Tyrion Alvaro

Full Name: Tyrion Alvaro
Nickname: None
Call Signs:
Race: Human
Age: 27
Birthdate: 3/17/2022
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 240 lbs
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Tone: Tanned
Siblings and Parents: Mother (Allison Vega-Alvaro), Aunt, Uncle, Cousin

Publically Available Background Information:

Tyrion has lived through from hard times. First in his infancy; the Robotech Masters attached. His parents were in the Army of Southern Cross and his father would be KIA in the early part of the conflict. His mother, Allison; managed with her son with the help of Tyrion’s Uncle Saul and Aunt Sandra. The war with the Masters ended and all breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived.

In his teenage years, Tyrion escaped the global bombardment of the Invid with an old military bunker his mother knew of. After the initial shock, the Alvaros found total devastation. They pushed through and eventually meant other survivors. It was a trying time for them all. Tyrion did learned, more of a necessity; to survive anyway he could. His family taught him a lot in the ways of survival and fighting, especially his mother.

Tyrion would eventually join the Resistance as it was natural for him from his upbringing. The following the years taught him much on the ways of battle. Tyrion’s relatives help in the guerrilla warfare in supportive ways. His cousin, Trish; was his partner in a lot of his missions with the resistance. They were fairly close up to Reflex point but afterwards with arrival of the UEEF changed that.

The time UEEF was on Earth, Tyrion got formal military training and soon was part of the UEEF. His first assignment was Earth bound in base security to help deal with refugees and raiders. He started to have a close a relationship with a UEEF sergeant, Tonya; and it was looking to be a long term one as well. Little did Tyrion know that Tonya was a bi-sexual. This came about as Tonya and Trish started to hang out more than him and her. This went on for awhile under the two ladies confronted Tyrion. He felt betrayed and cursed them both. The fallout of was hard for him and has avoided both since that day.

He got transferred to another base as he wished to not see the ladies and was approved. Tyrion’s time at the new base was rather peaceful except for a severe hurricane. This storm caused enormous amount of damage. The manpower was hampered as well but small contingent of personnel saved many in the aftermath, Tyrion was one of them. It was during this intense time he befriended an MP named Josephine Lupine. Their dedication and initiative gave them some celebrity status in the area. This was granted to all the rescuers and it was a good moral boost. Jo and Tyrion; started to be close until he was transferred for special forces training.

Tyrion following years was filled with some some missions and combat. He would suffer a injuries from a hail of blast fire that would give him a concussion. The recovery would be about six month and luckily didn’t leave any major hindrance. Now he is back on duty to wherever he is needed.

Psychology Profile:

One phrase or word can not adequately describe Tyrion. This is mostly due to his life through trying times and shifts of power. He isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty nor hard work. There is something to say about a symbol his gets on his mecha. It’s an old world picture of a rattlesnake with the saying “Don’t tread on me”

Views on Earth:

Its his home. Takes pride in it as Earth and humans has survived through many events. It must be protected at all costs.

Views on War:

There will always be war and for various reasons. Conflict is natural; those that deny it won’t last long.

Views on Aliens:

Indifference. There are good ones and bad ones. Is more comfortable among his own though.

Medical Profile:

Has some scarring on face and torso. Tyrion suffered a concussion at one time and another time multiple gunshot wounds. He recovered with no long term side effects.

Military History

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