresian Civvy: Do you have an appointment?
[08:20:28] 2LT Komillia: I was hoping to make one actually.
[08:20:36] Tiresian Civvy: Ah excellent.
[08:20:48] Tiresian Civvy hands you a form on a clipboard.
[08:20:59] 2LT Komillia: It's a rather heavy object so I don't want to be moving it more than strictly necessary.
[08:21:08] Tiresian Civvy: I see.
[08:21:13] Tiresian Civvy really doesn’t…
[08:21:29] 2LT Komillia takes the clipboard and looks it over, and over to see if any more uneasy shifts are happening. [1d20] => [15] = (15) perc
[08:22:20] 2LT Komillia fills out the form.
[08:23:17] GM: First off, the interior looks like a regualr building, with the central area, covered in carpeting with the Academy logo. The central area is open, and you can see at least 4 floors worth of prefab mezzanine inside.
[08:25:01] GM: The hustle and bustle in here is light, , a few functionaries mill about the center or in trio's on whichever floor they happen to be on. A few pairs of guards watch over the elevator and stair well access. But beyond those two, and the two nearby the reception area, the rest of the personnel are non military.
[08:25:33] GM: You almost get a sense of boredom here.
[08:26:06] 2LT Komillia takes mental notes of this and finishes the paperwork and returns it to the receptionist.
[08:26:39] Tiresian Civvy takes the forms and starts to enter them into the computer
[08:26:50] Tiresian Civvy: So, this, heirloom, are you looking to donate it to the Academy?
[08:27:23] 2LT Komillia: I'd need to know what it is first, but I am considering it.
[08:27:47] Tiresian Civvy: Oh fantastic! So much was lost during the Fall. It's such a shame.
[08:28:45] Tiresian Civvy: I will be a bright day when we can return to Tirol. I hear you military types are doing a splendid job working to make that a reality.
[08:28:51] Tiresian Civvy: ((I = It))
[08:29:23] 2LT Komillia: ((I'm assuming Komi is in uniform…))
[08:29:52] GM: Well unless you tell me otherwise…I'm assuming you are in CVR-3 as previously discussed…
[08:30:04] 2LT Komillia: ((kk))
[08:30:55] GM: [1d100] => [90] = (90)
[08:30:58] 2LT Komillia: Well, I just shoot the enemy, but we are trying.
[08:31:30] 2LT Komillia: ((I'm getting pounced on…))
[08:31:40] Tiresian Civvy: Well I have your information entered and I'm sure that Dr. Koto will give it the attention it deserves. Is there a number where we can reach you?
[08:32:17] 2LT Komillia: "Oh sure. Here," Komi hands over a her number.
[08:32:21] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( hehehe, silly puppy ))
[08:32:28] 2LT Komillia: ((So I'll be taking care of pooch before there is an incident.))
[08:32:28] Tiresian Civvy: Thank you very much, for your service.
[08:32:59] Tiresian Civvy takes your info and you get the sense that that's the most action beyond busy work they poor person has seen in days.
[08:33:51] GM: back to Jaron and Ay, conversation get!
[08:35:27] GM: If no convo then…we can move on
[08:35:57] GM: yes no, maybe so
[08:36:17] Lt. Jaron: (move on unless AY has something)
[08:36:31] GM: Ay?
[08:36:40] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( move on ))
[08:37:13] 2LT Komillia: ((back, for now.))
[08:37:26] GM: A day goes past and Komi gets a ring on her PCD (Personal Communication Device) henceforth referred to as 'phone'
[08:39:01] 2LT Komillia: "Hello, Komillia Maeless speeeking."
[08:39:54] GM: The voice, middle aged, male, with a slightly haughty air to it speaks. "Hello, this is Doctor Visari Koto, Director of Antiquities for the Tiresian Academy of Science. Is a…missus, I mean, Lieutenant Komillia Maeless available?
[08:40:12] Vasari Koto: Ah yes, Miss Maeless, hello.
[08:41:16] Vasari Koto: Yes, as to the reason of my call. I have hear that you wish to discuss the possible donation of an…heirloom? Is this correct?
[08:42:58] 2LT Komillia: Er, yes. It is actually an old book written in rylacan temple script. I would actually like to know what it is what it says before I make any real decision on the matter.
[08:43:14] Vasari Koto: Hmm, I see.
[08:43:30] Vasari Koto: You say, Rylacan Temple Script.
