Campaign Primer

The year is 2050, the 4th Robotech war is over, or rather, to follow a euphemism of the past, ‘all major combat operations have concluded.’ With Haydon IV having sued for peace, and now under UEEF occupation as a protectorate, the star systems of the Fantoma Sector work to rebuild their war torn infrastructure under the watchful eye of the Sentinels Confederation. Over the last four years considerable reconstruction progress has been made. As farms, roadways, cities, and factories are rebuilt, defense installations are brought on line and shipyards churn out ships.

Determined not to ‘lose the peace’ the Confederation has invested heavily in industrial and economic stability programs. Much of the capital to support the Fantoma Recovery Program has come from the coffers of Haydon IV, the prime belligerent in the conflict. Resources for the reconstruction efforts also come from occupied Haydon IV as Haydonite ships and mecha are taken to the breakers and recycled into raw materials.

With the Settlers Gate discovery the Sentinels Confederation has sent a legation under the protection of the UEEF to the nations residing within the Norma Arm of the Milky Way galaxy. This legation has established a presence at the Settlers Gate Norma Terminus and after having evicted the belligerent Bondar factions present now monitors the limited trade that has begun to pass back and forth between the Pegasus and Norma Arm. It is rumored that once security concerns can be agreed upon and established, that current restrictions will be eased allowing a freer flow of commerce.

Free for the time being from the specter of total war, smaller star systems work to re-establish what they had lost during the Invid-Masters Wars. Planetary governors assess their neighbors, forge alliances and pursue their own agendas, testing the resolve and reach of those neighbors, as well as the Confederation.

On Earth, the ASC has, by and large, consolidated their power-base over the Sol System and now look to their erstwhile colonies for resources and revenue. With the lion’s share of those colonies populated by Zentraedi and their descendants, it remains to see if the Earths ‘Humanity First’ doctrine will extend to her extra solar possessions.

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