Campaign Specific

There are a few differences within the W&P Campaign, mainly little things, aesthetic things, and things I think should be, or not be, depending on the situation.

Change 1: Rule:

  • Transforming your Mecha does NOT cost an attack.
  • Reasoning: We've seen the shows, and, outside of the slow-mo 'beauty shot', Robotech mecha transforms as fast as one can snap their fingers. I feel that this change will add to the cinematic 'feel' of the game as well as ease your job as a player and mine as a GM in keeping track of this aspect. Just make SURE you tell me what mode you are in okay.

Change 2: Rule:

  • Alpha's HAVE an Auto Dodge in fighter mode! (So do Invid: Scouts, Fighter Scouts, RCB's and Overlords)
  • Reasoning: If a 30 year old Mecha (By 2044 standards) such as the VF-1 has an AD, then the Alpha does as well. I still love you Mr. Marker!
  • HOWEVER! Alpha/Beta's that are connected LOSE their Auto Dodge. (Beta's only have an AD if un-docked, and in Fighter mode.)

Change 3: Aesthetic:

  • No 3rd Lieutenants!
  • Reasoning: I fully accept, and respect, the concept of alternate rank structures, especially in light of the total global meltdown the UEG rose from, but no, you're an Ensign.

Change 4: Aesthetic:

  • The MBR-12 Mk.II Condor TRANSFORMS.
  • Reasoning: Sorry Tommy, love ya, but no, gonna go with the OSM on this one.

Change 5: Aesthetic:

  • If a Zentraedi can Micronize themselves, then so to can a human be Macronized.
  • Reasoning: Personal preference, that and it's never been addressed/canonized, what have you. Going to go with DYRL on this, plus, Max is pimp in a Queadluun-Rau!

Change 6: Rule:

  • The damage of an Ikazuchi deck gun is: 1D6x100 for a Single Blast, 2D6x100 for a Double Blast, and 3D6x100 for a Triple Blast.
  • Reasoning: NO way in HELL is a Garfish turret going to do more then that on an Ikazuchi. I'm figuring that was a typo on Palladium's end, no big, overcome and adapt.

Change 7: Rule:

  • Speaking of Garfish, lets up their Main Body MDC (Forward, Mid , and Aft) to 9000 MDC each.
  • Reasoning: 900 is way way WAY to low! It might be higher, but 9000 feels reasonable.

Change 8: Rule:

  • Attackers win ties, as opposed to the Palladium staple of defenders winning ties.
  • Reasoning: I like the 'aggressive' tone this change sets. Plus, no one likes to miss just because you tied, the enemy included.

Change 9: Aesthetic:

  • The H-260 cannot be attached to the Silverback. Instead a 'super-sized' version of the H-260 is carried by that mecha. Same goes for the HRG-140 and GR-97. (Stats for the Silverback attachments will be uploaded later.)
  • Reasoning: All you need to do is look at the pictures and see the scale. Interchangeable weapons from Silverback to Cyclone looks good on paper, but then again, so does communism.

Change 10: Rule:

  • Since this isn't the show, and we don't need to make it easy on animators, its being made official. Cyclones do NOT lose their cargo boxes when switching to battloid, they're beneath/above the main thruster.
  • Reasoning: It's just idiotic for all the stores to drop off the bike every time it morphs. It'd leave your ass freezing in the wind in 5 minutes.

Change 11: Aesthetic:

  • The CVR-3 is able to mount all the ASC backpacks found in the "Masters Saga: Sourcebook."
  • The CBR-5 is able to mount the: Standard Assault Pack, Hard-Sided Rucksack, Tactical Flight Pack, Tactical Jump Pack, and Emergency Survival pack
  • Reasoning: Likely built at the same time the CVR-3 was on the drawing board and in order to garner utility, adapters were added to allow both sets of armor to make use of the packs.

Change 12: Rule:

  • Dodge is handled the same way as attack. 1-4 is an auto-failure regardless of bonus. Also: Natural 1 on dodge combined with natural 20 on attack is x4 damage.
  • Reasoning: Because everyone dodges the wrong way once in a while. No one is perfect.
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