[08:43:51] 2LT Komillia: Yes. At least that's what a computer comparison says it is.
[08:43:58] Vasari Koto: Very interesting, and, how, if you do not mind the impertinance of my asking, did you come to this conclusion?
[08:44:08] Vasari Koto: Ah yes, yes, I see.
[08:44:47] Vasari Koto: Well, you military type do seem to have access to, shall we say, a more robust database. Not that I am complaining.
[08:46:02] 2LT Komillia: When would be the best for you to see it. I could arrange for you to come here and see it and access our more robust database, but only insofar as archeology goes…
[08:46:17] Vasari Koto: Well, I think I can begin to answer some of your questions over the phone. Please, describe the item.
[08:46:23] 2LT Komillia: [1d100] => [56] = (56) vs 40 charm
[08:46:31] Vasari Koto sounds a tad board…
[08:46:54] 2LT Komillia: "It's a large 50 pound metal book."
[08:47:12] 2LT Komillia does her best to further describe the item without mentioning where they actually found it.
[08:47:50] Vasari Koto: I see…very interesting.
[08:48:11] Vasari Koto's voice seems to change from board to, genuinely interested as the description continues.
[08:48:51] Vasari Koto: You said this is an heirloom. Would you mind telling me where, and how this came to arrive in your possession?
[08:49:40] Vasari Koto: Because my dear lady, if what you are describing is genuine, then, it would seem that you have a very…significant artifact in your care.
[08:51:08] 2LT Komillia: That's something I would be more comfortable talking about face to face. Mom mentioned something about being under fire when she got it.
[08:51:26] Vasari Koto: Under fire…I see.
[08:51:50] Vasari Koto: Well, yes, I would be most amenable to verifying the authenticity of this artifact.
[08:52:33] 2LT Komillia: So should I go by and pick you up and bring you here, or do I need to bring it to you?
[08:52:38] Vasari Koto: You mentioned that you could arrange for me to come to you? You are aboard a military vessel are you not?
[08:53:38] Vasari Koto: Well if you are on a military vessel I am sure that my credentials are more then impeccable. Although, given the times it may take some doing.
[08:53:58] 2LT Komillia: Yes, I am. However, I can arrange some limited access for you. Primarily some of the less classified areas, and I should be able to get access to any database you need.
[08:54:20] Vasari Koto: If you wish for me to come to you I can, and am more then willing, but, if time is an issue, it may be more expedient to bring the object to the Academy.
[08:54:36] 2LT Komillia: If that is the case it should make things much easier and maybe even get you more access than I would normally hope to get a civilian.
[08:55:51] Vasari Koto: So then, I shall make my credentials available for review. Which ship shall I request visitors right to?
[08:55:57] 2LT Komillia: Time should not be much of an issue. Tell me when you are available and I will push getting you clearance.
[08:56:06] 2LT Komillia: The Yukikaze.
[08:56:28] Vasari Koto: The Yukikaze…hmm, that name sounds familiar to me somehow.
[08:56:42] 2LT Komillia: ((so much for a stealth mission. He'll be on our turf.))
[08:56:52] Vasari Koto: Very well then. Please keep me informed. I will tender my bona fides immediately.
[08:57:06] 2LT Komillia: Thank you very much.
[08:57:20] 2LT Komillia hangs up and goes to talk to Jaron and the others.
[08:57:40] GM: RP it up
[08:59:17] 2LT Komillia: Okay here's the deal: Dr. Koto is coming to see us. I need to arrange for him to get access to the ship, and some of our historical databases. However, I kinda lied to him a bit. I told him it was a family heirloom and that I was considering it as a potential donation to their academy, but only after we first know what it is and what is in it.
[09:00:49] 2LT Komillia: I know it wasn't my place to say but I had to think on my feet.
[09:02:24] Lt. Jaron nods "Understandable. We might let him know more afterward"
[09:02:48] 2LT Komillia nods.
[09:03:38] 2Lt. Aylanea nods a little at that as well.
[09:04:21] 2LT Komillia: I'm off to go grease some wheels.
[09:05:12] 2LT Komillia goes through the channels to get the good doctor all the clearance I can, as fast as possible. [1d100] => [54] = (54) vs 80 Military Etiquette.
[09:05:36] GM: Komi, the request, once it hits the desk of the First officer gets fast tracked.
[09:06:02] GM: Within hours after the XO getting a look at it, the Doctors visit is approved.
[09:06:26] Cmdr. Tekeda enters the squad room.
