Campaign Primer

The War & Peace campaign starts just prior to the assault on Reflex Point and players will be able to participate in that famous battle. As the game progresses the campaign will focus on the aftermath of that battle, the implications of the Haydonite betrayal, and the beginning of the 4th Robotech War.

The characters will be most often on the pointy end of the spear, as the UEEF works to recover from their near catastrophic losses, and ultimately counter attack against their new foes. Without revealing too much of what’s in store, there will be sweeping battles, intrigue, romance, and growth for the characters to experience and explore.

The players will meet new enemies, new friends, and sometimes both all in one as they fight to protect their liberated home from threats both internal, and external.

I would prefer character classes from the TSC and ASC books, but I’m flexible and will work with you if you have something unique in mind.

In terms of background, the established canon holds, however I will try to close as many glaring plot holes as I can, while exploiting others as opportunities for in game drama.

So, ‘fire up the protoculture’ and give us a shot!

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