ADFS-606 Valley Mistress

ADFS (Aquila Defense Force Ship) 606 Valley Mistress

Class: Corsair Class Patrol Cruiser

These ships are the Colonial version of a combination between an LCS (Littoral Combat Ship) and an old Earth blue-water navy Deepwater Cutter. These ships, one a few locally (Aquila Colony) built ships are designed for speed and have good sensors. The primary purpose of the Corsair Class is system interdiction and fleet picket duty. However, with the class's plug-and-play mission module slots, the Corsair, much like the ARMD II and Oberth II class's can be re-purposed for all manner of duties from mine laying, research, courier, as well as anti missile and fighter operations. With limited resources the ADF (Aquila Defense Force) cannot build specialized ships, so, generic class types are used to fill the gaps.

Motto: "May God bless her and damn those she shoots at!"


Crew Compliment

  • Crew: 75 (15 Officers / 60 Enlisted)

MDC By Location:

  • Forwards Hull 1/3: 15,000
  • Amidships 1/3: 20:000
  • Aft 1/3: 13,500
  • Engines (x2): 4,000 each
  • Hanger Bays (Aft) x4: 1,500 each
  • Hanger Bays (Forward) x4: 2,200 each
  • Bridge Citadel: 1,100
  • Particle Beam Turrets (S) x 6: 150 each
  • Particle Beam Turret (L) x2: 300 each
  • Pin Point Barrier: x3: 4,000 each


  • Length: 730ft
  • Height: 220ft
  • Width: 102ft
  • Maximum Speed: .24 c (44,640 m/s)


  • Depends on make and model.

Weapon Systems:

  • Light Particle Beam Turrets: x6
    • Range: 62,137 mi
    • Damage: 2D4x100
  • Heavy Particle Beam Turrets: x2
    • Range: 62,137
    • Damage: 3D6x100
  • Point Defense Guns: x30
    • Range: 310 miles
    • Damage: 4d6x10
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