[09:06:35] Cmdr. Tekeda: Maeless! Front and Center.
[09:07:03] 2LT Komillia comes to attention and salutes the first officer.
[09:07:12] 2LT Komillia: Maeless reporting, sir!
[09:07:21] Cmdr. Tekeda: Your request for a visitor has been approved by the captain.
[09:07:40] 2LT Komillia: Thank you, sir.
[09:08:01] Cmdr. Tekeda: However I would like to know exactly how you were able to convince Dr. Koto to request permission to board.
[09:08:28] Cmdr. Tekeda eyes the lieutenant
[09:09:05] 2LT Komillia: I have a family heirloom with some ancient Tiresian righting on it, and after telling him a little bit about it he wanted to come see it.
[09:09:42] Cmdr. Tekeda: And I have beachfront property in Kansas I'd like to sell you. You may try again…Lieutenant.
[09:10:20] 2Lt. Aylanea: (( lol ))
[09:10:37] 2LT Komillia: The squad has come across an artifact that the doctor would like to see, it was on one of our missions.
[09:10:50] Cmdr. Tekeda: Closer to the truth.
[09:11:25] Cmdr. Tekeda waves his hand to stave off further conversation.
[09:12:11] Cmdr. Tekeda: Lieutenant, for future reference. It would be safe to assume that the captain and I know everything that occurs aboard this ship.
[09:12:34] 2LT Komillia: Yes, sir.
[09:12:45] Cmdr. Tekeda: And that we are likewise aware of what our crew does…when not aboard ship.
[09:13:58] Cmdr. Tekeda: Very well then, that being said. Your visitor will be aboard ship tomorrow. I will expect a full accounting of the event from you, Your CO, and his XO.
[09:14:30] 2LT Komillia: Yes, sir.
[09:14:35] Cmdr. Tekeda: Dismissed.
[09:14:40] Cmdr. Tekeda leaves the area.
[09:15:04] Lt. Jaron: (joyeous)
[09:15:17] 2LT Komillia waits a few moments after the Commander leaves and practically melts onto the floor.
[09:15:26] GM: Lets see, this would make day three…Sarah, your flipper is a foot now
[09:15:33] GM: It is tender, but is able to be walked on
[09:15:36] 2LT Komillia: I can't tell if I should be seeing medals for our squadron in the near future, or a firing squad.
[09:16:17] CWO3 Sarah: (( yay. ))
[09:16:52] CWO3 Sarah checks herself out of medical if so allowed, to head back to the squadroom, as soon as she can walk on it, or as soon after as possible.
[09:17:09] 2LT Komillia makes sure Jaron and Ay know about the recent development and prepares to go escort the doctor once he is on board.
[09:17:46] GM: Sarah, you are released, having been poked and prodded by the greatest of medical minds in Karberra space..and by proxy, have given Dr. Stravinsky his next two books.
[09:18:13] CWO3 Sarah makes sure to keep a properly violated expression the whole way out, then, too. :p
[09:18:16] CWO3 Sarah: (( hehehe ))
[09:18:23] 2LT Komillia: ((demand a cut of the royalties.))
[09:19:18] Lt. Jaron tells Komillia to meet in the observation deck
[09:19:37] CWO3 Sarah: (( lol ))
[09:20:00] 2LT Komillia goes to the observation deck.
[09:20:01] CWO3 Sarah calls Jaron to check in once she's back and cleaned up and everything.
[09:20:35] Lt. Jaron informs Sarah of what happened while she had her foot up
[09:21:13] Lt. Jaron takes the book to the observation with the others as Komillia gets the good doctor
[09:21:19] GM: You, and whoever you want to bring are int he obs deck as a pair of MP's escort Dr. Koto into the room. He is a stunningly handsome man looking to be in his early 40's. he is about 5 foot 11 and very fit (as a Science master ought to be)
[09:21:20] CWO3 Sarah: (( wee :) ))
[09:21:48] 2LT Komillia: Dr. Koto, this is the book we told you about.
[09:22:18] Lt. Jaron slides it to the doctor
[09:22:27] GM: He is dressed to the nines and beyond a ornate cane (which is obviously more for appearances then practicality) he wears a cape and walks with an air of authority.
[09:23:12] GM he enters the room and immediately pick out Komi and steps to her, shakes her hand and embraces her as if she were a long lost relative.
[09:23:28] Vasari Koto: Ah, Komillia Maeless, a pleasure at last to finally meet.
