Captians Briefing

Chapter 1

Captains briefing: UES Yukikaze: Hanger Bay 3

  • Briefing Officer: Captain Sandra Reinard: CO UES Yukikaze: UEEF Fleet

A slight commotion can be heard from the far end of the hanger bay as a security detail of ships Marines enter. They clear the way for a short woman in her mid to late 40’s. Her hair is tinged with a hint of silver and she holds herself well. It becomes plainly evident, as her rank insignia is seen, that she is the captain of the Yukikaze.

With a quick hop she steps up onto a nearby ‘Bulldog’ deck tractor and surveys the assembled pilots and crew. The regulars, the members of the Bengals and the Shadows, all come to attention out of reflex and her stern gaze compels the rest of the augments into silence.

“All right everyone here’s the sit rep.” She declares, cutting right to the chase.

“You all did fine work fine work on Earth, we did what we came here to do and the Invid have been sent packing. Fantastic work!” She pauses with a slight smile, allowing her words of praise to sink in. Among her crew is seen a weary pride.

“That’s the good news.” She states. “Here is the bad. At 1350 hours a taskforce of hostile ships attacked, and destroyed, Space Station Liberty.” She pauses again as murmurs, gasps and low voices erupt from the gathered troops. “Fleet command has identified the attackers as Haydonite.” She raises her hand to quell any outbursts this time and continues. “We have also lost contact with picket ships and long range patrols all across the sector. This is what we know so far. Now, it stands to reason that if Liberty and our patrols have been hit, that other, more valuable targets will be targeted as well. With that in mind our squadron has been dispatched to Tirol.”

“Our mission is to safeguard the orbital dockyards and other priority assets in the area. The Yukikaze will be the first on scene with the rest of the squadron following up as soon as they can. Once in Tirol space we will link up with our forces there, secure a perimeter and blast to atoms anything that tries to breach our line.”

“Here’s the rub. Fleet intelligence has just released the fact that all the Shadow Tech we have been using had been given to us by the Haydonites. So that means our Synchro cannons, our Shadow cloaks, everything, has been compromised by back doors and Trojan Horses. I’ve already directed Engineering and our tech teams to start yanking the entire lot of Shadow tech from our ships. Now, it is safe to assume that all the Haydonite ships will be equipped with Shadow Technology that works, so for the most part we will be flying blind until R&D can figure out a way to level the playing field. We got suckered, big time. However there’s no use griping about it, what we need to do now, is overcome, and adapt.” She gives a knowing nod to the Marines of the bunch.

“This is the situation; we have ended one war only to see ourselves thrown into another. Well let me tell you this; they may have struck the first blow, but as God is my witness, we will strike the last!”
There is a resounding roar of approval at her final statement from the regulars aboard, the confusion, and uncertainty replaced with resolution.

“Section chiefs; tend to your departments! We de-fold in fifteen minutes!”

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