Anji Summerwind

Full name: Anji Summerwind
Call signs: FM (Foul Mouth)
Age: 23
Birthplace: Tirol
Birthday: November 17th, 2027
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 125lbs
Hair Color: Red
Race: ½ Tirolian ½ Zentraedi
Ethnicity: Mixed
Birth Order: First Born
Siblings and Parents: Only child. Orphan.

Psychology Profile:

Views on Earth:

Views on Aliens:

Views on War:

Medical Profile:

Military History:

  • Detached Duty: Tirol: Point R: FOB Bastogne.
  • Participated in the Battle for Point R.
  • Assigned to Phoenix Battle Group / DESRON 14
  • Detached Duty: Kato Zano Airbase: Karbarra.
  • Promoted to Corporal (E-4) January 05, 2045
  • Participated in the Battle for Ancyra.
  • Participated in the Battle for Chaffa.
  • Participated in the Battle of Waystation Zebra.
  • Promoted to Sergent (E-5) June 17, 2045
  • Detached Duty: ADFS-606 Valley Mistress


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