[09:23:47] 2LT Komillia: The pleasure is all mine.
[09:24:13] 2LT Komillia: Thank you for taking the time out of your schedule to look at the book.
[09:25:12] Vasari Koto: Of course.
[09:25:21] Vasari Koto: And these must be your comrades in arms.
[09:26:02] Lt. Jaron nods to the doctor
[09:26:31] Vasari Koto: I must admit, I did a fair bit of research myself, when you mentioned the Yukikaze. I must say, I am VERY honored to be here, and meeting the very individuals that bestowed upon Science the ship of Aritophanes of Tonvella!
[09:27:18] Vasari Koto looks over at the table that book that Jaron has slid over.
[09:27:25] Vasari Koto: Is? Is this the artifact?
[09:27:39] Lt. Jaron: "yes Dr. Koto"
[09:27:53] 2LT Komillia: Yes, they are the ones that wanted to look into the book in the first place.
[09:27:54] Vasari Koto removes his cape and folds it over a nearby chair.
[09:28:18] Vasari Koto snaps his fingers and an aide enters with a 'laptop'
[09:28:29] Vasari Koto: Thank you, you may go.
[09:28:38] Vasari Koto says and the aide bows and exits.
[09:29:12] Vasari Koto is almost reluctant to touch the item, but places a hand on the book and smiles at the group.
[09:29:33] Vasari Koto: If this is genuine, and, I have no reason to suspect otherwise, well, this is a bright day indeed.
[09:29:53] 2LT Komillia sits and waits patiently for the doctor to look over the book.
[09:30:10] Lt. Jaron: "Do you have an idea of what it is already?"
[09:30:13] Vasari Koto runs his tests and a few hours later the oven timer pings.
[09:30:28] Vasari Koto: The book is legitimate!
[09:30:39] 2LT Komillia: May I ask what it is?
[09:30:42] Vasari Koto sags back into a chair as if drained by the ordeal.
[09:31:05] Vasari Koto: My lady, what rest before us is one of the Chronicles of the Settlers.
[09:31:41] Vasari Koto: I'm sorry, I must collect myself. This is indeed a momentous occasion.
[09:32:14] 2LT Komillia: I know very little of the Settlers, except they were ancient civilization, probably space faring. I'm sorry,
[09:32:30] Lt. Jaron nods slowly "Excellent but we have a bit of bad news Dr."
[09:32:59] Vasari Koto looks as if to answer Komillia, but pauses at Jaron's statement.
[09:33:05] Vasari Koto: bad news?
[09:33:10] Vasari Koto: How can that be?
[09:33:26] Vasari Koto: The book, it is real.
[09:33:57] 2LT Komillia: I'm sorry, I had to lie to you because we have been shot at while retrieving this book from one of Lt. Fairman's friends.
[09:34:08] Lt. Jaron: "There are not so nice individuals looking this book as well and we had to tangle with them"
[09:34:23] Vasari Koto blinks
[09:34:37] Vasari Koto: I…shot at?
[09:34:43] 2LT Komillia: So I had to make sure the book and you were safe.
[09:34:46] Vasari Koto: By whom?!
[09:35:00] Lt. Jaron: "That we don’t know."
[09:35:05] 2LT Komillia: Yes. We are not sure, but they wore Tiresian Legionnaire armor.
[09:35:24] Vasari Koto stands and paces.
[09:35:52] Lt. Jaron: "We was hoping an old bookstore owner could help us but we found him place trashed and him in a coma"
[09:35:57] 2LT Komillia: The rest of the story is Lt. Fairman's to tell.
[09:36:08] Vasari Koto: Bookstore…owner?
[09:36:53] Lt. Jaron nods "I bought from him often and thought he could help." and Jaron gives some information about the store's location
[09:37:05] Vasari Koto thinks.
[09:37:16] Vasari Koto: [1d30] => [17] = (17) vs 25
[09:37:28] Vasari Koto: I, I think I know of this man…
[09:37:50] Vasari Koto sags back into a nearby chair and slaps his forehead.
[09:37:56] Vasari Koto: By the ancients!
[09:38:33] Vasari Koto: I am so sorry, your UEEF has renamed the ship the Phoenix, and I am afraid it escaped my mind. The Chrys'va!
[09:39:09] 2LT Komillia looks at the doctor mildly confused.
[09:39:11] Lt. Jaron eyes the Dr.
