Aylanea Madresa

Full Name: Aylanea Madresa


Call Signs: Airbags
Age: 17
Birth Date: June 15, 2037
Birthplace: Deep Space
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 165 lbs.
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Light/Fair
Race: Zentraedi
Ethnicity: Meltran
Birth Order: Only
Siblings and Parents: Parents died when she was hardly old enough to remember.

Psychology Profile:

At most times, Aylanea is very nice. She enjoys the company of other people, and social entertainments of all kinds. *cough* She keeps some kinds of the entertainments to her off duty hours of course. She takes pride in all she does on her shift. Very protective of anyone she cares about, as well. One thing that noticeably has caused her temper to flare unusually sometimes is lack of personal situation control. If she's in a plane or on a Cyclone or such, she wants to be the one driving. She gets agitated if she's stuck with someone else.

On other notes, seems to be easily amused by things as well. And quick to point out why something amuses her so much, generally. Even if it's something that other people probably won't get the joke about.

Sees graduation as 'liberation day' from being under such strict authority for so much of the time, plans to enjoy her off duty time with less restraint, feeling she wasn't allowed to do so enough while in her schooling.

Views on Earth:

It's just a place to her. The Invid are mostly gone, yes, but there's a lot of other things that could be potentially hostile or dangerous as well. Especially considering that there were still people willing to sell out. She figures there still probably are, even in this new war, if the enemy tells them what they want to hear. She feels bad for all the ones stuck beneath such people.

Views on Aliens:

She was raised in a mixed environment in space, and was either on ships or on Tirol for most of her life. She's thusly quite used to the Humans and Tirolians. They're not that different after all. From being raised without her parents she's not terribly far from seeming completely human herself, she probably understands them better than her own culture, though she's trying to learn something of that now as well. Nothing that will affect her worldview though. She does understand how her parents felt of it, however, she heard it enough times. How they died in 'glorious battle' and should be celebrated instead of mourned. She doesn't entirely agree with it though, when falling back and regrouping would be a better option.

She's never actually seen a Robotech Master or an Invid, so just considers anything about them to be rumors for now. Stories passed down from previous generations to hers. She's seen Invid in simulators, but never seen a Haydonite or any of their ships or anything. She figures she's ready for it though, so refuses to be nervous.

Views on War:

"War is the continuation of diplomacy through other means." Or something like that. But more seriously, if the war has a just cause, then it needs to be fought. Not simply for personal glory, but to ensure that common defense is provided for on all levels it needs to be. And that genuine allies are protected from the onslaught of anyone unfriendly. It might be 'neat' or 'cool' to see one's name in lights for a little while, but securing the situation is the highest priority.

Medical Profile:

Aylanea has no known allergies. She has no distinctive marks or tattoos. Other than minor bumps and bruises, she has never required medical treatment.

Physically, she is extremely fit, and keeps her body in excellent shape.

… Until she lost an arm in combat, during the battle for Urt Balor. She returned with a mechanical arm sometime later, and was forced to use it for multiple months.

When the team was on extended leave after continuous combat, a cloned replacement arm was attached. She has since worked to bring the arm up to par with the other one. So is in perfect condition again.

Military History:

Freshly graduated from the Academy's piloting program. She was a little too young to get through it in time for the liberation missions, but now, she's graduated and ready for whatever action awaits her.

  • Detached Duty: Tirol: Point R: FOB Bastogne.
  • Participated in the Battle for Point R.
  • Assigned to Phoenix Battle Group / DESRON 14
  • Detached Duty: Kato Zano Airbase: Karbarra.
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