[09:39:36] Vasari Koto: I am sorry, let me explain.
[09:39:48] CWO3 Sarah blinks.
[09:39:59] Vasari Koto: The ship you know as the Phoenix is to us, to Tirolians, know as the Chrys'va.
[09:40:47] Vasari Koto: She was lost to us, after the insurrection, and the Invid rape of our worlds.
[09:41:20] Vasari Koto: But, your UEEF forces located her hulk in the sands of what was once a lush oasis.
[09:41:31] Vasari Koto: And aboard her were the caretakers.
[09:41:56] Vasari Koto: Descendants of the original crew. But, that is not the salient point.
[09:42:32] Vasari Koto: The book you have here before us, is not just a singular artifact, but one of a SET of artifacts.
[09:44:08] Lt. Jaron: "Well who else would want these artifacts"
[09:46:46] 2LT Komillia: Actually, the more I think about it. The less I think the purpose of giving you the book may have been less about keeping IT safe, but something about the knowledge within meant to keep YOU safe. If only because of the note that started this saying it is vital to your future. So I'd be asking less about the potential enemy attached to it and more about what the book can tell us.
[09:47:32] 2LT Komillia looks at Jaron.
[09:48:42] Lt. Jaron nods and shows the letter to the doctor "I think the old store owner might be one of the caretakers"
[09:48:48] Vasari Koto listens and nods.
[09:49:01] Vasari Koto: I would think that you are correct.
[09:49:56] Vasari Koto: As to your question my dear (Komillia). Deciphering this tome is as much a desire of mine as it is yours.
[09:50:06] 2LT Komillia: So really, once we have the information from the book, the safest place for the book might be in the public eye, so to speak.
[09:50:32] Vasari Koto: Ahh, I see, yes yes, I quite agree. Although maybe not the actual book.
[09:50:44] Vasari Koto winks and touches his nose with a smile.
[09:51:08] 2LT Komillia: Then the other artifacts you mentioned. Could the book point to them?
[09:51:44] Vasari Koto: Well, I will admit this, this book is not alone , and as I said, is a part of a set.
[09:52:08] Lt. Jaron: "What other items would be part of this set?"
[09:52:31] Vasari Koto: Well my boy, 24 other books of near identical features.
[09:53:50] 2LT Komillia: 24? As big as the Phoenix, er Chrys'va is, I'm not sure there are enough places to hide such things on it. Could they be elsewhere, or would they all be on one ship?
[09:54:37] Vasari Koto: No no, the books, as you may well have guessed are ancient.
[09:55:26] Vasari Koto: When our race took to the stars, created the motherships, well, of course if you know your history, certain motherships were owned by certain clans.
[09:56:13] Lt. Jaron: "If the old man comes through, he might know others caretakers or their places we can check."
[09:56:25] Vasari Koto: We may well, we may well.
[09:56:38] Vasari Koto nods
[09:56:52] Lt. Jaron collects the letter back from the doctor "Who else know you came here Dr.?"
[09:57:20] Vasari Koto: Besides my staff, and your gracious captain and hers…no one.
[09:58:30] Vasari Koto: But the risks aside, with your leave, I suggest we plumb the secrets of this tome.
[10:00:24] 2LT Komillia: I believe that would be the smartest thing. Information is power, but once information is publicly available it becomes useless to would be power brokers. Hence why I suggest putting the book someplace public so that those who would steal it would be faced with the prospect of a major manhunt to deal with.
[10:01:22] Lt. Jaron nods "I would like for us to keep this hush as possible Dr. for now until we get some deciphering. Then maybe place a decoy on display."
[10:01:39] Vasari Koto: Then I suggest our first course of action would be to document the pages, and once translated, offer them to the galaxy.
[10:01:53] 2LT Komillia looks to Jaron, as if to say: I know you are worried about the safety of things, but sometimes secrets make for greater risk.
[10:02:47] Lt. Jaron nods "Very well. Could you get us authorization to the academy so we don’t always have to go through the paperwork so we can work hand and hand more easily"
[10:03:19] 2LT Komillia smiles and let's the good doctor do his work.
[10:03:38] Vasari Koto: Well, that begs the question. Do you wish for my staff to work here aboard your warship, or would you rather have the tome studied within the academy grounds?
[10:05:10] 2LT Komillia tries channeling Xanatos.
[10:06:10] Lt. Jaron ponders "I think maybe at the academy cause you coming here daily will draw attention fast"
[10:06:52] Vasari Koto nods, scratching his chin.
[10:07:13] Vasari Koto: This is a truism.
[10:07:32] 2LT Komillia: If it were strictly my thoughts. I'd say do the initial research here until you have enough to go public, that makes sure that the book and your staff have the utmost security. Once public move the book to the Academy as trying to touch you after significant things are known puts any would be thieves at much greater risk.
[10:07:39] 2LT Komillia: But Jaron has a good point.
[10:08:04] Lt. Jaron: "Good point as well Komillia"
[10:08:12] 2LT Komillia: Of course, and we would have ask the captain about this before we say anything.
[10:08:12] Vasari Koto: Very well then, let us begin the documentation of the tome here.
[10:08:36] 2LT Komillia: He and his staff could stay as guests aboard the Yuki while the inital stage goes on.
[10:09:34] Vasari Koto: I leave it in your capable hands. In the interim, I shall call my aide back, and have him, begin photographing the pages.
[10:09:52] 2LT Komillia: ((Okay, I'm probably channeling Batman more than Xanatos.))
[10:10:01] Vasari Koto: With your permission of course.
[10:10:05] 2LT Komillia nods.
[10:10:29] Lt. Jaron looks to Komillia "I will let you handle informing the Commander and Captain"
[10:10:44] 2LT Komillia: Ell Tee, I'm going to speak with the Captain about this to get permission and command's perspective on the issue.
[10:10:57] Vasari Koto claps his hand happily
[10:11:04] Vasari Koto: A bright day indeed!
[10:11:13] Vasari Koto snaps his fingers to summon his aide.
[10:11:38] GM: The aide arrives and Koto points at the book and barks terse orders at the man.
[10:11:45] 2LT Komillia gets up and sends the request to debrief ship command through the proper channels. [1d100] => [19] = (19) vs 80 Mil Et
[10:12:09] GM: The aide nods and sets up a camera system on stands to begin to photo document the books pages.
[10:12:39] 2LT Komillia: ((okay what are the genders of the Commander and Captain so I can get the sir ma'am thing right?))
[10:13:23] GM: Commander Tekeda, male Japanese, career occifer. Captain, Reinard, female, used to be part of the old SDF-1 crew ( do not mess with…)
[10:14:10] 2LT Komillia: ((let me know when I speak to them.))
[10:14:40] GM: Your primary point of contact will be the XO…
[10:14:57] GM: No real reason to bother the Cap'n…
[10:15:42] 2LT Komillia reaches the XO's office and speaks to his secratary about debriefing him on Dr. Koto's visit.
[10:15:51] GM: ((pretend it's the Enterprise, no way you are getting to Picard unless you go thru Riker first…))
[10:16:10] CWO3 Sarah: (( heh. ))
[10:16:43] GM: With the roll of the 19, the bases are covered.
[10:16:45] GM: [1d100] => [80] = (80)
[10:17:14] CWO3 Sarah: (( heh, Enterprise. When do we get our holodeck? ;p (j/k) ))
[10:17:44] GM: The XO relays that the Captain is amenable to the documentation of the tome, aboard ship, but reminds the junior officers that the Yukikaze IS a warship and that she may be ordered to the front at any time…
[10:18:32] 2LT Komillia heads back to the others.
[10:19:31] 2LT Komillia: Well, the Captain is willing to let you do what you must to do the documentation of the tome. However, the Yuki is a warship, so we may have to leave at any time to go fight in a battle.
[10:19:44] Vasari Koto: I see I see.
[10:19:46] Lt. Jaron: "Noted"
[10:20:15] Vasari Koto: Well my aide is efficiant, and should be done with the documentation within the hour.
[10:20:56] Vasari Koto: A copy of which will be yours, and one respectfully submitted with my respect to your captian.
[10:21:29] Vasari Koto: Oh how the council will fawn over this.
[10:21:34] Vasari Koto is giddy.
[10:21:41] Lt. Jaron smile
[10:23:16] GM: True to Koto's word the aide completes his task. A trio of disks are produced. One is given to Koto, the other two to Jaron.
[10:23:47] GM: The disks contain raw data, nothing else.
[10:24:22] Lt. Jaron takes his copy and prepares to send the other "Thank you Dr. Koto"
[10:24:31] GM: ((basically, a pdf file of every page of the tome, to include the front and back cover as well as the spine.
[10:25:10] CWO3 Sarah: (( heh :) ))
[10:25:56] GM: What now?
[10:26:46] 2LT Komillia goes back to make sure no further testing needs to be done on the Skorpion.
[10:27:05] GM: And the book?
[10:29:52] 2LT Komillia: ((not her book, not her call))
[10:30:12] 2LT Komillia does offer the advice of a hidden safe when not being studied.
[10:30:31] Lt. Jaron agrees with Komillia
[10:30:32] Vasari Koto: A prudent suggestion.
[10:31:14] Vasari Koto: I dare not remove the tome from this ship without your permission…
[10:31:31] Vasari Koto: Do I have your blessing to return this to the Academy?
[10:31:54] Vasari Koto: I'm sorry, where are my manners, return WITH this, to the Academy.
[10:33:03] Vasari Koto looks at Jaron eagerly.
[10:34:00] Lt. Jaron: "I think we'll keep the book here for another day. Please work on the getting us authorization and security clearance. I'm much more cautious after what happened in getting the tome"
[10:34:17] Vasari Koto: I understand.
[10:34:25] Vasari Koto: At least, I think I do.
[10:35:08] Vasari Koto: When you speak of security clearance and authorization, I am not sure what you mean.
[10:35:18] Lt. Jaron nods "Thank you for understanding, once the paperwork goes through; we'll bring it to you.
[10:35:21] Vasari Koto: Do you desire more protections on the surface?
[10:35:54] Lt. Jaron pauses "Yea, at least allow us to carry weaponry on Academy grounds"
[10:36:00] Lt. Jaron: (use=us)
[10:36:14] Vasari Koto: I see, yes, that should be no issue at all.
[10:36:14] 2LT Komillia: No, he just wants to be able to go to the academy and not fill out paperwork every time he wants to work with you on the book.
[10:36:22] Lt. Jaron nods
[10:36:49] Vasari Koto: You are after all, military personnel, and are grounds are shall we say, granted at the pleasure of the UEEF.
[10:37:32] Lt. Jaron: "Some don't see it that way, they think we intrude too much without thought"
[10:37:42] Vasari Koto: And the Karbarran government, of course.
[10:38:10] Vasari Koto: An enlightened point of view, I must say.
[10:39:16] Vasari Koto: Be assured, that I will personally see to it that you have full access to our facilities in whichver manner you see fit. I am sure the MP commander will balk, but, I am sure I can sway him.
[10:39:50] Lt. Jaron nods "Most appreciated"
[10:40:38] Vasari Koto: It is I that must thank you. Now, not to further take up your time, I will retire to the surface and see about a translation to the files we just gained.
[10:41:10] Lt. Jaron nods
[10:41:33] Vasari Koto politely takes his leave, shmoozing with the Captain on his way to the hanger bay.
[10:42:41] GM: free RP
[10:43:01] Lt. Jaron slopes the chair as he feels some weight removed
[10:44:35] 2LT Komillia: Well, I was hoping for a hint or two more. But, all things equal, that went as well as it could have.
[10:44:49] CWO3 Sarah nods just a little bit at that. "Could certainly have gone far worse, anyway."
[10:44:51] Lt. Jaron: "indeed"
[10:45:26] 2LT Komillia: I suppose I do need to do some research on these Settlers though. Or maybe I should ask for the answer he was about to give some time later.
[10:47:03] CWO3 Sarah nods just a little bit at that. "Certainly might be interesting to find out. Hopefully we can find the rest if we need to…" She frowns. "Unless one or more really was in the artifacts stolen from Chaffa…"
[10:48:14] Lt. Jaron rubs his forehead some "Lots of ifs still"
[10:49:10] GM: The next day, as paper wrok and other official crapola proceeds y'all collectively get an e-mail with an initial translation of the tome. (As GM I an NOT gonna transliterate an entire book so, the salient passages are in the forum.))
[10:49:53] Lt. Jaron is somewhat intrigued
[10:50:17] GM:
[10:51:40] 2LT Komillia: You know it occurs to me: What if these Settlers built the original Haydonites. Perhaps somewhere in these artifacts is some legacy weakness that the Haydonites themselves are unaware of that could cause them to shut down?
[10:53:23] 2LT Komillia: Hrmm…
[10:53:55] 2LT Komillia: Zor'e? Sounds suspiciously familiar. Hell what he did… Is this a history or a prophecy?
[10:54:18] 2LT Komillia: ((Zor'de rather))


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